Close to Home: Murder in the Coalfield (2022) s01e06 Episode Script

Wie sie uns ansehen

[ominous music playing]
[machines beeping]
I will now sever the sperm ducts.
[breathing heavily] Father.
It's all right, Comrade Jaschke.
Everything went well.
[breathing heavily] Father.
[muffled] Father?
[breathing heavily]
The way that they dress.
The way that they move.
the way that they look at us
with their painted lips,
and sticky eyelashes.
The way that they make fun of us.
[girl screaming]
[screaming, groaning] Help me! Help
[Martin] Us, who can only ever watch.
[woman] Oh, my God, what does he want?
[Martin] Your arrogance
will be your undoing.
[groaning, screaming]
[Martin] For we are fighting back.
[breathing heavily]
[Martin] We are creating justice.
[ominous music playing]
[Martin] We,
who are cast out,
who are forced to lead lonely
and otherwise meaningless lives.
[door bell ringing]
[Martin] We, who are humiliated,
disenfranchised and deserted.
[woman] Martin?
The young man from the police is here.
[Martin] We will no longer tolerate you
depriving us of your bodies.
[stuttering] Father? F-father.
[Martin] And with them, our right
to our descendants.
To our destiny.
The young man from the police
is here again.
Just don't open it.
But why?
Gunni. You love me, don't you?
Of course, I do.
Then just do like I told you, all right.
And if he or anyone else
wants to get into the house,
there's something else you have to do.
[indistinct whispering]
[ominous music playing]
- [Maik] That's all there is to say.
- [Dani] What's that supposed to mean?
- Did you lose your job, or just the case?
- I don't know, I'll find out.
Maik, you're a cop.
You expect everyone to stick to the rules,
and then you go out and beat up a dealer.
- That asshole sold drugs to Jackie.
- Damn it, Maik!
No, not "damn it, Maik"!
The whole world is full
of assholes like Juri.
Are you going to beat them all up?
- Maybe.
- Is that how you broke your hand?
You're unbelievable, Maik.
Really. Come on,
I'll make you some coffee.
No way, missy, not a chance.
Grandma knows what you're up to.
There's no way your gonna take part.
- You can't.
- You can't forbid me.
- Oh, yes, we can, my dear.
- Let me through.
No. Your mother said that you're supposed
to stay here at the house.
I'm sorry, Gran.
You just don't understand.
Jackie! Jackie!
You've always said
to be courageous in life,
and to stand up for what you believe in,
Well, that's what I'm doing now.
Then you must take the old quarry trail,
And get to the Luschka forest that way.
The police will shut down everything.
What you're doing is crazy, Jackie.
But if you're going to do it,
do it the right way.
Thank you.
And from the north. Be careful!
Why didn't you try to stop her?
You should have stopped her!
Because you and I will be underground
by that time, it's too late!
Dani and Maik, maybe too,
but Jackie still has a chance!
The six of us are on the Green Team.
Make sure you stay together,
stay in touch.
Check into our Telegram chat, okay?
Everybody's got the app?
- Yeah. Yeah.
- Okay. Here she is. Off we go.
What's the name of our channel again?
Erdbeben. Like Earthquake.
Got it.
Okay, we have to change our plan again.
It won't be safe. I've got a better idea.
Who said so?
I said so. My grandpa.
Your grandpa?
What? My grandparents spent
over 40 years in the coal, okay?
They know the area.
They know what they're talking about.
You assaulted a man on video,
on the murder victim's cell phone.
- Is this some kind of joke?
- I wasn't on duty.
So, you can tell the difference, good.
I'm not sure anymore.
Don't you know the kind of trouble
you're in!
I'm just a father who's protecting
his daughter.
When were you going to tell me that?
Yeah. Okay.
[sighing] Anything new?
You're suspended,
I'm not allowed to tell you.
[laughing] Come on,
I'll be back in a few days.
Seifert thinks highly of me,
you know that.
Your problem is you always
have the answer. Never a question.
And, what's your point?
I want to know what happened
with your friend Katarina.
And I mean everything, every detail.
The truth, the lies,
every little thing that you know.
[ominous music playing]
Are we clear?
It was an amazing summer.
We were newly in love.
And suddenly Katti was gone.
My father led the investigation
here in Lauchhammer.
But they took the case away from him.
[indistinct chattering]
Katti is down there. She's all cold.
[gasping] There was
There was an animal.
Are the official case files
on record anywhere?
- No.
- So?
Walter Schubert should know something.
He was the Stasi informer
who went over my father
and called the special commission.
But he won't talk.
Who else? Think for a second.
Petasch. Michal Petasch.
Petasch? The Petasch? Interior ministry?
Petasch was an officer at the time
Katti died.
My father was his boss.
Go on, Petasch. What are you waiting for?
Katti's murder always haunted my father.
A few days ago,
he went to Petasch at the ministry.
Right after that, I was suspended.
Mr. Petasch?
Detective Gottknecht
from the Cottbus State Police.
Did she say what she wants?
It's about a girl's murder.
Katti Kemmrich.
She says it happened in 1982.
- May I put her through?
- No.
You may not.
[secretary] I'm sorry,
but Mr. Petasch is currently in a meeting.
[music continues]
[muttering] Czerny.
[muttering] Katti Kemmrich.
[muttering] Ramona Schinschke.
Just don't say anything, Jannik.
I didn't say anything.
But you wanted to.
"Well, detective, did you sleep well?
While you were lying in my bed,
dreaming of me,
I already checked up on five cars"
Six. One has a dog,
but didn't open the door.
I tried twice.
Gunda Albrecht, Silber street.
Did you look around?
Check in the garage?
[dramatic music playing]
Evidence six point two point thirteen.
[woman] She could sew.
She sewed, she sewed the costumes
for the theatre at school.
They were beautiful.
[phone ringing, vibrating]
Ms. Gottknecht?
Look, I can't be on the phone
with you here.
Oliver Bartko has remembered
something else.
Please, not your borderline friend.
On the day that Katti died,
the three of us were there at the lake.
He saw a young man. With binoculars.
Riding a moped.
That was decades ago, Maik.
What am I supposed to do
with this information now?
That must have been Katti's murderer.
Yeah, it's possible.
But that doesn't help us right now.
I'll call you back when I find something.
[whispering] I have to go.
What's up?
I could help you.
Really, so you wanna help now?
Why so cooperative all of a sudden?
I want you to get whoever did this to her.
I know Walter Schubert well.
What exactly are you trying to tell me?
That he's on the take.
That he solicits bribes
in exchange for his silence.
Just like you used to.
Back then, Mr. Pötschke,
you were just a kid.
- I didn't say that I knew something.
- So then?
I'm just saying
that he might know something.
And I figure,
I can help you get it out of him.
- However.
- What?
Quit and quo.
- Quid pro quo.
- Like I said.
The fire at 20 Peace last night.
It wasn't the dealers.
[dramatic music playing]
Katti, come on.
If you did it with Maik, why not with me?
What's with the binoculars?
Were you watching? Did you jerk off?
You twerp.
Go away, you perv. Get out of here.
Martin, get lost!
Fuck off! All right.
[groaning, gasping]
[groaning, gasping]
[woman on radio] Hey, guys,
this is Red Team.
I'm sending you the GPS now.
RED TEAM 20 PS 1:30 PM
[woman] Hey, Mia. Listen,
we're already in the Luschka forest.
I'll send you the location now.
I haven't got a clue what it is
that you want from me.
Katti Kemmrich's death was no accident.
And you knew it.
- You've known it for almost 40 years.
- No. I know nothing about that.
- Was someone arrested back then?
- I'm telling you, I don't know.
[ominous music playing]
Maiki. What's up? What are you doing here?
Conspiracy to commit arson.
Insurance fraud. Tax evasion.
And what's that? Hush money?
You're going to jail for all of that, Ron.
Bad night's sleep?
- You were my brother.
- Yeah. With the police.
Punch me in the face if you're angry.
Come on!
But don't do this.
You'll be getting a letter from the DA.
And stop calling me Maiki.
Good. I'll cut to the chase, Mr. Schubert.
Last night there was a fire
in Lauchhammer, at 20 Peace.
The police investigated the scene
and determined it was arson.
Your jacket smells of gasoline
and has a burn hole.
Maybe this will jog your memory
about what happened.
Perhaps you can tell me the reason
why the suspect's identity
has been kept private.
I was just a small cog
in the machine back then.
The killer could have murdered
more people,
and could still be at it as we speak.
- No.
- Sure?
That's impossible.
He was locked away
in a psychiatric hospital. Permanently.
Who is he?
I don't know him.
But his father,
he was party secretary at Senftenberg Coal
during GDR times, way back,
and after the turnaround
he sat on the board at Lusatia Coal.
Name him?
He had this thing on him, on his face.
A red mark.
I need a name.
- The name is Jaschke.
- Jaschke?
Twenty-five Silber street.
Shit, Silber street.
Jannik was there this morning.
- [bell ringing]
- [dog barking]
[ominous music playing]
[protesters yelling] Coal must stop!
Coal must stop!
Coal must stop!
Coal must stop!
Coal must stop!
Coal must stop!
Coal must stop!
Coal must stop!
Coal must stop!
Coal must stop!
Coal must stop, stop, stop, stop!
Coal must stop, stop, stop, stop!
Helmut Jaschke, 93 years old,
lives in a nursing home.
His son is named Martin. He's your age.
Maybe you two went to school.
- Fuck.
- What is it?
We had him then.
As a witness, right at the start.
Until 1993
he was in a psychiatric facility.
He's even a victim of the SED dictatorship
and received compensation.
Where did you find this?
From the website
of a victims' association.
He's active in the historical society,
he likes to visit local schools
to share his story,
and, oh, shit.
He was in Bundeswehr.
Andrea Schuster.
In 1982 they hid him away in the loony bin
instead of prison.
He'd have been released
after the turnaround,
but who could have ever foreseen that?
Twenty-five Silber street.
Does he live alone?
Also registered as a Gunda Albrecht.
- His wife?
- Born in '37.
[ominous music playing]
[police sirens wailing]
- We'll put out an APB, but you wait here.
- What? No!
You've been taken off the case,
for fuck's sake.
Open up, state police.
Open the door please!
Open up! Open the door,
or we're going to break it down.
[door buzzing]
We're with state police.
We're looking for Martin Jaschke.
- The boy? But he's no longer here.
- And you are?
Gunda Albrecht. I'm Helmut's housekeeper.
For the last 52 years.
But of course, now he's in the home.
You mind if we come in for a moment?
All right.
I'm raising his child.
I have been since he was just a baby.
[dog growling]
Is that his room?
The mother almost let him die of thirst
and then she left.
He was only two years old.
Ms. Albrecht,
could you please get rid of that dog?
- Leica won't hurt you.
- Ms. Albrecht, how about a glass of water?
Rolf and Erika then adopted him.
But Erika wasn't good for him, either.
That lying snake.
[breathing heavily]
[ominous music playing]
Leica. Leica, come eat.
[music continues]
There's something behind here.
You hear that?
Sounds like a fan.
[music continues]
[both breathing heavily]
What is this?
Things from his victims. Trophies.
[breathing heavily]
[woman] Hey, did you see my keys?
[woman on radio] This is Team Red.
The cops are already here.
How are things on your end?
[indistinct chattering]
[man] Hang on! Get the flag out!
[phone vibrating]
Let's go, guys. I'm excited. Yeah!
She's turning off the electricity. Hurry!
Ms. Albrecht! Stay away from the fuse box!
Ms. Albrecht!
[shouting] Ms. Albrecht, open the door!
Don't do it, Ms. Albrecht.
Open the door!
Ms. Albrecht, open the door!
You need you to give me the keys, please.
Your keys. Please.
Everything all right?
Yeah, everything's fine.
Maik is taking care of the old lady.
I need his password.
The hard drive is encrypted.
he wouldn't have it just lying around.
Ninety percent of people use the names
of their children or their dogs.
Maybe he has a backup hidden somewhere.
Encryptions like that are so complicated,
you don't just memorize them.
[ominous music playing]
[phone vibrating]
A QR code.
Let's go!
[music continues]
[machine beeping]
- Well, Leica isn't the password.
- Move.
After three failed attempts,
the system lock's us out.
Get Briegand in here.
[Martin] The way that they dress.
The way that they move.
The way that they look at us
with their painted lips
and sticky eyelashes.
Your arrogance will be your undoing.
For we are fighting back.
We are creating justice.
- He's an incel.
- A what?
A woman hater.
Incels are individuals who
don't have sex and blame women for it.
The internet is crawling
with guys like that.
[Martin] Who are forced to lead lonely
and otherwise meaningless lives.
There's photos of other girls as well.
[Martin] We
Who are humiliated.
The suspect is in his 50s,
height 1.8 meters and weight, 80 kilos.
It's your wife; answer it.
She might know something
about where your daughter is.
No, she doesn't,
Jackie just ran away from home.
Answer it anyway.
The girl is 16 years old, 1.6 meters tall,
and has long, dark hair.
She's the daughter of a colleague.
Her name is Jackie Briegand.
She could be in mortal danger.
[woman on tv] Thousands
of climate activists have been gathering
since the early hours of the morning.
The police are closing off
the entire area
in order to keep them from reaching
the strip mines.
[ominous music playing]
Let's go! Come on!
Not a single tree for coal, guys!
Team Green, let's go!
[protesters yelling]
Not a single tree for coal!
Not a single tree for coal!
Not a single tree for coal!
Not a single tree for coal!
Yeah? Maik, thank God.
- Dani. Put on your father. Hurry.
- What?
I need to know if he knows
where Jackie is.
I don't know. Hold on a second.
Dad, can you come over here?
Yeah, what is it?
Come over here. It's about Jackie.
You spoke to her this morning.
Hold on, I Hold on. I'll tell him,
Yeah. It's Maik.
Yes, Maik?
Erich. I need to know where Jackie is.
You talked to her this morning.
Did she say anything?
They want to go through the old quarry
and into the Luschka forest.
Okay. Thank you.
They're going through the quarry.
From the north.
- Says?
- My father-in-law.
Attention dispatch,
we'll be concentrating on the old quarry.
We managed to trace the girl's cellphone.
[music continues]
[protesters yelling]
Not a single tree for coal!
Not a single tree for coal!
Not a single tree for coal!
Not a single tree for coal!
Not a single tree for coal!
Not a single tree for coal!
Not a single tree for coal!
Not a single tree for coal!
Watch out, the police are here! Get away!
It's the cops!
Run! Run away!
Not a single tree for coal!
Not a single tree for coal!
[everyone yelling, moaning]
[dramatic music playing]
Not a single tree for coal!
Not a single tree for coal!
Come on, there's too many police here.
Come on!
[protesters continue yelling]
[music continues]
- Let's break it up!
- What's up?
Jackie's gone! Let's break it up.
- You, shut the fuck up and come with me!
- Hey, one of ours is missing!
Maybe we can continue down there.
[protesters yelling]
Coal must stop, stop, stop, stop!
- Do you want a drink?
- No thanks, I've got my own.
- [ominous music playing]
- [phone vibrating]
Jackie? The cops are here.
They're looking for a serial killer.
He's supposed to have killed your
Have you been with us long?
I don't know you.
Yeah, you do.
You know me.
Don't get up.
I want to show you something.
[music continues]
You ever seen it?
What is it?
I'm supposed to meet my boyfriend.
[both groaning, grunting]
There she is.
There's Jackie.
Two individuals headed north
through the forest.
- The canine squad is up ahead.
- What about the girl?
- [panting continues]
- [music continues]
[both grunting]
[groaning] Ah! My eyes! Fuck!
[groaning, spluttering]
Close off all access roads.
[drone hovering]
- I'm over here!
- Jackie!
She's up ahead!
I've got you. I've got you.
Everything's gonna be all right.
I've got you.
Hey, it's okay? You good?
- [sobbing]
- Where did he go?
- Which way?
- There.
This way!
It's okay, baby. I'm here, okay?
Come here.
Listen, I'll be right back, all right?
He'll take care of you.
I'll be right back!
Get a move on!
- Are you okay?
- Yeah.
Don't let him get away.
The dog has his scent!
This way!
Come on. Good boy. Go on!
Mr. Jaschke! Stop running!
[panting, groaning]
Get out of the car right now, Mr. Jaschke!
Get out, Jaschke!
Get out!
You're not getting away that easy,
you asshole.
- [gunfire]
- [grunting]
Give up, you don't stand a chance!
I never stood any chance, Maik!
Do you still remember? Your Katti?
At school,
I used to sit right behind you two.
[ominous music playing]
[piano music playing]
[Jackie] This is our world.
But we are not powerless.
And we're definitely not victims.
We have to take responsibility.
For yesterday.
But also for tomorrow.
For far too long,
we've let them tell us what we can't do.
But that's all over.
We're allowed to make mistakes.
We must forgive.
We can start over.
We have a choice.
We still do.
[music continues]
Ms. Gottknecht.
To what do I owe the honor?
So it wasn't just my fault.
Your old partner is looking again.
[laughing] Seriously?
Torsten wants to go to Berlin
he requested a transfer.
And why are you on the job portal?
You're not leaving me, are you?
We'll see.
I'll see you.
[Jackie] We'll accomplish something.
We can change things.
We can change ourselves.
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