Control Z (2020) s03e05 Episode Script


[Javi] Let's go! Come here, man!
- [Sofía] Let's pick up Natalia!
- [Alex] No! Where are you going?
No! Don't leave! No!
[unsettling music playing]
[Javi] Sofía.
[grunts] Come here.
[grunts, pants]
[horn honking]
[Javi] It all happened so fast.
I-I didn't want to tell him but
I didn't know what to do, honestly.
[car screeching]
[Damián] I've been
looking for you all night, dude.
I didn't know you knew those girls, Javi.
- What happened?
- Leave me alone.
- Hey, hey, hey. What happened, son?
- No.
I felt lonely.
- I am not a killer!
- Javi, I know that.
- I know you're not a killer.
- [whimpering] I didn't want to do it.
[Damián] What are you talking about?
- Javier!
- [Javi sobbing]
- Javi, who's in the car?
- I didn't kill her!
- Lower your voice! Shut up!
- I swear I am not a murderer!
- It was an accident!
- Shut up, Javier! Shut up!
Go to the house, change those clothes,
and bring me your mom's tranquilizers.
You gave me drugs and
that's why I didn't wake up
until the next day.
- [knocks]
- [Javi] Sofía.
- [knocking]
- Sofía!
[exhales] Alright
I need you to clean up a mess for me.
[Javi] I didn't really know
that my father had moved the body.
And when I found out,
I-I didn't know how to tell you.
[dramatic music playing]
I was afraid of losing you.
[Sofía] It's already too late.
[unsettling music playing]
We didn't even say goodbye ♪
You are alone, I can see why ♪
'Cause home is my grave at night ♪
So why don't you just ♪
[phone chimes]
[tuns speaker on]
- [rock music playing loudly]
- What are you doing?
[Sofía] Natalia!
Don't Natalia!
Dude, seriously, can you turn that down?
I feel badly enough.
But, why are you saying that?
[turns speaker off]
- Sofi
- [Sofía] Problem solved.
- He can't hear us.
- He wants it all.
Where you are,
when you enter, when you get out.
You know what? Answer him.
Give him what he wants.
- No way, Sofía.
- Well yeah!
We have to stay in touch with this guy.
You don't know anything.
He's coming for you.
Maybe so, but now I'll be ready.
- [footsteps]
- [Nora] Hey, girls.
What are you doing?
Javi's game is about to start.
[tense music playing]
[gasps] Oh, come on.
How do you miss that? It was right there!
Nora, that is the other team.
Oh, I'm sorry.
- I have no idea what's happening either.
- [sportscaster 1] Pass to the center
- Can you turn it up Nati, please?
- Mm-hmm.
[sportscaster 1] They're so close!
[sportscaster 2] Here we can see
Javier Williams waiting for his turn.
He is the son of Damián Williams.
[Nora] There's your Javi! Whoo!
- He's so handsome.
- It'll be hard to be as good as his dad,
- one of the greatest soccer' stars.
- [sportscaster 1] There he is.
Looks like he's playing today.
He's going in!
This is a great chance for him.
This sport is won by holding your ground.
[turns TV off]
Sofi, what are you doing? Javi is playing.
I don't give a fuck.
He can break a foot, I don't care.
What's her problem?
They just broke up.
[shower running]
[Bernardo] Gerry.
Thanks for telling me.
I didn't think
you were gonna talk to me again.
The only option to face the future,
is pardoning the past.
Right on.
It's not mine.
My psychiatrist said that.
He was an idiot,
but every now and then, he was right.
That one's nice.
- [Gibrán] Can't lose my exit pass!
- [Rudy] Careful, man.
Tell me about it.
Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay
What's up Gerry, you're fine?
- [Gerry] Yup.
- Is the water warm, bro?
[Gerry] It's alright.
Hey, watch out for the pansy, Gerry.
- [Gibrán] Being a sissy is contagious.
- [Renan] Aren't you leaving?
Get the fuck out, you freak.
[Damián] You should be happy about your
debut and not thinking about that wench.
- That wench has a name, Dad.
- Everything is fixable.
- Take her to Punta Mita. Use my house.
- No. No, come on.
[Javi] Seriously, you gotta understand,
Sofía is not like that.
- [treadmill beeps]
- Okay, Javi. Tell me.
What happened? Why did you break up?
[Damián] Javi, hey, hey, hey.
I understand you're hooked.
For me, Sofía's an amazing girl.
But there are more important things, Javi.
Everything's fine.
- You are playing in first division.
- Right, for ten minutes.
- But you did play. Who cares? So what?
- Ten minutes!
Who cares if some
fuckin' broad rejected you?
[tense music playing]
Fuck, dude, I didn't know Sofía and you
It's none of your business.
Stay out of it.
[suspenseful music playing]
[camera shutter clicks]
[door opens]
What are you doing, Nati?
I'm doing a TikTok challenge.
Fifty selfies in 50 days.
That's such a waste of time.
Hey, I'm going to see some clients.
What do you think?
You look breathtaking.
- You said green looks good on me.
- Look at your eyes.
Will you be fine?
- Yeah.
- Okay
Call me if you need anything. Hmm?
I only have two months left and I'm done.
I don't know what I'll do after.
But I'm pretty sure
I have learned something.
- Yeah.
- [worker] Very well.
And the rest?
Rudy, what did you learn?
That everybody can suck my dick.
- You're an asshole.
- [worker] Hey, be quiet.
I said quiet.
This is your last warning, Rudy.
We don't talk like that in this center.
Gibrán, besides improving
the art of braiding, what did you learn?
I learned to observe.
[social worker] To observe. Very good.
What about you, sir?
What have you learned these days?
[social worker scoffs]
What about you, Gerry?
The only option to face the future is
is pardoning the past.
[tense music playing]
[social worker] Thanks, Gerry.
As you can see,
this is a chance to change your vision.
Forget what you have learned
and be part of the society as
["The Center Won't Hold"
by Sleater-Kinney playing]
I need something pretty ♪
To help me ease my pain ♪
I need something ugly ♪
To put me in my place ♪
[door opens]
[Gibrán] Can you believe it?
Fuck that bald bitch and his jokes.
- [Rudy] He's a dickhead.
- [whispering] Wait here.
[Gibrán] "Forget what you've" Assfuck.
- [laughter]
- [Gibrán] That's just bullshit, man.
[Rudy] He loved your braids,
you should donate them to him.
He needs some hair more than you.
- [Gibrán] Seriously.
- [Rudy] I know.
- [Gibrán] Aren't you related?
- [Rudy] Yes, your fucking uncle.
- [Renán] Hurry up.
- [Rudy] Shut up idiot. I'm peeing, man.
- [Renán] Come on, hurry.
- Gibrán and those fuckers. Let's wait.
[Renán] Stop bothering me, dipshit.
The center won't hold
The center won't hold ♪
The center won't hold
The center won't hold ♪
The center won't hold ♪
The center won't hold
The center won't hold ♪
The center won't hold
The center won't hold ♪
[phone ringing]
[mother] Beautiful girl, how are you?
How's everything in Querétaro?
How about the fair?
Have you chosen a career yet?
No, I haven't decided yet.
It doesn't matter, Nati.
You know your Dad and I will always
be proud of you, whatever your choice is.
All good, hon?
It's just that I really miss you.
We do miss you too.
Hey, did you visit the aqueduct?
Or the De la Cruz Convent?
What did you eat?
Did you make some friends?
Tell me everything!
I want to know it all.
[Darío] Dude, a friend
from junior high died like that.
He received a blow, then threw up.
- He died after and then threw up again.
- Baby, going to the restroom.
- Be right back.
- Okay, baby.
- What'd you do if there's an old man
- [phone chimes]
tryin' to get me
What's up?
What's this?
What's what?
This shit.
Oh, fuck me.
I'm sorry.
I guess I'm caught. Oops!
Did you kiss that guy?
Ugh! Baby, don't get mad, but I
I feel we need to make new connections,
to have more freedom.
Is an open relationship what you want?
What? Uh
I understand if you need it.
- No, no, no, I didn't mean that.
- But you said so, my love.
For me, this is nothing.
I forgive you.
This will make us grow as couple,
make us stronger.
- Congrats, champ.
- Thank you, guys.
- [clamoring continues]
- Williams, my man!
- Thanks. Thank you.
- You were great.
- Thank you, thanks.
- Really, dude.
- You deserve it.
- Hi, can we take a pic?
- Hey, Javi, those passes were great.
- Thanks dude. [chuckles] Thank you.
Thanks a lot. Dude
- Where's Sofía? Have you seen her?
- Man, congrats! I totally forgot, Javi!
- Amazing, bro!
- Hey.
- Where's Sofía?
- I don't know, haven't seen her.
I just heard what happened to Pablo.
Why didn't you tell me anything?
We still don't know who it is, Alex.
[tense music playing]
Isn't Sebastian a suspect?
- No, he's not.
- [Alex] Why are you so sure?
Sebastián is like me.
He's more concerned about things
that matter, than in this stupidity.
[phones chiming]
Soon you'll all know a little gossip
[unsettling music playing]
Soon you'll all know a little gossip
Soon you'll all know
a little gossip about my death.
[judge] Let's continue with the next case.
Mr. Secretary.
- [secretary] Here you go, judge.
- [judge] Thank you.
Bring in Mr. Rogelio Herrera Ugarte.
File number 0486.
Make it quick, please.
[door closes]
[judge] Well, based in previous hearings,
today all the evidence pertaining
to the case will be presented.
All right, counselors.
The reviewing will begin.
Do you have any particular comments?
Judge, if it's okay, can I get closer?
- [judge] Try to be brief.
- Of course.
- [man] Rest of the paperwork is missing.
- [judge] Really?
[whispering] We'll suspend the hearing.
I'm leaving the case.
- Are you sure?
- Mm-hm.
The conditions are not being met.
- [attorney] I assume responsibility.
- What's happening?
- [judge] Are you aware of risks?
- [attorney] I answer for this. I'm aware.
[woman] I copy, sir.
I'll be there in ten minutes.
[whispering] What's up?
[judge] The hearing will be suspended
at the request of the defendant's counsel.
- What?
- [Sofía] What? Dad?
- [judge] Take him back.
- I'm sorry.
- [Sofía] Dad?
- [Rogelio] They threatened you?
- Tell me so I know what to do.
- [Sofía] What happened?
- Everything's all right. I'll talk to him.
- But, what now?
- But Dad!
- [judge] Miss, leave the room, please.
[atmospheric music playing]
Tania Barajas vs Juan Carlos González.
[Sofía] Hey!
Wait. I want to know
who asked you to delay the hearing.
- Uh, and you are?
- Rogelio Herrera's daughter.
It's @allyoursecrets, isn't it?
Is he blackmailing you?
I can totally help you, really.
Nobody is blackmailing me.
Then tell me, what's the problem?
Listen, sweetheart,
money makes my world go round.
Didn't you work pro bono
for a very altruistic NGO?
[unsettling music playing]
No. And sorry for wasting your time.
"Saints do not move,
though grant for prayers' sake."
"Then move not,
while my prayer's effect I take."
"Thus from my lips,
by thine, my sin is purged."
[Sebastián] Wait, wait. Stop, stop.
[sighs] Paco.
That's how you kiss your girlfriend?
[students laugh]
I get that Shakespeare is in verse
and you have trouble empathizing.
- [laughter]
- But
actually, what we have here,
is two 15-year-old teenagers
dying to kiss each other.
It's not about technique,
it's something else.
Okay? Allow me.
Claudia, cue me.
"Saints do not move,
though grant for prayers' sake."
"And then,
move not while my prayer's effect I take."
"Thus, from my lips,
by thine, my sin is purged."
And here comes the kiss.
[Sebastián] Hmm? Yes?
All right, go on.
[tense music playing]
Um. "Then have my lips
the sin that they have took."
"Then have my lips
the sin that they have took."
"Sin from thy lips?"
"O trespass sweetly urged!"
"Give me my sin again."
And here's the second kiss.
Well done, Claudia.
Good. Before you go,
I want to announce,
before you hear from any other source,
about my new play.
Everyone here will have to
come see it because,
well, you support your favorite teacher.
[students laugh]
But also
To your classmate Claudia,
who will make her debut
in one of the leading roles.
[student] Whoo! Yeah!
[students clapping and cheering]
Come on.
Well, that's it for today.
Thank you and get out!
[door opens]
[tense music playing]
[Raúl] I'm living on the streets, dude!
I don't understand your messages.
I transferred to the account you gave me.
I have to go now, okay?
Uh, I'll talk to you later.
- Please, let us know. Bye.
- Obvi! Bye.
Since when are you fucking?
What do you mean?
That's why he gave you the role.
You're such a bore, Alex.
You do know he's manipulating you, right?
Watch what you're saying.
Why are you so defensive?
He gave me the role for other reasons.
- So you really are fucking.
- We are in love, Alex.
And you better than anyone
should understand me.
No. Come on, Clau.
Listen, Gabriela never
manipulated me that way.
I'm not being manipulated either.
Well, just
think about it, okay?
Take care.
[indistinct chatter]
What's up, dude?
Why did you wanna see me?
I got stoned and thought of you.
Oh, come on, my man.
You know it's ours.
Keep it.
[bittersweet music playing]
How's it going?
I'm fine.
I'm fine.
That's dank, bro.
I'm happy for you, guys.
Dude, hold on.
- The 100 bucks I owed you.
- Oh, no way. Forget it man.
I don't have it all,
but I can give 20 each week.
You need it more than me, bro.
Please, bro.
Wanna hang out a little?
Or you have other plans?
We can still be friends, man.
I just I really have to go, man.
But thanks for the dough.
[water running]
[water stops]
We came together, Maria.
[atmospheric music playing]
["Dust and Water"
by Antony and The Johnsons playing]
Love the coal ♪
Love the way you're waiting ♪
I love your kind patience ♪
Dust and water ♪
Water and dust ♪
Water and dust ♪
Did you think I'd leave you here ♪
Forever ♪
[Javi, muffled] Natalia!
What are you doing?
What's wrong with you?
- What are you doing here?
- I'm sorry, Nat. Forgive me. It wasn't
I didn't mean to
I didn't mean to see you.
How did you get in?
There's a key under the rug. I
I was looking for Sofía.
If I had known you where here,
I'd have never got in.
I promise you, okay? I didn't
Uh-huh, and
and please accept my apologies.
I never imagined
Don't go, please.
So tell me,
how did you know I hired the lawyer?
The watch gave him away.
I saw it at your party at the hotel.
That wasn't even enough for that asshole.
I still owe him a lot of money,
but I lost my house's money
Look, Raúl, I don't fucking care.
Sincerely, I don't give a damn, got it?
But now my Dad's
whole process is postponed.
He doesn't even have a lawyer.
Who knows if some fucking day
he'll get out of there!
Sofía, I'm sorry.
I thought everything
would work out, really.
I'll say it to you one last time.
Don't ever help me again.
I wanted to
Feel closer to María.
Feel what she lived.
So, I guess
you wanted to kill yourself?
- No.
- Hmm?
Of course not. Who's gonna drown in a tub?
[exhales softly]
But I'm glad you got here.
Please forgive me.
Really, when you're in the middle,
I only fuck up, I mean
Oh, God! So turns out it's my fault now..
Is that it?
No. I'm saying that
everything I do is for you.
When you see me,
your heart skips a beat, right?
When you see me, you feel capable
of doing anything, like, I don't know,
hacking a school, screwing the life
of who knows how many people.
All because you love me, no?
Laugh at me if you want to, okay?
Oh, got it.
Javier told you we broke up.
That's why you're saying all this.
So? Give me a break, Sofía!
I've been waiting this moment for
more than a year. Do you know why?
Because I care about you, a lot.
So, do you care about me?
Am I that bad at sending signals?
[chuckles softly]
Or maybe I'm bad at noticing them.
I think you are.
What happened to you two?
- It's because I make a huge mess, right?
- [scoffs]
You are terrible as a detective.
That's your problem.
Stop thinking for a moment, dude.
I don't want to.
- Sofía, please look at me.
- No, Raúl, I don't
- I'm done talking to you, okay?
- Listen. Come on.
Look at me. Hey.
- Do what you feel for once!
- No!
Why not?
You don't dare, or what?
[inviting music builds]
- [Javi] I can't.
- [exhales]
You're right.
I don't wanna hurt Sofía.
It's not that.
But I can't tell you why.
I respect you.
You can tell me whenever you feel ready.
I just can't bear the idea of not saying
how I feel to those that I care for.
[Javi sighs]
I'm a shitty person.
No, you are wrong.
You are an amazing person,
that's why I like you.
You have no idea the deep shit I'm in,
along with my father.
Okay, let's see.
You never let me
explain to you what happened.
Maybe that's what
- That's what you need for us to talk
- It was my dad who moved the corpse.
[unsettling music plays]
You see?
Sofía, it's obvious
you feel something for me.
Who the hell do you think you are? Huh?
[drone buzzing]
Hey, what the fuck you want, douchebag?
- What the fuck do you want?!
- Don't get close to it.
- What do you want?
- Don't get close!
Come at me!
What is it, asshole?! What do you want?!
- [electricity crackling]
- [gasps]
We should get out of here, shouldn't we?
Where would we go?
Anywhere but here? [chuckles]
I don't know.
- Tulum?
- [scoffs] No.
- No?
- [both chuckle]
Uh, how about Cancún?
- No.
- Miami!
Miami! Have you been there?
Get out of here!
I've never left Mexico.
- You serious?
- Mm-hmm.
Oh, you're gonna love it.
Those are the best beaches in the world.
You can be free.
Are you being serious?
[bittersweet music playing]
What about our families?
I don't know.
On my end, uh
I actually don't really think
I'll ever see mine.
Not that I want to, really.
Wanna come with me?
Do you think we can figure out
the return address on this thing?
I guess.
Yeah, probably a good hacker
can get us the return location.
Should I call Bruno?
That guy won't help us anymore.
But I think I know someone else.
"Then have my lips the sin that they"
- Hey, hon! [chuckles]
- What are you doing here?
[camera shutter clicks]
We weren't supposed to meet today.
N-no. I wanted to surprise you.
I'm surprised.
Come on!
Do we have to hide here as well?
Clau, this isn't hiding.
[scoffs] I'm sick of this!
Clau. We talked about this.
Well, sorry.
Uh, I'm leaving.
No, no, no. Come in.
[Claudia sighs]
Are you sure?
Yeah, my love. Come in.
Let's go.
[machinery whirring]
No, the axes three, four and five
are all in singularity.
In what?
- Don't you know what a singularity is?
- Yeah, sure, of course, but,
I don't think there's a singularity, dude.
You're kidding me.
How do you plan to win the prize?
- I think that has something else.
- Let's see.
I need the return to home
from this drone. Please, guys.
Oh, yeah, of course!
And why me, Sofía?
Because I took you out of a hole
you'd have died in?
And you'll remind me
of that forever, won't you?
Yeah, until you die for real.
This thing has a singularity.
Actually, it's broken.
- Ugh. Let me see.
- No shit, Sherlock.
Of course it's broken. Just
Can you fix it or not?
- Yeah, but
- I'll help you.
- This is the only model
- Whoever fix it, I need that thing now.
Can't remember where to
- [Alex] Wait, wait. There you go.
- [Ernesto] You sure it's plugged?
[Alex] Yeah.
- Here it comes.
- So?
- Ready?
- Oh, Sofía calm down.
- The language is COBOL, really old.
- It's not that simple.
- Only used in banks.
- Nobody uses COBOL anymore.
- Don't know. I just need the address.
- [Alex] Two seconds and it's done.
- Where is it?
- Done, it's done, it's uh
14 Siqueiros Street. It's on Molinos.
- 14 Siqueiros Street.
- Here you go.
Yeah. What for? No. Thank you.
- Hey, I'll come with you.
- [Sofía] No.
- Alex, seriously.
- But I helped you with
- What about your drone?
- [Sofía] Oh, you can keep it, it's yours.
- [giggles]
- [door closes]
Should we fix it?
- [Quintanilla] Sofía.
- Oh, not now, I'm I have to go.
- Wait. I'm worried about you. You okay?
- Ugh!
- I'd like to talk to you about
- Can we do this another time?
- Seriously, I have somewhere else to go.
- Where? Where do you have to go?
- Tell me.
- [Güero] Who did this?!
- No
- It's about @allyoursecrets?
[Güero] Who did this?!
- [student 1] It was sent to all of us.
- [student 2] Calm down!
[Güero] What's wrong
with this fucking school?
Answer me, for fuck's sake!
What is this?
You motherfucking bastards!
- Stop it now!
- You sick motherfuckers!
- You're all gonna burn in hell!
- Stop recording!
- [Güero] Hate you all you sons of bitches!
- Stop it, please!
[screaming continues]
- Sofía, Sofía.
- If I don't go, this won't end, okay?
Okay, I agree. But listen, listen to me.
I am not letting you go alone.
It's very dangerous.
- So, please. I'll come with you.
- [clamoring continues]
- [Güero] Do not touch me!
- Come on, let's take my car.
[atmospheric music playing]
It'll all be fine.
You are very smart, you know that?
- I think it's around here.
- Don't change the subject.
I want to tell you,
I think you're a very smart woman
and I admire you a lot.
I truly do.
You're just saying all of this
because you miss Nora.
It's my mom's life it's not like
I can intervene or anything.
No, I mean, uh I I do.
I do miss her, but I'm with you.
And I wanted to tell you that
I do care about you.
[chuckles] Come on, say it.
- What?
- Say it.
- What?
- One of your usual ironic little phrases.
No. Not today.
- Not today.
- Not today.
- Maybe tomorrow I will.
- [Quintanilla laughs] Okay.
- [Sofía] I just might, but we'll see.
- Mm-hmm.
[Quintanilla] Well
Here we are.
What now?
Knock on the door, I suppose.
- [unbuckles]
- Okay.
Let's find out who's fucking with us.
And then my dad's goons
were the ones who finished the job.
Uh [sighs]
You're mad at me, right?
I'm not mad.
Javi, they committed a crime.
I know.
I know.
- That's why you're playing soccer.
- Yup.
- My Dad did a favor, I have to repay him.
- No.
You don't.
You don't pay back favors to your parents.
- I do
- I said no.
My God they're recording us.
- Javi, he heard everything, damn it!
- Hey!
["Antidote" by Emily Wells playing]
[door opens and closes]
[doorbell rings]
I don't wanna lose ever again ♪
I don't wanna lose nobody ♪
What do you want?
Ever again ♪
- [man] Pablito.
- Hmm
- Wake up!
- What?
- [Pablo] What the fuck? What do you want?
- Look at me.
Down by your body ♪
I was born to forget ♪
You stop believing ♪
You go blind ♪
What do you want? Get out.
What the fuck? What the hell?
What the fuck?
I don't wanna lose ever again ♪
I don't wanna lose ♪
Nobody ♪
I got the drone
configured to give me
the return address, and it's here.
I know nothing about a drone.
I'm closing the door.
- Sofía, maybe we made a mistake.
- No, we didn't. This is the address.
Goodnight, goodnight ♪
I don't know what you're talking about.
Bye, Sofía.
How do you know my name?
What, uh? What are you doing?
Wait Hey! Hey!
Open up, let me in!
[Pablo] Get out dude. What?
What the hell?
[man] Thank you.
[laughs] Now, go to sleep.
[muffled grunts]
- [man] Shh!
- [muffled] Asshole!
["Antidote" continues playing]
No, no, dude. Please, don't hurt me!
You? You tried to break my legs, asshole.
- Huh?
- No! Wasn't me, wasn't me, but the others!
What do you mean, others?
Speak now!
There are many of us. A lot!
[unsettling music playing]
[woman] I'm gonna call the cops!
I've seen you around.
Get out of my house.
You know my father, but how
[Rogelio] Look what I brought you.
Another Russian?
And you know my name, so you
you know me as well.
[Rogelio] You can love
more than one person at a time.
Leave, please. Now.
I told you to leave.
Leave this house!
You are my half sibling.
And for you and your mom's fault,
my father is now locked in jail.
But that's not your problem anymore.
- We'll deal with it as a family.
- You are not @allyoursecrets.
I don't know what that is.
Now, leave.
- What happened?
- [sobs]
What happened? What happened?
What happened?
If you need much more attention ♪
Hold your horses on ♪
No matter what's inside you ♪
If it is a super flame ♪
What kind of fire burns in you ♪
No matter ♪
What is that ♪
You treasure now ♪
But maybe ♪
You aren't in the zone ♪
And you're doing it all wrong ♪
Yeah ♪
Aha ♪
Oh yeah ♪
Aha ♪
If you need much more attention ♪
Hold your horses on ♪
If you need much more attention ♪
Hold your horses on ♪
No matter what's inside you ♪
If it is a super flame ♪
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