Control Z (2020) s02e04 Episode Script

Nothing to Hide

Let everyone hear it.
It's my kid. Stop acting so dumb.
- Fuck, call an ambulance!
- Maria!
Of course. He's coming for everyone.
I can't believe this happened to Maria.
If she's hurt, I'll die.
Listen, dude. I'm serious.
I'm happy you're with her.
- How nice of you.
- Good for you.
What the fuck are you doing here?
It was you, wasn't it?
You were the one taking Maria's drink.
- That's bullshit.
- Calm down.
You too.
Maria Alexander's family?
I'm her boyfriend.
How is she?
She's quite weak at the moment,
but she'll be fine.
We're pumping her stomach
to speed up her recovery
so she can go home.
Is the baby okay?
- The baby?
- Yeah.
What baby?
The patient was not pregnant
when she arrived.
- Pablo, what are we going to do?
- "We"?
What are you going to do?
Pablo, it's yours.
- You're an asshole.
- Yeah.
You are alone, I can see why ♪
'Cause home is my grave at night ♪
So why don't you just ♪
Good morning.
Good morning.
I don't think you should go to school.
I have a math test this week.
And I have to hand in
my biology assignment.
Mm. Since when
do you care about your grades?
Since now.
I'm going, Nora.
Don't worry, really.
- Okay.
- I'll be fine.
Okay. Then I'll drive you.
I don't want you getting hurt.
I'll get ready, then we can go.
This is really good.
Your mom made it.
Mm. That explains it.
Honey, I'm home!
What's up?
What's up, man?
- How are you doing?
- Great. You?
I was so drunk.
- I'm sorry, man.
- Don't be a pussy. Give me another.
No, stop it, asshole.
Dude, I'm sorry. I was wasted.
- Sorry about what?
- What do you think?
I don't want you getting the wrong idea.
Dude, it doesn't matter. Come on.
I like girls, and you
No, dude!
No, for real.
For real, I swear, dude,
man to man, it's not like that.
Well, to be clear, it doesn't matter.
It's not a problem.
- All right.
- Okay.
Dude, I heard about Maria.
Crazy, right?
It's fucked up.
It's weird.
For real, I don't think you should
you shouldn't go out anymore.
- You're freaking out, man.
- No, no, no.
- You are. Fuck.
- Dude.
It's not much fun being stuck in here.
Obviously I want to go out.
- I haven't because it's too risky.
- Until we have a better plan,
let's stick to this one.
Come and sit down.
Alex, come here.
I can't get a job here
after what happened.
Things have gotten so complicated.
Okay. You're scaring me.
I've been offered a job in Madrid,
teaching in a school.
- In Madrid?
- Mm-hmm.
And you're tempted.
I've accepted it.
You're kidding.
You're kidding, right?
Alex, look.
Listen. I've burnt through my savings.
- You know I love you. You're unique.
- Let's go together, then.
Why don't we go together?
I'll I'll leave everything.
What about school? Your parents?
I can't support you anymore.
- I don't mean right now.
- It's fine.
Alex, come on.
The fastest way to do this
is if you all open your backpacks, please.
Everyone form a line. No talking!
What the hell? Susana means business.
I'm glad someone's
sorting this place out, to be honest.
Open your bags, please.
Open your bags.
Clau Claudia, open your bag, please.
Please, open your bag.
You look beautiful when you smile.
Thank you.
Bags open, Jessy.
Sonia, Ernesto.
- I've figured out our purpose in life.
- What is it?
To fuck every single girl out there.
I don't know, man.
Clau turned me down.
So what? Plenty more fish in the sea.
Yeah. Hey, hold on.
- I don't want to wait in line.
- What?
Hey! Cut it out!
Cut it out!
What's going on? You can't do that.
No excessive displays of affection
in school.
- Really?
- Yes.
- Since when?
- Since always.
- Haven't you read the rules?
- No.
- Go to the end of the line. Don't cut in.
- No, I'm with them.
- End of the line. Show some respect.
- Go, Rosita.
Quiet! You two, go ahead, please.
Hey, silence!
Nora, what's wrong?
You haven't spoken to me in a month.
Then out of nowhere, you hug me.
- You drive me to school.
- Everything's fine.
So those eye bags aren't
because you're not sleeping?
You aren't gripping the steering wheel
like you want to kill someone?
I hate it when you do that.
So tell me what's wrong.
Your dad showed up.
He's in prison.
Mom, take me to see him!
I'm not taking you now, Sofi.
I'm going to see him!
Please, right now
Now's not the time.
Go to school. We'll talk later.
Hold your horses!
Hey, Sofi.
I was waiting for you.
Where's Natalia?
- I don't know.
- You don't?
I texted her, but she didn't reply, so
Oh, maybe she's ghosting you.
What an asshole.
Sofia, come on.
What happened yesterday was
No, I'm totally fine, Javier.
You two make a great couple.
She also has
a very well-proportioned face.
Good genes.
Don't be like that.
You were with Raúl the whole night.
- No.
- Talking, I saw you.
There's nothing between Raúl and me.
I'll never forget what that asshole did.
No, no!
Are you okay?
Go get help. Run!
Natalia, who were they? Who took you?
- I don't know.
- What happened?
I was worried about my sister.
They put something over my mouth.
They put a bag over my head
and threw me into the van.
Try to remember, please.
I don't know, okay?
They tore my dress. I broke a heel.
They pulled my hair.
Professor, professor, help! Quickly!
- Natalia got thrown out of a van.
- What?
- A van dropped her at the entrance.
- Stay here, please.
- Did you see their faces?
- Are you hurt?
Hold on. Did you recognize anyone?
- No!
- Sofia, stop it.
- I need to know!
- What?
All I know
is the avenger came for me, okay?
- How do you know it was the avenger?
- Stop!
- I need to know!
- First it was my sister, then me.
Maria, Maria!
They put something over my mouth.
They threw me into the van.
So it was more than one person?
You're using plurals.
- No.
- You're using plurals.
- It was more than one person.
- No, just one.
- But you're using plurals.
- I don't know!
Natalia, are you okay?
- What happened?
- Was it someone from here?
Help her up, Javier.
- I don't know.
- Is the avenger someone from here?
Was it someone here?
- Is the avenger
- Sofia, I don't know!
- I can't remember.
- I'm helping you.
- Natalia, you okay?
- No.
Help her up, Javier.
Let's go to my office.
Are you okay? Can you walk?
- Do you want me to help you?
- Thank you.
- Thanks, Javier. I'm okay.
- Help me.
Rosi Rosita!
What's up, babe?
I wanted to tell you
- Yes?
- About that kiss. Was it
For you, did it feel right?
- Well, for me, I don't know.
- Uh-huh.
Do you want me to thank you?
No, no, no! It's not that. Um
Over the last few days,
I've been thinking a lot.
I don't want to regret stuff.
I want if I'm going to die
I feel like maybe
You want to fuck me?
It would be cool, right?
my average guy is a seven or higher.
So? I'm a nine.
An eight?
Okay, look. For you and me to have sex,
you'd have to get surgery
to improve your rating,
or just team up with someone.
For example, Ernesto.
You and Ernesto together would be a
seven. Mm.
- Yeah?
- Okay, let's do it.
Let's do it!
- Anything else, babe?
- No.
- Okay. Watch out.
- See you later.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- Can I borrow your left shoe?
- What for, Sofia?
- Look, Sofia
- Leave me alone!
- That's enough. It's okay.
- Look at this.
Natalia wasn't thrown into the van
right away.
She saw the attacker and recognized them.
She broke her heel backing away.
She fell backwards.
And look at her dress. It's all torn.
She's covered in bruises,
and she broke a nail.
So she did fight back.
Natalia, listen.
Did the avenger say anything?
- Sofia.
- Or leave a message?
- They said they hated me for being pretty.
- Come on.
What the hell, Sofia?
I've just had a horrible experience.
- What did I say?
- Give me my shoe.
- Let's go.
- I didn't say anything.
- Natalia's parents are on their way.
- Good.
How about a nice herbal tea?
- What's wrong with you?
- She's lying!
How do you know, Sofia? You're wrong.
Yeah, what a surprise.
It's not like I was rude.
Look, I'm direct.
I don't like lies.
- Why are you defending her?
- Why were you hassling her?
You think I'm saying this
because I'm jealous?
Look, Natalia's had money problems
for a while.
Right? She's going out with a dealer.
She tried to get money off Raúl.
I'm sure it's the same thing with you.
If you can't see it, that's your problem.
Are you fucking kidding me?
Fuck Rosita! I'm not a two.
Do it for me, man.
Dude, we're cool, but
I don't want to see you butt naked
fucking a girl.
- Fuck her on your own.
- Just look away.
Come on. Rosita can fuck off.
I'm at least an eight. I'll show her.
Is that a yes?
- We'll see, okay?
- Great.
- I'm not saying yes.
- Don't back out.
- I'm not saying yes. We'll see.
- Have you seen Raúl?
- Did you just get here?
- Have you seen him?
- If you let me down
- I didn't say yes. Don't tell her I did.
- Have you seen Raúl or not?
- No. Are you okay?
- What's up? What happened?
- Nothing.
What's going on, dude?
What's with the robe?
You sure you're not gay?
I'm not gay, dude. What's wrong with it?
I mean, I'm not gay.
Not that gay.
So you're just a tiny bit gay.
Why are you messing with me, dude?
Because I like making you nervous.
You don't make me nervous.
Really? Are you sure?
What would you do
if I were there with you?
To be honest, I don't know what I'd do.
Do you want me to come over?
Now? No, dude, I can't.
Or you come here
and we see what happens.
Dude, I have
I have a university assignment
that's due tomorrow.
- What?
- I can't today.
Dude, that's a terrible excuse.
You have homework?
Anyway, please take that robe off.
It looks terrible on you.
I don't know, man.
You're going too fucking fast.
No, you're going too slow.
Go on. Take it off.
All right. It's just a robe.
Take it all off.
Don't take any screenshots, man.
Let me see your hands. Okay.
Come on.
You've got balls, dude, coming back here.
Big fucking balls. Defend yourself!
No one's here to protect you, asshole!
What are you still doing here?
- Don't you realize no one wants you here?
- Pablo!
- Don't you get it?
- Pablo, calm down!
Calm down!
You can't deny
this is all your fucking fault!
Pablo, stop!
Calm down!
What's wrong with you?
Principal's office, now.
Your parents are very upset.
They'll make us change schools.
Me and Maria.
No, no, don't think like that.
You'll see.
Susana will convince them not to, hm?
Hey. How's it going?
So cute.
If I'd been there, I promise,
nothing would have happened.
No, Javi, no. Okay?
The avenger had everything planned.
Pablo! Pablo Garcia! Hey!
Calm down.
- I need to speak with Susana.
- She's with Natalia's parents.
Tell her to come out. It's urgent, Lulu.
Got it.
Can you get me out of here, please?
What's wrong?
Today is not my day.
It's not mine either.
Why's that?
Gabriela's going back to Spain.
She's a bitch.
All right, everyone. Copy this down.
Let's take attendance.
- Alexander, Maria.
- We were doing great.
Then she says she got a job offer
and wants to leave.
I don't know if she wants us
to stay together or what.
Didn't they confiscate your phone?
What's that?
Fuentes, Jimena.
Garcia, Pablo.
Herrera, Sofia.
Herrera, Sofia.
Herrera, Sofia.
Herrera, Sofia. Herrera, Sofia.
Are you okay? What's wrong?
I'm glad your sister is back home.
First the abortion, and now this.
It must be really hard for her.
I don't want to talk about that.
What do you want to talk about?
About last night.
I didn't see that coming, to be honest.
Me neither.
But that was all, right?
We're friends.
I'm sorry.
- Sometimes, I just feel so alone.
- No.
- You're not alone.
- I don't want to get you into trouble.
What trouble? Is it to do with the dealer?
Let me help you.
All right, guys.
For this project, first,
you both need to bathe thoroughly.
Second, mouthwash is a must,
and bring gum just in case.
Third, you bring the condoms.
Fourth, obviously,
I'm the center of attention.
And lastly, I'm not a fan
of getting drooled on.
Any questions?
Come on, Rosita.
Are you for real?
That's a lot.
Babe, this is like winning the lottery.
You should thank me, not complain.
Is there anything else, Your Majesty?
Do you like
You can bring your dildo.
Don't be shy, dude.
Bye, guys!
What the hell? No toys, dude.
Give me Gerry.
Give me Gerry.
Give me Gerry.
Give me Gerry.
Give me Gerry.
Give me Gerry.
Give me Gerry.
Give me Gerry.
Give me Gerry.
Give me Gerry.
Give me Gerry.
Give me Gerry.
Did you see the latest post?
Why didn't you tell me about the abortion?
You hide things from me, too.
Yes, a lot of things,
and I don't want to anymore.
I don't want you
to hide things from me either
because we're sisters.
Since when do you care about your sister?
My whole life, Maria.
I care about you, I worry about you
because I love you.
You can tell me anything
and I won't judge you.
Yes, of course.
We've always been together.
I'm here for you.
- Got the ball
- You're gonna lose!
Go on. No!
- Goal!
- Good thing you retired
They didn't even
get my hair right.
It doesn't look anything like me.
You're on the legends team.
Come on. Playing with Hugo Sánchez?
I'm not that old.
Or that good.
Harsh, buddy!
Another beer?
- Are you having one?
- Not as good as Hugo Sánchez!
- Hey, Dad.
- Hm?
I need a favor.
What is it?
Can you lend me some money?
What for?
To invest.
It's like an app.
You use it to buy coal.
You can buy water as well.
It's really good.
Coal and water?
A lot of my friends are doing it,
and it's going great.
So I thought I could do it too.
Look, son, you can always count on me.
But you're a terrible liar.
Are you in trouble?
- Are you sure?
- Mm-hmm.
Well, then. Didn't you say no presents?
Come on. You're up.
We're going to kick your ass.
I'm sorry. I fucked up.
Can I come in?
I don't feel like having visitors, Pablo.
I got suspended.
What did you do?
Why didn't you tell me?
I never found the right moment.
I gave you plenty of chances.
It was Claudia, right?
- She convinced you to have an abortion.
- No!
I reached out to her after the NONA.
She was supportive when no one else was.
- She helped me.
- Hey, what's up?
- Everything okay?
- Yes.
Pablo was just leaving.
- Bye.
- Come on.
What happened?
I really wanted to see you.
Me too, Dad.
What happened? How did they find you?
Your mom didn't tell you?
I turned myself in.
the truth is
it was the right thing to do.
No, you should have talked to me.
We'd have come up with a plan
because you shouldn't be in here.
When I get out of here,
I'll get my life back.
I'll publish my novel.
I'm going to make up
for all the stupid things I've done.
To help pass the time,
and so you stop reading Russian writers.
Mexican is better.
More depressing, right?
He literally did this
- And I was like
- No!
"Get off me, dude.
You've got grubs all over your mouth."
- So gross!
- Mm-hmm.
Maybe my night wasn't so bad after all.
No, I promise it wasn't.
- Chocolate always helps when life sucks.
- Mm-hmm.
Hey, maybe
Pablo is right.
No way. That guy is never right.
Yeah, but
I shouldn't have kept it from him.
He's really upset.
He was a jerk. He deserves it.
Yeah, you're right.
He was in love with Isabela,
she leaves without a word, then this.
- It's just
- Mm.
The Isabela thing was hard on you too.
And you were the one who was pregnant.
I wish I was as strong as you.
You're strong too.
No, I'm not.
- Of course you are.
- No.
But anyway, I shouldn't complain.
- Don't be so dramatic.
- Get out of here.
What's the matter with you?
Nothing. I still have a headache.
- Are you going to be okay?
- I don't know anymore.
You don't?
You can finish that for me.
No problem.
Bye, Nati. Bye, Javier.
- Ciao.
- Bye.
- So
- So?
My dad didn't want to lend me the money.
- Ah.
- Hm.
But we'll figure it out.
You came all this way to tell me that?
And I wanted to see you.
Give ♪
Me all your love now ♪
'Cause for all we know ♪
We might be dead by tomorrow ♪
- We're like a couple of 12-year-olds.
- I know.
I can't ♪
Go on wasting my time ♪
Can I ask you a question?
- Adding scars to my heart ♪
- Sure.
'Cause all I hear is
"I'm not ready enough" ♪
Why me?
Why do you want to help me?
Nobody's ever helped me before.
Because I like you.
And I can tell that you didn't have ♪
- To face your mother losing her lover ♪
- And I like you.
Without saying goodbye ♪
Without saying goodbye ♪
Natalia and I aren't together.
Evil personified ♪
She preys on the dead ♪
Desert woman ♪
Veiled in silence ♪
I was so wrong ♪
Shame invaded truth ♪
I know nothing ♪
Are those for Javier?
No, Maria!
Maria, no. Listen.
"Sugar"? What is this?
Didn't you say no more secrets?
You know what? Forget it.
- No, Maria, listen!
- What, Natalia?
It wasn't the avenger.
I'm being threatened.
If I don't pay them back this week,
they'll kill me.
Maria Maria.
- Where's Gerry?
- I don't know.
Or rather, since when do you wear boots?
Because besides being a liar,
you're fucking filthy.
You know only boots
bring in that much dirt?
- Yes, but I
- You don't wear boots.
I can't believe how untrustworthy you are.
You're a fucking liar.
Obviously you're not dating Natalia.
She doesn't play Xbox.
Sofia, stop! Okay?
Yes, I get it.
Gerry is staying here. Okay?
That's not the problem.
He's disappeared.
I don't know if the avenger got him.
I don't know. He's in danger.
Give me Gerry.
I need you to help me find him.
Hold your horses on ♪
No matter what's inside you ♪
If it's a super flame ♪
What kind of fire burns in you ♪
No matter what is that
You treasure now ♪
But maybe you aren't in the zone ♪
And you're doing it all wrong ♪
Yeah ♪
Uh-huh ♪
Oh yeah ♪
Uh-huh ♪
Uh-uh, uh-uh, ah ♪
If you need much more attention ♪
Hold your horses on ♪
If you need much more attention ♪
Hold your horses on ♪
No matter what's inside you ♪
If it's a super flame ♪
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