Cocaine Coast (2018) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

They cut Braulio's throat and pulled his tongue through the hole.
Odd something like this should happen when you start working with Colombians.
You may be a criminal, Miñanco, but you're no killer.
If you know anything, you know where I am.
If that cop is bothering you, we can help you out.
I want no more blood, you got it? Take it and don't be rude.
Returning gifts is offensive.
If the regional and central governments turn a blind eye, this will become unstoppable.
It won't be long until the drugs and corpses leave the bay.
Are we going to bug them again? - We don't have a warrant.
- Who says we don't? This time, I want every line tapped.
There's a shipment of hash tonight.
They'll take care of it.
I'm tired of being a nobody.
- This isn't for us women.
- It is and I proved it.
- Charlín's talking to the Arabs.
- You need contacts.
Contacts? Like Miñanco.
Someone called Romero informs for him.
- Well? - False alarm.
- Give me the tape.
- Don't you trust me? I almost got found out because some Arab told Charlín I pass you info.
- We'll talk tomorrow.
- No, we won't.
What's wrong? Are you still thinking about that guy? Need a ride? I'll join you, then.
- Where were you? - What are you doing? What's going on, Sito? - Someone I gave everything betrayed me.
- Sito Miñanco, our new president.
- Forza Cambados! - Forza! Not you.
- I'm the captain.
- Not anymore.
- Sito - Not a word.
Business will be done with me or them from now on.
- I don't hold grudges.
- How long have we waited for his praise? Let's celebrate.
- What are you doing? - Having a good time.
- Let's go home.
- No way! It's possible your son may never walk again.
This is your fault, you should have looked after him.
Work hard, make money.
Didn't they teach you that? They didn't teach us your contacts, asshole.
I can't bring Braulio back.
I want you to have what my wife would have.
- Give her a job.
- What's this? - You wanted the Colombian contact.
- Tell her she starts tomorrow.
- The Colombians are here.
- Make them wait.
- We'll unload there.
- I hope you're ready for what's coming.
Don't worry, everything will go perfectly.
- They're unloading in O Castelete.
- Colombo's days are numbered.
- We need to find out the date.
- A bus full of whores from Portugal.
- Someone's having a party.
- Who hired you? - What is it? - Customs, we're changing course.
- Go into the docks.
- Turn, turn, turn! - Turn! - No! - Have you got them? - Yes, we've got them.
Luis Colón, you're under arrest for drug trafficking.
Luis Colón was arrested last night while overseeing a shipment of drugs.
The only negative aspect was the accident suffered by the speedboat the traffickers were using.
Adolfo Piñeiro died on impact.
- We're not getting revenge.
- You aren't in charge, got it? If they want a war, they'll get one.
If customs show up, throw the merch under the docks.
We'll get it tomorrow.
What if they use the spotlight like with Colombo? - The spotlight? - You don't think that was an accident? - What was it, then? - Dammit, Sito.
- Damn what? - They have to get what they deserve.
If we don't react, they'll think we're full of shit.
That's in the past now.
- We owe it to Adolfo's family.
- I said no! I'll make sure his family's taken care of, but I won't start a war.
There are more of us and we have more power.
We don't give a shit about them! We'd draw attention to the bay.
The press, the government - What do you think would happen then? - It'd make jobs more difficult.
- Goodbye, business.
- We have to sit tight.
What if they retaliate? - I don't want you getting into it.
- It was an accident.
Whatever it was, they lost one of theirs and they're mad.
And if they go full throttle, we let them escape? They won't escape.
You'll board the speedboat two miles from the coast while my men arrest the dockers, is that clear? Crystal.
- But? - Nothing.
What if they provoke us? If they do and we respond, we'll start a war.
Don't you get it, sir? We've been at war for a while now.
Come on, Vidal.
Two miles, over.
- They're almost there.
Get ready.
- Received.
Portabales Motherfucker.
We've got company, Sito.
Over and out.
Stay cool, Petete.
Stay cool.
God dammit.
This is customs, stop your vessel.
Step on it, Vidal.
They're headed to the docks as usual.
You know what to do.
They're gaining on us, we have to get rid of the goods.
We're not giving them all this.
Throw it over, Petete! What the fuck are you doing? I'm going to blind them, I'm not going to jail for this.
I have a little kid and he's not growing up without me.
Don't fucking do it, man.
Just don't! You idiot! Why the hell did you do that? Where are you, Pedreira? Pedreira, confirm your position.
Find out what's going on, Figueroa.
Come on, everyone.
Water! Get out! Shit! Move, move, move! Shit.
No! Freeze! Stay still and turn over.
Hands behind you.
Boss, the customs agents had an accident.
One of them is injured and it's bad.
A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES INSPIRED BY TRUE EVENTS I told you to sit tight, dammit! They were going to catch us.
Don't give me that, Petete.
I gave you a direct fucking order and you ignored it.
Was he dead? I don't know.
- We saved the goods.
- To hell with the goods! I ought to turn you in to the police.
Or customs.
What do you think they'd do to you? - But you won't, right? - God dammit.
Don't tempt me, huh? Get him out of my sight.
- Get out! - Come on.
We have to go before the cops arrive.
Sito, we have to go now.
It's an occupational hazard.
Losing merch is an occupational hazard.
Dammit, they started it, Sito.
- We're even now.
- These are lives, it's not a game.
Don't you get it? At this rate, we'll turn Galicia into Sicily.
Is that what you want? EPISODE 7 "1987" We stayed calm and look what happened.
- Pedreira - Save your excuses, Castro.
I told you we're already at war.
Do you believe me now? - We'll make them pay for this.
- How? - With the law.
- What law? There's been no law in Galicia for a long time.
- Not for them, at least.
- We'll get the ones responsible.
Tell her that.
You worry too much, you should be rewarding them.
It's what we should have done a while ago.
This way, they'll learn to stop screwing with us.
Or they'll decide to come for all of us at once.
That's in nobody's best interest.
We bring wealth to the region.
We have politicians eating out of our hands.
What would people live on without you? Unemployment is bad.
Ever since we entered the EEC with their fishing tariffs, who can afford to go to sea? - Colombo's arrest was a one-off.
- What about what happened today? Lately the cops know exactly where we're going to be unloading.
You think someone's playing us? That would explain why I've lost my last three jobs.
The Colombians must be thrilled.
How much do you owe? - Go screw yourself.
- Take it easy, gentlemen.
What Sito's saying is important.
- If there's a snitch, we have to act.
- It might just be a coincidence, but we have to be very careful, especially after today.
- Yes, they'll want to get back at us.
- When's the next shipment? - Jesus Christ, you idiot.
- Hey, Laureano.
- I'm sorry.
- You're sorry? - Jesus Christ, Laureano! - What? - Enough.
- Get off my back.
Go and get something to clean me with, idiot.
You're on another planet.
Wake up, dammit.
You didn't answer me.
- Are there any shipments? - I have one from the Colombians.
- Don't you work with the Arabs? - We're not exclusive.
Anyway I have a new contact Ballesteros.
I think you know him.
That guy's dangerous.
Don't worry, I checked the weather forecast.
We're going to paint Galicia white.
- Be careful you don't end up with Colombo.
- Like your guys.
- They won't talk, right? - They've been questioned.
- Nobody talked.
- Where are they being sent? - A Parda, more than likely.
- I wouldn't like to be in their shoes.
That place is full of junkies and AIDS victims.
- Make sure they have everything they need.
- Sure.
But you'll have to pay me overtime.
What about Colombo? - They rejected probation.
- Shit.
Does he know? I don't know how he'll take it.
He's been down lately.
Take care of him, he's one of us.
Prison makes you consider bad things.
I hope he keeps his cool.
Keep my cool? - I'm not staying here for six years.
- We'll appeal.
As many times as it takes, until they give in to get rid of me.
- And if they don't? - They will.
Trust me.
I have ever since they put me in this hole.
- What good has it done? - Jesus, you have Never mind, Jesus, either you get me out of here or Or what? I'll have to put my own interests first.
You know what I mean.
- Look, Colón - Tell Sito.
Tell him to pay whoever he has to or burn this place down, - but get me out of here.
- We won't leave you to rot.
- We'll get you out.
- When? Soon, but you have to be patient.
Do you want a whore to take your mind off it? I promise I won't tell your wife.
A mixed-race one.
And move your asses.
Despite appearances, Paquito has made some real progress.
Is that why he pisses himself when he stands up? Your son has spinal cord damage and that has affected his psychomotor abilities and his bladder control.
It's been months and we still don't know if he'll ever have a normal life again.
Tell us the truth.
Be patient and you'll see results.
What? I know what you're thinking.
You wish it was me in there.
- Don’t say that.
- Why not? It's the truth.
- Don't piss me off, boy.
- Manolo! Do you want to hit me? Well, do it.
It won't change anything.
You let your brother take blow and get in a car with strangers who left him to die in the road.
And your brother is here pissing his pants while those bastards walk free.
If that was you, Paquito would have dealt with them a long time ago.
But you'd need balls to do that.
- So you want me to kill them? - What does it matter what I want? You'll disappoint me like you always do.
I want to talk about something.
The Colombian job is in a few days and you have no help.
- I'll find someone, don't worry.
- Moncho? Things are complicated with the cops and the Colombians.
They're not like the Arabs, they don't fuck around.
They almost killed Sito's partner.
Hassan nearly killed my brothers and I stopped him.
I'm just asking for the same chance you gave Paquito and Moncho.
I know the drivers and the dockers, they all respect me.
You're the only one who doesn't.
That's what you think.
If you don't give me a chance, I'll find one.
I've been thinking about doing my own jobs.
You'd never do that.
I may be a woman, but I have more balls than both my brothers put together.
I don't like it when people test me.
My patience has a limit, Dad.
Another one? I can fucking take it.
Get him! Shut up, dammit! Do you know who I am? Because I know who you guys are.
You almost killed my brother! Shut up or I swear you’ll be the first.
For Christ's sake, don't do this.
- You left my brother like a dog.
- We thought he was dead.
We got scared and made a run for it before the cops showed up.
What would you do? Give them to me so they don't get stained.
- Give them to me! - Put the gun down, dammit.
Don't fuck your life up for some shitty kids.
- I'll show them the meaning of respect.
- How? By throwing your life away? - You're not like your dad and brother.
- Shut your fucking mouth! You and my dad have no idea what I'm capable of.
Put the gun down and let's go before it's too late.
They'll never show their faces here again.
- What happened? - What do you mean? - Was it blow? - I don't know, but he overdosed.
Breathe a word to my dad and I will kill you.
- Are they your brother's? - Yes.
What did you do to them? I made them piss their pants a lot more than my brother did.
Can I speak to you for a moment, Sergeant? How can I help? Your son? His name is Jesús.
He was brought here after overdosing.
How old is he? Sixteen.
It was his birthday last week.
His father and I bought him a record player.
It was 10,000 pesetas.
And do you know what he did with it? Sold it to our neighbor for half.
Guess what he spent it on.
That poison is killing them, Sergeant.
You have to do something.
It shouldn't be easier to get drugs than work.
We're doing everything we can.
Do you have kids? I have a younger one.
And I couldn't bear the same thing happening.
I understand.
I'll do everything I can, but it's not only up to me.
We have to make a lot of noise until they listen.
We can't let children die.
You didn't give me your name.
Carmen Avendaño.
Good luck.
Get a doctor, please.
My husband isn't breathing.
Get the defibrillator and two milligrams of benzodiazepine.
I'm so sorry.
Do you know him? - No.
- It's the agent you killed.
- I don't know what you're talking about.
- Don't screw with me! Your guys blinded him with a spotlight.
Who was it? - I just build speedboats, Sergeant.
- Give me a name! - Who killed him? - I don't know.
His name was Vidal.
You have to live with this.
We're not so different, Sergeant.
We grew up in the bay.
We love our home and our people.
You're wrong.
You and I are very different.
It's fine.
Tell Amador he'd better leave Galicia before I turn him in myself.
Ask in the bars, at the port, at the gates of hell if you have to.
I want you to find that son of a bitch.
They'll protect him.
They've never talked before.
Why would they now? They need to get what's coming to them, Sergeant.
- An eye for an eye.
- No.
They think they're untouchable.
That they can do what they want.
- Let's show them who's in charge.
- By being like them? Hitting them where it hurts, dammit.
Aiming for the top.
One of the big shots.
- They can't get away with this.
- We owe it to his wife and son.
No, Ría de Arousa can't take any more victims.
From either side.
So we wait for them to kill us all? They're the bad guys.
Exactly, that's why we can't act like that.
We're going to arrest that man's killer, Miñanco, Oubiña, and the Charlíns.
They'll pay for what they're doing, but in prison, not a grave.
Dad this was at home.
Someone put it under the door.
It must be about the customs agent, I just heard he's died.
- Fuck him.
- Who do you think it's from? YOUR TIME HAS COME I don't know or care.
But if they think they can scare us with a note, they don't know us at all.
- And the Colombians? - Ballesteros gave me the location.
The boats leave tomorrow night.
- I hope you know what you're doing.
- When have I failed you? - What are you two doing here? - Good to see you, too, Uncle.
- Hi, Pilar.
- I heard you were in Madrid.
- We came to see the family.
- The Bustelos? - Will you ever forgive me? - You left with this chump.
Not a care for your father.
Not a single phone call.
No concern for us.
Your cousin's in the hospital, by the way.
- Who? - Paquito.
I didn't know.
Things aren't going great for us right now, Don Manuel.
I started various businesses with the hash money, but they didn't go as planned.
I had to take out loans.
We owe a lot of money.
- And you want me to save your asses? - I don't want charity.
I'm willing to start at the bottom, working as a docker or a driver, whatever.
- Ask your father.
- Don't you think I did? His last jobs went bad.
We just need help to get us back on track.
Javi is with me, he's family.
Won't you help us? If you need money, I can give you a job if you don't mind reeking of fish, but a Bustelo will never be a Charlín.
Go to hell.
Javi could be of help.
I'll do anything.
- No, no, no.
- But, Dad.
No, you're not going to be a guarantee for the Colombians and Charlín.
You're worried about me working for Charlín? I'm worried about them shooting you, Javier.
Do you think going to Colombia will be a vacation? - He's right, what do you want me to say? - I want your support.
I supported you when I went against my family and left.
And when you wanted to come back.
- Something horrible could happen.
- No worse than if we don't pay our debts.
Or what they'll do to you if you don't pay the Colombians.
We won't have any money worries with what they're paying me.
We can go back to Madrid, start over.
- One more job.
- Javi Just one.
- Be careful.
- Of course.
Call when you get there.
Aren't you going to thank me? This had better all go well or you'll wish you'd never been born.
- Pilar got one, too.
- They sent one to each of us.
- Aren't you going to do something? - Such as? We don't know who sent it.
This is about that agent.
- I'm afraid something will happen to you.
- Like what? Who would dare touch me? This is why they've done it.
- So that you're holy shit! - Laureano.
- You son of a bitch! - No! No, please.
We have money.
You can have what you want, just don't hurt us.
20 million! - Each.
- No! Shut up, Laureano.
Don't you want to be rich? Well, come with us.
- Come on, Laureano.
- Okay.
I'm going, dammit.
Come on! Out! You can have the money and the car if you want.
- Is there anyone inside? - Yes, Aurelio, but he's an old man.
- He won't be any trouble.
- Let's go! - Come on, inside.
- Okay, okay.
Take it all.
Kill them, dammit! - Are you okay, Laureano? - I'd be better if he hadn't missed.
They knew what they were doing.
- What do you mean? - They knew what they came for.
- We got three calls about gunshots.
- Well, I'm telling you it wasn't here.
- That's not what they said.
- They'd say any old shit, man.
There was no shoot-out here, you can see for yourself.
- The sergeant is just doing his job.
- I know.
- What's this? - Drugs? Again? - I'm not involved in that, dammit.
- It's plaster.
- It looks like a bullet hole, Mr.
- Oh, really? Maybe it's from the previous owner.
- Right.
- Sergeant Sir I found a broken window, traces of blood, and three ski masks.
- Is this from before, too? - How would I know? If you have something to say, best to say it now.
This again? I know nothing about shoot-outs or ski masks or anything else.
- How else can I say it? - Relax.
I don't want to fucking relax.
I'm tired of them talking shit in front of our noses.
- Fine, take Mr.
Oubiña downtown.
- You're not arresting me, are you? That depends on if you keep lying to me.
- My husband is helping as much as he can.
- I don't think so.
I'm not moving from here, you got it? In that case - What are you doing? Don't touch me.
- Hands behind you.
- Don't touch me.
- Cuff him.
- Laureano, please.
- Motherfucker! - Keep your head, Laureano.
- Don't touch me.
You'll pay for this.
You're going to fucking pay for this.
- Thank you.
- What the hell do you mean? I never thought it'd be this easy.
You're a fool if you think I'm going to jail.
You're on probation for tobacco smuggling and you assaulted an officer.
- Christ himself couldn't get out of this.
- Sergeant My husband has a temper, but he didn't do anything.
- I'm asking for some understanding.
- Take him away.
- Keep your head.
- Call my lawyer.
- Are you okay? - Better, sir.
Ask around to see if anyone saw anything.
Laureano Oubiña is under arrest for assaulting a police officer during the search in one of his ships.
He's now awaiting trial.
The renowned businessman was already on probation, meaning he'll be taken to prison at some point today.
- What an idiot.
- It’s not doing any of us any favors.
Neither his lawyer, Pedro Ventura, nor his wife, Esther Lago Are we eating together? How long are you going to punish me? - Silence is getting us nowhere.
- Neither is constantly going over it.
You haven't looked at me for months.
What do you want to happen, Sito? Tell me.
What do you want me to do? I don't know what to do anymore.
Do what you want.
I said we'd find the person responsible, but you couldn't wait.
- You had to get revenge for the accident.
- Accident? Those bastards blinded us and came for us.
It wasn't an accident.
- So you took the law into your own hands.
- No, that's not who we are.
But don’t expect me to care about Oubiña.
They should have done more.
- And they were warned.
- I don't know what the fuck you mean.
You didn't hear about the notes they've been getting? Threatening letters.
Just after Vidal's death.
I'll say it again they might have wanted to, but none of my men laid a finger on those sons of bitches.
We're not killers.
I hope not.
Because if I find out otherwise - you'll be in big trouble.
- Believe me you won't.
Sergeant - What is it? - We found him.
He came in last night with a bullet wound.
He said it was a hunting accident.
- Who is it? - Miguel Ángel Ríos, a bank robber.
It seems he got bored and wanted to try a bigger job.
They're the ones who broke in.
- What's that got to do with the sergeant? - Anything.
He could have sent them to kill Oubiña.
- To avenge the customs agent.
- He didn't.
We just have to show it's a big coincidence that he'd be burglarized after being sent threatening notes.
Excuse me.
- Don Manolo, your daughter just called.
- What does she want? For you to go home as soon as possible.
If it's enough to get the sergeant out of the precinct, great.
Who cares if he was involved? It's a chance to get rid of him and put in someone more accommodating.
Do it.
Can I get a ride? - Hello? - It's me.
I can't talk, but be careful.
- What is it? - They're coming for you.
- How? - Not sure, but Oubiña was the last straw.
- They're coming for you.
- I should be happy, really.
- This means we're finally getting to them.
- Please, be careful.
You, too.
What is it? Come on, I don't have all day.
The boat was in an accident.
What do you mean an accident? They just called.
We lost more than half the shipment.
I don't believe it.
I don't believe it.
I don't believe it.
- I don't believe it.
- Manuel, for God's sake.
Relax! How the hell can I relax? What's wrong with this family? - It's like we're cursed or something.
- What happened? - Is Javi alright? - Go back to your room.
He's fine, don't worry.
It's the boat with the shipment, it's had an accident.
But he's going to be alright.
It was an accident.
- They can't kill him for an accident? - Of course not.
They'd hurt him if we stole their blow, but this is nobody's fault.
They'll understand.
- Don't worry.
- Come with me, I'll make you some tea.
What do we do? I don't want to intrude, but where some see trouble, others see opportunities.
- What are you talking about? - The Colombians.
- They don't know how much was lost, right? - No.
- What if you told them it was all lost? - You bastard.
- That's not a good idea.
- Shut up.
What do you want? I'll settle for a Christmas bonus.
Well We'll talk to the Colombians, then.
Anyone not willing to lie can stay here.
It was horrible, nobody could have foreseen that.
We lost one of our best men who'd worked with us for years.
And the boat is destroyed.
We'll have to buy another one, it's ruined.
And the merch? We lost all of it.
- All of it? - Yes.
You know what happens now, right, Mr.
Charlín? To be honest, I have no clue.
If the merch doesn't make it, neither does your human guarantee.
But it was an accident, nobody could have foreseen it.
- I'm sorry.
- What the fuck? - Dad - Don't “Dad” me, I Relax.
You want deaths? There's already been one.
If you like, you can take the body to his widow yourself.
You want us to pay? We have to buy a new boat.
It's not cheap.
Right, but not as expensive as the goods you lost.
Ballesteros, what happened is a big problem for all of us.
There's no need to spill more blood.
Fine, I believe you.
- It was an accident, these things happen.
- Thank you.
I told you.
- If they find out, they'll kill all of us.
- They won't find out.
What's left will be here in a few hours, put it in a truck and take it to Valencia.
We'll get double the price there.
Come on, then.
This just came for you, sir.
What is it? - Are the kids okay? - Yes, I didn't want to scare you.
- What are you doing here? - Let's talk inside.
- Quit that job, Maruxa.
- I can't, you've seen it.
- I can take those scumbags down.
- You're risking yourself needlessly.
- They've gotten their way.
- What's happened? It was a matter of time.
I have to go up before a committee, but they're going to fire me.
Why? Oubiña received threats about that agent’s death.
And three idiots attacked him and his wife at home.
They think I'm involved.
- Who could think that? - Nobody, but I told you.
They'll do anything to get me out of the way.
To be honest, I thought they would shoot you.
A dead cop draws too much attention.
They're not stupid.
They might have bribed our politicians, but you can go to Madrid.
- Go to the ministry, they'll help you.
- It's over, Maruxa.
Listen to me, quit the casino tomorrow.
How do you know they bribed politicians? - Braulio told me a while ago.
- What did he say? The president well, all of them, turn a blind eye.
That's why they fund their campaigns.
He met with them when they were in Portugal.
- He? - The president.
He convinced them to turn themselves in.
No fees or no fishing! More fish for Europe is less fish for us! No fees or no fish! More fish for Europe is less fish for us! - Animals.
- You can't come in here, sir.
Do you remember me, Mr.
President? - At least you haven't brought me anything.
- It could be worse.
- I could be one of those fishermen.
- Sergeant, please.
It's fine.
They're not very happy.
They're just confused.
Let them take their boats and go to Brussels.
I can't help what a bunch of foreigners decide.
Luckily, you can help with other things.
I'm going to be investigated.
I'm sorry.
- Stop it.
- Me? Why? Who funds your party's campaigns, Mr.
President? - Party members.
- Right.
I don't believe you.
Want to know why? It wouldn’t have made any sense for you to cross the border a few years ago to meet with Terito, Manuel Charlín, Doval Remember? - I don't know what you mean.
- New Year’s, 1985, Portugal.
You met with them and promised if they turned themselves in, you'd make sure they didn't go to jail.
- That's not true.
- I have proof.
You're lying.
Tell me you didn't promise them Beigbeder's head.
You replaced him with someone you trust.
I had nothing to do with that.
Now, look me in the eyes and tell me.
Were you or were you not in Portugal? I never met with those men.
I forgot you're a politician.
I have witnesses.
Hotel workers who are willing to tell the press everything.
You have to keep both sides happy in this war.
You can dance with them, but don't forget me.
You can decide who I go after: you or them.
There's enough blow to get Valencia high.
And my share? My dad has to count it first.
Colombo - Go away, can't you see I'm reading? - We have a visitor.
- Why are you here? - Colombo, go away.
- I'll see him inside.
- This is not the time.
- What did you do, Laureano? - Nothing, they're coming after us.
That's all.
García Get out of here.
- What do you want? - Find me a lawyer.
- Ventura? - No, not him.
Another one.
I want to talk.
I can't stay here any longer.
- He says he wants to talk to a lawyer.
- Now? - Yes.
- I'm on my way.
Not you.
He wants to make a deal with the police.
Son of a bitch.
- Can he make a deal? - Why do you think he won't talk to me? - He's going to sell us out.
- I knew it.
I knew it! You give him a chance and look what he does.
- We have to stop him.
- That's what I think.
- But I wanted to check with you first.
- Do it.
- What are you going to do? - Colombo won't listen.
If he's set on talking, he'll talk.
- We'll send him a message.
- Let's send him flowers while we're at it.
I'm sure someone in there is willing to break his legs.
- He's still one of us.
- Not anymore.
- I'll take care of it.
- What will you do? How'd it go with the Colombians? I should have won a fucking Oscar for that performance.
- I need to ask you a favor.
- Sure.
- You don't have to if you don't want to.
- Jesus, Sito.
- Hello? - Collect call from A Parda Prison.
- Do you accept the call from Luis Colón? - Put him through.
- Miñanco.
- What's up, Colón? I just wanted to thank you.
My wife just called.
Thank you.
And I mean it.
The others wouldn't have checked that the house was empty before burning it down.
Tell the rest of them I got the message.
- Where are you going? - I'll send someone for the rest.
You didn't answer me.
I don't think I have to.
I'm going home, to Panama.
I had everything there, only you were missing.
But there's no trace of who you once were.
This is what you wanted, isn't it? For me to work, to think about the business and fucking money.
I fell in love with you as you wanted it all, you wanted me and an empire, but you lost one of us along the way.
Shut up.
Shut up.
Sir Sir.
- Shut up! - The police have impounded It's our merch, the Galicians lied.
It's the first big police sting in the fight against drugs in Valencia.
Son of a bitch.
- We have to give 400,000 to Padín.
- Jesus, why not a million? That's what the drivers get.
He was accompanying you, pay him like you would a whore.
- Dad - No! Sit down, son.
You must be starving.
Get down! - Are you alright? - Yes.
- Are you all okay? - Yes.
- Is she okay? - Yes.
Hello? - I see you're still alive.
- Dad Are you okay? Manolo.
Are you okay, Manolo? - Yes? - Betrayal is paid for in lead.
Tomorrow at 8 a.
, I want 500 million pesetas.
- I don't have that kind of money.
- Your guarantee dies, then.
- What happened? - They know.
- What do they know? - We cheated the Colombians.
- They want 500 mil by tomorrow.
- Fucking Ventura.
I told you! - Where will we get that kind of money? - We don't have it! - My God.
- We don't have that much money.
They'll kill Javi.
You won't let him die, will you? - Say something, they're going to kill him.
- Shut up! - You'll kill him! - Where do we get the money? - Do what you have to, it's your fault.
- Stop shouting! - He knew what he was getting into.
- What? - Pilar, please.
- You're all bastards! Get the fuck out of here! I might be able to get 50 million together, but not more than that by tomorrow.
- And Charlín? - He won't do anything.
He'd rather my son died than spend any money.
I'll kill that son of a bitch if anything happens to my cousin.
Sito I'll help you.
Thank you.
I'll pay you back, I swear.
Don't worry about that.
We have a bigger problem than money.
Don Sito Miñanco, what a surprise.
How long has it been? A long time, but you can always get back in touch.
Now? After you refused to work with us? You almost killed my partner.
You almost failed us, just like the Charlíns, but I assume you know all this.
That's why you're calling.
Don't kill the kid, Ballesteros.
I'll pay if the Charlíns won't.
Not only would you not work with us, you went to the competition.
And now you want my help? Why should I? It's not for me.
It's for his family, it's not the kid's fault.
It was you who broke things off.
- I can pay more.
- I warned you, Miñanco.
If you said no, you had to forget about us.
- I have nothing more to say to you.
- Ballesteros Ballesteros.
What happened? - He won't deal with me.
- Shit! - They're going to kill my son.
- No I know someone who can talk him around.
- I never thought I'd see the day.
- Ballesteros is gonna kill Javi Bustelo.
- What? - The Charlíns sent him as a guarantee.
They played him and now he's going to kill Javi.
With reason.
It's not the kid’s fault and the Charlíns won't pay.
- I'm sorry, I have to go.
- They won't talk to me, Camila.
- Your problems aren’t mine anymore.
- If you leave, they'll kill him.
We're waiting for you, miss.
You're right, I'm an idiot.
It all got to be too much and I forgot about you, but I need you and love you.
I'll forget everything if you will.
Well? - You should have started with that.
- Ma'am? Can I use a phone, please? I hope we can set our pride a s ide for once in our li ves.
- They're not firing you? - We won this time, but it will get worse.
You have no idea who we're dealing with.
You're in debt to me now.
I saved your son, Bustelo, and your whole family.
You'll pay me back every last cent.
From now on, no fighting between ourselves.
- There's only one way: a united front.
- There's only one way: a united front.
If not If we don't go out onto the streets and get organized to take on that scum, drugs will kill our children.
Are we going to sit back? - No! - No! Look around you, Bustelo.
Look! This isn't the age of Terito anymore.
I took Ballesteros’ number from his diary.
Do what you want with it, but do something.
- Don't screw with us.
- If you do, we'll teach you a lesson.
- He said we're drug traffickers.
- We have to deal with him.
Either you do it or I will.
He is going to get what he deserves, but my way.
What will you do? - Shit, man.
He's seen us.
- After him! - Sito Miñanco is killing our children! - I hope you die instead of my son, prick.
We could cut their brakes.
Just to send them a message.
Swallow your pride and do everything to save your family.
I know you've been waiting for Madrid to take notice.
Your moment has arrived.
We're taking down Sito Miñanco.
Subtitle translation by Francesca Maguire