Clique (2017) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

Are you guys minted off these internships, or what? What sort of work do you do there? Coffees and photocopying.
People are going to say stupid things about Fay.
But if you knew her, you knew Fay was strong.
Are you one of them? You've offered me your advice, so I'm taking it.
That is Lukas Steiner.
Steiner was Fay's catch.
So, they're competing for her job? You're not like them! Did anyone tell you what happened to Fay? Get her the fuck out of here.
Who did this? They were my friends.
But you fell out? Because of what you did? Why did you come tonight? I want in.
So, you're in.
What? You heard me.
She's here with me now.
Yeah, the new intern.
No problem.
Sorry, if you could just take a seat? Oh, wait.
This was couriered in for you this morning.
So, your first week's just about getting to know the company and what the different departments do.
After that, you'll be placed where we think you're best suited.
Now, the boss lives up there.
So, you're going to see the bigger clients go up and the employees attached to their accounts, but apart from that, it's out of bounds, OK? Sure.
Can I just leave you to it from here? I've got a seriously fucking busy morning ahead.
Yeah, of course.
Oh, Holly.
Bonne chance.
Well, fuck me! McStay! Who? You can bugger off, I'm busy now.
Come on, then.
So, you'll need to set up your work e-mail and then go through the ridiculous Health and Safety videos.
Come find me when you're done, yeah? Are you missing lectures? It depends how late I need to stay.
Let Jude know.
She'll talk to your professors and get the heat taken off, OK? Are you one of them? What's your name? Hello? 'Stalking me at work?' 'You could have just called me, you know.
' Where are you? 'It's perfect.
' 'I can see you from my desk.
' Gross.
Office clothes really suit you.
I look like someone's mother.
No mother I know.
When do you do lunch? Rory? Rory? This way, please.
What were the police here for? James Buxton.
Apparently, his family can't get hold of him.
He's missing? This isn't like other internships, is it? Nope.
Are you clever? Not top-of your-sixth-form clever, I mean, properly clever? Probably not like you, Louise.
Well, I'm not so good at the other stuff.
Hate me less now? Other stuff? Relationship management.
I've always wanted to be on the Steiner account.
Just never been given the chance.
Slacking off already, girls? Just giving Holly the run-through.
Good to see you, Holly.
Feeling all right? Yeah, I think so.
Sorry about the fundraiser.
Oh, God, don't worry.
We've all been there, believe me.
Is Steiner in today? Yep.
On my way to him now.
I'm free We're fine, thanks, Louise.
He's probably just I don't know what's a test and what isn't with him.
Come in, Elizabeth.
Come in! Hello.
What are you writing? Documenting your betrayal.
What? I told you that information in good faith.
About the girls? Elizabeth, that's not how I got in.
Don't think you could argue it didn't give you an advantage.
I'm sorry.
You can still try for it.
No, thanks, I've actually started to doubt their commitment to student welfare.
I think that's probably smart.
So, why are you doing it? It's complicated.
Actually complicated or just something you don't want to talk to me about? I need to figure out what's going on.
What Georgia's doing.
No-one's even talking about Fay.
I'm guessing they're probably embarrassed by their lack of provisions for intern stress.
You don't get it.
You know, it's weird.
I hear that a lot.
But I tend to be right.
I actually tend to be pretty on the money.
All right.
What, you're glad you got in cos you think it's cool and you want to be cool and cos it drives you round the twist that they thought Georgia was cooler than you? Think what you like, Elizabeth.
I will.
I'm sorry, OK? I know you wanted the internship.
It's French knitting.
Hello? Knock-knock.
Feels weird, right? I didn't realise how shit my stuff is.
Don't worry.
This was Fay's room, wasn't it? It's just a room.
I know.
Seriously, forget it, OK? Any advice for the newbie? Just work your tits off all the time! Don't borrow Phoebe's clothes.
She'll cut you.
And don't sleep with Louise.
Straight girls having a go at gay makes her sad.
Keep your head.
I mean it.
Why did she do it? I don't know.
Stupid bitch.
Best friends.
They fuck you every time.
Yours is particularly Yeah, isn't she? Bless her.
I don't.
I might kill her.
Jude comes on Mondays.
To the house? Yeah.
It's just dinner, mentoring stuff.
Come for a drink first.
Rachel? I know we're not that close, but I want you to know that I'm always here, if you want to talk about About Fay, you know? You'd have liked each other.
I'm sure we would.
She got it, like you.
Huh? I'm home! Rachel? Alistair thought James went his parents', but he didn't show.
Where's Georgia? She stayed with Charlie after work.
He told me he was going for drinks with the boys.
Clever little Georgia.
Oh, she's blatantly gate-crashed boys' night.
So? So, we weren't invited.
Why not? They think we're going to report them to HR for making a misogynist joke.
What? They're scared of us? Absolutely.
They're scared they get hauled up for sexual harassment, or gender slurs, or mansplaining, or whatever great injustice the internet mafia has gone mad about this week.
Those are real things, though.
Yes, they are.
But I think we're teaching women to expect them at every turn.
Class every man as a misogynist, you just end up creating more actual misogynists.
Stay away from internet comment sections, Jude.
Just a heads up.
Apologies for not being constantly offended enough for today's feminist argument.
So, what is your argument? How do you expect to be in the thick of things professionally if you're not there for the conversation? Oh, come on.
Georgia's not there talking about work.
She's probably in the toilets sucking someone's dick.
Someone like Charlie Lamont-Smith? No.
That's different.
Busted! Isn't I'm not criticising you, Phoebe, I'm just pointing out that two consenting adults who are working and sleeping together can sometimes be a productive combination.
So I forgot the day.
Don't worry, come.
You missed us cruelly intruding on Phoebe's love life.
Love life? She'd be lucky.
Pot? Kettle? Racist? OK, so fuck 'em and then have a post-coital chat about the markets? Talk to them.
Don't treat them like predators.
Then, if you feel like having sex with them, that's entirely your own business You're not breathing out, you're not breathing out.
I know.
It doesn't make sense, but you need to blow the air away, OK? You need to blow the air away.
Breathe with me, it's OK, it's OK.
Shh! Shh! Breathe with me.
We're alone.
This will stop soon, OK? We're alone and this will stop soon.
Not now.
This will stop soon.
This will stop soon.
George, what's happened? I'm OK, I just Panic attack.
You got the Steiner account.
Didn't you? What? Fay's spot, you got it.
Are you going to be a dick about it? George, this is Really amazing.
I know.
It's a big deal, but I think I'm ready.
Really? I knew you'd be a dick about it.
It's just Stuff's happening for me, Holly.
Don't you fucking ruin it, OK? Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush.
You all right? She's in your head all the time, isn't she? Not all the time.
Try to have fun.
This is your time too, remember? Hey! Come on! Aw! You've never kissed me like that! Charlie, don't start! Sorry! Making me jealous, boy! Sam, hi.
Are you working here? It appears so, yeah.
Are you going to order a drink or? Yeah, sorry.
Erm Can I get two mescals, please? You got into character quickly.
Sorry? Ordering banker drinks.
Am I? Look like one, too.
I'm so sorry to offend you with my dress.
You're not like them.
Do you know them? I know you.
No, you don't.
You fucked me once.
It's not the same.
Talking like them as well now.
Don't be a pussy.
Problem? Trying to have a conversation, actually.
Who with? I thought you were getting me a glass of Prosecco.
Cos it's your job? To be fair, I should have seen it coming.
I know you fucked me to get one over on your best mate.
Being a brutal bitch is clearly something you already had down.
Sorry, Georgia.
You need some new friends.
George You and him? You desperate bitch.
I'm so sorry, I don't know what Cheer up, you two! Stop wetting yourself, I don't care.
It was a totally stupid thing to do.
Yeah, it was.
Skanky too, but whatever.
It's not the time for this shite anyway.
I got it, by the way.
Got what? I'm on the Steiner account.
You? And Charlie boy.
We're going to Vienna on Friday.
Amazing, right? Fuck it, let's just have a shot.
Shut up, Charlie.
You knew that spot was meant for Lou.
Lou Guys! Speak for yourself! Come on, Holly.
There's only four seats.
I'll go on your lap.
You can't, it's illegal.
Come on.
You won't mind You won't mind? Charlie, you look after your new sidekick.
Maybe he wanted someone a bit more fun! Yes! Look at her fucking shapes.
You were in the cupboard with Charlie.
Yeah, whilst I was out there asking about his stupid wife and kids and McStay! Don't hover.
Come in.
Are you OK? Yeah, you guys OK? We are all right.
Aren't we, Lou? Yeah.
I'm really sorry.
I know you wanted that job.
It just doesn't make sense.
I mean I can't believe that Charlie didn't tell me.
She's totally unqualified, I just don't get it.
We don't really know her, Lou.
I know she's your best mate.
I don't know what we are right now.
She's different.
I don't get why Jude picked her.
Was Fay the first intern to work on that account? She's the reason Solasta's still got the account.
Alistair couldn't get over it.
They came for that big bonus, do you remember? She was so happy.
But that changed, right? Was it something to do with James? James? No.
They were friends.
I thought they were together.
I mean, they fucked a couple of times, nothing major.
Are you sure? She was our friend, Holly.
I know, but she obviously wasn't telling you guys absolutely everything.
I'm going to go to bed.
Yeah, I think we all should.
I'm sorry, I Shh! Something's happening to you.
I'm going to find out.
What are you doing here? I don't know.
' I told you to wait for me.
What did he say? It doesn't matter any more.
Sorry, I was just Who the fuck are you? It's OK, she's just a random.
So, you can go back down.
'The Solasta internship is an assured first step in your careers, 'and we make no bones about throwing candidates in at the deep end.
'We want Solasta interns to excel in this business, 'show their talents, and express themselves.
' Hey.
Who are these guys? Just a case study.
I always knew you were keen.
Do interns do Know Your Customer checks? Sometimes.
With supervision.
And those are to check that your client's kosher, right? To check they're not dodgy or funding terrorists or whatever? Uh-huh.
So, technically you could fake that report? If a client was dodgy but you wanted them to be your client anyway? I mean, it's technically possible And that client, the dodgy one, they'd pay you, right? For covering for them.
Who are we talking about here? No-one.
I've heard of it.
It's easy money, right? For the company.
Before you've even signed your client, you've collected a little bonus.
But that would be fraud.
I don't know anyone who'd take that risk.
Who'd be willing to put themselves on the line like that.
Even if it came from above? You've got a weird imagination, McStay.
Just curious.
Just be careful.
It's a weird thing to say out loud.
I'll see you at home.
Jude? Oh, you're not dead, then? Sorry? You skipped my tutorial.
The girls said there was some leeway if you were doing an internship too.
So, you were at Solasta? No.
What's going on? I found something out.
About Solasta and about Fay.
I think Fay was being made to do something weird with accounts.
Something that jeopardised her personally.
Fay had a lot more going on than just that job.
Bigger things than being made liable for fraud? You've just started working.
It's finance, there might be a few tricks here and there.
That's not what I mean.
Then, what do you mean? Get in the car.
Why? Just get in! Jude? Oh, hello.
Holly has something she'd like to talk to you about.
What? Sit down.
Holly is convinced that someone made Fay commit fraud.
I'm sorry? You think she was doing what? I think she was collecting money for doing it.
From clients who had something to conceal.
And I think she was doing it for you.
Alistair? What do you mean? I'm new to this world, Mr McDermid.
But I watched someone who was so determined to die that she tried to kill herself twice in one night.
Now, we can all bang on, like the press, about how Fay was overworked and stressed, but we both know Fay was scared.
The stakes were a lot higher than that.
Thank you, Holly.
I think you may have said enough.
Did you know Fay? Before, I mean.
The things that have been said about her, they're not funeral platitudes.
She really was extraordinary.
You're right about the accounts.
She was forging all new customer reports in return for money.
What? But you're wrong about the origin.
She was committing fraud on your watch.
Making thousands.
Yes, but for herself, Holly.
Not for me.
She'd signed the reports off in my name.
When did you find out? Just after she died.
I told the police.
Why didn't you tell me? She made a crazy choice, Jude.
But we both know Fay was a talented girl.
Maybe I gave her too much authority.
And James Buxton? He was doing it with her.
He may have even been the one to start it.
I think that's why he's gone off-grid.
Jesus Christ.
I don't want this coming out.
I don't want people who don't get it, to feel confused about who she was.
Understand? I'm sorry, I didn't realise.
No, it's all right.
You're doing exactly what we ask you girls to do.
Think for yourself, look into things.
I was just worried about Georgia.
You don't need to be worried about Georgia, you know.
She's doing incredibly well.
Be pleased for her, OK? Holly, I think maybe Jude and I need some time to talk.
Yeah, of course.
I appreciate it, Holly.
Your discretion.
Start talking.
What are you doing here? I could ask you the same question.
Trying to catch up, been a bit distracted the past few days.
You're worried about James? Maybe he'll feel better with a bit of time off.
I just wish he'd pick up his phone.
Trust me, I know the feeling.
Ah! Fuck this.
It's Friday.
Are you here to get ahead of the curve or something? Just needed to sort something out.
It's done now.
What something? Doesn't matter.
Vague, much? I had a question, it was answered, that's it.
Mystery woman.
That's fine.
It's kind of hot, actually.
Oh, I'm sorry! It's OK.
Is Georgia in? She's in her room, I think.
I just need to I'll be right back.
Have a drink with Rachel? Sure.
You're seriously going to make him wait in the kitchen? Not for long.
I never knew someone who needs to get laid more than you.
I like it when you're happy.
I'm kind of busy.
I can see that.
My flight leaves at nine.
I just wanted to come and tell you that I'm going to leave you alone.
And I'm sorry for chasing you about.
I'm happy for you.
You're happy for me? Trying to be.
I'm going to concentrate on myself, like you said, OK? Good.
That's good.
I guess we're just not that close any more.
Maybe that's OK.
Maybe we need it.
Yeah, maybe.
I just I'm still me.
I'm still here.
'One male, mid-to-late 20s.
ID reads as a Mr James Buxton.