Clickbait (2021) s01e08 Episode Script

The Answer

1 - Sophie? - Is Kai with you? -No.
Why? -He's missing.
I-I don't know where he could be.
I've called everyone I can think of.
I'm on my way.
Anything? -He turned off the app.
-Why would he do that? Where would he go? WHAT DID THE POLICE SAY? Mom, I think I know where he went.
All the latest tech.
And we get to work together again, buddy.
-You mean, I get to call you "boss"? -You got it.
Hey, coach, you're late.
Yeah, demerit points, dude.
OK, I'll be with you in a minute, ladies.
Just have patience.
This is Linda Freeman, administration coordinator.
Linda, meet Nick Brewer, our new PT.
- Hi, Linda.
Nice to meet you.
- Likewise.
And this is Dawn Gleed, administration manager and resident ball-breaker.
Dawn, Nick Brewer.
-Hi, Dawn.
-Pleased to meet you, Nick.
Don't listen to Matt.
I'm a peach.
Kai? -What are you doing here? -Um… What happened to your eye? It's nothing.
I got into a fight.
What's this about, Kai? Why visit an old lady in the middle of the night? -Stupid-ass brother played a trick on me.
-Is Ethan here, too? Dawn? Who is it? Do you know what time it is? This is my husband, Ed.
Ed, this is Kai Brewer.
You know, Nick Brewer's son.
Why don't you come inside, tell us what this is about, and, um, I'll get Ed to drive you home.
Come on.
-How far away are you? -Fifteen minutes.
Roshan's on his way, too.
Sophie, everything is going to be OK-- Fuck.
And they sent you to this address? Yeah.
Well, I cannot help you with a catfish, my love.
We did use to have a couple of goldfish, but, um… they died.
Um, I should probably head back.
Mom will be mad enough as it is.
She knows you're here? Oh, yeah.
She and Ethan both know where I am.
Well, best get you home, then.
- I'll go get the car keys.
- Mm-hmm.
I'm just gonna grab a sweater.
His family's probably already called the police by now.
I know, I know.
-What are you gonna do with that? -You and your goddamned game.
You got us in this mess.
Now I've got to get us out.
This is your username and password.
First time you log in, it will prompt you to change them.
Uh, do you mind handling it? I'm really bad with this stuff.
Be faster if I do it.
-Thank you.
How many kids do you have? Two boys.
Password? Butch Brewer, my pet hamster.
Children are adorable.
Of course, with parents like you two… Do you want me to sync up your phone? You know what? That would be great.
Yeah, it's low on battery, per usual.
How about you, Dawn? Got kids? Oh, no.
It's just me and my husband, Ed.
We tried… and tried.
-But, you know, best-laid plans… -I'm sorry.
Oh, no.
We've got very busy lives.
-Go to your meeting.
I'll finish up.
Hey, thanks for doing that for me, Dawn.
You really are a peach.
- Ah, hey.
- Hey.
- I'm Tara.
- I've heard.
-Yes? -Jenny.
Nice to meet you.
Likewise, Jenny.
It's good to finally meet the star players.
-Hey, darling.
How was your day? Well, the new 420's got optional sound.
Huh? Just got to decide between low and high hood.
Sounds good, I think.
-I'll start dinner.
Maybe we should go up to the trailer this weekend.
Yeah, for sure.
A day in the country would do us good.
Better get back to it.
Don't stay up too late.
Don't wait up for me if I do.
Oh, my goodness.
MANDY THERE YOU ARE! THOUGHT I'D SCARED YOU AWAY NICK I'M BACK Sophie! Roshan said to wait! That's Kai's.
Kai! Oh, my God.
Kai! Sophie! Get back! -Kai? -Kai? Sophie! That's Dawn.
She works with… Nick.
- Police! - Police! Clear! Clear! Oh, please forgive me I'll believe in you Is this the right way? Oh, please forgive me It's a shortcut.
I say I'll be true Oh, please forgive me… Hey! Give it back to me! That's mine! I want to go home.
Take me home! Stop the car! Stop! Where are you taking me? Why are you doing this? Looking good, Danny Walters.
Merritt Sports Performance Center.
This is Dawn Gleed.
Oh, hi, Dawn.
It's Sophie.
I'm trying to contact Nick.
Is he there, by any chance? Let me check.
I'll ask him to call you if he is.
I'd appreciate that.
Dawny, what are you doing working on a holiday? There's always something to do, my love.
Sophie just called, looking for you.
Day-drinking? Come on.
It can't be as bad as all that.
I just… I wish I was a bigger man.
I wish I was the kind of man that could just move on, forgive and forget.
I do.
I… I-I've tried.
I just… I can't.
I just don't have it in me.
You're a good man, Nick Brewer.
Don't you ever forget that.
Sophie had an affair.
Nick, I'm sorry.
I mean, it's over… the affair, so she says, but I-I just… I don't even know what to do with that information.
Sometimes I just wish she'd never even told me.
Of course.
So… -I'm sorry for dumping on you.
-No, no.
You can always talk to Dr.
That's what I'm here for.
I know.
Don't think I haven't noticed.
Noticed what? How kind you are.
Everybody sees.
Get out.
I'm not going anywhere.
Get out of the truck.
To the left, all the way down.
What are you gonna do, Ed? I'm not going to prison, Dawn.
Dawn Gleed.
63 years old.
No children.
Worked at Merritt for 23 years.
Husband: Edward Gleed, manager at Costco.
I was… I was just with her.
I was just in Matt's offi… Do you think she could she have planted those pictures on Matt's computer? Anything is possible.
Detective, I am tired of answering the same questions.
-What are you doing to find them? -We've put out an APB on their vehicle.
Half the city is looking for them.
I just need you to hold tight, Sophie.
Just find them.
They have my son.
- Sophie.
- They have my… My mom needs to talk.
Hi, Andrea.
No, we haven't found him yet.
I'm sorry I doubted you.
How's Ethan? Is he OK? Listen, I got it wrong, too.
Well, just tell him I love him, OK? Yeah.
Is Ethan OK? No.
He blames himself.
But at least Andrea's with him.
We have a sighting of their truck near Montalvo Stables.
They have a plot of land out there.
Let's go.
- You heard him.
All right.
- Let's go.
Let's go.
Back it up.
I just don't understand.
I never meant to hurt anyone, Ed.
It was just… something to fill the time.
Those women… Were you in love with them? No.
No, I was just… I was just lonely.
I wanted to know what it felt like to be… someone.
Someone like Nick.
WHAT WILL OUR KIDS LOOK LIKE? Someone… people wanted.
I'M SO GLAD I MET YOU DITTO Someone people saw.
- I wanted to hear your voice.
That's so sweet.
When can I meet you, Danny? I want that so much.
You drive me crazy, you know? DISMISS As soon as Kai finishes school I'm all yours, my love.
I promise.
As in… all of you? Every part.
I can wait, I guess.
I love you, Emma.
I really, really love you.
-I got to go.
-Is that your wife? Yes.
- Who are you talking to? - Just Linda from work.
It's kind of late.
Yeah, we got an audit coming up.
- You coming to bed? - Right behind you.
You've been pretty chipper lately.
Must be something in the water.
Suits you, Dawny.
You look good.
Why, thank you, kind sir.
-What are you doing? -What do you think I'm doing? Hey, baby boo.
You want a glass of water? You read my mind.
All right.
Ed? What is this? What the hell is this? Who's Danny? Who's Emma? It-It's nothing.
It's a computer game.
Did you write this? Please stop.
It doesn't mean anything.
This is sick.
Goddamn sick.
You're sick! Where are you going? Ed, please, don't go.
We need to go.
- OK -They'll be tracking us here.
We're not going anywhere.
I'm gonna confess.
To identity theft, to stealing Nick's identity.
They'll throw the book at you.
Good lawyer, I could get off with community service.
Then we can leave this all behind us.
We can sell the house.
We can move away.
We can start over.
Dawn… Nick Brewer is dead.
We're going to be punished.
No one needs to know.
No one saw Nick Brewer come to our house.
No one saw what happened.
I scrubbed that place from top to bottom afterward.
No, I will take responsibility for this, Ed.
That's our way out.
The boy.
What about the boy? -Stop! -No! Don't! Neighbors.
Kai? Kai? Kai! Kai? Kai, it's OK! - Come on out, Kai! - We won't hurt you, Kai.
Kai? Kai? Shh-shh-shh! Kai? - Come on out.
- Kai? We know you're here.
Kai? We're gonna give ourselves up to the police.
The both of us.
We're not gonna hurt you.
Kai, it's OK.
You're safe now.
Ed, no.
He came to see us… and we have no idea what happened to him.
Say it, Dawn.
He came to see us, but then he left.
We have no idea where he went to.
Kai! Stop! Stay in the car.
Keep the family back.
- Round the back.
- Police! - You need to wait here.
- Secure the perimeter here! - Entry team's going in.
- Clear.
- Clear.
- Where is he? - Anything? - Where is he? Where… They're not here.
They must be on foot.
Hang tight.
This is the car that ran Emma Beesly off the road.
Kai! Kai! Kai! - Kai! - Spread out! Kai! Kai! Kai! Kai! - Mom? - Kai, can you hear me? -Kai! -Mom! Kai! Ed? Police! Mom? There you are, young fella.
Stop! Police! - Hold it! - Drop the weapon! Stop! - Drop the weapon! Drop it now! - Please, Mrs.
It's over.
Drop the flashlight.
Put your hands in the air, where we can see them.
Drop to your knees.
Hands out in front.
Stomach to the ground.
- Where is my son? Where's my son? - Cuff her.
- I think my husband has him.
- Where? - What have you done to him? - Sophie! Sophie! What have you done? We have eyes on the suspect, moving east towards the road.
- Fifty yards west of the trailer.
- I can take you there.
Please, take me with you.
He'll listen to me.
We're on our way.
Is the child with him? Affirmative.
Subject is armed.
Sophie, please let me come with you! For Kai's sake? No.
Don't you say his name.
Don't you fucking say his name! Keep eyes on them.
Keep your distance.
We'll be right there.
- You're a goddamn monster! - I'm sorry.
With Brewer still missing and the video well over five million views, the question on everyone's lips is: have the kidnappers followed through with their threat? Is Nick Brewer dead or alive? We're yet to receive an official statement from Oakland PD, but sources tell us to expect one in the morning.
This is Ben Par-- Is this to do with you? Of course not.
You promised me you'd stopped.
Did you? Did you? -You need to get rid of everything.
-I know, Ed.
Any photos, messages, any phones you used to send messages, any filthy little secret! OK.
I'll get it.
Coming! Nick? What are you…? Nick? Oh, my God.
What… What happened? Are you OK? Who did this to you? Did you see it? -The video, did you see it? -Yes, but I knew it wasn't true.
-Do you know who made it? -No.
The brother of a woman who killed herself.
Sarah Burton.
Maggie Oxley? -You know her, don't you? -No.
So you weren't the one pretending to be me? No, never! You're the only person who had access to all my photos.
You're the only person I told about my wife's affair, my family, everything.
I trusted you.
You were my friend.
Now everybody thinks I'm a monster.
Oh, please.
You know me.
-We're going to the police.
-No, no.
D-Don't, Nick.
You're gonna tell them every sordid thing that you did to me… -I didn't do anything.
-…and to Sarah! I swear, I haven't done anything! -You're a fucking liar! -No! Oh, Jesus! All right, let's go.
Let's go.
You killed my dad.
I didn't mean to.
Please don't hurt me.
Ed? Ed? Dawny? Ed, stand still.
Don't run.
Ed… Please forgive me.
I was wrong.
- I was wrong about everything.
- Kai! -It's over.
-Did they hurt you? No.
Are they gonna let you go? - Please, Ed.
- Don't hurt him! Just let him go.
We've done enough to these people.
Ed, please.
Just let him go.
Go on, kid.
Go! Kai, come on.
-Kai! Kai! -No, wait! - Mom! - Sophie, no! - Get down! - Don't move! Don't move! -Look at me.
Just put your gun down, OK? -Ed! Please! Just let me talk to him! - Dawny… - Ed! Put the gun down now! - Drop the gun, Ed! - Put the gun down! Put the gun down, Ed! Please, Ed.
Put the gun down.
Put the gun down.
-I'm sorry, Dawn.
I can't.
-No! -No! -No! Ed! -Go! -Ed! No, no, no! Ed! No! - Ed! - Clear! Ed! Ed! For every inhale, every exhale I become more and more aware Of all the sounds around us And the sweet smell in the air I don't know what happened But I know all things must change When we wake up tomorrow morning I know nothing will be the same This is where it ends This is where it starts Both sadness and relief Is piercing through my heart Piercing through my heart I love you.
Piercing through my heart I know, we're late.
Wasn't my fault.
No, it was my fault.
I'm sorry.
No, it's OK.
I wasn't sure I could face all this.
Me too.
Hi, Grandma.
My brave boys.
- I hope you're OK with me being here.
- No, I appreciate you coming.
Excuse me.
I thought you might want to know, Tara Wilson lodged an official complaint against Matt Aldin.
Yeah, I heard, actually.
That's good.
-See you after? -Sure.
I guess we should go in.
Sophie? He's really gone.
I'm here for you.
Thank you.
I mean, we're still family, right? Yeah.
So that's what we do.
You ready? No.
Are you? No.
Come here.

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