Claymore (Kureimoa) (2007) s01e04 Episode Script

Clare's Awakening

title sign: Clare's Awakening sign: Next episode Teresa of the Faint Smile It appears that we're dealing with a Voracious Eater.
Voracious Eater? You guys are no match for it! Run! Out of the way! What was that? What's this commotion about? Hold it! Damn it.
Ain't she dead? No, her heart is still beating, fortunately.
What do you plan on doing, Galk? Just leave her here monsters like her She saved my life.
I will return the favor, even if she is half-Yoma.
Clare!!! Clare! Hey, is Clare all right? Because she is half-human, half-Yoma, we have no clue as to how to care for her.
No Then, Clare's Going to die A Yoma and a half-human, half-Yoma were killing each other, that's all.
There's nothing we should we fussing about here.
Why you Clare's always fighting with her life in the balance for us humans! Clare picked me up.
Do you realize how happy I was? Clare is much gentler and has a purer heart than a normal human! I'm not in the mood anymore.
I'm going back on duty.
Are you okay? Damn it.
Damn it! Stop crying.
It's not over yet.
A faithful heart will become your power, even if the odd are slim at least that is certain.
You must have faith.
You must have faith that she'll make it through.
Oh, you've awakened.
Sorry for the trouble, Father.
It appears I've been under your care.
No, not at all.
How many days have passed? Well, two days have passed.
During that time, Raki has been always by your side, praying for you to open your eyes.
I am sorry, Father, I must ask a favor of you.
Father Vincent, what do you plan on doing this late at night? I apologize for asking you all to come down here, but I ask for your cooperation now.
Father Vincent What is the meaning of all this? The search for the Yoma.
S-Searching for Yoma?! Are you saying it's hiding among us as one of us? Unfortunately, looking at everything that has happened so far, I have no choice but to come to that conclusion.
Silver eyes She's a silver-eyed witch?! Vincent! Were you the one who guided this demon here? This was the only solution.
What is this about? Bishop Kamuri?! Vincent! Why you You even included the bishop in your search?! This is unforgivable! Simply unforgivable! Vincent! Please cooperate.
I can't stand this.
She's a goddamn half-Yoma.
It is Father Vincent's order.
I know.
He's fine.
By the way, are we really going to do this? The plan that she mentioned? You mean that once she finds the Yoma, she'll hold on to it and we run through both of them with our spears? I'm sure she means it.
I don't think her body has completely recovered.
Therefore, this would be the best way to do this.
I don't like it.
By giving up her own life to save ours, just as how that kid put it And are we okay with that? With what? This city is our city.
Damn it.
Okay, you're fine.
O-Okay This is weird.
I don't sense the presence of a Yoma at all, and the right eye I destroyed is present in all of them.
Okay, you're fine.
I'm so unlucky.
Making me wait in a place like this I don't like this baptismal hall because of these things He's fine.
There are only two left.
It's not him.
He's not the Yoma either.
Am I okay? Yes.
Only one person left.
What is this? Unfortunately, Father Vincent, you are no exception.
I'm Let me inspect you.
It's not him.
He's not the Yoma either?! What's going on? He has to be inside this Great Cathedral.
But why can't I find him? Did I miss something? Think.
Think! For the Yoma, anything would do as long as it can hide him.
Hiding as a man, a woman, a child, or an old man or even a corpse! Damn, that's really disgusting.
Anyway, is the search for the Yoma not over yet? Raki! I wonder if Clare's okay? Oww Clare? Are you okay? Any injuries? Yeah, I'm fine.
I'll block the Yoma's movements.
You head for the entrance, okay? Clare! Oh no! Raki! Run, kid!!! Stay back! I don't need any help! Exactly.
Don't try to protect everything by yourself.
The only thing you can protect with that weak body yours now is, at most, this kid.
This city is our city! We're ready to lay our lives on the line for it! You fight for yourself and that boy! We will fight for the city! For we are soldiers that protect this city! Let's go! I can't reach it! Don't go! You won't be able to do anything! It's not like that! I need to I need to give Clare this! What is that? Who cares; just hurry! Take this, woman! C-Claymore? Well then, shall we begin the Yoma hunt now? Why you You A-Amazing Is that the true form of Claymores when they wield their big swords? No.
She's pushing herself Clare She's fighting beyond her body's ability to move.
What's the matter? You don't look too good.
I see You wanted to make it look as though you had the advantage and tried to end things in a hurry, eh? It's no wonder you don't want a long fight.
You failed.
The slash that took away my arm was really intended for my head, right? Look, I hit you! This isn't a time to be daydreaming.
Oh no, you don't! So? How's the view from up there? Or do you have a fear of heights? Just relax, I'll let you down right away! Die! Galk! You all right, woman? Can you stand? Woman, this is the most we can do.
You were right; we're no match for it at all.
Use our lives however you like.
Please defeat that monster! Eat this! You thought you could accomplish something with a suicide attack? What a fool Now Go!!! Sorry for being a fool Why you What? He impaled himself? Fool.
No matter which way you slice, you won't hit my critical spot! Clare!!! Your critical spot is your head? You did it, Clare! She did it that woman Claymore, eh? She's pretty good.
Clare! Are you okay? Hang in there! Clare, are you- Clare? No I can't revert back.
Clare, what's wrong?! What? What are you doing, Clare? I used too much power while suffering too much damage.
I won't be able to stop this flow.
So, while I still hold the consciousness of a human, I must end my life.
What are you talking about? Clare! This is goodbye.
No Clare! Don't come near me.
Galk, I beg of you.
Hurry Hurry, I beg of you What What's this about? Raki, I'm sorry.
I can't revert back.
Clare! The more we use our powers, the closer we come to becoming a Yoma.
But It's not a gradual process.
There are times when you surpass the limit all of a sudden.
No! I can barely suppress this body that's quickly turning into a Yoma's.
This is goodbye, Raki.
What are you doing?! Do you want to die? Please, Raki.
Let go of me.
Or else I'll won't be able to keep a human's consciousness I'm happy that I was able to travel with you, Clare! My parents and siblings were all killed, and I thrown out by my village.
Everyone that I loved was taken away from me in an instant.
So I was happy The moment I was able to travel along with you To have someone to be with was the happiest part Clare, you said you weren't a gentle person, but to me, you're nicer than anyone I know.
So So So I don't want to be with anyone else! I just want to be beside you forever! If you're going to die, then I'll die with you! The uncontrollable flow of the Yoki stopped? Clare! God You sure give us a lot of trouble She didn't become a Yoma.
That's all there is to it, right? In the end, she was saved saved by that boy.
Clare Clare We are in your debt, Father.
What are you talking about? We are the ones who were saved.
Because that is my mission.
And your request to have Raki stay here has been enthusiastically accepted by the bishop.
Huh? Clare? Do you want to come with me, Raki? Yeah! Hey, kid! Take this with you.
Don't die.
Let's go, Raki.
Ah, okay.
Hey, kid! Become strong! Become strong enough to support Clare! Okay! You can count on me! Despair and screams.
Inside a sea of blood a faint smile surfaces.
Next episode, "Teresa of the Faint Smile".