Corner Gas Animated (2018) s02e03 Episode Script

One Flew Over My Dead Body

1 Ha! McDavid over to Orr.
- Orr back to McDavid! - That makes no sense.
They played in two different eras.
Orr over to Chamberlain.
- No, that's basketball, you - Five hole! - [laughs.]
Nothing but net.
- Lucky shot.
Last year that would have been a lucky shot.
Not this year.
Ha ha! Toe drag! Deke! Dangle Top shelf, where mom keeps the peanut butter and the EpiPen.
Whoo! [laughs.]
- [wheezing.]
Whew - How is this happening? I'm the best goalie in the Pickerel Valley Hockey League.
You're getting slow, old man.
- Look who else is gassed.
- I'm not gassed.
This is how I celebrate.
You celebrate by hurling? You think there's not a lot goin' on Look closer, baby you're so wrong 2x03 - One Flew Over My Dead Body [sighs in satisfaction.]
It's great to get out of the office.
- Smell that fresh air.
- Uh, you do remember that we're looking for a dead body.
That doesn't mean we can't enjoy nature.
This is kind of exciting.
I've never seen a real live dead body before.
Well, don't get your hopes up.
Lanny tends to exaggerate things like, a hundred zillion times bigger than they are.
He probably just saw a coyote carcass.
Really? Do coyotes have fingers? [dramatic violin flourish.]
No, coyotes have paws.
Now, raccoons, they have grabby, thieving little fingers.
Davis! Look where I'm pointing.
Yes, Karen, you also have fingers.
Look! [dramatic violin flourish.]
[gasps in shock.]
What's this? Don't tell me you trapped another baby skunk.
It's an early Christmas present.
Ta-da! - It's a Beep-Boop machine.
- Why would you buy that for me? Because of your complaining.
[cash register clacks and rattles.]
'Bout time you got here.
The air conditioner's broken, the washroom toilet's leaking, and there's a family of skunks living underneath the storage room [register clacking.]
Argh! And this stupid machine is giving me carpal tunnel.
Of all the things I complain about, that's the one you pick? But you said "Argh!" I already hooked it up, so all you need to do is just swipe here [machine beeps in error.]
[error beep.]
You swipe the bar [error beep.]
Here's the manual.
Happy reading.
Oh, and one more thing.
My goalie reflexes are a little rusty, so I need you to randomly throw things at me throughout the day.
Keep me on my toes.
Not that.
Smaller, less expensive, and less metal-y.
Ouch! [error beep.]
Lacey, what's with the bottles? - Hm.
Tastes tingly.
- It's hand sanitizer.
I put bottles on all of the tables when the first sign of flu season arrives.
I-I'm not sick.
This is allergies.
You say that every year, and every year, you infect the whole town, or has everyone forgotten the snot-pocalypse of 2012? Do you not recall the phlegm-ageddon of 2015? Do you recall you're the only one - who thinks those names are funny? - Regardless, I'm implementing a mandatory hand sanitizing rule.
- What? You're kidding! - Outrageous! No shirt, no shoes, no sanitizer, no service.
No shoes? [flies buzzing.]
Put sanitizer on those, and socks.
The wrists are duct-taped to a 2 x 4.
And the head is missing.
This would be real disturbing if it was a human.
Oh well, wanna hike a bit further? - There's a giant beaver dam nearby.
- Wait a minute.
There's a headless mannequin duct-taped to a 2 x 4 in the middle of the woods, and you're not at all intrigued? There's a giant beaver dam nearby, and you're not intrigued? Beavers build dams.
If they built a picnic table, I'd be intrigued.
I guess it is kinda creepy.
All right, we'll stick around - and noodle on this for a bit.
- Yes! Pfft - Yeah, I got nothing.
Let's go.
- Davis, come on.
This beaver dam is humongous! [music.]
[scanner beeps.]
Oh! [scanner beeps.]
Ooh - Are you sure this machine is safe? - Completely harmless.
You're wearing a lead bra, right? [laughs.]
Just kidding.
Here, you try it.
- [scanner beeps.]
- Oh! See? Any idiot can do it.
Okay Hello there, Helen.
I see you're experiencing our new scanner check-out system.
[error beep.]
It streamlines the process for a more pleasant customer experience.
[error beep.]
- If you find the sound "blank" pleasant.
- She raises a good point.
You have to make sure you hear the Beep-Boop sound to ensure it's scanned properly.
[error beeps.]
Well, I'll leave you to it.
Ouch! Keep 'em comin'.
- Those are my cough drops.
- Whoa, they're not yours until you hear the Beep-Boop.
You've done a lot of crazy things in the past, Lacey, and I've kept my mouth shut You've never kept your mouth shut! Using all this anti-sanitary goop is doing more harm than good.
Every year, the doctor tries to give me a flu shot, and every year, I tell him the same thing - Go to hell! - Not true.
One year you told him to go hump a stump.
Because my immune system is as strong as Fort Knock.
- It's "Knox.
" - Pardon? - It's not "Knock" - Who's there? [groans.]
Why do I even Listen, if you think your immune system is so kick-ass, then I challenge you to follow Hank around all day and try not to catch his "allergies.
" - Challenge accepted! - This could be fun.
It's gonna be fun and a breeze.
Breezy fun.
I gotta hit the john.
Wash your hands! And the walls! Oscar, you have to stick with Hank all day, starting now.
- Even when he's? - Even when he's [muttering angrily.]
What if he's doing a number two? - This feels like the start of a - Stop.
Flunami [music.]
I can't believe you weren't impressed.
Beaver dams are like icebergs, - two thirds below the water.
- Interesting.
Emma's mannequin isn't in her sewing room.
Looks like we have a suspect for our mannequin murder.
I guess it's not really a murder.
- The thing was never alive.
- Mannequin mystery? [together.]
Mannequin mystery! I can't believe how absurd Oscar and Hank are with their stupid germ theory.
People do need to be exposed to germs - to build stronger immune systems.
- So you agree with Oscar? And the last time I did that was on our wedding day.
And how'd that work out for ya? If anyone's being absurd, it's you with that hand sanitizer.
Maybe I'm being a little excessive, but not to the point of being fanatical.
I am not fanatical.
That's not me fanatical I challenge you to not use sanitizer for as long as Oscar has to hang around with Hank.
Challenge accepted.
Uh, uh, uh Hey, Emma.
Doing much sewing lately? - Did you split your pants again? - Just answer the question.
No, I haven't been sewing much.
- Busted! - It's a little too early for that.
Maybe you haven't been sewing because your mannequin is mysteriously missing? - It's at home.
- Say it.
Say what? Oh, yeah.
Busted! We peeked in your window.
There is no mannequin in your sewing room.
I didn't say it was in the sewing room.
I hid it down here after I caught Oscar doing strange things with it.
I want you to kill every crow you see.
Hah! Hah! Haah! [Charleston dance music.]
each one stranger than the last, and now can I ask why you were peeking in my window? It's on a need-to-know basis, and I didn't need to know that stuff about Oscar.
Jeebus Christmas, I thought you were a zombie.
I'm not sick, I'm just having a reaction.
That's why I'm making him buy allergy medicine.
Yeah, I'll wash it down with this energy drink, and I should be right as rai [coughing and hacking.]
- Is that sanitizer? - It's vitamin C.
- It says "window cleaner.
" - Lemon scented.
Stop dithering and ring us up.
I'm not touching anything you touched.
Hold your breath and ring yourselves out.
[inhales deeply.]
[scanner beeping.]
Now take your change and go exhale outside.
You see how they did that? Then have at 'er.
[inhales deeply.]
[scanner beeps.]
I can't believe we don't see more hobos in town with all the fire pits out here.
- How do you know it's hobos? - Harmonica.
Classic hobo instrument.
Also found a belt and a sleeping bag.
- Classic hobo bedroom.
- Insensitive.
- What did you find? - Catalogues.
I gathered way more evidence than you.
- I win.
- It's not a competition.
Hold the phone.
Holy crap, it's the mannequin head! With Brent's face on it.
[dramatic violin flourish.]
Well, a picture of Brent's face.
- Do you know what this means? - Hobos hate Brent? I think this means everything someone did to the mannequin, - they want to do to Brent.
- Whoa.
This just went from a fake crime to an actual crime Well, a practice crime for the actual crime.
- We need to warn Brent.
- No! That'll freak him out, which will tip off our suspect.
If we're going to catch this psycho, we need Brent to act as normal as possible.
What the hell are you doing? If I'm going to be the best goalie, I have to sharpen all my senses, including my hearing.
[boomerang spinning.]
Incoming! [whack.]
Ow! Okay, time out.
I think I found a way to connect these things.
You're just physically connecting them with yarn.
That's not police work.
I see it in police shows all the time.
At least I'm trying, instead of flipping through catalogues.
- Shopaholic.
- These catalogues are evidence.
There's duct tape on the covers that matches the tape on the mannequin.
Hang on this page is dog-eared.
I know that skirt.
I don't think women like to be called that.
Oh, man Can you believe Lacey? If she had it her way, we'd all be living in plastic bubbles suckin' soup through a tube.
Once that allergy medicine kicks in, it'll just be another day of you and me puttin' up with each other.
Oh, it's already kicked in.
That energy drink must have supercharged it.
My heart's thumpin' like a rabbit, my fingers are tingly, my left eye won't focus.
[violent vomiting.]
Just what the hell kind of allergies do you have? [scanner beeping.]
[scanner beeping.]
- Okay, well, have a nice day.
- Mm-hmm.
Rheena! Duck! Ha! You missed! - Aren't you supposed to stop these? - Ah, dammit.
[scanner beeping.]
Hey, what's the deal? Well, I further streamlined the system and eliminated the middle-woman.
Say hello to Dog River's first self-checkout.
Hello, and this frees you up - to go say hello to the mop.
- But you usually mop.
You usually run the till.
Off you go.
[error beep.]
But first come back and help Phil with the scanner.
Ow! Always in the head.
How's it going, Lacey? You look uncomfortable.
I'm managing just fine.
Oh, look, a french fry.
Shame to waste it.
Ew, gross! Relax, it's a fry from my own plate that you just cleared.
- Your plate is still beside you.
- Oh.
Still doesn't bother me.
Oh [gagging quietly.]
What are you doing back here? I noticed that yellow skirt you're wearing in a catalogue recently.
Buying clothes from a catalogue? That's kind of a weird thing to do.
Why is that weird? I order from a catalogue because I don't like to try on clothes other people have touched, which is perfectly normal, because I'm normal.
And where are these catalogues now? I put them in the recycling bin.
And I suppose you think that makes you a good person.
Not particularly.
Well, it should.
Recycling is important.
Looks like another dead end.
- We're going to need more yarn.
- That does nothing! [music.]
Thank god for that allergy stuff.
I feel like 100%.
Time for a pocket donut.
Maybe you should eat something healthier than a donut, like an apple fritter.
I'm just happy to have my appetite back.
I feel like I could [sneezes.]
- Mm.
- Don't wipe that off with your fingers.
Well, that's way worse.
[error beep.]
[error beep.]
Wanda? [error beeps.]
Wanda! [scanner beeps.]
[error beep.]
Wanda! Hey, what gives? All the chores I gave you are half finished.
I have to keep helping people with the scanner.
Not to mention a certain boss keeps hassling me to throw things at him.
- I thought you liked that.
- Nothing's fun if you have to do it.
Well, get those things done, after you stack the motor oil, and keep those foreign objects coming.
But don't throw any oil cans.
They could do some real damage.
Course not.
Wouldn't dream of it.
Hey, that's cheating! No one said anything about using tools.
Why don't you just admit you can't live without sanitizer? You're a gel junkie.
I'm not a junkie.
I just I'm not like you.
I don't come from a long line of strong prairie women! - You think I'm strong? - Are you kidding? You're tough and durable, like an old catcher's mitt.
Rugged and leathery, and this isn't coming out right at all.
My point is, I'm squeamish.
Use the stick.
Ugh! That was cheating, and disgusting and erotic.
Not erotic.
I didn't say "erotic.
" [chuckles.]
Why do I keep doing that? [sneezes.]
Good Gordon! You treat the world like it's your own personal petri dish.
You're the one who said I should eat better.
[cell phone rings.]
What do you want? And who is this? [quietly.]
It's Lacey.
I'm calling on behalf of Emma.
She wants you to come back to The Ruby.
She, uh She misses you.
Misses me? That doesn't sound right.
[cell phone rings.]
- Hey, Emma.
- Hand your phone to Oscar.
Yech! Hello? Stick with Hank.
This isn't over yet.
- Don't come back here.
- Now, that sounds more like Emma.
I really feel like we should warn Brent.
If you care about Brent, you'll keep quiet - so we can use him as bait.
- Fill 'er up? What happened to your head? Oh, my god, that psycho killer got to you! - You're lucky to be alive.
- I know I am.
Furthermore, what the hell are you talking about? Way to keep a lid on it.
We found a mannequin in the woods that looks like it's been tortured, and the head of the mannequin has your face on it.
Well, that's just a little horribly unnerving.
Have you noticed anyone acting aggressively towards you? Not really.
Except Wanda, but I told her to do that.
- Lacey? - What? You want me to lick ketchup off some dirty plates? Maybe stick my face in Lanny's chili? Do you have any pudding mix? Oscar put some in my coffee once, and now I've developed a taste for it.
Ah, sure, pudding mix in coffee is fine, but I make a latte once, and everyone freaks.
[dramatic violin flourish.]
Oh Your stupid motor oil is stacked.
- What's your deal? - The cops just told me some crazy person wants to kill me.
You don't have to be crazy to want that.
I'm serious.
I'm a little freaked out.
I'm going to need you to pump gas - and finish up the chores.
- What? I can't go outside.
I'm sticking around the till where it's safe.
[error beep.]
Oh, you'll also have to help people with the scanner.
Come on! Look, if someone wants you dead, it doesn't matter where you're standing.
It's not like your reflexes will save you.
Ha! Ah! Holy crap! I think fear has ramped up your reflexes.
You're you're like a ninja! A trembling, spineless ninja! Hah! Ho! Hey-oh! [error beep.]
Wanda! Now that Brent's been tipped off, we have to lock this case up pronto before he spooks our psychopath.
I bet there's something with this sleeping bag.
If there's even the slightest clue, no matter how microscopic, we'll find it.
You mean like this one? I don't see any hairs or fibres, but sure, that might be a lead.
Davis Hank is our psycho.
[gasps in shock.]
[blows a dramatic trill.]
First you want me to eat fruit, and now you're buying me whiskies? Whenever I got the slightest sniffle, my dad would always pull out the whiskey - and give me a shot.
- I'm not sick.
This is for me.
I'm feeling a tickle in my throat [sneezes.]
can't imagine where that came from.
Hey! That's my glass.
I'm sorry.
My bad.
I think it's time we call it a day.
[humming in contentment.]
Wait a minute.
You're not twitchy or paranoid.
What's going on? Maybe I've just gotten used to working in a contaminated environment.
The fact that you used the word "contaminated" makes me think not.
Think what you want.
I'm just fine.
Die, germs, die! [groaning.]
Well, how was your day with Hank? It was like someone took the sneeze guard - off an "all you can barf" buffet.
- And yet you look fine.
See, Lacey? Oscar was with Hank all day, and he's fit as a fiddle, and you handled contaminated stuff all day, - and you're completely fine.
- Ha! I'm fine because I've been secretly using hand sanitizer - from this bottle I found.
- Well, double ha! I planted that bottle, and it's just hand lotion.
You mean Your hands have been germy this whole time - but incredibly soft.
- I hate to say I told you so, Lacey, but - you're a loser.
- If it's one thing this leathery old catcher's mitt knows, it's that a few germs won't [Lacey and Oscar both sneeze.]
Great let me guess how this ends.
[police siren wailing.]
- Freeze, sicko! - I'm not sick, I'm drunk.
Well, you'll spend an eternity drunk and in hell for what you were planning to do.
- What are you guys talking about? - We found evidence that ties you to a tortured mannequin we found in the woods.
Someone tortured a mannequin? That's terrible! They're so big, and friendly, and cuddly looking.
- Cuddly looking? - Why was it in the woods? Don't they live in the ocean? I think you're thinking "manatee.
" A mannequin is something you put clothes on - and display in a shop window.
- Oh, you mean a store dummy.
Yeah, I had one of those last winter.
I was frustrated that I couldn't score on Brent, so I duct-taped one to a homemade net and shot pucks at it.
Huh that doesn't explain the sleeping bag and the catalogues.
I taped catalogues to its legs for goalie pads, and belted a sleeping bag around its waist to mimic Brent's girth.
So that's why you could score on me.
It's called practice.
- Maybe you should try it.
- Oh, I have.
Hey, what do you mean, "girth"? [music.]
[error beep.]
Wanda, help me out here.
- What's this? - A demand for a raise, since I'm not only a clerk, - but also an IT person.
- Hmm.
Well, I have a better idea.
Problem solved.
It's an early Christmas present.
- A wrist brace? - It's for your carpal tunnel syndrome.
Just as effective, and way cheaper.
Ow! You don't have to do that anymore! I know.
Feels great.
I don't know The same things you don't know I don't know I just don't know - Ooh - It's a great big place - Ooh - Full of nothin' but space - Ooh - And it's my happy place I don't know