Code Black (2015) s03e06 Episode Script

Hell's Heart

1 WOMAN: So far, what we know - is that the fire stated somewhere - [DOG BARKING IN DISTANCE] in the Santa Clarita hills late last night and quickly spread throughout the area.
Local fire crews worked throughout the night [FOOTSTEPS APPROACH QUICKLY] establishing a containment zone in hopes of protecting several neighborhoods including one in Sylmar, where residents were placed under - Hello.
- What are you doing here? My house.
Last time I checked, I live here.
According to the Probate Division of the Los Angeles Superior Court Dad, we went over and over this.
Robert wanted to fix this place up.
- That's what I'm gonna do.
- That's what you said two years ago when you made them transfer you here.
I didn't make them transfer me.
You know what? Let's start over.
- Looks like you haven't gotten very far.
- Hey, Dad.
It's been a while.
- How is the short game? - [KNOCK ON DOOR] Just a minute.
It's gonna be hot as ass out there today, so - Oh.
- Rox.
- Meet my dad.
- Colonel Martin Willis.
- [CLEARS THROAT] - And you are - Roxanne Valenzuela.
Nice to meet you.
- Girlfriend? - She's pretty.
- Partner and an excellent paramedic.
I'm, uh, standing right here, guys.
Partners? Four years of medical school, 3 years residency, and 20 years in the military, and now you're a medic? Having a doctor on site dramatically increases survival rates.
- And that's why you're doing this? - Why else would I do it? There's a 4,000-acre blaze - in Santa Clarita.
- [HELICOPTER WHIRRING] The governor issued a state of emergency.
We're being deployed to the fire line.
- What the hell's that? - That's our ride.
[WHIRRING CONTINUES] Your patient came in with head trauma, but you didn't order a CT scan until hours later.
Why? Detective Gomez refused treatment.
At that point, did you assess his capacity for making decisions? Uh what do you mean? Never answer a question with a question.
The officer took a bullet to the head, Dr.
Did it occur to you that he might have suffered traumatic brain injury, keeping him from understanding the severity of his situation? - I'm pretty sure he understood, but - You're pretty sure? - I don't hear any certainty.
- Enough.
Keep your responses short and declarative.
- He's not ready.
- That's why we practice Will.
Look, I am grateful for your help, but I've been thinking about this lawsuit, and if I'm really responsible for the death of my patient, then I want to accept the consequences.
You have a responsibility to this hospital.
Now your crisis of conscience could cost this institution millions of dollars it doesn't have.
Do you understand? Yeah.
[WHIRRING] Did we figure out what sparked this thing? Hippies smoking weed near the campgrounds.
Legal in 30 states.
When we get down there, leave the firefighting to us.
Someone gets hurt, you treat them.
Otherwise, for the next 24 hours, you stay close, remember your escape routes.
- Keep one foot in the black.
- You've done this before.
I was a line medic for the Agoura Hotshots.
Then you've seen these.
Fire shelter.
In case we get caught in a burnover.
- Those things actually work? - Sometimes.
[EXHALES DEEPLY] [WHIRRING] - Well, pupils look normal.
- [GROANS] How long has this been going on? Uh, I've had stomach cramps for three days, plus nausea, blood in my poop, and fever of 104.
- I would say ischemic colitis.
What? Let me see that? - Okay, fine.
You're right again.
- Ha ha! Why are you so worried about this test? You can pass it in your sleep.
Because I want to stay board-certified for the next 10 years, and because there's always a question that you never see coming.
- Challenge accepted.
- Bring it on.
- We got incoming, Daddy.
- Thanks, babe.
[ELEVATOR BELL DINGS] Is that another one from the wildfire? Dr.
Rorish, meet Bridget Kozelek, 28 years old, chainsaw injury to the upper shoulder.
Hotshot with the Forest Service.
How are you feeling, Bridget? I feel like I almost cut my arm off with a chainsaw.
Axillary artery laceration, but she just started having trouble breathing.
All right, let's get her center stage.
- Coming through, people.
- Heads up.
Watch your backs.
- Okay.
Rail down.
- [INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS] Okay, Bridget, your throat is swelling.
It's a delayed reaction from the burns.
We need to get ahead of it and put a breathing tube down your throat, okay? Wait.
You need to call my dad Hank Kozelek.
- He's a captain, LAFD.
- Okay.
- Got it.
- I'm on it.
- Pushing RSI meds now.
- Dr.
Dixon, that is too slow.
She needed that five seconds ago.
Let's go, let's go! Okay? This fireman's peak pressures are too high.
See this thick burn on his chest wall? It's constricting his lungs.
What's your next move? Cut under the muscle to release the tension so he can breathe? You've got 30 seconds, tops.
Let's go.
Take a breath and then take control.
Realize what you're doing wrong and adjust.
Keep going.
[MONITOR BEEPING RAPIDLY] Sats are 60% and dropping.
I-I just can't get it.
It keeps hitting the top of Dr.
Avila, one shot.
Let's go.
Look here? [RAPID BEEPING CONTINUES] - I'm in.
- There you go.
Still no signs of chest rise.
Okay, pop him off the vent.
Let's give him some manual breaths.
Faster, faster, faster, faster.
- Good chest rise.
It's working.
- He's breathing.
- All right, prep him for the O.
It's Vista Verde School, urgent about your daughter.
Hello? Okay.
Is Mm-hmm.
Get him up to the OR.
I'll be there in a few.
[INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS, MONITORS BEEPING] [SIRENS WAILING, HELICOPTER WHIRRING] Bravo crew's suppressing a spot fire 1/2 mile east of here.
Guys, let's pick up the pace.
Hold up.
[HELICOPTER WHIRRING] What is it? - [MAN YELLING FAINTLY] - Guys, hear that? Do you hear that? MAN: Caleb! - Caleb! - Hey! Caleb! Hey! What are you doing here? This area's supposed to be evacuated.
I need help.
I need help.
- Let me look at this arm.
- No, I need to find him.
Find who? My boy.
He's still out there.
We have to find him.
[COUGHING] Caleb! Left arm has bruising and swelling, possible fracture.
Distally and neurovascularly intact.
I have to find Caleb.
I know you're upset, but right now I need you to calm down.
- He's 6 years old.
- See the guy over there? He's on the phone with Search and Rescue.
We're doing everything we can do.
How'd you guys get separated, anyway? - We were camping off-trail.
- Off-trail? With a 6-year-old? The second we saw smoke, we headed downhill.
The decline was steep.
I fell.
I hit my head.
When I woke up, Caleb was gone.
This was supposed to be my chance to make up for missing his birthday again.
It's my dumb luck this fire broke out the weekend I brought Caleb here.
Probably didn't help it was the peak of fire season.
I'm not exactly Mr.
Outdoors, all right? Okay, he probably went for help.
All right, so Cal Fire is dispatching a chopper to comb the area.
Wait, with this visibility? All they'll see is smoke.
She's right.
That kid won't survive unless we put somebody on foot.
Well, I can call in a couple of my guys, - break off a short squad.
- I'm coming with you.
Aah! Whoa, whoa.
Can you walk on that leg? It's just a sprain.
You're gonna need me.
I can show you where we got separated.
Caleb! - [INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS] - Magazine? Hey, do you have anything with actual words? These are just photos of people famous for doing nothing.
Oh, let me see what I can do.
Yeah, years from now, your generation will be known as the one that killed journalism.
Hey, man, I get it.
Magazines were different in your days before - the invention of the camera.
- [CLEARS THROAT] - Oh, no, you again.
- Dr.
Stoval, nice to see you, too.
We ran some tests.
Your hemoglobin count is low.
I'm tired all the time, bruise easily, and my bone marrow isn't making healthy blood cells anymore.
- An intern could make the call.
- It's Myelodysplasia.
- It's a type of blood cancer.
- See what I mean? I'm helping Leanne study for her recertification.
So I'm just gonna go stand over there.
That's a good idea.
Spare me the HemOnc lecture, kid.
I've forgotten more about medicine than you'll ever know.
Wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't mention your options.
Keep your bone marrow transplant.
We both know I'm end stage.
I'm just living out my last days with dignity.
Well, that's your decision to make.
You're damn right it is, so cut to the part where you hand me a clipboard and I sign the DNR and whatever else you got.
Soon as the drip is done, I'm going home.
Hey, Savetti, wait up.
Pretty sure there's a "Docto"" in front of that.
So what's a "DNR"? It's, uh nothing you need to worry about.
[HELICOPTER WHIRRING] Any of this look familiar? I remember that rock face.
Maybe not.
It all looks the same.
Are we even going the right direction? - I I think so.
- All right, we're a mile in.
Let's just keep going.
Caleb wanted to go to a Dodgers game.
I told him camping with his dad is something he'd look back on.
Figured he was just scared, but you're supposed to throw 'em in the deep end.
That's what my dad did.
- We're way past the deep end.
- Hey.
Hey! Listen, we can't be out here anymore.
Wind's picking up.
Humidity's dropping.
It's the witching hour.
Time of day when fire's most unpredictable.
We can't tell where this thing's headed.
I'm not leaving without the kid.
You go.
We'll keep looking.
All right, you guys head back.
I'll stick around.
You should go, too.
Get that leg looked at.
No way.
Not without Caleb.
[HELICOPTER WHIRRING] Hey, man, we still cool? - Were we ever cool? - This lawsuit's in your head.
Easy for you to say.
I am the one being sued for us letting an LAPD officer die.
Yeah, no kidding it's in my head.
And you know what? I don't need you one-upping me in front of Rorish.
We had to intubate your daughter, - but she's had other injuries.
- Part of the job.
Let me see my girl.
[WOMAN SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY OVER PA] [SIGHS] She also has a large tear in her axillary artery.
They'll need to repair in surgery.
This wildfire is taxing our resources, but I'll get her into an O.
as soon as possible.
Can I get you a chair? Mr.
Kozelak? Can I get you a chair? No, I'll stand.
Look at her.
Still beautiful.
Doesn't matter what you throw at her.
The rare upside to a forest fire.
So what's up with you and your dad? - What do you mean? - I don't know.
You just seem a little on edge today, that's all.
Just focused.
Somehow I never imagined you having a father.
You think I hatched? [CHUCKLES] Yes.
Hold on! [COUGHS] Hey, you gotta stop walking on that leg.
Yeah, I know.
Just hold on.
I think this place - it looks - You and Caleb were here? - Yes, I think we were here.
- Hey, got a body over here.
- Oh, God.
I can't look.
- All right.
Stay there.
Oh, God.
[BREATHING HEAVILY] - It's not Caleb.
- [GASPS] Probably got caught out here while hunting.
Tried to outrun a burnover.
[GASPING] I'm not getting on that helicopter! I can't leave Caleb! Not again! He must be so scared! You got an injured arm, banged-up leg.
You inhaled a lot of smoke.
You're just slowing us down.
- I'm not getting on that helicopter.
- Yes, you are.
Forced evacuation's in effect.
We're all getting outta here.
[HELICOPTER WHIRRING] Can I talk to you for a second? What if it was your son? And you knew he was still out here? Kid's been missing for five hours in an active wildfire.
I gotta play the odds here.
That's the job.
Okay, I don't work for you.
I'm staying.
There's a 6-year-old boy out there.
I'm staying, too.
If you get into trouble, I don't know if I can get you out.
I accept the risk.
Good luck.
- You're gonna need it.
- [PATS ARM] [HELICOPTER WHIRRING] I know you're heading out of town, but this is my daughter we talked about.
Can you cover Just tonight.
Everything okay? On a personal level? Asking as a friend.
Leighton, what gave the impression we were friends? Hello? Yeah, Dr.
Campbell here.
WOMAN: Okay, we got burn victims coming in.
28-year-old male, third degree burns all over his body.
- Barely a pulse.
- All right, well, let's get him to center stage.
He's not gonna have one much longer.
Rorish? [SIGHS] Her case worker.
I forgot.
Um Grab Dr.
I'll be there in a minute.
The home visit.
I'm sorry.
Things got a little crazy here.
Doctor, the foster-to-adopt process is complicated enough I promise you, nothing is more important to me than Ariel.
But I have a critical patient I have a few calls I can make, but this interview - needs to happen today.
- All right! Got it! Today.
Male, unknown age, with full-thickness burns, TBSA approaching 100%.
They lost the pulse in the air.
- Okay, Dr.
Avila, we need - Terrence White, 34.
Labored breathing from the fire exposure plus leg and arm injuries.
Hyperbaric chamber is on standby if he makes it.
Yeah, we need oxygen, fluids! CO levels.
I'm gonna need you to take deep breaths and stay calm, all right? Now I understand you were camping with your son? That's right.
Your people are still out there.
They're still looking for him.
Doctor, doctor? A second.
[MONITOR BEEPING] - Rox and Willis, right? - Yeah.
We offered them a ride out, but they're hard-heads.
You have no idea.
I do, actually.
I get why they're risking their lives.
We all want to see that kid alive, but I've been down this road before.
He's dead.
- What did he say?! - Okay, you have to stand back, please.
You don't know that! - He doesn't know that! - All right, lie back.
If Dr.
Willis thinks that your son is alive, then so do I, and so should you.
But right now, I just need you to breathe.
Okay, just let this help you breathe.
How long's he been down for? 25 minutes.
We're going to have to call it.
Time of death 10:47 A.
All right.
Let's go.
His sat isn't rising.
We need to intubate before his airway closes.
No, he just needs oxygen.
I evaluated his airway on the way down.
Get him breathing treatments and steroids.
Hold it.
BBG, please.
Avila is right.
125 milligrams solumedrol and continuous nebs.
Then we're gonna see what's going on with his leg.
Dixon Try not to insert things into your patient unnecessarily.
Got it? Med school 101.
- [CURTAIN RINGS SWOOSH] - Okay, time for your walk.
[SCOFFS] I'm a patient, not a puppy.
You don't need to walk me.
Sick burn.
How old are you? I'm 14.
I have a granddaughter just your age.
She's equally vapid.
Okay, here's this.
Come for a walk, and I'll get off your lawn.
- [INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS] - [CHUCKLES] Mild wheezing bilaterally.
Let's get some albuterol - and atrovent in, Risa.
- This one always the first boot through the door.
She's strong, no doubt, but her fight isn't over.
I ran my home the same way I ran my firehouse.
I wasn't training heroes, 'cause you really can't.
Can't have cowards, either, not when you're running into a fire.
Who was gonna break and when? Where was the limit? With Bridget, there was none.
- No pulse in the distal arm.
- No pulse? [MONITOR BEEPING RAPIDLY] She's bleeding.
The compression bandage isn't working.
- Is she gonna lose her arm? - We don't know that yet.
She needs the O.
I don't care if they're ready for us, but we're going up to surgery.
- Let's go! - JESSE: Look out, people! Coming through! I am back in negative-1.
Can't talk right now.
I have 35 patients.
You know how it is with Campbell.
You don't start at a zero.
You start in a hole, and the more you struggle against that, the deeper you dig yourself.
The problem is, you tried to be his friend.
- I overstepped? - Who cares? Guarantee he's not thinking about you ever.
- I should apologize.
- What? No.
Manage up.
He doesn't want your apology.
He wants your hard work.
What, so I don't even exist anymore? Seriously, Angus, I can't deal right now.
Oh, is that how it is? Yeah.
You have your problems upstairs.
I have mine down here.
Excuse me.
[INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS] Look at them looking at me.
I know that look.
I used to do that look.
- What look? - Dead man walking.
Oh, I'm gonna walk right outta here, because I certainly don't - wanna die in this - Hellhole? Vertical toilet.
They can't keep me here, and they can't force treatment on me.
As soon as I got the stamina to drive back to the Palisades, I'm outta here.
It's rush hour.
I'm waiting out the traffic.
You don't believe me.
No, I don't believe anyone's ever ready to die.
You wouldn't understand, and you shouldn't argue with your elders.
My elders? We're not pilgrims.
And I never learned manners anyway.
I should speak to your father.
Sorry, he's dead.
And mom, too.
Oh, and my boyfriend Max he's got cancer.
- I see.
- Oh, so you understand me, but you're this big mystery? I don't think so, David.
You're an odd one.
- [CLATTER] - David? Are you okay? Someone help! He's having a heart attack! [GRUNTING] - Ariel! Get off him right now! - No, get in here! He's DNR! Do Not Resuscitate! Get off of him! No, get in here! I've never done this before! - Get off of him.
- No! Help him! What's your problem? - Listen.
- [PANTING] - [EXHALES DEEPLY] - He's breathing, he's breathing.
What did you do? - Caleb! - Caleb! Never should have had that kid out here.
Oh, my job is 90% fixing people after a bad decision.
No sense judging.
- His son's his responsibility.
- My experience having a kid doesn't make you an expert.
- Just makes you a parent.
- Your experience? You got a kid that you're hiding from me? [SIGHS] Professional experience.
Something doesn't feel right.
The wind just flipped.
[LEAVES RUSTLING, WIND BLOWING] [EXPLOSION] We gotta move! It's gonna be on us fast! [FLAMES ROAR] [FLAMES CRACKLING] We can't outrun it! Willis, it's coming! [EXPLOSIONS, RUMBLING] We're not gonna survive a burnover! That's what this is for! Come on! Get in! [FLAMES CRACKLING AND ROARING] [GASPING] [GRUNTING] [CRACKLING] Okay, okay.
It's getting hotter.
This thing might not save us.
No matter what happens, we stay in here.
It'll work.
It has to work.
Thank you.
The poem that your brother wrote.
[BREATHING HEAVILY] Heart's petals wait for morning hands, the smell of sunshine at her doorstep.
Tiny feet tickled by Moroccan sands.
She waltzes and tangos, and even a two-step.
Pure as Tahitian blue, bright as Egyptian tan.
Cured by a woman's hue, a sign from the soul of man.
Barefoot and young, eyes tearing and wide.
Words to be sung.
Sky's clearing inside.
[EXHALES DEEPLY] Because that is love.
As you are love.
As only love exists.
[INHALES AND EXHALES DEEPLY] As hand in glove As God above As Heaven's song insists.
- He was a romantic.
- He was.
Who did he write that for? Whoever found it.
That's what he said.
I like that.
- [FLAMES RUMBLING] - Hang on.
- [WHIMPERS] Ethan! - Hang on! - Hang on! - Oh! [WIND BLOWING] [SPEAKS INDISTINCTLY] Nothing over here! Keep looking! Right back to the line.
I got two over here! - I got two over here! - Where?! You okay? [MEN SHOUTING INDISTINCTLY IN DISTANCE] MAN: Give him a hand! [COUGHS] [BOTH COUGHING] - What happened? - The main fire broke containment.
We're scouring the area for survivors.
- [COUGHS] - You're lucky to be alive.
You guys are the ones looking for the missing kid.
Let's get you back to the safe zone.
Lead the way.
[SIREN WAILING IN DISTANCE] They're still working on Bridget, but the damage to her artery was worse than we thought.
You said she was fine.
- How bad is it? - It's serious.
Why didn't you do something sooner? If I lose her, that's on you.
This isn't your fault.
I know that.
You don't have to tell me that.
You didn't start that fire.
But I sparked the one in her.
She's my little girl.
I can't lose her.
[SNIFFLES] She's not a little girl anymore.
She's in the best hands.
I'll keep you posted.
Rorish? It's Ariel.
How was I supposed to know what a DNR is? I asked you, and you didn't tell me.
It's dumb anyway.
Who wants to die? It doesn't matter what you think, Ariel.
Of course it doesn't, because then you would have to realize how crazy you people sound, all of you.
Ariel, no one is blaming you for what happened.
- You are not a doctor.
- Right.
I'm just a kid.
- Ariel - She's a candy striper, Leanne.
She has no getting business gettin anywhere close You didn't explain it to her? You are a third-year resident.
She's a volunteer.
And you're her mother, so why am I explaining end of life scenarios to her? And why even teach her CPR if you don't want her using it? - Angels isn't a daycare - Hey! And it's not my job to raise your kid.
- You better watch it! - No, going forward, I need to know, am I speaking to my boss or that girls' mother? You may leave my office.
- Now is not a good time.
- You sure? Because I just heard a rumor that a 14-year-old candy striper did CPR on a dying man.
Ariel is an incredible young woman.
She has already faced so much.
She is equipped to handle more than most.
Still, is this the kind of situation she should be facing? Are you saying she shouldn't volunteer here? I'm questioning the judgment of it.
You mean, you're questioning my judgment.
We both want what's best for Ariel, but you should know that I'm obligated to report this to the court.
[WIND WHISTLING] I'll go with you when you have to tell Terrence.
You won't do it alone.
[HELICOPTER WHIRRING] My dad's here to sell the house.
It was Robert's.
He's been struggling with his death.
He thinks getting rid of the house will help him move on.
What do you think? Ranger Station.
Would Terrence and Caleb pass the ranger station on their hike up? Yeah, I think so.
Where does a kid go when he's lost at a supermarket? He looks for someone who works there.
I just wanna be able to say that I did everything I can for that kid and mean it.
[HELICOPTER ROARING] You guys go ahead.
All right, we'll meet you at base camp.
All right, let's go.
X-ray's showing tibial plateau fracture.
And now there's no distal pulse.
Compartment syndrome? The swelling's cutting off circulation in his leg.
Page Campbell.
- He's in surgery.
- It's a clinical diagnosis.
- Do a fasciotomy.
- That's a surgical procedure.
- All right, We have time for a consult.
- He could die.
Just go.
Save someone else.
Sir, are you refusing treatment? I don't deserve to be alive.
Okay, that's not the same thing.
- Hey, no, no, no, no.
- Sir.
- No, no, no, no.
- [GROANING] - [GRUNTING] - Take it easy, all right? Make the call! Dixon! Expose the proximal and distal branches - of the axillary artery.
- Dr.
Campbell? It's Dr.
Trenton regarding your daughter.
Come here, come here, come here.
Is she awake? Don't wake her.
Just call me every 20 minutes with an update.
What? Why was she given access to Emily's hospital room? No, that's not all right.
You know what? I'll be there soon as I can.
How long is ischemic time? 24 minutes.
Hey, where is the surgical attendant? - I can call her.
- Yes, try her again, please.
I need the ETA.
More, Dr.
Excuse me, Dr.
Campbell? I need to run a patient by you.
- Call a consult.
- No, it's time-sensitive.
34-year-old male with a tibial plateau fracture, no sensation in his foot, no distal pulse.
- Compartment syndrome.
- Okay, that's what I thought.
Then why are you up here and not down there doing a fasciotomy? - No, I-I just wanted to make sure - Go! Yeah.
Gonna go a little bit deeper.
Where were you? - I just went for a consult - Step back! Dr.
I mean it.
[MONITOR BEEPING STEADILY] Let's go a little bit deeper in there.
You left him.
You left your patient? You knew what he needed.
You knew it was urgent, and where did you go, Dr.
Dixon? - I just I wanted - This patient is no longer yours to care for.
Step away.
Caleb! Look around the side.
Caleb, are you in there?! - It's a kid's cap.
- He could be in there.
I'm right behind you.
Caleb! All right.
Come on.
Take a deep breath.
Come on, honey.
Take a deep breath.
There you go.
[LOUD CRASH] [FLAMES CRACKLING] Willis?! - [FLAMES WHOOSH] - Willis! Willis! Okay.
All right.
Be right back.
Willis! [COUGHING] Ethan! Ethan! [FAINTLY] Stay with me.
Stay with me.
- We're gonna get outta here, okay? - [COUGHING] Come on.
Get up with me.
Ready? One, two Here we go! Come on! Let's go! Come on! Come on! Let's get outta here! [DOOR BANGS] [COUGHING] [COUGHING CONTINUES] Clamp it here.
- [DOOR OPENS] - Hold still.
Clippers game.
110's a parking lot.
Well, Lakers tickets on me, then.
We're just about done with the primary repair of the axillary artery.
Leighton's gonna fill you in about the rest.
He tell you what the family emergency was about? We don't have that kind of relationship.
Can we check on a pulse, please? [MONITOR BEEPING STEADILY] [STEADY PULSING] That's it.
- Bingo.
- Good work.
A word.
[MONITOR BEEPING STEADILY] I can no longer trust you with patients.
Good, because I don't know if I can trust me either.
- He's a good doctor.
- He's a nice doctor.
- I don't know if he's good.
- Yet.
Which means we have to give him a chance, not give up on him.
I'll give him one week, and if it doesn't work, he's out.
I specifically told you not to perform chest compressions.
Stoval, I'm very sorry, but there was a, um miscommunication.
You violated my rights.
Why? [TELEPHONE RINGING IN DISTANCE] Why do you wanna die? Ariel, I think you've done enough for today.
- Tell me.
- Come on.
No, tell me.
Tell me.
It was you, wasn't it? 40 years I was the one they wanted to see walking through the operating room doors.
They knew, and I was in control no matter what.
I was never scared.
I never folded.
And then one day I'm sitting across from my best friend, and he tells me I'm dying.
It's over.
I know everything that this disease is doing to me down to the cell.
My body is betraying me.
Tell me a story Truth and the lying Death is just another door and I'm gonna walk through it the way I walk through every door my whole life with my head held high.
SAWYER FREDERICKS: Another In control.
Darling, you don't have to go You'll get it one day.
We will Oh, we will I get it now.
Step out of the light And live like shadows And where you go, I'll follow And I won't Captain, this is Dr.
He was Bridget's surgeon.
- Hi.
- Hi.
It was a complicated surgery, but we were able to repair the artery - and save her arm.
- Thank you so much.
She'll need to be with us for a while, but she should be fine.
Back to fighting fires in no time.
Never thought I'd say this, but maybe it's time for her to stop.
If you weren't my dad, I would kick your ass for saying that.
[CHUCKLES] Honey Bridget I believe in you.
I know you can do anything, but I never should have dragged you into the family business.
You think you're gonna stop me? I'm a Kozelek.
It's in our blood.
that feeds your fire And watch your flames grow higher - Ready for some visitors? - Oh, oh, oh.
Come on in, guys.
And we will Oh, God.
Who let you guys in? [LAUGHTER] And live like shadows And where you go, I'll follow And I won't Let this What can I do for you, Dr.
Savetti? Are you gonna fire me? No.
Is that it? It's not that I don't like having Ariel around.
She's actually pretty cool, but You're here to be a doctor.
All that was lost But aren't we more than that? If we're a family, and I like to think that's what we are, shouldn't we be able to ask more of each other? I know it's hard I'm struggling.
You can see it.
The life we could make I just need a little bit more.
And we will Oh, we will Step out of the light And live like shadows And where you go, I'll follow And I won't I have to find him.
Good news.
- We managed to save your leg.
- CALEB: Daddy! TERRENCE: Caleb! I don't feel anything.
- That's the morphine.
- No, it's not.
Please, he's still out there.
- Dad! - You have to find him! CALEB: Where are you?! Dad! Caleb! Daddy! He must be so scared! I can't leave Caleb! - I need help! - Daddy.
CALEB: Is my daddy here? We will CALEB: Where's my daddy? Oh, we will Step out of the light And live like shadows - [SOBBING] - Daddy! Oh! [SOBBING] There's a little smoke inhalation, but he's gonna be fine.
Be no trouble [SOBBING] I love you, Daddy.
[SOBBING] Feeds your fire I love you, Caleb.
- Flames grow higher and I won't - Thank you.
No, I won't [EXHALES DEEPLY] I need a drink.
First round's on me.
I can't.
Really? With the kind of a day we just had? I told my aunt I'd stop by.
Guess I'm drinking by myself.
Go home, Ethan.
Terrence would have never been the same if he had lost his son.
Cut your dad some slack.
He's there now.
He's trying.
Are you serious? They're gonna write us up? The judge is gonna hear about what I did? Don't worry.
I won't let it jeopardize your adoption.
- How? - Well you'll have to stop working here.
- What? No.
- Ariel, it's one No, I messed up today, but I have to stay here.
You do? Why? [SIGHS] Because I want to be a doctor.
You never told me that before.
Because I never felt that before.
Well, okay, but, uh [COUGHS] Ariel, honey, are you okay? What is it? [COUGHS] I've been having trouble breathing on and off for two days, - and then fevers started today.
- Okay.
I can hardly catch my breath between breathing.
Beep! Wrong.
Pertussis is a kind of pneumonia.
No, you're not specific.
I'm sorry.
You didn't ask me to be specific.
Do you think the medical board will care? No excuses.
Wanna go to Hector's? Two for one tacos.
I don't know.
I work upstairs now.
Hey, I was a jerk.
Okay? An idiot.
And, uh I do wanna hear how it went with, uh you know who.
Leighton, get in here.
[WHISPERS] Just not right now.
[CLEARS THROAT] Hey be cool.
[PATS CHEST] [SIGHS] Don't say anything.
Just sit down.
[PEN CLICKS] My daughter collapsed during a field trip.
They took her to the hospital.
She was alone, begging me to come, but I couldn't leave the hospital until another attending surgeon could cover me.
So in the meantime, she called her mom.
She hasn't seen or talked to Felicia in years.
I didn't even know Emily had her number.
Even if it causes harm somewhere else.
All that was lost Doesn't look like you put the fire out.
Broken, I'll find a way Does make for one hell of a sunset.
Another rare upside of wildfires.
What do you mean? To rebuild these ruins I'm glad you're here.
If you're gonna try to talk me out of putting the place up for sale Can we not talk about that right now? We will Oh, we will You got another one of those? - Step out of the light - Cooler.
And live like shadows And where you go, I'll follow - [BOTTLE CAP SPRITZES] - And I won't How you doing, Dad? No, I won't Let this fire go out