Control Z (2020) s02e02 Episode Script

The Return

- Help!
- Oh!
It's okay!
It's okay! Somebody help!
Come here.
You are alone, I can see why ♪
'Cause home is my grave at night ♪
So why don't you just ♪
So, how did you sleep?
Uh, so-so.
- I'll get an inflatable bed.
- I mean, it's fine.
Let's switch. The yolk broke. Take mine.
- It doesn't matter.
- It does.
- Thank you.
- So
Answer it.
- Answer it.
- No.
What happened to Dario and Ernesto
wasn't at school.
It's not a problem.
But they are my students.
Well, um
Let's have breakfast.
Enjoy it.
- Thanks.
- It's okay.
come eat your breakfast.
- Okay.
- I'll get the waffles.
- Do you want juice?
- Yes, please.
Yes, please. Natalia!
- Looks tasty.
- Go get your sister.
It's getting cold.
Sure. Can you serve me, please?
- Yes.
- Of course, darling.
We are going to do very well.
- Since when do you put makeup on in here?
- Since always, Maria, since always.
My mind returns to the Everglades ♪
A place alive
With green mangroves and vine ♪
You'll pay for his death.
You'll pay for his death.
Where the atmosphere's so thick
That you could kiss it ♪
I've never seen copperheads
Darting from their graves ♪
A once-mighty oak's red roots
In decay ♪
In my heart
There's a place called ♪
There isn't enough money?
Sorry, we can't help you.
Well, how much money is there?
I am not authorized to tell you.
I'll take half, then.
It doesn't work like that, miss.
If you don't like your job,
do something else. Incompetent!
Do you remember
anything, some noise,
an image?
- Anything.
- Excuse me.
Excuse me, um
Your parents are not picking up.
It doesn't matter.
They won't come from Querétaro anyway.
Oh all right.
Do you want me to call Mrs. Beltrán?
No, no, no.
That's the last thing I want to do.
I understand.
I don't want the board to know about this.
We'll deal with it internally.
- Sure.
- Hey
- Yes?
- Are you okay?
Yes. Thank you for asking.
Can I go now?
There was all this hair,
and I didn't know if it was mine.
- They wrote something on me.
- What?
"Feel my hell."
What does it mean?
I don't know.
It makes no sense.
Why would he attack you?
You got along well with Luis, right?
What happened?
It's my fault Gerry killed Luis.
Open up!
I opened the door for Gerry
the day of the fight.
Quintanilla locked the door,
but I opened it.
- It was my fault.
- It's okay.
He's going after anyone
who might have had a hand in it.
I went to the library
after school finished.
Suddenly, I woke up
tied up on the floor,
undressed, cold,
and not knowing what would happen.
If I would be killed.
It's all right.
Did you drink anything?
I got a coffee from the vending machine.
Did you leave it unattended?
I went to the restroom at some point.
What does that have to do with anything?
It might have been spiked.
It was the same with Dario and Ernesto.
Did you feel dizzy afterwards?
What happened then?
I can't remember much, Sofia.
It's okay. Let me help you clean that off.
What the fuck? My locker!
That's what you care about.
Shit, did you see that?
- She looks awful.
- Horrible!
- Alex is ugly as fuck, dude.
- Shut up!
- What?
- We aren't like that anymore.
Come on!
I could have said something earlier,
but your mom was there.
Don't talk about my mom.
I am not talking about her, but about you.
Jordi, what's going on? Answer the phone.
I need to talk to you.
I've been calling you all morning.
It's me, Nora.
I know you don't want to hear from me,
but we need to talk.
Do it for our daughter
- Alex opened the door for Gerry?
- Don't tell anyone.
He's coming after
whoever messed with Luis.
We were all at the fight,
and nobody stopped it.
Do you think the avenger from school?
Or is he Luis' relative?
No. My theory is that Luis is still alive.
What the fuck? Your theory? Come on!
It is my theory. Seriously!
Nonsense. He is obviously dead.
- We went to his funeral.
- Enjoy.
- Wouldn't that be part of his plan?
- You know what?
It was Luis' mom.
She paid someone to take revenge and left.
You have some fucking nerve, asshole.
Are you fucking stupid?
What the fuck are you doing here?
Messing around again?
Beat him up!
Hey! No!
Calm down!
Calm down!
- Sofia!
- Go to your classroom.
Go to your classrooms.
Come here.
Stop it, Pablo.
Stop it!
- You better watch yourself, asshole!
- Party's over!
You're a psycho, Raúl.
You shouldn't be free.
Why? Bruno confessed he was the hacker.
You probably paid him to.
That doesn't mean you can be here.
What about Nora?
What about her?
How are you two doing?
Still getting married?
The secret about
you fucking Susana is safe
I don't fuck her. I am not fucking her.
I fucked her
I won't be able
to protect you here anymore.
I can look after myself.
My parents are in jail.
Who's going to mess with you?
Who, indeed?
No one.
Not even you.
Get out of here.
Is all of that for you,
or are you sharing it with your boss?
- He doesn't even want to eat.
- Really?
This situation might overwhelm him.
He might not be able to cope with it.
Is it that bad?
Quintanilla has to relax, don't you think?
He is hanging in there all by himself.
Imagine that!
What does the board say?
He hasn't even told them
about the avenger
who is harassing the students.
- Really?
- Mm-hmm.
- Mr. Güero.
- How's everything?
- Join us?
- I already ate, but I'll tag along.
Great. She is coming with me.
- See you later.
- Enjoy your food.
- How's it going, honey?
- Fine. Do you want coffee?
I knew you'd be here.
Where it all started, and we fell in love.
Fuck, you're crazier than I thought.
You like that about me.
Because we're similar.
No, I'm not like you, man.
I don't screw people over.
We haven't talked since the NONA.
We should clear the air.
If you leave me alone, then fine.
What do you want?
- I didn't want to hurt you.
- What were you doing, then?
What are you doing here?
- Here comes your pet.
- Leave her alone.
- You better stay there.
- Mm.
We know you tend to push people.
I paid for that. I'm good.
Aren't you going to thank me?
The moment you show up,
shit hits the fan, doesn't it?
That has nothing to do with me.
Don't mess with anyone here.
Is that clear?
You'll never measure up to me.
You're an asshole.
Maria Maria!
Listen to me.
Sorry. Please forgive me.
I accept I behaved like an asshole.
Can we talk?
My mom went through the same.
She got pregnant when she was young.
My grandma wanted her to have an abortion.
Your mom is your heroine.
It's good she had you.
You haven't asked what I want.
I know what you need.
I promise I'll be the best dad ever.
Give me a chance, please.
You don't get it. It's not about you.
It's my body, I won't have it.
Just leave me alone, please.
Pablo, say hi to your mom for me.
What the fuck do you want?
Hacking everyone
was a fucked up thing to do.
I'm sorry
I ruined your fucking perfect life.
No, I get why you did it.
I am willing to forgive you.
Do you think I want forgiveness?
Raúl, please. You could use a friend now.
Who did this, assholes? Huh?
Raúlito, you better go.
What are you gonna do?
Stop it!
They're gonna kill him!
Stop it! Leave him alone!
Stop it!
Stop it!
Stop it!
- Stop!
- Shit! Quintanilla's coming.
Stop it!
Stop it!
- It's all your fucking fault!
- Stop it!
Fucking idiot!
Stop it!
Why the fuck did you come back?
Because of you!
I can't protect you anymore.
What happened? Are you okay?
Stay away from Maria.
Excuse me?
Leave Maria alone.
Why? She is my friend.
Because you're bad for her.
It took you long enough to bring that up.
Everything that came out about you
in the NONA was fucked up.
I don't judge you.
But it's not for me.
It's good abortion isn't for you.
How pregnant are you?
Look, Claudia.
I know you had a hard time,
and all that shit
It wasn't because of the abortion.
It was because of guys like you.
I know what you're capable of.
But you don't know what I'm capable of.
You are the one who's bad for Maria.
Don't go near her again, okay?
Go take care of your toxic masculinity.
- Are you okay?
- I'm okay.
You're hurt.
I promise you I'm fine.
Honestly, it's okay.
I just wanted to be with you.
Not here.
You don't work here anymore. Who cares?
I don't want to be seen.
When we get home.
Let's go home.
Why the fuck
did you let Raúl come back to school?
Hang on, I am the principal.
I don't have to explain myself to you.
- What is this?
- I don't know.
Your mom was going to throw that away.
What? Where are you going?
- I'm talking to you.
- I don't have to explain myself to you.
You're not my father.
What's up, asshole?
Open up. I'll tell you in a bit.
- Someone stole my keys.
- Shit, brother.
You're badly beaten up. What happened?
Did you fall down, idiot?
- What happened to you?
- Nothing.
Really? Your face is fucked up!
You went to school, didn't you?
Did you go to school?
Why the fuck did you go there?
- My head hurts.
- I don't give a shit.
We weren't gonna take any risks.
You weren't meant to be in Mexico, right?
- Yes.
- You went to get your ass kicked.
I don't understand
Did anyone follow you, asshole?
You fucked us.
We are fucked.
- Can I come in?
- Uh, sure.
Wait up.
Thank you for coming.
- I really wanted to talk to you.
- I'm not here to talk.
They say letting things out
helps reduce post-traumatic stress.
So hear me out.
You are an asshole!
I lost my dad again because of you.
They took away my home,
and my mom hates me.
You followed me to the graveyard,
didn't you?
Yes, it was me.
I was afraid
something might happen to you.
Come on! After the threats
of the crazy guy who's attacking everyone.
Come on. You are the crazy one!
Did you come back
because you like to screw with everyone?
You know me, right?
Do you think I could bury someone alive?
You're an asshole, but not a killer.
There you go.
Is someone else here?
No, nobody.
I told you there's no one here.
What's that?
It was outside.
It was inside.
Uh, no way. Here?
- Uh-huh.
- No.
That was my parents' bedroom.
- In fact
- If I open the door, nobody's there.
The door doesn't work.
I'll open it slowly.
Hon, don't leave me on my own for so long.
Sofi, relax, make yourself at home.
You don't mind, do you?
I have an idea.
You two have a lot to talk about,
so I'll cook dinner for the three of us.
No, I did what I came here to do.
Bye, babe.
Your girlfriend doesn't seem happy.
The keys.
Get the hell out of my house.
Raúl, how rude.
Won't you offer me a drink or anything?
Get the fuck out of my house.
What do you think will happen
when everyone finds out
you are hiding Gerry here?
Huh? What are you talking about?
I spy with my little eyes
Gerry in the upstairs bedroom.
No way!
I'll get him, then.
I'll take a picture and send it around.
No, no, no.
It's over. Come out!
Here he comes.
Were you hiding in the closet again?
What do you want?
How much is your secret worth?
Shall we go to the safe?
What the fuck did you get into?
Talk to Jordi.
Can't he help you?
Did you introduce him to your parents?
How much is your secret worth, dealer?
You have no proof.
I have all your convos.
I'll tell you what.
You forget about all this,
and I forget about your criminal life.
- Anything else, ma'am?
- No, thanks.
Excuse me.
Thank you for coming.
You haven't changed.
- He is the avenger.
- Raúl isn't.
Come on, Sofia.
- Raúl
- Listen to me.
Did he convince you?
- Raúl is selfish.
- That's it.
He wouldn't waste his time
avenging someone else's death.
And he is partly to blame for Luis' death.
Who is it, then?
She had the worst of it.
If someone killed my son,
I know I'd want to get revenge.
I made a mistake.
I wanted to do so much with you, Nora.
- What do you want?
- I've been calling you all day.
Why didn't you pick up?
Stop calling me.
These guys mean business.
They're gonna kill us.
I'm leaving.
I'll get the money.
It's here.
- She's not home.
- How do you know?
The dog didn't bark.
Marta has certain habits.
She's got a strict schedule.
She probably walks her dog
before going to sleep.
Let's see.
- Javi, help me.
- Nope.
- Help me.
- No. Sofia, this is illegal.
Come on!
Ready? Be careful.
Careful. Are you okay?
No way! We better go, Sofia.
Can you hear me?
Why didn't you trust me?
I wanted to give you a new beginning,
a second chance.
What a selfish plan.
Sofia's been having a very hard time.
I know.
- Is it locked?
- Yes.
That's not okay.
Isn't that illegal?
We're even, okay?
- Got it?
- Yes.
- Did you get cut?
- No.
Let's go.
Check out those drawers.
Being here makes me shiver.
It feels like he's still alive.
Mm. The hospital clothes.
No, no, no, Sofia, don't!
- What's wrong?
- What?
- I wanna see it.
- Look for his phone.
It's the hospital clothes.
- Check this out.
- What?
His drawings.
Wait, Nabu.
Help me.
Hang on.
That's it.
- Shit.
- Put it away.
Pss, pss, pss.
- It's not a cat.
- I know, idiot.
Come here.
Come here.
What's up, Nabu?
- Come here, come here.
- Stop it.
- Come here.
- Be quiet.
What's wrong, Nabu? Huh?
Is anyone there?
Let's go.
No, no!
Come here, Nabu.
Nabu, come here!
Hello! This is an emergency!
My house is on fire! Please!
Come here, Nabu.
Nabu, come here, please!
Help me, please!
It's in Cerrada de Olivo.
Cerrada de Olivo 496!
Hurry up, please!
Everything is burning fast!
Yes, I am on my own.
Sofia! Sofia!
Come here, come here.
Come here.
This way.
Look, here!
That's it.
- Can you step on it?
- Yes.
If we get caught,
we'll be in trouble.
- What should we do?
- Please!
My house!
What should we do?
You have to jump off.
Look at me. It's okay.
You gotta do it.
Come on, do it!
You have to do it!
Do it.
Do it, Javi!
Are you okay?
What did you do, Nora?
- What happened?
- What?
Hold your horses on ♪
No matter what's inside you ♪
If it's a super flame ♪
What kind of fire burns in you? ♪
No matter ♪
What is that ♪
You treasure now ♪
But maybe you aren't in the zone ♪
And you're doing it all wrong ♪
Yeah ♪
Uh-huh ♪
Oh yeah ♪
Uh-huh ♪
Uh-uh, uh-uh, ah ♪
If you need much more attention ♪
Hold your horses on ♪
If you need much more attention ♪
Hold your horses on ♪
No matter what's inside you ♪
If it's a super flame ♪
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