Claws (2017) s03e09 Episode Script

Melba Toast

1 My name is Benedict Liu.
The three of you are next.
- What the hell?! - Professor, please, let us explain.
The governor laundering money in my own casino.
- We didn't mean to - You didn't mean to scam me? I'm killing the governor.
That's what The Professor's making you do? He's got enough evidence to incriminate all of us.
You're never gonna get away with this.
I'm gonna make it look like a suicide.
- I love you.
- I love you.
They bought it was Clint.
- Hook, line, and sinker.
- You're safe now.
I'm sorry I went rogue, Zaddy.
Shit! He's not breathing! I'm so sorry.
There's nothing I can do.
He's dead? No, no! Grief makes people unpredictable.
She dies.
When were you planning on doing it? I'm not.
That's on you.
And if you don't this.
Tell me where the hell my wife is.
She's dead.
Arlene is dead.
- No.
- Mac did it.
I'm sorry.
I am sorry.
Mommy, it's gone! I know, baby.
I saw.
I'm so sorry.
I know how much it hurts.
It really sucks.
You can cry it out.
I know.
It's hard to lose something you love.
Doesn't mean you've lost everything.
You can always build a new kite.
- Ohh.
- Shh, shh, shh, shh.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.
Go back to sleep.
Go back to sleep.
Poor thing.
I can't imagine what she's going through.
I can.
I thought I was gonna lose Bryce when Zlata shot him.
Also, one time Oh, my God.
Desna, remember this? I got a call from the police that Bryce had gotten his noggin stuck in the elevator down at the old Belk Lindsey, and I just knew for a fact that, when I showed up, his body would be on the main floor while his head was traveling to lingerie.
Girl, that is not the same thing.
Well, still, it gave me a fright.
Des, you okay? No.
I mean, I-I feel so bad for what Ann is going through.
It's a nightmare.
And the nightmare got worse.
The Professor wants me to take Melba out.
Out where? To the club? Virginia.
He wants me to kill her.
- Wha What?! - That doesn't make any sense.
We already paid him the money back.
Yeah, we we fought the Klan for that guy.
I know, but it's not enough, okay? He's saying that that that that Melba's grief makes her unpredictable or some shit like that.
- What? - Oh, h-hold up.
But, Des, you're really not gonna do this, right? Hell no, she's not.
Whatever we were gonna get out of that casino, it's not worth it, okay? You need to cut bait.
I wish I could, but I ain't got no choice.
If I don't do it, I die.
Oh, I mean, no offense, babe, but, like, you're you're less of a hit woman and more of a tit woman.
Shut up.
I killed somebody before, Jenn.
Oh, my G Ruval? That's self-defense.
We're talkin' about some premeditated shit right now.
Yeah, maybe y'all could work something out.
Virginia, it's not a goddamn layaway plan, alright? What part of "my ass is gonna be dead if I don't kill her" don't you get?! And who knows what's gonna happen to y'all once he done with me.
Melba's gotta go.
Boo, shouldn't you be in bed? I've slept enough.
And after everything she's done, Melba deserves to die, and I'm gonna do it for you, Desna.
- Let me.
- Baby.
I appreciate that, Ann, but revenge is not what you should be thinking about right now.
My wife is dead! And now I got to raise a kid on my own, so Not on your own, Ann.
W-We'll be there every step of the way.
You know what they say.
It ta It takes a nail salon.
That That's right, a-and your baby will have so many aunties and a fly-ass manicure.
And all we need you to think about is keeping this baby healthy.
You don't understand what losing her means to me.
- Ann, I'm sorry.
- Everything.
I am so I'm so, so sorry.
Okay? But I cannot let you do something that you're gonna regret.
Let me take care of it.
Good morning, sunshine.
I wouldn't call it good.
I didn't sleep a wink last night.
Really? Why? Have you forgotten that you and I assassinated a major political figure yesterday?! What if we left something behind? A fingernail, hair, fibers? I can't go back to the slammer again, Joe.
I can't do that! Easy, Red.
Keep cool.
I know Benedict, okay? This was all his idea.
He's not gonna let any of this come back to him.
You seem pretty familiar with this Benedict gentleman.
Just how far back do y'all go? Leave it alone, Polygon.
Let me see if I understand.
You can put your penis in my vagina, we can murder the governor of Florida, but you can't divulge how long you've known Benedict Liu.
Did I get that right? If I tell you, swear you won't tell Desna.
On the grave of Gianni Versace.
I'm a mole for the Professor.
I'm the one who told him about Mac and Melba's side hustle with the governor.
Why would you do that?! You brought him here, and now Arlene is dead, not to mention your Mac-daddy.
All this is your fault, Joe! I did I didn't know he was gonna kill anyone.
Mac was like a father to me, and when he adopted Dean, that destroyed me.
Oh, so they're both dead because you were jealous.
Well, if that just doesn't take the coffee cake! I'm sorry, Polly.
But you can't tell a soul that I called Benedict.
He's the devil.
He'll kill us all.
And I love you too much to lose you.
Okay, I promise.
But you have to promise no more secrets.
On the grave of Gianni Versace.
Why did I turn the heat up to 107 degrees, you ask? Because we need to detox mentally and physically.
I can feel the toxins seeping out of my flawless skin.
Yeah, I got shit from way back in 1980 pourin' out of mine.
You can microwave and snort that shit.
Say goodbye to the addiction.
Say hello to freedom.
Whoa! God damn! It's funky in here! What the Bro, why Why you got to ruin our sweatabilitation? Check this out, Clay.
a resident of Clayton County, Georgia.
Local law enforcement has identified Clint Monroe - as the victim of a homicide.
- Oh, shit.
But the perpetrator is still unknown and presumably at large.
Toby, this is all your fault.
It all began with you.
Do the right thing.
Speak your truth, even if it means giving up Roller.
This'll weigh on you until you come clean.
What's wrong with you? - You alright? - I'm okay.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
Cousin Clint's dead? Damn.
I thought he ran off with Sasha Sparkles from the strip club.
Me too.
Listen, boy, don't you worry, alright? I'll handle this.
It ain't gonna blow back on you.
They know he was murdered.
It's a matter of time when they run up in here and start asking questions and shit.
It ain't gonna come to that.
These are the type of situations Clay Husser shines at.
Just leave it to me.
God damn! Not another one! What's up, Roller? Hey, they found Clint's body.
What?! How? I don't know, D.
Shit floats.
But Daddy finna take care of it, but meantime, me and you need to have the same story.
W-We don't know shit, and we didn't see shit.
- End of story.
- Listen, D.
I ain't going back to prison, baby.
Baby, that is not gonna happen.
You just got to make sure that nothing in your car ties us back to Clint.
I got this.
You kill Melba yet? I'm working on it.
I'm finna help you when I get free here, okay? You got enough to deal with, okay? I'm-a call you later.
You okay? - Uh, yeah.
Yeah, I'm fine.
- Okay.
- How'd it go with your boy? - Oh, very productive.
We took a little day trip, had a nice lunch, killed the governor, said, "I love you.
" You did what?! But, Pol, the news said he committed suicide! Surprise.
Shit! This is all too much.
I know, but I promise, no more killin'.
It's over.
Except for the fact that Benedict is forcing me to kill Melba.
What?! Oh, girl, this killing thing is trending.
May I suggest smothering her with a throw pillow? It's very effective, and I can help you.
Uh, no, and no.
For once, I'm not involving anyone else.
This one is on me.
But I And thank you.
- Sweetheart.
- Yeah? Your Mac-daddy died last night.
I'm s I-I I don't I don't understand.
No, no, I-I don't understand.
He w Uh, I'm sorry.
Uh, he was in perfectly good health o-outside of his chronic gout.
- The disease of kings.
- What W-What happened? Oh, honey bear, he died in the line of fire.
I'll spare you the the gruesome details, but papa would want you to know that He died a true Native American hero and that he loved you very much, like his own biological son.
I-I-I-I don't want to play in the mahjong tournament any I don't want to play in the mahjong tournament.
No, you have to play.
- Deanie.
- Yeah? - Deanie.
- Yeah? There's a million-dollar prize on the line, and if you win, you can donate it to Mac-daddy's school in his honor.
- That will make him so happy.
- Yeah.
Baby, that would've made made him so happy.
Oh, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay.
O-Okay, okay.
Don't don't don't.
Okay, Mama Melba, don't cry, don't cry.
I'll I'll I'll Okay, okay.
I'll play for Mac Mac-daddy, Mama.
That would make him happy.
T-That'll make him happy.
That'll make him happy.
D? What's going on? Are you okay? He needs a moment.
Deanie, I am so sorry, baby.
No, D-Dessie, no.
Something bad No, Dessie.
Um, I-I have to go downstairs right now because the tournament's gonna start right The tournament's gonna start right now, Dessie.
- Dean, uh - Yeah.
- You go and get yourself ready.
- Yeah.
And I'll go to the little girls' room and then I'll meet you down there, okay? Yeah, yeah, yeah! And the seasons, they go 'round and 'round And the painted ponies go up and down We're captured on the carousel Of time We can't return We can only look Behind from where we came And go 'round and 'round and 'round In the circle game 16 years and 16 seasons Gone now Caught a dragonfly Inside a jar Damn! Girl, you didn't even give me a chance to wipe! You okay? Yeah.
I was just seeing how you were holding up.
Oh, that's nice.
You know, it's hard.
I think I'm on autopilot.
Can't quite comprehend what happened.
Macky-Mack is gone.
Melba, I You don't understand, Desna.
You're so pretty.
I had to go through so many shitty men before I found my Macky-Mack.
Well, you'd be surprised.
He was my everything.
Okay, okay.
We used to dance.
And make grilled cheese with tomato, and w-we would bond over our mutual hatred of circuses and old people.
You know, and on Sunday mornings, he would rub my feet, and we'd watch "Meet the Press.
" He was a good man.
I know you're just saying that, but he really was.
He tried to do good.
He tried.
Which is why I have to get it together so that I can get through this mahjong tournament.
What you need to do, Melba, is get your ass some rest, huh? W-Why don't you let me drive you home? No.
My husband and I adopted Dean.
We made him our son, our child, and he is the only family I have left now, which is why I need to be there for him.
Are you sure you detailed the shit out of that car? You sure there's no trace of Clint? You already know.
Clean as a whistle, man.
Nothing gonna tie me to Clint.
Clint came to Rock Bottom 'cause of, uh on account of him being a pillhead.
- Yeah.
- We counseled him.
He left.
We ain't seen him since.
¿Comprende? Sí, yo comprendo, papi.
Don't you worry, baby boy.
No regrets.
I don't regret nothing.
The bitch-ass pulled up broad daylight on a motorbike, took a shot at my lady.
Shit, I'd kill him again if I could.
You alright there, boy? Maybe just a shellfish allergy, something like that.
I'm going to the club.
Gotta work.
- I'll see you there.
- Alright.
Boy, I tell you, man, t-t-this hot rehab, it's a it's a lawsuit waiting to happen.
What What are you doing here, Roller? I-I thought you were supposed to be taking care of the Clint shit.
It's done.
Can't a man just worry about his lady? - Here you are.
- Thank you.
Seriously, you alright? I don't know.
I don't know if I can do this.
I just screwed up the best chance I'm-a get.
Let me do this for you, okay? I can do this.
Don't doubt.
I don't.
You have been there for me in ways I never thought you could be.
The way my life is set up, every single thing is going wrong, and you're the only thing that's right.
And I love you for that.
But Benedict was clear.
Just be there for me when it's over with? Always.
Jumbo shrimp on me.
Well, now you doing the most.
Come here.
Mahjong! Bring it home to mama, Deanie! Mahjong again! I'm not a very patient man, Desna.
I can't kill this bitch in front of all these people.
But I'm gonna do it.
I promise you that.
You don't have a choice.
Either she dies or you die.
I need your help.
Better luck next time.
- Mahjong! - Oh! Cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater! Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner! Please join me to officially crown the 2019 World Mahjong Champion! Walk, bitch.
And smile.
Move it.
What the hell are you doing, Desna? Is this some kind of freaky sex act? Are you just trying to get into my panties? Shut up! Ugh.
Wishful thinking.
Y'all brought Ann?! She's not supposed to be a part of this! I don't do sidelines.
And I don't do kidnappings.
Oh, shit.
You're gonna be a great mom.
Hurry up, Virginia.
Now, make sure those ropes are tight.
- I am.
- The irony here is deep, 'cause isn't this the same chair that y'all said that Penelope got dumped in? I'd call it poetic justice.
Bitch is definitely getting what's coming to her.
Alright, I just want to take a real quick break and just make sure that you want to kill her, alright? There's no going back from that.
- Okay.
I don't have a choice.
- Yeah, besides, I killed - the governor, and I feel fine.
- Polly! - Do what, now? - That is stone-cold, girl.
I am not saying you're supposed to go out and kill the local pharmacist or the paperboy.
I'm just saying some people deserve it.
She's right.
After everything Melba's done to our lives.
Not to mention her husband killed Arlene.
- Is that what she told you? - Hey.
Zip it.
W-W-What does she mean? W-What is she talking Zip it.
She's lying.
Don't! Don't! We didn't kill the cop.
Benedict did.
- What? - Shut your mouth.
- Is that true? - Ann, wait.
I don't know why I'm surprised.
Desna's lying.
It must be Tuesday.
Uh, pretty sure today is Friday.
- Will you - Shut up, Virginia! Desna, I am not sure that lying to your crew is the best way to foster - Shut your mouth! - Mnh! - Listen.
Ann, let me explain.
- Don't bother! I don't trust anything that you say.
Let's be real, Ann.
We all know you a hothead.
You would've went after Benedict and got yourself killed.
And since Mac was already dead That's bullshit! You're thirsty! That's the real goddamn issue here.
You saw a chance to to own the casino, and the power went straight to your head! She's kind of right about that, Des.
Wh I was trying to protect y'all! For real? 'Cause now it seems like killing her is about protecting you.
Please, Lord, forgive me for lying to Roller about Clint.
I haven't sinned that hard since my pleather phase.
Keep, uh Just keep doing that, now.
You You gonna rub and balance that them drugs out out of your system, okay? Alright.
What's up, sweet Toblerone? You know, you We gotta rein you in here now.
You're looking a little guilty.
That's because I am, Daddy! What's happened to my life? Just general chicanery and some some hot sex.
I used to be good.
I was an altar boy.
I went to confession every week.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Easy with the "C" word, alright, now? We don't need to tell anybody about this.
I don't know, Daddy.
The guilt is weighing on me, okay? I've already gained like half a pound.
Well, I like you a little fleshy.
But Father Maurice used to say "You got to confess your sins.
Get them all off your beautiful, hairless chest.
" Yeah, well, clearly, Father Maurice got some issues, alright? But he's wrong about that.
You got to keep that shit bottled the hell up inside you.
You understand me? You don't tell anybody.
You want to talk to somebody? You talk to me.
- Are you sure? - I'm sure.
I'm your father now, baby.
Okay? Talk to me.
There you go.
Bring it in.
Hold up, hold up.
What we're gonna do is we're calm down and we're gonna talk.
Talk about what? That Desna's only out for herself? Ann, Anger is just a mask that we wear on the surface.
My group therapist would say what you're really feeling is hurt, isn't it? - No shit, Polly.
- Amen! Bayside was supposed to be so we could finally get ours and nobody could ever take advantage of us again.
- Y'all know that! - Maybe at first, but you're the one who wanted the franchises, you're the one who wanted the bougie loft, you're the one who wanted the gangsta lifestyle, and because of that Arlene is dead.
She's dead! Well Do all y'all feel like that? Well, I mean, I've had fun.
Huh? You know what? This is some bullshit.
At some point, all y'all gonna have to take responsibility for your own mess, 'cause each and every one of y'all said you wanted in on the casino.
I've been at the salon.
- Okay, but the - point is, I didn't pull a gun on none of y'all and make y'all do it.
And I sure didn't force Arlene to go over there and confront Mac and Melba, so don't put that on me.
If anything, your narcing on Patel's laundering is the reason all this shit happened in the first place.
- Des.
- Oh, no, you didn't! - No, you didn't! - Yes, I did! Hey.
What's up, Dean? Sorry about your Chinese dominos, player.
Thank you I-I-I-I'm I'm not really in the mood for conversing right now.
I d I don't really care that I lost the tournament.
Now that Mac is gone, it just doesn't mean that much to me anymore.
You really loved that man, huh? Well, love is a hard emotion for me to quantify.
It It's safe to say that I had affection for him.
He's the only father I ever had.
Whoa, hey, hey.
Hey, listen.
Dean, you ain't gotta quantify no love.
I'm just saying, Calvin was just here, right? Aw, no, but but I need somebody to talk to me right I need somebody to talk to me here right right now.
Right here, right now.
Well, why don't you talk to Virginia? Oh, yeah, she she she's not talking to me right now on account of, uh, I ended our formal engagement.
Maybe you should get that going again.
What are you saying, that it's my fault Arlene is dead?! What I'm saying is she went to that damn casino because of you! - That's the same thing! - Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
- You're saying the same thing! - No! No, it's not! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
We're gonna back this train up.
Okay, y'all, listen.
Gather around, because I'm gonna tell y'all a little story about a friend of mine named Shmesna.
Okay, Shmesna was a lioness, and she had a ragtag bunch of wily and sexy little animal friends that she was fierce about protectin'.
But then one day, this zebra came along in all of his his stripes and his meaty gloriousness, but the problem was Shmesna tasted that zebra deliciousness, and she got lost in the yumminess.
Hold up.
Am I supposed to be Shmesna? - Yeah.
- Well, I know I'm not a jungle friend.
- I'm the sexy zebra.
- No, no, no! Y'all, y'all, y'all, the zebra is the casino, okay, - so follow the damn metaphor! - Well, I'm sorry, Polly.
It was really circuitous in a lot of ways.
- It was not! - Okay, look! I messed up.
I know, okay? I took things too far.
Yeah, you did, 'cause, after that, it became all about Roller's dick.
- Eugh! - Oh, hell.
Hmm, funny that you'd go there, but you ain't told nobody that your ass fell in love with the enemy.
- Desna! - Unh-unh! See, you ain't told nobody that you all starry-eyed over Joe.
- Joe?! - God.
Who knows what secrets he got that you keeping up in that casino.
How can any of us trust your ass after that, Pol? - You fell in love with him? - Ooh, "Natural Born Killers.
" Y'all, it was an accident.
I didn't plan on it happening.
And besides, he's not that bad of a guy.
I promise.
He He tried to save Desna and Roller's life.
Uh, n-n-no.
What? After everything Mac and I did for that little shit, - he sold us out?! - He sure did, sugar.
Well, just so you know, he's not the little angel you think he is.
I think I know who he is.
Oh, so I guess he told you he's married? What? You're lying.
You're lying.
- Suck it, sidepiece.
- Shut up, Melba.
Polly, she's just trying to get in your head, okay? No wonder he called in Macau.
You are a disgusting, insane, despicable person! Joe called in Macau?! Oh, God.
I'm sorry.
I really wanted to tell y'all.
- Polly! - He called in Macau?! - He called in Macau?! - I'm sorry, Ann! - What You - Ann, no! Get in here, now! No, I know, I know! I'm sorry! Get off me! Be still! Ann, you got to calm down! Don't tell me to calm down! You can't be fighting.
You pregnant! It's dangerous and ratchet.
Joe had no idea that Benedict would kill Arlene.
Oh, now you're defending him? Didn't that bitch just tell you that he was a lying s - Aah! - Oh, shit! - Go, go! - Go! Help! Help me! - Somebody, help me! - Get her! Oh.
Circus people.
- Shit! - Help me! Help you? You're the one who ran into me! - Get up, bitch.
Get up.
- Help! Help! Help! Doctor! Nothing to see here, y'all.
We're just clownin' around like y'all are.
Hey, Polly, how you doing? Long time, no see.
- I'm a little busy right now, Ken.
- Oh, yeah? How's Joe? I mean, you two really seemed to hit it off.
We did.
It's It's perfect.
He's the most honest man I've ever met.
I'm sorry.
What are you implying? That I'm the kind of person that would steal pills from his own clinic and sell them on the side? 'Cause, for the record, I am totally not.
Uh, it's good to see ya, Ken.
I g I gotta run.
Phew! Uh, the world is a crazy place, folks.
You know, one minute you think you got a best seller, and the next, you're mixed up with the alt-right and your cousin's floatin' in a swamp.
No idea how he got there or who did it.
It's a It's just Hey, where was I going with this? Uh, I think something about "don't do drugs.
" Ah, right.
Right, right.
Ah, that stings.
We sweated.
Now it's time to release toxins the old-fashioned way.
Time to pee in a cup, y'all.
Come on.
Grab you one there.
There you go.
Come on there.
Just take one.
Son of a You've reached Toby.
Spill the tea at the beep.
Boy, come here.
Come here.
Come here.
Hurry up.
- What's What's the problem? - We got a big Toby problem.
He gave you syphilis again? No, no, no! He's on his way to to confess a bunch of incriminating shit to a priest.
- Now? - Yeah, now.
Rehab's closed! Get outta here! Come on, now! You just lost any chance you had of us going easy on you.
Damn straight.
- You don't have the ovaries to kill me.
- Watch me.
Dessie, w-w-what are you doing to my mother? - Well - What are you doing here? I-I came to find you, but what's going on? Oh, Dean, baby, they're trying to kill me! - Shut up! - D-D-Dessie, is that true? - Is that true? - Baby, I don't have a choice.
N That's That's not true.
You always have a choice.
And here you are again, making another bad one.
She doesn't care.
She only thinks about herself.
- Really? - Dean, Dean, Benedict is gonna kill us if Desna doesn't kill Melba first.
Dean, please, baby, you gotta try to understand.
No, I-I-I I'm I understand.
- I'm not gonna let you do it.
- No, no, no.
Baby, baby, listen.
Think, Dean! Why would Mac and Melba adopt a grown-ass black man, huh? 'Cause they love me.
Mac Mac loved me.
Mac loved me.
That's why.
I'm sick of this shit.
Tell him the truth now, bitch! Oh, okay.
Oh, shit.
And I will think about letting your ass go.
Oh, Dean, your sister's right for once in her life.
My husband and I didn't give a shit about you.
You low-down, dirty skank.
Unh! Just curious.
Uh, what are we worried about right now? I ain't worried.
Move your ass! Ah, 'cause it it seems like something's on your mind, and, uh, that's just my professional opinion.
- Toby did it.
- Did what? Toby's the one that took the s-shot at Desna.
We pinned it on Clint, and t-that's why Roller killed him.
- Roller killed Clint? - Yeah.
And now Toby's on his way to tell the priest everything.
Picked a fine time for his Catholicism to flare up.
You made Roller kill an innocent man? - You lied to him again?! - Yeah.
And that's why we need to get to the church, t-to stop Toby from blowing this whole thing open and Roller's gonna end up in the hoosegow.
Get out the goddamn way! W-W-Why would you do that to me? Why? - Tell him! - For the money.
What money? He's broke! The money he was supposed to win in the tournament.
We were gonna use it to go down to Kokomo.
- Bitch, I love that song.
- I hate that song.
The fact is, we were way in over our heads with Macau, and we needed real money to escape.
And Dean was our ticket out if he hadn't been such a disappointment.
Get to the point.
If you think you're going to escape the Triads by killing me, you are sorely mistaken.
Mac thought you had potential, but he was so wrong.
- No.
- I swear to God.
No, no, no.
Mac love Mac loved me.
- No, no! He lo No.
- Dean.
- Dean, wait.
- They deceived me.
It's It was It was all pretend.
It was It was It was all pretend.
Dean, and that is why Melba is gonna pay for what they did to you.
Wait, wait, wait.
You You still gonna kill her? Yes, I am.
I am done, and this bitch deserves to die.
O-Okay, Dessie.
Dessie, I agree with your your Generally, I agree with your assessment, but you shouldn't kill.
Y-Y-Y-You don't know what it's like to to lift a gun and shoot somebody dead.
It's It's awful.
No, Virginia, it's ju It's just the truth.
When I shot Zlata then everything changed.
You never told me that.
And And Th But then I met Mac, and and I and I found mahjong and I was really good at it, and Mac believed in me, and Th and most people don't believe in me.
Baby, I have always believed in you.
Okay, then you have to believe me right now, Dessie.
Right now.
You don't want to kill her.
You You have to find another way.
There has to be another way.
What? Do you think Joe's really married? - Polly, I don't know.
- Do you think a casino manager who's secretly in bed with the Triads and moonlights as an assassin would lie to me? Don't ask me, right? I'm in a relationship with a man I tried to kill.
Fair point.
Uh, movin' on.
I overheard what Dean said to you about not taking Melba out.
Maybe he he's right.
So you don't think I should do it, either? Maybe killing isn't always the right answer.
Okay, so, then, what is the right answer? - I can't just let her ass go.
- I know.
Unless Benedict doesn't know I let her go.
Ooh, I see those wheels turnin'.
What you got cookin'? We could fake her death.
- Yes! - Yes, yes! But how will he believe she's dead if we don't got a body? Okay, you right.
He's gonna want proof.
Shh, shh, shh, shh.
Think, think.
What's your friend's name, the one who works at the morgue? - Diana! - Oh, her? She's such a stiff.
You know what? Well, I'm sorry, and you know I do that when I get nervous.
- Call her, Pol.
I swear to God.
- I got it.
I can't help it.
It's stress! Y'all, shh, shh, shh.
Diana, hey, girl, hey.
- Hey, Diana! - Hello, Diana! Uh, listen, we, uh we have a favor to ask.
Maybe we missed him.
Or maybe Toby changed his mind.
I'm gonna talk to that priest and find out.
You stay here.
I wouldn't come on such short notice for anybody else.
You're my girl, Lady Di.
You should've seen the stuff Polly got me in lockup.
Even got me crab cakes for my birthday.
She is resourceful like that.
Well, it was imitation crab, but, yes, I do know how to work a system.
So, here's what I got.
These are lady parts, but now that I see it, I think this foot came from a little man with gangrene.
- Ew! - That's okay.
- We appreciate the options.
- I don't know.
Uh, I don't think any of this stuff is gonna fool Benedict.
Girl, use your imagination.
Silk wrap with French tips? We'll take the hand.
- Thank you.
- Thank you, sweetie.
And then there was that time I went to the bath house, and, uh, well, I definitely, uh, did not come out clean.
You got a lot of sins, my son.
Oh, yeah, that I do.
Now, my dear friend Toby Evans got a lot of sins, too.
Uh he come by and speak with you today? Toby Evans? I haven't seen him in years.
You sure about that? Father Maurice.
I'm sorry.
What's this about? I can smell you lyin' right through that screen.
I already told you.
I'm a sinner.
My list of bad deeds is longer than the Suwannee River.
I thought if I could change my lifestyle I'll be on the right path.
Path of good.
Only problem is I'm no good at being good.
Time to go.
So, now I just walk out, right? We don't hug or? That part.
Dean, I'm sorry.
I hope you can forgive us.
I-I can't.
I really think you should go.
Bitch, don't make me change my mind.
It's been fun.
Um, could I possibly get my You know what? Get out! Go! God! Shit! You should've killed me when you had the chance, Desna! Once a pussy, always a pussy! I'd say those chickens have really come home to roost.
Hey! - Jenn! - I don't want to, okay? It's a It's a stress reaction.
I don't know if I should be laughing or crying right now.
Karma's a bitch, alright.
Yeah, she got what she deserved, y'all.
- You doing okay, baby? - Yeah, yeah.
You But you were right, Dessie.
The She's not a nice person.
But I'm glad you you didn't do it.
Thanks for listening to me.
I'm sorry I didn't listen to you earlier.
I'm sorry about a lot of things.
True or false my craving for fried chicken right now is wrong.
But trauma is hunger-inducing.
What are we waiting for? Let's get our chicken on.
- Come on.
- Let's do it.
- You hungry, baby? - Yeah.
Y'all, I'm-a catch up.
Alright, babe.
Listen, boy.
Your brother can never, ever find out it was Toby who tried to kill Desna.
Well, let me hear it.
Roller can never find out.
But you gotta stop lying.
I will.
This is the last one.
I swear.
On On your daddy's and your and your mama's a-a-a-and Clint's grave.
No more lies.
Hey, Ann.
Um Can we talk? I, um I wanted to say for once and for all how how sorry I am.
I lied to you, and you didn't deserve that.
And, most of all, I am so sorry about what happened with Arlene.
Can you please forgive me? I don't know.
I I wish we could go back to the way it used to be when it was when it was just us up in here.
I know.
Before Mac and Melba.
Hell, before Zlata and Ruval.
Oh, shit! Remember this, Ann? I miss you.
I know.
Don't forget what I told you.
You can build a new kite.
But what if I don't want to? You have to.
Just give it time.
Ann? I'm gonna need some time.
So, after you shot at Desna Simms and you hit Virginia Loc in the eye Then you framed Clint for it.
And I couldn't live with it anymore, okay? That's why I had to confess.
And who are you saying killed him? His name is Duane Beverly Husser.
But we call him Roller.