Claws (2017) s01e02 Episode Script


1 Previously on "Claws" Jennifer: Work all day, party tonight.
Desna: My ass is gonna be shaking.
This feels like old times.
Oh, give it.
Hey, one more run, huh? I promise you Uncle Daddy's gonna hook you up tonight.
Desna: Another run, huh? Dr.
Ken: We did 11K yesterday.
[Both laugh] Roller, I could go to the fed for washing money for y'all.
- Mm-hmm.
- ‭This is not what we agreed upon.
It was supposed to be 20K and then I was out.
[Sighs] ‭Where my money? I want my money, Roller.
You owe me.
Des, I don't owe you shit.
Baby, baby, squeeze my neck.
[Clang] You like that, huh?! You want me to squeeze your neck? Ohh! Ohh! [Gunshot] [Gasps] Now am I in your little crew? [Both breathing quickly] What the [bleep] did we do? Help me get him out.
- Pull! - ‭I'm trying.
I'm trying.
[Both grunting] [High heels clack] Okay, now we got to get this body as far away from here as we can.
I mean, that's what you're supposed to do, right? Yeah, I guess.
The Maybe we should take him to the swamp? That's too far.
Um Uh Bingo.
Ooh, ooh, ooh - Okay.
Oh, my God.
- ‭Oh.
- Okay.
- ‭Ooh.
- Hold on.
- Oh, wait, hold on.
[Grunts, breathing heavily] Maybe lose those clear heels for one minute? - I can't walk on my bare feet.
- Take them off! Fine.
Ooh, ooh, ooh Get over here.
‭Oh, God.
The party's over Come on.
Here we go.
Ooh, ooh, ooh - It's time to call it a day - [Grunts] - Ooh, ooh, ooh - [Both grunting] They've burst your pretty balloon [Both scream] Shit! ‭Who is that? I don't want to know! Get out! Get out! Okay.
Oh, shit! ‭Okay.
- I've got to breathe.
- ‭Okay.
- It's time to wind up - [Both grunting] The masquerade The masquerade - Just make your mind up - Help.
[Whimpering] The piper must be paid The party's over Well, at least he won't be lonely.
- Go find some some lighter fluid.
- Lighter fluid? Where am I supposed to get some lighter fluid? My God.
Think! Do I have to do everything? Go look by the grill.
You know you can't ‭talk to me like that anymore.
- Really? Right now? - ‭Yes.
We're a team now.
Go! Oh, yes.
Where [Clattering] [Sighs] What are you doing? Virginia: ‭Trying to put his grill in.
Get out of there.
Just turn the boat on.
- Pull the lever.
- ‭Okay.
Now get out.
Come on! Get out! [Boat engine revving] [Clanks] Come on, hurry! [Revving continues] Aah! Undo the stupid rope! Hurry! I'm trying! I'm going! ‭Oh, my God! [Revving continues] It's over Come on.
Yes, it's over, my friend The party's over Y-You still have your old place, right? Yeah.
Most of my stuff is still there.
Go there tonight, a-a-and I will pick you up tomorrow.
- Listen! - ‭What? What? I'll pick you up in the morning - and take you to the salon.
‭ - Okay.
I will figure out what to tell the girls.
We don't people to think that we were - fighting over the deceased.
- Okay.
And then I should probably should probably shoot this place up and make it look like some shit went down.
Yeah, I guess.
I'm gonna grab my stuff from the bedroom.
Wait! Then leave some of it 'cause people knew ‭that y'all were together.
Okay, Nancy Drew.
Sh Give it to me.
[Sniffles] [Gun clicks, cocks] [Both breathing heavily] [Gunshot] [Both scream] Oh, my God! Be careful! What are you doing?! Oh, God! [Whimpering] Pull yourself together.
I'm scared.
Ain't nobody got time for that, China doll.
This shit got real real fast.
And the only thing I need coming out of that dick-licking mouth of yours is, "I don't know shit," and, "I didn't see shit.
" Keep your mouth shut and your eyes down.
Do you understand? Do exactly Do what I tell you to do.
[Sniffling] [Engine shuts off] [Insects chirping] Aah! Bryce: Choices, y'all.
Life is all about 'em.
One single decision can set your life on a course that you may or may not enjoy too much.
Rehab, foreclosures, - one failed business after the next - [Mouthing Bryce's words] It wasn't until I started living intentionally that I was able to claim the inheritance that waits for every single one of us.
That's when I created my award-winning abundance coaching program "Get It, Get It!" Now available as an e-book.
Um, Jenn, you gonna hand out those thumb drives? Yeah, baby.
Okay, all right, all right.
[Snaps fingers, whistles] Where wa Where was I? [Claps hands] - Um - Life's wisdom? The life wisdom contained on those thumb drives represents years of hard work and hard lessons.
My lifestyle-altering e-curriculum can teach everyone in this audience how to set a course for the kind of life [clicks tongue] you truly desire.
Now, who here knows what intention is? Hmm? [Insects chirping] [Breathing sharply] [Thunder rumbling] Shit.
Shit! - [Cellphone ringing] - [Whimpers, gasps] Hey, Jenn.
Hey, Des.
Hey, Candy.
- Sorry.
‭That's the babysitter.
- [Door closes] We're just getting ready to go to the Elks Club and watch Bryce do his thing.
You still coming? Girl, I forgot.
Um That's totally okay, babe.
Next time.
- [Thunder rumbles] - You okay? You sound a little stressed or something.
All is well, girl.
I'm Tell your Tell your husband I'ma catch him on the next one.
Okay, honey.
[Retches] [Exhales sharply] [Engine starts] [Breathing quickly] Hey.
Did you eat? What happened to your face? Allergies.
Did you eat? Falafel, yeah.
Where were you? I had to work late.
This is nice.
It's It's real nice.
You look different.
Different how? I'm not sure.
Older, maybe? Wiser? Okay.
You know what? Here.
Put that away, and let me get these old bones into bed.
How 'bout that? Come on.
It's past my bedtime.
- Yeah.
- ‭Yeah.
Okay, come on, come on.
Arms in.
[Sighs] I'm gonna get us a castle by the sea where we can live together forever and ever.
State-of-the-art gym? State-of-the-art gym.
[Thunder rumbling] And no more black mold.
No more mold.
[Rumbling continues] [Rain falling] [Rumbling continues] - [Thunder crashes] - [Sighs] [Fire crackling] [Thunder crashes] - Huh? You know ‭you're my girl, right? - You so nasty.
- [Moans] - ‭Come on, baby.
[Echoing] You know that's what you said.
Supposed to be a happy night, huh? [Virginia choking] Baby, baby, squeeze my neck.
You want me to squeeze your neck? You like that, baby? Oh, I know.
I know.
[Water rumbling] I miss you, baby.
I'll squeeze your neck.
[Echoing] You like that, baby? I'll squeeze your neck.
[Gasps] [Panting] [Breathing deeply] [Cellphone beeps] [Sighs] Hey.
You're still in yesterday.
What's that supposed to mean? You haven't reset.
I couldn't sleep last night.
Oh, what's wrong? Mm.
Maybe I was ‭just too tired to sleep.
Oh, I-I hope it's not anemia, Des.
I-It affects approximately 3.
5 million Americans every day, according toReader's Digest.
I'll be fine.
We have to get you into today.
- What is this? - ‭No.
S-Stand up.
U-Uh, okay.
All right, let's, um Now, stand on your right foot.
What? C-Co It works.
Come on.
Stand on your right foot.
Cover your right eye with your left hand.
My right My right eye with my left hand.
- Okay.
- ‭Mm-hmm.
Now repeat after me.
"That was then this is now.
" [Sighs] That was then this is now.
"That was there this is here.
" That was there this is here.
"That was yesterday this is today.
" That was yesterday this is today.
"I-I am Desna, and I'm strong and capable, and I love shrimp.
" [Laughs] Des, you have to say it.
[Laughs] I'm I'm Desna.
I'm strong, I'm I'm capable, and I love shrimp.
- All right.
- ‭[Laughs] Now how you feel? Better.
D-Drink your juice.
I'll get to it.
[Brakes squeal] Desna: Virginia! [Dog barking in distance] [Sighs] We don't want any.
I'm not selling anything.
Is Virginia here? Nope.
She came home for a few hours, then left again this morning when it was still dark.
She what? Comes and goes, that girl.
I mean, you can come in.
[Sighs] [Sighs] Um, did she say anything about where she was going? [Coughs] Might have.
[Sniffles] I was so dead after my shift last night.
What the hell are you doing? Waterboarding yourself? Neti pot.
I have this ‭chronic sinus infection.
You know what? ‭I want to leave you my number.
Call me the second you see her, okay? It's important, maybe even a matter of life or death.
Who are you? I'm her boss.
[Sniffles] You dance with her at She She's? Yes, ma'am.
[Sniffles] I go by "Relevance.
" Okay, baby.
Uh, feel better.
Call me if you see Virginia.
[Bells ding] I don't know.
She called this morning and asked me to open.
You see that burgundy minivan outside? It's been out there all morning.
Whoever's in there is watching the salon like a hawk.
[Bells ding] Where's she going? I brought you some croissants.
I-I made them in my bread machine.
They're a little smushed together, but they taste real good and pull apart real easy.
I'm going out of town for surgery.
What kind? What, your tongue? [Gasps] Oh, my God.
They can fix it, right? What's the name of the hospital? I'll send you some banana bread! Wait a minute.
Back up the truck.
You mean he died right after the wedding? Before.
[Pop music plays on stereo] She decided to marry him anyway.
So, rather than be single, your friend married a dead guy? Life is rough in these streets, y'all! [Chuckles] I think she wanted to keep - the wedding gifts.
‭ - Mm-hmm.
That's a big thing in China, mind you.
Oh, is your friend Chinese? - No, Methodist.
- ‭[Laughs] Hey, Cyn.
Sorry I'm late.
Looks like Jenn's got you covered.
Her friend married a dead guy in Hialeah.
Sounds like Hialeah.
[Laughter] - [Ringing] - Where are you? This is Virginia.
Leave it at the beep.
[Beeps] [Indistinct conversations in distance] [Scraping echoes] - [Telephone rings] - [Gasps] Shit.
[Chuckles] You okay, boo? You seem a little jumpy.
Huh? [Chuckles] No, I'm right as rain.
- [Receiver clicks] - Nail Artisans at Man - Mandy: Hey, it's me.
- Hey, Mandy.
[Whispers] It's Mandy.
‭I got your deposit on Glint.
[No audio] Your application looks really good.
That is fantastic.
[Whispers] It's Mandy.
You're close, just I'm trying to say this without saying it be on your toes.
Okay, exactly which toes would that be? On your best behavior, I mean.
It's game time.
What? You're sounding very mysterious, Mandy.
[Chuckles] I know.
Apologies for the intrigue.
Just crush it if you want to get that new salon.
That's all I can say.
Got to run.
Right, but [Sighs] What was that all about? I don't know.
It sounds like Glint Nails is sending some sort of secret shopper over here.
What, to see if we're up to snuff? We got this.
We got this.
[Imitates drumroll] We got this.
[Brakes squeal] [Sighs] Hey, Jenn, your hubby's outside.
[Crying] Oh, baby.
‭Babe? - Baby.
- ‭Baby, they can't find Roller.
He's gone.
- What do you mean "gone"? - They can't find him.
- Oh, honey.
- [Sobbing] - What's happening? - Okay.
It's o-okay.
- They can't find Roller.
- Desna: What? - Jennifer: Shh.
Take a breath.
- What happened? You take a breath.
Bryce: They Des, they found blood on the lanai.
Who Whose blood? - Roller's.
- ‭What? - Police called me.
He's missing.
- It's okay.
They're gonna see if the blood is his.
His house is all shot up.
He's not answering his phone.
Damn it.
Well, what exactly happened? His neighbors His neighbors called 911.
They heard gunshots and smelled fire, but they couldn't find a fire.
It looks like someone was dragged out to the dock.
His boat's gone.
Can't be good.
[Sobs] Jennifer: ‭Baby, we don't know anything.
We don't know anything.
[Crying] I'm gonna go.
I got to tell Uncle Daddy.
I got to go.
- [Exhales sharply] - [Crying] I'm gonna go.
- This is Virginia.
Leave it at the beep.
- [Beeps] Hey, babe.
Hey, babe.
[Voice breaking] I can't.
- I just can't.
- I know.
- I'm so scared.
[Inhales sharply] - Okay, all right.
It's okay.
I'm so scared.
[Crying] It's okay.
You're safe.
You're okay.
We're gonna find him.
I didn't even like that boy.
Jennifer: Polly.
The man lived hard, worked hard, played hard.
He does everything hard.
Everything? [Polly and Jennifer chuckle] Y'all know what? Unh-unh.
Y'all are wrong for that.
Shame on all of y'all.
You know it's Polly.
You call me if you need anything at all.
All right, baby.
We love you.
[Sniffles] [Sighs] [Dialing] [Ringing] [Whispering] Answer the phone, bitch.
This is Virginia.
Leave it at the beep.
[Beeps] [Cellphone beeps, thuds] [Sighs] Polly: Thanks for dropping me at my community service.
- You're so sweet to give me a lift.
- [Brakes squeal] Des is messed up about Roller.
I believe she truly cared for that boy.
Even though she probably told herself it was just about the boning.
In my experience, those lines get blurry, uh, fast.
You tell yourself that you're just fulfilling your deepest carnal appetites, that deep need we all, as humans, share for connection ‭and interpersonal friction.
For pussy.
And you swear to yourself that your head's on straight and it's just gonna be in and out, and then boom you're knocked up by a minor Kennedy.
Remember croissant lady? That freakazoid who was waiting for you in the car? [Clicks tongue] Life's too short.
I say cut that off now.
Girl, she had a twitchy look.
Too thirsty.
Well, aren't you the Chattanooga Chatsworth today? [Chuckles] Okay.
I guess I better get to it.
I'm gonna change some girls' lives.
[Door creaks] [Sighs] All you need to do is Will you take this heart? Ladies, we will be right with you all, okay? It's a little full in here today, but that's because Nail Artisans at Manatee County is the place to be.
- Oh, I like those leggings - Thank you.
And those legs.
Ann, give her an extra massage.
- Jenn, this is gorgeous.
- Uh-huh.
You know what? Some crystals will really bling that out.
'Cause you don't realize So, what were you in for? Madison, shut up.
You know you're not supposed to ask about that.
That's okay, Madison.
Only thing is I'm not supposed to talk about it.
It's one of the conditions of my release.
I-I wish I could tell you girls what happened to me.
It would be a relief, actually.
Close the door.
Have a seat.
I'm gonna need a guarantee of confidentiality from y'all.
- Okay.
- Yes.
We won't say a word.
[Sighs] I used to run a modeling agency in Coral Gables.
From the outside, everything looked legit.
I booked girls in campaigns for J.
Crew, Anthropologie.
Dillard's sucks now.
Dillard's sucked for years.
Please, let her talk.
But I'm afraid there was more to the agency than met the eye.
While I did book girls on big jobs, the whole thing was a front for an upscale prostitution ring with clients from the highest positions of government, as well as the entertainment industry.
Like who? [Scoffs] Eliot Spitzer.
Charlie Sheen.
Lamar Odom.
Why would Lamar Odom pay for sex? [Laughs] Ah.
[Laughs] That's easy, girls.
You don't pay a whore to bang.
You pay her to leave.
[Ringing] - Polly: Oh, hey, Des.
- Hey, Pol.
How soon can you get over to the shop? Oh, well, I just finished my community service.
Um, an hour, maybe? Mm, okay.
I don't want to be understaffed if our mystery shopper shows up.
I would be there myself if Dean wasn't so sick.
Oh, okay.
Well, I got you, sugar.
- [Vehicle door closes] - I got to go.
[Vehicle departs] Hey! [Keys clatter] What the hell? Sorry, I [Sighs] Really sorry about that.
Ohh! Damn it.
I want to thank y'all for coming, all right? There's strength in numbers.
There's strength in numbers, right? We got numbers, and we're strong.
- We'rehustlestrong.
- Right.
But I couldn't do any of this without my wife.
My beautiful wife.
[Chuckles] [Chuckles] [Squeals, chuckles] Mm-hmm.
All right, well [clears throat] I want to toast ‭to toast to my wife, Juanda.
Come on, now.
Everybody up.
- To Juanda.
- There you go.
- To Juanda.
- To Juanda.
- Juanda! - To Juanda.
[Smacks lips] What you want? [Operatic music playing] Bring him in.
All right, y'all, Chip Lauderdale here from the Palmetto P.
He gonna gonna give us some news.
What you got for us? [Sighs] [Clears throat] Right here? Go ahead.
We're all family here.
It's all right.
We found him Okay, let's go.
what was left of him at the end of the Manatee River on what was left of his boat.
[Retches] [Coughs] I'm so sorry, y'all.
Fire must have got the most of him.
Gators got the rest.
Blood on the lanai ‭and on the lawn was a match, and, uh, we also found these, too.
So sorry.
[Voice breaking] I promised his daddy that I'd take care of him.
[Crying] Now they take my baby boy.
[Sniffles] They took my baby boy! [Crying] Come here, baby.
They took my baby boy! ‭Oh! Aah! - Oh! - Ow! [All speaking indistinctly] I'm sorry, baby.
Baby, I'm sorry.
- They took my baby boy.
- [Sobs] They took my baby boy.
Shh! - Oh, baby, it's okay.
- They took my baby boy! Hey, hey.
[Sniffles] He was my little brother.
I was supposed to protect him.
Baby, don't.
I let him down just like I let everybody down.
- Shh.
It's okay.
- [Sniffles] [Sobbing, screaming] - Daddy, stop.
- Baby! - Aah! - Daddy.
Daddy, stop, stop.
Get away from me! Daddy, no, no, no! You're gonna hurt yourself.
Please, you're gonna hurt your hand.
Daddy, no, no, no, no, no.
- Aaaah! - Stop! Please, please, please, please don't.
Daddy, look at your hand.
- Jennifer: Shh.
- [Bryce sobbing] Oh, honey.
He's got him.
[Door closes] Desna: Dean, I'm home.
[Chair scrapes] I-I kept something warm for you.
Oh, thank you, sweetie, but I ate already.
Did you have dinner with Roller? [Sighs] Dean.
- Dean.
- Yeah? Roller is missing.
What, like at Costco? No, baby, not like at Costco.
This is more serious.
I-I would've talked to you about it sooner, but, um, I-I just found out yesterday.
Well, what what happened to him? Well, we don't know.
There was signs of a struggle at his place, but Dean, can you calm down for me? [Hiccuping] I loved him.
He was gonna teach me to Jet Ski! I know, baby, but I can teach you.
- [Clattering] - I don't want you to teach me! - Dean! - I don't! - Shit.
- [Cellphone rings] [Door slams shut] [Cellphone beeps] Hey, Clay, I'm Uncle Daddy: Meet me at the salon.
We need to talk.
- [Sighs] - [Cellphone beeps] [Bells ding] Hey.
Clay, you okay? I need a new look.
What? What did you do? Started punching my car.
[Sighs] And I just couldn't stop.
[Plastic cap clacks] This - might - [Liquid sloshes] They found him what's left of him, at least in a swamp floating on a goddamn piece of fiberglass from his boat.
[Inhales sharply, sighs] [Sighs] They gave me these.
That's all that's left of my big ol' baby boy.
[Voice breaking] I'm sorry.
[Sniffles] [Sighs] You loved him, didn't you? When's the last time you saw him? Um, I guess it was the day, um, he I-I threaded his eyebrows earlier that day.
That's something he needed done? We had a standing appointment.
It's You know Roller was vain.
[Chuckles] How was he that day? He was scared.
I'm not gonna lie about that.
He was scared and, um, jumpy, um, and I had never seen him like that.
- That boy wasn't scared of nothing.
- ‭No, he was not.
A-And that's why it was so strange.
And I said, "What's wrong? Talk to me.
" But he wasn't saying nothing.
What about this, um [sniffles] this Virginia? I understand he had a little little thing with her.
[Scoffs] Well, ‭you know Roller had a thing with a lot of girls.
Well, no doubt, but this Virginia, she gone missing, ain't she? It's kind of odd that she'd go M.
all of a sudden, don't you think? Her mama is sick, really sick, and she went up to Okeechobee.
Oh, yeah? Yeah.
Well, you bring me that little trick the moment she returns you hear me? [Chair creaks] [Footsteps] [Door opens, closes, bells ding] Shit.
[Knock on door] Hello? [Door creaks] Virginia? Shit.
Virginia? We are in trouble now.
[Siren wails in distance] Shit.
- Bitch, what is you doing? - You scared me.
It's me, Virginia's boss, remember? - You didn't tear this place up? - This shit ain't my doing.
What kind of trouble is she in? I don't know.
I wish I knew.
She's not answering her cellphone, and I'm starting to get worried.
I need you to think.
Where could she be? Probably up the coast at her happy place.
We used to cam for these guys up in Singapore at this dirty beach motel shooting Easter eggs out our butts and stuff.
Just Just the name of it.
The Sea Star? Come on.
‭S-Sea Maiden? I don't know.
Got to deal with this shit.
[Sighs] Damn it.
[Sighs] Where are you, Virginia? Gotcha, bitch.
[Echoing] A couple hundred dollars in the bank A couple hundred dollars in the bank Midnight - Give you everything you put aside - [Chuckles] I need to talk to you.
Can it wait a minute? I'm just a little busy right now.
No, frankly, it can't.
I need, you know, some banking now.
What are you? What are you doing? Hey.
This is not a good day for you to make a scene in here.
Who exactly is in charge now that Roller is I've been calling Desna all morning.
It's not safe for me to have that kind of cash in there, - not with - ‭Shh! ‭Shh! not with my clientele.
What the hell are you thinking, carrying on like this? We're dying over there.
In another day, we'll be out of the product.
Have you ever seen one of these mutants when you tell them that they can't have their medicine? Shh! At least Roller handled all the pharmaceutical wholesalers.
I mean, maybe he wasn't so useless after all.
Hey, easy, dude.
‭Roller's my brother-in-law.
So here's my advice maybe don't talk that shit to my husband or father-in-law that is, if you like having your head attached to your body.
So see you in 20, then? I'm sorry, honey.
Oh, no.
Pretty toasty in there.
You know what? I'm just gonna take that off and start right over.
I have to run.
I'm sorry.
Um, well, obviously, we won't charge you.
I should hope not.
Hey, could I settle up? - Just a second, honey.
- Jennifer: You know what? Because we feel so terrible, your next five manicures are on us.
Honestly, if this is the kind of work you do, I can't see coming back.
I'm sorry.
Thank you.
It had to be her.
Of course.
[Indistinct conversations] [Door opens] [Door closes] [Sighs] How psycho you trying to be? Oh, shit.
Don't run, bitch! Virginia! Come on, get back here! Girl, I [Panting] Aah! [Breathlessly] What the hell is wrong with you?! Get your ass up.
[Panting] How do I know Uncle Daddy didn't send you? What happened to, ‭ "We supposed to be a a team"? Huh? Just raggedy.
Get your ass back in that room, and let's figure this mess out.
[Breathing heavily] [Door creaking] This is what you eat candy and pork rinds? It's all they had in the machine.
Ever heard of ordering a pizza? I don't eat pizza.
I don't eat hot foods.
[Soda can pops open] [Sighs] [Can thuds] Why did you run off? Why did I run? You have every reason to sell my ass out, Desna.
Every fricking reason.
I didn't know that I could trust you and shit.
I still don't know if I can.
Did they find him? They did.
What was left of him.
Drifted all the way up the swamp.
What about the other body? Who knows? Gators? - How'd they know it was Roller? - ‭That damn grill.
That's how you feel about it? Yeah.
‭That's how I feel about it.
Let me tell you how youneed to feel about it.
"Boo-hoo, I'm a grieving side piece.
Look at how torn up I am.
" I need you to come back to Palmetto and come back to the salon.
- You think you can handle that? - Sure, whatever.
Come to the funeral, pay your respects.
And then, if anybody ask you where you been, say you was with your mama, 'cause that's what I told Uncle Daddy.
[Chuckling] With my mom? My mom is dead, Desna.
Thanks a lot.
We'll cross that bridge.
Listen, this this is all about how well you play your part.
And trust and believe, I need you to play it well.
I'm not gonna have you endangering my life.
Endangering your life? Because I saved your life, Desna.
I didn't ask you to save my li I didn't ask you for shit.
And now I'm running all over creation on account of what you did.
Because I did what you couldn't do! I took care of it.
From here on out, you gonna do ‭exactly what I tell you to do.
Do you understand me? Yes.
[Bed creaking] Will you stay? What? Please.
Just till I fall asleep.
- [Spectators shouting] - You lied to me! Tongue surgery? That is a bunch of shit, and you know it! Jennifer: Get it, Ann! Yeah, girl! You just got sick of my pussy! Admit it! Is that it? Do whatever you got to do to get this crazy bitch out of here now.
Show's over, people.
Move along.
- Nothing to see.
- You heard her, go on.
[Cheers and applause] That's America right there! That is America.
- Yeah! - [Chuckles] I do love a love story.
Show's over.
[Cellphone rings] Go home.
It's Bryce.
Hey, baby, you okay? Can you meet me at She She's? I think they found out something about Roller.
Bryce I need to talk to you.
- Let's talk right here.
- Okay.
[Sighs] All right.
I got a proposition for you.
Now, I don't know what kind of coin you pulling down as a life coach.
- Abundance coach.
- Abundance coach.
- Yeah.
- Abundance.
I want you to run the clinic.
Take over for Roller, earn Roller's salary.
[Laughs] No.
I don't believe so.
Bryce, honey, let's just nip this in the bud.
Sweetie, let's just hear hear him out.
He ‭Honey.
Let me tell you something.
On the, on the phone I been running games since I was a teenage boy, and I never, ever, ever seen something as good as this clinic.
Now, the Haitians, they got their lane.
Russians, they got theirs.
This is ours.
I see us opening these puppies across the state.
And the best part You know the best part? [Sighs] It's all legal.
If we're careful.
[Pop music plays on stereo] I-I don't know, Uncle Daddy.
Bryce, honey, this is where you say, "No, thank you.
" Let the man consider it! I need you, son.
It is all hands on deck.
After what happened to Roller, I need you, son.
Okay, that's not gonna be necessary.
Bryce, honey, do you ever want to get laid again? Come on, baby.
- Goddamn pussy whip.
- [Glass thumps] Wow.
Don't you look nice.
Here, let me let me help you here.
All right? I wanted to say that I'm sorry about earlier this week.
I didn't know how much Roller meant to you.
Yeah, I loved him.
He's the kind of man I want to be.
W-Well, no, you're already a good man, Dean.
No, I'm not.
I-I'm gonna be, though.
I'm changing.
Changing how? Grown man changes.
You need someone to look after you now that Roller's gone.
I'm okay, Dean.
[Cellphone rings] [Cellphone beeps] Hey, Mandy.
What happened to "be on your toes"? The owner of your dream salon sent in a spy to check out your zhuzh.
She said that she was ignored, left with wet nails, the whole nine.
Damn it.
M-Mandy, I am so sorry.
T-That's not the way I run a business.
Listen, tell her I will make it up to her.
It's just been a horrific week.
I mean, we're we're about to go to a funeral right now.
Well, I hate to have to say this today, - but Glint Nails is off the menu.
- [Cellphone beeps] Wait, what? H-Hello? He [Cellphone beeps] [Inhales deeply, exhales sharply] Dean, we're leaving in 15 minutes.
But I-I didn't have breakfast yet.
15 minutes.
[Both humming] Now, don't put too much on now, there, dear.
When have I done you wrong? True enough.
Still funerary? Mm-hmm.
Still funerary, dear.
[Organ music plays] Ave Maria Thank you, baby.
Jungfrau mild Erhoere einer Jungfrau Flehen Aus diesem Felsen starr und wild Soll mein Gebet Zu dir hin wehen Wir schlafen sicher bis zum Morgen - But let us not succumb to grief.
- [Women crying] Let us stay hungry for life and all its blessings.
I read now a, uh, selection from "Total Recall," the autobiography of Arnold Schwarzenegger, - a hero of of Roller's.
- [Crying] "Be hungry for success, hungry to make your mark, hungry to be seen and to be heard and to have an effect.
And as you move up and become successful, make sure also to be hungry for helping others.
" I'm hungry.
‭Sit down.
- I've been hungry for a long time.
- ‭No, no no, no.
Dean, sit down.
Sit down.
‭I'm Lord Jesus Christ, by your own three days in the tomb, you hallowed the graves of all who believe in you, and so made the grave a sign of hope that promises resurrection, even as it claims our mortal bodies.
[Sobbing loudly] Priest: Then he will see you face to face, and in your light will see light and know the splendor of God, for you live and reign forever and ever.
[Sobbing continues] Now, when you ready, get it in Yes, I ain't scared Look at me, afraid of who? Who? The big bad boogy man Tryna bring danger-danger Bring it on, I'm bringing mines, too Ha ha We can take it to the ring, to the streets Middle East, breaking bread with jihad No matter the fight, I told you I'm nice, right? I tame the beast, I am the beast, ta-da Settle down Bang, bang, bang, settle down Snype got that venom I'm spittin' saliva pass around Boy, boy, promise that I got that crown Seated on my throne, I condone anything that's going down Down, down Bow down to the master Some funeral.
[Chuckles] I'm so sorry for your loss.
God bless you.
Oh, thanks.
Thank you.
I'm so sorry your honey's gone.
I can't imagine ‭what you're going through.
[Sniffs] I know you cared deeply for him.
[Indistinct conversations] - What the hell? - They think you're the widow.
How do all these weirdos know my business? I don't know, but they know who you are.
Tryna bring danger-danger, bring it on It's a cool party.
We can take it to the ring, to the streets Middle East, breaking bread with jihad No matter the fight, I told you I'm nice, right? I tame the beast, I am the beast, ta-da Settle down [Music continues] [Indistinct conversations] [Music stops] [Conversations stop] [Feedback whines] [Clears throat] O, Lord, my God When I in awesome wonder Consider all The worlds Thy hands have made I see the stars I hear the rolling thunder Thy power throughout The universe displayed Then sings my soul My savior God to Thee How great Thou art How great Thou art Then sings my soul My savior God to Thee How great Thou art How great Thou art - When through the woods - [Door slams open] - [All gasp] - H-Help me.
[Sobbing] Help.
[Crying] - [All murmuring] - Honey, are you all right? [Crying] What happened? [Inhales sharply] They got me.
[Crying] They said they were gonna burn me, too.
[Crying] You gonna be okay, baby.