Control Z (2020) s01e07 Episode Script

Control Z

["Sad Parade" by The Two Mexicans playing]
[music continues]
[indistinct chattering]
- Hey!
- Hi!
[Gerry] What's up, man?
- [Raúl] Hey! What's up!
- [Gerry] Let's meet up at your house.
For sure! Let's go "study."
- Of course not!
- Hey, put on some glasses.
- We'll meet up at his place.
- No problem.
- We'll drive together.
- Oh, I have a surprise.
- What surprise?
- Got beer at the house.
Fuck you, man.
If that's the surprise,
I'm going to kill him, man.
Fuck out of here Hey.
'Sup, man?
What is this?
- "I have nothing, and I"
- Hey, dude. Stop.
What the hell
is this bullshit you're reading?
- You like to mess with him?
- Stupid idiot.
Yo, hey. You living in a locker or what?
- [Dario] How about a nephew?
- Come on!
I think you'd be a good uncle, dude.
Hello, ladies.
- [Natalia] Hey there.
- You good?
All good.
- Oh, shit. What's up?
- You look good.
Can we come with you guys today?
What? Where?
To your house, to study.
It's just Gerry told Pablo,
Pablo told Isa, Isa told us.
Ah. You can come over.
Of course you can.
Of course. You're invited.
- Thanks, cutie.
- No problem.
- See you later, dude.
- All right.
[Raúl] Hey, man. When school's over,
you can come to my house if you want.
What the fuck, SoFreak?
Watch where you're going.
[electrical glitching]
The most stressful part was
when the space shuttle was still active
Man, I'm so bored.
How long have we been studying? Forever?
[Maria] Here it is!
- Can I play a CD, man?
- Put on Luis Miguel.
This is boring.
Bring out the tequila. Let's party.
- [Gerry] Man, you've had ten beers.
- Gerardo.
- We're here to study.
- "Here to study"!
We've been here for three hours.
I know it by heart.
My brain works really fast.
I don't need to study that much.
- [laughter]
- I'm serious!
[Gerry] Tequila!
- Hold on.
- A little touch?
Want to see something cool?
- Yes, please. Let's go.
- [Gerry] No, no.
- Get some tequila, please!
- [Raúl] Gerry.
Please get up. Let's go. Let's go!
[Dario] Is it a new friend?
- [Maria] Gerry, let's go.
- [Natalia] I hate being this person.
- [Ernesto] What the fuck is this?
- [Dario] Like a horror movie.
What are you going to do to us, pervert?
- [keypad beeping]
- [Dario squeals]
Stupid idiot!
[Dario] What's this?
[Gerry] No, enough, dude. It's
- [Raúl] What's wrong?
- [all gasping]
[Ernesto] It's like an antiques store!
- [Gerry] No way!
- Guys, come on! Just look at this!
- Wow!
- [Maria] Let me see.
[Gerry] Pure gold!
[Isabela] This is amazing.
[Raúl] You think this is the best part?
Come see this.
[Ernesto] What? There's more?
You even have a bear, dude!
[all whooping]
["Ways" by Tasha The Amazon playing]
[voices yelling]
[music continues]
[everyone yelling]
[Gerry] Who wants some cash?
- Who wants another handful?
- Gerry, quiet down.
[Raúl] Shh!
[room falls quiet]
Why are you in here?
I let them in.
Wait upstairs for him, please.
Excuse me, sir.
Excuse me.
What's your problem? Huh?
I wasn't thinking.
I'm sorry.
No cars or credit cards for now.
Go upstairs with your friends.
Go on! Now!
[school bell ringing]
- No.
- What?
- I said Seattle, man.
- Yeah?
[Dario] Where's the teacher, huh?
I don't think she's coming.
Babe, excuse me, but that's my seat.
Baby, you know what? You're not the boss.
I'm the boss of that seat. Now get off.
Guess what? Don't worry.
I can get along with everybody here.
Then ask your friends
to recommend a different hair color.
Thanks for all the advice.
Whatever you say.
- [Pablo] I'll draw you.
- [Isabela] So stupid!
- Rosita's pretty hot, don't you think?
- Gross, Gerardo. If you like ordinary
- [Gerry] You're cute too.
- Not for charity!
Good morning, guys.
Let's go ahead and get started.
Everybody take your seats, please.
We're ready to begin.
- Pablo. Trouble hearing?
- Oh, sorry.
[message alert]
[Susana] I don't want any phones on.
You know that.
Today we're talking about impressionism.
How did these fucking pictures come out?
[Susana] Who can tell me
a few Impressionist painters?
[Pablo] Monet, Renoir, Manet
- [Susana] Natalia?
- [Natalia] Cézanne, Monet.
- [Natalia] Renoir. Sisley.
- [Dario] Cézanne, Matisse
[gasping in pain]
What the fuck?
[Susana] What is it? Quiet down.
- Sofia, are you okay?
- [Gerry] Why are you doing that?
[Susana] Sofia!
- Sofia?
- [boy] What the fuck?
What happened?
[Gerry] Fucking wacko!
- [Susana] What happened?
- [Gerry] She was cutting herself.
[Susana] Natalia, keep writing, please.
I'll be right back.
[Gerry] Did you see?
Sofia was cutting herself.
- [Isabela] Where?
- She was cutting her wrist.
You assholes!
- I can't believe the shit you guys pulled.
- [Isabela] What?
Weren't those pictures
going to stay between us?
Just between us, yeah.
- If my dad sees them, he'll kill me.
- I know, asshole.
- It's not some joke, dude. I mean it.
- Relax, man.
Whoever it was, they're dead.
How can you think it was us?
- You on your period or something?
- Your mom is on her period.
[Pablo] Why would we even post them, Raúl?
[both laughing]
I mean, it's a pretty big deal!
[message alert]
[tense music playing]
God dammit.
[tense music continues]
[rumble of distant traffic]
Why are you so nervous?
No. I don't feel nervous.
You were like this the other day in class.
This mean that you're stalking me?
It's just
I notice things sometimes.
Hey, what's the matter?
I feel tired.
Tired of pretending, I guess.
But that's what everyone does.
Well, not everyone.
Yes. You and your buddies
You're all living lives that aren't real.
Are you always this philosophical?
Or just because it's morning?
Don't you get tired?
Wouldn't it be much easier
if everybody stopped lying?
If we didn't have secrets?
Instead of lying to the people
you care about.
[tense music playing]
That motherfucker.
His dad is a corrupt politician,
I can assure you that.
Dude, come on. We can't be sure.
Better not say anything.
Pablo, didn't you see
all that money he had in there?
- Stop, man. Come on!
- Fine, then! Okay, Gerardo says he is.
But Raúl's dad is intelligent.
He saw an opportunity and grabbed it.
I accept it.
He's corrupt, but that's fine.
- But we'd all do the same thing.
- I would, too.
And I bet that Raúl will be
just like his dad.
No, Raúl isn't like that.
- [Gerry] Don't be dumb. Obviously.
- [Natalia] Will you stop being his friend?
Of course not. With all that money,
I'll never stop being his friend.
[bell ringing]
[all talking at once]
[Natalia] Gross!
You have to stop eating that stuff.
You'll die at 25.
[pulsing music playing]
Hey there, Bruno.
Hey there, Raúl. What are you doing here?
- Your office is nice.
- Thank you.
Drop the act. I saw you take the money.
Well I don't know
what you're talking about.
Do you know who my dad is?
I mean, he has very important friends.
I don't really think
he'd like what you did.
Well But you haven't said anything.
According to what I read,
you and him don't get along.
Come on!
Don't tell me you hacked my phone
for a few fucking thousand pesos.
Maybe that's nothing to you people.
But it's a lot to me, okay?
Can I just ask you one question?
I mean, I don't care or anything, but
Can you hack any phone?
And you won't believe what you can find.
If you want to know something
about someone, that's where you start.
[pulsing music playing]
I need to talk with you.
Forgive me.
I know this must be very hard for you.
[Sofi sobs]
No, don't touch me!
It's okay.
Where have you been?
[Sofi] You left!
You left!
[Fernando] It's okay. It's okay
[Sofi crying]
[Isabela] Hey, did you hear?
I'm not even surprised at all.
I mean, I'm not either, really.
[Natalia] It's horrible.
What happened?
[Isabela] Sofia.
- She's been sent to an asylum.
- To a clinic.
[Natalia] Maria, it's the same thing.
Who the fuck told you that?
I don't mean to gossip, okay?
But I overheard Quintanilla telling Lulu
that she had a breakdown and went crazy.
I think she's possessed or something.
No, really.
What if she'd done something to us?
[Isabela] Seriously! It's not a joke.
[voices fade]
["Lee" by Unloved playing]
Lee ♪
Where have you gone, Lee? ♪
Where can you be, Lee? ♪
Come on, come on, come on
Come on back to me ♪
[song continues]
I dream ♪
Nothing stands for the strong man ♪
You used to be ♪
There's no one in this world needs me ♪
[doctor] Hey, what are you doing here?
Sorry. I'm just here to
see if my friend Sofia is okay.
I can't give you that information,
and you can't be in this area.
- Please leave.
- I'll pay you.
Really, whatever you want.
I just want to see how she's doing.
Beat it or I'll bring security.
Fine, then.
Doctor, please tell me if she'll be okay.
Yes, she'll be fine. Don't worry.
- Show him out.
- Sure thing.
- For real?
- Yes.
[Maria] Nati, you want some?
It's almost finished.
[Maria] It's not every day
[Gerry] So she tried to kill herself.
That's why they sent her to the clinic.
[Maria] Not because she got
aggressive with a teacher?
They won't commit you for doing that.
- They expel you for that.
- I think she's possessed.
[Pablo] Enough about this, okay?
Let's change the subject.
[Isabela] What are you doing for vacation?
[Gerry] New York.
[Natalia] We don't know yet.
It'll be a surprise.
- [Pablo] I'd like to go to Valle.
- [Isabela] Let's go!
Raúl, weren't you going to be
in Europe with your mom?
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
Actually, no. I'm not going.
I'm gonna be staying here.
- You okay?
- Yeah.
[Natalia] He's possessed, too.
- [Isabela] Where are you going?
- [Dario] You okay?
Want some?
In my dreams I dream ♪
There's somewhere in morning ♪
The flowers in my hair ♪
[song continues]
[song continues]
- Yes?
- Hello. I'm here to see Sofia.
- [Nora] Goodbye. Thank you.
- [Sofi] Thank you.
[car unlocks]
- [Nora] You okay?
- Yes.
[engine starts]
[car pulls away]
[kids talking]
- [Ernesto] What's up?
- [Dario] Hey, bitch!
- Did you miss us?
- Don't be an ass!
- Let me borrow 200 pesos for the taxi.
- Hey, man!
- Come on, dude.
- Come on. Come with us.
Hey, chill.
- What's up?
- Let me borrow it.
[Pablo] How was your trip?
[Raúl clears throat]
How are you feeling?
You care about how I feel,
or is this you just trying
to joke about my vacation?
- I really want to know.
- It was very therapeutic.
I watched TV. There was a puzzle
that was missing a piece.
And that was a major scandal
at the clinic.
Tell your stupid friends
I didn't try to commit suicide, okay?
[pulsing music playing]
What do you guys want to do later?
You reading?
What is that?
- Give me my headphones.
- Just let me see.
- Give me my headphones.
- Okay, let me see what it is.
"Suddenly there was a stirring"
You shouldn't read this stuff.
That's why you're nuts.
Wow, I'm surprised
you can read now, Gerry.
You've made progress.
- That's mean.
- [Ernesto] Hey!
And then you complain
nobody's nice to you!
[Ernesto] Hey, she'll bite you, dude.
[Dario] Dude, how about you? Tits or ass?
[Gerry] Fuck, tits, man.
What if she attacks you?
She can try. What's up with her attitude?
She shouldn't be here.
I mean, what if she has another episode?
[Isabela] Yeah, it's super dangerous.
It's not cool having a wacko around.
[Natalia] I know, it's scary.
The truth is,
they shouldn't allow her to be here.
At least she's not being a hypocrite.
- And she's free.
- [Pablo] But psychos shouldn't be free.
Yeah, I'm sure she's free
in the asylum! Fly away!
[Ernesto] Look at this, man!
- [Dario] What's this?
- [Ernesto] Oh, come on, dude!
- Let me see again.
- No, man.
[sinister music playing]
[Bruno] Here's everything
about Pablo, Gerry and Natalia.
There's some crazy shit!
What happened to mine?
- Hmm?
- What, "Hmm"?
You have to add me
or they'll suspect, idiot.
Okay, we can post the thing with you
and your dad's money. I still have it.
In case of emergencies,
since I'm not saying I don't trust you,
but if this is how you treat friends
Had it coming to them.
Just see what I found on Isabela.
I didn't see that one coming.
[Quintanilla] That's why
our friends from the AV Club
have created this video, called
"The Responsible Use of Cellphones."
So please pay close attention.
Could you hit play, please?
Thank you.
[Pablo] Hey, my little Bunny.
Your favorite carrot.
Sofia's good, but she doesn't notice me.
She thinks I'm stupid.
Why haven't we posted about her?
What the hell?
Why the fuck does that matter?
Did you get into Williams' profile?
I need that to be your priority.
Oh, please!
Stop acting like my boss, okay?
What I do know
is that Williams wants to fuck her.
What the fuck? Are you an idiot or what?
She'd never notice him.
He's too simple.
And you're too complicated, right?
[tense music playing]
[man 1] There it is!
[Fernando] Count it up, guys.
[man 2] Let's see. Just count 'em again.
[conversation continues in background]
Alex, bring two.
Can you get me a little ice?
You're under age, no?
It's a bar. Yeah, I'm sorry.
Thank you.
Prefer to stay here than be home.
I have some issues with my dad.
[Fernando chuckles]
You kids I'm sure it's nothing serious.
It is, Rogelio.
But I guess we all need to get used to it.
Some parents lie, and
others steal.
And others simply just
I don't know, disappear.
- You're the guy extorting Sofia?
- And you're her dad.
I think that
she'd be happier with you gone.
You know both can go to prison
if this gets out?
[Quintanilla] Come on, kids.
You can leave now.
That's enough for today. Listen!
Come on. There's no Gerry.
Nothing's happening.
Listen to your principal.
There's no show.
There won't be a fight. Nothing.
- Where the hell's Gerry?
- Let's go.
[Quintanilla] Hey, come on. Let's go!
[knocking on door]
[Gerry] Open up!
Open the door. It's locked!
[knocking continues]
[Luis] Come on, you fuckers!
- Did you miss me?
- Relax. Calm down!
[Quintanilla] Hey, Luis!
Luis, what's the matter?
[Luis] Pablo, does your girl know
who you're sending dick pics to?
[crowd gasping]
Gerry, please
- [Susana] Hey!
- Let me at this asshole!
[crowd yelling]
[yelling continues over laptop]
[spooky music playing]
[electro music blaring]
Yeah, right.
I'll be right back. Have fun.
- Thanks.
- Thanks.
[crowd talking]
Hey, welcome!
What's up? I thought you weren't coming.
Make yourself at home.
I'm glad you're here.
[girl] He says you should be patient,
have some fun.
[Sofi] What?
[girl] Check your phone.
[Sofi] Son of a bitch!
[Javier] What did he say?
[Sofi] A princess, a rose and a drink.
[crowd cheering]
[music blaring]
Are you crazy? What are you doing?
Why did you do that? Huh?
You're crazy, you know that?
[circuits click out]
[Raúl] No way! I'll be right back.
[eerie music playing]
[Sofi screams]
[eerie music playing]
[Bruno] Are you sure?
[Raúl] Yeah, why?
[Bruno] I mean, we could
leave her at your house
until it wears off,
since everybody's high already.
Better she ends up at home with her mom.
So you're doing all this for her?
I am. She deserves it, no?
I told you,
she's different from everybody else.
Weird way to flirt with a girl, dude.
Take care of her, bro.
Watch out, idiot.
[pulsing music playing]
No one's here.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- [Javier] I'll call the police.
- What?
Come on. Are you an idiot or what?
You know what we're doing is illegal.
We'd get in trouble.
[Javier] Let's go.
We should just leave. Sofia?
Let's go.
[Raúl] Leave if you're so scared.
No. I'm not leaving
until we find out who lives here.
You're not paying me enough, cabron.
- Just help me, okay?
- When that idiot comes in, you leave.
[Raúl] How could you let him go?
[Javier] What?
He had help.
How else did he get free, huh?
- You think I untied him?
- It seems like it, right?
Yeah, just admit it was you, bro.
Give me your fucking phone.
You won't stop
until I beat the shit out of you?
- Huh?
- [Sofi] No, Javi.
Javier, stop!
- [Javier] Or what?
- What's wrong with you?
[Javier] What's wrong with you, Sofia?
[pulsing music continues]
What's this?
I was obsessed with something,
but I lost control.
What happened?
[Sofi sighs]
Well, I mean,
you don't have to tell me what, but
I just want you to know
I'm here if you need me to
And I'm always here.
- Okay?
- Okay.
[rowdy rock music playing]
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