Cocaine Coast (2018) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

IN MEMORY OF MATEO GONZÁLEZ In the 1980s, Galicia became the main gateway for drugs into Europe.
Its unique geography of thousands of miles of coastline made Ría de Arousa the ideal strategic placement for the great drug cartels to establish themselves in Europe.
What we know about drug smuggling today is very different from what the Galicians knew back then.
It offered the opportunity to become rich and prosper in a place where there were few alternatives.
The fishing industry was in decline in Galicia.
The drug's reign spread, provoking a passive acceptance by the people, meaning many looked the other way while others profited from a thriving business.
It's been almost 30 years since Operation Velvet Crab: an unprecedented police deployment which aimed to end the impunity of the Galician drug lords who were turning the Rías Baixas estuaries into Little Sicily.
Operation Velvet Crab was the state's decisive response and went on for several years and pursued those who had spent years flouting the law.
There were arrests and a criminal trial, which had the nation on tenterhooks awaiting an admonitory sentence.
A before and an after in the fight against drugs in Spain.
Many still remember the story of the fishermen who became drug lords.
Miñanco, Charlín, Oubiña.
They also remember the men and women who tried to stop them.
Their names still echo throughout Galicia.
Baltasár - Are they ready? - They're waiting downstairs.
OPERATION VELVET CRAB There can be no leaks whatsoever.
Only the drivers can know the destination.
Not a word to anyone.
SUPREME COURT OF MADRID Not friends, family, the press.
No one.
We can't afford mistakes.
Avoid the toll roads, they have eyes everywhere.
Take care.
They're not expecting us, but they could be armed.
- What? - What's happening? - What's going on? Manuel Charlín, you're under arrest for smuggling and tax evasion.
- What the hell? - You have the right to remain silent.
MANUEL CHARLÍN HEAD OF THE CHARLÍN FAMILY ONE OF THE MOST DANGEROUS CRIME FAMILIES IN GALICIA - What the fuck's going on back there? - Police! Open up! Laureano Oubiña! LAUREANO OUBIÃ'A SMUGGLED HUNDREDS OF TONS OF HASH Take it easy, I'm not trying to fucking escape! Take it easy, will you? Keep your head, Laureano! - How did it go? Find anything? - Nothing.
Arrests? 51, including Oubiña and the Charlíns.
- What about Sito? - We're still trying to find him.
NINE YEARS EARLIER Sito! - What are you doing? - Guess.
Customs police, stop your vessel! Cut the crap, Sito, and do as they say! They won't have all the fun! You're under arrest for illegal fishing! I can slip by the boats, I've done it loads.
Unlit vessels portside, stop immediately! Hold on tight! CUSTOMS - Who the fuck is that? - No idea, but customs is tailing him! Throw everything out! EPISODE 1 "1981" - That was the last time, you hear? - We got away, didn't we? - That's what matters.
- It's a miracle.
I don't know about you, but I don't want to die just yet.
- Do you hear? - Yes.
Let's go home, then, dammit! - We didn't die, but the engine did.
- Jesus Christ, Sito.
- Six thousand.
- Alright, fine.
- How much? - Five thousand.
- Is that all? - Here's your half.
There are smart people and there are dummies.
That guy doesn't get up at 2:00 a.
or pay the fines.
What do you want me to do? You get what you get.
I've had it.
Next time he offers you 5,000, say no.
- He'll buy elsewhere.
- Better poor than a fool.
And what will we live off of? Maybe you and one of your great ideas can fix that engine.
so they cut me off and I say to Dad, “Hold on, they're not getting us.
" - You went into the docks? - Yeah.
If you don't kill yourself, the smugglers will.
Them or your dad.
How many engines have you gone through? You can't ride them so hard.
And it's got nothing to do with it being an antique? It's probably the piston pin.
Anselmo will patch it up.
Tell him Roque sent you.
- Anselmo? Are you going to pay him? - Fuck no, I can't even pay for these.
See you later.
- Bye, Rosa.
- And thanks.
What's the rush, kid? - You're Sito of the Miñancos? - Depends on who's asking.
You and your boat have pissed a lot of people off.
- I'm sorry, I don't talk to cops.
- Is that what we look like? Take a good look, maybe you recognize me? I recognize you because you led customs over and fucked up a job.
Well, I didn't know you were unloading.
Where are you going? Take it easy, we won't hurt you.
We're just the messengers.
It's Terito who's pissed.
The boss wants to see you tomorrow.
- Why? - He has a gift for you.
What if I don't go? Then you'll have pissed him off twice.
Terito's not a bad guy, but he's not used to being blown off.
Don't be the first.
I'm looking for Mr.
I'm Sito.
He doesn't know me, but he asked to see me.
He does know you.
Wait here.
If the Belgians sell the tobacco for more, we will, too.
- Where's the problem? - I'd like to show them Get used to it.
When something works, everyone wants a piece.
- It's the way of life.
- He's here.
Who? Miñanco? The chump from the other night? Why haven't you cut him up? They've told me about you.
That you're a good kid.
Hardworking, smart A wiseguy but smart, too.
Tell me the truth.
Did you know we were unloading? I had no clue.
Don't lie to those who you owe money.
Excuse me, but I don't owe you anything.
Do you know how much I lost? Over 20 million.
Are you here to pay me back? Don't take me for an idiot, then.
I overheard two of yours talking about it the other night in the bar.
That's why I went that way.
It was them or my father.
- That won't get me my money back.
- I know and I'm sorry, but I can't pay.
I think you can.
But not in cash.
I want you to drive one of my boats.
They say you can really handle that tin can of yours.
One job and we're even.
You let him go? Just like that? - He's a good kid.
- Those are the worst.
Hell, if he'd fucked up one of my jobs, he'd be in bad shape now.
He's worth more to me in one piece.
Anyway, back to the game in hand.
- Who's leading? - Me.
By the way, the local and regional elections are coming up.
- We know who we want to win, right? - The usual suspects.
The question is how much we want them to win.
The campaign needs funding, Oubiña.
How will a pile of shit do you? We already own the cops.
- No, there's still a few honest ones.
- Who cares? - We don't need any of those politicians.
- Yes, we do, Laureano.
You only think that because Fraga and his pencil pushers - keep giving you medals, right? - Exactly.
We need to feed the system that feeds us.
- Give us a number.
- Two million each.
Two million? Each? It'd be fucking cheaper to run for office ourselves.
You're the kingpin, you'd definitely get elected! So, two million.
What do you say, Manuel? He's thinking about where to get the money.
- What are you getting at? - Come on, everyone knows.
How much did Silva steal from you? Eight mil? Ten? - How do you know about that? - Him and half of Valladolid know.
- Right.
- What is it, Manolo? Nothing.
- Your turn - A nasty kid, a friend of my boys.
He stole 200 boxes of tobacco.
Now he's running around shouting about ripping off the Charlíns.
- Son of a bitch.
- He won’t show his face here again.
None of you need to worry about that.
I swear when I find him, I'll rip his head off.
No blood, Manuel.
You hear? Oh and pay up.
Look at this hunk.
Cándido Silva, he's a friend of the Charlíns.
He was until he had the bright idea of robbing them.
With friends like that, who needs enemies? - What did the Charlíns do? - Nothing yet.
Silva took off to Valladolid.
- What did he take from them? - Over 200 boxes.
He can hide, but once the Charlíns find him, he'll need his wits about him.
We have to find him before they do.
- Understood? - Yes, sir.
- Father, Maroto couriers called - Not now.
- Where are Paquito and Moncho? - You know them well enough to know that.
Step on the newspapers, will you?! Shit, man You! Go the fuck home.
You should be ashamed of yourselves.
At least your brother has company.
Ugly company, but company all the same.
You do whatever the fuck you like.
You've got cars, money, a house with a pool No obligations whatsoever.
Apart from one thing not to give me any trouble.
If this is about the girl I don't care about her.
What the fuck's happening with Silva? Remember him? You'd better.
It was you who told me we could trust him.
He took us for a ride.
Once we know where he is, we'll get the money back.
How do you plan on finding him? By getting wasted every night? Silva's in Valladolid.
He's spending our money and laughing in our faces.
- How do you know? - Colombo told me.
Because they're out there keeping one ear to the ground.
Unlike you.
Do you want us to be the laughingstock of Galicia? - I can't hear you.
- No.
So deal with it.
Unless you want to be out on your asses.
Get out of here.
Go! Don't get worked up, Dad.
You just take care of that pie.
Good afternoon.
Nice car.
License and registration, please.
Don't fuck with me, Montáñez, I'm not in the mood.
- What brings you to Cambados? - We have some work for you.
- Does Cándido Silva ring a bell? - Sure.
Bring him here.
He's in Valladolid.
- And give him a good beating.
- Before or after I bring him? That's up to you.
The other half when he's here.
What about your old man? - The old man can't know, got it? - Got it.
What are you cooking up with them? - A side job, it's nothing.
- A blind eye for the next delivery? Why do you care? Here.
Not a word.
- Where are you going? - Fishing with Dad.
- The engine's repaired? - Anselmo gave us one.
- Sito - Go back to sleep.
- Where are we going? - Don't you know curiosity killed the cat? Put this on.
This way.
Go on.
Sit down.
Well, well, here's the new kid! Gentlemen, may I introduce Sito Miñanco.
He and Di Stefano will drive the speedboats tonight.
Hey, come here.
This should interest you.
We'll start unloading in Portugalete.
The weather is on our side.
The sea is very rough.
How is that good? The coast guard won't venture out even when it's drizzling.
And customs? They're a different story.
But if there's any problem, we go to position B, which is now the Crespo plant.
And you're in charge of coordination? Look, being a big mouth isn't just about talking too much.
It's also about asking too many questions.
No one knows about anyone else.
That way, we stay out of trouble.
Learn that lesson.
There she is.
Do you like her? - I'll be driving that? - It's not your dad's tin can.
- Can you handle it? - Just hold on and don't fall overboard.
What are you doing? Stick to your job.
One two - Seven - Come on! 25 104.
That's it, let's get out of here! This is 20,000.
Is there a problem? - None whatsoever.
- Are you sure? It's fair, that was our deal.
I lost you a lot of money.
- What were you going to do with this? - Get my dad's boat repaired.
We need a new engine to go fishing.
That's great.
We paupers must get our hands dirty if we want a catch.
And what if I said you never have to get your hands dirty again? - You always have to get them dirty.
- True.
But you could be doing it for a few miserable fish or something much better.
One job, one million.
What do you say? - What did you do to get that money? - What I should have done a long time ago.
Easy money is bad money.
Clean money hasn't done us much good, Rosi.
- What's that? - A microwave.
26, 27, 28 - Careful now! - Are you sure we can afford this? Sir? I have a reservation for José Ramón Prado Bugallo.
I'm so sorry, a client just booked the room for a private event.
- Sorry for not telling you.
- I booked weeks ago.
I know, it was last-minute.
It happens.
I'm truly sorry.
Everything okay? Sure, there's just a chair missing.
Then we're all set.
- Right? - Sir I promised my daughter we'd celebrate her Communion in style and we're not leaving until we do, so prepare a table.
- I can't.
- But you can throw us out? How much did he pay? How much did Luis Colón pay to close the place for him and his buddies? - We're closed.
- So open up, - or is my money worth less than his? - Please, just leave.
- Go inside.
- Just let it go, son.
There are plenty of places in town.
Exactly, treat us to a meal at Laurelio's and forget about it.
I'm truly sorry.
We just can't turn down some people, please understand.
Oh, Sito "I have a reservation for José Ramón Prado Bugallo.
Fuck you.
" Wipe that look off your face.
They wouldn't let you in a bistro, no one died.
Fuck you, Roque.
Nothing's changed, we're still just losers.
No, you can pay for lunch now.
And look at all the gifts.
They're from my parents.
Mine was the restaurant.
What a great gift for a little girl, huh? She doesn't give a shit.
But he does, Roque.
Don't you get that? We do the work, put our necks on the line, and they reap the benefits.
- You just bought a car.
- A fucking Ford.
- How many do you want? - Ten? Or forty thousand? - Not ten, no.
A Mercedes.
- Reaching for the stars, huh? - Why do you need a Mercedes? - Why do they need them? - Lower your voice.
- Goodness me.
- That's it.
- Why do they need them? To be seen.
There's more respect for someone in a Mercedes than a Renault.
I'm tired of paying for other people's places.
What do you want? Them to work for me.
- Stop drinking.
- What do we need to know? Routes? Who to buy from? Who to sell to? We know all of that, man! What about Terito? Huh? I'll speak to him.
He won't like it.
Neither will the others.
There's enough to go around.
I'm looking out for number one now.
I don't want problems.
- What problems? - What problems? - You're a pussy.
- Even the cops are in on it.
- You and your little problems - Get the fuck off me.
- You've got nothing to say? - What do you want me to say? What do you think of me going it alone? Oh, so you're asking? I must have missed that part.
You're a hell of a driver, Sito.
One of the best.
- But you just got started.
- I can get things done.
- Some.
- I'll learn the rest.
Double for every job.
If you don't tell the others.
More money, but without extra risks.
I'd take it.
My job is no walk in the park, you know.
I didn't come for more money.
End of discussion, then.
If you want to join, I won't be the one to say no.
You'll have to pay the organization an entrance fee and a percentage of every job.
That way, we're all winners.
Be careful! Put your things away and let's have lunch.
Jesus Christ.
- How the hell did you pay for that? - Never heard of saving money? Sure, I had a dog and the poor little thing starved to death.
It's secondhand, needs fixing.
It'll do to escape the customs officers.
And to prove to Terito we can get the job done.
- When do we start? - ASAP.
But we have to start running this like a business.
I can't do everything.
- What should we do? - You'll speak to tobacco companies.
- And me? - Who's the contact? Patrick Laurent sends the stuff from Belgium and Switzerland.
- How do you spell that? - "Patrik Loren," what do I know? And me? I'll be coordinating the sea-to-land changeover.
Who's our driver? Di Stefano.
- He's just as good as me.
- But he works for Terito.
Not anymore.
I'm paying him double.
- Son of a bitch.
- And what about me? The most important job: the numbers.
You're the only one any good at it and there will be a lot to count.
Why don't you count my steps as I walk away? - Don't get mad.
- Come on.
We need a name.
" - Roque, Oli, Sito.
- No.
What? Do you prefer "SOR"? For "sorry" or "sore"? And "ORS" makes us sound Russian.
ROS it is.
Still here? Why haven't you gone for the dockers? Don't you knock? What's this? Don't you like it? It's new.
- Like the motorbike parked outside, right? - A whim.
I'll wait outside.
Is she just a whim, too? She's one of the Charlíns, were you born yesterday? She's not like her cousins.
But she's their family, so you're better off staying away.
The same goes for that crap you're smoking.
So? The cops don't even know what it is.
I blew the smoke at a cop and you know what he said? - What? - "Is that Dutch tobacco?" This is my business and what pays for my whims.
Tobacco is what puts food on the table, got it? What are you waiting for? Go get the dockers.
Not yet, I got held up, but I'm almost in Valladolid.
Yes, for fuck's sake.
I know where Silva is, I'll tell you once I'm there.
And don't worry, I'll make sure he doesn't forget to pay again.
- Is there a problem? - Just looking for a friend of mine.
Our friend doesn't want you looking for him.
Look at your cousin.
Tell me that isn't worth a beating.
- That's enough.
Come here.
- For fuck's sake.
- What are you doing? - Sit down, you prick.
- Unless you want a bloody face.
- Oh, really? Javi, don't.
I'll be right back.
What's the big idea? I could ask you the same.
Making a scene.
- I'll take you home, it's late.
- No way.
Shall I call your dad so he can see Bustelo with his hands on you? And you smoking this shit? This "shit" costs Javi the same as it does your dad for tobacco.
And he makes double.
Now let go of my hand or he'll really hurt you.
- Go on, then.
- Asshole.
- He'll say no.
- Why should he? Tobacco's one thing, drugs are another.
If it was Pilar's idea, he'd say yes.
- There's a guy outside asking for you.
- Come on, Moncho.
Those bastards were waiting for me.
- But did you get the money? - No.
I can go back on Wednesday.
Take three or four men and do what's necessary.
The bastard won't be in Valladolid anymore.
Dad's going to kill us.
- I can speak to him.
- You know nothing, got it? - He'll see my fucking face.
- Tell him it was the Portuguese.
Are we clear? It's bad enough we've lost the money.
Fuck me.
Go! 96, 97 99 - That's it.
- Stop! - How's it looking? - The coast is clear.
Did you get that? The coast is clear.
Wait! - Wait.
- What is it? Looks like you have company.
- Shit, turn back! - Turn back! Customs, freeze! Stop the boat.
- Turn your engine off! - Damn cops.
- Good evening.
- Where to at this hour without lights? To the port in Ogrobe.
We're off-loading some junk.
Let me see.
That's some junk you've got there.
Enough to spend a night in jail.
Oh, come on - Is there a problem? - Not at all.
Surely we can fix this.
If you arrest us, we'll be back here by tomorrow.
I don't make the law, I enforce it.
- That's life.
- Ah, life! Life can change.
- How many boxes have you got? - Just a few.
And a few more we lost on the way.
19 and 20.
- Are we all done, boss? - You can go.
But keep out of sight.
Of course, but a bit of notice would come in handy Boxes can always fall overboard.
Go, we haven't got all night.
It's only 9 o'clock and you're sneaking in.
Have you got the money? - No, there was a problem.
- What problem? What happened? What? What? That's enough, Father! Do you want some, too? - What happened? - We couldn't find him.
- We couldn't find him! - I'm not talking to you! What happened? You won't lie to me, will you? What happened? Spit it out.
- You didn't even go to Valladolid! - Yes, we did.
When? - Between drinking sessions? - He was saying things about you.
He called you a tight old fuck.
Said that he'd have taken you for 200 mil if he could.
- Moncho - He said you deserve it because all you care about is money, not your own people.
- So, you don't have the money.
- No.
Some cop friends of his turned up and we had to run for it, but we'll get the money back.
You'd better.
What was that? Father I know we fucked up, but I have an idea.
- Don't suck up to me.
- Listen to me.
- I know you.
- Just listen.
The Bustelos are making a fortune with hash.
It makes much more than tobacco - We're not getting mixed up in that.
- But, Dad Forget it.
They're not up yet? Your brothers? Where did I go wrong with them? A firm hand is what they need.
It's a little late for that.
Even if they're right for once.
Pass the bread.
I heard when they came in.
Don't you start with this drug thing! Think about it.
All the kids are smoking it.
It'd be good business.
That could put us in jail.
Not if we keep paying the cops to turn a blind eye.
As long as we pay them off, they don't care what we sell.
Remember how you opened the cannery to launder our tobacco money? Of course.
And remember those copycats who wanted to do the same thing? But you got there first and kept your turf.
What are you trying to say? First come, first served, you know that.
Pour me some wine.
Do you want Bustelo and his son to have everything? Terito won't want to get his hands dirty.
You'll never know if you don't ask.
Count it if you like.
No need.
Antón, set another place.
- What the hell is he doing here? - He's the driver.
Excuse the delay, gentlemen.
But I was talking business with our new partner, Sito Miñanco.
- New partner? What the fuck? - Has he paid the fee? And the percentage of his first job.
- The first of many, I hope.
- Damn That's enough back-patting, let's get to business.
Sito, you here.
Manolo called the meeting, so let's hear from him.
I don't know if you know, but apart from smoking tobacco, the kids around here are also smoking a drug called hash.
Hippies bring it over from Holland or Morocco.
They call it "going down to Morocco.
" They pay for the trip with the profit they make.
And who sells it here? Why don't you tell him, Bustelo? My son's business pays for his bad habits.
Damn They must be expensive habits.
I hear he makes a lot of cash.
- That's none of your business.
- It is.
It's all of our business! We're a cooperative and your son isn't paying his dues.
The co-op is for tobacco only.
Javier's hash thing is his own business and not part of the deal.
Oh, yeah? - Then it's off our turf, too, got it? - Says you? Either that or we all get a piece.
Are we getting into the hash business now? There's more money in it.
If we have to go to Morocco, we will.
- Tobacco is one thing, but this? - I don't see a difference.
- What do you mean? - We've got boats and trucks.
What difference is there in bringing in drugs? I couldn't care less if they were moon rocks.
If it's more money, sign me up.
- What do you say, new guy? - Whatever we all decide.
We're not doing it.
Neither will you, Bustelo.
- But, Terito, I don't - No.
But if we don't, someone else will.
We're losing out on a chance to be millionaires.
We already are.
We've brought money to our hometown and people respect us.
- What more do you want? - You're making a mistake.
No, I'm just keeping us out of jail.
The most we'll get for tobacco is a fine.
Drugs are a whole different story.
No one at this table touches the stuff.
Is that clear? - Laureano? - I fucking heard you.
You're making a mistake.
- If you don't agree, there's the door.
- You're kicking me out? We're not always going to do what you say.
It can't go on like this.
You're wrong.
Tell him what you think.
Don't leave it all to me.
Don't sit there in silence like a bunch of pussies.
- Hey, hey, hey.
- No, tell him.
You hear this, Terito? You know what they and the new guy are thinking? About the day they will sit in that chair.
Weren't you the one who didn't want any blood spilled? Don't shoot! What the fuck's going on? Have we all gone crazy? If Terito says no, that means no.
I'll speak to my son and it's done.
We'd be crazy to put at risk what has taken us so long to build.
No one here is getting mixed up in drugs, is that clear? - Did you speak to Terito? - Yes and he wants nothing to do with drugs.
- But, Father - Get off my case! You've got enough on your hands! Yeah, like what? Canning fish? For the hundredth time, your brothers and I deal with the tobacco.
People are going hungry in parts of the world.
If you drop another one, you'll be on the street.
I've had it with you useless fools! I'm surrounded by idiots that can't gut a fish or collect a fucking debt.
How much did Silva take? What did I just say? I'm not my brothers.
- I can recover that money.
- Really? How do you plan to do that? His mother works here.
- Can we talk? - Is something wrong? Don't worry, I just want to talk about Cándido.
- My son's a good boy.
- Sure.
Except he owes us 7 million pesetas.
Did you know that? That's his business, not mine.
He and your brothers deal with that stuff.
Men's business.
Right and we women end up paying for that "stuff.
" What can you do? We were born to suffer.
No, I was born to live.
And so were you.
Whatever you say.
I told my brothers to let it go so your son could come home.
- He doesn't have the money.
- They're giving him another chance.
- Why? - Like I told you.
Their business isn't our fault.
You're an angel.
Hello? - Paquito, it's Pilar.
- What the fuck do you want? Put Moncho on.
Moncho! Phone! Your ugly sister wants to tell you she loves you.
- Yes? - Listen.
Silva's coming home.
You're kidding.
Keep an eye out and don't fuck it up this time.
What is it? Silva is coming back.
He's going to his mother's place.
Come on, I know what this is about.
I'm just taking my family and friends to the best place in the bay.
- Good evening, Mr - Prado Bugallo.
I hope you found a nice place for your daughter's Communion.
- Do you have a reservation? - No.
- In about half an hour - No, not in half an hour.
And you don't need to close the place.
Put everyone's check on my tab, got it? I'm paying tonight.
- Sure.
- Family! Let's go.
"what a drag, what a bore, you're better off with a whore.
" A wonderful dinner Blancaró, licensed dealer.
BMW, Aston Martin, Ferrari, whatever you want.
- And 20% off for friends.
- Very kind.
Let's go, kids.
Nieves Nieves? Where are you going? I'm taking the kids home so they don't see their dad flirting with a floozy.
Do you want everyone to leave? - I want the Sito I married back.
- He's right here.
If you're right, that's even worse.
What's wrong with wanting to be someone? All I want is you and the girls to be proud of me.
Please You don't give a damn what we think.
When were you last home before dawn? Do you think the work does itself? It pays for the car and your clothes.
- There's more to life than money, Sito.
- But money will buy me that, too.
Nieves Nieves Come on! Is she headed home? Yep.
- Is something eating her? - Let her go, buddy.
Women! We can send a guy to the moon, but them we'll never understand.
Hey, I'll kill you! Sito - I went over the numbers and - Went over who? Was she good in bed? Between what we made on the last job and the next one - You don't know what you're on about.
- We need a plan for the money.
- I can't fit any more in my house.
- So buy a new one.
- Seriously, Sito.
- "Seriously" We can't have so much of it lying around.
What should I do? Take it to the bank for the interest? Mr.
Ballbuster is right.
We've got to do something.
So we do as Terito does: bring it to the Panamanians.
Panamanian? Isn't that a type of dog? Jesus - Fuck, would you take a look at that?! - At what? The sun, guys.
When was the last time you saw a clear blue sky? - Never mind the sun, look at that.
- A casino inside the airport.
They're years ahead of us! - Where are you going? - Just one game.
This is paradise.
Nine, red, odd number.
You lose.
Roulette isn't my game, I'm headed to the slots.
Forget it.
At this rate, there'll be no money to launder anymore.
Nobody move.
Six o'clock.
The girl in red at the bar, you douchebag.
Hey, hey, I saw her first! How do I look? Oli stinks.
- Do I smell okay? - Oh, please! - What will you do with a goddess like her? - You'd never understand Good evening, beautiful.
Did you know that dress would attract bulls? - What can I get you? - I have money.
In that purse? Not a lot.
- What should I order? - I have a voice, you know.
- And a beautiful one at that.
- Thank you.
Are all Panamanian chicks as dry as you? We just don't like wasting our time.
Neither do I.
She's not so great close up.
Go try your luck.
Go on.
But bring cash, I think she's a whore.
He'll get burned.
What else can I tell you? I'm a fisherman from Galicia, know where that is? Now you know everything.
And you? - You don't look like a fisherman.
- No.
My dad's a businessman, my uncle's a minister.
- A government minister? - What else? - I work in foreign affairs.
- Doing? Keeping everyone happy at all times.
Did you iron them? As if, honey.
I called room service to do it.
As good as new.
- You're too rich not to know these things.
- You can never be too rich.
I know accents like yours.
You people come here either to hide your cash or to make much more.
I came for the first, but wouldn't mind the second.
I can introduce you to the right people.
They're looking for a gateway into Europe.
- This isn't Cambados.
- Exactly, it's better! You go see the lawyers.
- We'll meet back home.
- I'm not letting you go alone.
I'm coming with you.
Thank you.
Don't worry, that's only for your own safety.
Come with me.
- Almost the same as Terito's place, huh? - Try to act normal for once.
Beautiful Camila! - José Nelson, let me introduce - Sito Miñanco.
And my partner, Roque.
José Nelson Mata Ballesteros, at your service.
You must be dying of thirst.
This stuff is pure gold in the US.
- White gold.
- It looks like blow.
- What is it? - Cocaine.
- Would you like to try it? It's on me.
- Maybe later, thanks.
You will sooner or later.
In the end, everyone does.
Your family, your politicians, your cops, everyone.
This isn't just a drug, it's a religion.
- Terito said no drugs.
- Who the fuck is Terito? Our boss.
I thought you were the bosses.
When you show him 50 million pesetas, he'll change his mind.
- You'd pay 50 mil per job? - No, that's just to change his mind.
Per job, it's over 100 million.
100 million? The doors are open in the US and there's a huge demand.
But Europe's complicated.
Maybe Europe, but not Galicia.
We have over 2,000 km of coastline.
- More than Andalusia.
- They can't patrol it all.
And we can move the goods from here, no problem.
Nobody asks questions, they just come for their piece.
But I can't just dock in your country to unload tons of coke without making enemies.
So what do we do? We fix a meeting point at sea.
I bring the goods in my boats, you take them to the coast in your speedboats.
- You don't say - We do it all the time with tobacco.
And that's exactly what I want you to do with all this.
And if everything goes well, one day you could be like this guy.
- Who the fuck is he? - You don't know? No.
Excuse me? You don't know who he is? Are there no TVs in Galicia? That's "The Boss," Pablo Escobar.
The greatest drug lord in history.
The only Escobar we know is called Manolo.
And the mustache, well Sergeant, a woman just called to report her son missing.
How old is her son? This one's a big boy.
It's Cándido Silva.
- You say he left home.
- That's right, he's been gone two months.
Did he have any enemies? Well maybe the Charlíns.
That's weird, isn't it? What's his problem with them? Please, just find my son.
That's for Valladolid! Leave me the fuck alone.
Let me go, for fuck's sake.
You broke my arm.
- You bastards! - You have the other to pay us back.
Come on, quickly.
- What are you doing here, Sergeant? - I could ask you the same thing.
- It's our plant, you know that.
- I know.
I know you guys well enough.
You always come in at this time, right? We had a small problem, but it's been taken care of.
And you, Montáñez? Did you come about a problem, too? Just helping out some friends.
Off duty.
Mind if I have a look inside? - We're in a hurry.
- No.
Go ahead.
Can you move your car? I'm looking for a guy.
He might be connected to your problem.
- Does the name Cándido Silva ring a bell? - No.
Well, I thought he might be a business contact of yours.
Is he a fisherman? Or a courier? Close.
- He's a tobacco smuggler.
- In that case, no.
We're in the canning business.
Of course.
Hello? Who are you talking to? I told you, he's not here.
If you do see him, tell him his mom's worried.
We all know how mothers are.
The poor woman must be going through hell.
Thank you for trusting us.
It's the first job, so no one will be expecting you.
Still, I'll need a guarantee so the goods don't "get lost.
" - You have my word.
- Unfortunately, that's never enough.
How can I explain? One of you will have to stay here with me.
If it all goes well, there's no need to worry.
And if not? Then worry! - I'll stay.
- No.
He'll have everything he wants.
Sun, a pool, girls, drinks, and free what did you call it? - Blow.
- Blow.
The best vacation ever.
Give us a minute.
- What? - Are you sure? One of us has to stay.
This is our pension plan, Sito! Just don't fuck it up.
Now beat it.
A pleasure doing business.
And welcome.
Estéban, get the man a drink.
- See you later.
- Okay.
- I didn't bring my swimming trunks.
- We'll get you some.
Silva Who did that to you? Who do you think? Do you want them or not? You'll take all of them down if you talk.
Let's do it.
- If we miss this, we're done for.
- They're going to ruin Sito's job.
We're partners! 24 hours if you want to see your friend again.
Got it, you asshole? Tobacco is for Terito and the old guard.
Blow is the future.
Find out where the money is coming from.
They act innocent, but have everything under control.
Police! Nobody move! - Praise be to Our Lady of Mount Carmel.
- Praise be! Let them think they're untouchable.
When they least expect it, we'll hunt them down, one by one.
- The cops have photos of us.
- Did she talk? - The people really love this prick.
- And it hasn't come cheap.
Nobody fucking moves.
You may think only you can do what you want, but you're wrong.
We found 15 boxes of illegal tobacco in your home.
More than 60 million pesetas worth of tobacco.
We're up to our necks and he's offering us a way out.
We're going to make you the most powerful man in Spain.
It's all they know.
- What are we going to do? - Hit them where it hurts.
- How do you know? - He asked me to join him.
I've given millions to the group.
I accepted all the conditions, but I'm done.
- We don't like rats in Colombia.
- We do things my way here.
What the fuck's going on? Police! They cut his throat and pulled his tongue out through his neck.
You know what that atrocity is called? A Colombian necktie.
Someone to whom I gave everything betrayed me in the worst way.
If they want a war, they'll get one! If we respond, there will be a war.
We're already at war.
If we keep going, we'll turn Galicia into Sicily.
Is that what you want? Get down! You're in debt to me now and you'll pay back every last cent.
Sito Miñanco, he's the one killing our children.
I hope you die instead of my son! I know you've been waiting for Madrid to take notice.
That moment is here.
We're going to finish Sito Miñanco.
Fucking murderer! - Murderers! Murderers! - Are you going to shoot us? You always pushed me to take the business.
- What changed? - I did.
Justice! Justice! Justice! Justice! Check it, then tell Ballesteros Sito's back in the game.
Sito's doing a job with the old guard.
Give me the gun.
- Let me go.
- I'm not letting a murderer escape.
What are you waiting for? Do it! Do it! Subtitle translation by Francesca Maguire