Claymore (Kureimoa) (2007) s01e23 Episode Script

Critical Point (Part 1)

title sign: Critical Limit - I Critical Limit - II Get out of my way.
I have no interest in weaklings.
Everyone's dead now All of the captains! Damn it! I'm not gonna forgive this bastard! I'll kill you I'll kill you! Simply put, she went past her limits in a battle somewhere.
A fate that all Claymores must face.
You just said Claymores? Indeed.
Awakened Beings are what becomes of Claymores in the end.
I'm not going to forgive you I'll kill you! You guys get running, too! Or you'll get killed! They've sent in everyone, down to their lowest-ranked warrior, but all in all, they won't be able to win! Lowest-ranked warrior? Is that true? That's Clare.
Clare's there.
I kept my end of the promise.
To survive and meet you again! So So this time I will protect you! If I were just a bit faster I could've saved Jeane and Flora If I were more If I were more more more more more What What is this? Clare!!! If I were more Clare This is hard to swallow.
You quickly came in between me and her and even took away my arm at a speed that I even lost track of for a moment What the What the hell's that?! You only let your legs awaken, eh? That's quite a clever trick.
Clare! Damn it I'm not able to do anything It sure is inconvenient fighting with just one arm.
You were an offensive type originally, eh? Even now that you are in an awakened state, regeneration isn't something you're good at, huh? Damn weakling Clare! Your back! Don't get too conceited just because you've taken one of my arms! Even though you possess lightning speed, you can't keep up with it yourself, eh? The second you get in motion, you can't apply minor changes in direction.
If I even moved just a little bit, you couldn't react accordingly and control your own speed.
And Your unnatural awakening is taking a significant toll on other parts of your body.
You are not worthy of being my adversary either.
This won't do This still isn't enough Whether you attack or evade, your movements are so big that you can't link them with your next move.
And you lose an equal amount of stamina along the way.
That is far too inept for battle.
It was a hasty awakening, after all.
Raki should have arrived in Pieta by now.
I wonder if he was able to meet the one he longs for.
I hope she didn't get defeated by Rigardo before Raki arrived.
Are you worrying about Raki? Don't worry.
You'll be able to see him soon.
This is horrible.
The same thing won't happen again.
You couldn't save your comrade this time- What?! What's happening? How is she able to control her berserker-like speed now? Not enough more more More!!! She's Clare!!! Hmm, she's Looks like she'll be able to give me some fun.
How long has it been since I last had a fight like this? Since my fight with Easley, eh? Ages have gone by since then, and all I've fought were weaklings, so I've almost forgotten this feeling My blood is boiling.
My blood that fell asleep is boiling again! I want to defeat this one! I am Rigardo! In the name of the Silver-Eyed Lion King, I shall defeat you! This Yoki brings back old memories.
The Claymore in Pieta is rather tough, I see.
I did not think she would be able to force the Silver-Eyed Lion King to fight seriously.
But I don't think she has a chance to win anymore Here I come! Clare's gradually becoming able to control her awakened legs There are still civilians here? You idiot! Do you want to die?! Let go of me! If you don't want to die, then stay put here! Leave me alone! There's a place I need to get to! You're from back then That brat Clare had along! Don't call me brat! I have a name, Raki! I have no clue what you're doing here, but it's dangerous.
Leave Pieta immediately! But Clare You came to see Clare? Clare's no longer in a situation that you can handle! So get lost already! I promised her! That I'd live on and meet her again! I will not die.
I will survive this day and meet you again.
I promise you.
Yeah, I know.
Clare Clare! Her awakening is progressing Awakening? Indeed.
Awakened Beings are what becomes of Claymores in the end.
At this rate Clare's going to become an Awakened Being! How could this How could this You get it now? You can't handle this situation.
Get outta here already.
I can't I can't Papa Mama Brother Sister I can't let that happen! You get it now, right? There's nothing you can do about it! Get outta here now! You're so troublesome Come.
If you don't want to die, then let's get going.
Not enough It's still not enough! More speed and power! That was quite fun.
However this is the end of it! That's the end.
You can't use the speed you boast of standing there.
You have nowhere to run.
Victory is mine! How is that possible?! How did she- It can't be! How dare you my comrades Oh? What's this Yoma power? Priscilla? What's the matter? More Still not enough Clare! Don't go any further!!! More More power She's concentrating just on the thought of defeating me and managed to control those legs in this short amount of time? How superb! Unforgettable memories.
Unforgettable tragedies.
Unstoppable anger.
Next episode, "Critical Limit - II".