Claws (2017) s02e04 Episode Script


1 - Previously on "Claws" - He introduced me to his mama.
Right there was a real Haitian "Mommie Dearest" shit show.
Desna is very important to me.
She's important to me, as well.
Them Russkies took everything we got.
We gotta do something.
I know you love me.
- You're drunk.
- Absolutely not.
See? Get to a meeting, Jennifer.
You filthy little skank.
- Marnie, who's your new friend? - This is Malik.
- He's really interesting.
- Oh.
You can choose to be a boy to your mama or you can be a man to me.
You need to show Hussers that you are a boss.
You need to teach them a lesson, like I say in my book.
You're gonna make an incredible wife.
QUIET ANN: Arlene's getting a warrant to arrest us.
POLLY: You're stilling dating that cop? I love her, Polly.
Love? What's love got to do with it? You know better.
We're talking about having a kid.
DESNA: End this shit, Ann.
WOMAN: This is the Department of Children and Families, and we were wondering if you could come in.
Oh, my God.
Today? Um We have a baby for you and your partner.
Um We won't be able to make it.
Um [CLEARS THROAT] She and I aren't together anymore.
If something changes, let us know.
[INHALES DEEPLY] [EXHALES SHARPLY] [GROANS] They call me Quiet Ann because I don't talk much, but it doesn't mean I don't have a voice.
Whether or not I'm heard, well [CHUCKLES], - [CELLPHONE BEEPS] - that's another story.
Listen, can I borrow $10?" JENNIFER: "Ann.
Hey, babe.
Listen, can you please" DESNA: "I need you to pick up some foot scrub and sparkling cider for the spa day.
Don't forget to get the grapefruit scrub.
" When did I go from badass to errand boy? [DOOR OPENS] [DOOR CLOSES] [SEAGULLS CRYING] Hey.
Surfer Ann.
Hey, Homeless Jim.
Don't ask to use my shower on the worst day of my friggin' life.
Mind if I, uh, hop into your shower? Sure.
Use my conditioner, you die.
Thank you.
You can get through this, Ann.
You're fine.
and I interviewed some really good doctor candidates - for the new clinics.
- Perfect.
Permits for the new clinic construction.
I wonder if Zlata's ever been with a woman.
Answer is yes.
Wh? Can this bitch read minds? Excuse me? Yes, you can go now.
Okay, bitch.
Uh, the stuff you texted me about is in the van.
Well, I'm gonna finish up with Zlata first, and then I'll ride back to the salon with you.
You don't need to explain yourself to subordinates.
Mmm! [DEEP VOICE] and it has come to my attention that some of you are overdoing it with the spray tanning.
I won't name any names Sweetback! Let's just go easy, all right? There's a cheese element, and I don't like cheese.
- How's it going with the boys? - Oh, it's going great.
XXL here gave one of his clients a happy ending and received [LOUDLY] quite a tip! Ah? Yes? Clap! - [APPLAUSE] - Yes.
[NORMAL VOICE] And once Zlata found out about that, she decided that all the boys needed to branch out into the escort arts.
There's a whole menu of prices.
Well, makes sense.
These are trying economic times.
Ever since Zlata made me a madam, I've just had a ton of work to do.
Sexual gratification of women is a complex subject, as you well know.
Polly? Sorry.
C-Could you explain the "happy ending"? I'm not familiar with that choreography.
[DEEP VOICE] You just focus on the dance, Dean.
When I spoke to your sister, I reassured her that you would only be dancing.
So you are not to concern yourself with the selling of the party drugs and providing full service to the ladies.
You understand? Yeah.
Yeah, Dean, my happy ending was ruined saving your sister's ass.
Now I spend my nights jacking off to fitness magazines.
Back to work.
Back to work! UNCLE DADDY: I got a good mind to slit her throat and watch her choke on the blood.
We gotta talk strategy.
What are those miscreants up to? Hey.
Quiet Puerto RicAnn.
I'm Cuban.
Quiet CubAnn.
It still works.
I'ma drop this off.
I need a ride to the plaza.
Nice! Now I'm driving Miss Desna and the loudmouth redneck.
How's it feel being Zlata's bitch? I'm her lieutenant.
No, you're her bitch.
It's eatin' me alive.
Can't sleep.
Can't hardly breathe.
[SCOFFS] He'd never make it as a minority.
Gotta relax, Clay.
Zlats may seem crazy, but she's got a plan.
Zlata is crazy.
Why can't you see it?! I need a plan.
I need to get shit together so I can rise up.
Rise up like you know, like, uh Ike Turner.
Nat Turner.
[BRAKES SQUEAL] We all gotta rise up, put that stroganoff-eatin' bitch down.
We agreed to make this work.
When the new clinics are open, the businesses will be even more profitable.
[HORN HONKS] Oh! Did you see that shit? I'ma teach this son of a bitch a little lesson.
- Clay - Whoa! [MAN GROANING] Ahhh.
- Heh-heh! - Really? [VEHICLE DOOR CLOSES] Was that really necessary? Damn sure was.
On top of that, it felt good.
Only a white guy can assault someone in broad daylight and just saunter back to the car.
- [BELL JINGLES] - so after they left the amphitheater, she followed the tour bus on her Rascal.
- Unh-unh! - Uh-huh.
Hey, y'all.
- [THUD] - Oh, shit.
- I'm sorry.
- You okay? Yeah.
I'm just having a klutzy day, is all.
[CHUCKLES] Oh, shit.
She's been drinking.
- Keep it together.
- Okay.
You know, she caught up with the band at the hotel.
- Your grandma did? - Mm-hmm.
She gave 'em some of her moonshine, and they raved about it on social media.
- Now it sells out.
- [BELL JINGLES] - We just bought a house on Bayshore.
- Look at you.
- Where's Virginia? - Wait for it.
She's out back, taking topless selfies for Dean.
I miss Arlene's topless selfies.
She don't even have nothing - to put in a top.
- Mm-hmm.
I need this morning to go perfect.
Gregory's mama is coming in.
Ooh, mama drama Ugh.
That made me so sad.
I just hurt my own feelings.
It's too soon.
The situation with your mama is over, girl.
It's time to move on.
All right? "Wallowing is like sitting in a rocking chair.
It's not gonna get you nowhere.
" That's in Zlata's Zlata's book.
Zlata's book.
Don't hate 'cause I read.
Zlata, Zlata.
That book is a joke.
Ann, can you please come and rub my neck? My shoulders are so tight.
Sure, Des.
Thank you.
And, um, clean out the bowls on the pedi loungers.
Of course! I mean, that's what I do.
Right? Well, why don't you just go ahead and check your titties while I'm at it? [BELL JINGLES] Can I help you? Yes.
Uh, I just need to speak to my sister.
What the hell are you doing here, bro? [MUSIC PLAYS ON STEREO] Uh - L-L-Let's talk outside.
- Okay.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
- [CHUCKLES] Aren't you gonna introduce us? Henry, this is everybody.
- Hey! - Will you look at these thirsty bitches.
It's almost like she's ashamed of us.
You are the congressman? [CHUCKLES] State senator.
- Yes.
- Ohhh! Nice to meet you.
- [BELL JINGLES] - that's when I found out the Nation of Islam forbids interracial sex, so Malik and I can only be study buddies.
- [BELL JINGLES] - Malik from Shrimp Town? Yeah.
He's the wokest.
[SCOFFS] Sweetie, y'all have known each other for two minutes.
I know.
But he's guiding me through the teachings.
I'm already halfway through the Quran, which is so amazing.
It's like he knows me better than anyone.
[SCOFFS] Poor Polly.
She's losing her.
No! Hell no! Are you cr It's his birthday.
- I don't care! - Come on, Annie.
No! You know, Dad's not gonna be around forever.
I'm counting on that.
I know it's been a while since we've talked, but come on, You haven't seen any of us in four years.
Can't you at least come to dinner? No.
They've mellowed out in their old age.
[SNICKERS] They're really not as bad as you remember.
Plus, I need you to be my wingman.
Yeah, w Your boyfriend should be your wingman.
You know that's never gonna happen.
You can't be a gay senator in Florida.
So, I get shunned by the parents, and you get to be the golden boy.
Can't you just come tonight? For me? I wonder if he remembers when I made him Wonder Woman bracelets.
I miss those days.
I do miss you, man.
So you'll be there? [ SPEAKING SPANISH] Fine.
I'll be there.
Ahhh! Thank you.
- Mwah! Thank you.
Mwah! - Get off me.
Full of shit.
[BELL JINGLES] MATILDE: We were running behind.
Is everything okay? [SPEAKING HAITIAN] - [BELL JINGLES] - Welcome.
And, uh, good to see you again, Madame.
You can choose whatever color you want for your manicure.
My station is right here.
So, I heard you have some opinions about Gregory and me.
Um Look, I know you guys are close I've spoken to my son, and I believe I actually understand where you are coming from.
Um Okay.
Well, that is good to hear.
- [BELL JINGLES] - Hello, my friends.
Putin's in the house.
I have emergency nail situation.
- I lost some stones.
- Oh.
Madame Ruval, this is Zlata.
She owns the place.
This is Gregory's mother.
- Oh.
- Ohhh.
I like this.
Lots of boss ladies.
[LAUGHING] Yes! Pleasure.
Is true I own salon, but Desna is kind of a sister-friend.
Three weeks with Zlata, and now they're sister-friends? Madame Ruval and Gregory are sponsoring these young girls from Haiti.
So many kids who need homes.
Keep it together, Ann.
Let me talk to you for a second.
I'll be right back.
Okay, this is good.
Now Des sees that I'm hanging on by a Band-Aid and a dream.
[QUIETLY] I need you to take the books over to the clinic and then get down to the new site and, um, incentivize the crew.
Surprise, surprise she didn't notice.
Afternoon, boys.
You having fun? Can you please get your guys up? Look at me when I'm talking to you.
- Get your guys to work! - [GROANS] Get back to work! Get back to work! Move! Back to work! [CHUCKLES] [CELLPHONE CHIMES] [CELLPHONE BEEPS] Shit.
You got any big ribbons? Can't you read, girl? I got a big set of keys, clown shoes, and 'course, I also got a great, big, hard Yeah, not my jam.
You got a problem with giant lollipops? Put your pops away, Jimmy.
All I need is the ribbon.
[SIGHS] So, what's this for, anyway? We're opening a pain clinic.
What, pill mill or physical therapy? Aren't you full of questions.
The former.
A ribbon cutting for a pill mill? Yeah.
Owners are Russian.
Say no more.
You know, Little Jimmy's Big Stuff's got a deal for your little stuff.
Do ya? 30 Oxys and all the ribbons you want.
I'll even throw in some big-ass scissors.
How big? This big.
Wha O-O-Okay! O Okay! What'd you do that for? Well, you wanted pills.
Now you're in pain.
Stop by the clinic.
We'll hook you up.
On the house.
Uh thank you? [MUSIC PLAYS ON STEREO] [BELL JINGLES] Mother Russia's still here?! Huh.
At least she bought food.
Seriously? Y'all didn't save me any shrimp? - Ohh! - Sorry.
Our bad.
It was good, too, girl.
What was it you said your last boyfriend did? I didn't, but, uh since you asked he was in sales.
He was a salesman.
[CHUCKLES] MATILDE: And you two were serious? Well, I would say that we were No.
[CHUCKLES] And you've never been married? Well, you know, Des has been real busy working you know, and taking care of Dean.
Now that's my job.
The Taking care of Dean, not the working.
We know, sugar.
[CLICKS TONGUE] A woman your age never married? - Hmm.
- Talk me through it.
Desna very strong personality.
Men are intimidate.
Look, I don't know.
I never really thought about it.
I mean, I grew up in foster care, and that's not exactly the best example of men, if you know what I'm sayin'.
But you are open to marriage? I-I guess.
I-I don't know.
I-I'm sorry.
Why all the questions, Madame? If my only son is going to marry you, I need to know that you are worthy.
Say what, now? So, I lose Arlene and Desna gets the fairy tale.
Can y'all believe that I am about to marry a doctor?! Yass! Wait a minute.
With a damn yacht.
Right? Loves his mama.
- Okay.
- And rescues girls from Haiti.
- Come on, now! - Okurrr! Oh, God.
I wish I were happy for her.
I am so not.
I just I gotta say it.
Just Just say it.
You really struck gold this time, Des.
Right? He doesn't sell drugs.
- Like Roller.
- Like Roller.
He doesn't take you for granted.
- Like Roller.
- Like Roller.
[LAUGHS] And he lets you know how he feels about you.
ALL: Unlike Roller! [LAUGHTER] VIRGINIA: That's right, girl.
Say goodbye to bad choices and bad boys.
- For real.
- Mm-hmm.
I mean, y'all, I got a good one this time.
What I know.
Why is it I can fight off 190-pound prison heifers and I can't speak my mind to Des? Y'all know how many black women my age are still single? All of them.
Okay? I never thought this was gonna happen for me.
All right, y'all.
Let's put 'em up for Des.
- Mm.
- All right? To Desi.
Ayy! Ayy! Ayy! Ayy! This could've been me.
All right.
- Finally! - Yeah! Finally, it has happened to me Right in front of my face My feelings can't describe it Finally, it has happened to me Right in front of my face And I just cannot hide it Ayy! Heh-heh-hey! Okay, okay.
That was real cute.
What's that from, like, the olden days or something? Ooh! Block her out.
Block her out.
Block her out.
Dean! Ohh! No! Waaaaa! Yeah! Stop it! - No, no, no, no, no.
- Get it, boy! Okay, I said you can dance, but I don't want to see it all up in my kitchen.
Shoo, fly! Shoo! Fine.
Fine, I'll perfect my moves outside.
Oh, my God! I'm coming, boo.
POLLY: [DEEP VOICE] Well done! You taught him? [CELLPHONE CHIMES] Oh, you guys, I gotta run.
Zlata needs me.
- Right now? - Yeah.
- Why? - It's a management thing.
But stay and eat the food.
I mean, she already paid for everything, so enjoy it.
I'll see y'all later.
Bye, girl, bye.
Virginia and Desna they need to be prepared.
'Cause having a man around 24/7 - isn't all it's cracked up to be.
- Mm-hmm.
Ken he leaves his little, tiny hairs from when he shaves all over the damn sink! That's why I date women.
Finally, it has DEAN: I need some space! VIRGINIA: Dean, what is the problem? Hey, y'all.
What's going on out here? I was just running some ideas by him about his routine, and he got all upset.
I-I told you I wanted to rehearse in private.
You didn't listen.
Now you're in my space, telling me what to do.
Oh, yeah.
I know how that feels, man.
I said that out loud.
I am s I'm sorry.
Look, I wasn't trying to tell you what to do, Dean.
I just noticed that your twerking was a little off.
I'm just trying to help.
I don't need your help.
A-And your shampoo's offending my olfactory receptors.
My what? You guys need to focus on the shit that's good in your relationship, okay? Instead of focusing on bullshit [HIGH-PITCHED] that doesn't even matter! No, don't scream.
N-No screaming.
Now I need kombucha.
- Sorry.
Sorry, Deanie.
- No.
[INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS, PIANO PLAYING SOFTLY] HENRY: You know that I find myself I have to work twice as hard to be in half the shape.
As if my night couldn't get any worse, welcome to the Shit-show Grille.
The rest of your party has already been seated.
You're late.
[LAUGHTER] Mijo, you gave 'em hell on that.
- Senator's job.
- Don't be so modest.
You know the Democrats aren't working half as hard.
Here it comes inmigración.
Wait for it.
Wait for it.
Don't get me started on immigrants.
It's like the Democrats don't want to empower the police to deal with the illegals.
Papi, you know you sound like those crazy white racists, right? Don't call your father crazy.
Mami, we're immigrants.
Come on.
We're not immigrants.
We're exiles.
There's a difference.
Did tío Ignacio come here legally? Or tia Nona or Pucci? The point is, not everybody has the luxury of time.
Some people are in desperate situations.
How do you guys not get that? How do you not get that? People have to be responsible for their own well-being.
You can't just pile onto a boat or trek across the desert into America illegally.
That's just not how it works.
It does! It does.
If you don't have the time to wait for a visa because your country's being ravaged by war and corruption - WAITRESS: How about some dessert? - I see.
Rhubarb pie? Crème brûlée? Chocolate custard? Are you on the menu? - [CHUCKLES] - You're gaaaaaaaaaaaaay! You're such a hound dog.
I'm sorry.
She's just so beautiful.
Thank you.
I don't mind.
We'll have two rhubarb pies and two crème brûlées, s'il vous plaît.
So, I have an announcement to make.
IAy! iFinalmente! You're getting married.
Ha! I'm running for governor.
That's outstanding! Have you shored up your donor base? Working on it as we speak.
Now, my platform supports a hard line on drugs and prostitution in the state.
He just described a Tuesday in my world.
[VOICE BREAKING] We're so proud of you, mijo.
[CHUCKLES] Ohh! But you don't even know him.
So, Annalisa, are you still doing security for that hair salon? You know it's a nail salon.
Why do you continue to waste your life there? You speak five languages.
You have a degree.
You could do so much more.
You have to want more to do more.
I'm so sorry uh, when was it that you asked me what I wanted? Mama, give her a break.
We spoke to Freddy the other day.
You know, we've stayed in touch since you went away.
"Went away"? Jail.
Not that any of you visited.
ZAYAS: Your ex-husband is a good man.
And available.
Maybe try to reconnect.
They'll never understand me.
Any man who forgives you for trying to kill his girlfriend with a broken beer bottle is a keeper.
Mami, you know I'm a dyke! Shh, shh, shh, shh! You know what? [SCOFFS] I need a moment.
And she was my girlfriend.
She needs a moment.
[SLOW LATIN MUSIC PLAYS] [SLAMS COUNTER] - Rrgh! - [STOMPS] Mi alma te recuerda En mis noches perdida En el silencio triste Que dejo tu partida En el adios Que destruyo mi vida ARLENE: Hey, baby.
It's me.
The social worker's coming to visit.
The adoption is so close, I can feel it.
You're gonna make a great mom.
That's right.
I'm lit.
Would you calm down? No.
I won't.
I will not.
All of you have been trying to keep me quiet and crush my spirit for years.
No, we did not crush your spirit.
No, Mami.
That was you! You did that.
Senator Zayas, photograph? [CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKS] No.
See? "Sit down.
Be quiet.
Stay in the closet.
" No more.
He's gay.
[EXHALES SHARPLY] So, isn't anybody gonna say anything? We don't give two shits that he's gay! I'm sorry what? What the hell are you talking about? You ghosted the minute I came out.
No, no, no, no.
We "ghosted" because you tried to kill someone and went to prison.
And when you did get out, you refused to live up to your potential.
Well, it's kinda hard to go the tenure track when you got a criminal record.
I'm sure you can do better than sitting on a box with a bat in a rundown salon.
But our disappointment in you has nothing to do with you being gay.
Everyone's gay! I'm gay.
Your father's gay.
What is happening right now? Excuse me? Your father and I have been each other's beards for years.
Did you think Aunt Cecilia was your actual aunt? Oh, my God.
You just don't have to tell everyone.
When I was growing up, gay people were beaten and tortured.
It's different now.
You can be out.
Are you out of your damn mind? It's not that different.
Now, we're counting on you to at least stay quiet where we're concerned.
I haven't pulled an all-nighter since college.
Oh, my God! And Papi with all the El Puma posters.
[BOTH LAUGH] Right? Oh, my God.
It all makes sense now.
Hey, listen.
[SIGHS] I'm sorry I haven't been more supportive of you.
You're brave.
And I'm not.
[SIGHS DEEPLY] I am not brave.
I have plans, you know beyond running for governor.
I'm talking the Oval Office.
Oh, shit.
Well you can't be gay, Cuban, and the leader of the free world.
You cannot.
[CELLPHONE BEEPS] Jenn? What's up? [SLURRING] Please, Ann I really need your help.
Yeah, okay.
- Have fun.
- Thanks.
Oh, geez.
I left the beach for this? Ann! [LAUGHS] You look so beautiful! Do a twirl.
Yeah! Oh, my God.
I've never seen your hair down.
So beautiful.
What happened? So, your friend here got caught chugging box wine.
Claims she forgot her wallet.
Which means I also can't get a gun.
You know I wanted to go to the range, just blow off some steam, but then that plan went to shit [WHISPERING] when the wine incident occurred Okay.
with Jeff.
Looks like I'm gonna have to use my tits on old Jeff, my friend here, she's having a real hard time.
Do you think that Too straight.
Do you think that maybe you can cut her some slack if if I pay for the wine and promise not to let her purchase a firearm? Yeah.
Yeah, okay.
Look let it slide this time, right? Predictable, but effective.
- That's great.
Thank you so much.
- All right.
Here this should cover the Merlot.
One for the beautiful lady! Let's go.
[JENN LAUGHS] Yeah! All right, come on.
See ya in hell, Jeff! [LAUGHS] [SQUEALS] Look.
I'm asleep I'm awake - I'm asleep.
I'm awake - [ALARM BEEPING] What What is that? What? What? [BEEPING CONTINUES] Oh, no! - Jeff! - Sorry.
You need real help.
Are you serious? I'm Sorry.
It was just an oversight.
Come on.
Let's go.
This day's starting out great.
[VOMITS] Ohh! Oh, look! It just got better! - [COUGHS] - We have got to get you to a meeting.
- Okay.
- Will you hold my hair? Yes.
I got it.
[BELL TOLLING] And, as always, no cross talk, please.
Jenn? These AA meetings are so damn boring.
I wish they could be just a little entertaining.
I'm Jenn.
[CLEARS THROAT] I'm an alcoholic.
I play the guitar sometimes.
[SLOW MUSIC PLAYS] Coffee and cigarettes That's how we met You were new to the program How could I forget? I'm a drunk I'm a crackhead We learned to work the steps I got pregnant And we got married It's been a hell of a trip So the question I'ma ask you No need to read my lips Is Why stop now? The years, the years The years, they all add up You know the time we had together ain't enough We're good together even when it's rough So, baby Why stop now? You opened up your legs To a square-dancin' Jew You got a blowjob from my mom You're guilty, too.
He's a crackhead She's a drunk They sometimes work the steps Why stop now? The years, the years The years, they all add up You know the time we had together ain't enough We're good together even when it's rough So, baby, why I need you to tell me Baby Why stop now? [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] Did that really happen? [DOOR OPENS, CLOSES] Oh.
Don't do it.
Don't do I She's doing it.
I I'm here.
I-It's over already? Bryce that was us in there.
Did you feel that? The years, the years Oh, man! It's stuck in my head.
I'm gonna I'm gonna see a lawyer about drawing up papers.
A divorce? You think we're at divorce? 100%.
I see you with him every time I close my eyes.
What do you think I see? Yeah, she sees you and her mama gettin' nasty! He knows, dumdum.
You know what? I don't have time for this.
Yeah, we got some plannin' to do before shit pops off at Zlata's golf game next week.
All right, all right.
Hey, D, keep that shit to yourself.
What are y'all cookin' up, Roller? We're increasing our ranks with some unlikely soldiers.
Come on, boy.
Come on, now.
Let's go.
That's enough.
Come on.
You gonna tell Zlata? I'm not sure.
Girl, she is every shade of psycho! She also trained me and taught me what being a boss really is.
And all of our pockets are fat right now 'cause of her.
Not them.
She has a point.
[BELL JINGLES] Come here.
I am so sorry I missed your meeting.
It's okay, babe.
You okay? Nah, but what you gonna do? [BELL JINGLES] Y'all, them doughnuts at AA were everything.
This skinny bitch.
[BELL JINGLES] Hey, honey.
Is everything okay? Why aren't you in school? They had a problem with my clothes.
Did you wear your "Trump has 99 Problems, and this bitch is one" T-shirt again? I would've been a good mom.
No, I had on this.
Oh, sweetie.
[SIGHS] You are a 17-year-old white girl who's suddenly all about the Nation of Islam.
What are you doin'? I'm finding my place.
Your place is with me.
You're not my mom.
I can make my own decisions.
Sweetie, I know that.
Relationships can't be forced, Polly Pol.
Arlene and I that was real.
This was always a temporary thing.
One of these days, I'm gonna leave.
No, no, no.
No, I'm never gonna let you go, Lillian.
I promise.
Okay? Lillian? I mean Marnie.
I'll see you at the house.
- [BELL JINGLES] - Teenagers.
All right, y'all.
So What do I do? I'm torn.
Do I tell Zlata what Uncle Daddy is planning? Or do I keep it a secret? Mm.
See, that's a tough one.
'Cause it's kinda like, do I follow someone on Instagram just because they follow me? Or do I, you know, just like some of their posts and keep it cute? Is she for real? Sometimes I can't tell.
Well, what does your gut say? - Be loyal.
- Hm? But to who? Ann, what you think? You're gonna ask me about loyalty? I think you got a lot of nerve asking me about loyalty.
What is your problem? My problem is, I sold out the love of my life for you.
That's my problem.
What is she talking about? What are you talking about? Oh, you heard me, bitch.
- Uh! - Ooh! - Call me that again.
- Hey.
- Bitch.
- JENN: Hey, hey! - Really? - Hey! [INDISTINCT SHOUTING] - Get off of me! - Des! What is your damn problem?! Your life has become about two things business with Zlata and marrying Ruval.
And because of that, you've lost sight of all your friends! I have done more than my fair share for your ass, Ann, and you know it! You gon' sit up here and lie like that?! Oh, you think I'm lying? You're asking for loyalty? And what do we get? I ruined my life for you! Bitch, how?! We were gonna have a child! - I got this.
- Oh, my God.
[SIGHS] Okay.
Okay, I think I know what's going on here.
When I was dating Teller you know, the silent one Oh, my God! Polly! I am so sick of your stories.
I happen to have Teller on speed-dial.
Nobody believes your bullshit, Polly, okay? You would realize that if you weren't playing a character half of your stupid life.
That may be.
But here's the thing you're not so different from me.
I am nothing like you.
You You present a character to all of us! The real you is obviously inside your head, judging the rest of us.
- That's, that's what I know.
- You don't know shit.
So stop blaming all of us - Hey! Hey! - Stop telling me how to live my life when you don't even know who the hell you are, okay? And you?! You haven't even been there for Jennifer.
And you haven't even noticed how unhappy I've been! You've been so caught up with Zlata and Ruval and having it all, right? What do I have? What do I have? You have us, Ann.
[SCOFFS] I got a call from DCF.
They had a baby available for me and Arlene.
Yesterday would've been the day we would've been a family.
But because of you, it was all ruined.
All of it.
[SIGHS] You were adopting? I told you I had to give up my baby when I was a kid.
A little family that's all I ever wanted.
Just, like, you know But you made me break up with Arlene.
I destroyed her life.
No, that's my fault.
I'm the one who made you set Arlene up.
That wasn't Desna.
I I didn't want us to go to jail! But But she lost her job because of me.
I'm sorry.
Oh, my God.
I'm I'm sorry.
I'm I'm sorry that I slapped you.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I didn't know how much Arlene meant to you, Ann.
She meant everything, and I I chose you over her.
[VOICE BREAKING] I am so, so sorry, Ann.
You gotta know that I would die before knowingly hurting you.
I love you, Ann.
And I'm sorry.
You you You got to talk to me, Ann.
I mean, I'm not a mind-reader.
Arlene's not a cop anymore.
Maybe y'all could patch things up.
Yeah! It's too late.
She moved on.
So it's fine.
Hey! I have never known that kind of attitude from you.
Man up, Ann.
Go get your girl.
Right? - Yeah.
Go get her.
- Come on.
Pick it up.
Pick it up.
Pick it up, please.
This is Arlene.
Leave a message.
- [BEEP] - Okay.
[SIGHS] I'm so sorry.
I set you up.
I drugged your drink so they could pull you over and lose your job.
[SNIFFLES] I did it to to protect Desna.
I'm so, so sorry.
I hope you can forgive me.
I'll do whatever it takes.
[VOICE BREAKING] I love you, Arlene.
And I want you back.
I know that you're seeing somebody, okay? I know that you are, but I really want you to be with me.
You belong with me.
I miss you.
I think we can do this.
I think we can be that family.
About the baby.
W-We forgot to call DCF and cancel the foster adoption.
I'm not seeing anyone.
Wha Are you serious? She's just a friend.
Seriously? Please.
Please, give me another chance.
Meet me at my place.
I'll be home soon.
[BEEP] [CELLPHONE BEEPS] You okay? All good.
[ENGINE STARTS] [TIRES SCREECH] Kenneth Brickman? - You're under arrest.
- What? - You have the right to remain silent.
- Why? Anything you say can and will be held against you Why am I under arrest? In a court of law.
- This is gonna be fun! - Ow! What the hell is going on? Why am I under arrest? Ow! God damn it! - We ask the questions, okay? - Hey, hey, hey, hey! Ow! What's going on?! Pipe down!