Coop and Cami Ask the World (2018) s01e08 Episode Script

Would You Wrather Get a Moose Angry?

1 Hey, Wrather-heads! It's winter-break time and-- Mom? Yes, I'm wearing my snow boots, please get off the comment section! As I was saying, I thought we'd get you into the giving spirit.
Hey, friend, you got a second? - Actually, I'm kind of-- - Great, so, here's today's question: Would you rather make a donation to the holiday food bank or be pelted with one of my mystery balloons? Okay, okay um, can you break a ten? Sure can't.
Merry Christmas! Holiday hi-sies! Holiday bye-sies! You do realize I'm going to crush you at raising money for the food bank.
- (gasps) She said whaaat? - (cellphone dings) Check the app.
Cami: You're still in second place.
But when the fundraiser ends tonight, the top moneymaker will be moi.
That's French for "me.
" Oh really? Well-- (blows raspberry) That's French for-- (blows raspberry) I'm all for helping Cami, but this beard is really itchy.
Let me help.
Ow! How did that help? It helped me.
I'm telling Cami I'm done.
You never want to interrupt her when she's conducting business.
Cami and I get each other.
We have a complicated, yet special, relationship.
Hey, Cami.
So I was wondering Oops, looks like that one got away.
- Anyhow, I was thinking - Fred, can I please see your hat for a second? (balloons popping) You're right.
It is a special relationship.
Would you rather lose your phone Or give up pizza for a month? Share your diary with the world Or have to eat it for your lunch? Sing out of tune to your friends Or trip and fall into your crush Shave your head, paint it red Or use your dog's toothbrush We need a little Q&A Come on Wrather-heads, play along Would you rather do this? (Would you rather do this?) Would you rather do that? (Would you rather do that?) Don't matter what we do We're doing it with you I'd rather do that Ask the world! Would you rather do this? (Would you rather do this) Or would you rather just dance? Or would you rather just dance? Don't matter what we do We're doing it with you I'd rather do that Ask the world! Would you rather do that? Coats on hooks and not the flo-or Falalalala Lalalala Mom, I love you, but every time you sing, an angel cuts off his ears.
So festive.
What's going on? Usually, you celebrate the holidays by making fun of the cards people send.
I do not just Fred's family.
But I've been thinking how Christmas was always Dad's favorite season.
Yep, every year he always wore those ugly elf slippers (Cooper chuckles) But not those slippers.
Those are super cute.
And what about his crazy loud caroling? Oh, yeah, you two would start singing, and then Animal Control would show up looking for angry cats.
(meowing "Jingle Bells") And I want to bring back that classic Wrather Christmas: caroling, apple cider, guessing what's inside the presents I'm guessing Cami got a shirt.
Ollie, don't open the presents! Now Cami won't be surprised.
Surprise! In the spirit of the holidays, I will let you get away with this one but stop it! I won't let you ruin my Christmas! Happy winter break, Wrathers.
Here's another holiday card from my family.
I noticed the last one we gave you accidentally fell in your garbage and got torn to pieces.
Yes, we have to be more careful.
(cellphone dings) Oh, man.
Minty just logged in more donations.
I gotta get more balloons, and get back out there! Or you could just be happy someone's raising money for charity.
Or I could raise even more money, squash Minty like the bug that she is, and really help the charity.
It's called Christmas, Charlotte-- (clicks tongue) Look into it.
(sighs) That girl has issues.
Anyway, I'll be in the den getting organized to organize my winter break organizer.
Cooper! Mom got you a skateboard! Ollie, what did Mom just say? Oh, right.
Surprise! Go re-wrap that right now! (glass shatters) Done.
Christmas rules! Is that a new shirt? It looks fantastic! Hey, Mom.
I love the holidays.
They give me free time to catch up on my filing! Did you know that I had Q before P? Crisis averted.
I'll say.
(doorbell rings) So, you enjoying your cider? (doorbell rings twice more) Should one of us maybe get that? It's just Darby Vandervelde.
That guy's been terrorizing me for weeks about decorating the yard.
Just ignore him.
(pounding on the door) I can see you! A plain pine cone wreath? "Yawn" party of two, your door is ready.
Darby, don't start with me.
I work full time, and I'm raising three kids.
- Charlotte: Four.
- Four kids.
I would love to decorate the outside of the house, but I don't have time.
Jenna: I'm not even sure I put on a clean shirt today.
(sniffs) Now I'm sure.
Your stories are as boring as your yard.
Hey! I can think of a way to make our house look a lot better right now, it's out here! Where? Now it feels like Christmas.
You'll excuse me, I'm going to change my shirt.
Family meeting during winter break, Charlotte? Really? Make it fast.
Time is money.
It's simple.
Mom works hard, and all she wants is a classic Christmas like we used to have.
You guys in? I'm doing my part.
Mom's super proud I'm raising money for the food bank.
And as a bonus, I look great doing it.
Fair enough.
Cooper, ball's in your court.
Charlotte, you got a soccer ball for Christmas! Surprise! My gift to Mom is getting Ollie to be good this week.
Thank you.
And to really make this year special, I'm going decorate the outside of our house for Mom.
Charlotte: I'm not sure I can make the house look as good as when Dad used to do it, but I definitely will.
Sounds like you're gonna go "full Charlotte.
" (chuckles) Of course not-- wait.
"Full Charlotte"? Is that-- is that a saying? What does that mean? Who says it? Found another holiday card in the trash.
I'm starting to think it's not an accident.
Nevermind that.
Keeping Ollie from ruining Christmas is gonna be hard.
He gets so revved up this time of year.
When I get worked up, my mom always rubs my tummy.
Want me to call her? I might have a less creepy idea.
My dad used to tell us this spooky story to make us behave during the holidays.
He'd scare us straight, then we'd all drink cocoa under the tree.
Just not sure Ollie's old enough to handle it.
What do you think? - Well, actually I-- - No, not you, the Wrather-heads.
I've been streaming this.
What if I was making a whoopsie in there? That could've been embarrassing.
Hey, gang! So, here it is: would you rather let your little brother ruin Christmas, or give him nightmares for life? - Or rub his tummy? - Not an option.
Cooper: Okay! The Wratherheads say Ollie's learning the legend of Kramplemoose.
Ahhh! That is scary.
Ah, all better now.
Where do you think you're going? I'm trying to get everyone to do gingerbread houses.
You got it, Mom.
Just give me 10 minutes to hit up our neighborhood for donations.
First stop, the Muellers.
They have "in-ground pool" money.
You're out of luck.
The Muellers are on vacation, with their pool money.
(doorbell rings) Well hello, come in.
It's freezing out there! Cami, look who it is! (angrily) Minty.
Hi-hi-ho, Cami.
I was just in your neighborhood raising some cray-cray money, and I thought I'd stop by.
You're stalking my turf? I play by my own rules, Goldilocks.
Alright, girls, let's not forget the real point of this, which is raising money for the food bank.
- I love the food bank! - I love the food bank more! - (phone rings) - Listen, you two, I am trying to enjoy a nice family Christmas, and you do not want to see what happens if I-- (sweetly) Hello? Despite your shady moves, I'm still ahead five bucks.
Hm Hey, Fred, wanna contribute to the holiday food bank? A donation in a friend's name is a very nice gift.
Sure! My last five.
Let's make it in honor of Cami.
Merry Christ-- Ohhh, I got this.
I just need to log in that donation.
(gasps) Whaddya know? Now, we're tied.
Minty? Your mom just called.
She can't pick you up until after dinner because the storm is coming.
You're staying here with us until it blows over.
- Here? - With us?! Mom! (meekly) Merry Christmas! So, what you do is, stuff this in your mouth and then basically wait for them to walk away.
It could take awhile.
Breathe through your nose.
I can't find him anywhere.
(gasps) Look! Cookie crumbs.
Ollie's close.
(sniffs) Real close.
No need helping me drag all of Dad's Christmas stuff out from the garage, I got it.
Thank goodness, it looks very heavy.
Well, I see you're going "full Charlotte.
" What is this "full Char--" Yes I am going "full Charlotte.
" - Candy canes! - (Fred and Cooper scream) Ollie! You know I faint easily.
Bud, I know you're excited about Christmas, but you need to behave better.
(dramatically) Because if you don't, you will be visited by the dreaded the evil Kramplemoose! Cooper! You know I faint easily.
Kramplemoose is an evil moose with one jacked-up antler and a red glowing eye who punishes naughty boys and girls.
He eats your tree.
He eats your cookies.
He eats your presents.
Cooper: And he might even eatyou! So, be good.
You really freaked him out.
I think we're gonna be seeing a whole other side-- Ollie: Look at me! I'm Kramplemoose! Woof, woof! He's not a dog! And I'm not buying it! Cock-a-doodle doo! Hey, who's up for hot chocolate? I take mine with marshmallow toppings, whipped cream, and a hint of cinnamon.
Oh! Well, around here, we take ours from an envelope.
But we do have mini white-chocolate chips.
Well, if no one else is offering, I'd love to help you.
I'm more helpful.
I touched it first.
I touched it at the grocery store! Jenna: Girls, stop it! You can both-- - (chocolate chips clattering) - Help! Stay jolly, Jenna, stay jolly.
Why don't you both go not here, and I will call you when the cocoa is ready? Okay, I'll be in the living room.
I'll be in the living room faster! What are you doing? She's gonna get to the living room faster! Listen! Cami, I'm not saying you have to be everybody's friend, but there are times to set aside your differences.
Do you remember Big Frank from down at Dad's firehouse? The guy who thought he made better spaghetti sauce than Dad? Yes, they argued about everything.
Dad had a "Minty"? He also had priorities.
Once a year, he and Big Frank would join forces to run the firehouse toy drive.
They even got that plaque for collecting the most toys in Minnesota.
I remember that.
So, it would be great if you could make the holidays your priority, and set aside your differences with Minty for me.
But didn't Dad also put thirteen fake snakes in Frank's fireman pants? Yes He didn't get a plaque for that Charlotte, it looks like the spirit of Christmas threw up on your front lawn.
Full on heave, baby! I used every Christmas decoration I could find and every other holiday.
What's supposed to go next to the jack-o-lantern snowman, and the reindeer skeleton? A special surprise that's going to make Mom's Christmas.
What are you doing? Oh, it's a secret, I can't say is what I would say if I could keep a secret! Cooper and I have a plan to convince Ollie that Kramplemoose is real.
Oh, man, that story always terrified me.
I'd put out liver and cauliflower so he wouldn't rip me apart in my sleep.
So glad Ollie finally gets to experience our wonderful family tradition.
(muttering) You Wrathers are a twisted bunch.
What's that now? I said, he's a very lucky boy.
There she is.
This is what Christmas is about.
All my children here.
And no sign of Fred.
(door closes) Cooper: Oh, no! What has happened? I threw a snowball at a copper, see? Bing bang boom! Kramplemoose appeared! He was seven-feet-tall if he was a foot! Fred: He knocked me here! He knocked me there! Can't say I blame him.
I don't understand what's happening.
I think someone should get to the point! (quieter) And drop the old-timey accent.
Oh, Cami.
He got me good, real good.
Tell our kids their old man was an okay fella.
I never meant nobody no harm.
(panting) Beware of Kramplemoose.
Still not buying it.
Five second rule.
To save the gingerbread? No, for you to get out of my kitchen! It was all Cooper's idea! We need to find a way to break this fundraising tie.
Not beating you is torture.
(clears throat) Or we can set aside our differences.
- Did that sound sincere? - Not even close.
Didn't think so.
(door opens) Ladies, you're about to witness the most spectacular display of holiday lights ever.
This is for you, Mom.
("Joy to the World" starts) Charlotte: It's alive! The "full Charlotte.
" I did it! It's beautiful! - Jenna: What happened to the lights? - (nervously chuckles) Power outage! It's fine.
I just have to flip the breaker switches.
Wonder if your sister blacked out the whole neighborhood? Nope, there are lights on across the street.
I thought the Muellers were on vacation.
Hm, guess not.
That's an expensive car in the driveway.
Don't even think about it.
It's really coming down out there now, and we're not supposed to leave the house.
(struggling) (yelling) You should turn back! (yelling back) What are you talking about? It's just a little flurry! Just because it's dark, that doesn't mean our Christmas spirit can't shine bright! I don't know how many more of those I've got in me.
This is supposed to be on the tree.
Ollie! For the millionth time, stop eating the ornaments! Stop making them out of food.
Here, play on this.
Hmm I'm going to help Charlotte.
(imitating horse bellows) Ahh! Kramplemoose?! Do you feel scared, little boy? No.
Just sad.
For you.
Now, he'll really never believe in Kramplemoose.
Well, we tried.
Getting down now.
Wait, Fred.
Wait! - (both scream) - (ornaments break) My hip! This better not affect my gymnastics career that I was weeks away from starting.
No one will think worse of you if you give up.
The fundraiser ends in 10 minutes! I'm not giving up! (grunts) Cami: Yes! (yelling) Victory is mine! Cami! Help! I lost my boot! Doing the right thing is the worst! Cami: Come on.
Let me help you up.
Really?! What was that-- My tree! Don't worry, Mom.
See? All good.
(Cami and Minty panting) Were you two outside?! I told you not to go out there! I had to save Cami! What?! Cami, what did we talk about? She could've lost a toe.
I saved her! And her toe! Someone get me ice! Hey, those are my lights.
And my candy canes.
And Prancer's head?! Sorry it was the only way to get Ollie to believe in Kramplemoose.
Look what I got for Christmas! Hi-ya! Ollie! Ollie's not the only one messing up Christmas, all you guys are! Hey! I'm just a poor girl who almost lost her toe saving Cami.
Opposite Opposite! Charlotte: I can't believe that you guys-- (all yelling over each other) Enough! This is not joyful! All I wanted this year was to bring back the classic Wrather Christmas.
But you destroyed my tree, my gingerbread houses, you made a mess of my kitchen, opened presents, and now, you're fighting? Thank you all, very much.
I think we ruined Mom's Christmas.
I just wanted to help.
We all did.
Mom deserved better.
- (animal bellowing) - (glass shattering) What's that sound? - (animal bellowing) - (glass shattering) - (animal grunting) - What is that? Cami: It looks like an angry deer! Charlotte: That's gotta be the live reindeer I ordered to put on our front yard.
Did you get a receipt?! (Ollie screams) Kramplemoose! Charlotte: No, no.
- Ollie, it's just the live-- - Kramplemoose! That's exactly who it is.
Right, everybody? (all agreeing) Minty: Again I don't understand what's happening.
I'm sorry, Mr.
Moose! I'll never be bad again! (bellowing continues) (all scream) Who is making all that noise out front? (all panting) It's Kramplemoose! Hide! Jenna: Kramplemoose? Cooper: Yes, Mom, Kramplemoose.
And now Ollie is gonna behave.
(bellowing outside) What the heck?! Close the door! It's Kramplemoose! Whatever it is, it's gone.
That's because I told him I was gonna be good.
Shall we carol? I think we've got a second chance to give Mom a great Christmas.
("Silent Night" playing) Could someone please pass me the sprinkles? Here you go.
This is the bestest holiday ever! God bless us, everyone! Especially Mom.
You think the moose heard me? I'm sure he did, sweetie.
Keep it up.
You could have won.
Why did you come back for me? I guess because you're my Big Frank.
Okayand you're my Little Jeff? -Merry Christmas.
-Merry Christmas.
I hope this is close to what you wanted.
Thanks, everyone.
It wouldn't be a classic Wrather Christmas without a little chaos.
And Fred.
And Fred.
Charlotte: You know, it's pretty cool Dad's story ended up giving Mom the Christmas she wanted.
Hey, you know what else is pretty cool? They cleaned off the roads, and Minty is out of the house! Hey, be nice.
Rahh! (all doing bad imitations) Charlotte, that was Reindeer Wranglers.
They called to apologize.
For dropping off a wild animal? No.
They couldn't get through because of the storm.
They never delivered the deer? What?! They never came by?! So that thing really is?! (in unison) Kramplemoose.
Good one, Jenna.
(chuckles) So I suppose if I were to open the front door, he'd be right behind me, - ready to eat me-- - (bellowing) (screams) All: (nervously) Jingle bells, jingle bells Jingle all the way Oh what fun it is to ride - In a one horse open sleigh, hey! - Open sleigh! Jingle bells, jingle bells - Jingle all the way - (Charlotte cries) Oh what fun it is to ride