Code Black (2015) s02e01 Episode Script

Second Year

Attention, all aircraft.
We have a weather advisory.
For all coastal regions Ventura to Orange County.
Met 4, be advised we've patched you in to L.
County Lifeguard.
Frequency V16 direct.
Man: Dr.
Leighton, we have the lifeguard from the beach on the radio for you.
Mike: Put me through.
What do we got? Lifeguard: That shark came up like a rocket.
There's three victims, one dead already.
They're teenagers, man.
- How far out are you? - Mike: Three minutes.
You got to hurry up! There's blood all over the beach! Reporter: Breaking news We're getting reports of a shark attack in Malibu this morning.
You're seeing amateur video of the chaotic scene on the beach right now.
One of our reporters will be arriving on the scene shortly, and we'll be updating you throughout the day.
Woman: Let me go! Hello, residents.
I'm Jesse Sallander, senior E.
And for the next three years, I'm your mama.
I can promise you nothing goes on in this house your mama don't know about.
You think you're smarter than your mama because you have an M.
? You're not.
Your mama can tell when you're lying, crying, or dying.
Whoa, come come on, bro.
This can't be here.
Look, I got gurneys coming in and out of here every two minutes.
[Claps] Storeroom.
CCCRP? Combat Casualty Carry Research Program Department of Defense.
They send us doctors here every year Teach us new techniques, new technologies they learn in the field of combat.
Angus: That was only a year ago for us.
Seems like a thousand.
Every year, thousands of newly minted doctors, like yourself, apply to learn emergency medicine in the civic cathedral you are about to enter.
That's her.
That's Jessamine.
I thought that was Charlotte Piel.
Jessamine was the character that she played.
How do you not know that? Never saw any of the movies.
You haven't seen "The Artemis Stone"? It was the seminal movie of my childhood.
"The Artemis Fire" was my favorite.
I read the book twice.
"Artemis Thief" Way better.
- You're crazy.
- You're nerds.
Jesse: Angels Memorial.
Okay, take a good look, people.
This is what you're gonna look like in 12 months Beaten and bewildered.
Say hello to first-years.
Hi, Ms.
I'm Angus Leighton.
I'm a huge fan.
It's just "Charlotte.
" No, it's "Dr.
" I'm Malaya Pineda.
Oh, and this is Mario Savetti.
He hasn't seen any of your movies.
Oh, enough already.
Leighton, did you drive here with your brother today? He has new residents.
I haven't seen him since.
Leighton's on a chopper.
What do you mean he's on the chopper? He and the army guy.
Wasn't room for all of us, so Does Dr.
Rorish know this? What army guy? Man, I hate helicopters.
It's a wonder they even fly at all when you think about it.
I hadn't thought about it.
Yeah, they crash 35% more than airplanes.
84 crashes for every 100,000 hours.
Didn't know that.
But now I do.
If you're that afraid of flying in one, why'd you hop on board? Didn't say I was scared.
Said I didn't like it.
I also don't like bad tequila.
That didn't stop me last night.
Pilot: I got a stiff wind coming in from the west.
We got to turn into it when we land.
All right, this is gonna suck.
Hang on.
[Breathes deeply] See? It's a wonder the thing doesn't drop out of the sky like a rock.
Okay, on the ground in eight seconds.
Man: [Amplified] By order of the county sheriff, this beach is closed.
[Police radio chatter] You take the girl! I got the other! Yep! You got it! [Woman sobbing] What's your name? - Kaya.
- The shark came out of nowhere.
We didn't see it until it happened.
Okay, and what's your name? My name's Jaydin.
Jaydin, I need you to calm down for me, okay? Okay.
You're gonna be okay.
Willis: All right, he's losing too much blood.
He's not gonna make it back unless we stabilize him right here.
I need you to stay still for me! All right.
Let's get her on the stretcher and to the chopper.
What about Tucker? I don't know! Go check! Okay, I'm going.
[Crying] Oh, god! Oh, god! Oh, no! Get her away! Somebody take her! Mike: What do we got? Guy's a soup sandwich.
I need you to hang some blood while I plug this thing in.
Plug what in? What the hell is that? Can't tourniquet an abdomen, but you've got to stop the bleeding.
We inject this foam into the peritoneum.
Foam? It surrounds all the anatomy Organs, vessels, everything.
Expands and tamponades the bleed.
Intra-peritoneal foam system, courtesy U.
Are you serious? Have you ever done this before? On a pig.
A pig? It works.
Should work.
All right.
Watch this.
It's like shooting whipped cream into a twinkie.
[Foam hissing] All right! Profusion's improving! Pulse is stronger! Hooah! Let's get him out of here.
As you know, the army sends someone here every year To teach, not to drag my residency director out in the field the very day his new residents are starting.
It was hardly a house call.
Well, you don't have the authority to just tell my Yes, I do.
They told me you'd be informed on Friday.
What are we talking about? The board decided to combine the administration of the O.
And Trauma One.
Excuse me? Yeah.
I'm now running both departments.
[Chuckling] You can't be serious.
Sorry you have to find out this way.
I know you're disappointed.
You think I'm disappointed to lose a job I didn't even want? No, I'm furious that combining Trauma One with another department sets back E.
medicine 40 years.
Well, it happens to be more efficient.
It's more efficient for you.
What happens to me? You go back to being a doctor.
I was always a doctor.
[Rapid beeping] Grab the door! Get that door closed! [Beeping continues] [Grunts] Man down! Man down! Put 'er down! We lost a man! We got to bring her back around! Pilot: I got a big onshore gust.
I can't set her down Not in this wind.
Then hover out over the water! What are you doing? Something stupid.
Get them back to angels! All right, heads up, everyone! You are doctors! You are here to learn.
You are not in the way.
You're not guests.
You're part of a trauma team.
Don't be shy.
All right.
Let's get in there, heads down, safely! Leanne: Leighton! Get the door! What do you got? Two shark-bite victims.
13-year-old female.
Multiple, deep lacerations to her right leg and right arm.
17-year-old male.
1, 2, 3.
Multiple puncture wounds to his abdomen.
Hypotensive on scene.
BP now stable.
All right, hold on.
Pinkney, get that one to the O.
now! Wait, wait Where are the two doctors? There was an accident.
What kind of accident? Dr.
Leighton fell.
- Fell from where? - From the chopper 20 feet above the deck.
Where are they now? I don't know.
The army guy, Willis, is with him.
- That's all I know.
- Angus, you stay.
Go to dispatch.
See what you can find out about your brother.
Mario: Gurney coming through.
Look out! Michelle, send off a trauma panel, please.
Type and cross for four.
Rig it up.
All right.
Get the rail down, please.
Get up here.
And, on my count.
1, 2, 3.
Got it.
- What's your name? - Kaya.
All right.
We're just gonna roll you right over.
It's gonna be okay.
Ready? 1, 2, 3.
Nurse: Got it.
- Clear.
- Got it.
Jesse: Airway is patent.
Who can tell me the best place for an I.
in a trauma patient? Anyone? I'm gonna need a suture tray, please, with a 5-0 vicryl.
Breath sounds are equal bilaterally.
Femoral central line? Oh, no, no.
Come on, people.
Your patient can't wait for you to Google it.
Jesse: BP is 82 over 40.
Abdomen soft, non-tender.
Jesse, epi with lido, please.
- Got it.
- Thank you.
Forceps, please.
Thank you.
Kean, where am I gonna put that I.
? Come on, come on.
Now, please.
- Internal jugular.
- No! Pupils are equal and reactive to light.
Antecubital lines allow quick large bore access for immediate resuscitation.
Well done.
You guys see this? Get in there and look now.
We got a 2 centimeter tear of the tibial artery right here.
Come on over, Dr.
I want you to assist in the repair, please.
16 gauge in the antecubital? Uh, yes, please.
Mike Leighton took a 20 foot fall out of the chopper.
Heather: Page Dr.
Tell him I'm prepping for an ex-lap and hang two more units of O-neg.
Can't believe this kid is still alive.
What the hell is this stuff? All right, get this colonel Willis on the phone.
He looks like an eclair.
[Siren wails] Heather: Were you planning on telling me what this stuff is oozing out of the patient? Things got a little busy out there.
His GCS is 6.
I'm gonna intubate.
It's molded to the anatomy.
That's the point.
All right, I need a 10cc syringe, I need a 7.
5 ET tube, and do you have a C02 detector? And how am I supposed to get it out of him? Willis: It's designed to pull away from the internal structures and not leave any surface damage.
You're gonna be famous.
Nobody's ever tried this on a live patient.
Any idea where the bleeder is? Good, we're in.
I suspect a mesentery injury, but it was hard to tell out there.
Angus: Do we have a status report on Dr.
Leighton? Who's this? Angus, you shouldn't be on this line.
I'll get off as soon as I find out how my brother is.
Is he conscious? No.
And this isn't helping.
What's your E.
, please? Heather: Angus, hang up.
Leighton, get off that mic.
Son, let them do their jobs.
Now, we got an ambulance on the ramp.
You want to give me a hand? Or do you need a break? I'm fine.
All right, what do we got? 65-year-old male, Henry Underwood, found unconscious on the sidewalk, post-assault.
GCS is 4, responds to pain only.
Multiple contusions.
BP 118 over 64.
Heart rate 132.
Sats 87.
All right, coming in, coming in.
Bed number 2.
All right, let's draw blood and bolus a liter of NS.
Cole: Okay, on my count.
1, 2, 3.
Thank you.
- What do you got, Guthrie? - Assault victim.
Blunt trauma to the head, back, and chest.
Grab the ultrasound.
Who? Me? Uh, w-where is it? I got it.
I got it.
What's your name, son? Elliot.
In here, you're Dr.
Breathe, Dr.
I'm Dr.
With your residency director currently incapacitated, you will be supervised by Dr.
Rorish till further notice.
I got to go up to the O.
We don't know he's incapacitated.
We don't know anything.
Leighton, I'm sorry.
I did not see you there.
Since when does he tell E.
residents what to do? - Dr.
Leighton - He runs the O.
Campbell is now director of the E.
We're all hoping that Mike's okay.
[Sirens wailing] [Radio chatter] Oh, god! I'm new here.
I'm Willis.
Where we taking him? Center stage.
- Sats coming up.
- All right.
Malaya: Angus! It's Mike.
Has he regained consciousness at all? Malaya.
I don't know.
Unfortunately, he has not.
No gag reflex, totally unresponsive.
I had to intubate him.
All right, he's got increased pressure on his brain.
He's bleeding.
I'll call neurosurgery.
No, there's no time.
He's posturing.
- He's herniating in his brain - I know what "posturing" means! Then you know that if we don't drill a hole in your brother's head in the next 60 seconds, he's gonna die.
We wait for neurosurgery.
Risa, get him the burr hole kit, please.
Willis: I could use a hand.
Malaya, switch with me.
He is my brother.
That's exactly why you shouldn't make this decision.
I don't even know him.
This is what you need to know I've done exactly 300 of these.
You've probably done none.
I am the best hope your brother has.
Now step off.
Angus, let him do what he needs to do.
[Whirring] You shouldn't watch this.
[Voice breaking] I can't leave him.
Okay, I'm not gonna make you leave, but you got to stand behind the orange line.
We're good? Going in.
Mike's gonna pull through.
That guy Colonel Willis Drills a hole in his skull in center stage and didn't even care what I thought.
No one did.
Not even Rorish.
Look, I know you don't want to hear this, but from what I saw, he saved Mike's life.
Okay, I don't have any real news, other than he's alive.
How, uh, how long till he wakes up? We're gonna keep him sedated on a vent for at least a couple of days, until the swelling goes down.
I knew we should have brought him up here right away.
Mike would have died if it weren't for Willis.
That's a fact.
That's what I said.
[Door opens, closes] Where's Tucker? He's in the O.
His parents are on an airplane.
We haven't been able to reach them yet.
I know.
Our parents are in Paris together.
Nice! Is my sister here yet? It's a long drive from Malibu Which I learned myself today.
I was with Tucker first, you know? Okay.
I know he's older, but we have a thing.
What kind of a You know what? Don't answer that.
I don't want to know.
It's real.
And Jaydin's trying to mess with it.
She's a whore.
Ow! Can't you numb that or something? All right.
It's gonna sting a little.
She already let him put his hands up her shirt.
How can I compete with that? - My boobs are like - Okay, okay.
We're in a weird area here.
I think this is a conversation you should be having with your parents.
Have you talked to them? Before they took off.
They're very upset.
Wait till you tell them about you and Tucker.
Every hospital has a different system.
At Angels, code green is relatively quiet.
Code yellow we're filling up but still manageable.
Dixon, did you get lost? Yes.
Code red We're over capacity, things are starting to get dicey.
But when that board says "code black," that's when things can really start to go sideways.
What's it mean? It's an internal catastrophe, where we're so overrun by critical patients, we don't have the resources or the staff to treat them all.
How often does that happen? Almost every night.
If you know you're always gonna be in code black, why not do something about it? Because doing something costs money, and we're a county hospital in the second-largest city in America.
As a doctor, what do you do when the hospital exceeds its capacity? You exceed your own.
All right.
That's enough touring for now.
Is there a lounge or something where we can take a break? Are you tired, sugar bear? It's just that it's been like six hours.
- Dude.
- No, no, I just - You know, I thought that - Jesse: Dr.
Can you take Dr.
Kean and Dr.
Piel, make them useful? I'm gonna take Dr.
Dixon to the lounge, okay? The lounge? - Colonel Willis? - Can we have a word, please? Please why don't you lose the "colonel.
" It always sounds like you're talking about an old man in a nursing home.
All right.
Willis, the way it works here is the physician who catches the incoming case becomes the primary.
Or we could go with nature's law, finders keepers.
I scooped her up off the beach.
My bad.
But she needs debridement and a multilayered closure.
I'm aware of that.
That's why she's waiting for an O.
And if she waits, she could also lose the mobility in the hand.
- Come look.
- Thanks.
Wh-what's happening? Well, you got a big ol' tear in your brachioradialis.
Sounds like a dinosaur.
[Chuckles] I never thought of it like that.
I like it.
So, this is the tendon that controls your arm movement [rapid beeping] She's out.
Kaya? Loss of blood.
Let's hang a few units.
Pulse is still strong.
We got to do this here.
You want to do it here? I've done it in the back of a Humvee.
Come on.
You with me on this? Game on.
You can both do this one together.
It's an easy one.
Patient complaining of pain everywhere.
Why is that an easy one? Pain everywhere means pain nowhere.
Check her, come find me.
I'm Dr.
I'm Dr.
So, are are you researching a role or something? No.
I'm not acting anymore.
This is just weird.
[Chuckles] Yeah, I'm sure you're very good, but Can you tell us when the pain started? Um, I I had a hysterectomy six weeks ago and was just cleared to have sex.
Um, I, um, I met a guy up in Runyon Canyon Breathe for me.
[Inhales sharply, exhales] Oh, and I, uh, decided he was the one.
The pain began right after.
Have you been having any fevers, bleeding? Um, no.
Feel this.
That's crepitus, right? I don't know.
I don't What is that? Crepitus is free air under your skin.
W-what does it mean? If it is crepitus Which I'm not sure it is It could mean a lot of things.
Yeah, I'm sorry.
I think I need to see a real doctor now.
We are doctors Real doctors.
Kobling, it's possible that by having sex too soon after your surgery, air was forced into your body.
What? Stop.
No, no.
Can we talk a minute? There could be a puncture in the vagina.
What? A puncture? Like A hole? Seriously, can we talk outside? We'll be right back, okay? Oh, my god.
Jessamine just told me I have a hole in my vagina.
You're suddenly an OB/GYN? Aggressive sex could easily force air subcutaneously, especially in someone who is post-hysterectomy.
She'd have to be having sex with a toilet plunger to put that much air in her.
Plus, it's not crepitus.
I had a punctured lung case once in medical school Totally different.
A lung has a lot of actual air in it.
And so would a vagina if they had aggressive sex.
Have you ever had aggressive sex? Because I have.
I'm sure you have.
A penis, no matter how impressive, cannot put enough air in there to cause crepitus in her chest.
What the hell's going on here? She thinks Debbie's pain is from subcutaneous air caused by a vaginal puncture.
A vaginal puncture? From what? Rough sex.
She doesn't seem the type.
Is that your official diagnosis? I examined her already I didn't feel crepitus, and, uh, sex can't produce that much air.
A CT will tell us for sure.
New residents don't get to order crazy-expensive tests on a hunch.
What she needs is a psych consult.
Psych? Yeah.
She just lost her uterus.
It could be traumatizing for a woman.
She's exhausted, anxious, vague, total-body pain.
This is depression.
I've seen it a bunch of times.
Call psych.
Can I help you? Yes, I received a phone call about my father, Henry Underwood.
I don't need to see him.
I just need to know that he's okay.
You don't want to see him? Yes.
We'd like to see him.
I'll page the doctor.
Thank you.
Your father's right over here.
How are you feeling? You should see the other guy.
Not a scratch on him.
Sorry, Randall.
This is not how you wanted to spend this day.
Not how I wanted to spend a lot of days, Dad.
You promised.
I'm sorry.
I can only give you a few minutes.
He really needs to rest.
It's not what you think.
I was mugged.
These two guys out of nowhere I was coming to your wedding.
You never showed up for anything.
Now you expect me to believe you were coming to my wedding? No, you probably lost a bet on a game and you couldn't cover it.
No, that's not it.
T-there was no bet.
There was no game.
When are you gonna get it through your head that there is no do-over? - Randall.
- This is it! Okay.
Let's leave.
- Okay? - Yeah, she's right.
It's time to go, guys.
Come on.
Let's go.
I'm sorry.
I am so sorry.
You're always really sorry.
You don't want to do this, okay? You're upsetting your wife.
She's not my wife.
That's my point! He did this to me on my wedding day! No, no, no.
No, no, no, no! It's my wedding day! Chelsea: Randall! Come on! You are a sad old man! Jesse, get him Jesse, get him out of here! It's all right.
It's okay.
Just calm down.
Just relax.
Just relax.
[Sniffles] Hannah: So, she is the sister of the shark-bite victim.
- Leanne: What's her name? - Jaydin.
And her boyfriend, Tucker, is the one who's in surgery.
Rorish, this is Jaydin.
I-I'm Kaya's sister.
I tried to call, but my battery ran out.
Is she okay? Is Tucker Calm down.
Take deep breaths.
Deep breaths.
I just I tried to drive here as fast as I could, but the traffic hit.
[Gasping] All right.
She's hyperventilating.
Let's get her inside and sit her down, please.
Follow me this way.
Kean, can we get her on a pulse ox, please? Can you sit right here for a second? - I-I need to see Kaya and Tucker.
- Okay.
I want you to slow your breathing down.
Let me have that.
Okay? Just deep breaths.
I'm gonna put this right in your nose.
It's gonna help you breathe a little bit.
All right? All right.
Here we go.
Kaya Is okay.
And Tucker's in surgery.
But they both need you to be strong for them, all right? Okay.
You just sit here and just catch your breath for a few minutes.
And then I'm gonna take you back to see Kaya, all right? - Okay.
- Good job.
How you doing in there, Dr.
Dixon? How do you like our lounge? [Monitors beeping] [Door opens] Oh, dear god.
Tell me everything.
He's in a medically induced coma.
- He came in with a - I was asking Dr.
I was actually there.
He fell 20, 25 feet.
I treated him on-site, got him into the ambulance.
By the time we got him to angels, he was bleeding inside of his skull.
The pressure needed to be relieved.
Campbell can walk you through the surgery.
Excuse me.
I wanted to talk to you.
It was gusty as hell up there.
The helicopter suddenly weathervaned into the wind, and your brother was not strapped in yet.
He never should have been in that helicopter to begin with.
We thought it would save lives, and it did.
I'm sorry.
I feel responsible for what happened.
You are responsible.
[Sniffles] Nothing like a little bubbly on our wedding night.
He's your father, Randy.
You know, my dad bankrupted us when I was a kid.
My mom and I, we had to live in a homeless shelter.
You never told me that.
Let's just leave.
Let's go get married right now, like we planned.
[Sighs] Can I help you? Sounds like you had a real bum for a dad.
E-excuse me? I had one of those.
I didn't talk to my father for 20 years.
Now he's gone.
It's too late.
I'm sorry Look, I-I don't even know you, and you're gonna give me lessons on forgiveness and regret? Mm, nah.
I just want to give you this.
What is this? Your father's things.
Open it.
It's a tuxedo.
He was coming to the wedding.
Uh, and this fell out of his pocket.
I think it's his toast to you.
Not that I read it, because that wouldn't be right.
But if I did read it, I'd have to say - your father had lots of regrets, but the one thing he didn't regret was you.
But I didn't read it, so what do I know? They must have moved him.
Risa? Where's Mr.
Underwood? - Family? - Yeah.
He was hemorrhaging, trouble breathing.
O2 dropped.
What's happening? They had to bring him up to the O.
Okay, but is he gonna be okay? Uh, give me a minute.
I'll find out for you.
Are you crazy? Why don't you like me? Why? Look where you are.
You were expressly told "no CT scan," and yet, here you are getting a CT scan.
- So? - So, you have an outsized sense of entitlement that comes from years of people kissing your ass.
You don't know me at all, and I don't know you.
But if I am right about the crepitus, You'll be glad you helped me.
And if you're wrong? We'll both get kicked out.
Great sales pitch.
Something is happening to me.
[Breathing shakily] The air's leaking into her throat now.
Something caused this.
Help us figure out what it is before this gets worse.
The truth, Debbie.
I was stupid.
[Gasps] I let him use a toy.
- What kind of toy? - Seriously? That kind of toy.
It It had an air pump.
Something you could have mentioned earlier.
An air pump? What could you possibly do with an - No, no.
- No.
Don't do this.
[Gasping, crying] We need Savetti.
She's going to code! We don't have time for that! We need to do something.
I don't know what.
It's the air.
It's everywhere.
A hyperbaric chamber.
The pressure will force the air back to her vascular space.
Okay, you take her.
I get Mario, okay? Hang in there, Debbie.
I told you I hate her.
I don't want to see her.
Are you really gonna be upset at your sister over some guy? 'Cause I'll tell you a secret.
I'm a guy.
We're not that special.
Tucker's special.
[Gasping] Oh, Kaya.
Um Are you okay? Is she okay? She's tough.
She's gonna make it.
No thanks to her.
Seriously? All of this is your fault.
My fault? You're the one who begged Tucker to go surfing.
I didn't beg him.
He wanted to go.
No one invited you.
You just showed up.
Okay, let's everyone just take a deep breath.
Like right now.
No one wants you here! The only reason Tucker went to the beach is because I was going, and you can't understand that because you're just a kid.
I'm 13! Okay, I'm gonna call this round.
Let's let your sister get some rest, okay? Fine.
Maybe you can treat her for being a brat while she's here.
That went well.
[Exhales deeply] His, uh, vitals are steady.
How often do you check them? Not often.
Every 30 seconds.
He could be like this for a couple days.
Maybe more.
Rorish said you could take as long as you need.
She started to crump.
Who? Punctured vagina.
We had to get her into the hyperbaric chamber.
The hyperbaric chamber? What the hell are you two talking about? You got to come quick.
Heather: How's my shark victim? Stable.
- I drew post-ops labs.
- Good.
Okay, I'm gonna order a repeat CBC and a gram of cefotetan.
Oh, my god.
Page Campbell! We're going back to the O.
now! Come on, Debbie.
[Rapid beeping] Whoa.
Charlotte, talk to me.
It's not working fast enough.
I can barely bag her.
All right, I'm coming in.
You can't.
They're already pressurized.
What do I do? She needs to release the air.
I need, uh Mario and Angus: Scalpel and Betadine.
[Groans] Now what? Make a small incision in the subcu tissue of her neck.
It's not working! Do not be timid, Charlotte.
You have to cut deeper through the dermis.
You got this.
[Air hissing] [Sighs] There was terror on the beach here in Malibu today.
A great white shark measuring approximately 15 feet long attacked three surfers.
One was pronounced dead at the scene, with two taken by helicopter to Angels Memorial Hospital.
And we have just received word that one of those survivors of the attack has, sadly, died of his wounds.
The hospital is not releasing the name of the victim at this time, but we are told that he died during surgery to repair his extensive wounds.
Is it true? Is he dead? [Door opens] [Sighs] I'm sorry, Jaydin.
And I'm sorry you had to find out that way.
He was all alone.
I should have been with him.
I should have been there.
I want to see him.
Can you take me to him? I can't.
We have to wait for his parents to get here.
They're on a plane.
What am I supposed to do? Just sit here? Does Kaya know? No.
And she can't.
Not yet.
She has 120 stitches, and she's lost a great deal of blood.
She needs to stay calm right now.
It's just it's just gonna break her heart.
As much pain as you're in right now, Jaydin You can't tell her.
Not yet.
You need to be strong for her.
Who's gonna be strong for me? [Cries] I can't do it.
I'm not apologizing.
If that's why you're here, you should just leave.
Oh, really? Now you're not talking to me? And you're supposed to be the mature one.
Fine, Jaydin.
Be a baby.
I'll let you get some rest.
Stop! [Voice breaking] He's dead, isn't he? Kaya Just leave! Kaya, I'm so sorry.
Just leave me alone! Please.
I'm sorry.
Please, just go.
[Monitor beeping steadily] Is he gonna die? He's lost a lot of blood.
He's in pretty bad shape.
Is my father going to die? I'm an optimist.
Me too.
Hey, pop.
It was a nice tuxedo.
[Chuckles] I saw it.
I also saw this.
You wrote a toast and everything? You hate talking in front of people.
[Scoffs] Aren't you glad you got out of that one? "Randall I remember when you were a little boy.
You followed me around everywhere I went, and you needed me for everything.
You drove me crazy sometimes, but I loved it.
" [Chuckles] "You were my boy.
And I loved being your dad.
" "Well, it's been a long time since you've needed me, though.
A long time since you said you wanted to be like me when you grew up.
" [Voice breaking] "And now you're the one I want to be when I grow up.
" [Sniffles] I still need you.
You hear me? I'm your boy, and I still need you.
I know this must be impossible for you to understand.
You think I'm just a kid? So I can't understand anything? I think you're grieving.
Grief is something that nobody understands at any age.
I don't want him to leave.
I want him to come back.
I know.
I know, and as crappy as that is, you're not the only one who has to bear this.
Jaydin doesn't understand this any better than you do, and her heart is breaking just as badly.
She thinks it's only her, though.
She'll never get what I'm feeling.
She's your sister.
She's the only one who'll get what you're feeling.
Talk to her.
All right? It's the only way you two are gonna get through this.
And I wouldn't be telling you any of this If I thought you were just a kid.
[Sobbing softly] Jaydin.
I love you.
[Voice breaking] I love you, too.
Leanne: Hmm.
The crepitus is gone.
Subcutaneous emphysema? Who caught that? Noa did With Dr.
Savetti's help.
Good job.
All of you.
Savetti, let's go do some charting and let these two have a much-needed break.
What was that about? I need a friend here.
And I think you do, too.
Right? You missed that one, didn't you? - I got distracted.
- I let them run on their own.
Second year is different.
You're not just responsible for yours anymore.
When you're supervising a first-year, you're responsible for them.
[Sighs] It's not your fault.
I'm sorry I blamed you.
You had every right to.
No, I didn't.
You were doing the right thing.
Sometimes, that doesn't absolve us of the consequences.
We, um Haven't officially met yet.
I'm Angus.
We get guys from your unit once a year.
They're either sent here as a punishment for doing something wrong or a reward for doing something good.
Which one are you? Both.