Costume Quest (2019) s01e09 Episode Script

Baking is Best with Friends - Danger Bike Man Rides Again

1 BAKIN' BETTY: Oh, looks like it's time to check on our pie.
Remove your pie from the oven when the crust is a nice golden brown.
Oh, no! I left mine in too long.
Oh, not to worry.
Here's a simple trick.
To save a burnt pie, simply cut off the crust and replace with whipped cream.
- Phew! - [woman laughs on TV.]
WOMAN: Mmm, Betty, smell that freshly ground nutmeg.
BAKIN' BETTY: Oh, so yummy.
But the real secret ingredient is the time I spend with the two of y'all.
And that's why I always say - WOMEN: Baking is best - Baking is best - with friends.
- with friends.
WREN: Can you believe we used to be afraid of this stuff? I mean, just look at this thing.
Now that we've seen real monsters, the Carver family haunted house just seems lame.
Light bulb! What if we turn the haunted house into a Grubbin trap? Two things.
One, didn't need the light bulb gag.
And two, we can't bring a Grubbin into the house.
It'll just be a little Grub.
The haunted house is kids only.
If we take one prisoner, we can find out the monster's whole evil plan.
My head says no, but my heart also says no.
You love it.
Come on.
Let's go get Norm.
NORM: Explain the haunted house thing to me again.
Our parents always throw a haunted house party to kick off the Halloween season, and we want your help to turn this one into a Grubbin trap.
Uh, yeah.
I, uh I shouldn't leave the store.
Norm, no offense, but I think we're your only customers.
And we've never even bought anything from you.
And who better to build a trap than the brain behind "The Fun Room"? Look, I-I Thanks.
I-I want to help, I do, but What's the matter, Norm? It's just what if everybody thinks I'm weird? [screams.]
Don't worry.
Everyone's gonna love you.
[chuckles nervously.]
So, Partystein.
I understand what, but I don't understand why.
I want to impress my brother, Benji.
Teenagers love parties.
What's your costume, Wren? I'm the Headless Horse-Wren.
Get it? Headless Horse-Wren? It just came to me.
Oh, boy.
Need a hand? Um, that's okay.
- Hey, gang.
Who's your friend? - I, uh Just, uh No, just leave it, Norm.
I'm sorry.
I-I mean, my name's not Sorry.
This is Norm.
He owns the junk store downtown, and he's the best.
Norm's gonna help us take the haunted house to a whole new level.
He's an expert at this kind of thing.
That's great, Norm.
I'm kind of an expert in that area, too.
Yeah, look at all this great stuff, huh? Ooh, and those lights.
Ha! I like this guy.
Come on in.
Hey, Norm.
You're doing great.
We've got a trap to build.
Okay, it's all detailed here.
First the fog machine lures the Grubbin in.
He makes his way to the nougat, but he has to step on this plate to reach it, making the cage trap him inside.
- That's so cool.
- But how do we make it work? Don't worry.
I'll be here to help.
- [door opens.]
- Huh? Hey, guys.
Ooh, looks complicated.
Norm, if you like this kind of stuff, I built something upstairs that'll knock your socks off.
- Oh, yeah? - Mom, Norm was helping us.
You'll be all right.
Just follow the instructions.
Close enough.
- Now, who's gonna do the honors? - I got it.
With this nougat stink, we'll attract a Grubbin in no time.
JACKIE: Okay, you can look.
Behold, the Terrorcrow.
I know it needs some work, but [laughs.]
Really? You built this? Used to scare the daylights out of the kids.
You know, with a little work, we could make it scare them again.
Ah, you think so? [Wren clears throat.]
Uh, Norm, you're supposed to be helping us with our project.
- We were just - [doorbell plays scream sound.]
The guests are here.
- [kids and Norm grunt.]
- Hey, everybody.
- Hey, there.
- How you doing? Norm, these are our friends.
- This is Lucy's mom, Lily Chu.
- Hello.
Everett's parents, Tim and Bonnie Nichols.
- Hi.
- Hey, there.
And their eldest son, Benji.
Hi, Benji.
Hey, Mrs.
Hey, other dude.
Howdy, everybody.
Norm here is helping the kids build their haunted house.
Yep, uh, we've been having a great time.
By the way, I love your costume.
Two peas in a pod, right? Well, it would be.
Maybe if my little pea hadn't decided to be a black widow.
[breathes deeply.]
[dance music playing.]
[grunting rhythmically.]
Whoa! Benji, check it out.
Pretty cool, right? Let me guess.
Party Frankenstein? Partystein.
All right, yeah.
That's decent.
- Uh, nacho? - [chuckles.]
I'm good.
So, you doing the haunted house? I don't know.
Better ask Baron Von Height Check.
Ah, bummer.
Looks like I'm too tall.
Have fun, though.
[music stops.]
[watch beeping.]
Hey, it's officially pie o'clock.
Why don't we head in? - Pie! - Oh, boy! - It's gonna be delicious.
- Yes! [indistinct chatter.]
Pie time? Let me help you with that.
He's helping with the pie? - He's supposed to be helping us.
- LUCY: Psst! The Grubbin's here.
Everett's stalling it at the height check.
Uh, step right up.
Just got to make sure you're a kid.
Now just, uh, count to ten, and, uh Guys! Battle stations now.
Ah! Nougat.
It took the bait.
Huh? Eh.
Uh, it didn't work.
Using real nougat was a terrible idea.
No regrets.
Move to plan B.
Aha! [grunts.]
[laughs, screams.]
Party's over, Grub.
If you want that nougat, you have to get through me first.
[both gasp, sigh.]
Left him in too long.
Hey, Gordon.
You got any nougat cream? Norm, you just saved the day, man.
Nah, one person can't save a day like this, b-because baking is best ALL: with friends.
No way.
You all watch Bakin' Betty, too? - Oh.
- Ah, they got you.
- They got you.
- [laughs.]
- It always gets them.
- Oh, the crust is so good.
- WREN: Get him! - REYNOLD: Don't let him get away! Uh, got to go.
Tonight was incredible! What's going on? The trap didn't work 'cause of you and your pie.
Okay, okay.
I'll take care of this.
GORDON: Everything okay in there? [gasps.]
Everyone, power down.
A lot of yelling in here.
And what on earth is this? It goes all the way across the living room.
[all scream.]
- [whimpering.]
- [Norm grunting.]
Wow, Norm.
You didn't tell me you were such a special effects puppet wizard.
Just look at the kids' faces.
Uh yeah, Norm sure got us.
- What a scary puppet.
- Wait, what? Still got it.
Well, at least he got one last good scare in.
You know, I can fix that up as good as new.
- There you go.
- We're really glad you came tonight.
Hey, you should come over for a potluck some time.
Oh, sure, that'd be great.
Actually, it's really hard to get away from the store right now.
Oh, okay.
Well, don't be a stranger.
- Good night, Norm.
- Good night, Norm.
All right, good night, everybody.
I know what you're gonna say, and you're right.
I blew it.
Fighting monsters is job number one.
I promise, we'll get 'em next time.
We can't do it without you, Norm.
It's just till Halloween.
I hope you're right, little buddy.
Go on.
They're waiting for you.
See you soon, Norm.
- You know where to find me.
- [door creaks.]
[door closes.]
[imitating cars revving.]
Vroom! Vroom! Vroom! Vroom! [imitates crashing.]
Hey, girl.
'Sup? You go to school around here? [chuckles.]
Danger Bike Man rides, and the Lost Rider rolls! Everett, get off.
Come on, Benji.
You got to check this out! The 6th annual Omega Bike Inferno 9000! Or the OBI-9K for short.
It has it all jumps, dinosaurs, loops, dirt and a shark tank! It'll be our best course ever! My friends are helping me set it up so it'll be ready for tonight.
And I even improved our costumes! Improved! Danger Bike Man and the Lost Rider ride again! Aw, no thanks, dude.
My friends are coming over soon.
Come on, come on.
Just try it on! Danger Bike Man rides, and Lost Rider rolls.
- Put that away before my f - [laughing.]
Ooh, did we interrupt family dress-up time? Whoa.
Dude, what is that? - It's a - It's nothing.
Just, uh something from when we were kids.
- You wore it last year.
- Everett.
This is too good.
No, dude.
It's not like that.
It's exactly like that.
All right, bro, enough! I-I can't do the bike thing this year.
We've got plans.
Plans? But Benji The OBI-9000.
Come on, Ev.
[both grunting.]
This is an awful lot of ramps.
Oof! One for every year of the race.
Didn't you read Everett's handbook? There's a handbook? He makes a new edition for each of us by hand.
It takes him months.
- Interesting.
- [grunting.]
It says here Danger Bike Man is an alien from planet Biketopia.
I thought he was a daredevil who suffered a terrible motorbike accident that crippled all of his senses.
Except his sense of danger.
He's that, too.
Does it say where we're supposed to get the shark tank? Forget the shark tank.
The race is cancelled.
What? No way, man! We've been working on this all morning.
Benji's out, and I can't do the race alone.
Hey, it's okay.
We'll do it with you.
Thanks, but it's kind of a brother thing.
Without Benji, there is no Lost Rider.
And without the Lost Rider, no Danger Bike Man.
But why? [whispering.]
She didn't read the handbook.
It all started when I was five.
Benji was teaching me how to ride a bike.
[thudding, crashing.]
I was hopeless.
Benji had an idea.
And on that day, I became Danger Bike Man! Danger Bike Man rides! And Benji became the Lost Rider.
- And the Lost Rider rolls.
- [bird squawks.]
- To danger! - [both laughing.]
We used to do everything together.
And the bike ride was the most important of all.
Till this year.
Now Benji's got [distorted voice.]
teen friends.
So? Teens love extreme stuff.
And this course is capital "X" extreme! You just got to show him its terrible beauty.
Yeah, that's good.
You're right! - Okay, be back later.
- Wait! Everett! Where are we supposed to get the shark tank? - Let alone a shark.
- [Reynold clears throat.]
[insects trilling.]
What is up, fellow teens? What are you doing here, man? I came to hang out, do teen stuff.
Maybe see why you'd blow off the OBI-9000? Eh? Let it go, man.
Yeah, why don't you go play make-believe with your baby friends? Whoa! Not so harsh, Eliza.
He's my kid brother.
You can hang with us.
Just don't do anything too you, okay? - Yeah! - Cool.
Guys! The latest trend is in.
Hanging out in pumpkin patches is so hot right now.
Famous professional teen boy Rudy Tootz ever heard of him? dubs this new pumpkin patch craze uh uh patching.
- Patching? - Dude, that's not even a real phone.
Who cares? Come on.
Patching is so where it's at right now.
And this doesn't have anything to do with the OBI-9000 starting near the pumpkin patch like it does every year? You know what, I'm in.
Let's go patching.
You take the next one.
Hello? Tropical Fish Supply? What is the biggest tank you have? I'm not sure.
Um how big is a great white shark? [gasps.]
He hung up on me.
Any word on that tank yet? [grunts.]
'Cause ya know whoa.
I need that to live.
Come on.
Just a little further.
Hey-hey-hey, Richard.
Stay sweet, Maria.
Dennis! [laughs.]
Didn't know you were so into pumpkin patches.
Not pumpkin patches pumpkin smashes.
- [laughs.]
- [gasps.]
Maria! Ah, sick.
Here, try one.
- No, not Dennis! - [shouts.]
Yes! Patching rules.
This isn't patching! [scoffs.]
As if.
Your turn, Benj.
Benji, don't.
Smush him.
Fine, Benji, I know someone you will listen to.
Come on, dude.
It's not gonna smash itself.
EVERETT: Stop in the name of bikes! - [pigeons cooing.]
- Go on, get.
Put the pumpkin down, citizen.
It's the right thing to do.
I know this as surely as I know Danger Bike Man rides.
What is this dingus wearing? [groans.]
Come on, Benji, let's show 'em! - No, dude! - [Eliza laughs.]
Show us, Baby Benji Benji, no! Richard has a family! - RUBEN: Whoa.
- ELIZA: Whoa, yeah! Best one yet, dude.
You know, Benji, I used to think you were cool.
But I guess I was wrong.
Was he actually crying? He's just a kid.
Come on.
We need to find him before my cop mom does.
Okay, okay.
Better split up.
Everett's really fast when he cries.
Oh, OBI-9K, you were too rad for this world.
Hello? - [roaring.]
- Ah! You're a monster.
- I knew it.
- What a baby.
- Monsters aren't real.
- [rustling nearby.]
Oh, I wouldn't be so sure about [grunts.]
Ruben? [chuckling.]
Like I said, I wouldn't be so sure about that.
This is too metal.
Eliza! You're not so tough without your monster-hunting friends, are you? [screams.]
Get back here.
I didn't spend three years putting up with those losers to report back empty-handed.
Benji's not a loser.
You're defending him? Benji's a teen now.
Playtime's over for baby Everett.
EVERETT: Monster! Help! Come on, transform.
Stay focused.
Don't let him get to you.
- [grunts.]
- [gasps.]
Benji's imagination is no more.
And guess what, you're next.
No, you're wrong.
Danger Bike Man is dead! [groans.]
No he's not! - Danger.
- [motorcycle revs.]
Danger Bike Man rides! And the Lost Rider rolls [whooping.]
Lucy, now! [grunting.]
My beady little eyes! Oh, my other parts.
- [screaming.]
- [splats.]
[gasping, groaning.]
[eagle screeches.]
Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew! Good riddance.
That Repugnian creep was posing as my brother's friend all along.
In general, I find it best not to trust any teenagers.
I don't know about that, but thanks for the backup, you guys.
You're the best, unlike Benji, that dirty little rat.
What was that last part? Nothing.
Just that we should all ride the OBI next year.
All right, count me in.
Me, too.
Where's Reynold? Well, we couldn't find a shark tank, so The salt water is the worst part.
It's not all salt water.
[owl hooting.]
Everett? Everett.
You're okay.
I just wanted to, uh apologize for being so lame today.
We're brothers.
Stuff happens.
Yeah, I know but you know.
Right? Yeah.
I know.
[clears throat.]
And I'm still gonna do the ride next year.
With my friends.
But I'll leave a fifth spot open, just in case.
You never know when a mysterious Lost Rider - might stop by.
- [chuckles.]
That reminds me, when I was looking for you, I looked into the sky, and I could've sworn - What? - Nah, never mind.
Must've just been my imagination.
Anyways, the OBI-9000 looked pretty rad.
[eagle screeching.]