Claws (2017) s03e04 Episode Script

Boy, Bye

1 How's our baby girl? EJ got out of prison, and now he wants to see Brienne.
- Hi, Bryce.
- Hey.
Oh! What? Hey, stay away from me, Brenda.
I gotta get clean if I want to make things right with Jenn.
Mahjong is a game of extreme skill and strategy.
I think you got the potential to really excel at it.
I want you to stay away from him.
Why? He seems very nice.
I know who tried to take you out.
Why would Clint want to kill me? He's pissed you didn't take the deal.
They bought it was Clint.
You're safe now.
I love you.
And I know that you love me.
I know that you do.
Do you need to hear me tell you that I don't? Is that what you need? Because I don't.
I don't love you anymore.
I know all about the governor taking bribes to build his shady private prisons.
I'm pulling the plug, and if anything happens to me or anyone I love, everything I know goes to the media and the FBI.
Welcome to my new place.
You look bomb.
Where you think you going? I'm going out with Roller.
I told you we got a date tonight.
My car is acting up.
[RINGING] Pshh Unh-unh.
Pull up, bitch.
You got this.
Bang, bang, boom I won't be your waiting hand I won't be your stepping stone Now, I can't be sure, but when I woke up at the dentist, my booty hole felt a little looser.
Well, that's quite the root canal.
- Hey, beautiful people! - Hey! Ooh, y'all lookin' good.
Jenn, whatever you did to your hair, keep doin' it 'cause that shit is poppin'.
What's wrong with you? Yeah, you only act this sort of pretend-happy when you big mad about somethin'.
I'm not big mad about nothin'.
Today is a beautiful day.
I can feel it.
I'm ready to get to work.
I call bullshit.
Come on, now.
This is a safe space.
You know, we don't judge.
Just tell us what's goin' on.
Roller ghosted me last night.
- Ohh.
- Are you smokin' rocks? I can't believe you still messin' with that old, crusty-ass ooh! That wigger.
Ow, why'd you hit me? I'm not mad at him I'm mad at myself 'cause I can't believe I thought his ass changed.
You can't change people, Des.
Still, can't believe I fell for it.
Me, either.
- Come here.
Just get in here.
- Unh-unh.
Go back.
- No, I'm fine.
- Right in there.
No hugs.
Go back.
I am okay.
Why? 'Cause me and Roller are done.
Stop lookin' at me! See, if you hadn't helped that pretty lady with her car, we wouldn't be having so much fun.
This ain't my first time at the crazy-bitch rodeo.
Why are you mad at me? It's your little girlfriend's fault you're in this predicament.
If only she had kept her fingers out of my revenue streams! [SPITS] Scaredy-cat Scaredy-cat, you won't love me Mm.
You need more leafy greens.
[GRUNTS] Now she'll have to play our game.
[SCOFFS] Boo, where you at? We were supposed to go to Waffle House this morning.
I'm I'm busy at the casino.
Doin' what, negro? I-I really can't talk right now.
You can never talk.
Hello? What the? Oh! Whoa! Be careful, shorty.
Don't hurt yourself.
Thanks, uh - Eric.
- Right.
You keep smilin' like that, I'm gonna have to take your pretty ass out for coffee.
I-I can't.
I gotta go to work.
Oh, man, you're breaking my heart.
Somehow, you'll piece it back together.
I will if you meet me at the Palmetto Saloon tomorrow night.
I'm gonna be with a couple friends.
You should roll through.
Uh, I don't know if that's a good idea.
You mind? - [RINGING] - Here you go.
[BEEPING] Think about it! H-How'd you learn to play mahjong? Oh, my dad taught me when I was a kid.
Did your father teach you anything? The meaning of absence.
H-He abandoned my sister and me when we were very young.
Parents can be such a disappointment.
My dad decided he'd disown me when he didn't like the path I took.
I think you and I got a lot in common, Dean.
When you were in school, were the other kids mean to you? Well, let let's just say that Th-they didn't always appreciate my uniqueness.
My classmates were pretty tough on me, too.
I was the only Native American kid in my whole grade.
It's not gonna be like that at my school.
No, sir.
What? Y-You're starting a school? Well, that's the dream.
I just need a little more capital to make it happen.
I think your dad was wrong to disown you.
I think you're a very good person.
Look at that.
You got a mahjong, Dean.
You You're a natural at this.
There's a tournament coming up.
I think you should enter.
I'll help you train.
Well, I-I-I don't think so.
De Desna wouldn't be happy about that.
Well, at the end of the day, we've all gotta choose our own destiny.
So, yeah, unfortunately, if we don't meet these weekly goals, there will be some redundancies.
Yeah, yeah, I see that.
Uh This is so hot, isn't it? What? Just you and me, working here together, all buttoned up.
Uh Um, uh We We We We gotta put a pin in this and let it marinate a little bit.
You cannot put your PowerPoint in my spreadsheet, you know what I'm saying? Desna wants the office culture around here to, uh to be strictly professional.
Mac and Melba wouldn't approve, either, so Right.
So, uh, what is what, uh what are we doing? Uh, I don't know, but you sure fascinate me, Polly.
- [GUNSHOTS] - Ugh.
Uh, new ring tone.
Yeah, I'm starting to, uh, love the sound of gunfire for some reason.
[CHUCKLES] I always have.
I've got an idea.
It involves a gun.
Really? Yeah, there's something about a semiautomatic that just gets me all tingly.
- Yep.
- Mm.
More honey, less talk, more money, more money Less talk, more money Less bull baby, more bang for your buck Less milk, more honey Less talk, more money La, la, la, la, la, la Whoop, ha ha La, la, la, la, la, la Deanie, what are you doing here? Oh, uh, playing mahjong.
It's a game of extreme skill and strategy.
Mac wants to help me train for a tournament.
Look, Dean, I don't mind you havin' a hobby It's not a hobby.
It's an actual profession.
I told you to stay away from Mac.
But But I like him, Dessie.
He's gonna open a school for for Native American kids.
Dean, Mac and Melba are not your friends.
How was your date with Roller last night? Finish your game, and then take your ass home.
[CARS HONK] Uh, drugs they're, uh they're bad, alright? They're real bad, okay? I mean, you lose your y-you lose your family.
You lose your job, trailer.
Shit, last girl that was in here she lost all her teeth on drugs.
Uh, let me try let me try this a different way.
Let me try this different approach here.
Uh, you know y-you know what a hero is? H-Hero is someone who don't do smack 'cause you start doin' smack and you can't be no hero.
Oh, what the hell? You ain't counselin'.
You just readin'.
I'm just trying to Thank Christ.
Oh, hi, Bryce-y Boo! Hey.
Look, I-I've I had a change of heart, alright? Um, you you can't be here, Brenda.
Hey, now, we talked about this, son.
She's family.
We're tryin' to help her out.
Wh Do you have any idea what Jenn will do if she finds out her mama's here? Oh, you and Jenn just need to learn to forgive and forget.
Your lips were on my dick.
How are we supposed to forget that, huh? How? Try bourbon.
Works for me.
Yeah, you look like you really want help.
Hey! You know what? I knew it wasn't a good idea to come here.
How about if I just show myself out? Sounds good.
Brenda, come back.
Good job, counselor.
Real good job.
Yeah, looked like you were doing a great job.
- I was makin' progress.
- You call that progress? - Yeah.
- Okay.
Ooh, one day, I am happy, the next day, I am blue Now I'm so lonely I don't know what to do Hi, Desna! We took your lover! [LAUGHS] If you care about Roller and you want him back, come to our most favorite place in the world our yurt.
[GERMAN ACCENT] Come alone or there will be consequences! Bye! What are we waitin' for? Got to save my baby boy.
Wait a minute, Clay.
This batty bitch Melba told me to come alone.
Hey, hey, hey, Des, we don't know what you gonna be walkin' into.
Yeah, I don't care.
I'm not just gonna sit here.
- That's my brother.
- Oh.
Last time we went against them, they killed Penelope.
Look, there's only one way to deal with these crazies, alright? That's with guns a-blazing.
Now, let's go save his ass.
Let's do it.
Y'all, this is hardly swamp-appropriate footwear.
- Oh.
Come here, babe.
- There it is.
- [MAN GROANING] - Shit! That's Roller! [ROLLER GRUNTING, SCREAMING] What are they doing to my baby boy? Shit! [GRUNTING, SCREAMING CONTINUES] Oh, please, God! What kind of weird-ass bullshit is this? - Oh, God.
- [RINGING] That's a phone.
[RINGING CONTINUES] What did you do to him? Naughty little Desna, you brought all your stupid friends.
We told you to come alone.
She knows we're all here.
[BEEPING] Okay, hold on, Melba.
I-I just Dumb move.
No, no.
No, no, no.
Wh-Wh-What are you doing - [ROLLER SCREAMS] - Hello? Shit! Follow my lead.
What's up with the outfits? Good afternoon.
Did you hear there was a robbery down the street? Oh, I hadn't heard.
Yes, real brutal affair couple of methed-up spring breakers made off with $126,000 worth of yoga pants.
I loathe yoga pants.
Regardless, you need to start thinking about protection.
Oh, we have a state-of-the-art security system.
That's not what I'm talking about, hon.
My friend and I we can help, see.
You give us 5K a month, and we'll make sure the same thing doesn't happen to you.
You know, I don't like the tenor of this conversation.
Aah! Okay! I'll pay you.
Just put down the gun.
Run along, now.
What do you think of that? You're full of surprises, kid.
Everybody wanna get with us 'Cause we da baddest, da maddest around We is da illest, da realest Dey know what da deal is with how we throw down Turn up, real Turn up, fire Turn up, hype Turn up higher We comin' in hot, we comin' in hot We comin' in hot, we comin' in hotter We comin' in hot We comin' in hot We comin' in, comin' in, comin' in hotter We comin' in hot We comin' in hot We comin' in hot, we comin' in hotter - Mahjong.
- Ah, yah.
Son of a bitch! I-I believe that's six in a row.
I-If we could all relinquish our tiles so we can play again [CELLPHONE RINGING] We comin' in, comin' in, comin' in hotter - Hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! - Yes! Did you see the fear in that guy's eyes? Oh, God.
Extortion oh, it gets me wet.
Do you want to hit everything wicker next time? - Hell, yeah.
- Huh? I detest wicker furniture.
Oh, wait, it's Desna.
- Hey, girl, hey.
- Where are you, Pol? Um, you know, I'm just at the casino, just doin' a little paperwork.
Okay, l-listen.
I need you to stay on Joe.
- Uh, I can do that.
- Mm.
Mac and Melba got Roller.
Wait, what? Wait.
Got him how? I-It's some sick, twisted mind game, and I need you to stay on Joe to find out where they might've taken him.
I'm on it, Des.
Everything okay? Desna said Mac and Melba kidnapped Roller.
Do you know anything about that? I've been with you all day.
Maybe that was on purpose.
Maybe they Maybe they put you on me.
Maybe Desna put you on me.
Oh, God.
Look I am here because I wanna be.
Are you sure? Nothing about this was on purpose.
Okay? Then prove it.
Call them.
Find out where the hell he is.
[SIGHS] I just want to know that he's okay.
I know, baby.
I know.
But you're gonna have to stay calm, and we're gonna have to breathe through it.
How can I stay calm? They could have his ass in a wood chipper right now.
You're spinning, okay? They're just tryin' - to scare you.
- Exactly.
And we got Uncle Daddy and Bryce on the case.
No, no, no.
They were the ones that wanted to go in there guns blazing.
That bullshit didn't work.
They need to stand down.
What do Mac and Melba even want? - Oh, my God, Virginia.
- Virginia! They want me out of the casino.
Alright, wh-what if I talk to Arlene? - No.
No! - On the down-low! - Off the books, De - No cops.
I'ma handle this myself.
I swear to God, if anything happened to that boy, - I don't know what I would - [BELL JINGLES] Desna Simms? - Yeah.
- Des.
What? You are straight-up in love with that boy.
Uh, love ain't got nothin' to do with this.
- Thank you.
- That's bullshit.
I've seen that look before.
No, it's not.
You sprung.
I would do the same if it was any of y'all.
What the hell is this? Aah! Is that a toe? What the hell? Okay.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
There's a note.
"Start driving north on Highway 19.
Come alone this time or he dies.
Don't call us.
We'll call you.
" Shit.
I gotta go.
You know who always dies first in horror movies.
Virginia, I got to do this.
So, let me get this straight.
You gonna get yourself killed for swamp dick? Ooh, but that D is so good, though.
Don't listen to her.
Go after him, girl.
Get our dick back.
That ain't my man.
Don't matter is, isn't.
Okay, he already dead, and you gon' be next.
You better turn this damn car around.
But we love him.
And he all Gucci'd out now and smellin' good.
That don't make him husband material.
- Ha! - So, what? Roller will lay that dick down for a good two weeks and then what? That ain't the kind of man you grow old and gray with.
And! The bastard tried to kill us.
- Don't forget that.
- Ooh-hoo! Y'all gonna act like we didn't set him on fire.
Okay, okay.
Everybody shut up! She told you.
[CELLPHONE CHIMES] Darlin' Desna, you're such a good girl.
You came all by your lonesome.
To find your lover, turn right on the dirt road after highway marker 37.
Take it to the end.
Now throw your phone out the window.
W?! We're watching.
Ugh! I haven't seen you swallow a single antidepressant all day.
- What's going on? - J-Swipe, my friend.
I got a hot Ashkenazi date tonight.
Let's see.
I don't know, Ken.
I got a bad feeling here.
- What? - She looks just like Polly.
You will not be invited to our wedding.
That Desna's gonna get my boy killed if ain't already.
- I shoulda went with her.
- It's alright, Uncle Daddy.
Roller's gonna be fine.
The usual.
Thought you were supposed to be this clean-livin' holy roller now.
Well, these are special circumstances, woman.
Now, give me my damn nerve pills! Come here, Daddy.
We'll get through this together.
There, there.
Take your medicine.
That's a good Daddy.
Needless to say, plaque psoriasis does not cure itself.
Um, but if I eat a lot fish, I can manage it, like salmon, sardines, um, nuts, anything high in omega-3 fatty acids.
That's fascinating.
Do you do any accents? No just American.
Oh, my God.
I'm sorry.
Am I boring you? No, no, no.
It's great.
Never better.
[LAUGHING] I'm having a really good time with you and your plaque psoriasis! [EXAGGERATED LAUGHTER] [CONTINUES LAUGHING] I'm gonna call you Alice Capone.
Did Mac return your call? Not yet.
You sure about that? Hey, listen to me.
If I hear anything, I'm gonna tell you, okay? [LAUGHTER] [INAUDIBLE] Oh, man.
Hello? It's Desna! Ooh How do you like your love? Ooh How do you like your love? - If you want to know - Desna, you made it.
- How I really feel - Move with me.
Get the cameras rolling, get the action Where's Roller? [ZAPPING] Baby, you know My love for you is real, so take me where Do you hear the music, Des? - It's calling you to dance.
- Then my heart you steal - More, more, more! - What is wrong with you? How do you like it, how do you like it? Mm, there's something about you, Desna, - that just gets my goat - More, more, more How do you like it, how do you like it just like that little shrew, - Yvette Carson.
- More, more, more She won the Belk-Lindsey campaign over me.
How do you like it, how do you like it I used to be a very successful child model you know, mostly Ooh prints and commercials.
- How do you like your love - That makes sense.
If you want to save your love's life, Desna, dance.
- Dance for his life.
- Ooh Get the hell over here and dance with me, - God damn it! - How do you like your love But if you want to know how I really feel Just get the cameras rollin' and get the action goin' - There.
Now, isn't that fun? - Baby, you know - You know what? Um, look.
- My love for you is real I am sorry that Th-that I got involved in all the shit about the Governor and his private prison deal.
- More, more, more - But I-i-if you just give me Roller, I will back up off my demands.
- Shh! - More, more, more Just feel the music.
How do you like it, how do you like it You mind if we cut in? More, more, more - Shit.
- How do you like it - How do you like it - Roller.
Lo-o-ove So, tell tell me what you were saying again.
It was hilarious.
I was talking about the famine in South Sudan.
[LAUGHING] South Sudan! [LAUGHING] That's great.
You know what? All this raucous laughter is making me have to go pee.
I'll be right back.
You had the audacity to come to my place of work and and bring a little harlot? I had no idea you'd be here.
And Gretchen's not a harlot.
She's got a very serious skin condition that's really been challenging.
- Gross.
- Besides, who the hell are you with? He looks like an asshole.
- He's His name's Joe.
- "Joe.
" And he's better than retchin' Gretchen with her cheap-ass shoes and her donkey bray.
Oh, yeah? Why do you even care? Huh? Maybe you want to get back together.
No! Ken! I don't want to be with you! I just I-I just don't want you to be happy so fast! You guys have closure yet? My ass is gettin' numb.
I am so sorry that I got involved in all the stuff with the Governor, but but but but just let me have him back.
I don't even want the money anymore.
Do you know what we're doing with that money, Desna? We are building schools for Native American kids.
Alright, whatever.
Don't you care about educating the children, Desna? Don't you?! So, here's the deal.
This partnership with you not working very well, so you're gonna sign over your interest in the casino, making us the sole owners.
Otherwise Your lover dies.
Oh, my God, we made a rhyme.
That rhymed! Time's a-tickin', my Rubenesque friend, so what you gon' do? It's your choice.
Sign, or bye-bye, pretty boy.
Okay, you happy now? Please let him go.
Well, that's no fun.
No! [ZAPPING] Bye-bye, problems.
Roller! Wake your ass up.
- Hmm? - Look at this shit.
They left us here to die.
Oh, that ain't gonna happen.
Ow! Ow! Stop it! A'ight, fine.
Then we die.
What is with the attitude? What you talkin' 'bout? Your stank tone.
You got somethin' to say, go on and say it.
What took you so long? What's that supposed to mean? Signin' the Goddamn paper! Takin' your sweet-ass time pickin' me over the casino.
I was tryin' to see what they next move was gonna be.
I thought they might try to kill you - Yeah.
- as soon as I signed.
You think I was gonna let you die after I spent all Goddamn day lookin' for your ass? I was worried about you.
How did you get snatched up, anyway? I was helpin' an old girl with her car.
She was pulled over on the side of - Oh, ho! - What? Roller got caught up with the coochie again.
Hope you at least strapped up.
Come on, Dee.
It wasn't even like that.
Well, we wouldn't even be here if you knew how to handle - your business.
- What? You think you can run tables with these gangsters? Dee, you ain't on that level.
I never should have came lookin' for your ass.
You know why? 'Cause you ain't changed one bit.
But why not why won't we do why don't we do this? Why don't we work together, get up out of here, then you don't have to worry about seeing my ass? Oh, shit.
- Don't move! - Where am I gonna go? [HISSING] Roller, it's a big-ass s-snake.
Oh, shit.
What? Oh, shit.
Dee, that's a poisonous snake.
Oh, shit.
Dee, that bitch is on me.
I know.
I know.
Dee, that bitch is right on my leg.
Aah, shit! - Roller! - Shit! Thank you, babe.
Any word? Zaddy's really worried about his baby boy.
Desna's gone, too.
Well, we know that.
- No, she's gone gone.
- Yeah, like, we tracked her phone and found it on the side of the highway.
God damn it.
I knew she should've taken me with her.
Hey, guys, you're never gonna believe this.
We're kind of in the middle of somethin' here, Ken.
Polly's already dating some jerk.
Well, save it for your diary, Ken, will ya? - Jesus.
- Ah, Joe what a stupid name.
Joe from the casino? Wait, wait, wait.
That's Mac and Melba's dude.
What in Sam hell is Polly fraternizin' with the enemy for? She's not dating him.
Desna told her to stay on him in case he found out anything.
Stay on him? Shit, I'm gonna find out what that son of a bitch knows right now.
[BANG] - You Joe? - Who are you? Better tell me where your people took my baby boy or I'ma blow your Goddamn head off! - You will do no such thing.
- Oh, yeah? Well, they got Desna now, too, so what do you think about that? Aah! This is your last chance.
If you know anything, now's the time to tell me.
I don't.
You gotta believe me, Polly.
Then you best find out.
You've only met fun Polly.
Trust me, you don't want to meet not-fun Polly 'cause she's a real buzzkill.
- Are you okay? - Yeah, I can't feel my leg.
Dee, I'm gonna die.
- I'm dyin'.
- You are not.
You are not gonna die.
We are gonna get you out of here.
Dee, let's do this.
Let's do this together on 3, okay? - Mm-hmm.
- 1, 2, 3! - Ugh! - Shit! [BOTH GRUNTING] That worked.
Come on.
We gotta get your ass to a doctor.
Oh, my toe! Come on! - What? - Where's the car? Shit! I was thinkin' when that Russian bitch Zlata made me marry Olga, that was your fault.
How about you shut the hell up and we walk the rest of the way to the highway in silence? That was you.
You put that bullshit in her head.
And then you want to cozy up with old Russian Zlata.
You got the bitch pregnant.
Dee, it wasn't my kid! Why are we arguin' about this shit right now? You pissed me off that's why.
Pissed off for what? You had Ruval with his old PhD-doctor ass.
And a lying, murdering crook.
You forgot that part? He made you happy.
I saw that shit on your face.
You weren't like that with me.
Well, whose fault is that, Roller? Jojo, I'm glad you're here.
What's a 4-letter word for designer Lagerfeld? - Karl? - Mm! That's it.
Sorry about all the calls.
Polly and her friends are freakin' right out.
Sounds like everything went well today.
Oh, we had so much fun.
- We laughed.
We danced.
- We cut off a toe.
Do you need me on body disposal? Oh, not this time, Jojo.
- It's too risky.
- No.
We're gonna let nature take its course.
We left them in the cabin.
Over time, they'll become one with the earth.
If anybody find the bodies, it's just gonna look like a kinky sex game gone wrong.
We had to silence her.
She knew too much.
What if all her blabbin' got back to The Professor? Death was the only way to shut her up.
Dean! Oh, hey, Virginia.
I haven't talked to you all day.
I've been calling you.
I've been texting you.
- Ooh! - I-I just got a pong.
What are you talkin' about? Mahjong it's it's it's it's wonderful.
Every Everything's ordered and has a place.
The rules are very very clear.
- Very clear.
- How long have you been here? Linear time is an artificial construct.
Dean, I am worried about you.
- Can we please stop - Can't you see Mrs.
Wu is trying to take me out with her chicken hand?! I gotta focus, Virginia! That Virgi Before I met you, my life was on point.
I was takin' care of Dean and my girls.
I had my salon.
And I was happy.
And then you came into my life, and everything turned to shit.
I showed you how to wash that money, but you took that shit to a whole new level.
And look look at where I am now in the middle of the Goddamn swamp, runnin' around this state all day, tryin' to save the man who ain't done nothin' but screw my life up.
So tell me, why can't I leave you alone? Oh, shit! Roller! Help! Help me! I didn't mean any of that shit I said.
Wake up! Baby, please.
I can't lose you.
Help! Don't you dare die on me! I need you.
Sweet muffin! Oh, God, let this be a dream.
What's your triflin' ass doin' here? I'm sorry.
I miss you.
I'm I-I'm tryin' to do better.
That's bullshit, you only ever say sorry - when you want somethin'.
- I do want somethin'.
I want us to be a family again, but Bryce Wait, wait.
When did you talk to Bryce? You know what? Forget it.
My best friend is missing.
Daquanza? It's Desna.
This is the last thing I need.
You gotta let me make this right! Jennifer, baby! You're the only thing I have.
Come on, baby.
Come on.
We sh We gotta keep goin', okay? - Come on.
- Dee Dee, I can't feel my leg.
You gotta get your ass up.
If you don't, you're gonna die out here.
- Come on.
- Time's up, baby.
- Come on.
- Just go get help.
- Come on.
Come - Go get help.
I ca I can't leave you out here.
Dee, yeah, you can.
I ruined your life, anyway, right? I didn't really mean that.
[BIRD CRIES] Oh, shit! Stop, please! Oh, my God, you guys found me! Oh, my God.
Thank God we found you.
We were so worried! Are you hurt? Oh, Mama.
- I'm okay, but Roller - Where's my baby boy? He's in trouble! We gotta get him.
Then what the hell we doin' standing here? Come on.
There's a new life ahead - See, alone, we're powerless.
- Yeah.
Okay? But together, we are a unit.
Feel the unit-y.
- Feel the unity, right? - Yeah.
We are all one.
You feel the love? - You can feel the love - [BELL JINGLES] Now I know why you didn't come home last night.
Oh, you're a lyin' son of a bitch.
Oh, you ran into your mama.
You swore to me that you would never talk talk to her dusty ass again.
Look, I was gonna tell you, okay? What was she even doin' here? She came to me and Uncle Daddy for help, but I showed her the door, okay? I'm Team Jenn all the way.
For real.
I love you.
I love you so much.
Well, you better, Bryce.
And you swear to me that we're never gonna deal with that heifer ever again.
I swear.
- Okay.
- Okay.
I love me some rehab.
Praise the Lord, there's a new life ahead Oh, God.
Not now.
MAN: He's really lucky.
Another hour and his damage would have been irreversible.
DESNA: Thank you very much.
So, the doctor said we need to change them bandages twice a day.
Well, looks like you're in good hands.
I'm gonna leave you be.
Thank you for today, Clay.
Hell, yeah.
Listen You Husser strong, alright? And rest assured, we gonna light their asses up.
I don't know what I'd have done if I'd lost you again, boy.
You boys are my life, my whole world.
I love you, Clay.
Love you, too.
[LAUGHS] We got them.
You're welcome.
How'd you know about that cabin? Funny story.
My birth parents left me there to die.
That's not funny.
It's where Mac and Melba found me.
They can never find out I told you.
It's between you and me, I promise.
We do it all extorting people, rescuing people.
We make a good team.
No, I'll never be the same after you I thought you might be back.
I-I-I want to play in the mahjong tournament.
Of course, son.
Glad you're not gonna let your talents go to waste.
- Yeah.
- [CELLPHONE CHIMES] Is everything okay? Yeah, it's j it's just my sister.
She's always checking up on me.
She doesn't want us to hang out.
Well, she don't need to know.
You're right.
It It'll be our secret.
Thank you.
Uh, this next song it goes out to a very special girl I met.
Don't lead me on if there's nowhere for you to take me If loving you would have to be a sometime thing I can't put bars on my insides My love is something I can't hide It still hurts when I recall the times I cried But I'm easy I'm easy Take my hand and pull me down I won't put up any fight 'Cause I'm easy Do you really think I've ruined your life? It wasn't all on you.
I was hella thirsty when we met.
I just wanted to be this ballin'-ass bitch and I just I honestly think I'm ready to fall back a little bit.
Dee, what about the casino, the franchises worked hard for that.
It don't matter.
You saw that shit that happened today! I-I thought you was gon' die out there, and that scared the shit out of me.
I don't know what I would do if I lost you.
I never thought I would say this Hmm? [EXHALES] I think I love you, Roller.
Dee Me too.
It took a long time to get here But we finally here.
Give the word, I'll play your game So it's how it ought to be Because I'm easy