Cobra (2020) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

I shall be leaving for the Red Zone after this meeting.
I do think the current climate is unfavourable for a visit by you, Prime Minister.
Running scared from the current climate has never done us any favours.
Anna, I can't tell you how relieved I was to hear you hadn't burned alive in that hotel.
And hubby back safely, too.
You have to say that Georgia provided all the drugs.
No way.
This will all blow over soon, as long as we stick to the script.
You need him to lie to parliament.
That's what gets them in the end.
Have you ever seen a transformer? They're not small, you know.
So, give me the leftie take on Harry Rowntree.
He's a thug and a bully, but he acts entirely on principles.
I have far greater trust in people's justice than in the bleatings of the diversity lobby.
I really recommend you don't go outside, the mood is very ugly.
There is no justice but the law in this country.
To the charlatans who try to make political capital out of the suffering of others, I say this.
There will be a reckoning.
I promise you, we will turn the lights on again! This is Gold Commander.
How's your progress, Owen? Yeah, cos of the situation on the A1, I've had to go up the M6 across the top of the north Pennines.
OK, what's your ETA? Not long.
I've just come off the A69, past Hexham.
Hold on.
There's a police checkpoint ahead.
I'm gonna have to pull over.
Hold on.
Do you mean an Army checkpoint? There's no police checkpoints on the A69.
Owen? Hello, Officer.
With looting a massive problem in the Red Zone and emergency services overstretched and understaffed, the original Protection Patrols have merged with other civic groups under the umbrella term "People's Justice".
And I'm joined now by one of their members.
So, Scott Minett, who are People's Justice? Just a collection of ordinary citizens, organising to support our communities, protect our vulnerable people and stop the looting.
Some people have accused you of being nothing more than vigilantes with an ugly undercurrent of racism.
Some people? Well, that's obviously how the media in London - wants people to see things, aye.
- How do you see it? Well, look around you.
Nobody cares about us, unless there's an election on and they're after our votes.
You lot, you call me and my friends and my family racists, we hardly spend any time at all talking about immigration.
The way youse lot go on, you'd think it' was the only thing we thought about.
I mean, if you're asking us what I think about what happened to that bloke who got lynched, I think that was wrong.
Of course I do.
But if we think that our kids should speak English at school, in England, and we should be able to put our own flags up during the World Cup, then that doesn't make us racist, does it? Black people are proud of their culture.
"Black is beautiful," that's what they say.
Now, why should we not say the same about white people? Why should "white" be an insult? You people, you talk about diversity and you talk about respect, but then you apply it to everyone except us.
People who own the media, people who run things in this country, they wanna make us out to be scum, even though it was my grandad that built the ships that made this country great, and I actually fought for this country.
I'll tell you what it is, right? Family comes first, that's obvious.
Then, after that, it's country, it's culture and community.
And then if I've got anything left after them three, I'm happy to stick my hand in my pocket.
You don't like that, take a look at 99% of the people in this country, and that includes the immigrants Kids on YouTube are doing the People's Justice salute now.
They've gone national.
No wonder, with the coverage he's getting.
Practically got a dedicated camera team following his every move.
I'll catch you later.
Prime Minister.
We need to talk about the situation with Ellie.
Peter's dealing with it.
Along with my wife.
That's one of my concerns.
In the car on the way to the Red Zone My head was in a spin about the visits.
It'll be fine.
- Robert, it won't - Stay in your lane, Anna.
Stay in my Fraser.
Another fuel tanker has been hijacked in the Red Zone.
Only this time they pistol whipped the driver and he suffered a cardiac arrest.
Owen Harding, popular figure, has a couple of kids.
He's in intensive care.
Arrange for someone to speak to his wife, make sure she has everything she needs.
The Lorry Drivers' Union are under pressure from some of their members to call a national stoppage in protest at the latest attack.
Needless to say, a fuel delivery stoppage, even for 24 hours, would cripple us completely.
So, we bring in the Army, confiscate their assets I'll be speaking to Mr Rowntree this morning.
Moving on, I understand Protection Patrols are now calling themselves People's Justice.
Snappy name.
And they have a new poster boy, de facto leader.
I assume some background checks have taken place? Scott Arthur Minett.
Former soldier who served honourably in Afghanistan, now leading The People's Justice in the Red Zone.
He and his men have already seized valuable fuel reserves from various locations.
He's well-respected in the community.
Big family ties, with four children from different previous relationships, to whom he is apparently devoted.
Two of his daughters are mixed-race, by the way.
Fraser? What about the Red Zone transformer? First we needed to check that it wasn't damaged at sea.
It's in Tilbury Docks.
My staff are down there now.
But it will be moving soon? - Yes.
- Good.
I have to leave.
Julia, you can take us through the rest.
It is customary for the Home Secretary We left the realm of the customary some time ago, Archie.
- Robert! - Give me a sec.
Will I have to start asking people to get you to pass me the salt? You tried to ruin our trip to the Red Zone with that interview.
Have you seen our approval ratings in this morning's YouGov? - "Our" as in the party? - No.
As in you and me.
You're riding a tiger here, Archie.
We both know how that one ends.
I am the fucking tiger, Robert.
You may be able to force me out, but can you get yourself in? The party won't have you.
- She give you that line, did she? - Oh, who, Anna? No, no, she's your biggest fan.
Sadly, it's not reciprocated.
And I look forward to the day Dominic Knight takes his rightful place in the policy unit again.
That's the day I no longer have any say on the matter.
You know, one of the things I'd miss about not having the top job is trips to foreign museums with no crowds.
Last time I was in Madrid, they took me round the Prado.
Anyway, one painting in there particularly caught my eye.
By Goya.
Two men in the mud beating each other to death with clubs.
- I'll have to Google it.
- You do that.
I won't sack you, if that's what you're looking for.
I won't resign.
Hey, Fraser, it's Steph.
It's all going fine.
We're gonna be on the road shortly, so I'll give you a ring when we get off the M25.
OK, bye.
major incident has been declared.
The arrival of a super-transformer from Germany has raised hopes that the power crisis that has brought misery to Northumberland might be nearing an end.
Today, the Prime Minister, Robert Sutherland, restated his promise to turn the lights back on, while warning the process of moving and installing the transformer might still take some time.
Critics argue that it is too little, too late.
And the opposition has repeated its call for him to resign.
- He saw her serve it.
- Big deal.
Racking out a line of coke doesn't mean you supplied it.
Bad optics.
I don't care about the optics.
Oh, I was fearing this piece, but nothing in this article means she bought and supplied the drugs.
- The police will talk to her again.
- Yeah, of course they will.
Ellie's not coping well.
I know.
But we will get her through this, if we just hold the line.
- I - Thank you, Peter.
I know you understand what's at stake here.
- Francine.
- Prime Minister.
My mole in the union tells me they're going to use this to demand a review of the pay floor.
Off the record, obviously.
You think I should give it to them? Yes, because it's actually the right thing to do.
Oh, well.
Hire lefties, get lefties, I suppose.
But no, if you want him to back off.
Ultimately, he wants your head on a pike.
Well, I must be doing something right, then.
So, let's hear what Comrade Rowntree has to say.
Can you show them in? Prime Minister.
Disappointed to see you with this lot, Francine.
In fairness, this lot don't throw bricks at my office window.
I didn't approve of the way you were handled by your constituency.
- Thank you.
- But working for them it's like crossing a picket line.
But is it as bad as denying essential food and supplies to suffering people at a time of national emergency just to be Billy Big Bollocks? That's another reason why I miss you.
- Door's always open.
- I'll keep that in mind.
Shall we begin? Time to show them we're not fucking around.
This is it! Come on! Gold Command is downstairs, lads.
Oi! No! You can't go in there! Stop! Stop, now! Pack it in! You're not authorised to be here.
Need access to the fuel reserves, now! - You're that guy who was on the TV.
- Aye.
You know something, I really don't like you.
- No? - No.
I think you're a snide, dressed-by-your-ma racist.
And don't try the "ignored white working-class" number on me either.
If you're so hard-working, how come you've got enough time on your hands to be such a cunt? And who appointed you to represent anybody? Do I fucking sound like I come from the London elite? Do I fucking look like it?! Oh You know what I reckon about you? I just reckon you need a good night's kip.
I am the Gold Commander.
Get your hands off my fucking shoulders now.
Just looked a bit tense.
- Right, get rid of these people.
- He's armed, sir.
We don't have support.
Oh, aye, we get a lot of rabbits around here, don't we? Sometimes we shoot them.
Just give us the keys, eh? You want to make me give them to you? Well, I think we'll manage without them.
What do you reckon, lads? - Get up.
- Up! Up! Get up! Go.
I'll be back after you're long gone, son.
These are highly-skilled drivers, there are massive safety issues involved.
Owen Harding isn't the first to be attacked by these hijacking gangs.
We did train soldiers during the last fuel crisis, remember? Oh, and they're on call right now are they? You need to get the tankers out of the depots, which might not be so easy if my members decide to take matters further.
Look, the other option is armed escorts.
I also understand you wish to discuss the pay floor again.
Pay floor should certainly come into discussions, yeah.
I'm sorry, we have an emergency situation.
We'll have to reconvene at a later date.
So Are you Are you throwing us out? Well, it's a nice day, you could have a little stroll round the garden.
Just remember, it's not us who's under pressure here, Prime Minister.
What's the situation with Gold Command? Gold Commander is waiting for us to do something.
I told him to go home, he's exhausted.
This is the road to anarchy.
I cannot allow it.
It is.
Get me that secure line with General Pickering.
- What are you gonna do? - Send in the troops, clear that rabble and restore order.
Reconvene COBRA till this situation is dealt with.
- What about relief flights? - Let's keep those coming in for now.
General, we have a problem in the Red Zone.
Francine Bridge, any comment on the current situation in the Red Zone? No comment.
No comment.
Sorry, no comment.
No comment.
Ooh How's the insomnia? It's my dad's funeral coming up, which isn't helping.
- Oh.
Funerals are stressful.
- This one in particular.
- How come? - My ex-wife.
She's convinced the kids I'm the one behind all the hamster deaths.
- Tell her she can't come.
- It's not that easy.
My dad loved his grandkids, he'd want them there.
Still, I've got a cockerpoo riding shotgun.
- That's it? - Afraid so.
Well, do you want some human moral support? It was my Aunty Charmaine's funeral back in Jamaica last month.
Believe me, I don't think your ex-wife has got anything to match the fireworks at that one.
You'd really come along? Sure.
Be more use to you than a dog.
- My My kids know who you are.
- Well, I was the future once.
Listen, the offer's there if you want it, all right? Just let me know.
I will.
Thanks, Francine.
Listen to them, man.
They're trying to make us out to be a bunch of White Nationalists.
There you are, son.
I've got two mixed-race kids, right? You'll not hear about that in the mainstream media.
I am the mainstream media.
- It's Manish, right? - Yeah.
Manish, I don't blame anyone here for this.
I blame all of this on London.
How about Kemal Hussain? Ugh.
I told you, tensions were running high, there was a rapist on the loose.
Anyway, no-one's bothering you, are they? Yeah! That might be because I'm with you.
Aye, well, you better stick with us, then.
Show the people's side of things for once.
Cavalry's arriving now.
Better round up the resistance, eh, lads? Aye, stick with us, Manish, cos I think things are about to get pretty tasty.
CCC! CCC! CCC! CCC! members of People's Justice are in the crowd.
They could be armed.
What is the orders? Hold your position.
I need to speak to the Prime Minister.
I do detect some unease among the troops at this operation.
This is not what they feel they should be doing.
They're right, it isn't.
But we can't have mob rule.
They are aware that Scott Minett is a veteran who still has close links to serving troops.
He's also breaking the law.
If I am ordered to do so, then of course I will go in, but word is some of the protestors are armed.
Then they're not protestors, they're paramilitaries.
Would you authorise the use of lethal force against them? There are people in that camp who will be very vulnerable if it all kicks off.
- So, now you care about them? - Sorry, I have to be absolutely clear on what my men will be permitted to do once inside the hospital.
Any casualties, even arrests, run the risk of creating martyrs.
You should use restraint, Prime Minister.
Nothing to be gained by trying to act tough.
- - Whether we like it or not, Minett represents a lot of people now.
Not just in the affected areas.
Going in, I think it's unwise, Robert.
There will be consequences you might not be able to handle.
All right, Archie.
Those are perfectly fair points.
General, please instruct your soldiers to hold their position until further notice.
We also need to keep an eye on the lorry drivers.
Our intelligence suggests that Rowntree's grip on the rank and file isn't so strong, and many of them are sympathetic to People's Justice.
One thing at a time.
That might be a luxury we don't have, of course.
Good spot on Archie's strategy in there.
He knows storming in is the wrong decision.
He only pushed it in the hope it would make you do it and have to wear it.
Still not sure it is the wrong decision.
What if we send a relief plane with a special snatch squad instead of supplies? You mean like a like a Trojan horse? Yeah.
Well, as an idea, that's erm Well, you do know what that is, don't you? - What? - Total bollocks.
I have to call Sam.
- Hey, Ellie.
- Hi, Anna.
Is Dad in? I need to speak to him.
Dad Hello.
What's happening? Are the kids OK? All right.
Uh, meet me at Maddy's flat in Pimlico.
Georgia's dad came to see me.
He says he wants me to tell the truth.
He wants me to tell the police it was me that provided the drugs.
- OK, well, he's obviously grieving.
- Dad! The thing is, in situations like this, how does pointing the finger Because he thinks the finger is pointing at Georgia and he thinks that that is unjust, especially with the whole You know, this whole racial thing.
But that's not true, is it? I mean, no-one is pointing any fingers because Georgia's Look I'm speaking as your parent now.
Watching you get your degree - I can't think about that now! - It's so sad, Ellie.
Lots of young people take drugs when they are at university.
- Did you? - No.
I was too busy reading Locke and Hume.
Also, I was the wrong generation for all the exciting ones.
But most people who do take them don't die.
What happened to Georgia was tragic, and no confessions, no punishment is gonna bring her back, which is what her family really want.
Shh, sweetheart.
Don't cry, don't cry.
She was my best friend, Dad.
I miss her so much.
It's gonna be all right.
You'll see.
This is all gonna blow over.
Where'd you get these? They were sent to me anonymously at the office.
So, this is after the hotel fire? So, I assume you were with him in the hotel, then? OK.
Do you love him? I don't know.
I've slept with other women during our marriage, - which I suspect that you know.
- I preferred suspicion to knowledge.
Well, either way, I don't wanna be a hypocrite.
So, what, are you unhappy in this marriage? No, not at all.
I don't really have time to be unhappy.
On the occasions our paths cross, I'm always really happy to see you.
Well, I guess not everyone can say that.
They really can't.
And the kids? I'll come and speak to them, explain that I'm staying here for a bit.
There's a few things I need to sort out with regards Everything.
Eleanor, it's Anna Marshall here.
I need to speak to you about something important.
Order! Order! Let me assure the House that every step is being taken in order to break the deadlock at the Royal Northumberland Hospital.
We will restore legitimate authority to the Red Zone, and it is completely intolerable that unelected vigilantes attempt to seize control of this situation.
- Hear, hear.
- I will, of course, attempt to find a peaceful and negotiated settlement and that is what is currently happening.
Mr Thomas Hyndley! Thank you, Mr Speaker.
In light of the events that we have been witnessing, I welcome the Prime Minister's commitment to the rule of law and due process.
Mr Speaker, with that in mind, will he give me an assurance that there will not be, nor has been any interference into the police investigation into the death of Georgia Nixon from a fentanyl overdose, and also, Mr Speaker, that none of the witnesses of the case have been coached by members of his staff? Mr Speaker, Mr Speaker.
First, may I say how shocked I was by the death of Georgia Nixon.
She was, as I'm sure you're all aware, known to my family.
She was a delightful girl, with her whole life ahead of her, and our thoughts go out to her family at this difficult time.
And, yes, I agree with my Honourable Friend, I agree, that the law must take its course unimpeded.
No-one is beyond its reach.
I have never interfered with that, and I would never instruct any of my staff to do so.
Order! Order! What is the nature of the relationship? I met him in Bosnia 25 years ago, when he was a translator.
We were in a relationship, and then he disappeared.
He went to try and find his sister, who'd been captured by the Serbs in Visegrad.
He only reappeared a couple of weeks back.
Why did he come back to find you after so long? I don't know.
Well, that might be a question you want ask going forward.
I saw a message on his phone from somebody called Toni Lulin, an ex-commander in the Bosnian Army with a reputation Yeah, I know who Lulin is.
What is the nature of their working relationship? When I met him at the hotel, it was only the second time since his return.
Did you sleep with him? Yes.
Well, to be fair, I can understand the temptation.
I left my bag in his room during the fire.
- Was it returned to you? - Mm-hm.
There was nothing sensitive in it, but obviously the hotel staff may have worked out who I am OK.
Will you please run any checks necessary? I won't see him again until any question Isn't the fact that your husband is aware of this A factor? Yes, but not the decisive one, which is national security.
And ensuring the Prime Minister is not affected by this.
Well, leave this with me.
The besieged Prime Minister, Robert Sutherland, is facing fresh pressure to resign, after allegations that members of his team of advisors may have interfered with the police investigation into the death of Georgia Nixon, a friend of his daughter Ellie.
- What's happening? - Don't know.
We've stopped.
- Where are we? - Just near South Mimms.
- Is that Yorkshire? - No.
- It sounds like Yorkshire.
- We're in Hertfordshire, on the M1.
- Fuck! - It's 15mph, remember? Let's go have a look.
- Oh, God.
- What's this all about? Dad.
Sweetheart, I have an emergency COBRA No, I really need to speak to you.
- Can you give us a second? - Afraid not.
We've got a serious situation unfolding.
We need you now.
Darling, I'll speak to you in an hour, OK? One hour.
Owen Harding is in a coma and will probably never walk or talk again.
This government, it's more interested in shoring up a rigged system than talking to us.
We went to see them in Downing Street, and they tried to make us wait in the garden! Now, my union has its differences with People's Justice, but this is a revolt against the elite in Westminster, and our blockade, it's the only way to make them listen.
They've got the capital totally encircled.
Every way in is blocked.
The transporter for the Red Zone is stranded somewhere near St Albans - and can't move.
- You have to get it moving, Fraser.
- Everything hinges on restoring power.
- Well, the problem is, it's turning Don't bring me the problem till you have the fucking solution.
Got it.
For years, you've tried to make us invisible.
For years, you've tried to make a joke out of us.
For years, you've tried to make it like we don't exist.
Well, I do.
Here we are, Mr Prime Minister Here.
Where are you? You better be listening now.
You better be listening now.
No more negotiations with him.
Rather looks as if the falcon is sticking two talons up at you, Robert.
We're ready for you now, Prime Minister.
The situation in London today is very grave.
The capital has effectively been encircled and our attempts to move a new transformer to the Red Zone paralysed.
Without fuel and supplies, people in the worst affected areas will die.
This is not legitimate protest, it is an act of supreme selfishness, and no politician with the slightest pretence at democratic credentials should support it.
In the face of this assault on democracy and the rule of law, I will not resign, and I will not call a general election, as some are suggesting, an especially ludicrous demand, given the current situation we face.
To those who say we are not listening, I extend an invitation to sit down in a wide-ranging national convention, to work out our differences face-to-face, in the best interests of our country.
A country that is suffering so terribly with the consequences of a natural event.
Surely, the destructive power of the solar storm should make us reflect on the fragility of our species and not look for opportunities to divide and harm each other.
That is all.
Thank you.
The Lorry Drivers' Union won't attend without People's Justice.
Which means Scott Minett.
- No.
- Hold on a sec! Only a week ago he was just another nobody shooting his mouth off.
But a week is a long time in a national emergency.
And, for better or worse, Mr Nobody speaks for a lot of people.
I am not inviting that man to Downing Street.
Chequers, then.
Overawe them with history and tradition.
It always works.
Otherwise, there'll be no convention.
We cannot use the armed forces to break the blockade of London.
The situation in the relief centres will deteriorate very quickly.
We have no choice but to include People's Justice if we want the union leaders to come and talk.
And that means Minett.
Invite Scott Minett.
But make sure Harry Rowntree feels like top dog, he's got a massive ego and he won't want some upstart stealing his thunder.
So, we get the lorry drivers in first, give them dinner Exactly.
Invite Scott Minett the following day, then it'll be clear who you consider to be the organ grinder.
But just Scott Minett.
None of his fascist entourage, and certainly none of his fan-club in the media.
He's in the endgame now, but we need to separate him from Anna Marshall.
I think a divorce might be just the distraction she needs.
- You really are a piece of work, Archie.
- Thank you.
Don't get distracted by petty revenge.
She sacked Dominic Knight.
Endgame is when this breaks in the tabloids and I give him her desk.
Oh, I can't really see that happening.
You always had an odd affection for her.
Well, it's not odd, it's very simple.
She's good and she's hard-working, and those two things count a lot with me.
More importantly, though, you can't do it.
What do you mean I can't? Has there been a coup d'etat? I should have added sensible to good and hard-working.
She did the right thing without prevarication - and came straight to me.
- So? So, I did my homework and put in some calls, because I, too, am good and hard-working.
Edin Tosumbegovic is connected to a Balkan gangster called Toni Lulin, who IS involved in heroin from Turkey, and there is definitely some concern about links with returning jihadists from Syria.
So, what are we waiting for? I have reasons for letting things play out a little, see if there's anything to our advantage here.
When she goes, he goes, or vice-versa, I really don't care which way round it happens.
- I don't understand.
- I'll only be staying there while this crisis is ongoing.
Well, you've caused this crisis.
This is all on you.
Fuck sake, Barney, no-one cares about the political situation.
- I do.
- OK, look No, let's hope this is the start of a proper revolution, so you both get put up against the wall and shot.
- Assuming that doesn't happen - He's just upset about I know.
I'll go and talk to him in a sec.
It is really scary, Mum.
All those lorries It's terrifying.
And that's a big failure.
People shouldn't have to live in fear of society falling apart.
What's gonna happen? - With me and Dad? - You and Dad.
I don't know.
I'll stay at Maddie's for the next week, until Dad goes back to the States again.
In the meantime, this is for you.
Come and see me whenever you like.
Everything will be all right, I promise.
Your dad and I, we're still we're still OK.
I've seen a lot of stuff about myself online in the last week.
"Silly little rich girl.
" How I'm protected by my privilege.
How I am blaming a dead black girl to save my own white skin.
Georgia was my best friend.
I loved her.
And she did not deserve what happened to her and she doesn't deserve to be blamed for it now.
And I am sorry that I've added to the suffering of her family.
I admit that it was all my fault.
I was the one that provided the drugs, and I lied.
Well, this isn't exactly going to plan, is it, Peter? I think we can weather the storm.
Supply where personal gain isn't the motive You and Rachel knew that from the start.
A cynic might think that protecting Ellie wasn't the primary motive.
Listen, I'm not here to discuss motives.
I'm sure the courts will be lenient to Ellie, especially in the light of that touching confession.
Oh, come on, Archie.
Only thing to have touched you recently lives up several flights of stairs in Jermyn Street.
But will the same leniency be extended to those who encouraged her to lie to the police? I hope not, because that would be perverting the course of justice.
The courts are never lenient on that one.
You can get a hefty spell in chokey just for trading speed points.
And what's yours? - Point, I mean.
- My point? I suppose it's to encourage you to avoid the big bus that's heading in your direction, because, one way or another, someone's going under it and, slippery piece of shit that you are, I imagine you don't want that someone to be you.
Georgia was my best friend.
I loved her.
She did not deserve what happened to her and she doesn't deserve to be blamed for it now.
I'm sorry that I've added to the suffering of her family.
I admit that it was all my fault.
I was the one who provided the drugs and I lied.
Not because of my privilege, but because I was scared, scared to go to prison.
But I'm sorry.
I am really sorry.
"I promise you.
" Did the Prime Minister not say to you, "I promise I will put the lights back on?" Yes! - Well, has he put the lights back on? - No! - Has he put the lights back on?! - No! Here in the Red Zone, we've got no lights, we've got no warmth, and we're getting no respect.
Well, you reap what you sow, Mr Prime Minister.
COs you know what we do still have? We've still got a bit of spirit.
Haven't we still got a bit of spirit to fight back?! British people, we're rising up.
So, if you can't keep our streets safe, we'll hold our own tribunals and then the looters and the rapists and the traitors can answer to us.
And you, the lads and the lasses in uniform back there, who understands you better? Is it me, who's actually fought for this country? Yeah! Or is it the elites down in Westminster, who laugh at people like us, who think that flag is offensive? Well, they better turn on their tellies now, cos we are in total control of the Red Zone.
So, I'm thinking, we pay you a visit down in London, Mr Prime Minister.
We stand side by side with the lorry drivers at their blockade.
You will not break their barricades.
And to all of youse protesting, I tell you this.
Be proud of yourselves.
Look them in the eyes and tell them this.
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