Club De Cuervos (2015) s03e01 Episode Script

The Third Generation

" You barely have four, and there's 20 more.
This job is humiliating.
This is a worthy job.
How could it be worthy to finger some beavers for cents? -The boss pays well.
-The boss makes good money for himself, but we get the leftovers.
Everybody reaps what they sow.
What they sow? Or what they steal? Wait.
Why don't we make our own perfume? We already do the complicated part.
How hard can the rest be? And then what? Who are you going to sell it to? Do you know enough women? We'll deal with that when we get there.
Mexico is huge.
But we're from Nuevo Toledo, and we don't have money, so, stop smoking, and keep fingering beavers.
NUEVO TOLEDO, PRESEN We're here to celebrate the factory reopening, but with every beginning, something ends.
In this case I am referring to my son's participation in the family business.
A Chinese proverb says that the third generation is the one that wastes the fortune of the previous two.
That's why I am so proud of my son, Juan Pablo.
Are we the second or third generation? He even managed to make it grow.
I just want to give thanks for having the opportunity of contributing to this big company, to my legacy-- To our family legacy Did this asshole say "my legacy"? Does he think he owns everything now? We'll get through this, together.
Two-faced asshole.
He should go back to Africa to fix cleft palates.
I'll fix his asshole for having a big mouth.
To Chava and Isabel, we wish you the best of luck for the Cuervos' comeback, so their father's legacy can go back to First Division.
I could kill you.
Excuse me.
Their new name is Cuervos Negros.
Cuervos Salvajes.
Cuervos Negros Salvajes of Nuevo Toledo.
Your father would be proud of you.
-Shall we? -Yes, please.
No, no.
-One, two.
-One, two -Now? -Yes, but slower -Okay.
One two -No, not yet.
-Yes, now.
One -Two -Two -Three.
This one or this one? Why don't you call Isabel to ask her? She makes all the decisions, right? Don't start, Mom.
I don't understand why you agreed to share the presidency with that bitter woman.
Because I didn't have a choice, Mom.
That's why.
I don't trust her.
Look It's simple.
We already sold the Carneros, we paid Aitor off, we paid off Isabel, now we just have to go talk to the governor And that's it.
He'll give us back the stadium, the subsidy, and the team will be just the way Dad left it.
How can you trust him, after everything he did to you? She sabotaged your presidency.
She sent your pictures to the press.
He sent the team's plays to the Dorados.
She turned Mary Luz against you.
And he turned the team against you, right before the final.
How do you know she won't try to steal the team from you again? Because she can't, Mom.
I own the brand.
And he owns the affiliation certificate.
We both have a part of the team.
Oh, please.
You can't even agree on who's going to use your dad's office.
What do you mean? Of course.
My dad's office is mine.
No way.
It's mine.
Cuervos Negros Salvajes of Nuevo Toledo.
I think it's stupid.
The people won't like it.
Why the hell not? Cuervos Negros is very elegant.
And Salvajes is menacing.
I prefer the original.
Well, things change.
And speaking of the original The stadium.
Our home.
Our nest.
If I had known you would leave the Second Division in the first year, I wouldn't have given the stadium to the Tarantulas.
Well, you won't lose anything now.
So, I think it's time to remove those cobwebs.
Not necessarily.
Don't be stupid, okay? This is our stadium.
-There are other stadiums.
-No, there aren't.
-Not in Nuevo Toledo.
-So, we're asking you to thank the Tarantulas for keeping the stadium warm for us while we were in Second Division, but we need our stadium, and our subsidy back.
Chavita Chabelita Nuevo Toledo needs a stable and trustworthy team.
And you guys aren't stable or trustworthy.
I will stay with the Tarantulas.
Besides, people are starting to like them.
Really? Do you want me to leave and ask them which team they prefer? Control yourself, and remember who's the governor right now.
And you should remember that in six months you won't be, but we will always be the Iglesias.
The only Iglesias who was important in this town unfortunately, isn't here anymore.
We shall see.
No, no, no! "We will always be the Iglesias.
" What the fuck were you thinking? Do you know how arrogant that is? -Oh, please.
-We needed him as an ally, -not as an enemy.
-He's a public servant.
We control this shit, not him.
Yes, but he controls the state police.
But we control the Cuervos.
Who do you think is more relevant -to the people? -The Cuervos, obviously.
I'm sorry.
I apologize.
If we don't get the stadium back, we're going to have to leave Nuevo Toledo.
And in about three years, we will have destroyed everything Dad built in his life.
What would that say about us, Chava? That we are the third generation.
No, no, no.
You should eat it.
I already ate.
No worries, we can cut it in half.
One for you, and one for my boss.
Here you go.
-Thank you, Hugo Sánchez.
-No problem.
It's a pleasure to serve you.
I mean, Chava.
And you, too.
Thank you, too Carmelo.
It's a pleasure.
What did Dad do when Pachuca didn't want to come play in the stadium? He brought campers.
What did Dad do when he wanted to land his private plane? He built an airport.
What did he do when I didn't want to destroy his white Jaguar? He built the road connecting Nuevo Toledo to San Luis.
Are we going to play under their fucking terms or our own? Our own.
Are we Cuervos or are we chickens? -We're Cuervos! -Cuervos! -We're Cuervos Salvajes! -We're Cuervos Negros! -Cuervos Negros and Salvajes! -Cuervos! -Cuervos! -Hold on I don't want to be a party pooper and force you to see, I don't know reality.
We only have six weeks.
We need to close a deal with TV stations, we need sponsors, we need a new lineup.
I also hate losing the stadium.
But maybe it's time to start thinking of other options.
No, no, no.
There are no other options, Chivo.
The Nido Negro is our home.
"A bird needs to grow, so he can fly.
" Walter Bazaar.
That's life.
So I think it's time to fly.
Cuervos Negros Salvajes.
Where are you going? To Mexico City.
I have to go work with Johan Cruyff for my title.
Rafa When did you start reading Walter Bazaar? -We're not moving, right? -Of course not.
-No, right? -Of course not.
-Good afternoon.
-Good afternoon.
How can I help you? I didn't come to buy.
I came to sell.
I am not going to buy.
Thank you.
But you don't know this product.
I already have perfumes.
An entire store of them.
Yes, but you don't have this perfume.
Iglesias Perfume.
From Japan to Greece, everyone wears Iglesias Perfumes.
Then it should stay there.
We like to smell good.
This is the latest fashion in Nuevo Toledo and Guadalajara, -just between us.
-So is typhus.
I'll leave you this box to be paid if sold.
Only 12 boxes.
Look, son.
How can I explain? Your perfume smells like construction workers' sweat.
I am going to leave you one as a gift for your wife.
Thank you but I'm not married.
Good afternoon.
-Thank you for your time.
-You're welcome.
Come on, Luisito.
Let's go.
If we're going to overthrow a governor, we need to start restructuring our headquarters.
Chava, what are you doing? No.
What are you doing? The day we spoke, -we agreed that my dad's chair is mine.
We did, but We didn't agree on the desk.
Obviously the chair goes with the desk.
I don't think it's that obvious.
We said the chair is yours.
So, the desk is mine.
Chava This desk came with that chair, so, I'll keep both.
But then I want my desk to go right here.
And where am I going? To the bathroom? No.
By the bathroom.
You'll go over there, and I'll be here.
Chava Does it really matter? Of course it does, dude.
If you have the desk, and the chair, and the premium location, anyone who comes will conclude that you're the president.
My desk will be here, where the president's desk goes.
And you can keep the president's desk, by the bathroom.
-And they say we can't agree.
Hey, hey.
No, Chava.
You can't remove the pictures.
-Why not? -Because.
If you like Dad's pictures so much, keep them.
My achievements will come with me.
Who's this dude? It's Blatter, FIFA's ex-president.
Okay, give me.
Give me.
Shit, I want to go home, dude.
Yeah, me too.
Well, no I don't know.
I think it would be weird, because My roomie moved out.
Well, she didn't move, she died.
She was 90 years old.
Excuse me? Yes.
But she died peacefully.
I think.
I wanted her to leave with a smile But when I got there, she She was already cold, and looking serious.
So, I thought of doing this.
I think it's A good memento of the two of us.
Yeah, it's a good idea.
Do you know of anyone who's looking for a roomie? Well, actually If you don't include the part of the dead old lady Oh, Carmelo No.
It's not like she was there for long.
Four days, at most.
With a new mattress, and some incense, no one will notice.
She was dead for four days? Yes.
Well I thought she was mad at me.
Or mad at one of her boyfriends.
That's why she didn't want to see me or talk to me.
Because she had a very active life.
She met Frida Kahlo.
And they had sex.
Well we also had something.
But it was a long time ago.
I was 14, she was 80.
You know, Carmelo, she was the one who taught me the real meaning of love.
That's how life is.
What? -Oh, I'm sorry.
Hugo Sánchez! -Carmelo! -Yes.
Can you help us move this, please? Good afternoon.
Can I help you? Looking for any brand in particular? I'm looking for the Iglesias Perfume.
We don't sell it.
No one does.
They have it in Guadalajara and Monterrey.
Yes, but we have stricter criteria here.
I can imagine.
Do you have the Iglesias Perfume? We don't sell it.
Thank you.
-Do you have the-- -Iglesias Perfume? -Yes.
-We don't sell that.
Excuse me.
Why so low? Be thankful I agreed to this.
Wouldn't it look better over there? I told you.
I will buy more if these sell.
-Did he say anything? -No.
Only one.
What about the change? Why should we help you fix your issue with the governor? I don't think that's what we're asking for.
We're asking for your help to invalidate the illegal purchase of the Tarantulas.
A year later? -Yes.
The law of multiple property says a person can only own one team.
Gaspar already owns Atlante.
He can't own Tarantulas as well.
He is the one who owns the Tarantulas, not Mr.
Wait, wait.
Excuse me.
They're cousins.
Everyone knows it.
He owns a beauty salon.
Can you explain how can he afford to pay for a professional soccer team? Okay, Chava, Isabel.
In the case of Mr.
Villalobos, we followed all the rules to a tee.
Just like in your case, when you got back to First Division.
-This doesn't concern the League.
It's your issue with the governor.
Fix it and don't get us involved.
Okay, but if the governor agrees to give us back the stadium, then the League agrees to not intervene? What I'm saying is that by the time you register, you have to confirm a First Division stadium for your team to play, otherwise, you'll go back to Second.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
I called you for a single reason.
The goal is simple: To bring the Cuervos back to Nuevo Toledo.
We want to hear any idea you might have.
The media supports you.
We would have to rebrand your public image.
You have to stop acting like spoiled kids.
You're successful entrepreneurs, who work hard, and who are victims of a corrupt political system, that only benefits their own.
We can have an on-screen poll.
I like that.
And we can give it a little push, so, it's clear that we're all Cuervos.
-Okay, that sounds great.
But how much are we getting paid? No, no.
This one has to be a freebie.
Okay, but you're going to feed us with more than these chocolates, right? -What would you like? -What would you like? No, no, no.
This is not how it goes.
First of all, we can't go protest at his office.
We're going straight to his house.
And the louder we are, the better.
After a few days without sleeping, they'll start giving in.
Simple as that.
Do you have more Perrier? You know, you didn't have to paint your face for this.
Not only do we have two presidents managing the Cuervos, but now we have two teams in Nuevo Toledo.
And, to be honest, only one team belongs to Nuevo Toledo.
And that's the Cuervos, so get those Tarantulas out of here.
If you want to support the Cuervos, send a text to 999.
If you want to support the Tarantulas, send a text to 888.
We want the stadium! We want the stadium! We want the stadium! Cuervos! Cuervos! Cuervos! Cuervos! Cuervos! Cuervos! First the governor stole the leather industry from us.
Now he wants to take away the Cuervos.
He's stealing the town's identity.
As you can see, Carmen, tension is running high in this town.
Sir, that was great.
Very natural.
Well done.
Now two women and two kids.
If you manage to make a kid cry, I'll pay you double.
We have Cuauhtémoc Cruz on the line, better known as "Cuau.
" Cuau, great to have you on the line.
Tell us, how do the players feel about the stadium? Yes, well, we're all upset about it.
We owe it to the fans, and it's inconceivable that politics can affect a sport as noble and beautiful as soccer.
-What do you think, Tony? -I think that Everyone who loves the Cuervos wants them to stay in the Nido Negro.
And we all love them, right? Because I have issues with immigration, I can't talk about Mexican politicians, but I do want to ask the governor to listen to his people.
We have the results from our poll.
Thank you all for participating.
-Was that a drumroll? -That was a drumroll.
Okay, we have the results.
With 73 percent of the votes for the Cuervos to stay instead of the Tarantulas, that confirms what we all knew.
Nuevo Toledo only has space in their heart for one team.
The Cuervos.
Governor, show that you have balls, and listen to us.
Give the stadium back to the Cuervos.
You shouldn't have made it personal.
Your father never did.
Dad did whatever was necessary.
This was necessary.
You can keep your fucking stadium.
But don't you dare ask for the subsidy.
Because that money I will keep that money.
Now get out.
-So nice of you.
-Thank you.
-How are you? So nice to see you.
Same here, Mrs.
You didn't hold your tongue with the declarations you made about my husband.
You made him look like a traitor, but you know he only wants what's best for Nuevo Toledo.
Right, but we didn't mean to.
-That's business, Mrs.
That's how it is.
And, look, the stadium, the Nido Negro is our home, right? -I understand that.
-Thank you.
Leaving your home must have been painful.
-However my husband is a very sensitive man, and you hurt his feelings deeply.
True, it wasn't nice, right? But we're gonna compensate him.
-Really? -Of course.
Of course.
He's been really generous by giving us back the stadium, so we owe him now, and of course you as well.
-Oh, he gave you back the stadium, Chava? -Yes.
-I didn't know.
-Because it just happened.
-Of course.
And as usual, I think the voice of the people guided his decision.
-Right? So cool.
-Nice to see you.
Have a wonderful day.
-Say hi to your moms.
-Of course.
-Your hair looks great in that color.
-Oh, thank you.
Take care.
Thank you.
LIVE -Our dearest-- -Friends-- Okay.
-Family-- -Family.
Today is a great day for soccer.
I can tell you -that the Cuervos-- -We're staying in Nuevo Toledo! -Cuervos! Cuervos! Cuervos! -Cuervos! Would you excuse us for a minute? You should smile more often.
And you should use your brain more often.
What do you think I just did? You just gave back the stadium to Salvador and Isabel.
So? Just because I told them I would, it doesn't mean I will.
So, what are you going to do, Mr.
Governor? I'm going to tell you.
But first You're going to pay for that.
You still looking for a roomie? Yes.
Would you mind if I stay with you for a while? Of course not.
What happened? Someone broke into my apartment.
Oh, Carmelo.
I'm so sorry.
They stole all my plants.
My pots, my seeds, my lights, all the equipment.
Carmelo I didn't know you're also into horticulture.
It relaxes me so much.
It calms my nerves and all If you need equipment, I have it.
I just bought great scissors for my roses.
-Just wonderful.
-Right, I also like horticulture.
Would your landlord mind if I move in today? How old are you? I mean, it's fine.
It doesn't matter.
It's just that They don't accept people who are younger than 65.
But don't worry.
I can call in some favors, so, don't worry.
I'll take care of that.
-Well, thank you.
-Don't worry about it.
We have a deal, Carmelo.
Thank-- Thank you.
It's over here, Carmelo.
Come in.
Hey, Juan.
New glasses? They look great.
-Hi, how are you? -Good, and you? Hey, guys.
What's up? Winning as usual, right? Don't let the ball go until the end, girls.
See you.
Come on, Carmelo.
Come on.
-Hi, how are you? -Hi, Hugo Sánchez.
-How are you? -I'm good.
It's so nice to see you, as always.
Where did you go without me? I'm just kidding.
Where are you taking us? We'll do something later, so you can meet Carmelo, okay? I don't know where the Iglesias kids got the idea that I wanted to take the stadium away from you.
Their father was so different.
He was reasonable.
But these two are rude.
They're not trustworthy, nor generous.
Okay What are you trying to say? I think the people of Nuevo Toledo would benefit a lot if my legacy as a governor was for Mrs.
Beatriz Gomez Prieto to be my successor.
And you, with your TV station, could support her campaign.
Gomez Prieto, I don't think you know how this works.
In exchange, Mr.
Gaspar, the state would give you a permanent donation from the earnings of the Nuevo Toledo stadium.
I've always liked a good deal.
I'm sorry, but you have to see what happened with the governor.
Regardless of what everything Chava and Isabel Iglesias have told their followers, we haven't reached a deal.
The Nido Negro is still the home of the Tarantulas.
Thank you.
Governor! Mr.
Governor! Mr.
Governor! What we really want is for people to reflect and realize what the governor is doing.
What he did.
Because it sounds like he made a secret deal with the owner of the Tarantulas.
Hold on, hold on.
A secret deal? Yes.
Well No, we can't say that.
-What we're saying is that-- -No.
Hold on.
Look, what I am saying is that the only thing this governor has done is make deals without considering the people he promised to take care of.
He sold the water from the dam to a Chinese soda company, he ended the leather industry, now he's betraying the Cuervos with the Tarantulas.
Without mentioning the mansion he lives in.
I don't know if you and your audience know, but clearly that mansion deserves an investigation.
And now, if that wasn't enough, he wants his wife to succeed him.
These people don't stop.
I Honestly, we won't allow this.
I think they're shameless.
You didn't hold back, Chava.
ACTIVITIES SUSPENDED I need to talk to my damn niece and nephew right now.
Yes, sir.
Our trucks, our facilities, our public work projects, he's suspending everything because of you.
To be honest, uncle, Dad wouldn't have given up easily, either.
You're not your dad, and you never have been.
Why don't you understand that? We're fighting against a governor, and the owner of a TV station.
We can't win.
So, please, leave him alone.
We can't, uncle.
Okay, then, you can keep your Cuervos team.
But from now on don't expect a single cent from Iglesias Industries.
I will officially remove myself from the team.
Are you going to betray us like that, uncle? Betray you? I'm protecting you from yourself.
I'm taking care of your patrimony.
The governor won.
So, that's it? My dad wasn't born being who he was.
He was a self-made man.
And I'm working on that.
First they don't make it to First Division in the regular season after eight years, eight years of making it without a hitch, which was lost with these brats.
Then they go down to Second Division.
Then they don't get back to First, they buy their way in to go back to First, and they move the team outside of Nuevo Toledo.
Why don't they sell the team to a better owner, and they leave Nuevo Toledans to enjoy a team in First Division, their beloved Cuervos? Mr.
Salvador Iglesias should have seen that his kids weren't ready.
They don't have the balls to run the team, to be loyal to Nuevo Toledo, to fight for the Cuervos to stay in Nuevo Toledo.
The people don't deserve that.
-Maybe they're right.
Fuck that.
They're just corrupt.
They've all taken advantage of the situation since Dad died.
These dudes are idiots.
It's not our fault, Isabel.
And the team is ours.
I know, but we failed them, Chava.
We failed the town No.
We failed Dad.
We failed.
Isabel, that's not true.
A corrupt governor found a way to make more money with the damn Tarantulas, and he's using that to keep us down.
Without his power, he's nothing.
But we are the Iglesias.
Oh, Chava.
That hasn't helped us in a long time.
"Cuervos, we're sorry to inform you that for reasons beyond our control we're forced to leave Nuevo Toledo.
" Okay, let's go give this damn speech.
Let's do it.
Fuck it.
Yeah, but not like this.
You look like a racoon.
I'll be right back.
Take your time, dude.
I'm not in a rush to do this.
Who taught you how to put makeup on, dude? I don't want to be the third generation who loses it all.
Me neither, dude.
What do we do? Okay.
Okay, let me understand.
The season starts in six weeks without a government subsidy, a host city, a TV contract, or a stadium, but we have to keep the team in First Division.
I need you to leave your skepticism aside, and trust me.
With both of us as presidents? This is crazy.
Yes, it is.
But we don't have another choice.
Let's do it.
-No other choice.
-We have to do it.
-Come on.
Thank you.
Good afternoon.
Good afternoon.
-Good afternoon.
-Thank you-- -Thank you for coming.
-For coming.
-And -Go ahead.
Thank you.
Well Due to our issues with the state government, I'm sorry to inform you, that in spite of our love for this city, the Cuervos Negros Salvajes of Nuevo Toledo have been forced to relocate outside of Nuevo Toledo.
-How come? -Where? Outside? Questions? -Do you have a new home? -No, not yet.
Not yet.
But What we can say is that we won't tolerate or take the insults and betrayal from the current government.
So, the plan is that in a year, the Cuervos Negros Salvajes of Nuevo Toledo will be back in Nuevo Toledo.
How will you make that happen? Well That's easy.
We're going to make it happen because Because I, Salvador Iglesias will be a candidate for governor of the state of Nuevo Toledo.
Subtitle translation by Patricia W.