Cocaine Coast (2018) s01e10 Episode Script

Episode 10

I've been looking at the cannery's books.
We're having problems justifying our money since the Colombians started using it.
I'm meeting an employee's husband.
- Got the lottery tickets? - I won't get in trouble? - We just won the lottery.
- And if you get the winner again I won't steal from your uncle.
You just have to go in and take them.
- Pilar! - What is it? - Someone took the lottery tickets.
- Where's Leticia? - She isn't back yet.
- She'll be with Bustelo, as usual.
Judge Garzón is working hard.
- There are witnesses.
- When will they talk? Let me go! I said move! What are you doing here, Padín? - We're talking to a judge.
- I'm Judge Garzón.
This is D.
I want something for risking my life.
A reduced sentence.
Can we rely on you? We have to know everything about them.
And when I say everything, I mean it.
They’re waking up the hit man.
- He just died.
- Tell the hospital's director.
He's out of his coma and is cooperating with authorities.
- His testimony will be key.
- He'll talk - and we'll all go down.
- I'll take care of it.
Police, drop the gun! I have to decide which extradition order to give priority to.
The Colombian one or the American one.
- Don't give me to the gringos.
- How many did you kill? Braulio Montes? - Yes, sir.
- Did Sito Miñanco know you were going to? No, it was Baldy's idea.
Sito is paying one of the three cops you brought in.
- Who? - I don't know his name.
Investigate these three names.
This goes no further, okay? The tobacco charges are being dropped, you're coming home.
The law changed when we joined the EEC.
The alleged smugglers will not be charged - and will avoid jail time - Yes, I'm watching it.
You could be back in here in no time.
No way, we're free of this and everything else.
- Carmen, it's Oubiña.
- Let them through.
- Sergeant.
- Go ahead.
Carlos Romero bought two houses in the last five years.
We can go.
- Did you find anything? - What I told you.
We're looking for Carlos Romero Bueno.
Élder Campos' hit man told me Sito bought off one of my men.
Everything we've worked for will be lost if we don't make a move.
And don't tell anyone.
Someone is asking for you, Mr.
The sergeant knows everything, I need money.
A judge in Madrid is investigating you.
He has witnesses and proof.
- Who is it? - Baltasar Garzón.
Will it be tonight? - It might.
- The cops are coming for everyone.
- What? - I just heard.
- Bustelo! Your son is a thief! - Let's go.
I know we've been through a lot, but we can start over.
I'm pregnant.
- Why are you here? - To warn you.
- You can still escape.
- Thank you.
- Arrests? - 51, including Oubiña and the Charlíns.
Fuck you all.
- And Sito? - We're trying to find him.
How will we carry all this? Patient with a gunshot wound to the abdomen.
We've put in an IV and expanders.
He's not responding, we're losing him.
- No, dammit! - Who is he? - Darío Castro, police sergeant.
- You can't be here.
Look at him, do you know him? You have to save him! You hear? You have to! Why did they let him go home? A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES INSPIRED BY TRUE EVENTS SITO MIÃ'ANCO IS AMONG THOSE WHO ESCAPED DURING BUST OF DRUG TRAFFICKING RING Put that away or we'll have to go on the run again.
Are you sure he's coming? He said he'd be on the first flight.
- Camila, you're a sight for sore eyes.
- Thank you for coming.
You know I'd do anything for you.
- Especially knowing what happened, right? - Right.
Didn't bring the mutt? Believe it or not, I'm glad you weren't taken down by that Crab bullshit.
My whole life's in there.
And you want me to help get all of that to Panama? Not for free, obviously.
- We can do one last shipment for you.
- You're retiring? You opened the door into this business.
- It's a way of closing it again.
- How will you do it? The cops have taken over the coast.
And your people are gone.
Chino will take care of it.
He's not wanted.
We'll take it to Galicia hidden in boxes of chocolate.
Then we'll load it onto your ship and you take it to Panama.
I'll manage it from Madrid.
We’ll take the drugs to a ship and it's yours.
- What do you say? - Will you help us? - They're fucking amazing.
- Do you know what you have to do? - Did you check the tires? - Just now.
We'll come with you to the border.
Afterwards, we'll clear the way to Benavente.
- Then I'll go on to Vilagarcía.
- Here.
Call me when you get there.
It's a portable phone.
There's another one in the truck, do you know how it works? Go.
Diana Hernández and Pablo Portela.
Really? There were no other names? They always said I was the Galician Pablo Escobar.
Pablo is wanted by a whole state.
EPISODE 10 "1990" He'll be lucky not to get killed.
Where the hell is my wife? I want them isolated in separate cells, in different wings.
I don't want them to know who else is here.
Aren't you ashamed? Leave me be.
In the meantime, they only get a public defender and won't be able to have a joint defense.
Don't fucking touch me! Fucking hell! We need to buy some time and get the upper hand.
We can't let them join forces, we want them to turn on each other.
Understood? Sito escaped.
We can't fail this time.
Thank you.
I just spoke to the warden.
He's upping security there.
They won't even know the day of the week.
Their days of living like kings in there are over.
- Do you have the recordings? - Gamboa and Montilla are working on it.
I want the photos, too.
Anything that can be used as evidence.
I want to start the questioning as soon as possible.
Any news on Sito? They're looking for him all over the country, but apart from that, nothing.
And Romero? I assume it was him who warned Sito? Don't torture yourself.
We'll catch them all.
Sito, Romero, Otero They won't escape this time.
Is that everything? Photos, recordings, transcripts Romero didn't have time to destroy anything.
He really screwed us over, Sergeant.
I bet the bastard's en route to the Caribbean.
Cheer up, man.
There's a rotten apple in every family.
Just one? We could make a casserole with all the ones we've had.
What the hell? Get up, fat ass.
Colombo? Couldn't live without me, huh? You have to be a moron to get caught twice.
- Here.
- What's this? Today's menu.
Don't get it dirty, the others have to read it, too.
What others? That's what you all have to say when they question you, got it? - How could that happen? - Like it always does.
They've been buying cops for years.
Why should a warden be any different? - Arrest him immediately.
- What about Oubiña and the others? Without the element of surprise, why separate them? Let them out into the yard.
- What? - We can't keep them locked up forever.
If you let them out, they'll cut our throats.
Us, the Bustelos, anyone you put in front of them.
- The Bustelos? - Yes.
We had a deal.
You said you'd put us in an apartment until the trial.
- And we will.
- When? I'll order your transfer.
When the transfer is granted, we'll start working on your testimony.
What about the Bustelos? The son robbed the Charlíns.
Charlín doesn't like to be fucked with.
- Are you alright, sir? - Yes.
Good afternoon.
I'm Don Vicente Otero's attorney.
I'm here with my client.
We want to talk with Sergeant Darío Castro.
Before anything else, I want it to be noted my client came here of his own free will.
Very good of him.
What would he like? A trophy? Sergeant Look, save the sarcasm for the water cooler.
- Let's get this over with.
- Are you in a hurry? I'm sure you'll understand, at my age I don't like wasting time.
I wouldn't call an arrest warrant for drug trafficking a waste of time.
Fine, I won't call it a waste of time.
How about ridiculous? Why did you run last night when we were going to arrest you? Sergeant, I'm 72 years old and have horrible arthritis.
I couldn't even run from my own death.
If I had run, why would I come back? I don't know, you never fail to surprise me.
Who told you we were coming? Sito? - I haven't seen that kid for years.
- So you don't know his whereabouts? We're also looking for him for drug trafficking.
I thought this sudden burst of activity was because of illegal fishing.
- I was surprised to see so many cars.
- You saw some law enforcement? I was on my way to the airport.
I had a checkup in Madrid.
- Afflictions of the aged, you see.
- Right.
Maybe I sometimes blurred the line between legal and illegal and I may have brought the odd box of illegal tobacco into Galicia, but from that to trafficking drugs I never touched that poison.
You have to believe me.
This is just a really big mistake, man.
Look Do me a favor.
- Would you read what that says? - I forgot my glasses.
In that case, I'll read it myself.
"On June 13th, 1990, a warrant is issued for the search, capture and trial of Don Vicente ‘Oterito’ Otero.
” "Oterito.
" My client is Vicente "Terito" Otero.
- That's all.
- They’ve got the wrong man.
The Oterito you're looking for lives in Cambados.
It's not me.
- We can't release him.
- What do you want me to do? We can't do anything with the wrong name.
We can only arrest this guy Oterito.
Did you check his information? - Have you checked if this Oterito exists? - Really? A witness makes a mistake and we can't do anything? Not without proof.
The press would have a field day.
Who gives a shit about the press? Look, Darío, this is one setback.
The operation was a success, we arrested over 40 people, dammit.
We didn't get any testimony.
Sito and Romero escaped and now this.
I told you it was too soon.
What could we do? Let Romero tell everyone like he did with Sito? Why don't we do a lineup? Okay.
Which one is it? That one.
The one in the middle.
Listen It's been too long since you slept.
Why don't you go home and rest? Everything will be better tomorrow.
The D.
and I are going back to Madrid early.
There's nothing more to do here and we must prepare for trial.
We may not have found them all, but I assure you nothing will be the same here.
I swear it.
You didn't hear a word I said.
Take out the passports.
- Hello.
- Spanish? He is.
I'm Panamanian.
Just back from our honeymoon through Europe.
Passports, please.
Where are you going? - Benavente.
- Do you live there? For a year now.
- What are you doing? - It's just a precaution.
Excuse me, is there a problem? No.
Have fun.
I wish I was married to a woman like her.
Sergeant I know now isn't really the time but I was thinking.
What with Oubiña and the others in jail, we're not really needed here anymore.
- Have you grown tired of Galicia? - Years ago.
Anyway, there's nothing more to do, is there? - Hello? - Sergeant We've had a call from a border checkpoint.
Do you remember Chino? How's it going, Extremaduran? Always so fucking dapper, huh? Come on, man.
You'll make me puke.
Well? Have you seen Esther? She's out of solitary, right? - I just spoke to her.
- If they touched her She's fine.
She's dying to see you and give you a big hug.
You have to get her out.
- It doesn't matter about me.
Get her out.
- I'm getting you all out.
And in style.
That's why I'm your attorney.
- You will have to be patient, though.
- Patient? Fucking patient? You said that to Colombo years ago.
You weren't found in possession of drugs.
But you'll still have to go to trial.
Anyway, we have a problem.
I've read the brief and there are two snitches willing to talk.
- Who? - I don't know.
They're under protection.
No names.
But if they talk, you're all screwed.
Ventura says if we do nothing, they'll talk.
And you know what that means.
- We're staying here for good.
- That's right.
Not if we come up with a plan, if you know what I mean.
Jesus, Moncho.
That retard has screwed us over twice now.
Who would believe those two? Portabales is a nobody.
What about Padín? Padín is a junkie, no jury would believe him.
What if they do? - We'll buy them.
- It's not that easy.
They’re not Galician judges, they're National Court judges in Madrid.
We have to kill those rats.
Interested in what we're saying? Get out of here, Argentinian.
You aren't invited to this party.
- I can help you out if you want.
- With what? You didn't hear a thing.
Got it? Get lost.
He had this phone in the truck.
Let's get this over with quickly.
Where is he? - I work for a logistics company.
- Call him.
I don't know what he promised, but there are no cars or women in prison.
If that's how you want it.
I said it would be over quickly.
Sito asked me to bring the truck.
- Where is he? - I don't know.
- Don't fuck with me, Chino.
- I’m not lying, I saw him - at the checkpoint with a woman.
- Camila? They followed me from Geneva and crossed through, no problem.
- Back to Galicia? - I don't know.
- They're doing one more coke shipment.
- Where? Canela Beach.
He's managing it, but I don't know from where.
I swear I don't know where he is.
Call him.
And find out where he is.
- Chino.
- Sito, what's up? What's up? I've been calling you since the cops pulled us over.
Where are you? Is everything okay? They basically strip-searched me, but found nothing.
That's why I hadn't called yet.
I've stopped for a snack.
- Is it busy? - I haven't gone in yet.
- I'm calling from a portable phone.
- Everything okay? Fucking great.
I'll be on my way as soon as I eat.
Where are you? Did you check the tires? The tires are a little flat, I need to inflate them.
Okay, take your time and be careful.
Got it? Sure, you be careful, too.
What's going on? We have to tell Ballesteros it's off.
The cops have Chino.
- How do you know? - What is it, sir? This guy told him the tires were flat.
It was code, the tires are fucking fine.
- Where are they? - Far away, I hope.
- Come here, kid.
- Son of a bitch! He's not worth it, sir.
Shit, shit, shit! Take it easy, son.
I won't let anyone lay a finger on you.
- Anyway, you're not a snitch.
- Worse.
I'm a thief, I stole from the Charlíns.
You know what will happen? They'll get me in the yard or bathroom.
In the end I have to get out of here.
Did you call Ballesteros? Not yet.
What are you waiting for? My whole life was in that truck.
I deserve a moment.
So was mine.
But we can't sit here feeling sorry for ourselves.
We have to keep going.
But far from here.
Nobody knows we're here.
I'll keep you updated.
- Did he agree? - He didn't have a choice.
We'll wait until this blows over and he gets people ready.
What people? They're all locked up.
It won't be fast, but I'll think of something.
Don't worry.
What does this mean? It's a flight to Panama.
I know that, I'm not an idiot.
But no.
There's only one ticket.
It's best you go ahead until this is done.
- How long have you had this planned? - Please.
- I'm not leaving you alone.
- It's a precaution.
- We can't risk both of us being caught.
- No.
I don't want my daughter to be born in jail.
Swear you'll come as soon as the drugs get here.
I swear it.
Where are you going? To call a cab.
I don't want to miss the flight.
Sir, I've been talking to the people from the phone company.
They'll try their best to locate Sito's phone, but it won't be easy.
If I'm to be left alone with those pricks, I'd like to know sooner rather than later.
Is it bad? I thought you'd quit.
And - What do you want us to do? - Lock them up.
We've taken away Sito's money, now he'll have to do more jobs.
And he'll need people.
We must all watch the bay.
Sito likes to personally manage the unloading and delivery.
If we find out who he's working with, they might lead us to him.
Know who this is? I need to see you.
You're putting us in this shack? It's not the Ritz, but you don't have to share the shower with criminals.
If they don't like it, they can go back to their room with a yard view.
- What do we do until the trial? - Prepare your testimony.
We have to go over everything you've told us until now.
We can't make any mistakes.
Pedro Ventura is representing your old bosses.
He'll do anything he can to discredit your testimony.
I know a trial is daunting, but we can't back down now.
Not now.
WE ASK OUR JUDGES AND PROSECUTORS FOR JUSTICE NO TO DRUGS After a long wait, there are almost 40 people being put on trial.
Laureano Oubiña, Manuel Charlín and other alleged Galician drug traffickers will be tried in the building you can see behind me.
Only the absence of Sito Miñanco casts a shadow over the largest mass trial Spain has ever seen.
One moment, the defendants are arriving.
There they are! It's the police.
Criminals! Fucking nutjobs! Who brought you here? You're a murdering bastard and so are your sons! Murderers! Murderers! Murderers! They're bringing out the big guns.
Where will they put them all? Not worried, are you? We're making history, Javier.
- I tried to get you in, but - What the hell did Oubiña come as? He looks like he's come from the farm.
And my dad? His clothes look like they're from the war.
They're supposed to look like businessmen and they look like a bunch of clowns.
- That's the point.
- What is? For them to look like hicks? - Laureano.
- Sweetie.
Stop it, I'm not a dog.
- Can't I speak to my wife? - Keep your head.
Come on! - Silence, please.
- May he without sin As it is assumed that both the prosecution and the defense are aware of the charges being brought against the accused, we will begin the trial for case number 13/90.
- Mr.
Zaragoza, you may begin.
- Thank you, Your Honor.
The prosecution calls Mr.
Ricardo Portabales as a witness.
Just what we need.
Silence, please.
Fuck you, redhead.
Long time no see, Ricardo.
Miss us? Give your girl a kiss from me.
Thank you.
Ricardo Portabales, you are appearing in the trial for case number 13/90 as a witness for the prosecution.
You have the right not to testify against yourself and to not confess guilt.
Will you answer the prosecution's questions? - I will.
- Do you swear to tell the truth? I swear it.
If it pleases the court.
Portabales, according to evidence found by the D.
's office and your own testimony, until you were arrested by law enforcement, you made a living trafficking drugs, is that correct? Yes.
- Are you a drug trafficker? - I was.
Silence in court, please.
- But I regret what I did.
- Silence.
Is that why you decided to cooperate with the D.
? Yes.
During his stay in prison, Mr.
Portabales got a flow chart to us showing Galician crime families and interests involved in drug trafficking.
Portabales, could you look at the accused and indicate the heads of the families that appear in said diagram? - You'll regret this, you Judas.
- Could you say their names, please? Manuel Charlín.
Manuel Bustelo.
- And Laureano Oubiña.
- Bullshit! - Mr.
- Don't give me that! I won't let him say I did things that I didn't.
Oubiña! Be warned, if you don't behave yourself, I'll be forced to have you removed.
- Is that clear? - It’s clear as mud.
Portabales, apart from those you've indicated, are there any other members of the organization which you worked for? Mr.
Braña, Petete And one or two others at the back there.
We worked for Sito Miñanco.
He was our boss.
And do you know where he is? Is he in this room? I remind the jury that Mr.
Prado Bugallo, AKA Sito Miñanco, is a fugitive of the law and, as such, is not present at this trial.
Did you sign for fucking Real Madrid or something? Did you grow a rug on your face? Thank you for coming, I didn't know if after all this time Don't be stupid, we'd go to Madrid or anywhere else we needed to.
What do you need from us? The cops have totally screwed me over.
- I've lost everything I made.
- Do you need money? - Whatever you need, you can count - No, no.
That's not it.
I'm going to make it back.
I have a shipment coming up.
But they've arrested all my people.
I have nobody.
I know what we discussed and I respect the decision you made.
- No, Sito.
- There's nobody else I trust but you guys.
- How can you ask this of us now? - I wouldn't if I had another damn option.
We've been out of the game for years.
- We have families and a business now.
- Just one job.
I'll go to Panama with Camila and you two can carry on as normal.
Sito, we don't have the people or the resources to do this.
Di Stefano will help you and I'll coordinate everything.
We're not speaking to anyone, Sito.
We're not doing any more jobs.
Look, gas stations bring in a lot of money.
- I can give you whatever you need and - I'm not asking for charity! Did I ask for money? One job.
All I'm asking is for one more, for old times’ sake.
Sito, Look We'll talk to Di Stefano if that's what you want.
But we won't be doing any jobs for you.
- Are you fucking kidding me? - Are you kidding me? Things have changed and I am using my head.
I have a wife, kids.
It's what I want.
I'm content if you can believe it.
We risked enough coming here.
We won't risk any more.
You get that, right? Tell Di Stéfano to ready the speedboats, I bought new engines.
- Do you want them in the shipyard? - Until they go to the workshop.
Tell him to take his time, this must go well.
I'm risking a lot.
Was it really worth it? I have to go in.
I don't want anyone to see me.
Next time you're home, we'll make you a nice home-cooked meal.
Please come forward, Mr.
Take your place.
I was hoping to see you again.
It's been a long time.
- Come here and ask what you want.
- One moment.
Oubiña, please show a modicum of respect.
Oubiña, you're accused of money laundering and endangering public health - by trafficking marijuana.
- Did I kill the Pope, too? So you had nothing to do with a shipment of 22 tons of marijuana? I have nothing to do with any kind of drug.
And you know that very well.
Stop messing around.
In 1987 I'm telling you I have nothing to do with drugs, as you well know.
You hear what I'm saying, right? - Are you married to Esther Lago? - Yes, sir.
She's your second wife.
Yes, she's my second wife.
Bad things come in threes.
Well, Your Honor, I take care of our home like any other woman.
If money comes in, a little or a lot, I take care of that, too.
And you didn't know where it came from? Where would it come from other than Laureano's businesses? The transports, the trucks, the other things he does.
Do you know of information that affects the bookkeeping in those companies? How could I, Your Honor? You know very well that I don't know how to read or write.
But, Mr.
Oubiña, your name appears on all the companies' paperwork.
I'm sure it does.
I signed whatever they gave me.
I'd sign my own death warrant if they gave it to me.
Don't you see, sir? It would take me an hour to read all that.
That's why I didn't.
Have you seen me? - Can you see me transporting drugs? - That's what Mr.
Portabales says.
Who, I'll remind you, you threatened and assaulted in prison.
The only thing I saw, when I managed to get the towel off my face, were some white boots with black laces.
And those boots were only worn by one person inside that prison.
And that person was Oubiña.
- Is that true? - Yes, sir.
I gave him a few smacks and a kick up the ass.
Is that all? I have a report stating that Mr.
Portabales had to be seen by doctors in the prison, as you didn't want him to report you.
Like Mr.
Padín had done with Manuel Charlín.
When I was arrested, I was carrying drugs they had given to me.
They knew I was thinking about ratting.
So they gave me the blow and called the cops to get me out of the way.
When you say them, who do you mean exactly? The head of the Charlín crime family.
Manuel Charlín and his sons.
Paquito and Moncho.
What crime family? I don't even run my own family.
If I want to go for a beer, I have to ask my wife for 100 pesetas.
But So where did all your property come from? What property? - The cannery, your land - Land? Don’t you know that 215 sq.
is considered land in Galicia? Didn't Mr.
Padín tell you that? That drug addict? Look, Mr.
Charlín, there are recordings where you can be heard organizing the transport of shipments of marijuana.
And another where you discuss your family's business with a Colombian.
That's not possible.
Does the name Hassan Abdelhadi ring a bell? The Arab? Yes, he's a well-known Moroccan drug lord.
Don't be stupid.
Hassan is a longtime client of my cannery.
If it pleases the court, the prosecution would like to present evidence catalogued under number 12486.
I object.
You don't want to hear your client discuss fish with Mr.
Abdelhadi? If it pleases the court, I'd like to speak.
The recordings were made without supervision - and I request they be withdrawn.
- Don't make me laugh.
There was no quality assurance.
They prove that your clients are the worst drug traffickers - in the history of this country.
- Really? You really want us to believe they're monsters? He can barely even read.
My clients are fishermen, farmers, - good, self-made men.
- Aren't they businessmen? Your Honor, do you really believe that those men and that woman are capable of running a multimillion peseta business? Do you believe two self-confessed traffickers who only accused my clients - to reduce their sentence? - What do you mean, Counselor? The agreement Misters Padín and Portabales made with the D.
- to reduce their sentence.
- Mr.
Ventura, that agreement is public and completely legal.
What are you trying to achieve, Counselor? I'd like Mr.
Portabales to testify again, Your Honor.
Portabales, you testified that when you were trafficking cocaine, you did so on Sito Miñanco's orders.
- Yes.
- You didn't work for anyone else? - Answer the question.
- I'll repeat, have you worked for anyone other than Sito Miñanco? - No.
- Despite that, you accuse Misters Oubiña and Charlín of being major drug lords.
Yes, everyone in the bay knows what they do.
Really? I live there and I've never heard anything.
Ricardo Ricardo, I'm going to ask a very simple question and I want you to answer yes or no.
Have you ever seen either Mr.
Oubiña or Mr.
Charlín handling the drugs they supposedly trafficked? Look at the defendants and remember you're under oath.
Have you ever seen either of them handling an illegal substance? Mr.
Portabales, answer the counselor's question.
Did you ever see the defendants handle illegal substances? No.
- I never saw them.
- No? Yet you assure us they're drug traffickers.
You don't understand.
That scum is killing a generation of kids.
Portabales, keep to the questions.
You have to lock them up, they're murderers.
- I'll say it again - They'll kill me if you don't.
- Out! - Your Honor I'm holding him in contempt.
Clown! Silence! Silence! I'd like to make a request.
As we've seen, Mr.
Portabales has neither manners nor credibility.
If he never even saw the defendants, why should we believe him or Mr.
Padín, The other witness the prosecution is basing this spectacle on, who says they're not just two criminals who have been caught red-handed just trying to reduce their sentence by accusing innocent, respectable people? That's why, in accordance with Article 741 from criminal procedure law, I move to have all of his testimony disregarded.
Thank you.
Do you think the court will accept the defense's request? - What do you think of the testimony? - Is it credible? Come on! To that rat Portabales! And to being home in a few days.
- You can't make a toast with water.
- Don't be superstitious, Dad.
Today it could be champagne.
Where's he being taken at this time? - Has something happened, Bustelo? - My wife's here to see me.
You don't think he's going to rat us out? Bustelo is one of us, man.
If he didn't talk before, why would he now when we're about to win? Rosalía, you're - What's going on? Why are they here? - Manuel Mr.
Bustelo, your wife told us about your activities.
Your business, the shipments, your dealings with the Colombians.
Nothing we didn't already know, but it's different coming from her.
You know what women are like, God knows what she said.
I don't want to be alone forever.
I'm sure she told you any old lie.
I don't know why I'm here, I'm innocent and I'm going to prove it.
Let's be honest, Mr.
Bustelo, you may come out of this trial alive, but if you do, then so do they.
And we both know they won't forgive your son's theft.
They'll want revenge.
If you cooperate, you and your family will have protection.
Just like the other witnesses.
I'm not a snitch like Padín or Portabales.
No, but you're smart.
You wouldn't be where you are if not.
Besides, you know what's best for your family.
- Think they'll talk? - No, they just went to pray, asshole.
If those Bustelo bastards talk, we're screwed, you'll see.
We need to tell Pilar ASAP.
Don't be stupid.
We're not starting a war just as we're getting out.
What should we do? - She'll convince him not to turn on us.
- She'd better.
Because we're all going down otherwise.
Give me the bag, Javier.
You'll have cops guarding the house day and night.
Javi! Rosalía told me what you're doing.
You're very brave.
I don't want you here.
- Dad.
- You either.
I want you to leave town until I testify.
No, I'm not leaving you alone.
I don't want anything to happen to you.
Go and pack.
Manuel, call the police! - Rosalía, we need to talk.
- Go away! Rosalía, please! Listen to me, Don Manuel.
We can make a deal.
If you keep your mouth shut.
I'm here on behalf of my dad.
What do you want? Tell me and you'll have it.
Can you get me that? Don Manuel.
Your family has disrespected us so many times, I've lost count now.
Your father reported my son for sexual assault.
He was nearly killed because of him.
That's all in the past.
You've always treated us like losers.
So leave before I call the police.
What was that? What is it, Manuel? Stay there.
Manuel! What's happening? Manuel! Patient with a gunshot wound to the abdomen.
He's unresponsive.
We're losing him.
- No, dammit! - Who is this man? - Darío Castro, police sergeant.
- You can't be here.
Do you know who he is? You have to save him in any way possible! Any way possible! I notified the cops' families.
They were just fucking kids.
- When did it happen? - A few hours ago.
They couldn't do anything.
And his wife? She's in a coma.
If she's lucky, she'll end up in a wheelchair.
What is it? Manuel Bustelo, head of the Bustelo crime family, was shot down along with his wife in the family home in Cambados yesterday.
He was taken by ambulance to Pontevedra's regional hospital, where doctors confirmed his death shortly after arriving.
All evidence points to a settling of scores, given that police sources have confirmed the alleged drug trafficker was cooperating with the authorities and was waiting to testify against those arrested during Operation Velvet Crab.
- What the fuck? - You don't think For fuck's sake, Laureano.
Don't give me that.
He was one of us, dammit.
- Do you know what you've started? - I didn't do anything.
I'm not the only one this is good for.
God dammit, Manolo.
Laureano With Sito out of action, who's going to bring in hash and coke when we get out? SENTENCE PRESENTED BY DONA ANGELA MARIA MIRALLES BORDALLO Justice! Justice! Justice! Sentence for case number 13/90.
Having heard arguments, Their Honors Francisco Carvajal Mérida, Fernando Navas Peña and Ángela Miralles Bordallo of the National Court's Criminal Chamber and having included District Attorney Javier Zaragoza and the accused, represented by Pedro Ventura, it has been decided that, in agreement with the parties and considering his cooperation with the law, Ricardo Portabales will sentenced to 14 months imprisonment and a fine of 700,000 pesetas for the crime of drug trafficking.
Considering his cooperation, we sentence Don Manuel Fernández Padín to eight months imprisonment and a fine of 600,000 pesetas for the crime of drug trafficking.
For the crime of receiving stolen property and tax evasion according to Article 349, we sentence Don Laureano Oubiña Piñeiro and Esther Lago García to 12 years imprisonment.
- What the fuck? - No, no, no! You can't lock me up! What about my children? What about them? - My children! - I'm going to get you out, Esther.
Conversely, as we do not consider their charges to have been substantiated, we declare the following persons not guilty: Don Miguel Abad Núñez, AKA Petete, Don Julio Braña, Don Francisco Charlín Pomares, Don Ramón Charlín Pomares, Don Manuel Charlín Gama.
They're coming out.
There they are! Any comments, Mr.
Oubiña? - This.
- We have nothing to say.
- What do you think of the verdict? - Go to hell.
We can't hear you! - Beautiful ladies! - Get out of the way! Go and wash some dishes.
Go home and wash up, it's all you're good for.
It's over.
They won.
No, Sergeant.
Look at me.
You were right.
Sito is doing a job with the old guard.
- The boat's loaded, we're leaving now.
- Be careful.
Don't even run a red light.
This is like riding a bike, Sito.
You never forget.
Do you remember the address? - Absolutely.
- I'll see you in a few hours.
It looks like he's going to Madrid.
Nobody stops him, is that understood? Understood, Sergeant.
The warehouse is on Tomelloso Street.
We'll be ready to deploy in four minutes, sir.
Make it three.
Come here, man.
Check it.
Tell Ballesteros Sito's back in the game.
When this is done, take the first train back - and have a party in my honor.
- Sounds good.
Let go of me, you bastards! It's over, Sito.
Give me the gun.
How much do you want? I just need three minutes.
I told you once I can't be bought.
Why would that have changed? I'm not offering money.
This bay is small, you get to know everything.
You've been gone a long time.
I can help.
Let me go and you'll have the best doctors.
You can go to the US or wherever.
Thank you for caring, but no.
Sergeant Let me go.
I won't let a killer walk free.
I never killed anyone.
That's what you think.
There's no escape.
- Give me the goddamn pistol.
- Let me go! - For fuck's sake.
- Do it! What are you waiting for? It'd be a kindness.
- Let me go.
- You'll have to shoot me, Sito.
You'll have to shoot me.
I didn't kill Braulio.
EXCEEDING 18,000 PEOPLE IN 1990 Come on, motherfucker.
Get out.
Well-known drug trafficker Sito Miñanco, a man who was on probation, was arrested today in a mass anti-drugs operation with two special forces agents injured.
The judge ordered the withdrawal of the last copies of the book Fariña which were still available for sale.
She also banned the publisher from publishing and distributing the work.
Oubiña is seeking compensation for pain and suffering.
Really angry.
A scene which can't be confirmed.
They don't know how he behaves in private, but even if it was a normal attitude towards lovemaking, it's unnecessary.
The same court that ordered the withdrawal of the book Fariña today forced El Gremio de Libros in Madrid to remove a digital tool which allowed users to read the work of Nacho Carretero.
Two burglars attacked the home of the Charlíns, one of Galicia's most famous drug trafficking crime families.
The thieves assaulted Manuel Charlín and one of his sons and then fled the scene.
José Ramón Prado, AKA Sito Miñanco, has a long history of trials and imprisonment.
According to investigators, he's the last great drug lord.
The National Court judge has connected him to two cocaine shipments.
Sito, 63 years old, will be at the defense table for the foreseeable future.