Clipped (2024) s01e03 Episode Script

Let the Games Began

- [COMMENTATOR 1] Bingo!
Your LA Clippers snatch a
2-1 lead over the Warriors.
[V] Honey, I'm sorry.
[DONALD] I'm sorry too.
[V] I wish I could change
the color of my skin.
[DONALD] That's not the issue.
The issue is we don't have
to broadcast everything.
[V] I'm not broadcasting anything!
[DONALD] Then why are you taking
pictures with minorities? Why?
Send it to me.
[DONALD] Shelly, you
don't have to talk to them.
There's no law that says you do.
[SHELLY] Honey, it's
like with the police.
If you're innocent, you cooperate.
- We can just
- [DONALD] They're not the police!
These investigators graduate
81st in their law class.
They're walking Steno
pads, and they work for us!
[V] People call you and tell you
that I have Black
people on my Instagram,
and it bothers you?
[DONALD] Yeah. Yeah.
It bothers me a lot
that you wanna broadcast
that you're associating
with Black people.
[PILOT] Well, it's a
freakishly beautiful day
in San Francisco, high of 82.
Please keep your seat belts fastened
just another minute before
we get the jet bridge all set.
[PILOT] All righty, folks.
Thanks for flying with us.
And if you find some time on your hands,
head down to the Embarcadero
for a head start on
humpback whale season.
- They truly are the ballerinas of the sea.
call has been forwarded to
- [RECEPTIONIST] Good morning. Front desk.
Yeah, this is Doc Rivers. How you doing?
Uh, is Andy Roeser a guest in the hotel?
I can't give out that information, sir.
Give out?
Well, if Andy was here,
you'd just put me through
to his room, right?
- I'm just wondering if that makes any sense to you.
Should we start taking
steps to condemn people
for what they say in the
privacy of their own home
that happens to be recorded?
That's a slippery slope
I don't wanna get on.
that Blake Griffin, dude?
- Blake!
- Uh-huh.
- Yo, Blake!
- What's up, y'all?
Yo, Blake, dude. Yo, your owner, bro.
- You guys must be pissed off, bro.
- You gotta say hi to my wife.
You're her hall pass. She's
obsessed with your freckles.
- Take a selfie.
- Can we take a selfie?
- Sure, yeah.
- All right. Sick, dude.
All right. Everybody say
"fuck Sterling" on three.
[BOTH] One, two, three. Fuck Sterling!
All right. Thanks, guys.
He didn't say it.
Did you know about the tape, bro?
Did they give you a heads-up?
Let it go.
Is it permanent or impermanent?
Notice, everything passes.
- [ON RECORDING] Sadness,
Hey, did you hear from Doc?
No. Where you been?
I was having breakfast with Donald.
I'm kidding. I haven't eaten yet.
[DEANDRE] You think this is funny?
'Cause he basically called
us a bunch of niggers, so
Dude, I'm down to destroy
this racist system we work for
right after it buys me some crepes.
yourself to stay in your body.
as I mentioned before
I can call you every five
minutes until he checks in,
or you can just tell me
if he has a reservation.
How you wanna spend your morning?
- You can call us back
- Yeah, okay. Goodbye!
Mr. Silver, bet you wish David Stern
was still commissioner today.
[MR. SILVER] What a mess.
Donald, he's a Krakatoa
of shameful bullshit.
[SIGHS] Any idea when you're gonna
make a decision as to penalties?
[MR. SILVER] We're, uh,
moving as fast as we can.
People are concerned
about setting a precedent.
- It's a private conversation.
- One moment.
- You thinking, what, uh
- What's the statute of limitations?
- six months? A year?
[MR. SILVER] Uh, sorry,
it's kinda loud here.
What is that?
[MR. SILVER] I'm in
Memphis at The Peabody.
- [TY] Sorry to interrupt.
- [MR. SILVER] They keep ducks on the roof
and bring them down to the lobby.
There's a red carpet, a duck master
- [DOC] I'll let you go.
- brash spectacle.
Thanks for calling!
The fuck? [SNIFFS]
What's this?
It looks like Chris going to work out
or coming from a workout.
[DOC SIGHS] Who took
it? Who took the picture?
[TY] Coach, he was in the lobby.
Anybody can sell a picture to the press.
[ALVIN] Seth says that TMZ
is booking rooms at the hotel.
Popping out of the
ice machines and shit.
What did Adam Silver say?
The man who's been commissioner
for three months?
If he launches a crusade,
every owner will find
himself ass up on TMZ.
- We are on our own here.
- [PERSON] Housekeeping.
- Get that, will you?
Excuse me.
Coach, we-we have requests
for a quote from every major outlet.
Many important or famous people
are tweeting about Donald:
LeBron, Mayor Garcetti,
Donald Trump, Snoop Dogg.
- [DOC] Oh, shit.
- We really We really, really, really
need to put out a statement.
We're trending nationally,
and to just not be stating anything,
it makes it look like we
have our thumbs up our asses.
Sorry to say "asses".
- Are you still enjoying
- No, thank you.
We're not enjoying anymore.
The mo We need to find Andy.
Why do we need Andy to put out a
statement? What does finding Andy do?
One, it gives me somebody to shit on.
Well, that is important.
And two, Donald's gotta
release the statement.
He has to apologize,
draw the heat off my guys,
and Andy has to make him do it.
DeAndre posted a black
square on Instagram.
- Says he's not playing tomorrow.
- He what?
We are making that decision as a team.
The guys are getting blown up.
Old teammates, former coaches,
their mothers and brothers.
- Q-Tip.
- [TY] Yeah. Somebody heard from Q-Tip.
I know. I know.
About 30 hours to tip-off.
What do you wanna do?
So just dotting the I
here, not a statement?
So then can-can we How about
Now I'm just spitballing but, you know,
Jesse Jackson called on the team
to deliver a symbolic expression.
What does that mean?
Flag burning is one well-known example.
- Whoa.
- Or we can make buttons.
Look, I want the guys to
decide what we're going to do.
Cancel practice. Give me a private room.
We'll circle up as soon as we can.
No one talks to the press,
and make sure no opportunistic
bellboys photograph
them on the way there.
Let's go, let's go. [CLAPS] Let's go.
Hey, uh, Doc.
[DOC] Yeah?
Whole season, you talking
about tuning out distractions,
Twitter beefs, your girl picking a
fight, but this tape is everything.
Dude is literally saying
that I'm a piece of property.
- I hear you.
- And if we go out there on the court,
I'ma get yelled at by
a bunch of white fans
that paid him to watch me,
and then they gonna look at us
and see a bunch of Black dudes
apparently cool with being owned!
Yeah, you right.
But, look, Donald's gonna apologize.
He's gonna take the heat,
keep us totally outta his shit.
Knowing that,
I wanna get the guys together
and decide as a group what to do, okay?
[DEANDRE] What do you wanna do?
I don't know, DJ.
I don't know what to do.
Doc, Mike Walters from TMZ.
- You guys gonna boycott
- Can't talk to you right now.
I gotta catch you later.
- How are you this morning, Shelly?
Oh, you know.
How are you, honey?
Another day in paradise.
I'm sorry.
Have you eaten?
The restaurant's pretty good.
We had oysters last night.
You're only supposed to have oysters
in months with an R. [CHUCKLES]
I don't know. They thrive
in cold water, I suppose.
Anyway, it's too early for oysters.
The chef does a wonderful
frittata. Mushrooms, Gruyère.
Gruyère? Okay.
- I get mine with egg whites.
- Mmm.
Andy's down there if
you want to join him.
- Doc, I only just now had a second
- Just listen and nod.
Donald needs to issue an apology.
Yes, I'm working on it. We all
I want it live in the next hour.
"I'm a racist, old asshole
and it's no one's fault but mine."
That's your first draft.
Doesn't have to be poetry, Andy.
I'm meeting with the players soon.
I want the heat off
them before they decide
whether or not to play.
I understand.
One: "The recordings in
question were acquired
with the full and knowing
consent of Mr. Sterling."
I don't talk like that.
[DEJA] Girl, you can
put it in your own words.
Just make it clear you
didn't break the law.
[LAWYER] Two: "You did not
seek or receive any remuneration
from Mr. and Mrs. Sterling
in exchange for keeping
the recordings private."
I can't remember all this.
[DEJA] What do you wanna say?
Nothing? You can't say nothing.
V, an NBA lawyer is coming here.
This is not for Instagram.
This is a real guy.
We just need to get you
through this investigation,
then we are strictly no comment
until we settle the Sterlings' lawsuit.
She can't stay silent on this shit.
She needs a statement or people
will think she's complicit.
Well, that is a PR thing.
I don't know who we are going
to get at the very last minute.
[DAVID] Here comes another
one. It's just like The Purge.
Go up to Lucy's through the back.
But all her snacks are low-fat!
All of America saw Kim Kardashian
suck a dick in her sex tape,
but she went on Barbara
Walters in that white pantsuit,
and now she's an entrepreneur.
This is the uniform of a
woman on the side of justice.
Thanks, but I'm just gonna
wear what I'm wearing.
- Hey, hey, hey. Little bit of V.
[V] That must be the NBA.
- [PAPARAZZO 2] V, one more.
- Come on.
[PAPARAZZO 3] Got one.
[JUSTINE] Say, does
this room have a balcony?
- Here you go.
- Oh, good. Thanks so much.
What in the world?
Stay close, do nothing.
That's what a friend
does in times of grief.
What you did after my divorce.
I made us a reservation at Jardinière.
We can have the prix fixe
with the wine pairings.
Tomorrow, mimosa room
service, hair of the dog.
Oh, honey.
It's Donald's birthday.
We have dinner planned with Andy
and his wife, a couples' dinner.
His birthday? You're still
speaking to that filth bucket?
Oh, Justine.
Am I happy with the situation?
No, but it's not Don's fault.
Listen, I can't do this with you.
I have a meeting with the NBA.
They're doing an investigation into V
- and how she set Don up.
They need more information
about about her past.
Shell, blink twice if
you're being watched.
I wish you'd called first.
This trip must have
been expensive for you.
Are you looking for me?
I'm so glad you contacted me.
I didn't know who to
call to warn the NBA.
This woman has been a menace.
Do you consent to
recording this interview?
[V] What do you think?
With wealthy men, there
are always predators,
and this one, V Stiviano
I assume you know that's an alias
she's had a whole criminal career,
like something out
of Unsolved Mysteries.
You can Google her mug shots.
She always seemed high on something.
The way she danced.
Are you currently under
the influence of any drug
that would impair your memory
or your ability to tell
the truth or recall facts?
[V] Um.
Cocaine? Ecstasy?
Oh, honey, I would know?
Whatever it was,
I think she put it in
Donald's orange juice.
Donald under the influence
on the night you made the tape?
He takes medication for his foot.
He'd had some wine.
We ate at, um [SMACKS LIPS]
What's that Asian fusion place
in the Century City Mall by the CB2?
[DEJA] Oh. Um
you say he was drunk?
Listen to him. Rambling about
Instagram, slurring his speech!
And is it unusual for your
husband to slur his speech?
My husband doesn't talk like that.
Black, white, he loves everybody.
He wouldn't have said those
awful things, unless
I would say it was a typical fight.
I have others I can play for you.
[INVESTIGATOR 1] You taped him before?
[SHELLY] Is it even legal what she did?
Gaining his trust over
years and trapping him,
baiting him to say those awful things.
[INVESTIGATOR 1] Was Mr. Sterling
aware you were taping him?
Well, I'd been doing it for years.
I have hundreds of tapes.
[LAWYER] Uh, sir, Mr. Sterling was aware
that he was being recorded,
and a third party was present,
this young lady to my client's left.
Like my lawyer said, a third party.
I'm sure it's illegal,
the way she recorded him.
There must be a law.
- There is.
- And?
[INVESTIGATOR 2] It isn't.
Sterling the only voice
besides yours on the tape?
[INVESTIGATOR 2] To your knowledge,
is that your husband's
voice on the tape?
[STAMMERS] Well, of course.
That's it?
That's it.
- That's it?
- That's it, Mrs. Sterling.
What are you going to do?
I mean, about what V did to my husband.
He's an owner.
Doesn't the league have
to protect him in some way?
Somebody can just set him up?
Trick him into saying terrible things?
He's 80 years old.
You want me to look pathetic.
It's not about you,
honey. It's about her,
her taking advantage.
Taking advantage of a
pathetic dope like myself.
Is that it? What's
with you and that toe?
You're going to break it off!
V is a criminal, Don!
When you see my name on fabulous
buildings all over Los Angeles,
do you think "pathetic"?
When I'm sitting
courtside watching my team,
do you think you married a sucker?
Or you just can't stand the thought
that beautiful, young girls
wanna suck me off day and night.
What is that, two mosquitoes fucking?
It's, uh
Oh. Uh, Anne wants to know
if we are still having dinner.
Uh, these are from us.
- Happy birthday.
- Yes, I'm 80 years old.
Did you know that? She's
been telling everybody.
Well, what's in the envelope, Andy?
Your college admissions essays?
Uh, several different, uh, statements
our PR team put together.
- This is it.
- Don, you can't.
Mr. Sterling, Doc was
hoping for a more contrite
Do you see a fucking
suggestion box on this table?
Don, no one's going to believe
it wasn't you on that tape.
It's my world!
Read it!
Uh. "We've heard the tape on TMZ.
We do not know if it is legitimate
or if it has been altered."
- [ANDY] Uh. "Mr. Sterling is emphatic
that the recording
does not reflect his views,
beliefs, or feelings.
- It's the antithesis
of who he is."
Donald's statement.
[ANDY] "He feels terrible
that such sentiments
are being attributed to him
and apologizes to anyone hurt by them."
Under our fucking logo?
When are they sending this out?
Fifteen minutes ago.
Everybody's waiting.
Uh, please, can you all clear out?
Give us the room please.
[SERVER] Yes, sir.
- Guys,
Donald just put out
a statement under our logo
uh, how it might not
have been him on the tape.
- [PLAYER] Are you serious or what?
I actually thought he might apologize,
take some of the heat.
- Did you know?
- I knew that there was a tape
- of Donald and his girlfriend.
That TMZ had it. You know,
I thought it was a sex tape.
- You didn't listen to it.
- No, I didn't.
[BIG BABY] I love you, Doc.
But for real though?
You a NBA coach.
You got agents, fixers, moles and rats.
Their whole existential purpose
is to know what's going on.
None of them listened to that tape,
because I know if they did,
they would've told you what was on it.
So? Does it matter if he knew or not?
Yeah. Because if he did listen to that
shit and told us it was no big deal,
he either lied so we'd play, or
else he thought it was no big
Guys, I didn't hear it. I
should have, but I didn't.
That's on me.
That's on me.
Well, whether we play or not,
that is up to all of you. All right?
All right, what we gonna do?
Doc, I know we had our
little chat and all that,
but I'm not playing.
We can't be out here
making this man money,
and he won't even admit to
Doc just said we gonna
make a decision as a team.
Don't set yourself up as
a voice for Black America.
I'm speaking for myself.
For what it's worth,
Steph Curry said the Warriors
are down to boycott too.
Then let's do it. Sterling
says he makes the game?
What the fuck game he
talking about without nobody
- there to pick up the ball?
- It's not even about that.
I knew he felt like that.
The way he used to squeeze your arm
but to hear it
Makes you feel owned.
Yeah, man.
I can't play.
[JJ] Why are we even
pretending to debate this?
I'm not playing for that
racist troglodyte. Fuck him.
Okay. Right on, brother.
[CHUCKLES] I mean, can we all agree
if you can't say
"nigga", you can't vote?
What you don't think white dudes
should be pissed about this?
- This is my problem too, man.
- He got a point.
So how many games we gonna sit out?
One? The whole series?
Maybe more.
Until the league does
something about Sterling.
How about till racism ends?
[MATT] Yeah. Why is it on us?
Shit, Donald been treating
Black men like racehorses
since he bought the team in '81.
Wanna know where I was in
'81? In a fucking high chair.
So don't ask us to make a
statement about something
that nobody gave a
shit about for 30 years.
Why don't we ask David Stern why he
never did anything as commissioner?
Why don't we ask the fans
why they kept buying tickets?
Why don't we ask the other owners?
Why don't we ask white people?
They don't give a
fuck about fixing racism
- and we can't fix it
- JJ give a fuck.
Okay, CP. One white man gives
a fuck. How's that gonna
Give us a minute?
We're having a meeting.
Sir, this room has been reserved
for an auction. We got
Can you give us ten
fucking minutes? Please.
If we go out there,
my kids gonna ask me
why I'm playing for a man
who smiled in my face while saying all
those disgusting things behind my back.
But if we let him take
everything we done grinding for?
I don't want them to see me
give that up. I wanna win.
I wanna win. I wanna
win. I wanna fucking win!
I want my ring, man.
Want my fucking ring, yo.
And I know y'all mad. I get that.
I don't know.
What you gonna do, Blake?
Man, we know you don't wanna
piss off Doritos or Kia,
whoever else is paying you.
[BLAKE] You know I'm under
a different kind of pressure.
Did your lawyer call
you 19 times this morning
talking about contractual obligations?
Did your PR team tell you
the risks of doing something
America doesn't like?
Donald thinks he owns us.
Everybody thinks they own me.
Think I like letting strangers
pet me, tell me what to do?
- [DOC] Need you to do something.
- Think I have a fucking choice?
But if we don't play,
doesn't Donald win?
[DEANDRE] Bubs, what
are you talking about?
Don't you think that we gotta
respond to his shit somehow?
What do you want me to do, DJ?
You want me to post a
black square on Instagram?
No! I want you to agree
to not play tomorrow.
Why do you want this nigga to
be a civil rights leader so bad?
He already has a fucking job.
[JAMAL] Because people look up to us!
Black kids look up to us!
Or that only matter if
we taking their money?
Y'all motherfuckers do
what you want. I'm out.
Hey, hey, hey. Guys, come on.
Come on, sit down.
You are all correct.
We shouldn't play and we should.
It's an impossible choice, and
we shouldn't have to make it.
I wanna show you something.
Look at this.
Jesse Owens, 1936.
Nazis everywhere he looked,
and he won four gold medals.
[DOC] Tommie Smith, John Carlos.
Mexico City in '68.
Those fists shook the damn world.
We can do that.
But we gotta do it like they did.
We gotta win first.
You wanna prove Donald wrong?
You got something to say?
Say it from that platform.
Say it as champions.
Show that you can succeed
even through the
the hurt, the insults.
That nothing can stop you from winning.
The world will hang on to
every damn word you say.
Yeah, Doc. I'm with that.
How about y'all?
Yeah, I'm with y'all.
But can we agree to
protest or do something
and not go out there act
like this shit didn't happen?
Shit, I have an idea.
[DONALD] What is she doing here?
I invited her to join us for dinner.
She happened to be in town.
She happens to be anywhere
free food is served.
Justine, over here.
[ANDY] Belle San Fran.
They call it the Paris of the West.
[DONALD] Oh, please.
Not a neighborhood you can
get into under a million,
and the bums are spreading
lice on every block.
[SERVER] The orange roughy.
Oh. Did you know that the orange roughy
didn't use to be a food fish?
Guess what it was called.
Slime head.
I don't want you eating off my plate,
and neither does Andy.
- That's why he ordered the slime head.
- No, no, no. Not at all. I just
One time, a table of
eight all ordered halibut
just because Donald
doesn't like it. [CHUCKLES]
What's with you, a second menopause?
Like you would have a clue.
You know that it's called "feseling".
It's an attention-seeking behavior.
Toddlers do it.
That summer I spent with you,
he took a cherry Yoplait
right outta my hand
just because I didn't wanna
chat at the breakfast table.
Was that around the time that
Tim left you for what's-her-name
with the gigantic rump?
Anyway, I saw sea lions off
the Embarcadero this morning.
They really do bark.
He took some amazing
pictures. [CHUCKLES]
You know what I find amazing?
The way we all sit here
and blah, blah, blah
like our whole world isn't burning down.
Oh, please, because somebody's
talking on the Internet?
What should we do?
Hide under the covers?
Well, we shouldn't live in denial.
[GASPS] We shouldn't put out a statement
saying a voice that is obviously yours
belongs to someone else.
Who says it's me?
Where's the proof?
I say it's you. I said
it to the investigator.
And you made me look like a liar.
Well, I can't help it if
you say something stupid.
Oh, wow.
The emperor's new clothes.
You walk around with your willy out,
and you think everyone's staring
because they're impressed.
[MOCKINGLY] "It's my world."
Eighty years old and the only
people to keep him company
- are a fella on his payroll
- Oh.
and a woman who made
a vow for better, for worse.
- Stop!
- Shut the fuck up!
Or what?
It's slippers.
I understand you have gout.
His look when you laughed
in his face. Et tu, Shelly?
Oh, I hate the way I get with him.
He doesn't bring out anyone's best.
[SIGHS] Aren't you just
exhausted by it all?
Spending your whole life
orbiting the toxic octopus.
- [JUSTINE] Honey, don't cry.
Nah. I have a splitting headache.
I shouldn't have tasted the red.
[GRUNTS] Here.
I know you think therapy is a scam,
but this is classic codependency.
- Tim was just like Donald.
Take, take, take.
After we split up, I
Me and Donald aren't splitting up.
Well, I-I just mean that the next time
Donald straps a bomb to his chest,
you can just walk away.
Good afternoon, Miss Marks.
Uh, pardon the disturbance on a Sunday.
I was wondering if it would be possible
to reschedule the home
visit without delaying
adoption proceedings
overmuch? If feasible?
[MISS MARKS] My next
available is July 9th.
Oh, um, I'll just stick
with what I have then.
I I wanted to make
sure that recent
Um, some recent publicity I've received
won't negatively affect the adoption.
[MISS MARKS] This is Los
Angeles, Miss Stiviano.
Being a public figure doesn't
make you unfit to be a parent.
- Oh.
Thank you so much, Miss
Marks. Peace and love.
What do you think if
I drape it like that?
- Gaga already did that.
- It's referential.
Where are the boys?
Lucy took them to Magic Mountain.
Good. Paps are out in full force,
like you got Britney
Spears stashed in here
shaving Lindsay Lohan.
I haven't been outside yet.
[DEJA] Have you been
outside your bedroom?
'Cause the entourage you ordered
off Craigslist has set up shop.
Well, I needed staff.
Logistics, security. [CHUCKLES]
- And Sonic the Hedgehog?
This is Bram. He does PR.
Bram, could you give us a minute?
I thought you wanted
to go to Pampered Hands.
Our appointment's not for an hour.
Are you gonna put out a statement?
The tape came out two days
ago. Don't you wanna
When did you have those made?
A while ago. Put it on.
Um. [SCOFFS] No.
[V] Know that you have been chosen
to be part of something very
special. This is a movement.
My ladies who got their own cash ♪
Know how to swing their hips fast ♪
Back and forth to the beat ♪
Don't sleep, girl ♪
Show 'em how you work that ass ♪
Fellas who keep that shit on lock ♪
- [PAPARAZZO 5] Over here!
[PAPARAZZO 6] Here she comes!
Fuck a two-step we break sweats ♪
Coming through. Coming through.
Somethin' bigger for you ♪
Go, V.
their lady rocked ♪
Fuck a two-step ♪
We break sweats ♪
Because we're so damn hot ♪
My ladies who got their own cash ♪
Know how to swing their hips fast ♪
Back and forth to the beat ♪
Don't sleep, girl ♪
Show 'em how ♪
You work that ass ♪
Fellas who keep that ish on lock ♪
And know how to
keep their lady rocked ♪
Fuck a two-step ♪
We break sweats ♪
Because we're so damn hot ♪
[REPORTER 1] The woman
on the receiving end
of Donald Sterling's racist rant
ventured out today on roller skates.
We're not sure what
message she's sending,
but, clearly, she's having fun
- amidst the firestorm she started.
- [V] Where are you going?
We're going to 1 Oak.
We don't get into 1 Oak.
I will now.
Don't be upset you're not
the famous one anymore.
[DEJA] You're not the
good kind of famous.
There's no such thing.
People act like it's wrong to want fame.
You think anyone who's
famous didn't wanna be famous?
Do you think Meryl Streep
didn't want to be famous?
God, you're always acting like
you have something to teach me,
but you never did
anything big like I did.
You were a VJ for a couple years.
No one remembers you.
Bram doesn't know who you are.
Bram doesn't even know any
of those celebrities you blew.
You were hired on a show.
I started something.
Why won't you come out
and say Donald's a racist?
What are you talking
about? Look at my Instagram.
bethechange ♪nohate.
You are a Black woman.
Why won't you say it hurts
to hear him talk about us like that?
You weren't hurt when he was buying
your spicy meatballs at RockSugar.
When he bought you a
Louis Vuitton coin purse.
There isn't a soul in America
who hasn't earned
from a Donald Sterling.
That's the way it is.
I never judged you.
But if you're gonna put out
a tape, let's talk about it.
Let's talk about the
Klansman in the room.
I didn't put it out.
I didn't release the tape.
You didn't release the
tape because, let's see,
if you had released it,
your racist boyfriend
would never take your ass back.
And that's why, yeah, you are
the worst possible messenger
because his racist shit still
isn't a deal breaker for you.
I'm paying you.
Go back to guarding middle
school dances, you beefy fuck!
You think Virgil's gonna
protect you from the Sterlings?
You're feeling yourself right now,
but once you get done
playing Roller Girl,
the Sterlings are gonna teach you
what real power can do.
Put that on a stupid fucking hat.
[CROWD] Racist Sterling.
[CROWD] Racist Sterling.
- [CROWD] Racist Sterling.
- [PERSON] You guys shouldn't even be here.
He should be forced to sell the team.
He fouled out!
[CROWD] Racist Sterling.
[CROWD] Racist Sterling.
- [JOURNALIST 1] Do we have an audio tech?
- [JOURNALIST 2] This is it.
As you can see behind me, the
Clippers are arriving on their bus now.
Ignore these fools. Let me handle 'em.
See y'all in the locker room.
Let's go.
[PLAYER 1] All right. Here we go.
[PLAYER 2] Yeah.
[REPORTER 2] Do you have any
comments for us here at ESPN?
[REPORTER 4] How are you feeling?
Coach! Coach!
JJ, what are your thoughts on
Man, I'm trying to do
20 minutes twice a day.
That's what David Lynch does.
You don't get the mental
benefit if you don't do it.
Can you at least give me five minutes?
Don't think I can.
This is Doc.
[ASSISTANT] Hello, Mr. Rivers.
Please hold for President Obama.
All right, listen up.
Pay attention. [SNIFFS]
We got this. [SNIFFS]
We move the ball. We communicate.
We stay in the moment. We are one.
- [PLAYER 3] All right.
- All right, come on.
Clips on the three.
One, two, three.
[ALL] Clips!
[JOURNALIST 3] Doc, how
are the players feeling
in the wake of the Sterling revelations?
Our guys have phones.
Everybody's calling 'em,
telling 'em what to do,
and what they usually hear is,
"You need to get more shots."
You know, "Doc is a terrible coach."
We talked it over.
They came to a decision.
We are going to play.
so many people are urging you
to confront Sterling's
racism with a boycott.
What kind of message does it send
Our message is that we
are not going to let anyone
stop us from what we want to do.
- Our message is to play.
- Thanks, guys.
- What do you feel like?
- Doc.
- [JOURNALIST 6] One more, Doc.
- [JOURNALIST 7] Come on, Doc.
- [JOURNALIST 8] Yeah, Doc.
[DOC] No, you talk to him!
Tell me he is not coming
to the game tonight!
I hear you. Let me just
Where's the span that fell
down in the earthquake?
Did they fix it?
Oh, yes. Amazingly, sir,
only one motorist was
killed in that collapse.
Turn your fucking car around,
go back to the hotel, and stay there.
Oh, well, we're almost
at the Bay Bridge, so
So get out and walk!
Jump in the water! I don't care!
Imagine being the one sucker
killed under hundreds
of tons of concrete.
Tell him,
"If you come here, I will physically
I will physically fight you!"
- Well, that's a little extreme.
- [DOC] I'm feeling very extreme!
I am extremely serious, Andy!
- If he comes here, there will be a riot!
- Certainly paints a picture.
[DOC] It is not safe for him here.
- [ANDY] Okay, U-turn. U-turn!
Uh, Shelly is coming,
too, in a different car.
Why would she do that?
I mean, what is this?
Shitstorm Whack-A-Mole?
Want me to threaten her too?
No, no, no.
No, be nice.
This is an awful situation for her too.
She didn't do anything wrong.
Get her some seats on an upper deck.
Ask her to understand she
cannot be courtside tonight.
My guys are under a lot of pressure,
and they don't need any further
reminders of Donald today. Okay?
[ANNOUNCER] Brought to you by Kia.
Going somewhere, buy the Kia Optima.
Here we go.
[MATT] Watch this, commissioner.
[ANNOUNCER] Bill, with
the world watching,
the Clippers enter
the court for warm-ups.
Many who wish for a boycott
have voiced their frustration online.
Ha-Hang on now. They're
They're taking off their sweatshirts.
- What is all this?
- [ANNOUNCER] appears to be inside out.
Why are they wearing
their shirts like that?
[ANNOUNCER] These athletes seem
to be saying they will not wear
the team's logo tonight, in protest
of owner Donald
Sterling's racist remarks.
[REPORTER 5] urging
- What's wrong with you?
- I'm just seeing is
is there a baseball or a hockey thing?
Did it hit?
You think they got it?
If they got it,
they about to be really fucking confused
when we put the logo back on to play.
Let's just focus.
Come on, let's warm up.
Are you supposed to, um,
put your purse on the floor?
- Yeah, it'll be fine.
- Okay.
- Oops.
- Oh.
[SHELLY] Thanks, honey.
You know, I'm a Blake Griffin fan too.
- I know him.
- You do?
Would you like to meet
him after the game?
- What? You for real?
- Sure.
Go home, racist!
You all are talking to a racist!
That's Mrs. Donald Sterling!
Yeah, I said it. Don't act like you
don't know what I'm talking about.
We're gonna lose.
It's gonna be bad.
What's the hold up? Ain't you
got some place to be, Coach?
What's going on? Why
aren't you guys boarding?
Hi, Doc! What a rough game.
What are you doing, Shelly?
We're all going back to the
hotel, aren't we? And then
Yeah, but you have never
been on the team bus before.
That can't be true.
Are you daring me to throw you off?
Let's go!
Hi, honey!
Don't worry. We'll get them game five.
Clippers got dick stomped.
David! Can you not?
I'm saying, your tape
messed these guys up.
[COMMENTATOR 2] Here are the
Clippers and Warriors game highlights
from earlier today.
118-97 victory tonight,
the Golden State Warriors
tie the series at 2-2.
[COMMENTATOR 4] You know,
the Warriors really came out
looking like they wanted to
Um, if somebody hacks me,
can family court or, like,
the Sterlings' lawyers,
can they use that or
subpoena my computer files?
I'm just gonna be real with you. Um.
You're famous now,
and celebrities have no
business being on the cloud.
[COMMENTATOR 3] Coach Jackson
really did a great job
[BRAM] But, girl, you're trending.
We should make the most out of it.
Are you single?
- [PAPARAZZO 8] What's the turtle for?
- [PAPARAZZO 9] Are you speaking to Donald?
[PAPARAZZO 10] Miss Stiviano.
[PAPARAZZO 11] V, do you have
any comments about the tape?
- Miss Stiviano.
Who are you?
[V] I'm the next US president.
[PAPARAZZO 13] Miss Stiviano.
[V] Why was it two hours? I
thought it was only a cleaning.
[DONALD] Cracked filling, he said.
Oh, he drilled through my very soul.
[V] Should we go straight
to the open house?
[V] Why is the money a big secret?
You wanna buy a home
for my family. So what?
[DONALD] Shelly wouldn't understand.
- [V] But the duplex is mine, right?
- [DONALD] Just take the cashier's check
and rub my foot.
[DONALD] Your sister must be jealous
you got the fabulous body in the family,
or is she not your real sister?
[V] We have the same mother.
All my siblings are Mexican,
but God made me Black.
[CHUCKLES] I never met my father.
I don't know, I guess I don't
[DONALD] Isn't it funny?
The vast majority of white people
don't think about color at all,
but you're obsessed.
That stuff you put on your skin,
is it to make you white?
[V] It's hard to feel good
about myself sometimes.
[DONALD] What's hard about
it? You don't even look
You don't look Black at all.
Tell me why? Tell
me why? Tell me why? ♪
Mmm, why can't we live together? ♪
Tell me why? Tell me why? ♪
Mmm, why can't we live together? ♪
Everybody wants to live together ♪
Why can't we live together? ♪
No more wars, no
more wars, no more war ♪
Mmm, just a little
peace in this world ♪
No more wars, no more war ♪
All we want is
some peace in this world ♪
Everybody wants to live together ♪
Why can't we live together? ♪
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