Cobra Kai (2018) s03e10 Episode Script

December 19

It's my fault, Johnny.
- Jesus Christ, they're gonna kill us all.
- Shut up! Hey.
Hey, hey, get your shit together.
All right? Look at me.
The only thing you gotta worry about right now is survival.
Besides, it's not your fault, man.
It's mine.
Well, you're right about one thing, Kreese.
It is your fault we're in here.
But you're wrong about the rest of it.
He's not gonna survive this.
Captain, come on, you're the ranking officer.
You looked around, Kreese? There's no rank anymore.
Not in here.
No, this is every man for himself.
I had to do it.
You saw.
How deep is that pit, man? Deep enough.
But that's not the worst of it.
Don't skimp on that sauce.
And get it out there while it's still hot.
We've been here five minutes and I already see ten people I hate.
- Yeah.
- It's Christmas time, all right.
Tradition is tradition.
Let's just hope Anthony doesn't kicked out of another sleepover.
Well, Santa has a big ol' bag of coal for him if he does.
I'm gonna go grab a table.
You grab me a drink.
I'm on it.
Merry Christmas, Brett.
The usual for me and Amanda.
Coming right up.
Daniel with an L! Oh, my God! Ali, is it really you? I think so.
Wow, I was hoping that I would run into you one day.
It's funny that it's here though, huh? Yeah, right.
The kid from Reseda, a member of the club.
Well, there's no more sneaking around the kitchen.
I'm sorry, I just You just look great.
Aw, thank you.
So do you.
- I'm so happy to see you.
- Yeah, it's I I just have so, so many questions.
Hey, watch it! I'm wearing white here.
You think I want that all over me? Johnny, come here.
You remember Johnny Lawrence? Right? How can I forget? Wow, guys.
This is a little West Valley reunion, huh? - Crazy.
- Crazy.
That's definitely the word for it.
Nice suit.
Is that made of velvet? You sleep in that? You should talk there, Scarface.
So I guess this is not the first time you've seen each other since high school.
- We've had a few run-ins.
- Well, just one or two.
I don't know how to say this any plainer.
Eagle Fang and Miyagi-Do have to work together.
Even if we wanted to team up, it'd never work.
I was in Cobra Kai.
Their style mixes with ours like Oil and vinegar? No, not salad dressing.
I would say like the British Bulldogs and the Hart Foundation.
They were friends, dipshit.
Not at WrestleMania 3, Penis Breath.
Okay, you can't call me Penis Breath.
Only they can call me Penis Breath.
Why are you okay with anyone calling you Penis Breath? You know what? Screw this.
Come on, let's go.
Hey, pussies! This is exactly what those assholes at Cobra Kai want.
Since you were one of 'em, you're an asshole too.
So are you.
- I ain't no asshole.
- So was I.
Well, at least I wanted to be one.
But now Cobra Kai is the worst collection of assholes in the Valley, run by the king of all assholes.
So if by merging with Eagle Fang Weird name, by the way.
can keep us all from getting shit on anymore, then we'd all be assholes not to do it.
I'm sorry for all the "assholes".
I usually take pride in my grandiloquence, but it's an emotional time.
Now where do we start? So, your daughter hit his car, you drew a dick on his face, your cousin set his car on fire and tried to beat him up with a baseball bat? He's playing a little loose on those details.
No, that's basically what happened.
Why didn't you tell me about this at lunch? Lunch? Yeah, we made plans together.
Spent all day together.
And how did that happen? He messaged me out of the blue.
And then she friend requested me.
Kinda went from there.
You know how it goes.
Or maybe not.
So, you finally figured out Facebook? Did you take night classes in computer literacy? Self-taught.
Many hours.
Okay, am I gonna have to put you two into time-out? - Did you get lost on the way to the table? - I'm sorry.
Honey Honey, you are not going to believe this.
I just stepped in something, didn't I? Ali, this is my wife Amanda.
Amanda, this is Ali Mills-Schwarber.
We went out in high school.
Oh! I cannot wait to talk to you! I was thinking the same thing.
And it's actually just Mills now, no Schwarber.
So, have the man-boys filled you in on the whole "mortal enemy karate dojo battling for the soul of the Valley" thing? Whoa, wait.
You both have karate dojos? How's that going? We're all in agreement that our new combined dojo should train at Miyagi-Do.
But deadlocked on a new name, Gi Design, Post-Training Snacks, and Sensei Dispute Resolution Protocol.
Okay, not good, but still, it's a start.
Aw, I think your cat wants to come in.
Here, kitty, kitty.
I didn't know you had a cat.
We don't.
Bert, what happened? No cat.
It's payback time, Rhea.
Let's go.
Heard you were throwing a party.
Hope you don't mind if we crash.
- Tory, you don't have to do this.
- It's too late.
This ends tonight! No mercy! Wait.
How the hell was he dressed like a shower? - What does that even look like? - Oh, my God, it was so funny.
Okay, and then this one comes running out dressed like a toddler in skeleton pajamas.
- Chasing after him.
- Stop! Okay, maybe we could just fast-forward through all this.
- Yeah, fast-forward.
- Oh, no, no.
Then it got worse and worse until the tournament.
And then they pretty much they left each other alone, I thought that was that.
So okay, so their rivalry wasn't the reason you and Daniel broke up? No, that was a whole other story.
- We don't need to go into all that.
- Oh.
- No, I'd like to hear this.
- I think I need to hear it.
Okay, I'll tell it.
So, I got into UCLA, and I ran into this guy that I knew who went there.
Daniel sees me talking to my friend Your "friend".
Yes, he was my friend, actually.
He jumps to conclusions.
Well, I was a little bit upset, so I probably maybe egged you on.
Yeah, right.
You sure you egged me on? Listen.
I thought you were in love with the guy.
I told you.
Just like I told you that the brakes on Mr.
Miyagi's car were gonna go.
I hope you didn't tell him that it was my fault it crashed? No, of course not.
This is the best story I have ever heard.
Please keep going.
Oh, should we talk about what a bad boyfriend you were? - No, that's all right.
- Yes, yes, definitely! Some shrapnel to that side of the table, please.
I guess both of our heads were pretty far up our asses back then.
Whose wasn't back in high school? Mine was so far up there I could see out my mouth.
- Did that make sense or was it the wine talking? - I dunno.
Well, let's just hope that our kids are more evolved than we were.
Call that a kick? Come on! Come on, bitch.
Let's go! Come on.
Come on! Demetri, get up! Come on, get up.
Let's go! Come right at me, pussy! Yeah, eat that shit! Get up! I gotta be honest, LaRusso.
I thought you'd put up more of a fight.
Guess I'll have to make my own fun.
Okay, well, I'm going to go grab my jacket before I die of joy.
- You are my hero.
- I think you're awesome.
- I'm so glad I got to meet you.
- You too.
- Good night.
- Good night.
- I'll go get the tab.
- Okay, yeah.
Ah, your wife paying the bills, huh? Says the guy who grew up eating free lunches here.
Okay, you guys really like fighting each other.
He's instigating.
I'm just defending myself, as usual.
She knows firsthand that's bullshit.
This is exactly the problem.
You say one thing, and then you say the opposite.
You both think there's only one side to the story.
- I know.
There's two.
- No, there's three.
There's your side, and your side, and then there is the truth.
And the truth is, you guys are more alike that you want to admit.
Maybe you recognize parts of yourselves in each other, and maybe you don't always like what you see.
I guess it's possible some small part of all of this is my fault.
Me too.
Point Mills! Winner! Well, since the match is over and we have a new champ, I guess that means it's time for me to go.
This was I don't even know what it was.
All I know is I had a really great time.
I did too.
I'm so happy I got to see you.
Ah, and Amanda! Yeah.
- Don't screw that up.
- Ah! Okay, got it.
Um Ali, I I just wanted to say The way things ended with us We were so young.
And the good times far outweighed the bad.
And that is how I will always remember it.
Me too.
Me too.
Merry Christmas, Johnny.
Merry Christmas, LaRusso.
So, that's two hugs for Ali.
I still have some more in the tank.
Let's go home and get into some trouble.
Where you gonna go, LaRusso? You're the only one who can get up when you're down.
No one else.
Come on, Rhea.
Come on.
We're not done yet.
Hell yeah! Hell yeah! These suckers never had a chance, baby! Get it! Come on, Rhea! I told you, only the strong will survive.
Kreese's got in your head.
When you came in to my dojo, you were softer than a baby's ass.
Never underestimate your enemy.
I made you what you are.
Not Kreese! He doesn't give a shit about you.
The enemy of your enemy is your friend.
Yo, Hawk.
Free shot! Look, man.
I'm sorry.
For all of it.
Do you wanna help me win this thing? Yeah.
Come on! I don't know if you can hear me, kid.
But, I know you got it in you to pull through.
Never give up.
You can do this.
I know you can.
Come on.
Come on! Come on, Rhea! Thanks for the motivation.
I am not afraid of you! - Guys, stop! - Tory, the fight's over.
It's not over.
This will never be over, LaRusso.
You hear me? You know where to find me.
Traitors! You better watch your back! He won't have to.
He's got friends watching it for him.
- Thank you very much.
- You're welcome.
Here you go, buddy.
What are you driving these days? A '93 Dodge Caravan.
All right, fine.
Don't tell me.
So who is this hot lady I hear you've been seeing? So that's what you and Amanda snuck off to talk about.
Well, that and other things.
What is she like? - Carmen? - Mm-hmm.
She's, uh She's amazing.
You really like her.
I just I don't know.
Still trying to figure it out.
Well, if she's cool enough to make Johnny Lawrence speechless, you better figure it out quick.
I know.
It's like I told you, I always screw these things up.
Well, you didn't screw up today.
Yeah? Thanks for making me feel like a kid again.
We had our own little time machine.
Sometimes it's good to visit the past to know where you are now.
- But you can't live in the past.
- No.
- We have to live for today.
- And the future.
Whatever that might bring.
Well, I know you're gonna be happy.
I know you'll be happy too.
I have faith in you.
I needed this.
I did too.
Oh, my God! You were not kidding! - Can I give you a lift? - Uh I gotta go find my parents.
I will always be there for you.
You know that, right? Yeah.
Me too.
Okay, so get out of here.
You have a future to find.
I do.
Carmen, I figured it out.
I'm ready.
I love you.
Carmen, I What's wrong? What happened? No.
I'll go.
Well, I'm sorry it has to end for you like this, Kreese.
But only one of us is coming back and I still got something to live for.
Get your hands off of me.
- So do I.
- No.
No, I don't think you do.
That girlfriend of yours back home.
What's her name.
Betsy? Yeah, well, she's dead.
You're a liar.
No, letter came just as we got orders for this mission.
She wrapped her car around a tree, driving to visit her grandmother in Pasadena.
Ain't that a bitch? No And I kept it under wraps.
I didn't want you to lose focus.
Needed you at your best.
Son of a bitch! So much for that idea! Well, look on the bright side, Kreese.
It'll be over soon.
One, two, three.
Go! What took you so long? Robby What are you doing here? He's exactly where he belongs.
As are you.
Three generations of Cobra Kai working together.
We won't just dominate the tournament, we'll melt this whole snowflake generation.
This is really your last chance, Johnny.
Are you in or are you out? Listen to him, Dad.
He only wants what's best for you.
Is that all you got? Hi-yah! Don't do it! You don't understand.
You can't trust him! - And I can trust you? - Robby, please, listen to me.
You know, all those years you weren't there, I blamed myself.
Sensei Kreese is right.
I can't be my own worst enemy.
But you can be! Stop it! I won't fight you.
You are weak! Shit.
Robby! Robby, you okay? Robby.
Robby, I'm sorry.
Are you okay? Robby, I'm sorry that I hurt you.
Robby, are you okay? Robby? I tried to tell you that it was kill or be killed out here.
But you couldn't shed your humanity! It distracted you on the mission.
It distracted you here.
And now you're gonna die! Robby, wake up! Robby, you're okay.
It's over, Kreese! Pull me up.
Kreese, pull me up! That's an order! You're right, Captain.
I didn't follow your lessons.
Come on.
What are you waiting for? I won't make that mistake again.
Kreese! No mercy.
Kreese! I thought there was still hope for you.
This isn't how I wanted this to end.
You sent them to my house? You came after my daughter.
You wanted a fight, you son of a bitch? Now, you got one! Robby? I told you this was inevitable.
You can't keep up this "defense only" shit forever.
Good thing I don't have to.
Time for you and Miyagi to reunite! If an enemy insists on war, then you take away their ability to wage it.
Dad! You keep your Cobra Kais away from our kids! It's a free country.
Not for you.
Cobra Kai's gotta go.
For good.
Why don't we settle this the old-fashioned way? Tournament.
If we lose I go.
If you lose We won't lose.
You okay, Sensei? Robby.
Get out of here.
All of you.
Come on, son.
Come on, guys.
We're out of here.
- Yes! - Yeah! I owe you, man.
You saved my ass.
Anything you need I'm there for you.
Your whole life.
You hear me, Johnny? Your whole life! I owe you.
Long time.
You ready? Let's begin!
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