Cleaners (2013) s01e05 Episode Script

The Dummy Trap

1 I tell you about the kid, you had to push me out of the way and take it all for yourself? That little mission we’re planning, it’s happening tonight.
This little piggy went "wee wee wee" all the way home.
The access codes to the stolen funds of Barry’s 57 million? We have it.
Get down! They won’t hurt him.
How do you know that? We used to work for the people that have him, until she tried to have us cleaned.
What is it with this kid? Everyone wants a piece of him.
Without Tyler, there’s no money.
I don’t think he knows anything.
His brain is like a bank safety deposit box is and you need the right key.
I have that key.
Well, that would seem that I have the bank vault.
So you’re suggesting another deal? Tomorrow morning, 9 a.
, room 111, Sierra Palona.
You screw this up, I will gut you like a pig.
Let’s Let’s do this.
How predictable.
Hang tight while I do a sweep of the room.
Wanna go first? You’re up, Poindexter.
Do you mind? Please.
Come on, kid.
Let’s go crack open that beautiful mind of yours.
Hey, son.
Come here! Dad! Ha-ha-ha! Thattaboy! Oh, how nice.
A Kodak moment.
Can we please get the fuck on with this? All right, you ready? Ready for what? Come one.
come on, let’s go.
Come on, let’s go.
No! No, no, no! Tyler.
One, one, one! Tyler.
Too many ones! Too many ones! Tyler! One, one, one! What’s going on? I’d like to know the same thing.
Can you control your child? He won’t go in the room.
I can goddamn see that.
Why? Shit! It’s the consecutive numbers.
He freaks out in rooms with three consecutive numbers.
Oh, for the love of Christ.
Just relax, relax.
I’ll get us another room, all right? I’ll go with you.
Make it quick.
You stay with me.
Back in a second, okay? You stay here.
Hurry up.
Too many ones! Behave , else I will rip your head off.
I’m not kidding.
Good boy.
Try or say anything apart from "I want another room," and I’ll snap your neck like a dry twig.
I’d like another room.
Something wrong with the one you got? Please, just give me another room.
Any one will do.
What’s the number of the room you’re gonna give me? One-fifteen, that all right with you, your majesty? That’s fine.
That’s fine.
Take a photo, mister.
Can we please just get this over with now? My thoughts exactly.
What the hell is that? That’s the trigger.
We learned at an early age, that Tyler was able to remember anything, no matter how complicated, especially numbers.
We’d play a certain piece of music while he was scanning.
Once he’d finish we’d stop the music.
But Tyler was never able to remember a thing unless-- You played the right music.
So he really had no idea what we wanted from him.
None at all.
And once I play this, it will all come out, and once it does, that part of his memory will be erased and he’ll never be able to recite it again.
That’s actually very impressive.
So no one could have access to his mind or the money.
Not without the right song.
Ready, son? Old MacDonald had a farm E-I-E-I-O What the hell? You dirty fucking bitch! Oh.
Well, that’s no way to talk to a lady.
I ought to wash your mouth out with soap.
I’d like to see you try.
Well, I’d like to give it a try.
Come on, handsome.
Ooh! You want some more? Ah, this is gonna be fun.
And a nay-nay there Here a nay, There a nay Everywhere a nay nay Moo moo here Moo moo there Here a moo, there a moo Everywhere a moo moo Oink oink here For God’s sake, what’s going on, Barry? It’s been a nice warm-up, Where’s the main act? Come on.
Come on! Go! I don’t want to play! No, this is not how it’s meant to work! Maybe ’cause he’s already been activated.
Goddamn it! Once he’s recited it, that part of his memory is erased, isn’t that what you said? We already sung him that song.
You fucking lied to me.
Language, Barry.
There’s a kid present.
Hey, Tyler.
Hi, Veronica! This whole room swap thing was a set-up.
She knew the kid was gonna react that way the whole time.
It’s called "bonding," Mother.
Maybe one day, you’ll get what that means.
And just where exactly is your other half? Wait, wait, wait! Aah! Let’s go.
You’re a goddamn psycho.
now you’re just trying to get in my pants.
Come on, V.
Darling, you know it doesn’t have to end like this.
Think of everything we’ve been through.
Think of every thing I’ve done for you Firstly, don’t call me V.
Secondly, you kind of lost any goodwill once you tried to have us killed.
By the way, what’s up with your faithful little monkey? You look like you put on some weight.
Oh, shit.
Tyler! Get down! Mommy! Oh, Tyler! What the hell is going on out there? It’s a goddamn massacre.
Ha-ha-ha! But I saved him, baby.
I saved our boy.
Look at us, we’re together again.
The family.
The Maddens! Ha, ha! They have it, Eileen.
The girls have it.
The codes, the passwords to all the money! We just have to wait till they kill each other, and then we’re gonna go grab it! Look, I-I-I-- I know I-- I’ve been an ass, I know, a horrible ass.
but I-I’ll make it up to you, I promise.
I’ll make amends, to you and to the boy.
I-I promise.
Hear that? That’s the sound of $57 million.
Ours for the taking.
Ours! Baby, you see that office over there? Uh huh.
I want you to go in there.
I want you to shut the door, and cover your ears, okay? Okay, go on.
Oh, really? Really? You want to have this out now? For God’s sakes, woman, clean out your ears! I-I said I’m sorry.
You did, Barry, and I did hear you.
The thing is Whoa, whoa, whoa! I’m just not listening.
Have you lost your mind? They say "Payback’s a bitch.
" I guess I’m the bitch, baby.
Jesus! Eileen! We can work this out.
I-I promise.
Just like the promises you made on our wedding day? Do you remember those? Do you remember our vows, Barry? I can now only recall one right now No! "Till death do us part.
" Get up.
Okay, ready? Naughty, naughty, naughty boy! Mother? Mother! Retirement it’s not what it’s cracked up to be Why’d she wanna kill us? She’s the scorpion and we’re just her frogs.
It was in her nature.
Don’t take this personally.
It was just business.
And in this biz, when you’re gonna walk away, you can’t leave any tracks.
That’s all we were to her? A couple of boot stains in the dirt? It’s all we ever are.
She would have tried to kill me too.
She was a scorpion.
So why do you look so sad? Because she’s all I had.
Now I’m just a samurai without a master.
Truce? [ I guess not.
My whole career, I never got shot.
I meet you girls twice.
If you stick around, I can’t promise you it will be the last.
Okay, okay, move in.
I think the money belongs to you.
I think it belongs to all of us.
Roxie, get the car.
We gotta hightail it out of here.
Eileen, you go with them.
If you stick around, the FBI’s gonna give you hell, and you’ve been through enough.
Thank you, Agent Barnes.
Bye, Tyler.
What are you doing? UmI think I’m dying.
Might seem normal to you, but to me, it’s a little premature.
You’re not gonna die.
Good, you should know.
You’re an expert when it comes to death.
Don’t make me say it.
Say what? I told you not to make me say it.
I literally don’t know what you’re talking about.
I want you to come with us.
That’s what I thought you’d say.
Don’t, asshole.
Ow! I’m dying here, remember? Listen, someone has to stick around here, clean up this mess.
Why are you doing this? Maybe ’cause I’mtoo noble.
But listen, if I do keep my job, I’ll be able to track you down using all the resources of the United States government.
Hmm, yeah? They have a paranormal division? Yeah, ’cause you’re a ghost.
Well, I’ll see you on the other side.
[] Go! We got a live one here! So, all this is the result of your so-called heroics? Yeah, I’m a one-man band.
You have a lot of explaining to do, Agent Barnes.
And I will, just as soon as this fine gentleman put this egg back together again.
I’m so fucked.
So you’re telling me that the guy in the reception is escaped fugitive Barry Madden.
Yes, sir.
And the dead guy in Room 111 is still unknown? Yes, sir.
As is this one here? Yes, sir.
Was a body removed from here? No sir, nothing’s been tampered with.
All waiting for you.
So whose blood is that? Subs ripped by = J0rpp3 = HI-subs removed Season 2 to follow 2014