Code Black (2015) s03e04 Episode Script

The Same as Air

1 Excuse me, Doctor.
Do you know where I can find Elliot Dixon? - He's my grandson.
- I love Elliot.
We're all so proud first doctor in the family.
- Ariel! - Hey.
It's great to see you.
This is Elliot's grandmother.
- Could you help her find Elliot, please? - Sure.
- Are you - Caitlyn Quick? I get that a lot.
It must be the glasses.
That is totally Caitlyn Quick.
2010, a steel beam failed me and my nephew were framing a townhouse in the marina.
Two holes in my stomach That's real pain.
Torn ACL It's my only 10-out-of-10 injury.
- I was a dancer - She was a dancer, and she was onstage on pointe took out the white swan.
You spend enough time with someone, you hear every story twice.
Yeah, well, my story this time is "I got my hand caught in a rivet gun.
" Take this to the pharmacy down the hall.
It's 15 Oxycodone, but I bet you only need 2, big, tough guy like you.
Thanks, Doc.
- Dr.
Dixon? - Yeah? You're Dr.
Elliot Dixon, born November 26th, 1990? I am.
Well, then, son, You've been served.
You all have a nice day.
Wait, she's not your grandma? What happened? Elliot just became a man.
Listen up, everybody We're gonna have multiple victims coming in road rage, hit-and-run on the freeway.
Medevac's on the scene.
I will alert the O.
Hey, kids! Come with me! - You okay? - My husband Is he alive? Come to me.
Strong pulses.
What's his name? - Richard.
- Richard, can you look at me? There was a motorcycle He was chasing us.
- He cut us off.
- Okay, you relax.
- Help! She's not breathing! - My girls! - Put her down! - Put her down! Give me a C-collar.
Scalp lac looks worse than it is.
Stridorous, agonal breathing.
Intubate her.
Paramedics can't intubate children county policy.
Stupid policy.
You got a ped kit? I'll do it.
Get her on the rig.
Need a medic He's still alive in here! - You good? - Yeah.
Hold me steady! I have to intubate.
W-What's wrong with her? She's choking on something, and I can't see what it is.
- O-Oh, God.
- Okay.
Keep talking to her.
She needs to hear your voice.
Jolene Jolene, I'm right here with you.
You're gonna be okay.
Danica! Danica! Stay with your sister! Danica! Can't reach it.
She's stopped moving! What's wrong with her? Jolene! Jolene! Jolene! The car's on fire! Pull her up! Get her out of there! Stop pulling! No, no! No! Get me a 14-gauge angiocath and a 3 cc syringe now! Breathe, Jolene! What are you doing? Your sister's got an obstruction in her airway.
I have to get below it to get some oxygen into her lungs.
Hurry up down there! All right.
I need you to be strong for your sister, okay? All right? She needs a warrior right now.
Jolene Can you be a warrior? Yes! Yes, I'm a warrior.
- You're a warrior.
- Yes.
Get her out of there! This is out of control.
Stop pulling! I almost got it.
Strong breath sounds.
Let's get her to Angel's.
Okay, he's intubated! Okay! Get in! Get in! The driver of the other car is hanging in there.
- How is she? - Stable, but her airway's still blocked.
- Jolene! Jolene! - Hey! Listen, we don't have any room! I'm sorry.
But I don't want her to be alone! She's not gonna be alone.
I'm gonna be with her.
Is he gonna die? Look at me.
What's your name? - Danica.
- Danica, I'm Ethan.
I'm gonna take her back to Angel's Memorial.
You get a ride with them.
I'll find you there.
I was trying to get away from you.
Don't care.
Elliot Dixon, who portrays himself to be a capable doctor in the eyes of society, contributed to the death of L.
officer Javier Gomez with his negligence "" We all know you did everything you could.
You know you did, too.
It makes me sound like a fraud.
You're not a fraud.
Cliff! Hey.
Hey! Cliff! Okay, come on, little girl.
- I still can't see the obstruction.
- Come on! Okay, he's got significant facial instability.
- How'd you get him intubated like this? - Talk to Rox.
Blood pressure down to 75/54.
One, two, three.
- Found his phone.
- Okay, find his emergency contacts and get his next of kin in here now.
- Jolene? - My daughter, Jolene she's 6.
She's already here.
- Are you having trouble breathing? - Yes.
Where's Jolene? Is she okay? She was hurt! She wasn't breathing! - Nancy! - Where's Jolene?! We already told you She's here.
- Did you catch him? - Richard, you know where you are? He was on a motorcycle! Did you catch him?! Repetitive questioning.
Complete neuro exam.
Incoming! Ultrasound, please head CT next.
Chest X-ray, possible pneumo.
Jolene? Jolene! - Jolene, are you alive?! - Hey, hey, it's okay.
Is she okay? J-Jolene! I see the obstruction it's on her vocal cords.
- What's your name? - Danica.
- I need you to stay back here.
- Please, I-I-I don't No, no, no, no, no.
I don't Listen, you can stay behind this orange line.
You'll be okay here.
You can watch right here with me, okay? Follow my finger with your eyes.
That's it.
That maniac must have been doing 100.
- He swerved right into us! - Settle down.
We got positive FAST.
Page Dr.
Is that him?! Was he on the motorcycle?! That's not him! He was in the other car! Stop! - Richard, calm down.
I can't breathe.
- Quiet.
Get him out of here and up to radiology for a head CT.
- Come on.
- Okay, we've got a small pneumo no blood, only air.
Heimlich valve, please.
- Watch your backs coming in.
- What do you got? Found him overdosing in the men's room.
We need Narcan.
41-year-old, came in with a hand injury, just discharged him.
- What's he on? - Oxy.
He's an addict, and you gave him Oxycontin? He seem like an addict to you? His hand was busted.
How could he fake that? Hey, I asked you a question, doctors.
His pain was "10-out-of-10"" And you believed him? I signed off on the prescription.
Did you do a full history? Did you check to see if he was already in the system? Hard to get an accurate history if he's lying.
His hand was fractured in three places.
We had to reset it.
People will go to whatever lengths they need to to get a fix, including hurting themselves.
You got to be smarter than them.
Do your homework.
Oh, thank God.
Let's get her to Sides.
No! No.
I want to stay with my daughter, please.
The doctors are taking care of her, okay? And we need this space for someone else's daughter or son.
I'll stay with her, Mom.
Watch your sister.
I'll stay with her.
I can't pull out the obstruction.
So we got to push it out from behind.
Inflate it.
Got it.
Good job.
That's what I'm talking about.
Come give your sister a hug.
Okay, easy.
- What was that? - What was what? You covering for Dr.
You were being a little harsh on them.
Are you actually defending your girlfriend right now? - Because if you are - No.
Come on.
I've seen over 1,000 patients.
I think I've earned the right to Not yet you haven't.
You're a third-year resident, which makes you Dr.
Kean's superior, and I am director of the residency program, which makes me your superior.
Act accordingly.
Thanks for getting me in here and for being so chill about it.
Yeah, well, if you had gone to West Harbor, the valets would've tipped off the paparazzi before they even parked your car.
I-I could've just come to you.
It looks busy out there.
It's always like that.
Why'd you finally call me? Oh, my God.
I've been puking for days.
This isn't food poisoning it's worse.
I checked WebMD, and they said it could be appendicitis or cancer.
- I just wanted to be sure.
- Of course.
Also, my social media guy says to check for babesiosis, which sounds like some cheesy line, but it's actually something I could've picked up on my East Coast tour.
Well, I will get a full set of labs started, including blood and fungal cultures.
I'm gonna get an ultrasound of your abdomen, make sure Also, I need an MRI and a CAT scan.
That's not too much radiation, right? No, it's safe.
I'll get GI to do an endoscopy, as well.
Oh, God.
That's the one that goes up the No.
Goes down.
You're a VIP, and we're gonna take the best care of you.
You should probably get this tested, too.
- Keep up.
- My legs are shorter than yours.
Then move them faster.
And name the vascular structures of the kidney.
Renal artery, renal interlobular artery, arcuate artery um - Nope.
- I was thinking.
Should be second nature for an O.
resident like walking, talking, like breathing.
Segmental arteries! - Stay here.
- Mm.
Hi, Will.
I need to talk to you.
- Is there somewhere we - Nope.
Why are you here? Because I knew this was the one place you wouldn't make a scene.
I won't be the one making the scene.
Security will.
- I want to see Emily.
- It's not gonna happen.
She's my daughter, too.
God, it's been 10 years.
When are you gonna stop punishing me? You left.
I made a terrible mistake.
I know.
That's right.
And you get to just jump right back into her life, like nothing happened? - Will - Dr.
Leighton, let's go.
You were involved in an accident with a mini-van? That was no accident The son of a bitch tried to run me off the road.
They're saying the same thing about you.
Let's get him to triage.
BP's 100/70, sats in the 90s, upper left leg pain, possible fracture.
Guy swerved, and he ran me into the center divider.
I sped off.
I was afraid, okay? And then my leg started singing, so I called for help.
- Oh, my God.
- It was you! You're the guy who cut us off! - You almost killed my family! - Hey, hey, hey! Whoa, whoa! - Hey, hey, hey, hey! - Hey! You're going to jail, man! You could have killed me! God, my leg! Ahh! You broke my leg! Hang on, cowboy.
My kids were in the car! Please, Richard.
Calm down.
Don't tell me to calm down! You saw him! He was in my lane and everybody else's! Would you please stay still? Those are $700 leathers! Oh, boy.
I need a tourniquet! Hold him down! How you doing over there? What do you got? Compound fracture The femur maybe punctured the femoral artery.
Need an ultrasound.
The best $700 you ever spent Those pants saved your life.
If they weren't as tight, you would have bled out before you got here.
- Let him bleed! - Richard! Don't tell me to calm down.
Mama, can you come over here for a minute? I need you to take Mr.
Fields up for another CT.
You got it, Daddy.
You ready to take a ride? Let's go.
Uh, excuse me, uh, Doctor? - Leighton.
- I'm Felicia, Will's ex-wife.
Should I go get him for you? Because it went so well earlier? Look, I'm I'm sure you've heard some horrible things about me.
That's not his style.
Would you please give him this? It's a wedding invitation.
I'm getting remarried, and I want my daughter to be there.
I really think you should give it to him yourself.
I tried that.
Come on.
You work for him you understand.
Yeah, he can be tough.
Yeah, I could never live up to his standards.
Nothing I did was good enough.
He's this amazing father, amazing doctor, man of steel.
I hate myself for how weak I was for leaving, but it was like I wasn't allowed to have feelings about Emily being sick.
I-I'm sorry.
I really shouldn't get involved.
Do you enjoy working for him? Of course you don't.
When he's coming down on you, making you feel like everything you do is wrong, don't you ever just want to walk away? Sure.
But we don't have a daughter together.
- Hey.
- There you are.
Where else would I be? Oh, I wasn't talking to you.
I was talking to This Time magazine from 1989.
It's a classic.
Um, how are you feeling? Why? It's just, um Are you sick? - Are you a doctor? - No.
- Nurse? - Dude.
Are you wearing a training bra? No.
Right Is that none of my business? I saw you at the chemo room.
Forgot your magazine.
Melanie, these are the two surgeons - that will be operating on your husband.
- Dr.
I need to see him.
Your husband sustained multiple facial lacerations in a car accident.
We need to get him to surgery.
I'm here, Grouchy.
He has internal bleeding.
We have to find the source and stop it.
Go away.
That's the last thing I said to him before he got in his car and left.
How awful is that? I've heard worse.
We need to get him to surgery now.
I love you.
Love you.
Would you like some water or something? Yeah.
You okay? Can I get a wheelchair? Come on.
Settle down.
We got you.
The suburban dad didn't go Mad Max.
And everybody blames the motorcyclist.
You mean the donorcyclist.
Yes, 'cause they're all crazy.
Am I crazy? Of course.
You ride.
And I'm also a better driver because I don't have four doors and a roof to protect me when things go south.
Korean for breakfast? Hard pass.
Watch it, or you'll offend my emo.
- Who? - Emo.
It means "Auntie" in Korean.
But I know we look more like sisters, right? Twins.
Uh, Dr.
Willis, meet my aunt Jae Eun.
It's a pleasure.
He's so handsome.
Would you like some kimchi? It's fermented cabbage.
Uh It tastes better than it sounds.
Could be worse could be an MRE.
Well That's delicious.
Same as air.
Kimchi It's the same as air.
You need it to live.
In some villages, the punishment for a crime is jail or no kimchi.
Everyone wonders which is worse.
- What is it? - Mm.
I'm just thinking about something the girl, Danica, said asking whether her stepdad was gonna die.
People ask us 20 times a day whether someone's gonna live.
Well, that's a different question, isn't it? I'm gonna take a rain check.
Could you put that in a box or something for me? I like him.
You can look it over all you want, kid.
The words ain't gonna change.
You ever been sued? I lost track after 30.
Yeah, something goes bad, they always looking for somebody to blame.
Don't worry about it.
Worst thing you can do is let it distract you.
Don't listen to him, bro.
This isn't just another lawsuit, all right? This is a dead hero cop and his devastated telegenic widow.
You need a lawyer.
You have one? My family's got a guy on retainer.
We did the right thing with that cop, didn't we? He refused the CT.
I don't know, maybe we didn't make it clear enough what the consequences could be.
We? That's on you, bro.
I'm just a first-year.
Doctor, my arm is killing me.
Uh, let me guess 10 out of 10? Yeah.
I don't know how much you remember.
You smash your own hand to make sure you get a prescription? - It's a good hustle.
- Well, you do what you got to do.
When can I get out of here? Not for a while.
You have something called infective endocarditis.
It's common with addicts who use dirty needles to shoot up.
We need to wait for cultures to come back to refine your treatment.
But in the meantime, maybe I can refer you to a program.
Yeah, I'm not interested in that.
Just give me something for the pain.
I can give you an NSAID.
As good as it gets for a junkie.
You think you got all the answers, Doctor? I know you better than you think.
I was clean, too, for a couple years.
I worked the program, I got my life back, I started a business, and then some teenager on his phone rear-ends me, and they give me pain meds in the E.
I didn't fill up the script for three days, but the pain was bad, and this little voice in my head said, "What the hell? After all this time" If you get fired or, hell, you get a promotion or your girl leaves you, some kid talking on his phone rear-ends you You may think you're better than me, but you're one life event away from being where I am.
She's lucky to have you as a big sister.
She needs me.
And why is that? Can you take a breath for me? Why did you move my husband? It was a safety issue.
That other man hit him first.
Your husband assaulted another patient.
Is everything okay with your stepfather? Yeah.
You don't have to be scared.
Excuse me.
Please don't talk to my daughter without me present.
Danica, come here.
Can you move us to his room, please? I Jolene should be with her father, - and I should be - He's not her father.
I'm not doing this - with you again.
- He's not! Okay, just because you married him doesn't make him our father.
Look at her, Mom.
Look what he did, and y-you don't even care! Danica.
Thank you.
"Grouchy"? That's a funny nickname.
We're a couple of malcontents.
He calls me Oscar, I call him Grouchy.
- Cute.
- It wasn't always.
We've been going to couples therapy.
What's that like? Uh It's okay.
Um, it's hard work.
Therapist said whenever things were gonna boil over, one of us should go for a drive.
That's why Todd was on the road.
You always think you're gonna be able to say you're sorry.
Say what you feel when you feel it while you can.
- He knows.
- He needs to wake up so I can tell him.
Is her husband okay? He's still in surgery.
Jolene's lungs sound good.
We should be able to extubate her soon.
One day, Danica was my little princess, too.
And then suddenly, all she cared about was Instagram and memes.
The divorce was hard on her.
She's still having trouble accepting our new family.
You understand.
I understand that teenagers are a lot smarter than we give them credit for.
What the hell is a meme, anyway? If pop culture were a communicable disease, a meme is the common cold.
You have a teenager? I do.
She's 14.
I'm learning that teenagers can shoulder a lot, but they're still just kids, and it's our job to let them enjoy that for as long as possible.
I'm doing the best I can.
Does Danica know that? You should be proud.
The only reason we saved your sister is you got her out of the car.
When seconds were the difference between life and death, you stepped up.
I have a feeling you've been doing that for quite some time.
It was Richard's fault.
He switched lanes without looking.
The guy on the motorcycle caught up to us and started flipping us off.
Richard went crazy.
I mean, he has before, but never like this.
He tried to run the guy off the road.
I thought parents were supposed to protect their kids.
They are.
Sometimes they're just not strong enough.
But you're strong.
You're stronger than you know.
You're a warrior.
Okay, so, I'm looking at your lab tests, and it seems that everything's all good to see you, Dr.
Glad you found time to consult my patient.
Is that hot sauce? This man is a miracle worker.
I haven't felt this good in days.
Well, it turns out that your friend here Oh, uh, he's not my friend.
I met him at a party in the Hills, and he told me to call if I ever needed a private doctor.
Did he, now? Well, uh, Doctor, turns out that your private patient here is suffering from cannabinoid hyperemesis.
The, uh, capsaicin in the hot sauce is a natural remedy.
Y Y-You didn't tell me you smoke weed.
Uh, marijuana's not a part of her brand.
Aww! You're a fan! Are you kidding me? I've been a fan of yours since you were Caitlyn Kippinger.
Girl, anybody who can do justice to Mavis Staples is all right in my book.
- Oh, my God.
I love you.
- Oh! Seriously, I am in the market for a private doctor, so if you want the gig, it's yours.
Well, thank you, but, uh, I'm gonna have to pass.
- Look, I'm I'm always available.
- I'm good.
I'd be glad to help you find somebody discreet and a little more qualified.
Excuse me.
Hey! I was gonna get approval for the tests.
- I just needed - You know, there's a sense of entitlement about you, Dr.
But you should know it's not gonna fly here.
Save the Yoda speech, all right? Son, I can teach you how to be a better doctor.
I'm good at that.
But I can't teach you respect.
So if you want the former, you're gonna have to learn the latter.
This is my first ex-lap incision.
Then you should focus.
He'll be under in about 10 seconds.
Leighton, why were you talking to my ex-wife? S-S-She was talking to me.
I was mainly just listening.
Well, don't.
Right not my business.
Not your business.
She wanted me to give you something an invitation.
She's getting remarried.
But, yeah, I-I didn't take it because it is totally not my business.
He's out.
But for what it's worth, she seemed very Let's see a nice, clean incision, Dr.
Open the peritoneum.
I need suction.
Where is all this blood coming from? Everywhere.
Let's hang another four units of blood.
Let's go, people.
No physical abuse, she says.
Not yet, but what happens when one of those girls pisses him off as much as that biker did? Well, the emotional abuse is worse 'cause they don't have bruises to point to, so they rationalize his behavior and blame themselves.
What did the mother say? Excuse me! - "Everything's fine"" - Where's my family? How do you help someone who doesn't want to be helped? Why do I feel like I'm being ignored? Because you are.
We moved you after the altercation.
- Why? - For everyone's safety.
Why don't you move the other guy? He started it.
Because we moved you.
Calm down.
I'll calm down when you call the cops on that other idiot! Hey! Calm down.
I just want to see my wife.
I want to see my girls.
Yeah, well, that's not happening.
We'll let your family know you're awake.
- I want them in here now! - Don't make this personal.
- Y-You have no right - I'm not.
To keep them from me! - They're my family! - I got this.
You go on.
Do you hear Let's get him to Center Stage.
What's this? Cliff's chart from a year ago.
- I prescribed him the pain meds.
- You couldn't have known.
I don't need you covering for me.
Like you were covering for me in Center Stage? - This is different.
- How? I made the same mistake.
I should know better.
Why? Because you're a third-year? Because I've been there, Noa.
I sent him down that spiral.
Doctors! Your patient He's crashing! Bilateral breath sounds.
- No blood in the abdomen.
- Coming through! We didn't get to the endocarditis soon enough.
What's his status? Normal O2 sats He's hypotensive.
He's febrile.
Temp's 103.
He's septic.
What's your treatment algorithm? Uh Um, blood cultures, antibiotics, and IV fluids.
What else, Dr.
Kean? Imaging to look for vegetation on the valve.
- Bingo.
- Let's do it.
Let's go.
- Pupils asymmetric.
- Epidural hematoma.
It's probably from the motorcycle helmet to the head not that I blame the biker.
Fluids coming in.
He's posturing.
We need to relieve pressure.
- I got it.
- Burr hole kit! I need a robe, please.
More fluids.
Oh, God.
Come on, Cliff.
Come on, Cliff.
Sats are dropping we got to drill.
What's taking so long with that central line, Dr.
Kean? - I can't find a vein.
- I'll get the ultrasound.
No! No ultrasound.
Do it with landmarks.
Around here, we learn how to hike without the GPS first, so find the trail with the anatomy.
His veins are all collapsed.
I can't find a thing.
Got to go, Leanne.
He's in V-tach arrest! Come on, Cliff.
I've got this.
Come on, Cliff! Dr.
Kean, get ready to defibrillate.
- Come on, come on.
- On my go.
Not today.
Mario, she said "Clear.
" Charge.
Weak pulse back.
All right.
How 'bout that central line, Dr.
Kean? I got nothing.
I'm right next to his sternocleidomastoid.
I still got nothing.
Elliot, hold the head to the contralateral side so she can see the anatomy better.
Go, Noa.
I'm in the vein.
I got it.
Let's call the O.
He's gonna need a crani.
Let's stabilize his ETT.
Excuse me.
Um, my husband is in there.
Is he okay? I can go ask a doctor, if you want.
- Please.
- Okay.
No! No! I don't want to talk to you right now.
Let me do all the talking.
I like you, bro.
I think I might even respect you.
If I was in your position, I'd be blaming me for this whole L.
I mean, it's half my fault, anyway, right? Right.
Look, I've been told I have a raging sense of entitlement.
I can take the fall for this, man.
Look, my dad can send lawyers and money.
Truth is, I'm Teflon.
- I'm not a fraud.
- Dude, I'm not saying you are.
I was his doctor.
He is my responsibility.
- No.
- That's your final answer? I'm usually not this generous.
Well could you give me the name of a good attorney? In my sleep, bro.
Is this your idea of an apology? I learned this too late in the game, but now I'm teaching you.
See, we see death in the O.
, and we can't unsee it.
But we can fight it back, beat it out of us.
But you have to decide to fight it, actually take the punch.
Huh? It's never automatic.
I've seen death in the E.
I know how to deal with it.
- Ow! Ow! - Oh! Oh, oh, oh.
Okay, hold the bag right here.
It's all in your legs, all right? You got to step into it.
Right? This is real.
You got to connect the mental with the physical.
All the suffering that we witness, it just it just creeps up on you.
And you may not think that you're internalizing it, but then one day it just all explodes.
There's an exit door down here, but don't worry nobody's gonna spot you.
Thank you, Dr.
- Oh, great acoustics in here.
- Yeah.
You know, Mavis Staples once recorded in a song in a stairwell.
Really? I didn't know that.
But he'll recover at home? Mom, let's go.
I want to leave.
What's the rush? Warrior.
Could could you wait outside? No, I want everyone to hear this.
I don't want you to come home.
Not in a week, not ever.
You watch your tone, young lady.
Do you even know what happened to that woman's husband? Do you? He's dead! Y-You did that! Okay, you I-I never want you in our house again, ever! Your house? You can't talk to your father that way, you little bitch.
Who do you think you are?! She's my daughter! You killed someone today.
You're not coming home.
You're going to jail.
I got you.
It's okay.
You are safe, okay? It's okay.
Hey, come with me.
Why? Wait up! It stopped at 8:45.
12 hours ago, time ended for me.
It would feel better if it did.
I know.
You have to carry on.
I got your bloodwork back.
I know why you collapsed.
You're pregnant.
I tested it twice to be sure.
You're six weeks along.
We tried for so long, and it didn't So we thought He left you a part of himself to love and to cherish as much as you did him.
It's It's It's hard.
I know.
It's 8:51.
Time started again.
When do we go upstairs? Should have a bed within the hour.
There's something about addiction.
When it's about the people we care about, we call it an illness.
When it's about someone we don't know, we just look at them like criminals.
I'm supposed to know it's always the former.
We have a disease.
But it's a disease we can treat.
That's my five-year Narcotic Anonymous chip.
I'm more proud of that than my MD.
I want you to have it.
There's something else you should know.
I was the one that prescribed you those pain meds a year ago.
I'm sorry.
I didn't have to take them.
If this is our disease, will you help me get better, Doctor? I was just waiting for you to ask.
I know this place.
It's, uh Are you sure this is cool? I know a guy.
You know a guy? Yes, I know a guy.
Well, you're eating all the marshmallows.
The marshmallows are mine.
Oh, really? The sick guy - doesn't get a marshmallow? - No.
Look, I'm sorry about asking you about your personal business.
And I'm sorry about the training bra thing.
We shall never speak of that again.
Have a marshmallow.
What are you two doing? Eating ice cream? I am not amused.
Free pass.
Excuse me? Free pass.
I have cancer.
He has cancer.
There's a secret stash of strawberry on the bottom shelf.
I was born in - Yeah? - Hey.
We're making kimchi.
He's doing the cabbage.
So you cut it lengthwise, remove the stems, and you bag it, salt it.
I know how to make kimchi.
Well, then help him salt.
- What's this? - That's kimchi sauce.
It's spicy.
- Mmm.
What's in it? - You don't want to know.
You don't have to pound the kimchi like you're doing compressions.
Let him pound! He can pound the way he wants to pound.
You do it your way, let him do it his way.
Everything gets mixed together, anyway.
Don't worry.
Did you know that kimchi is the same as air? Shut up and salt.
You're not alone No, no, no