Claws (2017) s03e06 Episode Script

Fly Like an Eagle

- How many people have you killed? - Polly No, don't.
VIRGINIA: Your brother's been living at the casino.
- Mahjong.
- He's a mahjong crackhead.
Anne, what's going on? You okay? CALVIN: Some fella from the casino offered me money to stay away from Dean.
What kind of shit are you into? Mac and Melba ain't no good! No one forced Calvin to take drugs.
- They dosed him! - What's more believable? That someone secretly slipped him drugs or that an addict relapsed? Mac has been more of a father to me than Calvin ever was, ever! D Shit! - They got Dean.
- Who, Mac and crazy-ass Melba? I am done with this shit.
D, what you gonna do? Run up in there like you're Rambo? Watch me.
You are not listening to me, Roller! D, baby, I'm listening.
You just need to simmer down.
- Get out of my way.
- Gimme the piece.
They got my brother.
D, you step one foot in that casino, security's finna roll right up on you.
Roller, I gotta do something.
D, not like this.
D, stop! D! Stop.
I can't have you locked up.
I just want my brother back.
It's okay.
And I am tellin' you I'm not going Even though the rough times are showing, baby There's just no way There's no way No, no, no, no way No, no, no, no way I'm livin' without you Oh-oh-oh I'm not livin' without ya I don't wanna be free I'm stayin', I'm stayin' And you're gonna love me Love me You're gonna lo-o-o-ve Me-e-e-e [DOOR SLAMS.]
So, the deal is, no Christmas tip, no mail.
Wait a minute.
Christmas was about six months ago, though.
Oh, I know.
I got a lot of her mail.
I'm talking about government checks, - rebate checks, girl - Close your eyeball.
birth announcements, wedding invitations She done missed a lot of shit.
But I still make sure she gets her AARP catalogue to remind her that she old.
Ohh, you a messy bish.
- I don't play.
- [BLOWS.]
- Y'all What's wrong? What's going on? Roller just stopped me from pulling a gun on Mac and Melba.
- What are you talking about? - They got Dean.
- Kidnapped? - He might as well be.
I mean, they they in his mind.
- Hey, Sheray.
- VIRGINIA: Yeah, she's right.
Dean is trippin'.
This fool jumped outta the car last night and went back to the casino just to play mahjong.
What do they want from him? - What can we do? - I don't know.
Be still.
You're about to mess it up.
Now, calm down.
We can think of something.
I feel like I'm losing him, and I don't know what to do.
His stuff is still back at the motel.
He's got to come back eventually.
Come on, bright idea.
You coming with me.
We'll be back.
Hey, if y'all need me to jack somebody's mail, now, let me know! [BELL JINGLES.]
- I don't play that.
Here's one thing I know Blood doesn't make a family.
In fact, I would go so far as to say that your family has held you back.
You're like a majestic golden eagle that somebody has locked in a cage, and your sister and her friends, they're your captors.
They're feeding you scraps of rotten meat.
You know, you eat that shit long enough, it starts to taste good.
I-I-I think you're using an analogy.
Are Are you saying that I-I'm being silenced, like one of those sister wives in a prairie dress? Your real family is a spiritual one, not one ordained by a birth certificate.
Yes, your your turn.
What's the word, Polly Bird? Oh, hey, Roller.
Um, you know, this little birdie's doing just fine tweet tweet.
You eatin' the soul out them shrimps.
What's wrong, Polly? You a'ight? [VOICE BREAKING.]
He's gone.
I let him get away.
Who, Dr.
Ken? No, not Ken.
I mean, he's sweet and everything, but, no, - this was a real bad boy.
- Mm.
- Yeah, he was good-lookin', too.
- Mm.
But, um I found out, you know, he was He was killin' people.
You kicked him to the curb? Yeah.
He's a murderer.
Don't mean he's a bad guy.
So you think I made a mistake? Maybe I should just go back to Bayside - and tell him I was wrong.
- Hold on one second.
This guy work for Mac and Melba? Uh what? Oh.
No, no.
Uh, never mind, never mind.
- Rewind.
Double rewind, Polly Bird.
You can't see this man.
But you said you thought maybe he wasn't a bad guy.
Well, he is 'cause he's killin' for those casino folks.
Polly, you go and find yourself a rough neck.
We out there, baby.
It's not the same.
He's not gonna be happy about this.
He hasn't been happy about anything that I've done lately.
But he needs this.
The only choice we have is for y'all to move in with me.
I keep telling myself he's just obsessed with something new, like he was with stripping and body building, but this? Mnh-mnh.
This is more than that.
Dean needs me.
He has always needed me.
And that ain't gonna change just 'cause he's under Mac and Melba's spell.
I can tell you that.
- Yeah, yeah.
D-D-Des, what what are you doing here? What's that look for? [CHUCKLES.]
I like this.
Hmm? Waking up together, going out to lunch.
It's nice.
We're like a family.
All that's missing is a little one.
After that whole adoption fiasco, I'm just not sure anymore.
I mean, think about it.
The late nights, the vomiting, the getting peed on.
It'd be like being back in college.
Besides, I love what we have, you know? - Just the two of us.
- Yeah.
Just the two of us.
I can't believe you came here and packed me up like I'm a child! We're not in foster care anymore, Des! - This is what's best for you.
- You don't know what's best for me.
Y-You don't even know me! I know your black ass better than you know yourself, and you are coming with me.
I told you, Des, I don't want to cohabitate.
- And I told you, you're obsessed with mahjong.
Dean, I can't let something happen to you.
Oh, God.
It's It's It's It's He's right.
Who's right? Mac.
Mac h-he used an analogy.
He said that I'm a majestic golden eagle and that you've been keeping me in a cage! Dean, she's just trying to help you out.
How? By controlling me? Y-You can't stop me from flying! What kinda white-people shit is that? It's the truth! And And And And And And I'm done with being held back! What?! I-I-I want you out of my life, Desna Simms! Dean! [CASH REGISTER RINGS.]
You say I'm the only one [SIGHS.]
I just cannot figure out how the hell this happened.
- I know.
- I mean, was I too overprotective? You think that's why he turned his back on me? I mean, yes, you are overprotective, but that's not what's going on right now with Dean.
You have been a Goddamn saint to him, and you know that.
I have taken care of that boy my entire life.
- Well, you tell him.
- Always putting him before me, and he gonna say he don't want me? He is just going through something, honey.
H-He'll be back.
Mac and Melba got him, Pol.
What if they don't let him go? What do Mac and Melba want with this boy in the first place? They already got you out of the casino.
I don't know what I'm gonna do if Virginia can't talk some sense into him.
Dean, please look at me.
I'm busy.
I know there's some sort of pain you're feeling.
Uh, my sciatica's cleared up.
Thank you, thank you.
Let the pain go before you lose Des and everyone who loves you! You you're You know what my pain is? You are! You need to back the heck up, Virginia! Let me Let me out of my cage! Okay, Dean, I get it.
Listen, you are a falcon.
I'm a majestic golden eagle! You don't even understand! Wh-What happened to my Virginia, huh? Th-The sweet, supportive girl that I fell in love with, what happened to her? Oh, I'll tell you what happened.
I've been livin' in that raggedy-ass motel with you, laying on bed bugs, not even trippin' when you made me label all my thongs! But you? You've been in here day and night, playing with these stupid-ass tiles, thinking you're thinking you're Rain Man! Virginia, shh! [GROWLS.]
- Virginia - What? I don't think I can be with somebody who treats me with so little respect.
So you're breaking up with me? Yeah.
Dean, I love you.
Uh Yeah, go away, Virginia.
Go away.
I-I'm moving in to the casino.
All right, y'all, you come back, okay? [BELL JINGLES.]
Keep that insurance, uh, updated.
- Important.
Hey, Dr.
Ken, where you off to? You got a hot date with that hot little thing? What's her name? Gretel? Gretchen.
- You know, to be honest, I can barely afford to take her out.
You know, this whole legit rehab thing is seriously threatening my baller status.
Come on, now, Dr.
We are We are changin' people.
We're We're changin' the world.
I don't care about the world.
I care about me.
Okay? I'm a desirable commodity.
And you know, Peter Pain is hiring.
So if things don't start to pick up at the clinic, I'm gonna have to seek greener pastures.
You've been warned.
Don't warn me, boy.
How about you, Miss Brenda? - You got any complaints? - No, I'm great.
Sober as a nun on Easter Sunday.
Problem is, without my rum and coke, I don't know what to do with myself anymore.
Well, Goddamn.
I-I-I gotta say, I think that way sometimes myself, you know? What say you let me show you a good time? [CHUCKLES.]
Well? I tried to do my thing with Dean, but it didn't work.
W-What happened? He broke up with me.
He broke off the engagement? Come here.
I'm sorry.
I tried, Des.
I'm sorry.
I really, really tried to help.
Listen, it's not your fault, okay? Well, tell us what happened.
Uh, well, he He said that I hold him back.
I'm so heartbroken, you guys.
It hurts so bad.
China Doll, you don't deserve this, okay? And And as soon as we're on the other side of all of this, we got you.
We will all get together and eat our feelings and - Oh, hell yeah.
Flamin' Hot Cheetos.
- Mm-hmm.
- Yep.
- "Love and Hip Hop" marathons.
- Cornish hens.
- Well All of it.
But right now, baby girl, you've got to pull up, 'cause we've got to figure out what to do about Dean.
- Okay? - Okay.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Come on in.
Ooh, whoa.
My daughter is livin' large, huh? - Well - [CHUCKLES.]
Little bit.
How you feeling? Like shit.
What about you? Lost my job.
Calvin, I'm I'm so sorry.
Come sit down.
Yeah, the firm didn't believe my story.
They think I drugged myself.
They don't believe those lunatics drugged me.
If it wasn't for you, I'd go right to the cops.
But those assholes messed up my life, and they're ruining yours.
Not just me.
They got Dean.
He stopped talking to me.
I don't know what I'm gonna do.
Hey It'll be all right, hear? [CELLPHONE RINGING.]
H-Hello? What's up? I haven't heard from you.
Yeah, just been going through some stuff.
Hey, are you okay? [VOICE BREAKING.]
Yeah, I-I guess.
Look, what's wrong? Look, if you want to talk, I'm free.
He'll be here in a second.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
What the heck?! I-I thought you said mahjong master Zhao Jian wanted to meet me.
- You're a liar.
- DESNA: Dean, our father has a home in Sanibel Island, a beach house.
He wants us to live together as a family.
It's too late for that now.
Dean, listen to me.
Okay, this is our chance at a normal life.
You've always wanted me out of a life of crime.
I-I-I already have a life now, and I'm and I'm happy.
Why can't you just accept that? I-It's not always about you.
You You can't always get what you want.
What I want? I gave up my life to take care of you.
Just because I'm autistic, that doesn't mean you have to control me! If you want to help me, then you should help me fulfill my dreams! That's what you should do.
Dean, your dreams change every five minutes.
One minute, you want to be a body builder, then you want to draw, then you want to be in muscle competitions, then you want to dance with Polly's boys.
But those things are just hobbies.
Mahjong is my calling, a-and Mac believes I can be the best.
Mac is a con artist, Dean, and he's full of shit! He's my family, a-and he's treated me with more respect than you ever, ever have, Desi, ever! - You never give me respect.
- How could you say that to me?! - How?! - Security! - S-Security! - Really? That's what we doin'?! Remove that lady 'cause she's she's banned from here! Do not do this, Dean! - She's banned! - Dean, please! Dean, please! MAC: Desna's not gonna be satisfied till she gets Dean back.
Don't worry, sex burger.
We'll just have to draw a line she can't cross.
Maybe we should just kill her.
We'd be the first ones they finger.
But I have an idea that will shield us from her.
So embarrassed.
I mean, Th-this boy had me thrown out of this casino like I was a Goddamn bag of garbage.
- Ohh.
- This shit's gone too far.
It's just so creepy.
It's like the final days of Jonestown.
I was there.
- Well, the boy done drank the Kool-Aid.
- Yes.
You need another way into Bayside.
The only thing I can see is I-is leveraging what we got against the Governor.
Ohh! That's a smart idea.
The sex party, the bribes, the private prisons I'm thinking I could blackmail Patel into forcing Mac and Melba to let me back in the casino, and then at least I'm close enough to try to get Dean back.
So, uh, how do we get to Patel? It's gonna be so easy.
He's on the campaign trail.
- What? - He's in Sarasota today.
He's in Tampa tomorrow.
Emerson Point Elementary very close with a wonderful-sounding initiative called "Armed Teachers Save Schools.
" - No.
- Tool.
I know exactly where my black ass is going.
I'm not responsible Not responsible For anything I do when I'm with you You've got such a hold on me You make it seem so easy, but it's true - Hey, come on! - Come on, baby.
Come on, baby.
- Whoo! - I get such a happy feeling Knowing that you feel the same way, too Yeah! Yeah! I get such a happy feeling Knowing that you feel the same way, too I get such a happy feeling Knowing that you feel the same way, too I get such a happy feeling Knowing that you feel the same way, too Ohh, something is wrong with me.
V, there is nothing wrong with you.
You're perfect.
You don't know the real me.
I was a hot mess.
But then, I met Dean, and I finally liked who I was.
I shouldn't be talking to you about any of this.
Hey, hey, hey.
Listen, it's okay.
- All right? You're gonna be okay.
EJ, we're here, bae.
Brienne has got to pee like a racehorse.
What the? Oh.
Is this what we're doin' now? Why is Black Daddy with China Doll? Baby, why don't you just go ahead and go on to the bathroom? Hurry.
I know you gotta go.
Hold up.
Eric is your baby daddy? - I didn't know that.
- Yes, you did, girl.
There's pictures of us all over the 'Gram.
- Girl, I don't follow you.
- What? - Don't trip, please.
- E-Exactly.
Me and Eric haven't even done anything You know, actually, I don't want to hear any more shit about it, 'cause you a ho and you always been a ho, okay? Since your mama picked your daddy up on the stroll.
And his name is EJ.
I'm gonna go get my daughter.
This custody thing ain't working out.
Oh, I hope you catch my herpes, bitch.
I don't want her to be hurt, but I Sometimes you just got to rip the Band-Aid off.
That's what being an adult is.
Moving in to the casino is exactly what you need.
It's an escape, a-a chance to start fresh.
That's what we're gonna do on our private island.
- Uh, w-where is it? - Right here, next to Nassau.
- Oh.
It is a paradise where cockatiels sing and wild boars feast on sweet, sweet coconut.
That sounds like the island that Jodie Foster went to in "Contact.
" Right after she went through the wormhole.
Yes, yes.
It is like that.
And that's where we're gonna build the new school.
Native American kids will attend free of charge.
It was terrible what they did to us.
So we're gonna give kids like me their culture back, undo some of the damage.
We just need the money to help fund this thing.
My sister was totally wrong about you guys.
Oh, we know.
We know.
I want this school to be my legacy, since my seed could find no purchase in Melba's beautiful womb.
Did you try in-vitro fertilization? The treatments didn't take.
Which is why there's something that, um, we would like to ask you.
It should be no surprise that we've both become extremely attached to you.
T-The sentiment is returned.
What are you doing later this evening? [TELEPHONES RINGING, PATRIOTIC MUSIC PLAYS.]
DESNA: Governor Patel.
How y'all doing? Sorry, do I know you? You don't recognize me without my mask and cape on.
Yeah, um w-why don't you join me in my office? What can I do you for? I think you and I could work really well together, especially since we got along so good at that party.
Well, I have no idea what you're talking about.
And the only work I do is for the people of the great state of Florida.
We ain't come here to play games, Trip.
We know about the money laundering, and this one here's the best in the game.
Son, that ain't nothing to brag about.
Money laundering's against the law.
But what's also against the law is taking bribes to build your private prison and then doubling down while washing that money - at Bayside Casino.
- What a colorful story.
It gets better.
You are gonna help us flip the script on Mac and Melba, or I'm gonna sing like a Goddamn bird.
And I'm-a tell everything I know, especially about your freaky little sex parties.
Wait, do you mean the one at Mar-a-Iago next week? - Do you think this is a joke? - Hey, hey, hey.
Look, this was cute.
Now, get the hell out of here.
Have a nice day, now.
Good to see you again.
Don't y'all forget to vote.
It's too bad they took our phones at the fetish party.
We could've done some damage with that video.
Mm, probably for the best.
We don't want your sex tape gettin' out there.
- ROLLER: Hey, Polly Bird, why don't you call your rude boy from Bayside? He could help.
Why, I have no idea what you're talking about, Roller.
What you mean? He gave you the D.
What's up, Polly? Come on, now.
Are you smashing Joe? Jesus, Roller, I can't tell you anything! How come you been lying all this time? It's over, okay? It was nothing.
We We barely had any connection at all.
So why didn't you tell us about it? 'Cause her ass knew she was wrong! I made a mistake, okay? I'm really sorry, y'all.
Were you with him at the orgy? I was perfectly behaved at the orgy, okay? Unlike some people, who spread their legs - for the first Frenchman to say bonjour! - A'ight, I'm out.
What does that have to do with anything? - Well [SHOUTING INDISTINCTLY.]
- You're not supposed to Hold it! Hey! Hey! - [BREATHES HEAVILY.]
- You.
- Yeah.
Your Frenchman, is he connected to the Governor in any way? Etienne? Most definitely.
He was one of the snakes paying him bribes.
What do we know about him? Only that his name is Etienne Luques Chegal, he's COO of Sarasota Greater Electric and Power, he's been there 10 years, no record of STDs.
- Damn! - What? I research my dick.
- You all should do the same.
- [GASPS.]
Take that into consideration.
But what would really serve us he's under investigation for fraud.
We are gonna pay his French ass a visit.
Let's do it.
At least one of us used our pussy for good.
That's me.
Right here.
- Sorry, y'all.
She went to the Governor? What do you want to do about it, Lamb? We need to accelerate our exit strategy.
It's time to cash in on Dean.
Oh, Dean is extremely important to me.
More important than me? Oh, never, my treasure.
You're too close to him.
Dean is a mark.
Remember that.
May I help you? - Bonjour.
- Remember me? - What do you want? My family is right inside.
We want information about Governor Patel, and we know that your ass is already under investigation for fraud, so Board of directors might want to know about the bribes to the Governor and the private prisons, so [CLICKS TONGUE.]
Like anyone would believe you.
Au revoir.
Or I can tell your wife I'm pregnant.
Keep your voice down, okay? How do you even know it's mine? [FRENCH ACCENT.]
Maybe Madame Chegal would like to pay for a DNA test.
Otherwise, I suggest you start talking.
You heard the woman.
Tell us what we want to know.
There's a judge.
His name is Richard Whitman.
He is helping Patel by over-sentencing minorities and funneling them into Patel's private prisons, all for kickbacks.
You don't say.
Girl, you slapped the shit out of him.
- He didn't see that coming.
- Please.
He loved it.
Oh, my favorite part about all of it is that you said you was pregnant.
We got all the information we needed.
I was serious.
Say what now? I got a li'l French fry inside of me.
Oh, my goodne Girl, I thought only Halle Berry could get pregnant at our age.
I'm younger than Halle Berry.
And you.
What did Arlene say? I-I haven't told her yet.
Why? She doesn't want to have babies anymore, so I - Unh-unh, unh-unh.
- She changed her mind.
- Hey you got to say something.
- I know.
If y'all gonna try to walk it out, tell her.
- I know.
- Yeah.
Ooh! We havin' us a baby! You psyched? I can't wait! I just can't believe Virginia would do that.
I mean, I know Dean's been off his rocker, right? But to go after EJ? And, by the way, this custody agreement is gonna be a real big mistake, so I can't believe you've been running your mouth for 15 minutes straight about this.
Uh, you're my husband.
- I'm allowed to vent.
- Mm.
Yeah, well, your venting is sounding a lot like jealousy.
I'm not jealous, Bryce.
This is about codes, okay? You don't sleep with your friends' exes, and your exes sure as hell don't sleep with your girlfriends.
Okay, okay.
Well, what about the the marriage code? You know, the one, uh, where you don't screw around - on your husband? - [SCOFFS.]
Wow! You're gonna throw that in my face right now? Jenn, relax.
My point is, we're all gray.
Hey, "Get It, Get It" principle number 13 is "Forgiveness Not Bankruptcy.
" Christ on toast, Bryce, I really don't think it's the best time to talk about your book, either.
Well [SIGHS.]
Maybe you should look at it from, uh, Virginia's perspective.
You know, her fiancé just dumped her.
She's probably just looking for a shoulder to cry on.
Maybe EJ's just being a good friend.
You know, I don't think these are beer-battered, - and I'm gonna take them back.
- Baby, baby Babe! One thing I do know about life is people are gonna shit all over you.
If you hold on to that, you lose everything.
But you forgive 'em well, you're as good as sittin' on a pile of gold.
Life's just easier that way.
So, did you talk to Dean about Sanibel Island? I did, but I'm gonna need a little more time, Calvin.
Don't worry, though.
I do have my foot on Mac and Melba's neck.
Desna, I'm gonna have to go.
I want you to pack your shit, get the hell on outta here.
Calvin, I can't.
I mean Now, listen to me, listen to me.
Now, I I can deal with losing my job.
I was about to retire anyway.
But I can't deal with losing you and Dean.
I just found you.
I don't want to lose you, either.
Well, then, come on.
Let's get the hell on out of here.
I'm too old to be out there, messing around with that shit out there.
That's why I can't live in your world.
And I can't live in yours, not without Dean.
If, uh, you need anything, anything at all, you pick up that phone, and you call me.
You understand me? [SNIFFLES.]
This is fun, right? Did they have the blue Alizé? - I got you a double! - Oh! Cheers! MAC: May I have your attention, please? [MUSIC STOPS.]
Melba and I want to thank all of you for making it out to the Hunting Grounds tonight! - Are you guys having fun?! - [ALL CHEERING.]
I can't hear you! [CHEERING INTENSIFIES.]
Melba and I want to share with you a very special and personal performance art piece with you this evening.
Are you ready to give life, my love? Yes, baby.
In that case, without further ado [BREATHING DEEPLY.]
- Push! Push through the pain! - Aah! Push, my love! Push! Push! Push! - Push, darling, push! - ALL: Push! Push! Push! Push! Push! Push! Push, darling, push! Push! Push! Push, my love! Push! Push! Push! Push! - Ugh! - Aah! A boy is born! [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE.]
It's a boy! I can't deny that guy on my mind You're my son now.
- Oh, my baby! - I can't forget - [SIGHING.]
- And she loves him, yeah There's a beat in my heart for you And that beat is you [BREATHES DEEPLY.]
And that beat [CROWD GASPING.]
Is Is there a doctor in the house?! You DEAN: Dr.
Ken, is M is is Mama Melba gonna be okay? What's in her tank? What's not in her tank? She's hooked.
Does anyone have any naloxone? [CROWD GASPS.]
My love! My My sweet.
Oh, you almost died in childbirth.
Thank you.
I owe you.
I'm just doing my job.
DESNA: I don't know what I'mma do about Dean.
- Hmm? - Mnh-mnh.
And if we don't start making some real money, our asses is gonna end up on Section Eight.
Hey! Hey, what you talking about? I'mma take care of you.
And you ain't lose Dean yet.
Right? You're right.
I just gotta stay focused.
We need hard proof that that judge is dirty if Patel is ever gonna take us serious.
Follow the paper, baby.
If he's taking kickbacks, the money is going into an account somewhere.
That's what I'm sayin'.
My clients.
Don't sleep on manicurists, baby.
We know every-damn-body.
LINDA: Linda Jones, Sunfirst Providian Bank.
WOMAN #2: What did you say the judge's name was again? - Richard Whitman? - On the line Sorry, he doesn't bank here.
- WOMAN #3: How can I help you? - Call me [CONVERSATIONS CONTINUE.]
TABITHA: You need tough shit, Desna.
I can get that for you.
Call me Call me This have everything you need.
Go get that bastard.
I got your French tips for life.
- Toes, too? - Okay.
Now, you doin' too much.
Oh, shit.
All right.
Toes, too.
1, 2, 3, 4 Oh.
Ooh! Pour moi? 1, 2, 3, 4 It's a groove thang between me and you Some kind of potion commotion between the sky and the ocean Don't be stingy, girl.
What is it? - Oh.
- It's shooting down from the stars It's just one of those, uh portable garment steamers from Amazon.
You know how I love my crispy slacks.
Um, just a minute.
I'm gonna go put this in the office, okay? You got that potion, that infamous power To create, heal, and transform Hey.
I-I've been trying to call you.
- I swear I had no idea - Yeah, yeah, relax, relax, relax, okay? I'm sorry.
It's my fault I popped off like that.
I just get so, you know possessive over dick, even if it's my own leftovers.
But you know I would never intentionally hurt you.
You my girl.
Come in here.
I know.
Listen, EJ and I, we've been broken up for a minute, so I don't have any kind of claim to him.
If you want him, he's yours, okay? - Girl, bye.
- I'm serious.
You're a beautiful little dust mop.
I just want you to be happy.
I mean, I want you to be with Dean, but if that's not the way the wind's blowin' I'm don't really know what I want right now, so I know.
You do follow me on the 'Gram, though, right? Yeah.
Now I do.
And you don't really have herpes, though, right? Oh, no, I absolutely do.
Yeah, that's forever.
I didn't even think people took PCP anymore.
You want me to take it? [SIGHS.]
Literally he took a desk and threw it across the squad room.
Hello? Anyone listening? I'm sharing here.
I'm pregnant.
Are you kidding? No.
This is that that one-night stand thing? [LAUGHING.]
One-hit wonder.
But, Arlene I want this baby.
I'll have it alone if I have to.
I'm gonna need a minute.
And that's why I'm urging Floridians to vote yes on Proposition 45.
That's right.
If we arm our teachers, we can make sure our kids live up to their potential by staying alive.
Thank you for coming out today.
- Whoo! - Let's hear it! Patel! Patel! ALL: [CHANTING.]
Patel! Patel! Patel! Patel! Patel! - Thank you.
- Hey, Governor.
Oh, God, what a beautiful speech.
It was so forceful.
Mightn't I get a pic? Let's get in here.
Of course you can, sweetheart.
Say "Des.
" - Not you again.
Yep, me again.
This time I got proof.
Every kickback from Whitman is in there.
- I left you a cute little note, too.
- Shameful paying that bastard to fill a prison with innocent people.
Prisons that you took bribes to build.
I don't think y'all are gonna be able to connect the dots.
If you don't help us take down Mac and Melba, we gonna blow all your shit up.
- Oh, how? - Uh, easy.
By feeding every bit of information to your opponent.
I don't think y'all have the balls.
DES: You don't need balls to drop a dime.
And, out of curiosity, how the hell did you get into bed with Mac and Melba anyway? Oh, we're old friends.
And I kept my mouth shut about their casino scam.
Bayside's not a real Native American casino.
It's not on native land.
They just say it is to make a buck.
So your ass is screwing everybody black, brown, red.
Money's green.
That's the only color I care about.
Well, we got that in common, which is why you gonna play with us.
This is how it's gonna go, 'kay? First, you gonna kill the prison deal.
You're gonna help us take down Mac and Melba, and in return for that, I'm gonna clean your money at a far better rate than you ever got from the two of them.
I thought you was a Robin Hood with press-on nails.
Don't get it twisted.
We full gangsta.
With full sets.
Look, I know the whole baby thing is scary, but if you could just talk to me, then Let's get married.
What? What? Is that a yes? Yes! Yes! So, wait.
So So, you're okay with having a baby? - Yeah, I'm more than okay.
- Yeah? I was just trying to save myself from the heartache, like with that adoption stuff.
This is different.
We're pregnant! We're pregnant! [SMOOCHES.]
I love you.
KEN: You promise you're not punking me? GRETCHEN: When you said "naloxone" like a real doctor in a real emergency, I got so turned on, I had to show you what I'm really into! Okay.
Ooh Hard to get, you're playing hard to get It seems as though you're never free Say it again.
Oh, baby, won't you save one little night for me? - Naloxone.
- Ahh! - What are you doing? - Chase me, you idiot! Hard to get, you're playing hard to get Oh Hard to get, you're playing hard to get You want to take me back to your burrow? I want to go deep in that burrow.
Oh, you want to show that ferret who's boss? Ferret? I thought we were skunks.
Make some badger sounds, bitch! [BOTH MOANING PLEASURABLY.]
Hey-o! All right! Good job, y'all! We done for tonight.
Keep comin' back.
See ya next time.
Hey, Leroy, I'm real proud of you.
Gettin' clean ain't easy.
It ain't.
Here's to day two! We're rootin' for ya.
Day two come on, now! - Come on! - [BELL JINGLES.]
Hey, Miss Brenda.
What say you and I do some more dancin'? Clay, thanks for the offer.
If I'm really honest, as much as I love getting gussied up and goin' out, what really moves my heart is just stayin' home and trimmin' my bonsai and watchin' Home Shopping Network and doin' my latchkey rugs.
I miss that someone I just got to find somebody to do them with.
Shut yo' mouth.
You like bonsai, too? I had me one of them sagamikis, but it, uh never really thrived for me.
Oh, you gotta give 'em the secret sauce.
Oh, yeah? What's that? Fertilizer? Gin, honey.
First, I was afraid, I was petrified Kept thinking I could never live without you by my side But then I spent so many nights Thinking how you did me wrong And I grew strong And I learned how to get along And so you're back from outer space - Pop goes the weasel.
- I just walked in to find you here - You're in a no-fly zone, Desna.
- With that sad look upon your face Maybe we haven't been quite clear enough.
The prison deal is dead.
Oh, you've been co-opted.
Go on, now, go, - Walk out the door - If you know what's good for your ass, - you and your snake oil would step.
- Just turn around, now This isn't even Native American land.
We give them what they want so we get what we want.
- Do whatever you want.
- Do you think I'd crumble? - But we changing shit up.
- Did you think I'd lay down and die? - Oh, no, not I - This casino is mine now - All of it.
- I will survive Well, that is a really nifty little plan there, - Double-F Cup, but it cannot happen.
- Oh, as long as I know how to love - I know I'll stay alive - We listen to a higher power.
- Please.
Y'all are godless.
- I've got all my life to live - And I've got all my love to give - He is referring to the Macau Triads.
Biggest money launderers in the world.
Not to mention the deadliest.
What's important is that Macau cannot know about this.
If you take over, the cat is out of the bag, and we are all dead, including our son.
You don't have a son, you dried up old bag.
Sure we do.
You want to come here, champ? I used to cry Meet [SIGHS.]
Dean Lovestone.
We legally adopted him this morning.
What the hell is going on, Dean? W-W-We're all family now.
I've got all my life to live I've got all my love to give I'll survive I will survive