Claymore (Kureimoa) (2007) s01e19 Episode Script

The Carnage in the North (Part 2)

CLAYMORE Episode 19 title sign: The War in the North - II sign: Next episode The War in the North - III Clare.
I'm here to give you a mission.
Numerous Awakened Beings have appeared in the Northern Lands, and several warriors, under the command of Number Seven, have all lost their lives.
Your mission this time is to take out those Awakened Beings.
Ah, and that boy you had around It seems he went to the North.
The five of us, including me, will be serving as captains.
There are twenty-four of us gathered here, so we shall be forming five teams.
Each team will consist of four to five warriors.
Basically, it's the same format as when we take on an Awakened Being.
What is the probability of success for this mission in your opinion? The probability of success for this mission is zero.
Good evening, there, citizens of the city of Pieta Very impressive.
It's gotten pretty fun now.
This is This is why I can't quit being a monster!!! It's coming!!! You guys, back off!!! Those that couldn't dodge that attack, you guys are useless! Fall back! From the two teams, only six out of ten Is that not enough, Flora? No, Undine.
That'll suffice.
Like I'll let you run! Wait, Captain! Undine! You can't charge ahead by yourself like that! That's why you brainless ones are so Cut off your throat with your own hands! Undine! Hey, what do you think you're doing? That's a pretty pathetic skill you have if your goal was just to get me to scratch my cheeks, yo! No way! She used her strength to change the trajectories?! Die, asshole!!! Stay put like that for a while, you musclebound fool! He can control Yoma power? And? Who did you say was going to stay put? This little All members, attack- Wait! Don't move, yet.
He's still using his controlling powers.
Y-You Undine! Don't come this way Something Something like this, I can take care of myself! Injured members, fall back! Damn you, you piece of shit.
Let's see how long you can keep bluffing like that! Undine I said, don't come! You guys will get hit with the same thing! Fools! Coming into the lion's den of your own will! Why you Sorry, but I'll have to kick you, Captain.
Deneve Clare Eight Nine Ten Not ready yet, Jeane?! Twelve Thirteen Oww!! Why you Cut that out already, damn you!!! Fools! You guys got way too cocky! Seventeen Eighteen Well then How should I toy with you two You sure you guys wanna do that? Releasing your Yoma powers is fine, but at that rate, you guys will go over your limit and awaken, y'know? Deneve! Clare! They've awakened, eh? Twenty You guys are weak.
Ten of you weren't even able to wound me.
No, maybe I'm just too strong, perhaps? Futile resistance Twenty-one You guys are completely worthless- Sorry for making you wait! You sure have.
Y-You people Veronica, we sure had the undesirable tasks, didn't we? We put our bodies in front and got his attention, and now our bodies have injuries all over the place You're right, Cynthia.
We're both defensive types, so we can't argue with them.
But, at least we get to deal the final blow so we can accept that! W-Wait- They've awakened Fools Impossible! You two should've awakened! How come- Those two No way You should've went over your limits Either you thought wrong, or you're imagining things.
Now then, let's end this, shall we? Damn you, stop!!! Deneve! What a fool! You got too cocky there! If you intended to stop me, you should have aimed for my head.
Too rigid.
One slash won't be enough.
Is your blade not going any deeper because of your injuries? Or because you're just weak to begin with? Hmph, unlike a certain musclebound idiot, I specialize more in techniques.
S-Stop---- We did it! S-Screwing me like this Shit, get away from him! He can still manipulate our Yoma powers! At the very least, I'll take the two weak ones with me to hell.
Slice each other's head off! Those two okay? Don't worry; although it was pretty close.
That's why I hate you weak ones 'cause you always get in the way.
Damn! Oh, you guys are done here, too? Our team got done first, so thought we'd come for help guess that wasn't necessary Apparently, neither of us could get away uninjured, though.
What about Miria?! Miria ended up fighting with just her own team.
What are you talking about? Who do you think you're worrying about? Th-This one's strong Whoa, amazing.
The great Miria is uninjured, eh? You seem to have gotten strong through various experiences, but Miria has surpassed even that.
In other words, the situation Miria is in is far worse than any of us could have contemplated.
It seems we're all done.
I'm glad you're all safe and sound.
Yuma here lost her left arm.
She's a defensive type, so she can still regenerate it, but she probably won't be able to fight for a while.
All teams, report to me if you have members that can't fight anymore.
Depending on those reports, I would consider re-organizing the teams.
I don't like that.
In your eyes, are we just chess pieces? Wasn't this setup too unreasonable to begin with? You're putting comrades that haven't fought Awakened Ones before on the same field, just like that and obviously, they can't do much and end up just being a nuisance.
In the end, a lot of needless blood was spilled.
Wouldn't it have been better to use the useless ones as support members in the first place?! Depending on your answer, I may not follow your orders anymore! Does anyone know the number of casualties we have? There are some that are deeply injured, but there are no casualties.
Everyone is alive.
In other words, everyone now has experience in dealing with Awakened Beings.
Miria's true intent was to have everyone fight against an Awakened Being.
Basically, the entire group's combat potential was raised.
Am I wrong? Either way, it was a fight that could've killed many warriors.
It doesn't change the fact that your strategy was reckless.
Everyone, thank you for your efforts.
Rest your bodies as much as you can in preparation for the next battle.
Is that okay? Someone may have noticed that with our current forces, we'll get annihilated To begin with, we have no way out.
No matter how we resist, we'll always be fighting with our backs against the wall.
We will grow stronger while fighting in the face of imminent death and will pry open the path to survival with our own hands That's the only slight glimmer of hope we have left.
Glimmer of hope, eh? Raki You're Thank God.
It's not Clare's.
There's no one in this town.
Was everyone killed by monsters? Are you okay? Are you injured any- Ahh, sorry! W-Wait! W-Wait! Hey! There you are What's the matter? He smells good Wow, it sure is rare for you to be interested in someone.
You're not from around here, are you? Yeah, I've been living in the South all my life.
I came here looking for someone.
I heard from rumors that someone with similar features was spotted here.
I see.
You came from the South.
Perhaps you had the smell of warmth that the South possesses.
I suppose I should take you down South.
Umm, was this town destroyed by monsters, as well? Don't worry.
They don't appear to be around this area anymore.
It is pretty cold outside.
Let's head back now.
You may come as well.
Huh? It's very rare that she's so attached to someone.
Be her friend for a bit, will you? Umm sure Let's go now Priscilla.
The sun that doesn't set, the hope that does.
The distant daybreak Next episode, "The War in the North - III".