Claws (2017) s03e01 Episode Script

Just The Tip

1 Alright, y'all.
Last time you saw me, I had a bullet in my head.
What had happened was shit got crazy in Palmghetto.
Bryce and Jenn bounced to Tampa.
You really out, huh? I'ma be so squeaky clean up in Tampa.
Meanwhile, Polly's crazy ass thought her dead twin sister came back, so Polly checked herself into the nuthouse.
I'm okay.
Roller swore Uncle Daddy killed his parents.
Did you kill my dad? Ruval and Zlata were scheming behind Des' back.
Once you're married, everything Desna has will be community property.
But she took care of them with a little help.
But in the end, my girl bossed up like a G.
I promised Clint here a piece of the pie after we got things all squared away.
No deal.
And she got more than she bargained for.
- You got a casino.
- Wait, what? I got a casino? What you are about to see is a cautionary tale.
Be careful what you wish for, y'all.
Help me! Somebody help us, please! Help us! Help us! - Drive-by? - She was shot outside of a casino.
- Gunshot wound to the right temple.
- Call the O.
, get me neurosurgery.
- Yes, Doctor.
- Virginia, you're gonna be fine.
- We've got her now.
- Gonna be okay.
- We'll do everything we can.
- Please! Yo, Des.
Des, hey.
You okay? Yeah.
Dean, I am so sorry.
They were aiming for me, and then Virginia stepped in front From From what you said about her injuries, uh, Virginia has a 23.
8% chance of dying, Des.
8% chance.
I looked it up on the way.
Who do you think tried to 86 you, the Russian or the Haitian? I don't know.
It could be somebody we don't even know.
Roller, I need you to help me find out.
Hey, D, I got you.
Okay? Virginia she could die because of me.
They could come after me, and my whole crew is in danger.
I love that suit.
What else do we know about her? A fair amount, thanks to good Dr.
Washes money from a Dixie Mafia pain clinic through her salon.
But then things went south when the Russians got involved.
Oh, that's right.
Ruval was hanging out with that crazy Russian chick.
Could never understand a thing that messy whore was saying.
I'm glad they're both dead.
- You think Desna killed them? - Don't know.
Either way, she's trouble, and we don't need trouble.
Not that kind of trouble, anyway.
We should go by with flowers.
Oh, that's the least we can do.
- Ohh.
- Ohh.
And the year after that, I bought the new model.
John Deere 3000.
She is a beauty.
Mows real precise.
Down to 1 1/2 inches.
Hell, 1 inch if you like.
You can borrow it any time if you like it.
Sounds like a jamboree.
So, uh, Becky, have long have you been running Sexy Tips? About eight years.
- Wow.
- Mm-hmm.
- And you are gonna fit right in.
- Oh! Oh, my goodness.
- Look at your nails.
- Well Oh, we're going to see the Queen B.
- Drop it.
- Baby.
Baby, you're gonna hurt him.
Baby, don't put the hurt on him.
We don't know them like that.
Baby! Look out.
But you might want to tone down your acrylics just - Oh, no.
- Excuse me? They're just a little, mm, urban? Oh, you might want to back up, Becky with the good hair.
What? N I am not racist - No way.
- girlfriend.
I love that Ben Carson.
Nah, he's a good one.
- Condoleezza Rice.
- We call her Condi.
Stacey Dash.
- She is practically one of us now.
- Practically? Will you excuse me? I have to alert the gas company about a potential leak.
Des, you got to save me.
Tell me something filthy.
Jenn, I'ma have to call you back, okay? V-Virginia's in the hospital right now.
What, why? - She got shot.
- Shot?! Okay, I'm on my way.
No, no, no, no.
Please do not come here, okay? Everybody is still in danger.
I'ma call you back.
What about Zlata's daughter, Olga? I don't know.
What about her? I mean, we weren't exactly Oprah and Gayle, but I don't think this little girl would try to shoot at me in broad daylight.
So, who else would want to kill you? I don't know.
Well, what about the Dixie Mafia? Uncle Daddy felt a way when he lost the pill mill, but And I just inherited a casino.
Maybe somebody from there.
Well, until we figure it out, we're gonna put a security detail on your house.
No, no.
I can handle it.
Don't be stupid, Desna.
If you're gonna take this on yourself, I can't help you this time.
- Hey! - Hey, yourself.
Is Virginia gonna be alright? We don't know yet.
I should have been there.
No, no.
It's not your fault.
Well, I'm not going anywhere.
Listen, I need you to keep an eye on Virginia's room.
The shooter could come back.
Why are you giving this to me? Because you have nothing to say.
I have some good news.
Virginia's gonna make it.
Oh, thank God.
The bullet didn't penetrate the cranium, - but it did affect her eye.
- What? She had a corneal transplant from an elderly Reiki healer.
Domino! Now, that's how you throw bones, pussies! What, what! You have a phone call, Polly.
Phone call? Ooh.
I'll take it on the white courtesy phone in the Flamingo Room.
For the last time, it's just a pay phone.
- Hello? - Hey, Polly.
It's Ann.
- Hey, what's up, Ann? - Virginia's in the hospital.
What? Square dancing's over! Under new management.
How you livin', Uncle? Well good to see you, boy.
About a million ways I can answer that question.
Number one, I'm living on a cot in the Messianic Jewish Center.
Number two, I'm about running out of whiskey.
Was it you who tried to kill Desna? What are you talking about? Someone tried to take out Desna? Yeah, a couple of hours ago in front of the casino.
Well, I was at Toucan's.
Power tops drink for free on Friday.
Clay, you stay lyin', man.
Think I don't know you're not happy with the way things end up with Desna? Hey, I ain't lyin'.
And we both know why you really pissed off.
Why is that? Well, 'cause you think I killed your folks.
I ain't got no time for thinkin'.
I know.
Yeah, you don't know shit.
If I wanted Desna dead, she'd be dead.
The Toucan shit don't add up I'ma end you, Clay.
- Hey, oh.
- Watch out, Springsteen.
Things seem tense.
Yeah, 'cause of you.
- What did I do? - What'd you do? Tried to convince him I killed his daddy.
Now he thinks I tried to kill Desna, too.
You wouldn't know anything about that, would you? I ain't saying I shot her, but I do know karma's a bitch.
Yes, it is.
Paging Dr.
Ross to the O.
- Desna Simms? - Yes? I'm Mac Lovestone.
And this is my beautiful and intelligent wife, Melba.
So very nice to meet you.
We just wish the circumstances were brighter.
20 years of cigs will get you eventually.
I-I'm sorry.
Who are you? We were your husband's partners over at Bayside Rapture Hotel & Casino.
I didn't know Gregory had partners.
I thought he owned the whole thing, meaning I own the whole thing.
- Oh.
- Oh, no.
You You were mistaken.
Bayside is a Native casino, and by law, non-Natives can only be minority stakeholders.
Oh, I have a little Native American inside me.
Every night around 9:30.
Who you calling little? I'm 5'11".
You are.
You are a big man.
You're a big man.
Thank you, baby.
Wha We'd just like to give you back Greg's stake in the casino.
That way, you can start your process of healing after your tragic loss.
$50,000? You deserve it.
Yeah, well, I I'ma need a little time to process all of this.
My friend has just been shot.
If I were you, I would just take it.
Just walk away and wash your hands of the whole mess.
Well Whoa.
We're good.
Enjoy this bounty.
50,000 - Shh, shh, shh, shh.
- dollars? You know how many jumpsuits you could buy with this? Yeah, but I don't just want the jumpsuit.
I want the purse and the shoes to match.
They ain't gettin' rid of me this easy.
I don't know, Des.
They seem sketchy to me.
I-I say just take the money and run.
But the casino could take our game to a whole nother level.
That's what I'm talking about.
It wasn't Uncle Daddy.
It wasn't Uncle Daddy.
What about the Haitians or the Russians? - I talked to everybody.
- Shit.
Look, this creepy Native American guy and his golfer lady wife came over here, throwing around a fat-ass check.
Maybe they the ones that tried to kill me.
Hey, D, I got a little connect at the casino.
My boy works security, so I could do a little digging around.
- I got this.
- Okay, good.
Anything you can do, Roller.
We got a target on our backs.
I got you, D.
Time for your meds.
Here you go.
Thank you.
Down the hatch.
Ahh, ahh, ahh.
Good girl.
I'm just gonna have an early evening, so I don't need any turndown service, but thank you.
Oh! Shit.
Polly! Huh? No, no, unh-unh.
You're not gonna stop me.
I won't be defined by my diagnosis.
It's a voluntary ward.
If you want to go, you can walk out the front door.
Good to know.
Some help? Yo.
So, how dirty are these casino folks? Killin' dirty? Who I look like, "Murder, She Wrote"? They dirty, like Flint water dirty.
Yeah, but they mobbed up? I swear it Go ask 'em your damn self.
Seatbelts, please.
This is gonna be fun! Please, no.
No, please.
No, no, no.
Wait, wait, wait.
No, no, no! No, no, please! No, no, no, no, no, please, please! Please, please, please, please! Then do what we need you to do and stay in your place.
Okay! Okay, okay, okay, okay! I'll back off! I promise! That's great.
We'll see you at work Monday.
And I don't want to see these two hours on your timecard.
Oh, thank God Virginia's okay.
I knew our girl would pull through.
Polly, I had no idea you could cook soul food.
What are you, like an octoroon? Well, you know, my family doesn't like to talk about it, but we've been passing for white for years.
- Girl, shut up.
- No, it's true.
Patti LaBelle's cousin's cousin is my cousin! You should taste my sweet potato pie, and then you'd know for sure.
I'm just glad you're out of the nuthouse.
Well, I'm not really out out.
I'm still on crazy parole.
Regular medication checks, weekly psychotherapy, group sessions on Sundays.
Can you believe that? Eeh.
But no more Lillian, right? No, no, just me.
- Mm! Hey, Deanie.
- Hey.
I didn't know, um, you were coming here.
You want me to fix you a plate? No, I'm I'm just here to pick up some of my of my my clothes.
- How did you get over here? - The bus.
You got to be careful, Dean.
Listen to me.
The people who tried to kill me could easily come after the people that I love, baby.
We can't take them kind of chances.
It's okay.
I'm I'm okay.
I can handle myself.
Dean, listen I-I'm just gonna pick up my stuff, and then I'm gonna go see my lady.
I What'd you find out? Man, them casino folks on some next-level shit! What? Yeah, and they almost killed this chick.
Wha Wait, wait.
So, where is that girl now? In the back seat.
Who the hell are you?! - No, no, no, no, no! - Hey, hey, hey! - Hey! - Roller! Hey! What are you doing?! get you one D, I got to go! God! Shit! Hello?! Shit.
Get down.
Get down! Shit! Front door open.
Dean! What are you doing? I'm I'm going to the crime scene to to to find some evidence.
I'm gonna find out who shot Virginia.
With my gun?! Are you Have you lost your mind? My My Lyft will be here in two minutes.
- Two.
- Give me the gun.
If I If I give you the gun, then how am I gonna kill the shooter when I locate him? Dean, take your black ass back in the house now! No.
Gilbert and his Kia Sorento will be here any moment, Des.
Boy, I don't give a shit if you waiting for George Clinton and the Mothership.
- I am not playing with you, Dean Simms.
- Dessy, I'm a man! And a man is supposed to take care of his lady.
He's supposed to protect her.
He's supposed to protect his lady.
Dean, you are a black man with a gun.
- Remember Philando Castile? - Yes, Des.
- Remember that? - Yes, yes, yes, Des, yes.
Dean, I I am tired of taking care of everything and everybody.
- Somebody tried to kill me.
Hmm? - Mm.
- And you just killed somebody.
- Mm.
And now you want to go out in these streets and hurt somebody else? I'm not having it.
Gimme the goddamn gun! Now! Okay, okay, fine.
Take it.
It was forcefully stated.
I'll stay for now.
But But I'm gonna find out who did it, and and then I'm gonna kill him.
I want you to go sit down in the chapel where it's nice and quiet for a little bit, okay? - Yeah, okay.
- Okay.
- Hey.
- My mom made brisket.
Oh, thanks.
So, uh, how's Virginia? She's recovering.
Listen, I need your help with Dean.
He is going through something, and I have no idea what he might do.
Okay, well, I'm out of a job, Desna.
- What's going on with the clinic? - Okay, one thing at a time, Kenneth.
Right now, I need you to go in the chapel and talk him through his feelings.
But I'm just a dealer I mean, I'm a doctor.
I'm not a therapist.
Okay, but your mama is.
Some of that shit had to rub off.
Besides, you want him talking to a stranger about the shit that went down? I'm just a general practitioner.
I know general medical things.
He said he wanted to track down the person who shot Virginia and hurt them.
With what, his colored pencils? He needs help, Kenneth.
I-I don't I don't have any specialized training except for the podiatry seminar in the Keys.
He's in the chapel.
Okay, okay.
So, Dean, how how are your feet? Th-They're well, thank you.
I-I-I wear gel insoles.
Oh, me, too.
Me, too.
I hear you're feeling upset.
I'm no longer suffering from any upset.
My main focus now is to take action.
I know my sister can't handle me wanting to murder someone, but a black man has to take action and fight the power.
Well, you realize we're in Florida.
I will take a knee and a gun for my beliefs.
Maybe it would be better if you focused your, um, negative emotion into something positive.
What you really need is a new purpose, something to put your energy in.
What could you do? Drawing.
You're You're good at that.
Stripping? You're great at that.
You do a few cherry pops, see if that doesn't calm you down.
Cherry pops are not the answer, Dr.
The only thing that will give me satisfaction is hunting down the animals that shot Virginia and blowing their heads off.
I'm gonna a-assume that you're upset and, uh, prone to hyperbole.
Ken, I killed before.
I'm very good at it.
Very, very good.
The sensation is oddly satisfying.
I just don't want anyone to hurt anybody in my family ever again.
Aww, this is from Bambi.
- Peaches? - Peaches! - Hi.
- Jenn! - Jenn? - Oh, hi.
- What are you doing here? - Jennifer Husser, I told you to keep your black ass in Tampa.
Girl, you know I can't stay away when I want to.
Well, she's not up yet.
Oh, God.
Look at her.
Not a single pore.
How does she do it? It's easy, girl.
Virginia! Virginia! Wait.
Why can I only see out of one eye? Okay.
It's okay.
Am I missing an eye? Shh! No, no, no.
No, no, no.
The bullet just it grazed you.
- It's just a graze.
- Okay? A-A-And you had to have a cornea transplant, but you are gonna be fine.
A cornea transplant? Your other cornea is bullshit.
Thank God, I saved my Bedazzler - from high school.
- Check this out.
And we hooked your pretty little ass up.
- Ooh, la la! - Que lindo! And you're only gonna have to wear it for a few days anyway.
That's so beautiful.
It's denim.
You'll look as hot as ever, like a sexual pirate.
Virginia? Virginia.
I-I-I was extremely anxious, but but I-I checked out your doctor on Yelp, a-and he has 4 1/2 stars.
I-I'll be right back in a sec.
- Just - Okay.
Look what Polly made me.
So, what's going on? How is he? Desna, your brother has a serious revenge fantasy.
You definitely have to keep an eye on him.
Encourage him to find a new focus.
I've been keeping an eye on him my whole life, Kenneth.
That's not gonna change.
Good, because I think he's blurring his fantasy life with real life.
Say what, now? He told me he killed someone.
He said that? He's probably just exhausted and dehydrated.
Um, I'ma get him some kombucha.
H-He'll be fine.
So? What happened with the girl that Mac and Melba tried to kill? Did you talk to her? Bitch pulled a "Lady Bird" on me.
- She jumped out the car? - Yeah, yeah.
I'm surprised your ass saw that movie.
- Well, only the first scene.
- Shit.
Yo, I couldn't catch her, but she left her purse in my car.
Well, good.
Did you go to her house? Yeah, old girl tried to shoot my ass.
- Oh, hey.
- Hey.
Um, why didn't you call me? I didn't know you got out.
I got the Bat-Signal.
I had to see Virginia.
I was gonna call you after.
Well, you want to grab dinner? We can do Mexican your favorite.
Not with everything that's going on.
Oh, we can, uh we can make it short.
Entrées only.
No guac before and no flan after.
I'm just really worried about, you know, Virginia's eye.
Well Virginia's eye doesn't care whether you I'll talk to you later, okay? - Okay? - You You You look You look good, Polly.
Plaid has never looked better.
What's up? - I can feel something's wrong.
- I-I'm just worried that whoever hurt you I-is gonna come back and kill us.
They're not coming back.
Everything's gonna be alright.
But But you don't know that.
I do.
Everything happens for a reason, Dean.
Maybe it's God or the Buddha or a big, beautiful queen in the sky with a poppin' weave named Tanika.
Whoever it is, they have a plan.
Everything that's ever happened me getting shot, Joseline leaving "Love & Hip Hop," everyone wearing high-waisted jeans is all a part of a divine order.
There's something different about you.
I do feel kinda funny.
I-I-I think you're just suffering from the effects of the anesthesia.
C-Can I get you something? Your phone? I bet a lot's happened on on Instagram and Snapchat.
No, baby, I'm okay.
Never felt better.
May I help you? Yeah, uh, just wanted to return this.
How'd you get this? Aw, hell, no.
We know what Mac and Melba did to you.
We wanna help.
Why'd you catch that beatdown? And why should I trust you? I'm part owner of the casino now.
We can protect you.
No one can protect me from them.
Y'all don't know Mac and Melba.
Y'all in bed with the devil.
Well, whenever they get finished with what they need you for, you gonna end up catching a bullet in your head.
Yeah, them windows don't look bulletproof to me.
Why don't we just go to the police? I'll call my guy up.
Okay, okay, okay! Okay, look.
I'm the accountant for the biggest money launderer in the state.
I'm just as guilty as they are.
They just got pissed because I asked for a pay raise to keep doing their dirty business.
Why didn't they kill you? Because they need me.
What they don't know is I got this.
Yes, bitch.
And by the way, I cut that check for you.
That 50 grand? Boo, you got robbed.
The flash drive said the casino is laundering $2 million a month.
That sounds like killin' money to me.
You think the casino freaks killed you? Maybe they want Ruval's cut? That didn't work out, so they tried to buy you out.
Virginia could have been killed.
I am so sick of this shit.
I'm tired of people thinking they can play me and that I'm just gonna roll over and take it.
I'm done.
I'm taking this casino, and I'm protecting my girls.
I don't know, D.
I think you should listen to homegirl.
I mean, they tortured her for asking for a raise.
Sure you want those kind of problems? The old Desna wouldn't have.
But I'm a boss now.
If you a boss, you should lock the front door.
We gotta talk.
I know who tried to take you out.
Alright, bitch.
Why would Clint want to kill me? He's pissed you didn't take the deal.
Thought you disrespected our family.
And you just now tellin' us? - 'Cause I just found out.
- Bullshit.
Why would you give your boy up? I did it for you, Roller.
That's why.
I know it's been bad between us.
That's about to change.
Clint's family, but so are you.
Do what you want with that.
- You're not getting off that easy.
- What do you want?! You don't even return my calls! Oh, we been through this shit before, alright? I'm not doing it again! Yeah, we are.
Is Clint in there, huh? - No, he's not here.
- Huh? Is everything okay? No, everything's not okay.
Found out it was Clint who tried to kill Desna, didn't you? Roller, Clint's gone crazy.
Hey, Toby.
It's gonna be alright.
Take a deep breath.
No, it's not gonna be okay, Roller.
He asked me to dump his motorcycle gear.
That makes me an accessory.
Listen to me.
You see him, you hit me up, okay? I will if he doesn't kill me first.
You'll be alright.
I'm gonna need you to get on the waxing train.
What's going on? That was just a drive-by.
Come again? Get in, get off, get out.
You serious? - After all that? - After all that.
So, how's Tampa? Details.
It's beautiful.
It's beautiful.
I mean, it's You know, it's way better than Palmetto.
Y'all happy out there, huh? It's It's magical.
Yeah, yeah.
Ooh, y'all got, uh Queen B.
there tonight.
Abort, abort.
That's sensitive right now.
We're not gonna talk about it.
- Hey.
What's up, baby? - What's up, Roller? Kiss me.
Whoo! - Whoa! - She's mine, now.
- Vicar of Christ.
- How you doing, man? Ain't you supposed to be at Beyoncé's concert? Uh Is, um - What? - What's going on with Roller? Nothing.
- Girl, please.
- Uh Mom, Brienne's drowning! Again? Come on! Come on, baby! Uncle Daddy wasn't lying.
Clint tried to kill you.
How can you be sure? Toby co-signed.
- Toby? - Yeah.
Only honest one out of the bunch.
He tried to have him cover for him.
Lying piece of shit.
He's gonna be at the Jew Center tonight.
I'ma roll through and handle it.
Not by yourself, you're not.
That corn-pone-hick tried to murder me.
We in this one together.
Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh Oh, shit.
There that asshole is right there.
Shit! I don't know.
My daddy took me fishing once.
He said, "Hey, Dwayne Beverly, get your ass down here.
We goin' fishing, son.
" Got in the car.
Said, "Dad, you forgot the fishing poles.
" He said, "We don't need 'em, son.
" - Alright.
- Oh, I feel sick.
Let's just get this shit over with.
This is the sweet spot here, baby.
Hurry up.
It's time to feed the gators, baby.
Aah! D, your girls are safe now.
I feel I feel like I'm gonna be sick, Roller.
I can't stop seeing him, Zlata, and Ruval staring back at me.
Hey Hey, D.
- That's gonna pass.
- Mnh-mnh.
There's no one gonna hurt you.
I promise you.
- That's why I'm here.
- Yes.
I'ma take care of you.
I thought that getting rid of him was gonna make me feel better, but, Roller, I feel worse.
My heart is beatin' fast.
- My hands are shakin'.
- Hey, hey, hey.
- Look at me.
- And We're in this together, okay? - Yeah, but I - You and me.
Together, okay? We better get going if we're gonna beat the traffic.
We should really get going.
Why aren't you moving? Thought you liked Tampa.
I thought you did.
Who were we tryin' to fool? We could move to Antarctica, and our hearts will still belong to this hillbilly shitshow town.
'Cause Tampa Becky and her Sexy Tips can suck my big, white, crusty ass crack.
- Baby, for real? - For real.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
- Baby! - Ohh.
I love how in sync we are.
Mm! All this decisiveness is getting me kinda hot.
Oh, yeah? Maybe you could just, you know Hm? Just give me a hand? Oh.
Give you a hand.
There it is.
- Baby.
- Baby.
We see you! - Mama is cold.
- Turn around.
Baby, you know I love those kids, but I will throw a toaster in that pool if they don't let me get this nut.
I understand.
Oh, man, D.
- Ooh.
- Oh, shit.
Oh, you got that good good.
- I know.
I know.
- Oh.
You alright? I'm good.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
- So, huh? - What? What now? We go back to the casino.
I mean, we still gotta deal with those freaks.
No, D, I'm not talking about business, baby.
I'm talking about you and me you know, us.
You getting soft on me? What? D, I used to be a player.
But I ain't no player no more.
Seriously? Big Pun is your mack? D, come on.
You're my girl.
We're like Bobby and Whitney.
So I'm a crackhead now? - No.
I'm just - What, what? D, I'm I'm not good at this.
All I know is I want you in my life.
You forever my lady.
- Jodeci? - What? You know you wrong for that.
D, look at me.
I'm serious.
I'm ready to be all-in, babe.
- What? - Come on, now.
Let's just Let's keep doing what we doing.
You can keep breaking my back.
Yeah? I gotta take care of myself right now.
You get that? Deanie.
Baby, I got good news.
The man who shot Virginia has been brought to justice.
By the lawful authorities? Something like that.
Look, t-the point is, you don't have to worry about going after him anymore.
We're safe, baby.
We're all safe.
Oh, okay.
'Cause I-I was watching "911," and there's just not enough Angela Bassett to protect us all.
You are slayin' that eyepatch game.
It's true.
I'm thinking about getting me one.
Bitch, you know you already bought one.
Well, I did, but it's fuchsia, so I'm not a copycat.
Technically, you you really only need one eye.
It's It's more than sufficient.
- For real? - Yes, Jennifer.
I'm gonna run your bath.
- Okay, thank you.
- So sweet.
I used your eye to get out of a date with Ken.
- He's all up on my dick right now.
- Pol! Y'all, he finna drive me back to the crazy house.
- Oh, your poor dick.
- Yeah.
You've been using your mental issues to avoid intimacy for years.
Iyanla alert.
- Wow.
- I ain't being judgy.
- I just see y'all so clearly now.
- Oh.
It's kind of like the Clarendon filter on Instagram.
Maybe they let your little ass out the hospital too soon.
No, I'm fine.
And, Desna, maybe there's some people you don't trust, but we got your back.
'Cause I need y'all's help.
Y'all know I don't trust those crazy casino people, but I'm thinking if we play this hand right, we can all level up.
- Des! - I knew it, I knew it.
- I knew it.
I knew it, I knew it.
- Hold on, hold on.
I know I put you through a lot with Zlata.
And Uncle Daddy and Roller.
- But - Dr.
Ruval and his crazy-ass mama.
- Riva! - Riva! Riva! I know.
Look, I know, right? But it is so much money to be made.
What we have now is just the tip.
This is our time, ladies.
Let's secure this bag.
Once we got that power, ain't nobody gonna mistreat us again.
- J.
Boogie, come on.
- Oof.
Come on, little mama.
Brrrr, whoo! Desna.
And, um, friends.
How can we help you? We need to talk.
What are you doing? She's ripping up a check.
Are you blind, too? I don't understand.
This was all worked out.
We had a deal.
$50,000 is only a fraction of her dead husband's take, so y'all are lying.
See, I know you're making bank up in here, and I came to get my piece.
I can assure you, your buyout was extremely generous.
Y'all laundering $2 million a month through the casino.
The beautiful thing is, I don't care.
As long as we get 50% of what y'all are pulling in.
You're walking into a world of pain, sweetheart.
Hey! Watch it, asshole.
We'll give you half a million to walk.
Plus Valentino purses for all of you.
The Garavani one with the silver studs? Ooh, Desna, can we talk about this? Settle.
Just Okay.
Me and my girls ain't going nowhere, bitch.
But we will take them bags.
You can have mine.
Things are about to turn around for us, ladies.
All those years of being passed over, lowballed, taken for granted are over.
Bitch, we about to run this town.
Don't shoot.
Hey, watch the shirt, pal! It's John Varvatos! Aah! What Hey, not so rough.
They bought it was Clint.
Hook, line, and sinker.
You're safe now.
I'm sorry I went rogue, Zaddy.
- Yeah, I know.
- But I saw what Desna did to you.
Yeah, you did.
- Humiliated you.
- She did.
- Took away your manhood.
- She tried.
Made you feel like a minority in your own country.
I know, baby.
Just don't do it again, okay?