Claws (2017) s02e01 Episode Script


1 "Previously on Claws" This feels like old times.
ROLLER: Hey, one more run, hmm? - Another run, huh? - We did 11k yesterday.
[BOTH LAUGH] Roller, I could go to the Fed for washing money for y'all.
[SPITS] Mm-hmm.
[CHEERING] We're strong! We're hustle strong! You know you need a break from all that Uncle Daddy shit.
I know I do.
- This is for you.
- Thank you.
You're still dating that cop? Desna told you to cut bait.
I love her, Polly.
My life is out of control right now, but Then stop making stupid life choices! I had sex with you because I care about you.
- We are at war.
- Who with? The Russians.
I got one of them.
- Come on now.
Come on.
- It's too late.
- They took Brienne.
- The Russians? How about a percentage of all of his businesses? The clinic, She She's, all of it.
And I'll throw in the salon.
I will have 100% of all your businesses.
- You son of a - Clay! One of the conditions of Riva accepting the deal was that I would go back to the old salon and continue to launder money.
Oh, you thought you was gonna break the crew up? Yeah, not this crew! No way! UNCLE DADDY: That Russian bitch finna upset the whole apple cart.
It's gonna affect your business, too.
Two deposits a week is not enough.
Not by a long shot.
You should see the safe.
"Overflowing" is an understatement.
Yeah, well, the last time I checked it, the numbers were dipping over there.
- They are, slightly.
- Okay, so then why the overflow? Hmm? Speak on it, Kenneth! Because the Hussers are sleeping on the job! [FAKE SNORING] - [CHUCKLING] - Stop it.
I mean, some weeks, they don't even come in.
Y'all will start collecting money from the clinic every day.
Come on, D.
Every day? We also need a new wholesaler.
I set up a breakfast meeting for you with a rep from Boca.
He has a very competitive price on generic Oxy.
Very important question uh, what restaurant? Novus, 9:00 a.
No, I prefer Pollen.
They got a lobster omelette that is to die for.
Well, that's too damn bad 'cause your ass is gonna be at Novus at 9:00 a.
You know what, Desna, somethin' tells me you're gettin' off on how shit's turned out.
Welcome to the new normal.
The Russians got y'all by the short hairs, okay? Y'all pull up, or Riva's gonna take you out.
So, y'all will be at the clinic first thing in the morning to turn this shit around.
Are we clear? Good.
'Cause I got some other shit I could be doin' right now.
Well, la-di-da.
I know you didn't think this was for y'all, did you? This meeting is adjourned.
- Ahh.
- Oh, do you want Yeah, yeah Boy, it's just me and you And we're so faded I want every piece of you Don't keep me waiting Caress my body, baby Don't be shy, baby You keep reaching for the lights Boy, tonight, I want to turn up Turn up Turn a little Turn the lights on Turn the lights on [GLASS SHATTERS] [GASPING] All this passion turns me on I gotta get going, though.
I'ma go check on Dean before I go to work.
- Tell me.
- [LAUGHS] What do I need to do to get you to stay put? I can think of something.
[LAUGHS] [CHUCKLES] Go get 'em.
[LAUGHS] Okay.
I wanna go.
Get off.
[GIGGLING] Get off me.
What's in the pot? Why should I tell you anything? Uhp! Well, good morning to you, too.
Tell me something.
What's wrong, Dean? I just stopped by to check on you on my way to work.
Coming and going at all hours.
Yeah, well, I spent the night at Gregory's house.
Dean, I am an adult woman.
I'm not talking about intercourse.
Virginia said something about some crazy Russian lady.
Virginia got a big mouth.
Y-You said you were gonna make better life choices.
- You promised.
- N Dean, this is different.
She's not that bad.
No, I'm I'm worried about you.
Don't be, Dean.
Okay? I got this under control.
Look at me.
Look at me.
I got this.
Okay? Okay.
Did, uh, the boys make it by the clinic yet? Would you look at that afterglow? You can't fake that ripeness and realness.
- Okay, seriously, did they? - "Seriously, did they?" Looky now! Paging Dr.
[LAUGHTER] DESNA: I can't stand y'all! Oh, drippin' off you, girl.
[LAUGHS] I can feel that shit from over here.
My husband hasn't gone down on me since LeBron left.
- Aah! - Ohh I do wear it well, don't I? - Uh, yeah.
- Yes, you do! Did you guys know there's this super-rare type of dolphin with a big horn like a unicorn? Sounds like Desna might have found him, hon! [LAUGHTER] I did.
[LAUGHTER CONTINUES] - Whoo! - Are you off, sugar biscuit? Yep.
- Bye.
- Mm.
You call me as soon as you get out, okay? And don't forget Ken's coming over for dinner.
Check this out we just broke up, and already, she's at Gertrude Stein's with the softball team.
Let me see.
Mm! Girl, she looks real happy for a cop that just got fired.
You got to stop stalking Arlene on Insta.
It's not healthy! Oh, shit, y'all.
It's about to be 11:00.
Roller's baby mama's about to be here.
- Oh! - Okay, okay, okay.
Give me that.
Aah! Why? Hurry up! [SPITS] Have you guys had one of those? [RUSSIAN MUSIC PLAYS] She's always here.
Like HPV.
[LAUGHTER] [BELL JINGLES] ALL: Dobroye utro! [CLASSICAL MUSIC PLAYS, INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS] [SIGHS] Where is Roller? Doing a run for your aunt.
- [BELL JINGLES] - Morning, sugar dumplings.
How we doin'? How we doin'? Mnh-mnh.
You ain't gonna say "What's up?" to your baby mama? [DOOR CLOSES, BELL JINGLES] - Nobody got time for that.
- [SCOFFS] So, what, y'all finished the runs already? Yes.
I tried to open that account, but there were too many digits in that tax ID number.
The bank's been open for an hour and a half.
Y'all just now coming in here to say something about that? Des, it's open all day.
Plus, we outta slips, anyway.
Are you [DRAWER CLOSES] In my office, Roller now.
Pbhhhht! - Hey, babe.
- 'Sup.
Um, what what time you gonna pick up the girls tonight? Same time.
I texted you.
You think we can just talk for a minute? Talk to your boyfriend.
He's not my boyfriend.
I've told you that a million times.
Oh, so you ruined our marriage for some random dick.
[SIGHS] You know what? I am so tired of being judged by Vanilla Bryce.
Y-You Roller, this isn't a joke.
Did you hear what I said last night? What's our incentive? Death, asshole! We need to take these Russians out, reset back to one.
To when I was working for you? [SCOFFS] Working just fine.
Yeah, it was working for you.
You know what else was working? Hmm? [SIGHS] Still with that pussy doctor? None of your business.
Ruval ain't right for you.
And you are? Shit.
If that desk could only talk.
It would say "30 seconds or less.
" [LAUGHS] You miss them days.
No, you miss them days.
And they're over.
So get to steppin', Roller, 'cause that money ain't gonna wash itself.
Girl Move.
[BELL JINGLES] [MAN LAUGHS] Haul her away with a half sashay [COUNTRY MUSIC PLAYING] Allemande left to your corner Circle left! Circle right! [LAUGHS] Whoo, whoo! With the sashay! Whoo, whoo, rodeo! What? What? What? What, Bryce? You know what, you piece of shit! Hey! Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
Come on.
We can't be doing this every day.
You pull this again, I'm gonna call the police.
Go honky tonk, Rabbi.
Put your name on the list.
A doctor will be with you shortly.
I know my rights.
Can't you have some empathy from the man? [SNIFFING] [KEYPAD BEEPING] [ALARM BLARING] Aah! Hey! Hey! - I got it.
- Ken! - Hey, man, what the - What are you doing?! Our safe can only accommodate 3OK.
I don't have room anymore because you two morons haven't been making deposits! What's your problem, huh? We can't even pay our bills, and you're in here burning money in your office? What if the Feds show up, huh? How do I explain $100,000 in $1s?! You lost your mind, man.
We sellin' our shit to put a Happy Meal on the table.
Oh, yeah? Yeah? Alright, alright, alright.
Then do the job you're supposed to do! Okay?! Do the jo Do the job! Deer meat.
[LAUGHS] - Venison? - Whatever you call it.
She traded 160 pounds of deer venison for a seat on the Myakkahatchee School Board.
No, she did not.
Just a filthy, conniving woman who shouldn't be around - children or food.
- [LAUGHS] Don't nobody know about this, but I do.
I know.
And I'm gonna let her know I know - with these.
- Ooh! We have our principals' luncheon this afternoon.
I'm gonna flash these every chance I get.
Why you gotta be so bad? Ooh, you a artist, Jenn.
[LAUGHS] Oh, thank you, baby.
Well, you better run, Bambi.
Just my two cents, but I like the way y'all had the place before.
You and me both, girl.
Clay is not answering.
It's like he just refuses to accept my authority.
Well, Des, he is in mourning.
Riva doesn't care about that.
Leave Ms.
Putin to me.
We got an understanding.
I will handle her.
- Desna.
- Huh? We need to talk.
Girl, I was thinking the same thing.
My office.
Look, I know the boys haven't been making enough bank runs, but I think they got the message.
I'm not here about smurfing.
My family wants more profit.
We will sell cocaine at She She's, and you will facilitate.
[SCOFFS] Oh, no, I won't.
I can't be moving no cocaine, Riva, and neither can any of my girls.
I mean, the money laundering is bad enough.
So, coke is big, bad wolf, but shilling opioids to desperate rednecks is A-okay, no problem? One one is legal.
The other? Not so much.
Keep fooling yourself.
Get Hussers to come to nursing home, then.
What nursing home? Is where they cut it.
Hussers pick up product and deliver to She She's, where strippers sell it.
[INHALES SHARPLY] Tonight is important night.
We are trying to book Milo Yiannopoulos to DJ a baby shower.
They need to do it by 8:00.
No exceptions, Desna.
Your mother is coming.
Why? Her stupid book.
I don't want to see her.
That make two of us.
The Hussers better be there, Desna.
[BELL JINGLES] [BELL JINGLES] [BELL JINGLES] [BELL JINGLES] [BELL JINGLES] So, what the hell was that about? She wants us to run logistics for her coke business.
That's way above our pay grade.
I could use a raise.
Not like that, sugar.
Are you crazy? We ain't touching jack.
She wants the Hussers to run it out of She She's, so now I gotta go light a fire under Clay's pasty ass.
[MELODRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING] [INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS] Hey, Toby! Toby! Why'd you put those out here? TOBY: You said "everything.
" Well, not these.
You should have known better.
Those were Juanda's.
You don't put those out here.
How dare you.
Get Get your hands off there.
Give it to me! Give it to me! It's mine! I'm not gonna give it to you! These are mine! How about we sell these, too? - Those weren't Juanda's.
- Aw, Toby, don't Get G-Gimme those! Give them to me! It's mine! - Give me! - Get Where's your mama at, huh? These are my dead wife's, god damn it! DESNA: She is serious, alright? And she's putting a lot of pressure on me.
I had something special at that clinic, Des legal drugs.
Now she wants strippers selling coke? Just like them bad old days.
Okay, look.
I don't love it, either.
She shot my wife, Des.
And kidnapped your granddaughter that part.
Which is how we all ended up working for her.
So, have the drugs to She She's by 8:00.
And we can live to bitch about this another day.
Thought you wanted out of this life.
I made a choice.
We all did.
By 8:00! And I'm not asking you.
[BIRDS CRYING] [WATER RUNNING] [SIGHS] You you want some fizzy water? Oh, yeah in a minute.
Uh, food poisoning again.
O-Or pregnancy.
Probably that one.
P-P-Probably six or seven weeks.
How'd you know? Oh, uh, well, you're always puking, and the bridge of your nose is two millimeters wider, and you're extra moody, and you've been complaining about sore breasts.
I-I was gonna tell you.
I-I-I promise.
- I know.
I know.
- I was.
I was being patient.
Thank you, Dean.
- Okay.
- Okay.
[CAMEO'S "WORD UP" PLAYS] So tell all the boys and girls Tell your brother, your sister, and your mother, too 'Cause we're about to go down And you'll know just what to do Wave your hands in the air like you don't care I live for Larry Blackmon! [BOTH LAUGH] Do your dance Do your dance Do your dance quick, mama Come on, baby, tell me, what's the word? Word up [BOTH LAUGH] Wait, wait, wait.
Let me let me get this straight.
You fine, the D-game is on point, you're making me dinner in a whole suit, and you know all the words to "Word Up.
" You cannot be that perfect.
I'm afraid I am.
Well, you know what's not perfect? - [CRACKLING] - Your chicken, 'cause it smells like it's burning.
Oh, merde! All that dancing! Ooh! You know what? My mama does that every single Sunday.
- It's always perfect.
- Well, that's not perfect.
You know, I just have to cut off the burnt part.
- Do what, now?! - Don't worry about it.
[SIGHS] So, how was your day? Well it was alright, but my boss is giving me a real fever.
Start a revolution.
If you don't like the ruling party, just stage a coup.
[CRUNCHING] Do you have a five-year plan? Baby, world domination one manicure at a time.
Woot-woot! [BOTH LAUGH] [CELLPHONE RINGING] It's the hospital.
Excuse me.
Listen, Ruval.
We gotta take that Commie bitch out.
RUVAL: We move when I say we move.
How long is that gonna take? Be patient.
I've been patient.
Now, this bitch wants me to start runnin' coke.
This is a longer game, Clay.
You need to play your part.
I ain't doin' shit.
More glitter, Mr.
Husser? [SNIFFS] Always more glitter, boys.
Hello, lovely family! [BAGS DROP] Oh, wait.
Food on the plane was shit.
[BABY FUSSES] Hello, dumpling.
[LAUGHS] Riva.
Oh! This must be baby Bogdan.
Oh, yes! Opa! Opa! I have baby gift in bag.
Hello, Mama.
How long are you staying? Oh, depends on book tour.
We are releasing English translation of audiobook.
The fat man didn't move coke to the club.
I thought you told Desna to handle it.
I did.
What is going on? Anything I can help with? [BOGDAN FUSSES] [LINE RINGING] Hey, you've reached Desna.
I can't come to the phone right now.
- Leave it at the beep.
This looks, umm What is this? Cheeseburger soufflé.
It's heaven I promise.
Old family recipe.
See? Mmm.
It's good.
It's like, um a cheeseburger, like, already chewed up.
Yum, Polly.
- Oh, I'm so glad y'all like it.
- Yeah.
Hello? Oh, hi, Riva.
Uh, no, I think Desna has a hot date tonight.
Sure, yes, of course.
I can I can go and find her, and I'll bring her right to you.
Desna's in deep shit.
I gotta go.
[BOTH LAUGHING] I want to take you on my boat.
Mm! Yeah.
And bring Dean.
I'd love to spend more time with him.
Umm, yes, and hell yes.
He would love that.
I would love that.
Hey! Ooh, I'm sorry to interrupt your pizza party.
Pol, what the hell are you doing here? Umm, Riva was trying to reach you - about that leak in the salon.
- Shit.
You weren't pickin' up, so she called me.
We gotta go, as in now.
So sorry, Dr.
- Okay.
- Shall I keep you some dessert? Um, yes, and I'ma make it up to you.
I promise.
Okay? What is going on? Talk to me.
Huh? Unh! He's ignoring me Bogdan's father! He wants nothing to do with me.
[STAMPS FOOT, GRUNTS] He just dumb guy.
Mens, they need instructions.
Oh, like Grandma says, you have answers for everything.
What else does she say? Oh, that you were only too happy to pass me to closest relative to become sex marionette for Enough! [SIGHS] Olga.
She's turned you against me.
[SPEAKS RUSSIAN] I've always loved you always.
I have to go make change in middle management.
I'll go with you.
Like old times.
["BEAUTIFUL DAY" PLAYS] Gonna be a beautiful day Gonna be a beautiful day I don't even have to look outside MAN: G 55! It's gonna be a wonderful day Gonna be a beautiful day - I 18.
- [PIANO PLAYS] Let's get this over with.
I'll take this over here.
- Hey, Bubbles.
- Hey.
I don't even have to look outside The beauty I need is here inside Everything's gonna be okay You got it, Ann? Pol, come on.
[DOOR BURSTS OPEN] Ladies! May I introduce my sister, Zlata esteemed author of "The Kremlin Konnection.
" Is Russian answer to "Lean In" by Sheryl Sandberg.
Oh! Controversial, but I loved it.
[DESNA SHUSHING] RIVA: Where is fat homosexual? Uncle Daddy's bi.
Riva, I talked to him.
And, um, he's a mess.
I mean, you killed his wife, and it's gon' take a minute, but we are gonna pick up his slack, so Deposits were never made today.
Right, but Something has become very clear.
You cannot control your people.
I have chapter in my book, what you Stay out of this.
I try to help.
Stay in your lane! Umm we are just gonna take the product to She She's.
[SPEAKING RUSSIAN] Riva, clearly, you and your sister got a lot of shit y'all goin' through, so we're gonna go ahead and go - [GUN COCKS] - [ALL GASP] Oh.
In Georgia, we do not tolerate failure from subordinates.
Riva? You just gonna let this bitch put a gun in my face? Just think about what you're doing.
We find out where you live, and we bomb the entire block.
We sell your children to brothel along Chechen border.
We cut off one limb at a time until you're completely gone.
That's what we do in Georgia.
Am I right? Exactly right.
The only thing is, sister, we're not in Georgia anymore.
- [GUNSHOT] - [SCREAMS] [GASPS] [SIGHS] I choose lane.
Oh, my God.
[SIGHS] Thank you, ladies.
Is great meeting you.
Get goods night's rest.
We start tomorrow.
Let's go.
[DOOR OPENS, CLOSES] - Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
- [MUTTERING] - Polly! Polly! - [MUTTERING CONTINUES] - Oh, my God.
- In the face? - Mm-hmm.
Point blank in the face.
- In the neck, though? - No.
- Around here? - The face.
In the f Oh, that shit is real.
Just what kind of monster could do that to to their own sister? I guess that's what the Russians do when you don't make your quota.
I was up until 3:00 a.
trying to get Riva's brain matter out of my hair! [WHIMPERS] I used every bit of my conditioner.
[HIGH-PITCHED WHIMPERING] I don't think I'm cut out for this.
- Okay, Pol.
- No, I'm not.
Not this Not this part! I can't do it! - Hey, hey, hey.
- No, no, I can't do it! I need you to pull up.
But I'm scared.
Aren't you scared? Baby, we are all scared.
Yeah, but I just got my tennis bracelet off! I can't do this! I can't be a party to a murder.
I can't That's stress relief right there.
You got to get it together.
That woman is gonna be here any minute.
That's right.
T-They shoot the weak where this bitch comes from.
Pol? I need you to put on one of those preppy, happy, Polly personalities where everything is fine, baby, just until we get on the other side of this, okay? - JENNIFER: Yeah, okay.
- Okay.
- What is [WHEEZES DEEPLY] - Okay, Pol.
- Sit down.
Sit down.
- [COUGHING] - Okay, okay, now, I did not know you had asthma, girl.
[INHALES] I don't.
Just sometimes, it manifests itself in response to drama! Okay, now, listen, you need to take a deep breath, okay? - Take a low breath.
- [INHALES DEEPLY] Real deep, girl.
Think of something real white.
Virginia, step back.
Polly, look at me.
You got this, okay? Y-Y Right now, you are at a barbecue in Hyannis Port, and all the Kennedys are there.
Huh? Even the shitty ones.
Oh, yeah.
And Gore Vidal is there.
He's mixing drinks in a crisp seersucker suit.
[GASPS] - Yeah, Pol? - Yeah? - Do they have canapés? - Yes! Polly, they got all that shit.
- Yay.
- Hey, hey, hey.
- Okay.
- Are you good? Right as rain.
[CHUCKLES LIGHTLY] Did you get some rest? Not too much.
I would never have killed you yesterday.
I just had to distract her.
I like you.
Thanks? Riva was toxic.
My whole life, she turned everyone I love against me our father, mother, brothers.
And now finally, she tries with my daughter, Olga.
This is where I say "No more.
" Olga's my one good thing I have.
I get it.
My brother is that for me, so Yes.
So you understand.
You know what else we share? I saw myself in you when my sister was barking at you yesterday.
I said, "This is bad bitch, like me, who has been underestimated for far too long.
" [CHUCKLING] Come on.
This is gonna be incredible, guys.
Olinka, Olinka, bring the money.
[CLEARS THROAT] ZLATA: This money is just the beginning if everybody's doing their job.
Too often, we women compete for coveted position in male power structure instead of fomenting fun time sisterhood to show the boys that we can be just as bad and have more fun doing it.
So, we will change around the Slavic menopause look in here.
We will continue coke operation.
We will discuss expanding of clinics.
But for now, we will talk about something more fun.
I want to start all-male revue, like "Magic Mike" movie.
So maybe we change name of She She to Hammer and Pickle.
[LAUGHS] Unh-unh.
[CHUCKLING] It's good, right? It works.
So, we need male dancers.
You two, find the dancers.
I don't want a lot of road on those asses.
- Fresh guys, yes? - Yes.
And who's going to train the boys? I will.
I was, uh, in the Bolshoi as a girl.
I was a little child dancer.
- Polly.
- I was.
Thank you.
What about you, my blond friend? Uh, me? Uh, well on account of my daughter being kidnapped last month and losing my husband to a life of organized crime, not to mention a velour track suit and a fade haircut, I think I'm just gonna, um, stay right over here and focus on my nail work.
Good, yes.
Salon needs to remain legitimate appearance.
Is good idea.
- Great.
- Great! Good.
Let's go talk to the boys.
How do you say? Hoosier? Hussier? Hussers.
It's how Channing Tatum got his start.
Y'all two gonna make a lot of money.
ZLATA: Is great to meet you guys.
My sister spoke so highly of you.
And now you work for me.
You think I'm just some sort of party bottom you pass around? Yes, I think exactly this, yes.
Where's Riva? [SIGHS] My sister suffered massive heart attack after I shot her in the face.
[LAUGHS] There you go.
My kinda woman.
Shut up, boy.
So, I guess you two were real close, huh? Cut smallshit bulltalk.
My sister had no vision.
I'm very interested in pill business model.
I read about opioid epidemic in airplane magazine.
Highly addictive product guarantee repeat customers.
- Is perfectly legal.
- Uh-huh.
Tell me how you get around insurance companies? I ain't tellin' you shit, you filthy bitch.
Comin' in my country, infiltratin' with your Russki shit.
Actually, it's better if the patients don't have insurance.
It's too much paperwork.
Cash only at Suncoast, baby.
But how is possible you never got busted? It's called skill, woman.
My family been runnin' game up and down the panhandle - since you were a little - Bah! Let her answer.
We're careful.
We never prescribe more than 250 pills per scrip, never see a patient more than once every 28 days, and we train the patients, too not to doctor-shop to get someone to give 'em more or deal in the parking lot.
[MOCKINGLY] "We don't ever see a patient more than 20" [NORMAL VOICE] Like you all know - this damn thing - Shut it! So, you run money through Cayman Islands, Bahamas, or Roller and I, we wash all the profits right here in Manatee County so we can oversee all the cash flows.
Anything the clinic nets in excess of 30k a day, we funnel through local accounts deposits under 10k to, uh, avoid suspicion.
[LATIN MUSIC PLAYS] Oh, check this out.
- Ay, yo, yo, yo! - Yo! - [INDISTINCT SHOUTING] - QUIET ANN: Hey! - Sí! - Mami! [LAUGHTER] [INDISTINCT TALKING] - Okay.
- How many you think we can fit in the back? All of them.
Just take 'em all.
[BELL BIV DEVOE'S "DO ME!" PLAYS] Oh, yeah Oh, yeah Oh, yeah Oh, yeah Oh, yeah [DEEP VOICE] Yes! Stay loose! Feel the music! Pretend that your pelvis is a bowl of grits.
Don't spill it.
Just down.
Down! Down! Do it.
Do it.
I want to open more clinics.
And I want you to spearhead this project not the Hussers.
I can help you, Zlata, but you gotta leave my crew out of it.
We need all hands on decks.
I can't have my girls getting deeper in this mess.
I mean, some of them have done time.
Right? I don't want 'em going back inside.
I gotta draw the line on that.
I really like you.
You stand on what you believe.
And whether you see it or not, you wear crown, like boss.
Now you need to show Hussers that you're a boss, because they don't respect you.
You need to teach them a lesson, like I say in my book.
Let's go show them who's boss.
Mm, okay.
We have to be fast.
What is this? Hey! Hey, what are you doing, man?! - Get off me! - [GRUNTING] What is it Is this happening right now?! Hey, get the get the Yeah! [INDISTINCT SHOUTING] Where did you get that? The Cloud.
[MOANING] But that was months ago.
And tomorrow, we get Roller.
At 1:00 p.
, bring the girls to my mansion dressed for garden party.
It's going to be beautiful.
Yes! What the 1216 Heather Grove Terrace.
Please come fast.
You crazy bitch! You can burn my house down! You can take everything I got! [THE TURTLES' "HAPPY TOGETHER" PLAYS] Imagine me and you I do I think about you day and night It's only right to think about the girl you love And hold her tight So happy together If I should call you up, invest a dime Can you say you belong to me and ease my mind? POLLY: I just feel like we probably should've been packing some heat.
It's okay, Pol.
UNCLE DADDY: Draggin' me here at gunpoint? What the hell you thinking, torching my house like that? Maybe if you did what you were supposed to do, we wouldn't be here.
[MUSIC FADES] Welcome, everybody.
I feel like we're already friends.
It means so much to my daughter and myself that you could be here and hold space for this sacred event.
We will have wedding now.
- What you talking about? - What does she mean, "wedding"? - Who's gettin' married? - Who's getting married? ROLLER: Unh-unh.
No way.
Hey, hell no.
- Oh, shit.
- Not to that little babushka.
Uncle Daddy, come on.
Come on.
D-Desna, you've got to do something.
We got to talk about this.
- You can't marry my boy.
- No talk.
Listen, Zlata, Y Roller is a piece of work, okay? Y-You don't want your daughter messed up with that kind of man.
You said yourself they only respect family.
Now we are family.
Hey, you you can't force a man to marry a woman.
Hell, this is United States of America.
- Roller! - Roller! loving nobody but you for all my life - ROLLER: [GRUNTS] - ALL: Ooh! When you're with me Baby, the skies'll be blue for all my life Me and you and you and me No matter how they tossed the dice It had to be The only one for me is you And you for me So happy together You will be good daddy.
Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba Ba ba ba ba Ba ba ba ba You You're a man of God.
Sir, please, this shit isn't holy.
[GUN COCKS] - ALL: Whoa! - Me and you and you and me No matter how they tossed the dice It had to be The only one for me is you And you for me So happy together ZLATA: Oh, dumpling.
You look beautiful.
I know.
- Like me.
- No.
[SNIFFLES] Let's party! [RAPID GUNFIRE] [GLASS BREAKS] - Husband scared.
- [LAUGHS] So happy together [INDISTINCT CONVERSATION] That was crazy.
- Oh, my gosh! What are we gonna do? - I don't know! - That's all you got? - That's all I got.
Is it wrong that I cried - at a forced wedding? - Yeah.
I say we run.
It's only gonna get worse.
Oh, this is the time you decide to start making sense? Run where? Them damn Russians will just hunt us down.
Even the damn priest had a gun.
We just gotta stick together, right? Right? - Yeah.
- Okay? - Okay.
- Yeah.
- Come on.
- Whoo.
- I'm just a little stressed.
- I know.
I need something to calm me down.
I'ma go find Ken.
'Least they ain't set me on fire.
[RUSSIAN MUSIC PLAYS IN DISTANCE] - You seem ravenous, preoccupied.
- Yeah.
I know.
I just feel like I should check on Marnie again.
Marnie's fine.
What's wrong? I don't know.
I just worry about her, is all.
No, she's tougher than you and I put together, okay? - Okay.
- Let me Let me take care of you.
- Okay.
- Okay? - Okay, take care of me.
- Like this? - You want it like this? - Yeah.
Yes! Yeah.
That's how you take care of me.
- Yeah? - Take it.
You a old married man now.
[SCOFFS] How we gon' figure this one out? Hmm? I don't know, but you gonna have to ride this out for a minute.
She gonna do this to me, what's she gonna do to you? So, you all of a sudden concerned about my well-being? D, come on, baby.
I'm always concerned about you.
Stand down.
Husband? Oh.
Uh, Mama wants you to feed me cake now.
[FORCED LAUGH] Dasvidanya, Roller.
[RUSSIAN MUSIC PLAYS] Hey! How long we gonna do this? Ooh! Here comes another one.
Let's see.
Come on.
Let's see.
Good boy! - See? - [SIGHS] That's the second one, Des.
I think he does love me still, and that's the proof right there.
Of course he loves you.
He would be crazy to let you go.
I just miss him so bad.
It's gonna take a little time.
I hate time.
I'ma I'ma go stand near him.
- Please do it in a dignified way.
- In a dignified way! I know.
Lovely party.
Oh, you're lovely.
Dear Desna, that is what control looks like.
That looks like chaos to me.
Mm, no, look closer.
Powerful families united.
Evil sister eliminated.
Daughter moving in direction of forgiving mother for past misdeeds.
It's looking pretty good to me.
But I think about you.
I know you like Jennifer very much.
Me too, but still, she works for you.
Don't forget.
You need to learn a lesson in people-pleasing.
Jennifer's house belongs to you now.
I will let you tell her.
No, no.
I-I can't do that, Zlata.
You worked your ass off.
All she did was get knocked up by hillbilly.
I'm great where I am, but thank you.
None of this is elective, dear Desna.
We all have to do what we have to do.
This is beginning of wonderful friendship.
We are sisters now.