Control Z (2020) s03e01 Episode Script

Did You Think I Would Forget About You?

["Take My Hand" by Matt Berry playing]
So take my hand ♪
We'll disappear to a pub
That's not too far from here ♪
Though I don't know you
And you don't know me ♪
I just had to talk to you, you see ♪
The arrogance, a foolish move ♪
If you take a risk
Your odds improve ♪
May I go now?
[dramatic music playing]
It is always hard to be the
[Javi] Susana! Susana!
new kid.
Do something, goddamn it!
[Javi] Call an ambulance!
[tense music playing]
A fucking ambulance right now!
[Javi] Goddamn it!
- No, no!
- [gasps]
- No! Gerry, wait!
- No! Give me that.
- I need it, my phone
- Give me that!
Here's the thing.
To be honest,
was about to transfer schools.
[Gerry] She's dead man!
But then, some things arose, and,
I learned
to be empathetic.
To listen.
[Gerry] Stop it, man.
- Susana, we need to
- She's dead!
- [Javi] Listen!
- [Gerry] Don't touch her.
- She's still moving!
- No
[Gerry] She's dead, man!
[Javi] I made good friends.
They've helped me a lot.
I hope I've helped them too.
[Javi] Alex!
This is all your fault!
- It was an accident. I don't
- An accident? That's bullshit, Alex.
I guess you're happy.
Now we're all going to jail.
I really think I take things easy now.
Everything has a solution, right?
[Alex] It was an accident
- [Raúl] Isn't it what you wanted?
- [Gerry] Leave her alone!
- No, Raúl, no!
- You fucking Avenger.
Hey, can't you see
it was your goddamn fault?!
You think my classmates will miss me?
Would you do it?
[Sofía] Come on, Raúl!
You are so sick, man!
- What the fuck?
- [Claudia] Seriously?
The only thing you care about
is your money!
[Raúl] The National School
taught me appreciation.
Let's go! Come here man!
- [Claudia] You are a piece of shit!
- [Sofía] Don't leave, call the police!
Let's go pick up Natalia! Come on!
[tense music playing]
No! Where are you going?
[Quintanilla] We are recording.
Uh, this is the final graduation video.
Hi, Sofía.
Tell us something that has stuck with you.
Something that
you'll never forget.
- [grunts]
- Um
- [gasps]
- Uh
No, I don't know, I don't
[clears throat]
Right now, nothing comes
to my mind, I'm sorry.
You didn't even say goodbye ♪
You are alone, I can see why ♪
'Cause home is my grave at night ♪
So why don't you just ♪
[tense music playing]
- [rattling]
- No, this one is locked.
Let's see.
This isn't it, it is crossed out, but why
they even put it here if it doesn't work
Sofía, I've got it!
Yellow, green, green, red.
No, that's too
Don't forget that Nicky has to see us.
There must be cameras pointing there.
It's gotta be something else.
- I've got it.
- Tell me.
Three blue ones,
plus three blue ones, six.
But there are two red ones
and there are not six blue cards.
- [Sofía laughs]
- Three plus two equals five, okay? And
Javi [chuckles]
your deductions are very strange
- Now focus!
- No, you focus.
- Me?
- Because of you, we lost a lot of time.
Okay it has something to do with Look!
Red, red, red.
I've got it.
- [Javi] Okay, um hurry.
- Tell me.
Red plus blue.
- [Sofía] Red one plus the blue.
- Plus the blue one.
- it turned on!
- Okay, let's hurry! Red one plus green.
- Fast!
- Red one plus green one, uh-huh?
Perfect. Red plus another red.
- Hurry up.
- Red and
- Another red! Uh-huh?
- [jarring buzz]
Javi, there's a lever.
- Oof!
- Perfect!
[door closes]
Do it again.
You go through.
Javi, a counter turned on.
There's no more time left!
- Okay. Digits!
- Tell me what you see!
[Javi] There are four digits.
- Hurry up! It's gotta be four digits.
- Uh
- [buzzing]
- Seven seconds!
- Okay, five
- Remember the cameras.
Sofía, trust me!
The time is almost up!
- It's wrong! Another!
- You have to
[Javi] No!
[alarm blaring]
- Can't believe this!
- [Sofía] Ugh!
[alarm blaring]
- Not a word, don't say it
- [giggles] Terrible.
- [Javi] No, don't tell me. Don't tell me.
- Really bad! Ugh!
[Javi] Ugh!
Javi, no, really [giggles]
- It was obviously wrong, actually.
- No.
[continues giggling]
Almost. You were really close.
I can give you the answer, but
No, Nikki. Thanks.
- Yeah, I know.
- Thanks, but no, thanks.
Okay, but can you acknowledge
I've improved? Please.
Because I have.
- Especially you have to
- No! Javi
[phone ringing]
- [Javi] You are mean, you know?
- Mm-hmm.
[Nicky] Hello?
Javi, what do you think you are good at?
The truth is that
there was a time when my plan
was studying architecture.
But I'm really bad at it. [chuckles]
Playing soccer is incredible.
[Javi] Ugh, I don't feel like training.
But Javi, wasn't that what you wanted?
You should be happy, right?
- Do you know what would make me happy?
- Tell me.
- If you stop studying
- [scoffs]
and give me some kisses.
- No, Javi.
- [chuckles]
- I need to "Some kisses."
- Kisses!
- There! I need to study. Hey!
- No. I said "some", that's plural.
- There!
- No, no, wait!
- No, I need to study! It's important.
- Those kisses were lame, Sofía!
It's important
- I'm sorry! Please, please, forgive me.
- Ugh!
- Cant' you knock?
- Yes, you're absolutely right.
Listen, I can come back
in five, ten or 15 minutes.
We were just talking about something.
- "Just talking" then.
- [Sofía] Yeah.
- About very important things.
- [Nora] Right.
[Nora] Okay.
Well, I have to go out.
I left some food
in the fridge if you're hungry.
Okay, enjoy yourself.
- Be good, please.
- [Sofía] Okay, bye.
But if you want to be bad,
I left condoms in your nightstand.
Mom! Why would you do that?
- Bye!
- [Sofía] I have my own!
- No way. No, no, no.
- [giggles]
She went too far this time.
Should we listen to her or what?
- We should be compliant, right?
- Correct, so
- [giggles]
- We should
[rock music playing]
[Javi] What?
It's Raúl.
"Something that changes everything"?
[Javi] Again?
[tense music playing]
What happ?
What happened? [gasps]
What happened? What?
- You just blacked out.
- I fainted but
- Where's
- Everyone left.
What do you mean everyone left?
No, but wait
We went to my mom's house
and I didn't know
whether to take you to a hospital
or try calling the police
or explain it all to your mom
or tell my mom and try
Where's my jacket?
- It's gone.
- But why?
That's mine. Yours had blood on it
[Sofía] Yeah, okay,
- but we have to talk to the police now
- No.
- Come on! We have to gather the rest
- Sofía, nobody's report
- Nodody's reporting it, Sofía!
- Why not?
Because it'd fuck up our future, Sofía!
It would be the end of it!
Look at the message sent by Raúl!
[phone ringing]
What are you doing?
It's my mom.
Oh, my God Okay
Okay, um Uh
- After the National we'll go to police.
- Yeah.
[car engine starts]
- Could you guys be any later?
- Why are there people?
How the hell should I know?
Can't you see it?
Where's Susana?
- I have no idea, Sofía. Keep it down, man.
- Yeah
[Sofía] It's impossible
Here come Sofía and Javi.
- [Clau] Don't know if there are cameras
- What happened?
- The body disappeared.
- [Sofía] I noticed.
- Obviously the police.
- [Raúl] Keep it down.
How could it be the police?
We were the only ones here.
- Let's not talk about this here.
- Did anyone return at some point?
- Can we not make a fucking mess here?
- Why would I?
So who died? What's with the gloom?
- Oh, you're hilarious.
- [Rosita] As always, baby.
Maybe I should let you
enjoy your sad chat. Bye.
What do we do now?
- [Javi] Let's bounce.
- [Sofía] No. Where to?
- Come on.
- No.
- Raúl
- [Rosita] Get outta here! What's this?
Awesome, dude! Cool, right?
- I'm feeling lucky!
- For your lunch.
[Rosita] I have a better use for it!
We have to go to the police.
- Raúl, we have to go to the police.
- We can't go right now.
- That's not possible!
- No It's the right thing to do!
No, Javi
["Alittle" by ROMES playing]
Maybe I want to live a little ♪
Always caught somewhere in the middle ♪
Maybe I've lost my mind a little ♪
Maybe I want to die a little ♪
I'm glad you both came, about time!
Nice to see you.
You're quite late, though.
Here, want some?
Come on.
Why the hell did you send me that message?
What happened?
Because you're not able
to resist a fine mystery.
Did you guys fight or what the fuck?
- No
- Are you guys coming in or what?
How you've been?
- Fine.
- Looks like it.
You should've worn a bikini.
Cut it out now, Raúl.
Welcome, dawgs!
["Alittle" continues playing]
I get it, man,
you turned 18 and you think you're
a fucking king living in a luxury hotel.
Where are you getting all that dough from?
Maybe selling your house
or something like that?
Can't you just have some fun?
The booze is free.
Looks like Rosita
is not into that relationship.
- [laughing]
- [guy] Who said that?
[laughter continues]
- What?!
- Somebody got jealous!
No way!
[Claudia] Why are you here?
You don't even like parties.
- We were ambushed.
- [Ernesto] What did I tell you?
- Now pay up, you bastards!
- No!
I told you!
What did I tell you?
- Wait, wait, did you bet we wouldn't show?
- A bet? Really?
- We all lost the bet.
- Obviously
- I knew you would come.
- I didn't, but I should have.
- Cheers to that!
- He's being an idiot
- [all] Yeah!
- Yeah, yeah.
Bring it, cheers!
- Cheers, everyone!
- [Claudia] We'll get another round.
["Enter One" by Sol Seppy playing]
[police siren blaring]
[Gerry] I don't want to hide anymore, man.
After a storm ♪
[Gerry] I have to pay
for what I did to Luis.
And keep you warm ♪
And not fade away ♪
As we float from the shore ♪
Into the light ♪
[music fades]
[Alex] Aren't you going in?
Are you forcing me or what?
I think I've done worse.
And so have you.
But it's all in the past now.
[Alex] Let's go, dude.
Come on. I wasn't even invited.
Come on.
I want to be shameless ♪
Like the sun ♪
Then I met María.
Now I'm much better because of this.
[María] Clau
I can't say much, but my parents
found out about Natalia and
we're leaving the city.
I don't know for how long.
I'm gonna miss you.
The important thing is that María
and Natalia are safe, that's it, Pablo.
But she no longer tells me anything
Sure, dude.
What matters is they're safe.
- No matter I'm not getting my money now.
- Son of a
I can't believe the only thing
you care about is your money.
- This is not a spot of bother!
- That was all I had left!
Hey! I need to tell you something
very important. Come on, Sofía.
Cla-Claudia! Help me take
your classmates inside.
Pablo, come on, everybody inside.
- He said it was Molly?
- [Lulú] Clear the hallway!
Everybody take a seat,
I have a very important announcement.
- Darío! Ernesto! Rosita!
- [Ernesto]it's way different.
I need to tell you something
very important. Please, sit down.
Everybody quiet now!
Listen. This is very important.
Principal Susana has passed away.
- [student 1] What?
- Yes.
[students] How?
- [Lulú] Calm down! Quiet! I'm not going
- [student] Do you know what happened?
- [clamoring]
- [Lulú] We do know what happened.
[clamoring continues]
- Congratulations, bro.
- What's up, dawg?
Hey, I didn't get you a present.
I'm sorry.
- [chuckles]
- You being here is enough, bro.
- [Raúl] Look who I brought.
- What up?
Hello, hello!
[Pablo] What's going down?
How are you?
- How've you been?
- [Gerry] Fine.
[Ernesto] No way!
Man, I thought I'd never see you again!
- Sup, bro?
- [chuckles]
- How are you, dude?
- Hi, Ernesto.
I'm fine. All good.
- Hey, so are you already out of prison?
- On point.
[Gerry] It's not exactly a prison.
It's an internment facility for minors
and I have to do activities and if I show
good behavior, they let me go out.
But it's alright. In two months, I'll
I'll be off the hook.
Good for you.
What the fuck, people?
Are you here to sip tea or get blasted?
Then pour us some shots!
- I'm in!
- Come on!
- I'm okay with water.
- [Raúl] Whatever. Daddy's boy.
- Don't. You need to cut it.
- But I'm a stepdad, dude.
- Oh, did you really say that?
- Cheers!
- [Pablo] One missing.
- [Raúl] Cheers!
- Cheers.
- [all] Cheers.
[Ernesto] I really missed
these parties and hanging out.
["Poison Lips" by Vitalic playing]
- HI.
- HI!
["Poison Lips" continues, muffled]
[songs resumes normally]
Raúl, um, do you think
I can use your bathroom? I got
A little wet and I
- I can come along to the restroom.
- No, Raúl, we're fine.
- We've got this.
- Thanks.
They found Susana's body in her apartment.
How did the body move from the?
- Pablo!
- Can you shout a bit louder, you idiot?
And on top of that,
they say it was suicide.
No fucking way.
No but, this cannot be a coincidence.
I know, although
anything to say?
Anything you wanna tell us?
Are you being serious?
[Raúl] Hey, guys.
Don't you feel a little bit embarrassed?
- Mm.
- What do you want, man?
I've got you guys a better plan.
[Sofía scoffs] Okay
Is there no housekeeping or what?
I mean, he's gonna have to sell his house
for a good price to afford for this.
Look at all his watches.
Hey, forget about the watches.
["Yoga" by Virgen Maria & Perth Daijing]
Ooh, babies!
Wait! What the fuck?
[Sofía] Oh, my God, Rosita!
What's wrong with you?
- [Rosita] Oh, Javi what a nice body, huh?
- [Javi scoffs]
Sorry, Raúl told us we could come.
We can leave if you want.
- [Sofía] We are leaving, don't worry.
- [Javi] It's okay.
Oh, but we can all stay.
No [chuckles] Better not.
["Yoga" continues playing]
Breathe in ♪
Breathe out ♪
[electronic voice]
Why did you leave her by herself?
Why did you leave her by herself?
Did you miss me?
Why did you leave her by herself?
Why did you leave her by herself?
Did you miss me?
Why did you leave her by herself?
Did you miss me?
I can't believe you. What the fuck?
- Are you playing hacker again?
- Why did you leave her alone?
You're nothing but a sick fuck!
What's your problem?
[clamoring continues]
You can all kiss my ass!
The goddamn party is over!
Now bounce, everybody!
Get the fuck out!
Bye! Get lost!
The fucking party is over!
Screw you all!
Bounce, fuck face! Get lost!
- Shut up!
- Get lost!
[guests clamoring]
[tense music playing]
Gerry, Gerry, Gerry!
You can't leave.
Please wait, we need to talk, man.
Talk about what?
Don't tell me you think
I did all this fucking mess.
I don't wanna be part of this, Raúl.
I'm already paying for what I did, bro.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, man.
- Come on, when did I suppo?
- [Claudia] Shh, dude.
When did I supposedly move the body
if I was with Gerry at the D.A.'s Office?
That's why you don't want anybody
to say a fucking thing!
You're a piece of shit!
This is going to haunt us
for the rest of our lives.
- Any louder, please?
- [Claudia] You know what?
- I don't give two shits if it was Raúl.
- [Sofía] What?
If it wasn't for that,
we'd be rotting in jail.
- Shh.
- [Claudia] All of us.
- Are you serious?
- [Pablo] I'm with Clau.
I think we're all a bit off the hook
now that the body disappeared.
No! We're not playing this game,
this is serious. You don't understand!
- This could have serious consequences.
- I'm also with Claudia.
- [Sofía] Fuck no! Alex!
- I am too.
Javi! No, come on.
We could be getting into a much big
Nobody can ever know this about this.
[Sofía] No!
We'll all make a pact.
No, no! Please you've got it all wrong!
We're not saying a word to anyone, okay?
We'll never talk about this again.
And we live our lives
as if none of this ever happened, okay?
- [Sofía] No
- [Raúl] If we break this pact,
the future is over for everyone.
No, please don't! Please don't, uh
You've got it all wrong!
- Alex, Alex.
- Sorry, Sofía
[Sofía] Javi, please. Back me up.
It's for our own good, Sofía.
No! Javier!
- [Alex] Sofía
- Are you serious?
[tense music playing]
- I didn't know the account was active!
- [Sofía] No?
- No. A thousand percent.
- Are you sure?
[Pablo] Enough, asshole.
I don't buy your bullshit anymore.
Beat me up if you want.
You haven't done it in a long time anyway.
What the hell are you doing?
Say you sent the message
and that's it, asshole.
No matter how much you say it,
it's still not true, right?
Makes sense, you brought us to your party,
the message, I don't know
So what?
So what? You weren't even invited!
That post, refers to the night
We were the only ones there, right?
Well, and María.
Ugh! Gimme a break! Really?
María and Natalia haven't contacted us
for over a year, and besides,
María wouldn't do that.
I think we're just being paranoid.
We are not being paranoid, Javi.
The message said,
"Why did you leave her by yourself?"
Obviously referring to Susana!
It may be something else, Sofía.
What else can it be, Javi?
Happy couple can't agree,
that fucking sucks.
- Shut up, asshole.
- [Claudia] Enough!
Say someone tells what happened,
let's suppose.
Is there any proof?
There isn't!
- It would be their word against ours!
- [Pablo] Exactly! Without evidence,
they they can't screw us.
I told you. "We have to go to the police."
"We have to get help.
We have to figure this out soon."
But no!
Stubborn idiots!
Listen, Sofía. I know
I know this is difficult.
But let's make this
a new mission for the two of us.
Sounds like a plan?
[scoffs] Okay.
- Ugh!
- What should we do?
That! Investigate who moved the body.
Investigate who sent the message.
It's very important.
It's the same person.
- Mark my words.
- Okay.
["I'm That Guy" by Agar Agar playing]
[chains rattling]
Wandering in night ♪
Keep me warm ♪
There's no one
And I'm inside their house ♪
Rabid days ♪
Get delighted ♪
There's no one
And I'm inside that house ♪
There's no food ♪
What does that hand smell like?
No way, man!
No fucking way!
Check out what Gerry's hand
smells like. Hmm?
Fucking delicious, dude.
Those are the best.
Were you fucking around again, huh?
- Smells like heaven.
- Why else would I be out?
[Gibrán] That's right, buddy.
Show me Rosita's picture.
- Dude [chuckles]
- Show me Rosita's picture, homie.
- Okay, okay, just wait
- Sweet!
Let me see.
- Come over here then.
- You've got it.
- Let me see what I've got.
- Rosita's pictures?
- You're late, bro.
- Yeah.
- You're late.
- Okay, so
- Oh, you dawg!
- Let me see, asshole!
- Check that out.
- Nice.
- So fine.
- Those damn legs, dude!
I really don't know
if this is a good idea, Sofía.
Well, we gotta try, right?
No one has seen him for over year,
since Susana died.
What now?
- [Sofía] Look.
- Yeah.
Good evening.
Who are you looking for?
Uh, Güero?
- [Sofía] Antonio.
- Antonio Segovia.
Okay, come in.
[Javi] Sofía
What are you guys doing here?
Have a seat, please.
Oh, Javito!
- Hey!
- Sofía!
Not the window.
I wanted to open it to, uh, air this out.
May I?
Hey, Javito.
[Güero] So tell me.
Why have you come?
[Javi] I'm having problems with soccer.
But I'm not your gym teacher anymore.
[Javi chuckles]
After so many years, I'm sure
it comes naturally to you, doesn't it?
[Güero] I used to play baseball.
[Javi chuckles]
[opens beer can]
How are you, huh?
How are you?
[Güero scoffs]
I really miss her.
[Javi] She was a great person.
I am very sorry, Güero.
We are very sorry.
We really are.
That afternoon,
we had a fight.
And I went to to have a few drinks.
And when I came back, she had
[unsettling music playing]
Did you see anything unusual?
Excuse me?
- [Sofía] Güero.
- No, I didn't mean
- No, motherfucker!
- Calm down!
I saw my wife was dead!
I'm sorry, that's not what I meant.
- What are you trying to tell me?!
- No! It was an accident!
It was an accident, uh
[Sofía] She had only been principal
for a few days, right?
She spent many days and many hours
in her office, she was stressed
And surely, super tired
and she wore very high heels.
She got home,
tried to open the window and
[body thuds]
It was an accident, Güero.
That afternoon, she confessed to me that
she had cheated on me, Sofía.
And I told her to go to hell.
[Javi] Güero, it's not your fault.
I don't deserve to be told that.
I told your friend the same thing.
What? What friend?
[Güero] Raúl.
Are we bad people?
Since when does Raúl
care so much about people?
Maybe you're totally right
and he moved the body.
Of course.
- [Rudy] Ooh.
- [Gibrán] You really did it.
- Gotta be kidding.
- Where did you get it?
- You outdid it yourself this time, man.
- Getting this was a pain in the ass.
- Damn, golden boy. Well done.
- You are badass!
- Best job ever.
- Thank you, dude.
- Thank you!
- [guy] You're real.
Knock yourselves out. There you go.
- Legit! Want some?
- [Rudy] Hit me, man.
Okay. But gimme your best shot.
[Gibrán] I'm down, man!
[phone chimes]
It's @allyoursecrets.
- No way, he's texting me.
- [Sofía] You too?
It's the same picture.
[suspenseful music plays]
It's part of the same photo but,
it seems to be missing parts.
They are cropped.
But, Javi, it's
- [Claudia] Couldn't sleep, the message.
- [Javi] Me neither.
[Sofía] Pablo, I sent a photo
to your phone. Can I borrow it?
Can you tell us what you're doing?
That's the photo they sent to Gerry.
- No fucking way, is that a
- [Claudia] No! No, it can't be.
[tense music playing]
- [Javi] Susana!
- Stop, man! Stop!
She's still moving!
María's is missing
- and also the one
- [Raúl] What happened?
Show me your photo.
- What photo?
- Do not play coy, Raúl.
The photo that @allyoursecrets sent you,
where is it?
I don't know what you're talking about.
I didn't get anything.
Maybe I'm not the only one
who didn't get a photo.
But in your case, it makes sense.
You weren't there.
But you
I got something else, though.
I got it during the party.
The drone.
What did you get from the drone?
[Claudia] Give me a break!
Sofía, you know everything, no?
Who took that fucking photo?
Well, the only one who was there
but not in the picture
- [sighs]
- That's why you didn't get a message.
I knew it was this asshole.
So you're the one screwing with us?
- How not to smash you?
- Stop.
Why the fuck would I send
that to myself, you idiot?
- They must have hacked my phone.
- Sure.
Then why the fuck
did you take the picture?
To have something on you, assholes!
- Fuck, man
- I thought you'd screw me after the roof.
You've got to be kidding me, Raúl.
What about Güero, then?
Why were you at his house?
What were you doing?
For you.
I wanted to find out who moved the body
so you wouldn't think I did it.
Yeah, I lied to you again,
so I wouldn't disappoint you
Well, look.
Whoever is screwing us over,
has the evidence they needed.
[sighs] I told you
this is going to haunt us forever.
[Pablo] I plan to make
the National's name proud.
As proud as an Airbus-A 380,
flying super high!
That's how high I will fly.
And I'm dying to go to college.
I don't mind having been held back here.
Because, I got to know acting.
And that's what I want to do now.
The rest of my life.
I want to travel the world, fly to Europe
I don't know, I might end up in Tulum.
But the truth is
[scoffs] you guys
won't forget me that easily.
["Paul" by Gilla Band playing]
Has given us a rash ♪
Nice Ronny, anyway ♪
Like corn on a cob ♪
Stuck in our gap anyway ♪
Whiskering sweet ♪
Nothing'sugar-free ♪
It's all ♪
["Hold Your Horses On"
by Lasser Drakar playing]
If you need much more attention ♪
Hold your horses on ♪
No matter what's inside you ♪
If it is a super flame ♪
What kind of fire burns in you ♪
No matter ♪
What is that you treasure now ♪
But maybe you aren't in the zone ♪
And you're doing it all wrong ♪
Yeah ♪
Aha ♪
Oh, yeah ♪
Aha ♪
If you need much more attention ♪
Hold your horses on ♪
If you need much more attention ♪
Hold your horses on ♪
No matter what's inside you ♪
If it is a super flame ♪
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