Control Z (2020) s03e08 Episode Script


The moon is hidding on my side ♪
The night just falling on my ride ♪
The colour is drifting on the brink ♪
My life could vanish in a blink ♪
And I sing ♪
The colour freedom don't come twice ♪
The need for speed
Comes out in spread ♪
I feel like Bullitt in my head ♪
And I sing ♪
The answer is here.
What's this for?
Hold that. It's important.
Hold that, okay?
No impunity.
We didn't even say goodbye ♪
You are alone, I can see why ♪
'Cause home is my grave at night ♪
So why don't you just ♪
Sofía, are you okay?
You're here!
I finally found you.
I suppose you did.
How the fuck did you?
No, wait.
It's a message. I'm okay.
That dipshit is behind all of this?
Uh, he was. Not anymore.
Uh, later today I'll explain it all.
And how the fuck we'll get out of here?
You are the only one
the only one who knows I'm here.
We'll wait for Bruno to help
or ask someone.
- Come on, man.
- We didn't plan that part.
He hates my guts, Sofía! We're screwed.
Well, we still have to find a way out.
I don't know what these fuckers want,
but it's better not to find it out.
No. Honestly, read this. Look.
I asked, "How was the NONA"?
He said, "Dude, awesome.
We'll talk tomorrow."
- This shithead's not Raúl.
- I don't give a shit about Raúl.
- This asshole admitted he fucked us all.
- They'll go after you and after her
- They've already come after me, bro.
- Then you know how it feels.
- Come on, man.
- Pablo, sweetie.
Give Gerry a break.
Please look at his face.
He's been through hell.
- I mean, his reaction is understable.
- You haven't learned a thing.
N-No. I'm not gonna eat that.
Well, I'm fucking starving, Sofía.
No, dude, what if they poisoned it?
If they wanted to,
they would have poisoned us.
No! No, Raúl.
Dude, that's disgusting.
Those are full of dirt.
Aren't you going to help me?
You're pathetic as a liar, Raúl.
Okay. Help me.
You're all dirty now.
Did I say thank you
for trying to rescue me?
You already know
I can't resist a good mystery.
And I may be the worst liar ever,
but you're worse at pretending
you don't care about me.
I'm really sorry, Sofía.
If I hadn't hacked anyone,
none of this would have happened.
Well, it's my fault, then, right?
didn't you say I was your inspiration
or whatever?
I should've asked you for a cup of coffee.
But you know that easy things
are not worth it.
I think I know now how to get out of here.
But you'll have to try your hardest, huh?
You haven't learned anything.
I can't believe it.
Dude, I do believe you.
Sofía told me Raúl had a lot of problems.
- She's not answering her phone.
- You'd just broke up, I wouldn't either.
Clearly Sofía would disappear
after exposing us.
Sofía did that
because she had no other choice.
It's Sofía.
She says she can't talk right now.
She's fine.
We have nothing to worry about.
Go check on them.
"We'll talk later" Okay.
This is not Sofía. I'm more than sure.
She never calls me "baby."
She wouldn't do that, especially now.
Help us, somebody, come on!
Help me, help us!
Somebody help us!
He he stopped breathing.
Something's wrong, I don't
What the hell, man?
Fucking shit!
Either that, or Sofía and Rául are just
laughing at us like every fucking time.
- Pablo, come on.
- Sofía
But, why would they do that?
You're way too paranoid.
No, I mean
Don't you know those guys?
No, let go of me!
- Please, let me go!
- No fucking way! Sofía!
- No, let go of me now!
- Sofía!
- Hurry up!
- Please, let me go!
- Okay, I'm sorry!
- Let her go!
She would never call me that.
No! Let go of me!
Let go of me!
- No! Let me go!
- Shut the fuck up!
Calm down right now!
How could you let her run away?
- Are you okay?
- Yeah, yeah.
Do it.
- What?
- I don't know.
Do it!
Uh Hey, no, no. Calm down.
Please, calm down.
Hey, easy.
I'll go. Wait a sec.
This guy is totally crazy.
You all are so freakin' intense.
- You. What are you doing here?
- I told her to come.
I know you can't stand me
and I've fucked a lot of things up.
But, what if I told you that
I just found the jerks messing with us?
How so?
Sofía was right.
In the @allyoursecrets guy's backpack
there was something else.
Apparently it was part of the logo,
but it wasn't.
- Mm.
- It has a QR code.
- Let me see.
- And that QR code opens up a forum.
Oh, my God.
Hey. No, no, no, no.
Come on, come on, come on.
Wait. Please, calm down.
No! Raúl
- Okay.
- They've got the message.
You won't get out of this alive next time.
Go to hell, you son of a bitch.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah.
Pay attention. It has to say
where the hell these assholes gather.
No, it doesn't say anything.
That's the problem.
It's a fuckload of them.
- I think it's time to call the police.
- Sure, and let them arrest us. Great idea.
- Besides, it's Mexico, Nat. The police?
- Natalia, we can't talk to the police.
Okay, don't look at me like that.
I'm trying to cooperate.
- Everybody, please, come on.
- We have no time.
It says here there's one hour left
for the screenings to come out.
- The screenings
- Where are they doing that?
What screenings, dude?
Fuck, man.
At the graduation.
Quintanilla's video.
- They're gonna play Susana's death.
- Why is this in plural?
- Come on.
- Yeah, man.
What other video?
It says here that
they've got them in the Black Area.
@allyoursecrets made me take a mask
just like this one to a horrible place
and there was this print at that place
with this face, a yellow print
- No, but
- It was yellow!
- Yellow area.
- Okay.
- Sure, it makes sense.
- And?
Of course, there are different areas.
There's the green one,
they gray one, there's the red one
And there. The black one.
Uh, it's gotta be there.
- No!
- I'm sorry!
Don't move!
- I took a little booger out.
- Ugh.
Okay, I just wanted to see
how many they were.
I only saw those three.
Oh, my God.
And I was really beat up just for that?
Have you ever been to an escape room?
Like the ones you used
to go to with Williams?
The thing about escape rooms
is that they all have cameras.
- With blind spots.
- Mm-hmm.
And what they don't see is not
as important as what they do see.
They always aim at the clues.
Yeah, Sofía, but,
you know this isn't an escape room.
There aren't any clues here.
But there is something they worry about.
Listen. Wait.
We can't all go after Sofía and Raúl.
Who's going to the dance
to stop the video from coming out?
- Ugh, c'mon.
- I'll go after Sofía.
- I'll go after Sofía too.
- I'll go to the graduation.
No, I'll go after Raúl.
There's nothing for me at school.
I'll join them.
- I'm already dressed up.
- Let's make the most.
Okay, we should call a cab, right?
- Yeah.
- I have a number.
Have an amazing time.
Thank you!
How are you? Good evening, Darío.
How's everything?
- Good evening.
- Hello!
Over here?
Welcome, family, ma'am.
Nice to see you. All good?
- Lulú.
- Professor
- Javier, Sofía and the rest?
- There's so much going on, I have no idea.
- If you see them, let me know.
- Sure.
Good evening. How are you? How's it going?
Hey, Ernesto, it's the first time in
three years that I see you well-dressed.
- Well done.
- Ah!
I'll be right back.
I think they put us together.
Looking good, dude.
You too, man.
Good evening.
- How are you?
- Are you sure about it? Really?
Oh, well, that's amazing!
Good evening. Hello.
How are you?
- Great, and you?
- I'm good.
Have you picked a college?
Well no
No, yeah, I'm good.
I don't know. She's not here yet.
Oh! It's just
she was chosen to give a speech.
- She didn't tell you?
- Uhm, no
Her classmates chose her
as "the most popular one" and,
- we prepared a speech together.
- Oh, really?
- Yeah, she didn't tell you?
- No.
Well, she's not
a very communicative person.
Or maybe she was keeping it as a surprise.
So, then, I've ruined it.
Yeah, I suppose.
- You look amazing.
- Thanks. So do you.
- Good evening.
- Oh, hello.
- Quintanilla.
- Have you seen Javier by chance?
- Uh
- I have not, either.
- Excuse me, one minute, please.
- And Sofía?
- Guess they're together.
- Is this seat taken?
No, have a seat.
- Stop there.
- Yeah.
- Javi, it's Quintanilla.
- Don't answer.
- No, no, no. Answer it, man.
- Come on.
- So that he doesn't worry.
- What will Quintanilla do?
That's enough, just cut it out!
- Just don't
- Hello?
Javier, where are you?
We're driving right now.
Come here right now, Javier.
Y-y-you know what? Put Sofía on the phone.
No, you can't speak to Sofía.
If it's urgent, tell me.
Tell me and I I'll give her your message.
Javier, tell her not to panic
and that it's normal to get nervous.
Talking in front of an audience
can make you
No, no.  That's not it, Quintanilla.
- What is it then?
- Just hang up!
Just get here immediately.
- Calm down!
- Uh Quintanilla, just relax.
Okay? Uh
Sofi had a super little teeny tiny issue
but we are on our way to solve it, okay?
Let us solve it, pretty please.
It's Natalia talking, by the way.
Hi, Nat. How are you?
Listen. Just tell me something.
Is Sofía okay?
Yeah. Totally fine, trust me.
Okay, I'll try to stall as long as I can
and delay as much as possible.
But please, come quickly, okay?
Why did you answer?
He'll want an explanation
- Please, just relax.
- Oh, dude.
Oh! Rosita!
- Hi there! Good!
- Hi, how are you?
I need a favor. No, well, I mean
A gift for us.
Can you delight us
with a few words at the microphone?
Oh my God.
Did my classmates ask for it?
- Oh, hell yeah!
- Hey, Rosa
Natalia was right, so
It's Darío's fault, he's a brainfart.
- Hey! Wait! Language missy!
- I'm back.
Rosita, listen. Do me a favor.
No swearing and as slowly as possible.
- Okay.
- Alright?
- Okay.
- I'll let you know when.
- Thank you.
- Woo! Cheers!
Ernesto. E Ernesto, Ernesto.
Change of plans, okay?
We're having Rosita
and then play the video.
- Okay.
- Is that clear?
- Yeah.
- Rosita and then the video.
- Cool. Okay.
- Thanks.
What about Rosita?
No, nothing. She's giving a speech.
And I have to play this crap.
I'll come with you.
Okay. Sure
friends, family, and to all the community
of students that I love dearly,
and will miss greatly,
I give you the warmest welcome
to the prom night of our National School!
Give it up for all of you!
Fucking shit.
Hey, they're leaving. Hurry up.
Goddamn it!
- How the fuck did they get up there?
- What do we do?
- Wait, there they are!
- No, no, no, no.
No! No!  Hey!
- They are running away!
- No way, no way
- Fucking hell, dude.
- Open up!
We need to move forward!
It says this is the spot.
Turn the lights down, dude.
There's nobody here, man.
- Shit. Where the hell are we?
- Well, we're here.
- You sure, dude?
- I told you, look.
You've gotta be kidding. Wait.
She was at the bar with a friend.
Night of the accident.
- No way, man.
- Yea, it's her. Wait, look!
She is putting on
the mask like the one I left.
- Are they been held there?
- I guess so
- Let's move.
- We don't know how many they are.
Oh, Javi, be careful
Run, run, run, run.
Let's get outta here!
Oh, my God!
Wait up. Raúl!
- Come on, there's no time!
- Your cell phone! Look!
Try to call someone.
- Those fuckers took the sim card. Damn.
- They also took mine
- What's all that shit? Come on.
- Yeah.
Run! Run, run, run.
This way.
This way. That's how I got in!
- I heard something.
- Yeah, me too.
Help me! Help me!
Get me out of here!
- Sofía, it's Güero. Güero
- Yeah, that's Güero.
Güero, what happened?
Why are you here?
So what are you doing here, man?
I was at home.
I got a tequila bottle as a gift and
And I woke up here.
- And what about you?
- So
- Just like you. The same.
- Yeah.
But it must have been a prank
by some motherfucker.
Yeah. Listen,
we have to get out of here now.
It's It's dangerous
and we don't have much time.
- Okay?
- Right.
Shh. Your heels.
I'm being quiet.
There's no one here.
- No.
- No, there's no one.
Okay, let's see
I don't know how, but we need to get in.
Sofía needs us.
- Let's ask for help.
- To whom?
To the masked guys?
- Help me climb.
- What do you mean?
- What's on the other side?
- Don't you dare.
- I'll give you a lift.
- Keep it steady.
- Gerardo, please get down!
- There you go.
- It's too high, maybe if
- Put him down now.
Get out the way!
- You'll hurt yourself.
- What's he doing?
Oh, shit.
What the hell?
- Javi
- This asshole.
- Javi, are you okay?
- Yeah.
- You're fuckin' nuts, man.
- Wow!
- But it worked.
- Fucking psycho
Don't you give a fuck about your cars?
They are my dad's, man.
- Of course.
- Shall we?
I'll stay here.
- Come again?
- To check that nobody's coming.
Natalia, we'll go together.
No, I mean it. I'm staying here.
Will you be alright?
Yeah and you?
Are you serious?
Gimme a break!
- Javi! There's no time!
- Take care, okay?
- You too.
- Cut the crap.
- Kiss her later.
- You staying?
- She wants to stay here.
- Watch out!
- It came from there.
- Don't, Güe
- Let's
- The exit is there, I'm serious.
- Shh!
- But
We need to leave. Please.
Sofía, our names
are written on these things.
Güero, let's go.
We-we shouldn't be here. It's
it's too dangerous. Okay?
- Güero, there's no time.
- Okay? Uh
- There's no time.
- We need to leave.
I'll tell you one thing
I'm gonna make the prankster
pay for everything.
If I learned something this year,
is never let anyone suck your energy.
Love yourselves! Don't you ever settle!
And long live freedom!
Long live the National!
And go fuck yourself, Darío!
Oh, my freakin' God!
Rosita really outdid herself this time!
- Boys, please stop that, I'm
- What kind of sick show was that?
- I know.
- Why was she up there?
Excuse me one second.
- She didn't give a fuck.
- What I was doing with that bitch?
Man, she's heartless.
Ernesto, Ernesto, the video.
What did we talk about?
Rosita, then video. Play the video.
What had an agreement, remember?
- Don't be a coward.
- I don't know what that was, my apologies.
You don't know?
- Who is the one in charge of this?
- I am.
- And so?
- Principal, some wine?
I don't want it, drink it yourself.
Okay. Hold this thing.
Shouldn't you use this one?
I mean it. We always get ourselves
into really fucked up shit, bro.
Hopefully I won't screw this up.
Let's watch the video,
it came out beautifully.
- Güero, it's not worth it.
- We're gonna investigate who
- Raúl
- What?
National School
Loyalty and spirit ♪
- Searching for the truth ♪
- I love
- Yeah, my two hundred K, man.
- I love this school
and the person I've become
thanks to the National School.
I got to know acting.
You have opened doors for me
ever since I came from Colombia.
all of my classmates were
They've been the best, they explained
everything to me, I've had no trouble.
How many pilots have graduated from here?
I think that the intro is different.
Playing soccer is incredible.
- I think I fucked up this time.
- What's up with this?
- That's not okay, wait.
- No, no, no!
Turn that thing off!
Goddamn it!
- Alex, what do we do?
- There!
Move, move!
- What are you doing?
- Stop it.
- No, please, don't!
- Asshole!
- What are you doing?
- Turn it off.
- Stop!
- What the fuck?!
- Come on Alex!
- No, no, no.
- What wrong with you?
- Why did you do that for?
- Weren't you my friend, motherfucker?
- Asshole!
It wasn't suicide.
They murdered her. They hid the body.
- They hid the body.
- It's my dream.
They murdered her.
I'm gonna miss the National so much.
They murdered her.
The law is
similar to what you do in investigation.
They murdered her.
- I'm very happy.
- It wasn't suicide.
- Güero, listen. It's not what it seems!
- What's this?
It's not what it
We can explain all of this to you.
- This people
- They murdered her.
They murdered her.
This this is what they want,
to stress us out
- Look at me. Güero, look at me.
- And we've gotta get out of here.
- Susana's was an accident.
- What did you do?
- Calm down.
- We didn't do anything, man.
- Was it an accident?
- It was.
- Just listen to me!
- Let's get out!
- What accident?!
- Stop it!
- What accident?!
- We don't
What did you do to my wife?!
- Why did you lie to me?!
- Put that down!
- You lied to me!
- Listen to me!
- What did you do to my wife?!
- Don't do this, Güero!
Calm down.
Run, goddamn it, run! Run, run, run!
You fucking bastards!
Stop right there!
They're getting away, man!
Come on, let's go!
- Let me see. My laptop is now fucked.
- Quintanilla, please, don't interrupt me!
- What's going on right now?
- No, I promise we can explain.
- I want an answer now.
- Alex.
We were discussing
It's my fault. Mine alone.
I wanted to make a funny video.
I assume all responsibility.
No, no. It was me. I wanted
to make a joke, but I overstepped.
- What are you saying?
- No. It was me.
- Of course not.
- It was my fault. Yeah.
We both did it.
- Ugh, give me a break.
- Just a moment.
Uh, ma'am. Um, all the parents
are asking what's going on.
You two can forget about your diplomas.
And you, solve this. Make yourself useful.
Yes. Lulú, find me a laptop.
- Right away, sir.
- Ernesto, give me my video.
My video.
You're not graduating, man.
- You okay?
- Yeah, you?
Thank you, dude.
We're friends, are we?
We're friends.
- Yeah.
- Wanna puff or what?
I'm down, dawg!
Go, go, go, go.
- I'm gonna kill you both!
- Go, go! Goddamn it.
- Stay right there, fucking bastards!
- Go, go, go, goddamn it!
Run, run, run! Go, go, go, go!
Sofía! This way! Come on!
You'll see.
You're gonna die today!
- Javier.
- What are you doing here?
Are you okay?
Here! Hurry in here!
- We need to find another way out.
- There's no other way.
- Sofía, this is a fucking labyrinth.
- Let's go.
It's my great pleasure
to introduce out guest of honor.
A man that came to talk to us
about success and accomplishment.
The one and only, Damián Williams.
This This won't take long.
Listen, there's no need
for you to do this, okay?
We won't tell anyone
that all of you are here.
Just let us go and that's it.
We can't let you go.
I feel deeply honored
to be here talking to you tonight.
Javi, my son, knows
how much I appreciate this school.
- And the important values it encourages.
- Hey, Güero! Güero!
- Güero!
- Calm down!
Güero, no! Wait!
Güero! you need to calm down, please!
Stop! Hey!
Let's make a deal.
Let her go.
It's too late now.
What do you mean "too late"?
What are you talking about?
The only secrets of success
relies on all the sacrifices
required in the way.
You lied to me!
You lied to me!
And never, ever
let anyone stand in the way
between you
and your dreams.
Is he dead?
Thanks, Nati.
Who the hell are you? Huh?
Do you go to the National?
Are you? What the fuck do you want?
Answer me, dickhead.
No, stop, please! That's enough!
- That's the rule.
- Do it!
We can't let you go.
All of you are following instructions.
Who's giving you guys the instructions?
- Who's telling you what to do?
- Sofía, wait
No, no, no. Now I get it.
Surely you are no psychopaths.
You're just kids.
You've been blackmailed.
They got you in the same way
they did with us,
and now they are using you as their pawns.
Am I wrong?
At the beginning,
we just talked shit about your posts.
But then the movement took off
and came alive.
Those bastards are totally crazy.
It's so easy
to light a match, Sofía.
The problem is
when you have to extinguish the fire.
That guy and his bullshit.
He never lost control.
What guy, Sofía?
- Bruno?
- Yeah, dude.
He told me he would give me the dough
as long as I did him one last favor.
Playing the video.
But then what the hell
are they going to do to them?
No idea.
- How can you not?
- I swear.
You played the fucking video.
What's happening, man?
Who the fuck is Bruno?
The guy orchestrating all this mess.
Juan, what are you doing?
They're gonna spill our secrets.
No. No, listen to me.
No one's gonna spill
anyone else's secrets.
The rule is to not show your faces, right?
This can be solved very easily.
Come on, take your mask off.
Take the mask off, dude.
It's that simple, it'll be over!
Take your mask off.
Everyone, take the mask off
and all of this will be over.
No one's secrets will come out.
The only one
who cannot take his mask off here,
is the motherfucker blackmailing you.
Am I right, Bruno?
If you come any closer,
I'm gonna spill all your secrets.
I'll reveal everyone's secrets, hear me?
Fuck you, man!
Guess what?
I'm the one who's got the power!
- Get him now!
- Shut the fuck up, asshole!
- Is that Javier's car?
- Sofía
- What the hell, dude?
- Are you okay? How are you?
- Fine.
- Sofía.
- Güero beat us up.
- We need to leave now.
No, wait. There's nothing
to worry about anymore. Okay?
I'll explain it all, but, what happened?
You're all bruised. Was it Güero?
- Natalia kicked his ass.
- What?
- A little bit.
- You look fucking terrible. Are you okay?
- Okay, dude.
- Really?
- Yes, but we gotta leave. Right now.
- Where to?
Well, let's do what we should've done
from the beginning.
Playing soccer is incredible.
Obviously politics.
I'm a very good leader. I think
everyone at this school knows that.
I love it.
I love this school and the person
I've become thanks to the National School.
Thank you so much, National School.
I want to say thank you
for giving me an incredible year.
- Thank you, National School.
- Thank you.
Thank you, Quintanilla.
Thank you, National School.
You okay? Natalia, are you alright?
What happened? Are you okay?
- I'm good.
- Yeah?
- Sure?
- Don't worry.
- Sofía
- Nora
The stage is yours, Sofi.
I'll explain everything,
but right now I have to give this speech.
- Can you explain why were you so late?
- You'll find out in a minute.
What the fuck?
You should've borrowed a dress. Oh my God!
You bitch!
A few days ago, I was picturing my future.
Leaving to college.
Studying law to get my dad out of prison.
I pictured myself here
reading a yawner dull speech to you.
Maybe wearing a beautiful dress.
And that speech would talk about a future
with the people we love close to us.
With those friends
we've discovered along the way
who became our family.
About all our dreams
and how to fight to achieve them.
About all that we have left to live.
María, let go! Stop!
All that was nothing but a lie.
There's no other way.
Although it is hard.
We cannot build a future
while turning our backs on the past.
My name is Javier Williams.
We we're trying to figure it out,
but the situation was tense.
- It was late at night. Around midnight.
- And
They went up. Claudia, María, Susana.
They were carrying the money
that was hidden inside a locker.
And Miss Susana was really nervous.
Obviously because we were all there, um
screaming and, well
holding a gun. So she
And though we wish our mistakes
would fade away, they are
gonna keep haunting us
if we don't face them now.
'Cause at the end of the day,
what gets in our way
ends up paving the way.
And that's better
than the lie we tried to run from.
And there is no greater choice
than to tell the truth.
What is she talking about?
Well, you'll have all eyes on you
pretty soon, Dad.
Fifteen months ago
on the rooftop of the National School
my friends and I experienced a situation
that we've been hiding for a long time.
Principal Susana's death.
- Mm!
- Mm-hm?
Now that you mention it,
I'm sure you're gonna be
a fantastic journalist, Sofía.
The best.
Just please don't get in trouble
this time, Sofi. Okay?
I can't promise that.
I really missed you.
Me too.
Javi, what? What happened?
You want to tell me something
and you don't know how.
- That's why you brought me here.
- You never miss a thing, Sofía.
No, never.
Um, if it's about Natalia, it's okay.
I've seen your pictures
at the beach with her.
- Mm.
- You look happy together.
You both have facial
- the propor
- The proportions.
- The facial proportions. That's it.
- That's what you mean.
Being with Natalia,
I've thought about a lot of stuff.
And there's one thing
that I feel just doesn't sit right.
What is it?
Natalia said that @allyoursecrets
brought her to Mexico to spy on us.
But what if that wasn't
the real purpose of @allyoursecrets?
What if
@allyoursecrets's purpose
was for you an me to break up?
And who could be
so interested in doing that?
He used his party
to put his plan in motion.
Welcome, dawgs.
He made us all believe
that he had ran out of money.
My house's money was transferred
into a fake bank account.
That he almost got hit by a car.
To be ruled out as possible suspect.
He pulled us all apart from you.
Your dad too remember?
So that you were alone
while he was being kidnapped.
He knew that you wouldn't stop
until you find
the one responsible for all this.
- And there was Bruno.
- Where's Raúl?
You're the only one,
the only one who knows I'm here.
He made this whole map
o that you could come to your conclusions.
You already know
I can't resist a good mystery.
Raúl is @allyoursecrets, Sofi.
It has been him, all along.
He did all of this to be close to you.
Why are you thinking?
You knew about it?
Seriously, seriously.
Your conclusions are still very weird.
I'm sorry, I've got to go.
I really love you.
I love you too, very much.
Well, you'd better.
Very much.
So, how was your coffee with Javi?
What was that important thing
he needed to tell you?
I guess you'll never know.
Touch it, like it, love it, leave ♪
Bend it, break it, wipe it, clean ♪
Check your red fingertips ♪
We smoke, devote
And pick teams ♪
Wake up
We love to daydream ♪
Wipe those red fingers all over me ♪
Yeah, we're good and awful ♪
Pass the bottle when we leave ♪
The skeletons to sleep ♪
Lay 'em in their coffins ♪
Sure to lock it when we leave ♪
The skeletons to sleep ♪
We're dumb, we're young ♪
We know well ♪
You don't gotta show your whole self ♪
No, just the bones and bodies ♪
And save the rest for Fridays ♪
When our souls get stirred up sideways ♪
Fall into haunted hobbies ♪
Ohh! ♪
Yeah, we're good and awful ♪
Pass the bottle when we leave ♪
The skeletons to sleep ♪
Lay 'em in their coffins ♪
Sure to lock it when we leave ♪
The skeletons to sleep ♪
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