Claymore (Kureimoa) (2007) s01e02 Episode Script

The Black Card

So So this is a Claymore? You shouldn't be here.
The Yoma will be gone soon, so go hide until it's over.
Come on.
A flying type? The job is complete.
Give your money to the collector that will follow.
Wouldn't it be better if we took some of the money? The money will be collected by someone from the organization.
Is there something you want? No but you never know when we might need some.
Your clothes are still ripped.
The organization should be sending me a set soon.
The same goes with when we need money.
Are you guys being employed by someone? We've been part of the organization ever since we were children.
Ever since you were children? A body that's half-human, half-Yoma In other words, we've been there ever since we became half-human, half-Yoma.
Claymores are half-Yoma meaning Clare's also half-Yoma.
But the other half is still human.
Half-human, half-Yoma.
What is it? Are you hungry? Yeah I haven't eaten anything since morning.
You're not hungry, Clare? Will that do? I think it's ready.
Here you go, Clare.
It may not look good, but it's delicious.
Yum! Did it not taste good by any chance? No, that's not it.
This amount was enough for me.
Enough? You just took a few bites.
That's how our bodies are made.
We need only to eat a small amount every two days or so.
We can go one week without eating or drinking without trouble.
That long? Seeing you eat like that feels very exhilarating.
I'm a bit envious of you.
Well, I was quite hungry.
That must be what a human is like.
Why did you become a Claymore, Clare? I made my own decision when I was young.
Is it tough to become one? Yes.
Then, why did- Maybe I shouldn't have asked so much.
She doesn't seem to have any family or friends, though.
What's that emblem? When we become ready to take on jobs, we are all given unique emblems.
It represents our name, an emblem that distinguishes us from each other.
So that's your emblem, Clare? Where are you headed? Don't follow me.
Bathroom, maybe? Over here.
How whimsical of you.
Why did you take such a kid under your wing? He'll just get in the way of your job.
He is just a cook.
He won't get in the way.
A cook, eh? You sound just like a human.
Have you superimposed your own past on that boy? How sentimental of you.
Did you bring me a new set of clothes? Turn around.
You've been reckless.
Although the wound may have healed, do not forget that even you guys will die if you get injured in a critical spot.
The other injury seems okay.
Leaving it like that should be fine.
I wonder what that boy would think if he saw that body of yours.
Keep your whimsical nature in check, okay? For you'll be the one suffering if you get too attached to him.
Ah, yes, yes.
I have something for you.
A Black Card?! There must be a mistake.
A Black Card for me- Confirm the contents with your own eyes.
Why exactly Clare sure is slow.
Maybe it's a big one.
Clare Is something wrong? Hey, I dried the leftover meat, so just tell me when you want to have some.
Clare? We will be heading for Shire tomorrow.
Be prepared to get up since we will be leaving early.
It'll be all right.
It'll be all right if we hold onto each other like this.
Hey, that's- That's one of those silver-eyed witches! They've been requested to come to our village? No way! No one's been assaulted by a Yoma.
Yeah Man, they make me sick.
Oh m'gosh, oh m'gosh.
Don't tell me they plan on staying for a while.
What's with these people? When Yoma come, all they can do is ask for your help.
W-Welcome! Do you have a room for us? Ah Um Do not worry.
Only this child will be staying.
Huh?! Why?! You are to stay here until I finish my job.
I'm going, too! I will be back.
Umm, has a Yoma appeared in this village, as well? No, there are no Yoma in the vicinity.
Do not worry.
You're not going to go take out a Yoma? No.
Then, you're leaving me behind- Not that.
Th-There is a Yoma here, isn't there? Oh, oh yeah! I saw another Claymore come by a few days ago.
Did you see her on Mt.
Shire? Y-Yes I'll be back very soon.
Thank God Clare Hey, kid.
You don't seem to know anything for being alongside a Claymore.
Don't tell me you don't even know a Claymore is half-human, half-Yoma? I know that much at least! But Clare's not a monster.
They have taken the flesh and blood of a Yoma into their bodies.
A Yoma's flesh and blood? A half-human, half-Yoma existence.
An existence that was created by an organization whose purpose is to defeat Yoma.
For some reason, it has only worked on women.
If you plan on being with her, you should be aware of it.
That means Claymores were once human? Who knows.
I'm not too sure about that part.
How do they take in a Yoma's flesh and blood? I don't know that either.
But Claymores use their human mind to restrain the Yoma powers inside of them.
That's why they are on the side of humans.
Basically, they have become the best tools for humans, who have thus far been unable to resist Yoma.
The best tools? But there was just one problem with that.
Half-human, half-Yoma eventually become Yoma.
Eh?! They wield the powers of a Yoma, and the more they use Yoma powers, the more their bodies becomes one of a Yoma.
And when they lose the ability to restrain themselves and become Yoma, they are erased by the organization.
N-No way Clare turning into a Yoma? That can't be! That's just Clare!!! Raki I told you to wait.
It's not true, right? You're not becoming a Yoma, right? You won't become a Yoma, right, Clare? I don't know what you heard, but don't misunderstand.
No one has turned into a Yoma.
But it's just that someone has come to her limits.
Huh? I saw another Claymore come by a few days ago.
Another Claymore? Yes.
I will slay her.
You? Slay another one of your own? It's the Black Card.
Black Card? This is We all keep one Black Card inside our swords.
The conflict between our human mind and our Yoma mind that takes place during every battle Eventually, we learn when we have reached the limits of our human mind when we realize that we are becoming a Yoma When that time comes, we have the desire to die as a human.
When that time comes, we send our Black Card out to the person we want to be killed by the most.
Then, the person who sent you this Black Card was A person that joined the organization around the same time I did.
We comforted each other during the most painful of times.
Even when we became half-human, half-Yoma and pain ran through our entire body, we were able to fall asleep by holding onto each other.
It'll be all right.
It'll be all right if we hold onto each other like this.
It has been a long time, hasn't it, Clare? Elena You haven't changed at all.
It's as if you had stayed exactly the same.
I'm trying very hard, for I am meeting you.
It seems like such a long time ago, but it feels just like yesterday.
Though it was nothing but painful memories, right now, I just remembered the happy moments we shared.
I started doing jobs after you, yet I'm wearing out before you.
Shame on me, right? I thought that if we obtained the powers of a Yoma, we could become stronger.
But more important than using the powers of a Yoma, we must first strengthen our own hearts, eh? N- No! So Please You must hurry while I still possess the heart of a human You can't, Clare! She's your own kind, right?! You can't do that! Clare Clare Clare! Thank you Clare I can now go on as a human Elena and I joined the organization around the same time.
We comforted each other during the most painful of times.
Even when we became half-human, half-Yoma, and pain ran through our entire bodies, we were able to fall asleep by holding onto each other.
And for me, who joined the organization at a young age, she was my only friend in my entire life Why?! Why do you go through so much pain to fight Yoma?! Why That's the reason why we exist The evil lurks within the darkness of the night.
A darkness that even devours the night.
Next episode, "Darkness in Paradise".