Cobra (2020) s03e01 Episode Script

Season 3, Episode 1

This is now a national emergency.
And COBRA will remain
active until its conclusion.
We are under attack from a
coalition of powerful state actors
and they seem to be taking
turns to occupy the driving seat.
Most of you know
Joseph Obasi, of course.
- What do you think of him?
- Bright, charismatic, ambitious.
Ah, Peter. Thanks for coming.
Let's cut to the chase.
First they restore the whip.
Then I get a seat in cabinet
and I want you to help.
And what's the price, Mephistopheles?
The scoop of the day is that the
PM's wife was on the legal team
which gave bungs on behalf
of a Ukrainian gangster.
He's lying.
It's your integrity, your
job they're trying to capsize.
I'm just collateral damage.
You wanted a shortlist of
my preferred candidates.
Now you have one. I
don't see the problem.
Except for all of them being on
the hard right of the hard right.
Chris Edwards wants
me back in Parliament.
Go for the seat. Win it.
Come and work for me, then.
My job is to make sure you make
the best possible decisions.
Well, maybe that's something
overdue for reappraisal.
I have to go.
It was Anna's suggestion.
You spoke to Anna before me?
She's a fucking mole.
- You're fired.
- No, I resign.
We can't have an
absentee Prime Minister.
One hundred percent agree, Joseph.
Robert's in a bad place.
You have to come back.
I loved you.
- I just never ever dared
- Robert.
Unfortunately, this new
group have issued threats
with regards to violent
interventions in the election.
This government will not tolerate that.
Our next move needs to be robust.
I can't stay at home. I'm
going to stay with Anna.
Did he just hit your car?
Miss, clear the vehicle, go!
You a resident?
My name's Francine Bridge.
I'm a Member of Parliament.
My condolences.
No more traffic into Godley.
You're gotta go right.
Excuse me.
Henry Wickes. Leave a message.
And join our fight at Godley Common.
Henry, it's Francine.
There's bloody police
everywhere but I am coming.
Her actions today surely constitute,
by any measure, a shocking escalation.
It's a justified escalation.
Your group has called openly for the
overthrow of democratic government
and of capitalism.
What we have called for
is for the end of the homicidal,
reckless exploitation of the planet.
Mr Wicks, how many more young
people are you willing to exploit
and endanger to further your cause?
What happened to our
brave friend is a tragedy.
But this is not exploitation.
This is about citizens
of courage and will
putting themselves
at great personal risk
in the face of extreme crisis.
What we are calling
for is systemic change.
And any system that
cannot or will not change
deserves to fall.
So are you concerned about
the possible consequences
for the Planet Resistance
movement in the aftermath?
The government's
cynical Disturbance Bill
already represents a draconian violation
of our right to peaceful protest
and our fundamental freedom.
How do you think the Prime
Minister is feeling right now?
Well, I doubt that he's over the moon.
In fact I imagine that he's
he's profoundly embarrassed
and highly anxious.
- He He
It was not a separation.
Robert, when I said you were
separated for two months,
I just meant as geographical fact.
Rachel went to visit our
daughter in Chile, yes.
And given the circumstances
at the time I supported that.
- Oh, I felt so supported (!)
- I mean, I saw the sense in it.
- Given, as I said, the circumstances.
Would you maybe expand on
what you mean by circumstances?
Well, I'm not sure if you're aware
of any minor news at the time,
Ruin Britannia, Cerberus,
thermonuclear brink.
My name, reputation, career pulverised,
if we are listing circumstances.
In the questionnaire you each completed,
- I asked what you most hoped for
from counselling.
And I'd like to try a little exercise.
I-I'm sorry. We're ten minutes over.
We agreed it would be beneficial
to begin with a double session.
- Wasn't in my diary.
- (TUTS) Unbelievable.
I have a COBRA meeting. I'm late. Sorry.
I'm aware your professional
obligations are somewhat singular.
Robert if you fuck up this
evening, I WILL divorce you!
I won't. I would never.
Can I ask?
This evening?
Our daughter's coming home.
Sincerest apologies.
A scheduling error
for which someone will be
both fired and imprisoned.
So, the situation at Godley Common?
The Metro Ultraline construction
at Godley remains paralysed
by the Planet Resistance protest.
Most of the surface
camp has been cleared,
but there are still six protestors
within the tunnel network they've dug.
And I'm afraid that
eviction process is ongoing.
The bailiffs estimate reaching
the protestors within four days.
What are they digging
with? Bloody teaspoons?
The protest tunnel is sophisticated.
And we think they've locked
themselves on at drop-shafts
here and here
Plus, with the recent heavy rain,
that's complicated the whole operation.
So it's not so much teaspoons, Minister,
as basic health and safety logistics.
Oh, for God's sake.
This Planet Resistance group
have been holed up in
the mud for three weeks.
And given the cost of
outsourcing the eviction,
one has to wonder if the
bailiffs have as much to gain
from dragging this out as
Planet Resistance themselves.
- Um I really don't think
- So Victoria and I
have been conferring.
And agree that we should
The army.
Send them in. Get it done and dusted.
To bring them out faster,
Robert, not to shoot them.
Although, given the
backlog in the courts
Look, you may think
it a little de trop.
But the fact is, the
longer this goes on,
these people are making a mockery
of the Civil Disturbance Bill
and the authority of government.
Government, which I would remind you
is obligated to prioritise
the safety of its citizens.
Which is the whole point of the
Civil Disturbance Bill, isn't it?
To protect the public from selfish
idiots and unnecessary disruption.
Look, have the Sheriff's Office
put extra pressure on the
bailiffs' firm by all means.
Get the protestors out of the tunnel,
and we will prosecute to the full
extent provided under the bill.
I just think there's
wearing a velvet glove
and then there's
waving a feather duster.
But we will NOT be sending
platoons to the Shires.
So you looking forward to the ponies?
Gotta love The Telegraph.
Mirror went with "Only
Fools And Horses".
Always nice to make a parade
of glad-handling tyrants.
Gerald Kendrick's worried
they're talking to the Americans.
And if it takes a bit of glad-handling
- to move back the goalposts then
- The top hat becomes you.
Top hat becomes Archie.
I look like a circus ringmaster.
- Well, you're hardly short of clowns.
In fact, I know I'm meant to
be off for another three weeks,
but I want to come back sooner.
- Do you think you're
- As in tomorrow.
Well, I mean, if you're sure.
If I find myself watching
another episode of Bargain Hunt,
I'm going to burn
this bloody house down.
I'm ready, Robert.
- Sorted?
- Yeah.
- All good?
- Peachy.
Should be enough down there
for about three weeks now.
Any word from Francine Bridge?
Not yet.
All right. Thanks, mate.
- You really think she'll come?
- Yep.
Jesus. A politician
actually on side for once.
Won't stop the eviction, though.
Except when they realise Polly's
gone down an even deeper tunnel
they still can't build
their sodding train.
Till they dig her out.
So what, sorry? You're saying you
don't think it's even worth it?
What I'm saying is it's not enough.
That's why I'm upping the ante.
- You taking the piss?
- No, I'm serious.
You're gonna find out very soon, OK?
I promise you, this is something
they're not going to be able to ignore.
Welcome home.
Thirsty work.
I should've done cauliflower cheese.
She loves my cauliflower cheese.
I'm sure she'll be satisfied
with the banquet in her honour.
Rachel, I I'm sorry
about this morning.
Well, your professional
obligations are somewhat singular.
I know things haven't been right.
But I want them to be. To be
like they were. Like WE were.
- Oh, my God!
- Something smells good.
Oh, I've missed you so much! Mwah!
- How was the flight?
- It was good, it was long, it was long! Hey!
You must be exhausted. I'm
gonna put these in your room.
- It's so good to see you.
- Missed you!
So I want to start
actually doing something.
Yeah. Human rights but
specifically women's rights.
Ooh! Darling, our baby
has been radicalised.
That's what comes from
consorting with anarchists.
Bruno is not an anarchist,
he's a professor of political science
at the University of Santiago.
He's also a very charming young
man and extremely handsome.
Then I'll look forward to his visit.
- Why? So you can deport him?
I don't think he'll be visiting.
- You know when people say "we parted amicably"?
- Mm.
Well, we didn't.
Honey, why didn't you tell me?
Anyway, I've applied to Oxfam,
Amnesty, the usual suspects.
What, Dad?
Can't an old man be
proud of his daughter?
It's worth trying to make things better.
This gravy looks amazing.
What are we toasting?
You want a speech?
- Homecoming.
- Mm.
The future.
- Making things better.
- Viva la revolucion.
"Upping the ante" Henry said.
(SCOFFS) What the fuck does that mean?
- Has he told you?
- Hm?
- Polly?
- No.
He fucking has! Tell me!
Well, tell me how much you'll
miss me when I'm underground.
I'm intending to forget
you immediately. Tell me.
- Tell me or I'm tipping them.
- No! Don't you dare.
- Stop! Stop! I'll tell you,
- Three, two, one
I'll tell you, I'll tell you!
Just not yet.
- Oh, hang on.
Oh, I need to get this.
Bienvenido, amiga! (CHUCKLES)
OK, so
Tomorrow. Fox Vintage, I want
you to be there at three, OK?
Got it.
The Sheriff's back in town!
I watched your highlights
from the Environment Committee.
Think you fracked our Under Secretary
- at least three new arseholes.
- Bit of an error on my part.
The last thing your party
needs is more arseholes.
There's a protest. Planet Resistance.
No doubt you'll have them
in the gulag by lunchtime.
Oh, Christ, don't start.
The Civil Disturbance Bill.
Fair question: would you really
have had Robert push that through,
- if you'd been
- What? Not in a coma?
Funnily enough, being car bombed
gave my attitude to national
security somewhat renewed vigour.
Fair answer?
Yeah, I'd say the memory's
pretty vivid for me too.
I just think there's national security,
and there's making peaceful
protest a capital crime.
I could be watching Bargain Hunt.
They want me to visit the
Ultraline site. Planet Resistance.
Are they taking the piss? Or are you?
They are a movement with
legitimate arguments.
And I am the shadow
environment secretary.
Not for bloody long, by the sound of it!
For pity's sake!
Might be quicker on foot, sir.
Don't be bloody absurd, Kevin.
What are they clamouring
about today? The weather?
Cricket scores? The price of chips ?
Death merchant!
Anna Marshall, as I live and breathe!
Hello, Victoria. Welcome back.
You look remarkably well, considering.
I'm looking forward to working together.
Though you'll be pleased to know
government's kept a steady
course in your absence.
Despite the wokerati whining.
Yes, the Civil Disturbance Bill's
done wonders for our standing.
A good ship needs a strong compass.
I just hope you'll
Well, I know you weren't
due back for a while, so
if it all gets a bit much
Be kind to yourself.
I wouldn't want you getting overwhelmed.
This morning my office was informed
that King Zyan is unfit to travel,
and the Crown Prince Samir will
make the visit in his place.
The question being whether it's true
His Highness is
circling the Royal Drain.
Or he's cancelling Teesside Greentech
and doesn't want to tell us in person.
All our intelligence suggests
that they're being level with us,
at least concerning Zyan's health.
If Zyan's sending a deputy, I'm
not sure Robert should attend.
Teesside's a flagship facility
and God knows this government
needs a success story.
At this point Zyan could send his butler
and we'd have an
obligation to smile sweetly.
I think Victoria's point,
given the stakes here,
is better the devil we know.
So what do we know about Samir?
Cosmopolitan, ambitious,
progressive, a ruthless operator,
any or all of which may be
true. We don't know his agenda.
But we have received a revised
security protocol from the embassy
and Samir will now be
accompanied at the races
by his sister, Princess Yadira.
Christ. The last thing we
want to do is piss Zyan off
by hobnobbing with the
black sheep of the family.
A black sheep who advocates
for the rights of women
and workers in her homeland.
If we get this wrong,
quite apart from Greentech,
what if Zyan gets
pissy and pulls the rug
on the other major investment too?
It is, of course, possible,
where the Princess is concerned,
there's been a rapprochement
And we've nothing to suggest
that Samir has ceased
being the favourite son.
Who, one day, is going to be King
and we're going to have
to do business with him.
We can't possibly afford
to brush him off now.
Anna's right.
We host the guest and
proceed as planned.
We need the investment.
At the start there was about 20 of us.
We had people in towers,
roped in, locked to barrels of concrete.
Bailiffs brought
cranes, ripped them off.
Bastards are nothing if not efficient.
But we've still got our tunnel.
And when they drag us out, I
want to make some fucking noise.
Question is, will you
be part of the rally here
or is leadership gonna slap you down?
They want to fight the government
hard on the environment.
They just don't think it makes sense
to draw swords over building railways.
Metro Ultraline isn't being
built because it's green.
It's being built because a load of
arseholes are making a mint from it.
The land here can't even take it.
All the old mineworks, year
after year of extreme rainfall.
It's riddled.
It's mush.
- And it's gonna destroy the
Francine Bridge. CBL News.
Did you tell them I was coming?
D'you really think I'd do that?
I think I was six years old when
my father first brought me here.
One of the horses fell.
I wept.
Afterwards, when we
returned to the estate,
he beat me for one entire hour.
Needless to say, I've
always preferred football.
Next time you visit, might
I suggest Wembley instead?
- Is it for sale?
- Cheers, are we on?
- Yep.
Prince Samir, if I may
I'd like you to come and meet
Gerald Kendrick, Condor Aerotech?
I'm sure he'd be delighted
for a moment of your time.
- Then it behoves me to indulge him.
- After you.
If Samir pulls the investment
I suppose we're in the right
place to plug the funding gap.
Stick a monkey on a nag.
Could be the health budget.
Now, can I suggest you lend
Victoria a diplomatic hand?
At least it takes me
past the vol-au-vents.
It's time.
You look like a man who wishes
he was literally anywhere else.
Such a pleasure to finally meet you.
Sorry to hear about
the King's poor health.
Well, I think we both know he's
been a sick man for a long time.
So I gather your daughter has come home.
Yes, we're very happy.
She's fortunate to have a
father she can be proud of.
Well, I wouldn't presume to
speak for her on that count.
I see my sister has denied me
the privilege of introducing her.
Though not to me, Your Highness.
Princess. Your residence
here speaks very clearly
of the friendship
between our two countries.
Perhaps in the spirit of that
friendship you might meet with me
and the leaders of a group
I've been working with
advocating for the rights of women.
- It would be our honour, Princess.
- We could also discuss the
I believe our hosts are keen to
discuss more pressing business.
Father's horse is about to run.
And nothing puts me in a more
receptive mood than victory.
No deal with the devil!
Bugger and bollocks!
We should go!
Get off!
No deal with the devil!
Come with me.
No more blood for oil!
It was King Zyan's horse.
On behalf of the United Kingdom,
please accept my most
complete apologies.
Prime Minister.
Allow me to address
your anxious uncertainty.
My father is a dinosaur.
I am my country's future
and I wish to rule over
more than a fossil kingdom.
I wish for progress,
peace in the Peninsula.
And to be at the forefront of
clean, renewable energy production
with the engine of our
Sovereign Wealth Fund.
Despite my father's wilful obstinacy,
there is no danger to
our investment here.
Your Royal Highness,
this is a future for both our countries
we're more than happy to embrace.
I shall be sure to pass on
your commiserations to the King.
I wonder if he'll weep.
Got a minute?
I ought to finish this paperwork.
Three down: tomfoolery.
Don't meet the Princess.
I beg your pardon?
I saw her. Wedging a sandal in your door
to gripe about this, that, and
the other thing in her country.
But as long as the King's
still wheezing on the throne
we can't rock the boat.
I can assure you, Victoria,
I am more than capable
of giving the illusion
of a sympathetic ear
and a credible smile.
(CHUCKLES) I'd work on the smile.
Reminds me of my dog when
he's rolled in fox shit.
The weather.
You gonna leave anything on the rack?
New wardrobe, new me.
Don't you know anything
about, like, wellness?
Do you need any help?
- Yeah, can I try these please?
- Of course!
- Thank you.
- Ta.
Thank you.
Stop the car!
Stop the car!
You'll feel much better soon.
Oscar Unit, Code Black!
Repeat, I have a Code Black.
The situation at Godley
Common has progressed.
The bailiff unit has finished digging
and eviction is due tomorrow.
Finally, some good news.
Not all good.
We have confirmation
that Planet Resistance
are intending to stage a protest
rally during the eviction.
It's a direct challenge to
the Civil Disturbance Bill
and we need to meet it with
the full array of powers
under the Bill's provision.
These cretins need
to be brought to heel.
The races were a bloody embarrassment.
Well, it certainly
won't help Global Britain
cut a dash across the world stage.
We can't even keep a lid
on the Trots and hippies
squawking in our own gaff.
Perhaps Commissioner Millar
would like to offer an opinion.
Well you can talk about
this "full array of powers",
but for the Planet Resistance movement,
being arrested is not a
deterrent, it's a strategy.
How many are going
to turn up? Thousands.
And we're supposed to arrest the lot?
Then stop them coming
in. Roadblock the village.
They'll come through the fields.
We can't fence off the entire
What's the point in passing
bills for law and order
if we can't enforce them? We
have to demonstrate authority.
Then, with respect, you have
to help me find the budget
to pull in overtime
from three divisions.
The protest is happening
around the eviction tomorrow.
If the tunnel's dug,
why are the bailiffs waiting
till tomorrow to go in?
Do it now, for Christ's sake!
The issue is there's
heavy rain forecast today.
- Do they need umbrellas?
- Manner of speaking, yeah.
In the sense of additional personnel,
equipment, precautionary protocol,
the soonest would be tonight,
all at additional cost.
It won't cost more than
a huge police deployment
and it pulls the rug
from under this rally.
Act with authority, minimise
confrontation. Audrey, get it done.
I'm sorry, excuse me.
Would you like to keep
waiting for Robert?
Or just begin the session?
I'm sorry for this, for my husband.
I just feel like such a bloody fool.
Why, Rachel?
Because every time he says that
he wants things to be better
- I believe him.
Talk of the devil.
Where the hell are you?
Rachel, listen to me. It's about Ellie.
Ellie. Welcome to the war.
The shop employee, Polly Wright,
is one of the key organisers of
the Planet Resistance movement.
Now, for several months Ellie's
been in contact with her,
emphatic in support,
wanting to involve herself.
So Ellie just walks away from
her so-called protection officer
and you have absolutely
no idea where she is?
We believe her intention
is to use her profile
at the Godley Common eviction
rally to maximise exposure.
Exposure for them. Humiliation for us.
Which is what truly matters here.
What matters is that you send some
actually competent protection units
to find my daughter, and bring her home.
Sutherland's kid? Are you
out of your fucking mind?!
Pleased to meet you, too.
Told you. Something nobody could ignore.
I'm here to help.
- Where's Polly?
- She's with the police.
Oh, for fuck's sake.
She'll be all right. They
can't hold her for anything.
Let's fucking hope not, shall we?
We can't go down the second tunnel
now so we sack it off, right?
She'll make it!
She knew the risk was worth
it for our star speaker.
Henry, there aren't gonna be
any speakers. The rally's fucked.
I've just come from the site.
There's machines there, a
shitload more bailiffs turning up.
They're doing the eviction tonight.
Then we do the same.
Go on the socials, get it out there.
Anybody who can come now, come.
- I shouldn't be talking to you.
- Why not?
Because I've just had the mother
of all bollockings from the whips
for associating the Party with
you all over Sky sodding News.
They're moving the eviction forward.
- Wait, they're what?
- It's set for tonight.
- Tonight?
- Yep. They want to fuck us.
Fuck the whips. I'll be there.
There's pigs crawling through
the village. They know she's here.
I didn't come here just to be taken home
like some naughty fucking toddler.
I came to speak, to say
something. And I still can.
The other tunnel, the one Polly
was gonna go down, I'll go instead.
No way.
Henry, no fucking way. It's too
dangerous, she's got no experience.
Oh, sorry, and she's the daughter
of the Prime Minister for fuck's sake!
No. We need to put
ourselves on the line.
We're crying out for
people to pay attention.
They want to stifle us
so we need to scream.
She's right.
Follow me.
Since we found the bike I've
had units sweeping Godley Common.
There is however a further issue.
Planet Resistance know
about the new eviction plan
and they're trying to
bring theirs forward too.
My position regarding this
- Well understood, thank you, Joseph.
- But Prime Minister
- As is yours.
Joseph's right. This
will not be tolerated.
Set up a ring around the village
and if Planet Resistance people
come waving banners and bongos,
fucking arrest them.
Is that clear?
It was a smuggler's tunnel a
couple of hundred years ago.
Now it's ours. Right in
the path of the machine.
Use this to record your message
before you crawl through.
We'll upload it.
Make sure she knows how
to use the cave radio.
Ellie, are you really
sure you wanna do this?
I need to do something.
- Henry, please, listen.
- Nate, we don't have much time.
Come on, let's go.
You seal it before I'm back up,
I swear to God, I'll dig
myself out and bury you.
In the last few minutes Planet
Resistance has uploaded a video.
They're patching it through now.
My name is Ellie Sutherland.
By the time you see this,
I will be deep down a tunnel
beneath Godley Common village
in the path of the proposed
Ultraline construction.
In solidarity with the
activists from Planet Resistance
who have bravely spent the
last 23 days living underground.
Christ on a bike.
Green transport, at least.
I am aware my actions will create
significant embarrassment for my father
but I feel fundamentally obligated
to make best use of my
privilege and profile
to demand attention to the crisis
facing everyone on this planet.
A crisis way beyond the
Ultraline at Godley Common.
A crisis to which those in power,
including, I am afraid
to say, my own father,
continue to pay only lip service.
And I need to make it
clear, as loudly as possible,
the planet is running out of time.
And we are the resistance.
cause and in such a manner
It's Michael for you.
Yes, Michael? No, absolutely
it's real. Yeah, come down.
Audrey, tell me what's happening.
The eviction can proceed
as planned, but
Prime Minister, extracting Ellie
is an entirely new operation.
We'll need sub-stratal mapping
to work out exactly where she is.
We need to take control of this.
Tell the police to
cordon the eviction site
and permit a small controlled
gathering within Godley Common.
Ellie's made this into world news.
- We can't have jackboots on the village green.
- Yes, yes.
And a statement for immediate release.
We need to be clear Ellie
will face consequences
to the same extent as anyone else,
that the government remains
committed to the Ultraline Project.
Oh, Jesus Christ. Our
daughter's underground
and your priority is a
commitment to your trainset?!
- You cannot be in here.
- What?!
Go to the flat. I'll let you
know as soon as I hear anything.
- Are you serious?
- Rachel, I need to work. I need help.
And I need you to get out of this room.
- They're starting a press conference.
- Wait, one at a time.
Get the statement out.
Despite the government
bringing this eviction forward
in a cowardly bid to try and
wrongfoot our peaceful protest
and stifle our legitimate
voice of dissent,
Planet Resistance stands with
the people of Godley Common
against the wasteful and
egregious vanity project
of the Metro Ultraline.
REPORTER: Are you concerned
about the possible consequences
for the Planet Resistance movement?
The government's
cynical Disturbance Bill
already represents a draconian violation
of our right to peaceful protest.
- Leave it on, yeah?
- OK.
All the time.
Henry will set an
antenna on the surface.
Hope it's worth it.
Given the extraordinary involvement
of the Prime Minister's daughter,
her actions today surely constitute,
by any measure, a shocking escalation.
It's a justified escalation.
OK, guys, one at a time, please.
Isn't your group just exploiting
the profile of a young woman
- in order to raise its own?
- Absolutely not.
It is about a young woman
placing herself underground,
beneath this village, to
prevent it from being destroyed
by the ill-conceived, wasteful
and dangerous Metro Ultraline.
How do you think the Prime
Minister is feeling right now?
Well, I doubt he's over the moon.
I would imagine that he's
probably profoundly embarrassed
and highly anxious,
as well he should be,
cos he should be embarrassed by the
the complacency of his government
and he should be highly anxious
about the environmental
catastrophe which he
What is this?
What the hell's happening?
How long to restore contact?
Do we have police aerial?
65 to control. Emergency
response. Code red.
The ground is is giving way.
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