Code Black (2015) s02e03 Episode Script

Corporeal Form

1 [Latin music playing, men speaking Spanish] Man: ¿Quiére más tacos? ¿Más carnitas? [Indistinct conversation in Spanish] You think this bureaucracy is bad? You should try the military.
Worse, try the military during wartime.
Tres de carne for Dr.
- Un soy taco for Dr.
- Thank you.
You're that girl from the movies.
Yeah, Jessamine, right? Charlotte.
Nice to meet you.
No, no, keep your money, Jessamine.
[Chuckles] - It's, uh, on the house.
- Thank you.
Soy taco? What the hell's that? This is Los Angeles.
It's not uncommon.
[Mouth full] This is occupied northern Mexico, young lady.
I'm not saying we should give it back, but please, a little respect.
A good part of fame free tacos.
- Elliot, have a taco.
- [Tires screeching] [Spanish hip-hop music playing loudly] What the hell? Dr.
Piel, get a backboard and a gurney.
[Crowd murmuring] Probation? Really? You saw the pathology report.
You can't blame Dr.
Piel for this.
The leg was destroyed.
Campbell: Imagine what this is going to sound like on a witness stand.
[Gloves snap] Charlotte Piel, movie star turned doctor didn't follow protocol, and a kid lost his leg.
How does that sound to you? We're a teaching hospital.
They don't come to us fully loaded.
If we destroy her confidence now, what does that leave her with? My concern is if we let her treat patients before the internal review is completed and something goes wrong.
Charlotte Piel is tethered to an attending until further notice.
[Indistinct conversations] - I no quiero estar aquí! - What do you got? - Car pulled up, dumped her out.
- Home-boy drop-off.
- Do you need a hand? - ¡Ibájate de me! Idéjame ir! - Do you speak Spanish? - Un poquito.
- Hey, Daddy? - Yeah? I have a medical emergency in the boiler room.
- Why? What happened? - I'm not sure.
- Can I send Savetti and Piel? - Send Savetti and Kean.
Got it.
Ethan: Suborbital fracture, might be entrapped.
Woman: Let me out of here! - She's got fractured ribs.
- Let me go! Ow! Let's do a chest X-ray and a chest and abdomen C.
Estás segura.
Estás en Angels.
Trata de calmarte.
Okay, Dr.
Dixon, don't be shy.
Get in here.
Cut this clothing off her.
- Ino me toques! - Uhh! Dr.
Piel, F.
ultrasound, please.
- Piss off, bitch! - I understood that.
- I'm fine! I want out of here! - Shh.
- Dr.
Piel, where's that ultrasound? - I'm trying to get in here.
Yeah, well, if you can't get in to your patient, you've got a problem.
Push your way on in.
Let me go! I don't wanna be here! No bullets.
It's just broken bones and bruises.
[Grunts] Anita was jumped into a gang today.
So, Anita, who are you rolling with? Big Hazard? Opal Street? Which one? No blood present.
- Is that what I think it is? - Yeah.
Fetal heartbeat.
Hey, your baby's okay.
Baby? What baby? Bitch, I'm not pregnant! - Ethan: Hey.
Hey, hey.
- Mentira, let go of me! - Vitamin H, let's go.
- I want out of here! You guys don't know what you're talking about.
He's over here.
Hurry! We were working on the old boiler, as old as the hospital, when the back pressure blew.
All right.
It took out the generator, the catwalk, and old Barry.
Mario: Barry? Do you hear me? Is he alive in there? Noa: I see him.
One of us is gonna have to get in there.
I'm too big.
You guys still out there? [Electricity crackles] Hey, Barry, this is Dr.
Can you describe your injuries for me? Barry: Got a lot of blood in here.
- Whoa, what's that for? - Gonna slide in there.
What? No, no, you gotta wait for the fire department.
They're only a minute or two out.
Well, a minute in our world's the difference between life and death.
I can squeeze in there, but not with a medical kit.
We'll strap it to your leg.
You'll need some sutures, too.
- Okay.
- This is a terrible idea.
- [Metal creaks] - Boiler seems to agree.
[Breathing heavily] [Air hissing] [Hissing continues] [Exhales] [Electricity crackles] Barry? I'm Dr.
You're a doctor? You look 12.
2-inch deep lac on the left medial arm.
Pulsatile bleeding.
I'm holding pressure, but it's bleeding through.
It's arterial.
Gotta throw a big figure eight on her, close it up.
- Too much blood.
- All right, tourniquet it first.
- You could've done it right there.
- How 'bout you get me out of here? [Grunts] Tourniquet worked.
I can see the torn artery.
Can't leave it there for long, though.
Sew that lac up.
Start with a simple interrupted, come across diagonally, pull it tight.
[Grunting and panting] My hand is shaking.
Push your tongue up into the roof of your mouth.
It'll steady you.
Seriously? Seriously? [Grunts] [Grunts] [Exhales] I did it! The bleeding stopped.
Okay, good! Now come back out.
It's not safe.
[Metal creaks and clanks] Noa, get out of there.
Noa! - You better get out of here now.
- I'm not leaving him.
[Electricity crackles] [Indistinct conversations] Hello.
I'm Dr.
What's your name? [Telephone ringing in distance] I don't know.
- Have you eaten today? - I don't believe so.
It says that you were found wandering around You know what? I'm gonna call you "Jane.
" Is that okay with you? Don't think it matters.
We'll go with Janie.
You're malnourished and dehydrated.
What do you say we get you better? - I'm not here to get better.
- Then why are you here? There's something I have to do before I can move on.
- Move on? Where you headed? - To the next world.
Can't beat the rent.
Well, before you, uh shuffle off, what do you say we get some I.
fluids in you? - It won't help.
- Why do you say that? Because I'm dead, Ethan.
[Pen clicks] [Indistinct conversations] - You talked to the dead lady? - Yeah, yeah.
Lucky boy.
I got a psych consult for you over here.
You say that like I won a prize.
Willis, this is Dr.
Amanda Nolan.
- I'm your prize.
- Smooth.
- Wait.
What? - Well, my guess is, he did this in a moment of anger towards me.
[Sighs] But things have changed.
I-I-I'm confused.
Mike has a living will? - He never told me that.
- Yes, Angus.
As I was saying - And he made me his medical proxy? - But don't worry.
My lawyers are drawing up papers to transfer the authority to me.
This'll be very simple.
[Monitors beeping] I got stuck like this once.
I was scuba diving in some caves.
- [Radio chatter] - How'd you get out? Just kept kicking toward the light.
You seriously telling me to go towards the light? I'm telling you to keep kicking.
- Man on radio: Yeah, copy that.
- He's he's under there? Soon as they lift that boiler, we stabilize him, you get him to surgery.
Your doctor should get out now.
[Indistinct conversations] Well, it looks like your baby's healthy.
Do you wanna know the sex? How you feeling, Miss Anita? These two fools are getting on my nerves.
¿Tienes algo para el dolor? - We can do that, mijita.
- When can I get out of here? I told you, okay? We have to monitor your baby.
And you have a concussion.
Maybe I forgot because of my concussion.
You think about that? She does have a point there.
Don't be rude to my doctors, Anita.
You see this abnormality here? Small amount of blood near the placenta? It's probably from the beating.
- I told you, it wasn't no beating.
- I'll page O.
You wanna see the sonogram? - No! - [Clatter] - Ow! - This does not help us help you.
I don't wanna see it, okay? I don't want anything to do with it.
Let's go.
Angus: 35 weeks pregnant.
How could she not know she's practically full-term? Do you know how many times people come in here, didn't know that they were pregnant? All the time.
- Do you remember how you died? - No.
Do you remember a moment from your life when you were alive? Look, I'm not really here.
Then who am I talking to? Maybe this body is borrowed so that I could come back.
There's a reason you can see me.
You're important.
I just [sighs] can't figure out why.
The dead don't talk.
They don't move.
They don't breathe.
And you're doing all of these.
Does that make sense to you? None of this makes any sense.
Except that I'm dead.
- It's called Cotard's delusion.
- [Faucet running] It's a denial of self-existence.
- The patient believes beyond logic - [Turns off faucet] - that they're dead.
- See, I think you're missing - the obvious diagnosis.
- [Palms and towel rustling] - She's a ghost.
- [Trash can lid rattles] Then she's a ghost with depression or a psychosis.
Can we put her on a psych hold? She's drinking fluids.
You've got her on an I.
She's technically not a risk to herself or anyone else.
- Well, I can't release her like that.
- Look Cotard's has been associated with lesions on the parietal lobe.
Brain atrophy.
One case was resolved with hemodialysis.
So you're saying the condition could be medical and not psychiatric.
I'm saying that you could keep her here while you rule it out.
You are a schemer, Dr.
I come from a long line of schemers.
[Woman speaking indistinctly over P.
] [Telephone rings] - What do they have you doing? - [Ringing continues] Finishing other people's charts.
Come with me.
I have a kid with cold symptoms.
I, uh I don't think I'm supposed to.
It's just a kid with a cold.
We're not talking major trauma.
[Chuckles] [Monitor beeping steadily] Throat looks red.
Probably a simple upper respiratory infection.
- Lungs are clear.
- No, no, I know my son.
This isn't normal.
His stomach has been killing him.
Ouch! I'm sorry.
That hurt a lot? It's okay.
Dad? - Can you get me a pen? - Why do you need a pen? Can you sign my stomach? Look, no offense, - but do you know what you're doing? - Dr.
Piel is an excellent doctor.
Tenderness in his upper abdomen is atypical for a U.
Something's not adding up.
We should order a full blood panel, cultures, and a C.
Or you could check his eyes.
His eyes? What what do his eyes have anything to do with this? The sclera is slightly yellow.
So a liver function test, a lipase, and an ultrasound.
Am I really seeing Dr.
Piel with a patient? She's not alone.
She's with Dr.
Not an attending.
- Maybe I wasn't clear before.
- Is this really necessary? Dr.
Piel is on probation.
She sees no patients without an attending.
[Monitor beeping] You know, when you speak Spanish, you sound like mi abuela.
Oh, Jesse.
She's old and confused and says things that don't make sense.
Hey, bite down on this so you don't chomp your tongue off when I punch your face in.
Oh, no.
No, no, no, no.
[Chuckles] Mnh-mnh.
I'm straight, okay? My friends are coming to get me.
Mi familia.
- You cannot go anywhere.
- I don't have to stay with you.
- But you don't have to leave either.
- I'm good.
Just get out of my way.
- Anita - Ah! [Gasps] - Jesse: Let's get a gurney in here.
- Okay.
Let's get her to center stage now.
- Man: The airbag's in place.
- Behind you.
Let's get out.
Everybody back! Here we go.
Man: Once these airbags lift the debris, we stabilize Barry and get him to surgery.
[Metal creaking] [Strained voice] Stop, stop.
It hurts.
- It hurts.
- Stop, stop, stop, stop! - Heather: Pressure's dropping.
- Stop, stop, stop, stop! - Lower it down! - [Monitor beeping rapidly] - [Hissing sound] - [Groaning] B.
's coming back up.
He must be bleeding internally.
The weight of all this is holding pressure.
So we can't lift this off him? No.
It's keeping him alive.
I know.
It's okay.
[Grunts] Oh, my god.
We need an attending down here now.
Baby is having decels.
[Indistinct conversations, monitor beeping rapidly] - What have you got? - Placental abruption.
We need to get this baby out now.
- I need gloves.
- She's still hemorrhaging.
Okay, opening Watch your hand Opening the uterus now.
Retractor, please.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
The idea is to lift up and under the bladder, - exposing the uterus, okay? - Yes, sir.
- Opening it now.
- I need more suction.
- [Suction gurgling] - Leanne: There she is.
Come on.
Here we go, here we go, here she comes.
All right, let's go, let's go.
Okay, Dr.
Leighton, cut the cord, please.
- Campbell: There she is.
- Come on, come on, come on.
There you go.
Okay, suction, please.
Come on.
Come on, come on.
Baby is cyanotic.
Come on, baby.
Come on, baby.
Come on.
- Come on.
- Campbell: Stimulate her.
Come on, little girl.
Come on, come on, come on.
Talk to me.
[Baby sputters, cries] Okay, good.
Guys, come on over here, please.
We need to refocus.
We need to get this placenta out before she bleeds to death.
- Dr.
Leighton - [whispers] Welcome to Angel's.
There's too much rib artifact.
Noa, move superior and laterally.
- Too far.
More medial.
- Turn the probe 90 degrees and then just the slightest inferior move.
- There.
- Holy I'll call up and release the O.
He's not going anywhere.
W-what? Is it bad? - Dr.
Willis? - Okay, Barry, a piece of metal has perforated your heart.
The good news is, the pressure of this pile of metal is keeping your heart from bleeding.
But if you lift it, I That's the bad news.
S-so I'm gonna bleed to death? Oh, my god.
I'm gonna die, aren't I? - They're gonna figure this out.
- [Crying] But he just said - Just try to keep breathing.
- I'm trying.
- Just just try to breathe.
- I'm I'm trying.
This is where the two of you earn your stripes.
What would you do? We can't get him to the O.
we We open him up here.
No, Campbell's not gonna let you do surgery down here.
And even if you did, by the time you've pulled him out, he'd bleed out.
We should call Campbell.
- Breathe with me.
Breathe with me.
- [Crying] Oh, no.
- Noa: Deep breath, okay? - No stripes for either of you.
His heart is torn open.
We have to replace it.
- Replace it? - With E.
You wanna use heart/lung bypass in the boiler room? He has a huge tear in his ventricle.
- If we move him, he dies.
- But if we bypass the heart injury, we can get him out to surgery.
If he has no blood, he can't bleed out.
This would be a ground-breaking use of E.
I can do this.
The E.
is a precision surgical instrument.
You can't just wheel it around in a hospital.
This is a mobility issue? You're talking about a surgery in an uncontrolled, unsterile environment on a patient with a hole in his heart.
That even in the best of circumstances requires a miracle.
- So we should just give up on him? - I am telling you, your solution isn't a solution.
Do what you have to do to make him comfortable.
You're needed in surgery.
Willis? - You discharged Janie? - No, I didn't.
Hey! Campbell.
- You don't need to do this.
- No, I do.
You discharged one of my patients without consulting me? The Jane Doe, P.
with the psych consult? We needed the bed, and her labs were normal.
Do you wanna treat anyone at this hospital? We don't keep psych patients in sides until we can find them referral services.
Or because they're "interesting.
" - [Monitor beeping] - His pressure's 60 over 30.
That can't be.
Check it again.
- Oh, god, baby.
- What is it? - Man: What's wrong? - How long has he been like this? Will you step back, please? Give us some room.
I'm his mom.
[Exhales shakily] - Where's the labs? - They haven't come back yet.
His pressure's still 60 over 30.
- Bolus 20 ccs per kilogram of saline now.
- [Monitor beeping erratically] - Place a central line.
- Uh, no, no, no.
You grab it, please.
- I got it.
- Dr.
Piel, step out, please, now.
Please, step back.
Pineda, put a central line in there.
[Monitors beeping steadily] Dr.
Dixon, this is Julio.
Anita's brother.
- Uh, thank you for coming.
- Is she okay? We are going to extubate her now.
And she should make a full recovery.
- You said they dumped her here? - She got jumped into a gang tonight.
She didn't know that she was pregnant.
When she wakes up, she will be a mother.
I haven't seen her in 10 years, she was a grade schooler.
She's my half-sister.
It's complicated.
It was a mess.
Still is.
[Exhales] I'm so cold.
You're gonna be a full popsicle by the time we're done.
Cooling your body will protect your organs for surgery.
I just keep thinking this is it.
What happens? I'm really scared.
I don't wanna die.
[Monitor beeping steadily] Is there someone we can call? - Your wife? - [Sniffles] She's gone.
Drunk driver hit-and-run.
I'm sorry.
She was on her way home from her ballet class.
Her dream was to be a ballet dancer.
She had the build for it.
I always called her my little ballerina.
She must've been graceful.
She had two left feet.
She was a terrible dancer.
[Crying] She was She was all I had.
[Sniffles] How many hours did you wait before you called me?! That's what I wanna know! [Telephone rings] - Uh [exhales] - [Door closes] - What what's going on? How's Zane? - His condition is serious.
He's in liver failure.
- Oh, my god.
- From, from what? His blood work show toxic levels of acetaminophen that indicate an overdose.
- An overdose? - No.
I - What did you do? - I-I didn't do this.
- What did you do? - Hey, Shawna, just hold on.
Jacobson, you said you gave him cough syrup.
- How much? - I-I don't know.
Whatever it says on the bottle, maybe a little extra.
A little ex did you hear what she just said? - You overdosed our son! - No, I didn't do this! Okay? Just wait till the judge hears about this.
You wait till the judge hears about this.
You are never gonna see him again! Okay, okay, okay.
We need to focus on Zane right now.
I know this is hard to hear, but he's going to need a liver transplant.
[Crying] We'll move him up to I.
and we'll put him on the national donor registry.
[Exhales] Are you saying that he could die? Without a new liver, yes.
[Gasps] You did this.
You did this! - I didn't do it.
No! - You did this to our son! - No, I didn't! I didn't! - Yes, you did! I'm never gonna forgive you for this! You this did this to our son! No, I didn't.
[Radio chatter] What's that? I have a solution for our E.
DOD has a prototype portable device.
It's perfect.
Prototype? Meaning unproven.
It's been very successful in allowing transport of patients in severe distress.
This is exactly what it's designed to do.
But it hasn't been cleared for use at this hospital.
If you don't wanna perform the surgery, I'll do it myself.
I'm credentialed.
That's not what this is about.
This is triage.
People live and die based on our management of resources.
Two people died in the E.
while you and the residents were trying to save a dead man.
- He's still alive.
- That man was dead the second that thing fell on him.
Dixon, let's go.
Janie? You know her? She's my patient.
Jesse: One, two, three.
Auto versus pedestrian.
Hit-and-run a couple blocks from here.
She's got trauma on her forehead, right wrist, G.
I wasn't done, Dr.
's 126 systolic.
Sats are normal.
Ethan: All right, let's roll her.
Ready? One, two, three.
Hey, she's got a 4-inch scalp lac.
Dixon, irrigate, close with staples.
Rorish can handle that.
- You okay, Janie? - I told you.
You're not dead.
Are you feeling any pain where I'm pushing? - Janie.
- I don't feel anything.
Possible wrist fracture on the right.
Lower extremities are atraumatic.
Willis, step away now.
I'm with a patient A patient who never should've been discharged.
She was evaluated and cleared by psych.
Yet here we are.
- Let's set her up for a head C.
- She's got no blood in the abdomen.
You're doing great, Janie.
It's okay, Ethan.
Go help the living.
I know what I'm supposed to do now, and I think you do, too.
[Monitor beeping erratically, indistinct conversations] Dr.
Willis we're good here.
[Indistinct conversations continue] You are a guest in my house.
Remember that.
I found a way to give that man a chance.
Isn't that why we're here? To defy death? [Gloves snap] - Get an O.
- Bring it in, please.
I need to do something about him.
Is it Willis you don't like or the fact that he's right? It's probably both.
[Monitor beeping erratically] How's Mike? Well, I may be his medical proxy.
- That makes sense.
- It does? - [Tray thuds] - Anita: You have no right to be here.
Well, how did you even know I was here? [Speaks Spanish] You have a baby now.
That's what matters.
- She's your responsibility.
- You care so much, you take it.
- Calm down.
- You can't ignore this.
You ran, but I survived.
You're not better than me.
You're a punk.
I didn't run.
I got lucky.
And you can get out, too.
I don't wanna get out.
I'm where I wanna be.
- Just leave! Get out of here! - Anita.
Get him out of here! I don't want him here.
You can't help anyone who doesn't wanna help themselves.
[Whispers] I got it.
You all think I'm a monster 'cause I don't want that baby.
I don't.
You know, I went into the system when I was 2.
I never knew my birth parents.
Do you hate 'em for giving you up? No.
And look at you now, Doctor.
Maybe she'll be a doctor, too.
Or a nurse.
Nurses are cool.
You wanna see her? Why would I wanna do that? To say goodbye.
[Monitor beeping steadily] [Telephone ringing in distance] I won't be able to live with myself, knowing I did this to my son.
It was a terrible, terrible accident.
I'm his dad.
I'm supposed to be the one that protects him.
Now he might die because of me.
Blaming yourself isn't gonna help him.
Give him my liver.
Put me on the list.
[Gloves snap] You don't have to.
You can donate a part of it.
The liver regenerates itself.
There's no guarantee it's a match but we can run the tests.
You know, I proposed at Griffith observatory, - on a night when the moon was so - Do you hear that? You couldn't just take me to a nice dinner and the observatory like a normal guy.
- Can I get some more privacy? - Can you get it off? How did you even get that on there? - I-I wanted to do something unique.
- Don't, don't, don't answer that.
- Idiot.
- Ow.
We used to have a ring cutter somewhere around here.
How the hell am I supposed to tell my family that engagement story? - We can use a cast saw.
- Inspired.
Inspired is putting an engagement ring on your penis - and then proposing.
- Man: [Whispers] Hey.
We gotta get it off.
It hurts bad.
You should've thought about that before you put a ring on it.
- Look - Yeah.
we're gonna get that engagement ring off you and where it belongs.
Don't worry.
[Lowered voice] I'm guessing she didn't say yes.
[Indistinct conversations] [Button clicks] I want in, the E.
That's gonna get us published.
[Woman speaking indistinctly over P.
] [Weakly] Where's my dad? Hey.
He's he's right out in the lobby.
And look, your mom's right here.
Did they fight? They're always fighting.
They don't think I hear.
They're only concerned about you getting better.
I didn't want her to be mad at Dad for being sick.
I told him to give me more syrup.
More syrup? Do you mean the medicine? The grape stuff.
He wouldn't give me more.
Zane Did you drink more medicine? I drank it all.
I wanted to get better faster.
I didn't want them to fight.
Please don't be mad at Dad.
I just got sick.
It's not his fault.
[Indistinct conversations] [Saw whirring] [Radio chatter] This might be the coolest procedure you ever do here.
And here I am, worried about Barry.
- The patient.
- [Radio chatter continues] So what, you're gonna take all the blood out of my body - and put it in the machine? - It's gonna keep you alive, all right? - We gotta put you under now.
- Please, Doc, I-I'm not ready.
You're not gonna feel a thing, I promise.
So that's it? I go out, and what? Maybe I don't wake up again? We're gonna make sure that doesn't happen.
I'm not ready.
Okay? I'm scared.
I'm really scared.
Barry, tell me more about your wife.
[Distorted voices] Ready to intubate.
I always called her my little ballerina.
Catheters are connecting.
[Barry crying] [Breathing heavily] He needs to calm down.
Barry, when your heart rate goes up more, you bleed internally.
You have to calm down.
- Not like this! - Barry! No! I don't wanna die.
You need to calm down so we can work.
- I'm scared.
I'm really scared.
- [Monitor beeping rapidly] [Indistinct conversations] We gotta put you under now.
You're not gonna feel a thing, I promise.
He needs to calm down.
When your heart rate goes up more, you bleed internally.
You have to calm down.
[Monitor beeping rapidly] It's going to be all right.
[Beeping continues] - Stay.
- Is it really you? Yeah, we're gonna get you out of here.
Etomidate and sux.
- Janie? - I'm dying, aren't I? - [Monitor beeping steadily] - [Exhales deeply] [Radio chatter] [Beeping] [Radio chatter continues] Flow is up to 5 liters.
It's working.
His heart and lungs are out of the equation.
- So cool.
- It is, isn't it? Dr.
- Thank you for coming.
- You think I'm gonna let you do this without an actual surgeon? All right, let's do this.
Okay, we're going to raise the boiler very slowly.
- Okay, copy that.
Bringing it up.
- [Boiler creaking] Man: That's good.
Campbell: Is he out? Not yet.
[Whirring] - Okay, all right! - Okay.
Stop! - One, two, three.
- Man: Lock it out.
[Monitor beeping steadily] You're a natural.
I got no idea what I'm doing.
Just making sure I don't drop her.
[Sighs] She's amazing.
Yes, she is.
[Baby fussing] She's mine.
[Sighs] I gotta do what's best for her.
She deserves a mom who will never let her down.
That mom isn't me.
Julio: It could be you.
I want you to come stay with me.
We have room for the both of you.
She needs a family.
- You need a family.
- I have a family.
A real family, Anita.
They want you to think you can't leave.
You don't need them.
She needs you.
You'd do that for her? I'd do it for the both of you.
[Monitor beeping steadily] Campbell: Okay, cut here.
Ventricle's repaired.
- What's his core temp? - 96.
All right, it's time.
Let's move off bypass.
[Beeps] Come on.
Heart's fibrillating.
Internal paddles, please.
Charge to 50.
[Beeps] - Clear.
- [Defibrillator whines] [Whispers] Come on, Barry.
[Paddles thunk] - Heather: No change.
- Again.
[Beeping continues] Clear.
[Beeps, defibrillator whines] [Paddles thunk] [Beating, monitor beeping steadily] - Sinus rhythm.
- We got a live one.
[Steady beeping continues] Let's close him up.
[Woman speaking indistinctly over P.
] [Monitor beeping steadily] [Indistinct conversations] The lab got back to us about your blood tests.
It looks promising that you're a donor match.
[Exhales] Thank you.
Thank you.
Zane has a hard road ahead of him.
He's gonna need you more than ever.
- Both of you.
- [Whispers] Yeah.
Ehi, buddy.
- What? No, no, no, no.
- No, it's okay.
It's safe.
- This is my penis.
- And this is my reputation.
- We both have skin in the game.
- So to speak.
I spent a fortune on this ring, and now it's gonna castrate me.
That's your testicles.
And technically, this would be a penectomy.
It looks like a choked plum.
Do you think you're helping? This is my penis.
It doesn't belong to you yet.
Okay, okay, we're gonna take a walk.
Come on, come on.
- All right, calm down.
- [Whirring] - [Gasps] - [Buzzing] What's his prognosis? - Prognosis? - Like, permanent damage? If I'm gonna buy long on this idiot, I wanna know that his stock isn't going to crater on me.
- I can feel I can feel that.
- He should make a full recovery.
[Sighs] All right.
Then, I guess I'm getting engaged.
- Mazel tov.
- Thank you.
[Laughs] - [Buzzing and whirring continue] - [Groaning] Ohh.
[Indistinct conversations] [Telephone rings] How's the grunt work? How do I know if I can do this? Every day, there's a battle going on inside of us.
On one side, there's fear, guilt, regret.
All the bad stuff.
And the other's the good stuff hope, humility, belief.
Do you know which side wins? The one you feed.
[Sniffs] You smell cookies? [Whispers] I smell cookies.
[Indistinct conversations] Hey, congratulations.
- I heard the maintenance guy made it.
- It was incredible.
The E.
prototype is the size of a laptop.
Never seen anything like it.
You wanted to see me? You saved that man's life and proved me wrong.
- That's not what this was about.
- I know.
It was about you.
You got to do your procedure, pull off a miracle.
I'm revoking your O.
You get to round on patients, take on surgical consults, - but you're off the trauma team.
- I'm what? You're off.
[Woman speaking indistinctly over P.
] - You got a problem with that? - No.
If you can't trust her, you can't have her.
- Right.
- But your style Your style might be suitable for surgery, but down here, it's disruptive.
[Telephone ringing in distance] We need to find a way we can all work together.
I have no problem working with you.
Then trust me.
I know how to manage this place.
I do.
But see, I was hired to do it better and I will.
Anything else? This place can be very humbling.
That will be good for you.
You did great down there.
Uh, the only reason I was there at all is because you couldn't squeeze in.
You calling me fat? - If the spanx fit.
- [Chuckles] Barry he wouldn't have made it without you.
I wouldn't have made it without you.
Not flirting.
What do you mean you haven't seen her? I sent her up for a head C.
hours ago.
No, don't bother.
I've already talked to security.
- [Cellphone beeps] - What's going on? My hit-and-run patient's disappeared again.
The one you saw wandering around the boiler room? [Liquid pours] - Yeah, the "dead" one.
- [Clatter] Cotard's syndrome.
She thinks she's dead.
Barry's wife.
She was killed by a drunk driver.
You just sign that, and the power of attorney from Mike will be transferred to me.
[Telephone rings in distance] [Sighs heavily] Tell me why you think I can't handle it.
Because you can't.
When thinks get difficult, you look for a way out.
He chose me, Dad.
He thought of a situation just like this, and he chose me instead of you.
Angus, please, just sign the paper.
For the - Case in point - I am not running away from this.
The kinds of decisions that this may require Mike was with me when I was in rehab.
He was the only person who was there for me during my darkest time.
I will not abandon him when he is at his.
Angus! [Elevator bell dings, doors open] Man over pa: Nurse Rodriguez, please call operator 9.
Nurse Rodriguez, please call operator 9.
I heard about the boiler room.
- You saved that man.
- [Sighs heavily] And don't worry about Janie.
If I had a nickel for every patient who just I'm fine.
I'm pretty good at what I do.
But even if I weren't, I could tell something's going on here.
Why were you so invested in her? Because I've been dead, too.