Colony (2016) s03e06 Episode Script

The Emerald City

1 Previously, on "Colony" We're with an agency called the Institute for Global Advancement.
I don't have enough support in the camp to stop MacGregor.
Then you need reinforcements.
The Occupation? You call a certain radio frequency and say a code word.
You are a double agent travelling with a known collaborator.
I thereby sentence you and your husband to death.
[sonic blasts] [explosions] [screaming] Gracie! - Joey, run! - [gunshots] No! No! [dramatic music] So where are you gonna go? To the center of the action.
Switzerland! Your responses are being closely monitored so it's important that you answer truthfully.
Who is your favorite US president? I always liked Bill Clinton.
The guy could step in shit and still smell good.
No one could ever take that guy down.
You can have anything in the world.
What would it be? I guess I can't wish for more wishes? I guess I always wanted to drive a Mercedes.
Christ, a Mercedes? Who is this guy? Um Evan Hazeldine.
He's a state administrator and law school graduate.
Which one? Um, "The People's College of Law.
" That's a real thing? He failed the Bar three times.
You've reached a position of some power.
Your former fiancée comes to you because she's under investigation, and wants your help.
Is this a hypothetical former fiancée? No.
How do you know about her? Does it matter? If you lie, the interview is over.
And your candidacy with the Institute for Global Advancement ends here.
I wouldn't help her.
[computer beeps] Um, they approved him.
What? Which grouping is he in? Delta 11.
[sighs] You approved that loser? [sighs] His in-person interview supported the algorithm's classification.
He should be confined to cubicle somewhere, not governing a bloc.
You're applying my algorithm incorrectly.
Your algorithm's perfect, Mr.
That's why they've partnered with you.
The algorithm is meaningless if you don't apply it as it was designed.
The Institute wasn't interested in your application method.
What they were interested in is your algorithm's uncanny ability to specifically classify the human population.
What we do with it is our business.
[dramatic music] Please bring in the next candidate.
He's a bureaucrat, Ev.
He's an idiot.
They're courting disaster if they keep running things like this.
Yeah, well.
What can we do? Are you still up on the network? How long would it take you to download it? - Which part? - The whole thing.
Well, now we're talking 7 billion records, so I have to get up on a hard line, but probably 16, 18 hours.
Could you do it without being detected? Come on.
I want the whole database collated and sorted.
You got it.
[dramatic music] [sighs] I trust the bath amenities were to your liking, sir? Uh Big upgrade from my previous setup.
Would you like to see the rest of the chalet, or are you hungry? You cook too? I handle all the household tasks, sir.
Mm! Mm! How is the meal, sir? I've got to warn you, Julien.
It's been a long time since I've been in love.
I wasn't expecting visitors.
The car is yours, sir.
So that means I can drive it? [engine turns over] [engine revving] Chief Minister Goldwyn to see you, sir.
Helena, I wasn't expecting you.
Unannounced drop-in.
I wanted to make sure that you were relaxing.
Are you happy with your accommodations? A significant understatement.
I have a Julien.
I figured this would bore you.
I could never be bored being safe, warm, and dry.
Well, there's plenty of work for you when you're ready.
I'm done, Helena.
Everything I could want is right here.
I'm not going back.
Good for you.
There is a cocktail party at the Chancellor's estate this afternoon.
You should at least get to know your neighbors.
I'll have to check my calendar.
I'll send a car.
I already have one.
[door closes] [car approaches] She's exhausted, Will.
We can't stop.
There was a sign for a town up the road that way.
Maybe we should check it out.
[labored breathing] How's it feel? It hurts.
Worse than before? Well, changing the bandage should help.
[sighs] I found some water.
How we doing? Good.
We should check the other houses.
See what supplies we can find.
[engine grinding] Come on, damn it.
[engine grinding] - Come on! - Why won't it start? Because of the way gasoline's refined.
It breaks down pretty quickly.
So all the cars are dead? Keep your eye out for a diesel one.
- Diesel? - Different kind of fuel.
Lasts longer.
We'll find one that works.
We just gotta keep looking, okay? Stay here and rest.
I found some Neosporin.
Expired? Only recently.
It should still be good.
Yeah, that's good.
Anything else? It's empty.
[dramatic music] Mom, Dad.
Maybe that's where everyone went.
There'll be cabins in the Olympic Mountains.
Fresh water, plenty of fish and game.
Just like Big Bear.
Come on, we gotta use what daylight we have left.
[upbeat lounge music] Alan, I'm glad you made it.
I might even stay if they have more of these.
[glass tinkling] Everyone, a moment.
I would like to take this time to introduce you to someone.
Now, you've all heard the legend of the insurgent camp in Region Eight.
Well, the hero behind its demise is here with us tonight.
Alan Snyder.
I knew that Alan was talented when I recruited him to run a bloc in Los Angeles Colony.
But what I did not know was that he was also a gifted double agent.
To Alan.
- [chuckles] - ALL: To Alan.
Enjoy the party.
- Oh, hi, how are you? - Congratulations.
Once inside, I identified a rift in the leadership.
Over time, I was able to exploit it.
And turn them against each other.
What are you going to do now? Enjoy my victory lap.
You're in a very rare and enviable position, but your next choice is very critical Mr.
Sabine Arnaud, Chief Counsel for the Global Authority.
Oh, uh, Alan.
A pleasure.
You've demonstrated your talent at an opportune time.
Did I? The recent ambush has left our Hosts reeling.
My group is in a pressing need for people with your skillset.
I want you to keep me abreast of your future plans.
And abreast I shall keep you.
Enjoying the party? Sounds like I missed quite a bit while I was away.
Well, we certainly aren't experiencing one of the occupation's better moments.
Which is why there is plenty of opportunity at play.
The good old boys club is foundering here.
And the oligarchy is searching for new, fresh ideas wherever they can find them.
I think I'm fresh out of ideas.
Just think about it.
[indistinct chatter] [labored breathing] [dramatic music] Come on over.
How you feeling? I'm cold.
All right, extra blanket is yours, then.
Car was ditched on the road, it didn't start, I thought maybe we could use this.
I also found a bunch of these.
They were all over the ground.
They must have been air dropped or something.
It says they've got medicine, food, shelter, jobs, everything.
And that they're taking in anyone who comes.
Why would a colony be advertising to take people in? LA had overcrowding issues from the go.
I don't know, Dad.
But it says that it's a new kind of colony, and that it's safe there.
Yeah, I heard that one before.
[animals calling] What if they really do have all these things? The Occupation's always had a good advertising department.
What's the real plan then, Dad? No colonies! [dramatic music] Mom? Everybody's tired.
We should sleep.
I'll keep watch.
[thud] Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Go! Come on, wake up! Come on! Leave it! Leave it! Come on! [dramatic music] [drone whirring] [drone footsteps] [sonic blast] [drone footsteps] [drone footsteps] [sonic blast] What's happening? They're herding us.
- [footsteps] - [door opens] Chief Minister Goldwyn, sir.
Good morning, Helena.
Care to learn about the fascinating history of the British Empire? What did you think of the party? It was very nice.
But you didn't invite me there just to show me a good time.
You've earned a good time.
And? The situation may be a little more dire than I let on.
The labor shortages that we're facing, we have never seen anything like it.
The Hosts had originally calculated years, perhaps even a decade before the enemy fleet caught up with them.
The estimate has now dwindled to months.
Maybe less.
And what's the strategy now? Rendition the problem colonies to fix the immediate supply issues, and then reboot those colonies.
The Seattle Protocol.
See? You can't stay away from this.
I was just keeping up my side of the conversation.
I need to issue rendition orders for the Santa Monica and San Fernando blocs, but their proxies are resisting me.
Lee and Fleming? Tell those idiots too bad.
I need their votes.
Politically, I've developed a reputation for being a bit unilateral.
Tough position.
I hope you can sway them.
It's something, isn't it? That one algorithm selected everyone in both the local and global authorities? But as extraordinary as that was, there was one thing that Everett Kynes didn't calculate: Human adaptability.
The world changed radically after the invasion.
And people had to change and adapt to meet it.
Some did more than others.
Your ceiling was supposed to be bloc governor.
But here you are, the toast of the Global Authority.
You beat the algorithm.
You demonstrated that you are more than your sum.
[dramatic music] It would be a tragic waste of talent for you to stop your rise here.
Uh, I know we met, but I don't think we were ever properly introduced.
And what's your role in the Global Authority, Elan? VGA liaison to the Transitional Authority in Region Seven.
Region Seven is, uh what? Latin America? North Africa.
That must be interesting work.
Not as interesting as your work at the camp.
I'd love to hear about it.
Well, there's not much to say that hasn't been said already.
It must have been satisfying not only to see those terrorists reap their punishment, but to know that you had a direct hand in it.
It was very violent.
Tell me about it.
What do you want to hear? Any details you're willing to share.
[lounge music] [scoffs] Hang in there, Gracie.
[whimpering] I think she's going septic.
We have to take her to Seattle.
No! She'll die too, if we don't.
If we walk in there, that's it for you and me.
They'll ID us and arrest us.
I don't care.
I don't care! You have to be okay with this too.
Maybe they won't know who you are Or maybe we can change our names again.
We can't go into this on hope.
I know.
[gasps] [computer chimes] [line trilling] Uh, Julien? Yes, sir? I didn't wake you up, did I? Of course not, sir.
Any chance you could wrangle an IGA incident report for me? [dramatic music] [phone beeping] This is Alan Snyder.
I need to speak with Helena Goldwyn.
Wake her up.
[heavy breathing] Hey, I'm Will.
Uh, Jim.
Where you guys headed? Seattle.
Us too.
Our daughter's very sick.
What's wrong with her? Broken arm.
It's infected.
She's not gonna make it if we go on foot.
I mean, you can see we don't have room.
I'm at the end of my rope, Jim.
Tell you what.
Let me drop them off, I'll come back for you.
I won't be half a day.
She might not have that kind of time.
We can take her.
They're supposed to have great medical care in Seattle.
We could have her there in a couple of hours.
Let my wife come with you.
There's not room for that.
Your oldest, she can stay with us.
We'll take good care of her.
- I - We're not bargaining here.
We're sorry about your daughter, we really are.
And you're welcome to take our generous offer.
Otherwise, we need to move on.
We need the car.
[dramatic music] You can take all your supplies.
We'll leave the car for you outside the city.
You know I can't do that.
But she's gonna die if we don't.
Jim, drive.
- Okay - Drive the goddamn car! [gunshot] Get out, all of you.
All right, do what he says.
- Do what he says! - I told you not to stop! Take what you want.
All right.
Get Gracie in the back.
I'm sorry.
Proxies, welcome to Davos! May I? Table for three? I brought wine.
Well, I'm so glad to see you're alive and well.
Come on, Tony, you're a better liar than that.
Cheers! Hey, congratulations on your success at the Resistance camp.
We live in a time of unlikely heroes.
Speaking of which, I have brought the both of you an opportunity to cover yourselves in glory.
Is that so? Give the Chief Minister the vote she needs, and surrender your blocs for total rendition.
[laughter] I see the IGA's hero is still carrying Helena's water.
You would keep your fife following the rendition.
You would just inherit new subjects.
Along with a view of that new factory they want to build downtown.
You want a factory as close to your colony as you can get it, because those are the only sites the RAPs will be protecting when their enemies do show up.
It also makes us a target.
It's a double-edged sword, to be sure.
I've got everything I need in Santa Monica.
And no snow.
What about you, Proxy Lee? I always took you for the smart one.
If they need to staunch the labor shortage, then I'll discuss the rendition order.
But Helena has to find another location in Region Eight for her factory.
I feel compelled to admit I haven't been entirely truthful with you.
Waiter? You see, this meeting wasn't a negotiation.
It was a professional courtesy.
Can you please invite my friends to join us? [dramatic music] These are the two gentlemen who need to be questioned.
What the hell is this? Questioned about what? I spent a long time embedded with the Resistance, talked to a lot of people.
I was very surprised to learn how both of you had been so sympathetic to their cause! - What? - Yes, Proxies Lee and Fleming, I took detailed notes.
I didn't want to do this, not to two former colleagues, but I had no choice.
I gave a full briefing to the Security Directorate.
This is bullshit! This is a setup! Unfortunately, treason is a hard stink to get rid of.
Especially here.
[engine dies] How we doing, Gracie-girl? [whimpers] Where are we? We're close, but we're gonna have to walk the rest of the way.
[dramatic music] I got you.
[indistinct chatter] [dramatic music] Hey, help! I need your help! Please, my sister's very badly hurt.
What's wrong with her? Broken arm.
We reset it, but it's infected.
I need a rapid response team at the Eastern ingress.
- How old is she? - She's 11.
Her name is Grace.
Okay, help is coming.
Grace is 11 years old.
She has a broken left arm, and might be septic! Okay, baby.
Careful, careful, careful! [ragged breathing] Hang in there, baby.
Hang in there.
We're here.
We're here.
You're safe.
Hey, they need to take her to the medical tent, okay? - Let them take her.
- Okay.
You can see Grace after they stabilize her, okay? Okay? Come with me.
I'm Iris, your advocate.
I'm going to see that you are placed in a home that offers the best fit for your family.
Okay? Can we start with your names? Dalton.
James, Laura, and Sean.
Okay, and let's not forget Grace.
And where are the Daltons from? Riverside, California.
[tablet clicking] Now, I just need to snap some photos of you.
We'll get beauty shots later.
[tablet clicks] All right.
So this is your intake tent, number 306.
One of you should be here at all times, in case we need to speak with you or update you.
The camp is pretty well-marked, so you can find your way to wash facilities and ration stations.
And how do we get updates on Gracie? They know to come to me as soon as there's news.
She's in really good hands.
Thank you.
In the meantime, I'm gonna get your case opened, so we can start processing you.
Why don't you, um Why don't you go see if you can find us some food and maybe a change of clothes, and we'll wait here for news on Gracie.
[dramatic music] Okay.
[PA chimes] Clusters C and D are now departing through the South Gate.
If you've received your transfer papers, please report there now.
They have tons of food and water.
Places we can clean up and change too.
I saw the administration tents.
They have computers and cameras and everything.
This place is wired.
And they could easily find out who we really are.
There's a good chance they already know.
If they come for us, you have to look after your sister.
I can't I don't want to.
[dramatic music] None of us want any of this.
You two are all we have left.
Promise us you'll do this.
I'll take care of her.
- You had them arrested? - I did.
You said that you were taking them to dinner.
It needed to be public.
Lee and Fleming have an alliance.
They have friends all over the IGA.
Which is why I was in this particular situation.
Who's going to dare to back a couple of bloc governors who were just accused of treason by the IGA's golden boy? I've worked with them a long time, Alan.
Well, you don't anymore.
[dramatic music] At this level of the game, you need a fixer with a mailed fist, not a velvet glove.
I thought you'd retired.
I decided I didn't want to sit around, listening to the voices in my head for the rest of my life.
It's good news.
Grace has been stabilized.
She has a really bad infection, but she should recover just fine.
Thank God! I need you to come with me now, Mr.
[dramatic music] Why? For an interview.
Have a seat.
Your name, for the record? James Dalton.
Why did you come to Seattle, Mr.
Dalton? Asylum.
Don't be nervous.
I know you've been through a lot.
We're just establishing a profile, so that we can find the best placement for you and your family.
Need some water? Did you have a job before the Arrival? - Yeah.
- What was it? Auto mechanic.
A little bit of construction.
I'm good with my hands.
I'd like to run you through something that's kind of like an IQ test, if that's okay with you, Mr.
As you can see, you're being filmed, and all of your answers are being monitored, so it's important that you answer truthfully.