Cobra Kai (2018) s02e06 Episode Script

Take a Right

1 This could all be over in an instant.
The decision's yours.
Who trashed the Miyagi dojo? Y'all know I'm no fan of LaRusso's, but that sort of bullshit we don't teach in here.
At least not anymore.
So, I'm gonna ask you again.
Who trashed Miyagi-Do? It was not me, Sensei.
I would never disrespect another man's dojo Shut your cake hole, Chubs.
I'm not looking for excuses.
I'm looking for answers.
Sensei, we really don't know who did it.
Somebody knows something.
Question is, who's gonna break? Keep going.
We can do this all day.
Hey, hey, man.
Long time.
Good, man.
Listen, I'd love to catch up.
I'm just in the middle Wait, what? How bad is it? Sensei, we need a water break.
Two-minute break.
Get your bearings.
I think I should tell Sensei Lawrence that I did it.
Say nothing.
I'll handle it.
Yes, Sensei.
I gotta go deal with something.
Can you man the fort? Of course.
I want you to figure out who did it.
Do what you gotta do.
Don't worry.
I will.
Listen, about the other night Nothing happened.
So, there's no reason to feel uncomfortable, right? Right.
Are you guys lifting? Because I feel like I'm doing nothing here.
Forget it, all right.
It's too heavy.
We're gonna need a forklift.
How did they even knock it over? It's a lot easier to knock something down than it is to lift it up.
Don't worry.
We'll get it up again.
Uh Excuse me.
Is this Miyagi-Do? Yeah.
Come back for another beating? Hey, Robby.
Robby! This is one of the guys who was beating on Demetri.
Probably helped trash the dojo.
We didn't have anything to do with that.
But I am sorry about what happened at the mall.
We just wanna learn Miyagi-Do karate.
I'd be careful about this, Mr.
L, letting the Cobra Kais into Miyagi-Do.
It's like letting the wildlings behind the Wall.
Didn't the wildlings help Jon Snow win the Battle of the Bastards? Should've picked a different analogy.
We're happy to have you.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you guys.
Hello, sir.
No need to call me "sir".
LaRusso" is just fine.
Come out front with me.
Start your first lesson.
Thanks again, sir.
Hey, I'm looking for a friend.
Hey, Bobby.
Long time, man.
You look good, man.
Few more wrinkles, but, you know, not too bad.
Yeah, what about you? You'd think with all that preaching and praying, you'd get some of that hair back.
Unfortunately, God doesn't work that way.
But I've definitely been doing a lot of praying since, you know Yeah.
How's he doing? He'll be happy to see you, Johnny.
Room 112.
He kicks the ball - You're watching soccer? - It's worse than I thought.
You didn't have to come all the way out here.
Yeah, you were gonna come and see me? Yeah.
Does it hurt? Nah.
Meds do their job.
Did you see? They already got me a priest.
I'm a pastor, Tommy.
But if you wanna confess about that 50 bucks you still owe me, the Big Guy's listening.
You're gonna fight this.
That part's done.
It's in here now.
Besides, you were always a better fighter.
Remember that tournament back in '83? You beat Vidal to get to the semis.
Who beat me in the finals? All right.
Yeah, but you didn't make it easy on me.
Yes, hon.
I know.
All right.
I love you, too.
All right, gotta go.
Hey, sorry I'm late.
Hey, Jimmy.
Hey, buddy.
Jenny and the kids send their love.
Aw! Tell Jenn and the boys, I said "Hi".
Oh, you again.
Guys, give me a minute.
I spoke with the doc.
He can sign out for 24 hours, but I don't know.
Is he gonna even be able to make it to the car? What are you talking about? You didn't tell him? Look, we can't let Tommy rot in this place.
He deserves better.
What do you have in mind? Road trip.
Give the guy a wild night to remember.
I don't know, man, in his condition Let's get the hell out of here.
Keep going.
I have all day.
You think it's okay if I puke in here? No.
Navy SEALs puke all the time.
Do not puke.
He's not gonna let up.
We gotta figure out who did it.
I bet it was Shit Breath.
Hey, screw you.
What'd you say? You wanna do this right now? Hey, hey! Come on, come on.
Stop! Would you really like to know who did it? It was Hawk.
And it was Diaz.
And Robinson.
And it was Nichols, Chubs, Red.
When one of you makes a move, you all make a move.
You live and you die with the consequences and the spoils because you are all Cobra Kai.
Main dojo, five minutes.
You're about to begin your real training.
No, of course I can cover the sales meeting, but are you sure you can't make it? It's the second one in a row.
I know, and I'll be at the next one, I promise.
I just got a ton of new students and I need to spend the day here.
Why don't you say it to my face? I didn't say anything.
Oh, shoot, I gotta go deal with something important, okay? I'll talk to you tonight.
"Something important.
" Right.
You think I'm just gonna let you diss me? I didn't diss you.
It was constructive criticism.
Hey, what's going on here? This nerd called me an imbecile.
And I told him he can't just drop a challenge and leave.
I didn't "drop a challenge.
" He dropped the potted plant.
It was an accident.
Okay, guys, guys.
What's your name? Chris.
Chris, this is Demetri Yeah, we're acquainted.
You tried to kick the crap out of me, remember? Okay, so, you guys have some beef with each other.
No, no, no.
This isn't a two-sides-to-every-story situation.
He was the clear-cut aggressor.
I already told you I was sorry.
Guys, enough.
I'm gonna give you both a mission.
You see this stone? You're gonna pick it back up.
How are we supposed to do that? Good old-fashioned teamwork.
I believe in you.
All right! Yeah! Come on! Let's ride.
Then there was that time that Tommy got that horrible fake ID, and the bartender served us all dishwater.
And I drank the whole thing because I didn't know what beer was supposed to taste like.
I remember that.
We made up for it the next weekend, remember? Dutch got so hammered, he stole the dartboard.
Oh, no, no, he didn't steal it.
He smashed it.
That's the first time he went to juvie, remember? Oh, yeah.
Man, I got so wasted that night, I missed Ali's birthday.
Oh, that's right.
Remember that? Boy, she reamed you out, man.
She did more than that, man.
She dumped my ass.
Well, that's her loss, huh? So, uh, Dutch is still up at Lompoc, huh? Yeah, last I heard.
To Dutch.
When the judge said, "Five to ten"? She really meant "Ten to 20.
" What about you, Johnny? Last I heard, you were laying bricks? I wasn't laying bricks.
Maybe some light stucco.
Actually, I, uh, opened a karate dojo.
What For real? Yeah.
It's over in Reseda.
It's doing pretty well, actually.
Lot of good kids.
What's it called? It's called Cobra Kai.
You brought back Cobra Kai? Yeah, it's not all that's back.
Hit him again.
Do you have a problem with that? A fight isn't over until your enemy is finished.
You show your enemy no mercy.
Wait! This isn't what Sensei Lawrence has been teaching us.
Excuse me? There's no honor in being merciless.
Tory scored a point.
It's over.
Sensei Lawrence is right, of course.
In a tournament, the fighting stops when you land a point.
But in the real world, it's not about scoring points.
It's about being a winner or a loser.
And there are no losers in this dojo.
So, what is the purpose of karate? Strike first, strike hard, no mercy, sir! No.
You've all been brainwashed by Cobra Kai.
I want you to clear your minds and think.
What is the ultimate lesson we learn from karate? Don't be a pussy? I can't believe your dad let them in here.
He wants to help them change.
They won't.
Can't change the way you feel.
Yeah, nice try, but brute strength is only gonna get you so far.
You got a better idea, smart-ass? Ever heard of a fulcrum? Yeah, didn't think so.
If you paid attention in physics, you'd know that a fulcrum is a pivot point that decreases the amount of output force required to lift an object.
Watch and learn.
"Fulcrum"? More like "full of crap.
" The only thing that's full of crap is you and your little quiver in there.
Admit it.
You don't really wanna join Miyagi-Do.
This is all just some scheme.
Calling me a liar? Ding, ding, ding! Demetri! Demetri, are you okay? That's it.
Whoa! Whoa! What are you doing? We're on the same team now.
Once a Cobra Kai, always a Cobra Kai.
Well, that's not true.
I know it's not true 'cause I used to be a Cobra Kai.
This is the stupidest thing I've ever heard.
It's not stupid.
John Kreese is bad news.
All that crap we dealt with after high school, taking that "no mercy" bullshit out into the world.
And you got it the worst, man.
Don't you remember? Of course, I remember, but people can change.
Just like Cobra Kai can change.
Yeah, right.
No, I'm serious.
I'm trying to change Cobra Kai.
And Kreese is on board.
Do you trust him, Johnny? You know Kreese.
He's always got something up his sleeve.
Nah, he's a different man.
Besides, doesn't it say something in your book about forgiveness? 'Cause all I know is, everyone deserves a second chance.
You know what I think? I think I wanna play some pool.
You guys wanna play some pool with me? Yeah, I'll play some pool with you, Tommy.
Come on.
Let's go get a table.
Whoa, whoa.
Where you going, honey? We're just getting to know each other.
Don't touch me, asshole.
That's Something I can help you with, boss? Yeah.
We got next.
That is the ugliest Make-A-Wish kid I have ever seen.
I'll tell you what.
Here's my wish.
You can suck my Pray for that God forgives I don't This is the Fight Song No matter where you're from Pray for that God forgives I don't No matter where you're from Don't point at me, you hear? God forgives, I don't! This is the Fight Song! This is the Fight Song! This is the Fight Song! Thank you.
Cobra Kai sells power, strength, and when I joined, I was Well, I was weak.
It was 1985.
I had just won my first All Valley, and Mr.
Miyagi didn't want me to compete anymore.
He never really liked the idea of fighting for trophies in the first place.
So, he and I, we got into this big argument, and what did I do? I joined Cobra Kai.
I learned to strike first, strike hard, show no mercy, and it turned me into an angry and violent kid.
It changed me.
You never told me about any of this.
It's not something I'm proud of, Sam.
But my point is, anyone can be seduced by Cobra Kai, even me.
And I'll admit, Cobra Kai makes you feel stronger, tougher, but it will also get you in trouble.
And that's what happened to me.
I'm just lucky Mr.
Miyagi was willing to take me back.
So, remember, it doesn't matter who anyone was before they stepped into this dojo.
All that matters is that right now, today, we are all Miyagi-Do.
You playing footsie or practicing your roundhouse? Think fast.
Let me show you how it's done.
Today's lesson was crazy, huh? Not that crazy.
But don't you think that some of what Sensei Kreese is teaching us just feels wrong? That life is only about winning? My mom worked at this restaurant when I was little.
And she'd bring home leftovers, so my brother and I had enough to eat.
When her manager found out, he fired her.
No warning, no notice.
He said it was against company policy.
She wasn't stealing.
The food was gonna end up in the trash.
The world shows no mercy, so, why should we? Some people have it good, but the rest of us, we have to fight for every inch of what's ours.
Not just to score a point.
For everything.
Hands up.
Okay, let's both do this fulcrum thing.
Together, on the count of three.
One, two, three! Got it.
Almost there.
Push it, come on.
Good job, guys.
You see that? We all work together as a team, anything is possible.
What? Today was fun, Johnny.
You still got some moves, man.
You should stop by the dojo sometime.
Yeah, right.
Just like the good old days.
Man, where did all that time go? I don't know.
Man, there was something I never told you.
Didn't think you needed to know, but screw it.
I was in love with Ali.
What? Yeah.
Freshman year.
We were in the same homeroom.
We used to talk all the time.
I was building up the courage to ask her out, when someone else struck first.
That's why I joined Cobra Kai.
I wanted to have the balls that you had.
Without the smell.
I don't think I ever really got over her.
I mean, I dated plenty of babes after, but I never really let my guard down with any of them, you know? Not like with Ali.
You still got one thing that's more important than anything, Johnny.
What's that? Time.
You still have time.
Time for what? Meet someone new, change your life.
Do what you wanna do.
I don't know.
Right now, all I wanna do is make sure my students don't make the same mistakes that we did.
I don't want them to look back at their life full of regret.
You'll do it, Johnny.
You're the champ.
Face me.
Sensei Kreese? What can I do for you, Mr.
Diaz? I wanted to apologize for yesterday.
It was disrespectful of me to challenge your lesson.
You honor Sensei Lawrence with your allegiance.
An allegiance is nothing to apologize for.
Sensei Lawrence's heart's in the right place, but I'm afraid he's a little mixed up.
Together, we'll make sure he gets back on track.
Won't we? Yeah.
Tommy, wake up.
Wake up.
Tommy, wake up! Come on.
Come on.
Tommy Don't do this.
Tommy, wake up! Come on, Tommy.
Cobra Kai is not a hobby, it's not a club.
On and on Does anybody know what we are looking for? Cobra Kai is your brothers and your sisters.
Hold the line Does anybody want To take it anymore? The show must go on The show must go on You are all Cobra Kai for life because Cobra Kai never dies.
Show Show must go on So, how'd it go around here while I was gone? I mean, Sensei Kreese is tough, but, uh, he knows what it takes to win.
You really think you can attack Cobra Kai and there wouldn't be any consequences? You better hope that your students are ready.
The people across from you are not your friends.
What are you doing here? They are the enemy.
Finally, a worthy opponent.
Strike first, strike hard No mercy.