Condor (2018) s01e01 Episode Script

What Loneliness

- You lost? - No.
Don't see folks out this way much.
That's a lot of dead prairie dogs.
It's just target practice.
You know, my grandfather used to say, "If you kill all the prairie dogs, there'd be no one left to cry for the rain.
" Prairie dogs don't make it rain.
It's because they burrow, and then that turns the earth.
They keep it from getting too hard-packed.
And that way, when it rains, the water can get in and make things grow.
[CHUCKLES] Did I say something funny? It's always funny to listen to the white man explain how the world works.
Still, hard to imagine coming all this way to see prairie dogs.
What can I say? I dislike prairie dogs.
Can't find something you dislike closer to home? Y'all army or something? Heard they was lettin' was lettin' girls in.
Didn't realize they was letting in little, pretty ones.
What I was handling it.
[SAM] Target is at seven o'clock.
The brunette.
I need confirmation.
No, no, Sam.
You're a fucking idiot.
Joe, the fate of humanity rests on the line.
Oh, the fate of humanity? The fate of your sperm anyway.
Dude, why don't you go and pick her up? Because he knows I'd cut his balls off.
She would, she'll cut off my balls, and I need my balls, which is why I have to live vicariously through your balls, Joe, which frankly sucks.
Baby, tell Joe to hit on the brunette, please.
- First, let's do some shots.
- Yes.
How long ago did you break up with whatsherface? Who's "whatsherface?" Can I get three shots of tequila, please? Thank you.
Janice, the girl you're still bent out of shape over.
That was six years ago.
I'm not bent out of shape over Janice.
If you don't date for six years after your break-up with someone, you're bent out of shape over her whether you know it or not.
Hey, what are you doing with my phone? - I'm on Tinder.
- No, no, no, no, no.
Finding Joe a girl.
Why can't the three of us just hang out, huh? 'Cause you're a third wheel, baby, and we don't enjoy hanging out with you.
- [MAE] What about Melanie? - Give me my phone.
I'm not kidding.
No, no.
No, Mae.
Oh, no, never mind.
- You know what? - Selfie with a baby tiger.
Even the kids are worried about you, Joe.
Jude says to me the other night when I put him to bed, he looks up with me through his sad little eyes, and he says, "Daddy, I'm worried that Uncle Joe is lonely.
" You're such a shitter.
No, he didn't.
- [MAE] No, he did.
- Liar.
He said it to me while I was putting him to bed.
Yeah, right.
You haven't been home to put the kids to bed in two years.
[SAM] Hmm, thanks, Babe.
Just personalizing the story for effect.
Being in a relationship is like being in a cult.
When you're in one, you want every one else to be in one with you.
Yeah, because it's beautiful, Joe.
Okay, I'm gonna take my sweet wife home.
I'm gonna make tender love to her, to my wife, to this woman who I share a rich life with, we share a family.
Show her my innermost secrets, my hopes, my dreams.
You, on the other hand, you're gonna go home in your shitty little apartment, you're gonna eat cold pizza, and jerk off into a pillow.
Dude, I don't have any pizza.
- [SAM LAUGHING] - [MAE] Okay, I just found your wife.
She's perfect for you.
- Let me see.
- And you're a match.
[SAM] Let me see.
Kathy H.
? - She's pretty.
- Let me see, let me see.
She's pretty.
Kathy H.
is gonna change your life.
Do you wanna have a drink tomorrow? No, no, no, no.
Don't send anything.
Did you send it? Jesus.
You sent it? - To Kathy H.
- To Kathy H.
To Kathy H.
[MAE] Yeah.
[SAM] Hey, buddy, pick up your pace.
You're not even running an eight-minute mile.
Listen, I need you to come over here and look at something for me.
No can do.
Your wife hacked my dating life, remember? [SAM] Yeah, well, it's important.
I need your advice, Joe.
Okay, sure.
I can be at your place in an hour.
Everything cool? [SAM] I actually need you at the office.
[JOE] You want me to come to your office? [SAM] What I want is for you to take those stairs up ahead on the left.
Sam, are you tracking my phone? Not a good time to stop, Pal.
Pick it up, Joe.
Come on, buddy, two at a time.
- Take a left to the top of the stairs.
- [PANTING] What's going on, Sam? [SAM] Get in that van that's right in front of you.
[JOE] What van? [SAM] Let's go, let's go, let's go.
Who are we gonna see? Your Uncle Bob and the Deputy Director.
Of the CIA? - Of the CIA.
- Yeah? Two years ago, you wrote a program with Harold Floros to help screen employees at likely terrorist targets in the Middle East and Europe to assess the threat potential.
- Do you remember that? - Yeah.
You know, I didn't think anyone ever looked at that thing.
The program is operational? It's operational, Joe, and it works.
And you have a chance to save a lot of lives today.
We flagged this guy, Ammar Nazari.
[PRAYING IN ARABIC] [SPEAKING IN ARABIC] [SAM] N azari is a Saudi national.
Thirty-two years old.
Before your program found this guy, we'd never heard of him.
He's a fresh face in the Sunni terror community.
[SAM] Here we go.
Welcome to the big leagues, Joe.
Let me show you something.
There it is.
This is everything we've got on Nazari.
Now, we've been watching him for the past six weeks.
He's clean, until noon today when he goes to a PO box that no one knew he had, and picks up a package.
What's in the package? That's the problem, Joe.
We have no fucking idea.
We didn't have time to do a sweep.
Sam, is that ComQuest Field? Mmm-hmm.
That's where Nazari's been working as a janitor for the past six weeks until your program flagged him.
The program I designed was supposed to screen employees with high profile targets in the Middle East and Europe.
Your uncle has been running with this all by himself.
- Bob is running this? - We had no idea.
If you have an issue with it, you take it up with him, but you do it on your own time.
Nazari, right now, is on his way to a stadium filled with people as we speak.
So, you have a state trooper pull him over.
You search the car.
What if he detonates it? - Detonates what? - Exactly.
What is it? Is it nuclear, biological, chemical? We don't know what, Why are we gonna give this guy a chance to pull the trigger? Okay.
You're gonna kill him, aren't you? That's what this is.
That's what this room is, right? That's why you're here.
Yeah, we wanna hear every perspective - This is fucking crazy.
- before we act on it.
Subject is just over one mile from the target.
Is it a target, Mr.
Turner? Joe, this is Mr.
Abbott, Deputy Director of the CIA.
[ABBOTT] Well, is it? Uh The algorithm only looks at employees of high profile targets, Mr.
So the question isn't so much if ComQuest Field is a target, but more if Ammar Nazari is a threat.
Your algorithm gave Mr.
Nazari a 12% threat probability.
Yes, but the algorithm wasn't designed to be used in this country, so there are variables that will need to be adjusted to make the program actionable.
[TECH] The subject is getting off I-495.
A Saudi-born American citizen who is also a Muslim, just visited a secret safety deposit box, and is on his way now to a football stadium.
How many variables do we need? But with all due respect, uh, Mr.
Abbott, Muslim-Americans are allowed to have PO boxes and also work in football stadiums.
- [SAM] Sir? - Excuse me.
What would you do if this was your play? [STUTTERING] I don't know.
How could I We don't have enough time to not know.
[TECH] Subject is pulling in to the stadium parking lot.
Subject is parking.
[SOLDIER] Shadow 1 Bravo engaging.
You're talking about killing a man without any evidence against him, except for an algorithm that I wrote years ago and subsequently forgot about.
Now forgive me for taking a second to contemplate the 88% likelihood that this man is guilty of nothing more than coming from the wrong country and applying for the wrong fucking job.
You wrote the program, Joe.
Yeah, I did, so you guys would know who to look at, but not through the scope of a fucking sniper rifle.
[ABBOTT] Enough dithering with your nephew, Bob.
Let's get on with this.
He's the reason we're here.
His program found this man.
A man we suspect of being a terrorist is about to walk a package, whose contents are unknown to us, into a football stadium packed with 80,000 American souls.
[TECH] Subject's car door is open.
Thank you for your valuable service, Mr.
We should have more young men like you.
We'll take it from here.
Thank you.
- [SAM] Joe.
- Okay.
[SAM] Let's go, Joe.
[TECH] Sir, team leader wants to know if we have a green light.
[OPENING DOOR] [SIGHS] [INDISTINCT CONVERSATION ON TELEVISION] - You know, the head coach and his offense coordinator - [CELL PHONE LINE RINGS] [SAM'S VOICE] You've reached Sam Barber.
Please leave a message.
- [BEEP] - Sam, it's me.
What the fuck was that? I mean, are those people safe or not? I'm just standing here, watching the fucking TV.
[BEEPS] [COMMENTATOR] And that part's been top-down.
Which is why we saw a change coming into this season.
But you can't change the culture of a football team overnight.
These things take time.
- [CELL PHONE VIBRATES] - And right now, you're looking at a group of young men who are physically outmatching [JOE] Oh, shit.
[COMMENTATOR] That takes a toll.
Big challenge for the new coaching regime, trying to ride this ship.
All right now, first down in mid-field.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER] So, after the diagnosis, my aunt started seeing this energy healer.
So, one day, I went with her, and he shook my hand, and said, "You have the gift.
You're a healer.
That's what you're meant to do with your life.
" He said that he could teach me how to harness the power of my gift, and You know, use it in a positive way.
So, uh, that's what you do? You're a A healer? I'm a lawyer.
[COMMENTATOR SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY ON TELEVISION] That's usually the part of the story where people laugh.
You Big football fan? - Uh, no.
- Degenerate gambler? - No, I have - 'Cause this is a new one for me.
Losing a guy's interest to football in the first date.
I hate football.
I couldn't even tell you who's winning.
Is that supposed to make me feel better? Yeah.
No, uh I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
Uh What kind of law do you practice? - Intellectual property.
- Okay.
I have some semi-conductor clients here in the US whose US patents are being knocked off in, uh, China and Korea and I'd rather not drink alone.
[SIGHS] God.
[JOE] Wait.
Wait, wait.
Look, I'm sorry.
I'm just glad something you're interested in wasn't on.
I really am sorry.
Today Today was a bad It was a weird fucking day.
And the truth is, I meant to cancel our date, but I forgot.
Well, why didn't you just start with that? Yeah.
Yeah, in hindsight, that was the obvious move.
Look, it's already late, but I just live a few blocks from here.
I mean if you wanna walk me home.
All right.
Why was today a bad day? Something happened.
What? I, uh I can't really I can't really talk about it.
Everyone I know has to sign NDAs now.
Wait, so what do you do? You know what? It doesn't matter.
'Cause I'm gonna quit tomorrow.
[KATHY] Do you go on a lot of these? Dates? [CHUCKLES] Uh, I text people.
And I fantasize they'd be amazing.
[LAUGHS] Basically have an entire imaginary relationship that ends in a breakup before they can even text you back.
- You got it.
- [CHUCKLES] - I guess I'm not - As unique as you thought you were.
[BOTH LAUGH] Me, neither.
[CHUCKLES] How are you single? - [KATHY CHUCKLES] - That was a line.
Takes too long really get to know someone.
- [JOE] Mmm-hmm.
- That person is never as good as the one you imagined.
Sometimes you get hurt.
You know If we were a rational culture, we would begin every first date by saying, "Here's what's wrong with me.
" - Let's just get it out of the way, huh? - Yup.
This is me.
So fine - Tell me.
- What? What's wrong with you? [CHUCKLES] [KATHY] Come on.
What? I'm a stranger.
You're never gonna see me again.
You're not gonna see me again? You think I'd go on a second date with you? Come on.
I know this cozy little sports bar.
It's a few blocks from here.
You'd love it.
Okay? Okay.
All right.
[BOB] I imagine you must be pissed at me.
[JOE] You don't have to imagine too hard.
I can't be part of a program whose mission I No longer believe in.
You're not the only one who believes that spying on American citizens is wrong, Joe.
Yeah, but I am the only one whose belief that it's wrong stops him from doing it.
Sometimes, you have to do the wrong thing.
[JOE SIGHS] Why is that? So you don't have to do the worse thing later.
See, you keep moving the line, Bob.
That's your problem.
Or maybe it's your talent.
I don't know.
But I I can't do this anymore.
I'm out.
Sometimes a man's conflicted only because it's in his nature to be conflicted, which is what makes him so damn good at what he does.
It's the people who don't have that dissenting a voice inside them that are truly dangerous.
[JOE] That dissenting voice doesn't mean much if the dangerous people you work for aren't willing to hear it.
We're in a crowded theater.
It's on fire.
All we can do is yell as loud as we can.
I'm sorry, Bob.
You did a good thing, Joe.
[JOE] Yeah, I don't know what that means, and I don't wanna know.
Turn on the TV.
We'll talk about it tomorrow.
I'm out, I mean it.
Any channel.
Did I wake you, sweetheart? The airborne or pneumonic type of the plague virus that was found on Nazari, is the rarest and deadliest form of the disease.
With a mortality rate of close to 100% if left untreated.
Had Nazari been allowed to release this bio-weapon undetected, those 80,000 people might now be back in their homes or offices unwittingly infecting thousands.
[REPORTER] The FBI is calling this an act of terrorism.
[PANTING] [ALARM BUZZES] I mean the guy IPO'd at 24 and retired at 28.
Now he just sails around on his boat, you know, following the warm weather like some kind of bird.
- Turner, Joseph.
8:22 - Oh, God.
Ellie, leave Harold alone.
He has work to do.
[HAROLD] It's still early right now.
[HAROLD] The resolve is melting, Joe.
- [JOE] Faster or slower the polar ice caps? - [HAROLD LAUGHS] Good morning, Colonel.
[HAROLD] See, I'm playing a long game here, Joe.
I'm gonna win to the Christmas party, and then I make my big move.
What happens at the Christmas party? I break out my secret weapon.
Colonel, do you see a, uh, secret weapon anywhere on Harold? No? You need a calling card, something to distinguish you.
[HAROLD] I don't need a calling card.
What I'm saying is this is my home.
Joe, Joe, Joe, Joe, listen.
I'm a fantastic dancer, okay? Women respond to this on a primal level.
Do you get that? I mean, they can't help themselves.
I lived with the Makalanga for a year, all right? They taught me how to dance.
Surely you want Ellie to like you for your mind.
- Listen, attraction is instinctual.
- [SARAH] There you are.
In our base programming, we're still primates.
And the big monkey gets all the hugs.
Only 'cause his algorithms saved a few hundred thousand lives last night.
What's that now? Comquest Field That was Thanks for telling me.
That's Our algorithm was used last night to stop a terrorist attack.
Nice to know.
Probably saved all of DC last night.
No big deal.
Right back to work.
Not even so much as a celebratory cigarette? You're right.
I can't believe I have to go to dinner with my folks tonight and listen to my father bitch about how he should have become a doctor.
Clark Kent will always be a coward to his friends and family.
[SARAH] Not true.
Ma and Pa Kent know he's Superman.
Ah, yeah.
Look, I know you won't get any credit, and you won't give yourself any, but you did some good, Joe.
I mean, that's what this is all about, right? [JOE] You know, honestly, until I saw the news last night, I was gonna quit.
- Shut up.
- No, I even told Bob.
You honestly wanna quit because a terrorist's civil liberties are violated? Not to mention the civil liberties of a whole lot of other people who it turned out weren't terrorists.
Yeah, we collected data on a bunch of innocent people who are now safer for it.
How's that bad? Okay, but what about the ones we watched? Interviewed? Held for a few hours? Where's the line? Eighty thousand people get infected with the plague at a football game.
They don't show any signs of being sick for days.
They go home.
They go to work.
And some get on airplanes, and they go to other countries.
A couple of minutes ago, it was just DC.
Now we save the world? Come on.
What's he doing here? What? I can't hear you.
It's thick glass.
Probably came to accept your resignation in person.
Yesterday, countless American lives were saved because of this group.
And you deserve congratulations.
But That's not what I'm here for.
Ammar Nazari got a job at ComQuest Field with a plan to infect Americans with the plague during a football game.
We know very little else about him.
Until six weeks ago, he'd never been on our radar.
We don't know Who trained him, who he's working for.
The device that was on him, would have required a great deal of engineering skill and manufacturing.
Which means Nazari was most likely not working alone.
Someone out there could still have weaponized plague, and we have to assume they're going to use it.
JTTF is working on the encryptions on Nazari's laptop, combing through his house, interviewing his neighbors, trying to trace the materials on the device back to a manufacturer.
But it wasn't the JTTF who found this guy.
And I'm sure as hell not gonna entrust this hunt to conventional methods alone.
Now, I've rarely ever given you anything other an open-ended mandate to innovate.
But today, I'm asking you To put whatever you're doing on hold, and make this your only priority.
If the people Nazari was working with are gearing for another attack, we may only have a small window to find and stop them.
[MAN] You sure this is safe, Nathan? A hundred percent.
I got kids.
As one father to another I guarantee you, you have nothing to worry about.
Our man will pick it up at the embassy tomorrow.
- Okay.
- Safe flight, Ambassador.
So that's it.
Let's do it.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER] Bob, about last night Let's talk about it later.
[REPORTER] Walk us through a scenario where a weaponized pneumonic plague gets that kind of traction in a major American city.
What kind of plans does the CDC have in place? [ANALYST] Well, the plan is mass prophylaxis.
So, the US has been stock piling ciprofloxacin for decades.
So, in the event of a health emergency, PODs or Points of Dispensing Sites would be set up in every major US city.
[SPEAKING IN CHINESE] Stock transactions? Every stock transaction in the pharmaceutical sector going back three years.
Why? Uh, well, I was thinking about the country's vaccine stockpiles.
- Oh.
- Ciprofloxacin.
Girl I used to date called this morning to ask if my father could write her a prescription.
You're wondering if someone made a move into Big Pharma knowing vaccine stockpiles would be depleted? Like the terrorists shorting airline stocks before 9/11.
You see, that's a fiction.
Yeah, well, Dick Tracy wore a two-way wrist radio in the 40s, and now people wear Apple watches.
Not cool people.
The point is, fiction can become real.
- Dick Tracy? - He was an underrated detective.
[JADA] So which transactions stand out? Uh, well I found these 12 companies, and collectively, they bought over a billion worth of Big Pharma.
What connects them? See, that's just it.
They're all different sizes, they're headquartered in different countries.
It all looks completely random, but that is exactly how you want it to look if you're the one doing it.
Okay, so what you're saying is what you found is that you found nothing.
Uh, no.
Humans don't do random well.
The minute we try to avoid creating a pattern, we just create a different kind of pattern.
[TIM] So your big idea is to follow the money back to the dick turds who planned this thing.
Dick turds? Yeah.
It's pretty flimsy there, bud.
Yeah, you're reaching.
I know, I know.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER] Now, the FBI is calling this an act of terrorism, but there's been no claim of responsibility from any known terror organization.
- Is there any indication that a - [EMAIL ALERT] [INDISTINCT CHATTER] [JOE] Coming through.
[NATHAN] I have a new assignment for you.
I need it expedited.
The target package has been sent.
[JOUBERT] I'm looking at it now.
Come here.
[MAE] So how'd it go with Kathy H? Yeah, it was good.
I don't know.
Thank you.
You're so good with him.
You'd be such a great dad if you could ever get over your bullshit.
My bullshit? They've heard worse.
You meet someone, have an actual relationship.
Hard to do if you can't even tell someone what you do for a living.
Yeah, that's the bullshit I'm talking about.
Sammy, guys, bedtime.
BOTH: Uh-uh.
Let me just finish this level.
[MAE] What did I say? She is a tyrant.
No kidding.
Come on, Jude.
[MAE] You've been working for the CIA for a long time now, Joe.
How is this still an issue for you? I guess it's in my nature to wanna Trust a few people.
You think Sam gets to tell me what he does every day? No.
But, at least you know why he can't.
You know what your problem is? What, I only have one? - Well, that's up for debate.
- [CHUCKLES] Unlike every other guy in the universe, you think with your heart, instead of your dick.
You can't start every first date contemplating marriage.
Get laid.
See where it goes.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER] [JOUBERT] Hey, babe, sorry I'm late.
Hey, hey, hey.
Do I know you? Look, this creep's been following me for six blocks.
Pretend you're my boyfriend, okay? Okay.
Is he there? No.
No, I think you're good.
Thank you.
Thanks for meeting me, Sam.
What the fuck's going on, Nathan? I don't like being exposed like this.
Gareth has been doing some trades.
What kind of trades? He bought stock in pharmaceutical companies that manufacture ciprofloxacin.
That greedy motherfucker.
[NATHAN] It gets worse.
What? Your friend, Joe Turner.
He found out about them.
And You don't like being exposed? We're exposed.
- So this guy - You know, I thought you were gonna take advantage of the situation and kiss me.
But you handled yourself like a perfect gentleman.
Club soda and lime, please.
Can I Can I buy you a real drink? I can't.
Big day at work tomorrow.
I need to keep a clear head.
What are you saying? I already sent the assignment to the assets.
You what? You're mad because you have a personal connection, but once you get past that, you'll see that this is really the only way forward.
[JOE] What's that? Sorry, I have a nasty habit of taking my work home with me.
Isn't that usually a sign of a fulfilling job? What can I say? I love what I do.
How about you? Are you fulfilled? I don't know.
Your accent, where's it from? Cleveland.
If you're not gonna talk about yourself, why should I talk about me? Come on.
We don't know each other.
You don't even know my name.
How often do you get the chance to be totally honest with someone? [JOE] All right.
I have to lie to people about what I do for a living, and it makes it hard for me to get close to anyone.
You carry a lot of guilt.
That's good.
I don't feel guilty about anything.
It's okay to be happy.
You're young, strong.
You got a long life ahead of you.
I really like that.
[MOANING] You coming to bed anytime soon? Ah.
I can't sleep.
[GRUNTING] You okay? Sam, hey.
Sam, what's going on? Nothing, nothing.
[BREATHING HEAVILY] I think I'm coming down with something.
Well, you should definitely come to bed.
Okay, doc.
We have parent-teacher night next Thursday for Jude.
I think we should both go 'cause his teacher's a bitch, and I think I'm gonna lose my shit if I'm in there by myself.
Are you even listening to me? Huh? Did you hear anything I just said? [EXHALES DEEPLY] I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, I just Got a lot of stuff on my mind, okay? Whatever it is, just let it go.
For once.
Come to bed with me.
[BREATHING HEAVILY] I'll be there in a minute, okay? [MOANING] [GRUNTING] [CELL PHONE RINGING] [BOB] Sam? [SAM] Hi, Bob.
Are you at home? [BOB] There's too much going on to be at home.
I'm at Nazari's.
[SAM] I'm gonna head over.
I wanna run something by you.
Hi, Bob.
You seen Nazari's bed? Yeah.
- Hospital corners.
- Yeah.
What compels a man about to walk a plague into a football stadium to make his bed? [MAN SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY OVER RADIO] Well, I guess When you're in a combat zone, those little routines are a big comfort.
I remember combat zones being less comfortable.
Not much.
Did I ever tell you I met your father once? In Nha Trang.
[CHUCKLES] I guess you saw a lot of shit.
I mean it's a hell of a sacrifice to make for nothing.
We were born after all the good wars were already over.
The world has changed.
These people used to want a seat at the table.
Now they wanna blow the table up.
How do you How do you fight an enemy like that? So what did you wanna talk about? You're right.
You can't fight an enemy like that, not like that.
Power's out on the whole block.
Back-up generator's dead.
Lappe Did you read my report about the pharma stock trades? Yes, I'm sending it up to Langley as soon as the power comes on.
Morning, Colonel.
- Arms up.
- [ELECTRIC SCANNING] [SIGHS] I'm gonna miss my flight.
[COLONEL] Turner, I may not have the most glamorous job in the world, but believe it or not, I derive some satisfaction in doing it well.
What time are you gonna pick me up for dinner? My job is to protect everyone that works in this building.
You going on the fire escape for your cigarette breaks is a breach of security that puts you and everyone who works here in danger.
I'm giving you one last warning.
If I catch you again, I'm writing you up.
There's one T in Turner.
You're an asshole.
What's wrong? [KNOCK AT DOOR] - Hey.
- [HAROLD] Hi.
Soy vanilla latte, right? Harold, you didn't have to do that.
I know, but I wanted to, so Also, hey, um, so I was thinking maybe, maybe Um, you and I could do something some night.
Or something.
Harold, you seem like a nice guy.
But you've been chatting me up every day since you started working here, and I've been very careful to give you no indication whatsoever that I might be at all interested in seeing you outside the office, precisely to avoid you asking me out and having to hurt your feelings.
I know.
I just thought, you know, maybe the drugs that I put in your coffee might change your mind.
What? Bitch.
Sharla called me a hypocrite.
Gave me a guilt trip about how she'd work too hard in recovery getting to know herself to waste time with someone who couldn't even admit who they were to their own parents.
[MAN] Get right in there.
You spent half a decade behind that desk, believing that you're protecting all of us just in case something terrible happened.
Your life's purpose was a pitiful delusion.
[GUNSHOTS] That flew right by my ear.
What the hell? [WOMAN] Look out! [SCREAMING] [GRUNTS] Go! Get out! Go! Go, go, go.
[PANTING] Go, go, go, go, go, go.
- No, no, no.
- [SCREAMS] Oh, Jesus.
[GRUNTS] [GRUNTS] [PANTING] [JOUBERT] He's in the basement.
I'm in Saudi.
Package has landed.
I'll await the courier.
[ANNOUNCER] Pentagon.