Close to Home: Murder in the Coalfield (2022) s01e04 Episode Script

Leere Hände, leere Herzen

[ominous music playing]
[dramatic tone]
[girl yelling]
[flies buzzing]
[upbeat music playing]
Days turn into weeks
When you so far from me ♪
I tell myself ♪
You're so precious for me ♪
I love you ♪
I love you ♪
Time after time
When I'm thinking of you ♪
I realize all things that we'll do ♪
I love you ♪
I love you ♪
There's been another wolf sighting.
Down in Schwarzheide.
Just showed up at a farm one night.
Now the farmer doesn't dare
go to his pigs after dark.
- Just shoot them.
- You're not allowed.
[groaning] I gotta get going.
Being in love ♪
You are the one I'm dreaming of ♪
I love you ♪
I love you ♪
[sighing] What do you
have against Florian?
I'm just doing my job.
I need to know what's going on here.
A girl is dead, Dani. 17.
That's what's going on.
Can we?
- You wanna be there?
- What kind of question is that?
Well, you are biased.
- Just let me ask the questions.
- Yeah, yeah.
they were partying it up by the lake.
And they made a fire,
despite all the safety warnings
posted everywhere.
And they didn't clean up their trash,
of course [laughing].
According to our information,
that scene was going on at the old pool.
They don't hang out by the lake anymore.
Because you called the police so often.
I don't know any old pool.
- They're completely shameless.
- And that annoyed you.
- What do you mean? It's our land.
- The land belongs to the city.
No, listen, fact is,
the land belongs to the city,
and they commissioned us to develop
the properties there.
The "House by the lake" development
has the right to deny access to anyone,
which we totally adhere to.
- Who is "we"?
- I am. In my role as managing director.
And have you had any other contact
with Ramona Schinschke?
[ominous music playing]
- No, what's all this about?
- Sir, just answer the question.
I'm "sir" now too?
[music continues]
We found the dead girl's fingerprints
in your car.
Well, maybe I left the car unlocked.
Could be.
[snorting, gasping]
Yeah, and one time 20 euros went missing
from the center console. That's right.
The girl wants to steal money
from the car,
so she climbs in through the sunroof.
How stupid do you think we are?
Do you think you can please
keep your colleague in line over there?
you put a lot of time and energy
into cleaning your car recently.
You even disinfected the seats.
Yeah right, well I don't like spores,
viruses or infection.
I'm crazy about that stuff.
You can spare us the irony.
It's best if you just tell us the facts.
[exhaling sharply]
I think I better call my lawyer.
I want him to leave. He's biased.
So you walked all the way over
to our house?
I don't want to go there.
- Where?
- I wanna stay with you.
Did you tell mom you're here?
The woman said I have
to go somewhere else.
But I don't want to.
Who said that? The black?
You'll be staying with us for now.
And then we'll see.
You go check on Jenny.
We'll make it work, won't we, big guy?
Come on, I need your help with something.
[ominous music playing]
[indistinct chattering on radio]
This is Wolff, hello?
The district attorney. For you.
Ms. Seifert? Gottknecht here.
I was in Leipzig.
No. We haven't met yet.
Thank you.
Regina Tornow, the scrap dealer,
called because your junkie
showed up again.
Patrol cars' on its way.
Yeah, I understand.
Thank you.
We're back to square one.
Schavadenov is out,
Langendorff can also go home.
Ramona was in his car,
but probably not the day she died.
The fingerprints match,
but not the fibers.
And we didn't find any nice,
sleek dog hair either.
Oliver Bartko, is no longer a suspect.
So he'll be out on parole.
He won't stick to parole conditions,
we already know that.
So what exactly did I miss here?
You normally protect your buddy any way
you can. And now?
Well, in that clinic, there's a therapist.
Maybe she'd be good for him.
I hope so, for him.
His inner organs are perfectly healthy.
Thyroid readings are okay.
T3, T4 normal. TSH minimally increased.
Despite the sedatives,
he can hardly stand it in here.
Has he an MRI yet?
The Bartkos are Sorbs so they stuborn.
You won't be able to get him in that tube.
He'll take apart the machine.
- You know him?
- His history, yip.
As a child,
he was lowered down a ventilation shaft.
A girl had fallen down. 40 meters down.
He was chosen because he was so thin.
So they just tied him to a winch
with a rope, and down he went.
[people screaming]
And the girl?
It was over for her.
For him, too, after that.
[indistinct chattering]
I want to know everything about him.
It's rare to see a complex trauma
like that.
He'd be suitable for our study,
don't you think?
He won't participate.
Jenny! Open the door!
- What do you want?
- The boy's with me.
- [chuckling] He's over at the shelter.
- Have you looked at the time?
- Come on, let me in.
- [sighing]
[sighing] You don't even notice
that the boy's gone.
Are you telling me I'm a shitty mother,
or what?
Take a look around.
Remember the first time?
You said I could trust you.
[ominous music playing]
André, I need some.
Get off.
You need help.
Just for today.
Just to get through the day somehow.
Come on, give me something.
Come on.
Ramona is dead.
Know what that's like for a mother?
You can't even imagine, huh?
Take a look at yourself, you monster.
This is all your fault. And that's why,
you'll give me a gram.
- You're giving me a gram! Do it!
- No!
One has her money, one has her bike.
One has her fingerprints in their car.
One pulled her out of the lake,
but didn't throw her in.
Yeah, but he doesn't have a car,
a dog or a motive. We've got nothing.
What I don't understand is:
Florian Langendorff actually filed
a complaint, and not just him.
At the pool, too,
there was constantly trouble,
the police even had to come.
Yeah, and?
Nothing. That's what's strange.
All filled and registered.
And by who?
Pötschke seems to show a lively interest
in the progress of our investigation.
He sure likes poking his nose
in my laptop.
Yeah, well, he knew Ramona.
A little too well maybe.
Here. Everything
from the last couple months.
Disturbing the peace, November fourth.
Violation of the narcotics act,
January 26th.
Criminal damage, May sixth.
Ramona Schinschke in each case.
These are repeated incidents,
including at 20 Peace,
but none amount to anything.
Her drugs are probably from the same batch
as the ones he confiscated.
Could be a coincidence.
Pötschke rides
a pretty expensive motorcycle.
- [sighing]
- [dramatic music playing]
You can turn around right now,
Dustin isn't here.
Hello, Mr. Pötschke.
- And he's not going anywhere.
- Says who?
Says me. I'm his father.
Well, congratulations.
I'm so happy you remember your son.
I'm especially happy for Dustin,
but for you as well.
- Just stay out of it.
- It doesn't work like that.
You have to acknowledge
your paternity in writing.
- The mother has to agree.
- The mother will agree.
Where's the boy now?
No tickling! Stop it! No!
You're soft like a bed.
Where's Mona now?
- I don't know.
- In Bulgaria?
Why in Bulgaria?
She wanted to go with me and Juri
to the sea somewhere.
She's not there. Is she?
Where she is now is nice, too.
Everything is peaceful and quiet.
It's possible that it looks like Bulgaria.
Who knows?
Your dark Passats.
So far, all dead ends.
You want me to say good job?
- Don't give me the stink eye.
- Me, stink eye?
[sighing] Okay, you saw him,
and you saw his tattoo, his motorcycle,
and you judged him immediately.
Lower-class meathead.
Pötschi's a decent guy.
He's got a big heart. He's all right.
A big heart, huh?
Well, I don't know anyone who
takes care of others the way he does.
His mother, for example.
He bought her a wheelchair.
She's not even
sick or paralyzed or anything.
She's just, she's just fat.
Sometimes "fat" is another word
for "sick".
Yeah, sure. Just so you know,
Pötschi doesn't drive a Passat.
If we stick to the facts,
you seem to like.
[ominous music playing]
Welcome, Paola, from Italy.
- Hey, guys. Hey.
- Hi, Paola.
Good to have you here with us.
And welcome again to Hayley
from Climate Action Australia.
- Hi, Hayley.
- Hey.
She's joining forces with us.
Thanks to everybody supporting us, okay?
And now, let's get to work.
[all cheering, applauding]
Come now.
Florian packed his things,
sealed the containers by the lake,
and he's gone.
[soft music playing]
You should be happy to be rid of him.
He didn't fit in here, anyway.
Oh, honey.
Oh, mom.
We're all through here.
Her mother can her see her one last time,
and then she can be buried.
- Thank you, Leyla.
- See ya.
[sighing, groaning]
Maik. Whatever you want to say,
just save it.
Enjoy being right, and be quiet, okay.
He only bought coke from the girl.
Oh, yeah. It's better than you hoped,
is that it?
No, he cheated people
and forged credentials,
but he didn't kill her,
that's what I'm saying.
- Dani!
- No, just leave me alone!
- Dani.
- Let me be.
Hey, why are you so mad at me?
I'm not mad at you, I'm mad at myself!
I'm mad at me.
I'm feel so stupid.
I really believed something better
was in store for me
than this piece of shit town.
Don't say that.
Jackie doesn't even talk to me anymore,
I don't know what's going on with her,
what she thinks, what she feels.
I can't reach her anymore.
She doesn't talk to me.
[sobbing] I'm so dumb, Maik.
No, hey.
- Yes, I am.
- No. No.
I know I should have been there
for you more.
I know. Yeah, you idiot. [laughing]
I know.
Jackie, listen. We would
[ominous music playing]
We can't get into the strip mine.
So that's why we'll occupy
their next target for destruction:
the Luschka forest.
We'll engage their security
in many places all at once.
They won't have enough people
to be everywhere.
One group will block the access road.
Another will take the dirt road
from the East,
and one will cross the waste heap
into the forest from the west.
Yeah, but that's dangerous.
The ground there's unstable.
Life itself is dangerous.
Your old man.
[indistinct chattering]
A girl was murdered
in this area last week,
why aren't you listening to me, damn it?
- Your mother is worried.
- My Mother?
She's had nothing on her mind for months
except her new boyfriend
and the amazing trips she planned
once he's sold these properties
by the lake
to a bunch of people who are clueless.
Come on, get in.
He's got his bright light up at night ♪
And he's got his bright light up
At night all lit up, all lit up ♪
[indistinct singing continues]
[panting] Man, it's hot.
Come, come help your grandma.
Thank you.
Not so fast, now.
You imagine you had a sack of potatoes
on your back. No, two.
So much weight that you can barely walk.
That's how it is for me.
Then you have to get thinner, grandma.
Well, if you say so.
Then I guess I have to.
We just want you to tell us
where you are and what you're doing.
What's so difficult about that?
I can already tell you
what I'm not going to do.
Ever since I was a kid,
mom's wanted me to study in Paris.
But guess what,
I don't want to study in Paris, okay?
I want to live here, have a future here,
and I'm willing to fight for it.
Along with the others.
- It's fucked now. And we have to fix it.
- Then talk to us.
But how?
You shit on every choice I make.
You laugh at me for not eating sausage.
And think climate protection
is just some Greta bullshit.
And the young gen,
yeah, we the traitors now.
Because we say what everybody's thinking
but no one wants to hear.
- That isn't true.
- It is true, Maik.
You never take me seriously.
Honey, I'm sorry. Really.
Leave me alone.
But you're right.
Florian is gone, and he won't be back.
[Maik] Jackie, open up.
Our Jackie.
[Dani] Jackie, come on, let's talk.
She's been hanging out
with those radicals by the F-60.
Our coal miner's daughter.
[Dani] Jackie, open the door.
Coal miner's granddaughter. [chuckling]
[Dani] Jackie, please open the door.
I'm sorry.
[groaning] Well, it was 102 degrees again.
[Dani] Let's talk, please.
[ominous music playing]
[phone vibrating]
What do you want?
What the hell were you thinking?
Why did you throw us out?
Can't you read?
It's on the eviction notice.
Twenty Peace was a commercial lease.
And you were living there.
The owner complained about illegal usage
and breaking fire safety regulations.
Are you shitting me?
That never mattered before.
I need a little.
What's up?
[sniffing] Don't call me again. Ever.
Got it.
[music continues]
[Diana] Oh. Now you've done it.
[Dustin] Ha, ha, ha.
But that one's mine.
No, that one's mine. And this is mine.
And that's mine.
But you're shaking the table.
That's cheating.
I'm not shaking. You're shaking.
Na. Okay, who's shaking here?
[laughing] No.
I may only have one eye,
but I can see that much.
Ha, ha, ha. No, no, no.
But you were cheating.
- No, I'm not.
- Yes, you're cheating.
- No, you're cheating.
- No, I'm not cheating.
Yes, yes you are.
If he's siphoned ten,
twenty percent in just half these cases,
he's a rich man.
Pötschke's out on his own a lot,
does all his own paperwork.
He warns the outfit at 20 Peace,
with whom he's doing business,
then just for the records,
he has the premises searched.
Which turns up nothing.
Yes, Ms. Gottknecht,
I don't like him, either.
What about the drugs
in Ramona Schinschke's garage?
- Then why would he kill her?
- He had the junk; she had the customers.
Come on, what does that even prove?
Ramona wanted more. She threatened him.
Pötschke has a lot to lose.
That's just not enough to suspect
a colleague of murder.
On the day when we found Ramona,
Pötschke was there.
But not on duty.
Come on, Mr. Kessler. This way.
Uh-uh. Don't shut it,
I still have to log out.
You love all of these
bureaucratic regulations, don't you?
Bureaucracy is just.
Investigate and conclude without looking
at the person,
without cliques,
without blind spots, or relatives,
or any buddies.
Rules we all follow.
And so, what now?
We just let him get away?
No, but we need more.
Someone has to talk.
[woman over intercom] Doctor Max,
please go to OR 3
How are you?
I'm all right.
How's your hand?
Good. Thank you for asking.
Where did the cop go?
He's no longer needed.
- I'm no longer under guard?
- No.
Your good friend Liv confirmed your alibi.
Your DNA wasn't found
on the victim's body.
So, as soon as you're healthy,
you can go home.
You'll have to face charges
for dealing drugs.
But until then, your free.
And your all on your own.
[ominous music playing]
Don't tell anyone.
Do we understand each other?
Do we understand each other?
[wheezing, gasping]
That scares you, hm?
Listen, Juri. You could help us.
You were dealing, Ramona was dealing,
and you got the drugs from somewhere,
and you know who from.
That's the person we need.
You should looking
for my girlfriend's killer.
They could be one and the same.
If you help me, I can help you out.
You're young,
you'll get back on your feet.
You used to be an apprentice locksmith?
You could have a future,
here or somewhere else.
You smashed my face, Maik.
You sold drugs to my daughter.
Forget that?
I think that makes us even.
Think about it.
[ominous music playing]
She had the garage
next to the one where I was.
She was nice.
Brought me food every once in a while.
And that's how she was.
And in return, you stole from her.
I wanted to check everything was okay,
because the door was open!
Once everything checked out,
you stole the bike.
[music continues]
Tell me what you remember
from the Saturday before last.
I asked her for something to eat.
And she gave me some cash.
- And how much?
- Two euros.
And where was it?
In her jeans.
Ramona was wearing a skirt.
- No.
- Yeah.
[music continues]
[wood creaking]
Why only now?
None of your business.
Your son would have been
so much better off
if you'd acknowledged him right away.
Are we done now?
No, not yet.
We paid Dustin's mother
child support for years.
You're the father, you suddenly remember
seven years later.
Seven years and not a cent
in child support this entire time?
Seven years the child's mother
was unable to provide for her own son.
- That's why we stepped in.
- How much?
Well, according to the Düsseldorf chart.
That's 60 months under the age of five
and another 32 months
between five and now.
I'll tell you right now.
That's gonna be 36,792 euros.
- We know it's difficult to pay right away.
- Okay.
And in most cases, we meet fathers halfway
if they can't pay right away.
You'll get it, all right.
Are we done now?
I'd still like to take a look around here,
but yeah, that's it, Mr. Pötschke.
Then, go on.
Take a look around.
And here you confirm
that your personal items
have been returned to you.
[sniffing] Can I go now?
Did you not take your medication today,
Mr. Bartko?
There's something I'd like
to talk to you about.
Would you like to go outside?
You still don't have an apartment.
What do I want with an apartment?
Think your father help you?
I get by.
There's a special study I'd like to
recommend you for.
It's an entirely new way of coping
with trauma.
I just have to clear up some details.
They tried everything, I'm done.
You'd be treated as an outpatient.
And everything is already paid for.
The only thing you have to do is say yes.
They use virtual reality
in trauma therapy.
[thunder rumbling]
[ominous music playing]
[phone beeping]
It's me.
Have you thought about it?
Will you testify?
We could organize support for you
if you want.
New job, in a new town.
Which could give
a positive impression in court.
I wanna go home now.
Well, where is home?
I'm sure we could help you there as well.
When is Ramona's funeral supposed to be?
I'll find out.
[music continues]
Yeah, no, the father hasn't been in touch.
Identity still unknown.
Uh-huh, exactly. Thank you, bye.
Here, the money for the boy.
Child support.
You can't do that, Mr. Pötschke.
[shouting] You can't
Mr. Pötschke!
[church bells ringing]
[ominous music playing]
Dustin! How are you?
You've grown.
- I'm getting rabbits soon.
- Really?
Dad's building me a hutch out of wires,
so the foxes don't come and eat them.
[music continues]
[Annalena] What's up?
- Schavadenov is out.
- Excuse me?
- Yeah. He won't talk.
- Shit.
- Yes?
- We need to have a little talk.
Come with us.
[Annalena] Please.
[clears throat]
Ramona Schinschke was close to you.
That a crime?
You protected her.
For the most part,
she was fine on her own.
You made complaints against her disappear.
Fact is, we have enough work.
We don't chase kids away
from campfires
just because some real estate jerk
has a problem with it.
We had the rest of the crystal
from Ramona's garage analyzed.
What are you saying?
- You know exactly where she got it.
- From her druggie friends, I imagine.
It's from a batch
that was seized by you, personally.
On the fourth of June, 650 grams
of crystal from the Czech Republic.
Registered and deposited
for evidence perfectly.
Explain that to us?
Her drugs were from them too?
[ominous music playing]
That's too hard to believe.
[people laughing]
- Look, there's something there.
- Whoa!
- I saw it first!
- No, I did! Me!
I saw it first.
Come on, Mia, give it to me!
I want it, it's real gold!
Nuh-uh. I'm not letting go.
- You let go!
- No!
[kid] I found something.
[all screaming]
Finn, give me your phone,
I'll take a picture.
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