Cobra Kai (2018) s03e03 Episode Script

Now You're Gonna Pay

Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned.
This is where most of us go when we think about forgiveness, true? Yes.
But what about forgiveness in other forms? Forgiveness of others.
And then there's my personal favorite, forgiveness of thyself.
This is probably our toughest battle.
But listen, if God can forgive, then so can you.
Bullshit! What about that time in Reno with those soccer moms at the Hyatt? - Johnny - God forgive any of us for that? Um Yes, even that.
Forgiveness is the very core of Christianity.
I wouldn't know about that.
Not much of a churchgoer.
I'm sorry.
Apologies, everyone.
My friend here is going through some hard times.
Nothing I can't handle.
Johnny, I'm in the middle of a sermon, so how about you take a seat You know this guy was a real badass back in the day.
- Partying.
- What's he saying? Sucks you're not allowed to get laid anymore, man.
How many times I gotta tell ya? I'm not a priest.
So your wang can still get tang? Nice.
Forgive me, Father.
For what? Officer Ryan to rec center.
My sweet, sweet Angel.
The care package your mom sent was dope.
Empanadas? Next level shit right there.
Be sure to thank her for me, all right.
Still empanadas, no empanadas, this is our table, homie.
Kid must be deaf.
I said that's our table, homie! You ain't deaf, just dumb as shit.
- What you looking at, newbie? - You okay, man? Robby Keene.
Phone call.
- Hello? - Robby.
I'm so glad I got you.
Robby R He still won't take my calls.
- He thinks I betrayed him.
- You helped him.
He'd have got a much harsher sentence if you hadn't.
That doesn't make this any easier.
He's a teenager, you know? People have a way of comin' around.
I mean, no one hated your cousin more than I did, and even now I have to admit he's a decent salesman.
The baby birds are out of the nest.
And now it's time for mama bird to fly.
So why don't you get in that car and fly, mamacita? Get in.
Is business getting any better? No, sales are still low.
I had marketing scrap all the karate tie-ins to get us a little distance from the school fight.
So, no more "kicking the competition" or "chopping prices".
We just have to focus on sales.
The manufacturers won't be pleased with our latest numbers.
LaRussos! Tom Cole.
What the hell is he doing here? Oh! I see you got a Keurig.
Shoulda sprung for the Nespresso.
The customers, they line up for it.
But then again, you need two or three people to actually form a line.
What do you want, Cole? I heard sales weren't going so well over here.
Guess that happens when you put kids in comas, am I right? Really, Anoush? You walk in here with this guy and let him talk to me like that, huh? It's just how he talks.
You get used to it.
What do you want, Tom? Relax, I'm not here to fight.
That's your domain.
I'm here as a friend.
I thought to myself, "Tom, the LaRussos are spiraling.
I mean, no customers, no Nespresso.
You alone can help them".
So I'm here to make you an offer.
You wanna buy a car? Dan A car? No.
No, no.
I want the whole shebang.
I hope it's okay, me just showing up like this.
How are you? I mean Sorry, I It's a stupid question.
It's okay.
I have a surgery on Friday.
Some doctor from out of state, supposedly works miracles.
That's great, right? I'm not getting my hopes up.
The surgery costs a ton.
My mom's gonna be in debt.
And there's no guarantee it'll work, but I think if anyone can beat the odds, it's you.
- Is that from Tory? - Oh, uh Yeah.
It's really not that bad.
Kinda makes me look tough.
- I'm sorry about that, Sam.
- You didn't do anything.
She's the one who decided to go crazy.
Tory's had a rough life.
- You know her mom's sick and - Everybody's got a sob story.
- Doesn't give you the right to be a bully.
- Yeah.
I just wanted to give you this.
It's just a card.
I want that guy.
An octopus? Interesting.
Miguel, I'm so sorry.
For all of this.
- It's, uh It's okay.
- El Serpiente! - I'm gonna go.
- Okay, yeah.
You got some nerve coming here after what your boyfriend did to him.
I don't care what you think.
I just wanna help.
Pretty sure you've done enough, princess.
Hey, bro.
What's up, man? You good? I like the spot.
Holding up? I still don't understand how they get coffee in the cake.
Johnny what the heck was that all about? I know you're upset, but you can't blame yourself for what Robby did.
I'm not even allowed to see him.
I'm not allowed since I'm on probation for that little incident in the parking garage.
Well, you're lucky it was only probation.
I'm lucky I knew a priest who put in a good word with the judge.
- Thank you very much.
- Not a priest.
How about we make a deal? You promise yourself to do positive things.
Be a better person.
I already tried that.
I put everything I had into my students, taught 'em to be tough and show mercy.
- Was I doing the right thing? - You were.
Then why'd all this happen? I mean, you wanna punish me, fine.
- Robby and Miguel, they're just kids.
- I know.
I know.
It isn't fair.
But you gotta remember you don't do the right thing 'cause it always works out, you do the right thing 'cause it's the right thing to do.
Both those kids need you.
You need to be there for them, whether it works out or not.
I can help you with Robby.
The detention center will let you in if you're accompanied by a member of the clergy.
How about we meet there tomorrow? - That'd be great.
- Good.
And as for Miguel and his surgery, the church can make a nominal donation, but we're still paying for our new roof.
I wasn't even gonna ask.
Why not ask your stepdad to help out? He's still loaded, isn't he? No way.
Sid? That'd be his dream come true.
Me grovelling for his money.
I'll figure something out.
I know you will.
- Thanks, man.
- Yeah.
Good little talk, buddy.
You're serious? You wanna buy our dealership? Christmas came early, Danny boy.
This offer is hardly Christmas morning.
It's not even a Secretary's Day gift.
They prefer executive assistant.
- Oh, do they? - Mm.
Look, I believe in karma.
What goes up, over a balcony, must come down.
The Valley has spoken.
No one wants to do business with a bully.
I'm just trying to help clear the debt.
One, I am not a bully.
And two, there are plenty of people walking through that door every day.
We are doing just fine.
You almost look like you believe that! Oh, that was very convincing.
If all this disappears tomorrow, which it will, where does that leave you? Why don't you try and get something before it's worth nothing? I can't believe you go work for that mamaluke.
That's the most goombah thing you've ever said.
Hey! Take it easy.
That's not your word, that's our word.
Is it, though? I don't know.
Still, I didn't like your tone, the way you said it.
- You still over on Lankashim? - No.
Upgraded to a small two-bedroom over on Outpost.
- Good for you, man.
- Yeah, thanks.
I'm trying to move right now, I'm still over at the 99-Cent store.
That place sucks.
You gotta see the degenerates that come in and out of there.
But, I'm gonna get my own spot now that I got a little job stability.
Don't be so sure of that.
What you talking about? Anoush, I know you know something.
What do you know? Okay, you didn't hear this from me.
Cole just signed an exclusive deal, with Doyona International in Tokyo.
They distribute all the major Japanese car companies.
What are you talking about? - We sell Japanese brands.
- Not for long.
Cole got Doyona to convince the manufacturers to cut ties with LaRusso.
In the next few weeks, Daniel's contract's gonna be voided.
Get out of our dealership.
We will never sell to you.
Your loss.
Faroush, come on, let's go.
You believe that guy? What makes him think we'd ever sell to him? Guys we really gotta talk.
Here you go.
Watch out! Great, guys.
Keep it up.
We got a line of cars around the block.
Hey, Stu.
It's left circle, and then right circle.
You got it.
Hey, Moon.
Thank you so much for bringing out the cheerleading team, they are definitely helping to attract customers.
- I thought you were a feminist? - I'm a sex-positive feminist.
Our bodies are an expression.
Hey! Could we be next? Sure thing! You want the full wash and wax or just the wash? - Hold up.
You doing it? - I'mma get you all straight.
- No streaks, right? - That'll be 20 bucks.
Thank you.
Hey! Thank you.
They're literally using Miguel as their poster child.
He's not Miyagi-Do.
They think they can get away with that? They won't.
I gotta be honest, this job entails a lot of grunt work.
Moving furniture, hanging pictures.
Execs always wanna rearrange their offices.
I've done some maintenance work, so I know how it goes.
It says here on your resume you have extensive computer experience.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure I remember how to get on the Internet.
Listen, I'll do whatever you need me to do.
You know, I'll show up early or work overtime.
Just need to make some extra money.
It's not for me, it's for this kid going through a surgery.
His family needs the scratch.
Well, that's very noble.
Yeah, and you certainly have a lot of what we're looking for.
Oh, great.
I just One last thing.
Um I noticed you didn't fill out the part about any prior arrests.
Hey, we're just a couple guys talking here.
I mean, what are we dealing with, DUI, petty theft? This is just a formality.
No one's perfect.
All right.
Well most recently, I was arrested for public intoxication.
Assault and battery.
And, uh "willful destruction of property", I think they said.
Not necessarily in that order.
And a year ago I was arrested for assaulting a minor.
A minor? Technically, multiple minors.
Those kids were real pricks.
You know, it feels really good to talk about this, actually.
When do we start, boss? What's the plan? "Unstable".
You're the one that's unstable.
Unstable! Students from West Valley High are volunteering today, washing cars to raise money for a worthy cause.
We've already raised over $1,000.
Miyagi-Do is all about helping people.
Wasn't it a Miyagi-Do student who put Miguel Diaz in the hospital? That was an accident.
At least, I hope so.
I I just know that Miguel needs our help.
We love you, Miguel.
Thank you, Samantha.
This car wash will be going on That's your girl? Oh, no.
Sounds like vanilla not her flavor no more.
She got a taste for that horchata.
Who knows? Maybe she'll be drinking that dark roast next.
- How 'bout you shut your mouth? - Sorry-ass punk.
- Looks like karate boy wanna throw down.
- Sure does.
Yeah, man.
Go ahead.
I'll give you a free shot before I use your teeth for dice.
My karate's about self-defense.
Well Let's see how that works out for you.
Ooh! This was just a warm-up.
We ain't done with you.
Everyone get back to your bunks.
We're on lockdown.
Let's get outta here, man.
That'll teach him.
Hey, look who the cat dragged in! Oh, come on! Are you really trying to sell me that same box of crap? I wasn't trying to sell it to you.
That's why I drove to Winnetka.
I have three locations.
You'd be surprised how much coin you can make selling junkies their wedding rings back.
How much for the computer? What do I want with a used laptop? You sold it to me used! Yeah, well, now it's more used.
It's fine.
It just needs new batteries.
It ran outta juice.
These don't run outta juice.
Did you plug it in? You said it was wireless.
Wireless as in never mind.
Got anything else in there besides your useless crap? This whole place is full of useless crap.
What makes your crap any better than my crap? Simple.
My crap has value.
You want money, bring me something of value.
I got a '93 Dodge Caravan.
Really? '93, you say? Let's just take a look at the Kelley Blue Book.
All right.
It's got a tape deck.
- Grayish cloth interior.
- Cloth interior? Yeah.
That's interesting.
- What does it say? - It says, "Get the hell outta my shop".
- It's worthless.
- Come on, man.
What am I supposed to do? I don't own anything valuable.
Then I guess you better find someone who does.
- Where is everyone? - Figured we'd close up early.
Batten down the hatches until we straighten this whole thing out.
How was your lunch with Anoush? Well, good news is he's speaking to me again.
Bad news is he was telling Louie the truth.
Cole leaned into the bad press on the school fight.
He's gonna be exclusive with Doyona by the first of the month.
If we lose this dealership, what's to stop other manufacturers from pulling out? That's what Cole's banking on.
See, I say we go visit Cole, and show him a little Jersey justice.
What are you gonna do? Gonna go round up your biker friends, get your asses kicked again? I thought we weren't gonna talk Daniel, I don't think we have a choice.
If we wanna come out of this with anything, we're gonna have to sell to Cole.
You know when I was a kid, I wanted my own car so bad.
My mom had this station wagon.
It was such a piece of junk.
We We literally had to push it to get the engine started.
And then Mr.
Miyagi gave me that '47 Ford, and that was the best day of my life.
Ever since, I've been in love with cars.
That's why Mr.
Miyagi pushed me into sales.
Wasn't my idea.
I thought car salesmen were sleazy.
That is such a bullshit stereotype.
But Mr.
Miyagi told me, "Daniel-san must follow passion.
Man who work for passion always richer than man who work for money".
He was right.
The goal was never to be the number one auto dealer in the Valley.
I just wanted to give those customers that same sense of excitement I had when I got my first car.
That's what I did, and that's why we were successful.
But, Daniel, without Doyona, we can't compete.
I love what we built here.
I love that we did it together.
And I don't wanna lose it, but the writing's on the wall.
If we don't sell to Cole we might end up with nothing.
Louie, why don't we, um go finish those inventories? Close eye.
Think only tree.
Make a perfect picture down to last pine needle.
Wipe your mind clean, everything but tree.
Nothing exists whole world.
Only tree.
You got it? Open eye.
No shit.
This your bed? I had no idea, I just needed a pillow.
You don't mind, do you? Thought so.
Soft-ass bitch.
What'd I say? All right, listen up.
Visitation tomorrow.
Valasquez, Binder, Espinoza, Keene.
If I called your name, be ready first thing in the morning.
Does it say who's visiting me? "Lawrence, John".
"Gender pay gap", you figure.
Well Well, well, well, well.
Lookie who's back.
I don't wanna be here any longer than I have to.
How's that karate thing going, huh? Oh! It didn't go under, did it? Oh! - I'm shocked! - This isn't about me.
There's this kid, Miguel Yeah, I heard something about that.
Your son and your student, talk about a role model.
Mmm, mmm, mmm.
Hey, easy there, Rocko.
Sounded like you were warming up to ask for a handout.
And I'd hate for anything to jeopardize another payday.
All right, so you'll help me? I didn't say that either.
Look, you can kick me around all you want, Sid.
I'll take it.
But Miguel doesn't deserve what happened to him.
I need to make that right.
Yeah, with my money.
- You prick! - If I had anything to give, I would.
But you got nothing to give because you're a loser, like your father! Yeah, you can say what you want about me, but at least I stuck around.
Sticking around being a bully isn't much better than leaving.
I'm trying to do better.
- I'm gonna see Robby.
- Yeah.
I'm trying to scrape together whatever I can to help Miguel's family.
Pope John Lawrence the first! Yeah, healer of children.
- Bravo, bravo, bravo! - All right, are you gonna help me or not? 'Cause I'd hate for that little incident with your secretary to get out to the public.
You know, start one of those hash brown "me too" things.
I didn't get where I am because I cared about my reputation.
Get the hell out of here.
You're a cold old man.
And don't you forget it, buster.
- Great day, guys.
- Yeah, definitely.
- You picked the wrong side.
- Hey, give it back! Hey! Ooh, ooh! Nothing like a long day of charity.
We'll make sure Miguel knows it's from Cobra Kai.
- Don't even think about it.
- Come on, guys.
We all wanna help pay for Miguel's surgery.
Oh, you're gonna pay, all right.
Daniel, Amanda.
Aw, I know this must be a tough pill to swallow.
No matter how you wash it down, failure never tastes good.
But at the end of the day, it's just business, right? We looked at the offer in front of us, and realized there's only one choice.
I want you to know that I'm gonna treat this place with the utmost respect.
You can take the tiny bushes though.
Nobody wants to care for a tree.
Oh, Faroush, you are looking at the new owner of LaRusso Van Nuys.
Not so fast, Tom.
We made some adjustments.
Look at page nine.
I don't understand.
Are you selling me the dealership or not? When hell freezes over.
Well, then let me give you the bad news.
- I signed an exclusive deal with - Doyona.
We know all about that.
Oh, I forgot to tell you, Daniel offered me my job back.
And since he knows my name and isn't a complete douche clown, I accepted.
You wanna play the violin on the Titanic, it's your funeral.
We're not dead yet, Tommy.
Yeah, right! We've still got some moves! Well, there's no turning back now.
This plan better work.
It has to.
Wait, what? This isn't a sure thing? - Hey, what's up? - Is your dad here? No, he's at work.
Why? Cobra Kai took the money and They kicked the fucking shit outta me.
Hey, uh, I'm not sure who I give this to.
It's for the Diaz kid's hospital bill.
That's very generous.
Can I tell the family who it's from? Uh, I'd prefer to leave my name out of it.
No problem.
I'm leaving.
Diaz, Miguel's surgeon just arrived from the airport.
She has a few questions.
Thank you, Johnny.
I'm gonna get outta here.
I have to be somewhere.
Miguel He needs you.
Pray with us.
Okay, I'll stay.
Hey, just give him a little more time, okay? He's not coming.
I knew it.
You sure about this? Cobra Kais never stop training.
We have to catch up.
If that means me taking the reins, then so be it.
I for one am ready to add a few new moves to my repertoire.
Hold on a sec.
What if your dad finds out? He won't.
He's out of town.
LaRusso? They are ready for you now.

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