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Episode 2

The sun is not going to explode! There are no fireballs or meteorites.
It is an invisible geomagnetic storm that could disrupt things.
Mayday! Mayday! Mayday! Stage one of a bad solar storm would knock out satellites, potentially destabilising all transport and navigation systems.
Our daughter is in trouble, Robert! It's Georgia.
They can't bring her round, she's not breathing! I just don't have time for this.
Anna? His sister was in Visegrad, not a good place to be a young woman.
He went to look for her, and he just vanished.
Jesus Christ! Air traffic control are reporting a mayday from a diverted flight from Malaga to Oslo.
They think he's running on fumes.
I'm afraid the news is not what we were hoping for.
We can expect a massive geomagnetic storm surge in the coming hours.
This is now a national emergency and COBRA will remain active till its conclusion.
(ON PA) This is your Local Resilience Forum.
We are working to restore power, but it may be some time.
Emergency services are operating at full capacity, so only dial 999 if it's a genuine Unofficial reports have confirmed that four super-transformers on the electricity grid have been burned out.
Major cities, including London, are also in chaos The blackout has claimed its first casualties, with two people killed in a collision course by faulty traffic lights The government has invoked the 2004 Civil Contingencies Act, which allows it to limit freedom of movement Authorities say some of the blackouts are more serious than others.
Four regions, North Wales, East Scotland, Cornwall and Northumberland, have suffered major damage to their infrastructure.
- You OK, Fraser? - Ah, yeah.
Just trying to get through to my dad's care home, but their phone system must be wireless.
He called me just before the mobile masts went down.
- Is he all right? - He's fine.
He's just convinced there's a plot against his dog.
Good evening, everyone.
Now, I have spoken to Her Majesty and informed her of the measures I intend to take under the emergency legislation.
These will include travel restrictions to and from the worst-affected areas, which I will use the army to enforce.
I'm also enabling special tribunals in the case of civil disorder.
MI5 are monitoring the situation.
I'll give the Home Secretary a security briefing right after this COBRA.
And there's no need to adjust the terror threat yet.
We've drawn-up a contingency plan which you should all have.
Fraser? OK.
Right now, our biggest problem is that emergency staff cannot get to their places of work and all the navigational systems are out.
The map shows the worst-affected areas, colour-coded according to severity.
Why are the big conurbations not showing, London, Birmingham, Manchester? Well, unlike the coastal nodes, we're hoping that most of the major cities will be fixed within the next 48 hours.
As for the rest How long does transformer replacement take? It depends, but in some cases it can be a question of weeks.
Weeks?! And those are the lucky ones.
Four badly-hit areas, but only three spare transformers.
- Then? - Tough choices.
One area is gonna be left behind.
If anybody's gonna be Puerto Rico here, it's Wales, right? (LIGHT CHUCKLING) I might remind the Home Secretary that I'm very proud of my Welsh ancestry.
I apologise to the Head of Intelligence for my poor attempt at gallows humour at a difficult moment.
Well, there's no doubt of its difficulty.
It could be months before we're back on our feet, and even then the economic costs are incalculable.
But, we can get through this if we remain strong and stay together.
COLLIER: My biggest concern right now is keeping the hospital running so we can care for the plane crash injuries.
Well, we've got a helicopter coming with blood and medical supplies.
- We feel completely abandoned here.
- You're not.
I'm coming with the supplies, and I'll see what it's like on the ground there.
I'll report directly back to the PM.
Thanks, Fraser.
What's it like everywhere else? Well, in spite of the fears of social meltdown, it sounds like most people are out on the streets - having a party and getting pissed.
- (CHUCKLES) This proud island race.
Oh, give it a few hours, some sore heads and the mood's likely to change very quickly.
We've also got trouble brewing at the new Hadley Brook Immigration Removal Centre.
Basically, everything's going wrong here and I haven't got the staff, but we'll find a way.
Hang on in there, Stuart, and keep me posted.
Will do.
Ellie's friend is in a coma after they took drugs together.
There will inevitably be questions about the provenance of the drugs.
- You need to be very careful.
- I know.
Any suggestion that you were in any I'm not stupid, Anna.
Now, do you have transport home? Uh I'm staying at Francine's, it's just over the river.
I think she's gonna say yes.
Great! We can use Archie's rage to reconnect Cornwall.
Is Peter going to Is Peter going to speak to Ellie? I haven't fully signed off on Francine yet, by the way.
Just remember, you can't be seen to be Didn't you notice I changed the subject? I did, that's why I changed it back.
Peter's awfully smart, but it's a moot point whether he knows the difference between getting his ducks in a row - and perverting the course of justice.
- I heard you, Anna.
Now, please, get out of here .
before I get cross with you.
I'll be back in four hours.
Make it six.
Tired people make bad decisions.
(HORN BLASTS) (ENGINE STOPS) (LOCKS ENGAGE) - Chief Constable Collier.
- Come through.
Thank you.
(INDISTINCT SHOUTING) Over a third of our officers failed to turn up for their shifts.
The transport system's in total chaos.
You're gonna have to bus in extra staff.
All our resources are being directed, dealing with causalities from the plane crash and trying to keep the hospital functioning.
Sir, they're piling up mattresses.
You know what they're gonna do, set fire to them, use them to start a riot.
(INDISTINCT SHOUTING) We can't control this.
This place is a bomb waiting to go off.
I need to get back.
- So, you're just gonna leave us? - You're not the only emergency, Hugh.
This is an absolute clusterfuck! I hear you and I'm gonna talk to London and try and explain what we're facing here, OK? (LAUGHTER AND CHATTER) WOMAN: Hey, come join us.
Please come over.
- Come on! - (BOTTLES CLINK) (INDISTINCT CHATTER) (HORN BLARES) (INDISTINCT CHATTER) Look, mate, you should keep your distance, look where you're going.
(HORN BLASTS) So, what type of drugs were involved, exactly? OK, so, coke, but we only had a couple of grams between us.
Oh, portion control, that's good (!) And then we had the tea to take the edge off.
And that was made from the fentanyl patches.
And then I think Georgia took a couple of benzos, - but they were hers.
- Just to stop you there, Ellie.
I don't think it's sensible to start dividing responsibility - Well, the police are gonna ask her - Sure.
So, we have a scenario where Georgia supplied some of the drugs No, I didn't say she supplied, they were hers.
And I suppose the point is whether anything The coke, the fentanyl, all the Class A stuff, who got hold of that? Right.
So, what I'm saying here is that we need to manage this very carefully, thinking about the long-term repercussions On what? On Georgia, or on Dad's career? - On everything.
- There is no long-term for Georgia.
She's bloody braindead now, - thanks to your utter stupidity.
- Robert All right, getting back to the practicalities of an inquiry I cannot take part in this conversation.
I think you're absolutely right, Prime Minister.
You've had a lot on your plate.
WSo, why don't you leave this to Rachel and me to discuss with Ellie? You're OK to leave it with us to sort out what's best for Ellie? I have to make a final decision on those transformers.
(DOOR CLOSES) You have to say that Georgia provided all the drugs.
No way.
- It's not going to affect her - It will affect her family, and it's not true.
Do you want to spend three years in prison? Your dad's right about one thing, her life is effectively over.
You do still have some control over yours, though.
All of these copied.
So uh what have we decided? - Uh We haven't.
- Then, we must.
So, we come back to the same issue, three transformers for four regions.
All four crisis zones are gonna suffer, but one of them is gonna be in a whole world of pain.
And in terms of sourcing? Most Europeans countries have replacements.
We do have one on order from KPG in Germany.
How long? Hopefully within a week.
(CHUCKLES) In an ideal world, of course.
Do we have a loser yet? I honestly think Scotland is a gimme, - and we can toss a coin for the - Toss a coin! It's a figure of speech, Robert! I'm just saying that some people's lives will change, - whatever we decide.
- What do you think, Fraser? - I agree on Scotland.
- Hm.
The plane crash factor does make the transportation issue even harder with the A1 closed, so Northumberland can wait.
Get the rest on the road with military protection immediately.
You're not really one of us, are you, Fraser? - No, I'm a civil servant.
- Uh-huh.
But in your heart, you believe In public service.
But if it's any consolation, my dad's one of your biggest fans and thinks you should be leading the country.
Ah! He's a mean-spirited old bastard and a borderline racist - with early-stage dementia.
- (LAUGHS) Good man! If only there were more like him, I'd be choosing my cabinet.
Keep it up, Fraser.
Even if you do wear a secret red rose, you're doing an excellent job.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) No, the emergency generator isn't working either.
That's what he's trying to fix.
He's downstairs now.
Hang on.
- I'm looking for Edin Tosumbegovic.
- Oh, uh Are you his partner? He said Room 505.
I would give you a key-card, but the doors are not working.
Stairs are over there.
Thank you.
Fraser, got a message from your father's care home, they'd like you to call urgently.
I've been trying to get in touch.
How did they call? Landline.
Must have got hold of a non-cordless phone.
(SIGHS) Hiya.
Yeah, it's uh Fraser Walker.
Sorry about that.
The phones keep going down.
Th-thanks Thanks for letting me know.
Thank you.
(RECEIVER CLICKS) Anna? (CLICK) I have an hour.
I never found Emina.
She was seen at the Vilina Vlas Hotel.
That's where the Chetniks I know what happened to women there.
Most of them were barely women.
Now, it's a boutique hotel.
(SCOFFS) Nobody cares what once happened in those rooms.
You think she was killed there? There's a witness who says she was taken to the bridge over the Drina.
Executed there and .
thrown into the river.
Why didn't you contact me again? I went out of my mind.
Your parents would tell me nothing! I was captured just outside Visegrad.
They sent me to a camp.
Afterwards? It took me a little time to recover from that experience.
When I was better, I went home, to take care of my parents.
And met somebody else.
It wasn't as easy as that.
My parents had lost their daughter in terrible circumstances.
So, you married a Muslim girl to please them? I couldn't let them lose a son, as well.
I couldn't break their hearts all over again.
So, you broke mine.
It wasn't a particularly happy marriage.
I don't think I made her very happy.
And where is she now? She died a little over a year ago.
(INHALES SHARPLY) My God, look, look at the sky.
Aurora borealis.
In London! It's the solar storm.
The number of passengers confirmed dead from the Amara Airlines Flight LM36 from Malaga has risen to 42.
Due to ongoing transport problems affecting the A1 following that crash, many victims' families still can't reach their loved ones.
Use the RAF to bring the victims' families up.
hospital near Hexham.
Authorities are still struggling to put a figure on the number of fatalities caused by the nationwide blackout, but current estimates put the number between 10 and 15.
Excuse me, sir.
While air crash investigators are yet to publish their official verdict, the Amara Airlines crash is believed to have been caused by the solar storm's effect on avionics.
I just got word from the hospital.
A little while ago, Georgia's parents agreed to switch off her life-support machine.
- She's died.
- (GASPS) Oh, sweetheart, I'm so sorry.
(SOBS) Oh, I'm so sorry.
Listen, El I'm your father, darling, and I love you very much.
I know you would never intentionally hurt anyone.
Georgia made her own choices.
Her poor parents.
(SNIFFLES) It's a terrible decision for any parent to make.
But it's time for you to move on now.
This will pass, OK? This will pass.
(SIRENS WAIL) So, she died.
They switched off the life-support machine.
Takes some of the pressure off their emergency generators, I suppose.
Even by your standards, that is remarkably callous.
I'm not terribly sympathetic to posh druggies.
Normally, there would be an absolute shitstorm on the front pages.
Not a bad time to bury a potential scandal.
He must be hoping it will all just go away.
Hm! What is your interest here? I am a Russian mole, seeking to engineer the prime minister's resignation and install puppets at every level of government.
-But really? - (CHUCKLES) Oh, really? I only ever have one interest.
Our national security.
(SIREN BLARES) Thank you.
It is complete chaos here! Please tell me it isn't going on for much longer.
I need to get back for the return flight to London.
(SHOUTING AND CLAMOURING) Do not abuse the staff! We are trying to deal with an extremely difficult situation.
We will attempt to speak to you as soon as we possibly can.
Please, try and stay calm.
- You see what I'm talking about? - Yeah.
The situation is getting worse here, minute-by-minute.
Sorry, just a second.
(SHOUTING AND CLAMOURING CONTINUES) Do not try and charge devices from our power supply.
We are operating with emergency generators.
Right, get back to them and tell them we'll get over there as soon as we can.
There's trouble at the new detention centre.
I have to get down there and take a look.
I'll ride shotgun if you can get me back here in an hour.
OK, let's go.
This way.
The end of the world! I've not been unfaithful to my husband in all our marriage.
It wasn't I didn't plan this.
You didn't purposefully arrange the Northern Lights? - Oh, yeah, that, I did, but - (CHUCKLES) No.
Has he been unfaithful to you? Probably.
Don't ask.
It's not a trade-off.
Do you feel bad? Not now.
Are you happy together? - Happy? - Mm.
I'm gonna go check the basement, it's taking too long.
- How's it going? - Yeah, I think we're OK.
(GENERATOR WHIRS) What if someone recognises me? Live a little dangerously, hide behind me.
Help! Help! Help! Somebody help! - Help! - God.
What happened? The generator, it just it just exploded.
- Hey, easy.
- (PANTING) - It just exploded.
- God, your hand.
- We need to get water on these.
- I have to clear out the hotel.
I have to clear the hotel.
No! I have to clear the hotel.
Go! Water, Anna! He's dead.
He's dead.
Quick, we need to go.
Get out.
So, how will they get the replacement transformer through the site of the plane crash? There is no replacement transformer.
- Not yet, anyway.
- Wait.
It could take weeks to get installed, but there isn't even one on the way? There are only three spares for four regions, - we had to make some tough decisions.
- Fuck me! - They're exploring all the options.
- You better bring guns next time, because this is one night without power, what's it gonna be like in a week? This doesn't look good.
Some of the prisoners must have got out and nicked a car.
I'll get out.
Be quick, and careful! Hurry up! Right, go.
Who are these people? They look like asylum seekers.
I'm not so bothered about them, but there's also high-security criminals awaiting deportation.
And if any of those bastards get out, it's a completely different story.
I have to go in and see if they're all right in there.
- What do you want to do? - I'm coming with you, of course.
Are you sure? (INDISTINCT CHATTER) Fire! Fire! - Fire! - Get out of the hotel! - Get out! - Get out! - Get out of the building! Fire! - Fire! Is anyone in there? - Get out of the hotel, there's a fire.
- Fire! Fire! Come on.
Come on, this way.
(SCREAMING) (INDISTINCT SHOUTING AND CLAMOURING) Hugh? Hugh! Where is everyone? They all ran away when the office was stormed.
It was chaos.
The prisoners in the main blocks all broke out.
I've been stabbed.
Don't worry.
- We'll get you to the hospital.
- (GLASS SHATTERS) Fraser, give me a hand.
(SHOUTING AND CLAMOURING CONTINUES) Shit! The high-security prisoners are getting out.
Christ! Fraser, come on! We have to get him out of here, or they'll finish him off! Hey! Hey! Fire's everywhere! Come on, this way! MAN: Help! Help! Get out of here.
Go! I can't open the door! Hey! (PANTING) (COUGHS) (COUGHS) Come on.
It's this way.
(STRAINS) (MAN SCREAMS) MAN: Help! Get away from the door! - I am! - Go to the back of the room! - Are you away from the door? - Yes! Edin? - Come on! - Where Edin?! Come on! - Edin! - Come on! - We have to leave! - Edin! We can't stay here.
The smoke is getting thicker! Come on, come on.
Go, go, go! Come on! Hurry up.
You're all right.
Let's get him in the back.
Oi! Oi! Get back! Back! Stay back, mate! I'm telling you, stay back! Get back! Stay back, I'm telling you! (INDISTINCT SHOUTING) - Go! - Quick.
Go! (GRUNTS) Go! Go! Shit! Right, hold on.
Jesus! Hit the brakes! I'm trying! - Right, hold on! - Hit the brakes! (ENGINE REVS) (TYRES SCREECH) Come on! Come on, move! We need to get out.
(COUGHING) We need to get out.
Come on.
(COUGHING) (GASPS) Anna? Anna! Are you all right? - Are you OK? - I can't I can't breathe.
Take her.
Come on.
(GROANS) - Are you OK? - I can't breathe.
I can't breathe! You need to get up.
Come on! Come on.
I've got you.
I've got you.
(COUGHS) Come on! Come on.
- We've gotta gotta move.
- Help! (INDISTINCT SHOUTING) Here you are now.
That's it, that's it.
I've got you.
Lie on me.
Well, I bet that wasn't covered on the civil service entrance exams.
(LAUGHS) That's the last time anyone calls me a pen pusher! My dad died tonight.
He was in a care home.
He tried to move when a power cut hit and fell down the stairs.
I'm very sorry to hear that.
I made a nasty joke about him before he died.
I make nasty jokes about my family all the time.
It doesn't mean I don't love them.
Well, I gotta get back to London.
Don't forget us, OK? I promise you I'll do everything in my power to help you get through this.
Come to bed.
I can't.
Not yet.
I must phone Georgia's parents.
Give them our condolences.
I can't let Ellie face the possibility of prison, Robert.
I know, I know.
I'm the lawyer, leave it to me and Peter, we will get through this.
(PHONE VIBRATES) What is it? The voltage instability issue has been rectified.
Power will soon be restored to the major cities.
But the rest of the country? Certain places won't be able to turn a light on for quite some time.
Pff! Sorry I woke you.
I'm glad it was you.
(SIRENS WAIL) If you need me, I'll be over there.
(CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKS) Oh, come on! Now's not the ti - Oh, God, I think he recognised me.
- No.
10-45 to Gold Commander.
Receiving? Over.
(CLEARS THROAT) Gold Commander receiving.
Some very distressed kids have just walked in from the university.
- You need to hear this, sir.
- OK, I'm on my way.
I have to go.
Will I see you again? You said you were going home.
Do you want me to? (DOOR OPENS) The police have arrived to talk to Ellie.
Already? You'd think they had better things to do.
Given the circumstances they need to I understand the bloody circumstances, Peter.
You're telling my daughter it's OK to lie to the police.
With all due respect, I think you might need to talk to your wife about that side of things, Prime Minister.
There is something else.
A situation has developed at the university next to the Hadley Brook Immigration Removal Centre.
Reports are very confused, but it seems a group of the escapees have got in there and started to attack the students.
Oh, God.
- Is Anna back yet? - I'm not sure.
I need Anna for this.
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