Counterpart (2018) s02e01 Episode Script

Inside Out

1 Hi, Howard.
- He looks exactly like me.
- He is you, Howard.
30 years ago, scientists, they opened up a crossing.
When you go through this door, you're in another world.
Our worlds were almost identical until their flu killed millions of our people.
ALICE PRIME: The office where I come from had a proposal to exert quiet influence on your side.
They were going to expedite the arrival of an agent called Shadow.
You are going to be the one who changes everything.
It was an illegal program, coded "Indigo.
" They have been cultivating sleeper cells, trained in the art of replacing their others.
These people, they're connected everywhere, every floor, our side and theirs.
They believe the '96 epidemic was our doing, and this was their act of revenge.
(SCREAMING) Management, with respect.
Admit that this is the work of a rogue faction.
If we don't, it could be the end of diplomacy between our worlds.
Management has requested that infiltrators be hunted down immediately.
A specialist will be assigned to work with Deputy Director Quayle.
Our Emily, she's woken up.
I wonder who's gonna take care of her in the future now that your other is never coming back, and his life belongs to you.
PRIME: Aldrich is not gonna be a problem for us anymore.
This one was for me.
We need to call a truce.
Nobody finds out about your wife, as long as nothing happens to mine.
She's not your wife.
She's his.
So this is where you meet.
So it was all for this.
Five years of marriage preparation.
Peter, it hasn't even begun.
INTERVIEWER: Do you believe in God? TEMPLE: Yes.
INTERVIEWER: Why? TEMPLE: Are you asking why I believe in God? Because I'm fairly certain I don't have to answer that.
INTERVIEWER (CHUCKLES): No, I suppose you're right.
So, at the FBI, you worked for the counterintelligence unit.
- Nine years.
- Four spy rings exposed.
22 Chinese and Russian agents.
Why do you think you're so good at catching spies? Because I understand what it's like to be an outsider, to have my nose pressed against the glass.
I see the world the way they see the world.
(DOOR OPENS) Over the last few weeks, you've cleared all the requisite hurdles.
I think it's time you learn what all of this is really about.
(TV CLICKS ON) What if I told you that, for the last 30 years, here in Berlin, we've been guarding a crossing that leads into another world? I'd say that's an oddly specific question when the others have been so generic.
There's more to show you.
This is only the start.
Do you want to proceed? What exactly is it you want me to do at this office? We need you to hunt a very special kind of spy.
(GASPS) (PANTING) (GRUNTS) (PANTING) (FOOTFALLS APPROACHING) Shadow? (SILENCED GUNSHOTS) (WIND BLOWING) ("I DON'T WANT TO SET THE WORLD ON FIRE" BY INK SPOTS PLAYING) I don't want to set The world On fire I just want to start A flame In your heart In my heart I have but one - Desire - (WHISTLING) And that one is you No other will Do I've lost all ambition (GRUNTS) For worldly acclaim I just want to be the one (DOOR OPENS) (DOOR SHUTS) And with your admission Nothing.
He's gone.
Well, he certainly left in a hurry.
Must have just missed him.
Tear this place apart.
FANCHER: Everything is different now.
After what happened in our hallways.
To our coworkers.
To our friends.
It's changed us.
We suspect everyone around us now.
These people we are holding downstairs, they are not agents.
They are diplomats, bureaucrats from the other side who came here legally, guilty of no crime whatsoever but being on the wrong side when you closed the Crossing.
Anyone from their world is to be considered an enemy.
Indigo has spies who could be among them.
Management Peter and his department Have been working tirelessly to clean house.
They caught Aldrich.
Exposed him for what he was, Shadow, the mole infiltrating our Third Floor.
They are doing everything they possibly can.
OPERATOR: Yes, they are.
That's why Management has selected an outside specialist who will partner with Mr.
Quayle to root out these sleepers.
Part Sorry, partner? Mr.
Quayle, we trust you will see to it she is made comfortable.
Yeah, of course.
) (DOG BARKING) Line's here.
Line's here.
That way.
) Howard Silk.
(DOG BARKING) Danke schÃn.
(BEEP) What's going on? Quayle's got a new neighbor.
Excuse me.
May I have your attention, please? Thank you.
My name is Naya Temple.
Management has assigned me to help your department identify the interlopers who just weeks ago brought terror to this office.
I know many of you might feel unsafe.
I don't have the words to express how sorry I am for the atrocities that took place here.
Your home has been compromised and there are more of these people hiding among us.
You might look at your neighbors and wonder: are they really your neighbors? Are they from our world or theirs? My door is always open.
If there's anyone acting like they're not themselves, anything you want to say at all, please come to me.
We're going to find these people together.
Thank you.
(DOOR CLOSES) Okay, who is she? She's former FBI.
Jesus, this is, this is bad, Peter.
Oh, b-bad, that's the word I was looking for.
She wants people to start reporting on each other.
How long before that comes back to us? (DOOR OPENS) (FAUCET RUNNING) What does she want from you? She wants me to find Lambert.
So find Lambert.
- It's not that simple.
- Trust me.
- It'll buy us some time.
- I can't.
Why not? I can't.
Because Lambert has something on your wife, and you're the one who's been tipping him off.
Look, things at home are extremely complicated.
I don't know what's more pathetic, the guy that doesn't know he's a dupe, or the guy who knows it and just fucking goes along with it.
Hey, look, we both have our covers here.
I need to earn her trust so I can find out what her people are gonna do next.
How's your wife, by the way? I hear she's being discharged.
Maybe you could jog that memory of hers, seeing as she probably knows what they're gonna do as well.
Take care of this.
Welcome home.
It's s (EMILY SILK SIGHS) I'm sorry.
What? What's the word when everything's a bit off? Strange? Say it again.
It's strange.
This place.
You know, in a dream when you're in your home but it's not your home.
Can you read that for me? I can't read it.
From your mother.
"My dearest darling, Emily, I'm so sorry I can't be there with you.
" Okay, let's spare me the rest.
Some people I am starting to remember.
This is so odd.
When you know a place but you don't know it.
Is someone staying with us? No, uh, that's for me.
I didn't know how well you'd remember me, and, uh, I thought in there it might feel like you were in bed with a stranger.
I want you to be comfortable.
I remember you.
You're my husband.
FANCHER: To rent? (CHUCKLES) To-to throw away that money when you, when you had that beautiful home.
QUAYLE: Things really weren't right there.
We needed the change.
AVA: Well, we're a walk away now.
And that's all that matters.
CLARE: It's a fresh start, Dad.
We talked about this.
Children need yards.
(SIGHS) Well, it's a better commute for Peter, and we're happier here.
I missed being in the center of things.
Work isn't everything.
Don't think I don't see that.
- I see your face, smart-ass.
- (LAUGHTER) Roland, I thought that heart was stone.
He's been very sentimental lately.
(LAUGHS) Before he overdoes it, I think we'd better call it a night.
Hmm? PETER: Why, thank you so much for coming.
Thank you for the fantastic dinner.
FANCHER: That was a nice bottle.
AVA: I know.
- CLARE: Bye.
- QUAYLE: Bye.
Good night.
So, you able to give him the warning? Lambert.
Thank you.
There's a new woman in the office.
She's gonna be a problem, I think.
She's suspicious of how Lambert keeps getting away.
Asking about points of compromise.
I'm gonna need something to give to her.
Just to buy us some time, throw her off the scent.
I don't have anything to give you.
No, I protected Lambert.
- For you.
- For us.
But now I need you to do something for me.
I haven't heard from them since the attack.
I told you, they're laying low.
(SPENCER CRYING) Oh, it's-it's your night.
You can take her in your room.
You can have her.
(GRUNTS) How is my little turnip? Huh? (MUFFLED) I missed you.
I missed you today.
Did you have a good one? Yeah? What'd you get up to? (SPENCER PANTING) Hey.
What's wrong? Huh? - What's this? - (SQUEALS) Ah.
Appears you've overstayed your visa.
(SPEAKS GERMAN) EDGAR: I don't fucking know where Claude Lambert is.
I've never met the bastard.
I'm just a courier.
I was over here on a routine crossing, and the doors closed behind me.
Yeah, but you didn't turn yourself in.
I didn't know what the fuck was going on.
Because for years now, you've been carrying messages for Indigo, haven't you? Pouches.
From your side to Claude Lambert.
Who passes them on to sleeper agents over here.
You know about these people? I do.
Then you know what they'd do if I talked.
They go after families.
(DOOR OPENS) Now, these messages y-you brought from Indigo, where did you bring them? Now, I can protect you from them, Edgar.
But Customs is the only chance you've got now.
It's a prison monitored.
It was a barn in Sacrow.
The woman who lived there would draw the blinds if it wasn't safe.
If Lambert is hiding, you think this is where he might be? Like I said, I haven't seen him.
All right.
Address, please.
I got Turkish again.
Hope that's okay.
What's all this? Oh, shouldn't we take this back? Uh, well It's overdue, yeah.
I found it in a drawer.
Why would I put a library book away in a drawer? Did-did you put it there? - I don't think so.
- (SIGHS) And I don't understand the woman who chose this picture.
I just Wh I mean It's everything in this place is just so st - Strange? - (EXHALES) Yes, I know the word.
I ju (EXHALES SHARPLY) Are any of these things bringing back any memories? I don't know.
Well, think.
I mean, maybe we need to start trying to shake things loose.
Maybe we should just take the library book back.
We could, uh we could just keep it, and maybe we could read it together.
Why are you speaking to me like that? What? Like what? Like I'm some sort of child.
I I I'm not talking like you're a child.
No, you're speaking to me, and there's kind of impatience in your voice.
No, I'm talking to you like you're a woman who's a woman who needs to try to recover her memory No, you you sound like you want me to get better quicker, - and I'm - Can I finish a sentence?! (SIGHS) I don't want any Turkish.
Maybe you could cook for me like you used to.
(DOOR CLOSES) You know what they don't tell you about being a grandpa? - Hmm? - It's eerie.
I remember when you were her age.
She makes the same face you do.
(BOTH CHUCKLE) I always see more Peter in her.
Oh, no.
She's you.
I guess that means you'll be your mother.
- Don't.
- Oh, yeah, you'll see.
You'll send her to all the same classes - Gymnastics, ballet, cotillion.
- (CHUCKLES) I want her to tell me what she wants to do.
I don't want to fill her with any expectations.
What you looking at? Hey.
Come here.
Come here.
I got you, I got you.
I got you.
I got you.
Dad, isn't your lunch hour over? Aren't you too young to be watching the clock? - (CRYING) - Okay, okay.
Mm, here's your mama.
(STOPS CRYING) - See you next week.
- Bye, Dad.
Next time tell your man to keep his distance when I'm with family.
Is that what we're calling him? I'm the one who has to listen to stories about my childhood from the face of a man who looks like my father.
The least you could do is give me the space.
Yeah, well, I don't feel sorry for you.
It's not like you're the one squatting in hideouts - like some peasant.
- There's a new person at the Office.
They're turning up the heat.
She suspects you're being tipped off.
I hear they just apprehended Edgar Brandt.
How'd you hear that? You think you're my only source, my dear? I have sources.
And more sources.
And their sources.
In fact, they call me a sourcier.
The only thing Edgar Brandt knows about is the dead drop at Sacrow, right? He can't lead them to you.
No, fortunately.
Still, it doesn't sit well.
Someone is talking.
That's the last missive from home, just before they closed the doors.
Everything's right on schedule.
They want you to be the one who activates - the final sleeper cell.
- That wasn't the plan.
Things have changed, apparently.
You'll get this to them, will you? Exciting times.
Auf Wiedersehen.
Howard Silk? Hi, Howard.
- Please, have a seat.
- Thank you.
First of all, you know this is all routine.
I'm just getting to know faces, names, stories.
- Yeah, of course.
- But I will say, Howard, you in particular, I've been looking through your file.
Interface, 29 years.
Than Analysis, Strategy, all in the span of a week.
Well, th-there was cause.
Yes, I know.
Your wife.
Peter Quayle tells me he promoted you because he had to enlist your help.
S-Someone was trying to kill her.
(CHUCKLES SOFTLY) Well, that'll do it.
Sorry, I don't mean to make light - of the situation.
- It's okay.
I was just read in myself.
It's put my world into a different light.
I don't think I'll ever be able to look at my husband the same way again.
I know the feeling.
I hear she's home, your wife.
- Yeah.
- And she's having trouble recovering certain aspects of her memory? Yeah.
She remembers me.
Does she remember working here? Uh, we haven't really I mean, we-we didn't talk about her work uh, before much, so You're trying to give her space.
Is it hard, all these years not knowing who she was, and now? I-I-I, I think I'm still processing it.
Howard, if she remembers anything, you'll come to me? Yes, of course.
Well, I'd say "past," but Excellent.
Now let's try it without the voice.
(DOCTOR TAPS KEYBOARD) (PEN CLICKS) I don't know what it says.
Don't worry.
Think of it like we're trying to rewire your brain.
- These things take time.
- What are you writing? Your eyes are good.
You're able - to focus on words.
- How do I know you wrote that? I can call in your husband to read it I don't trust him.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean that.
It's okay.
That's normal with this kind of condition.
Everything is strange.
My home.
My wife.
My sorry, what did you call him? - Husband.
- Husband.
I I'm not making any progress, am I? Actually, Emily, I think your progress has been remarkable.
This aphasia is normal.
But your recall, your ability to adjust to routine, is something I'm very encouraged by.
This man I've been living beside for 30 years, and (SIGHS) there's something missing.
- I - It'll all come back.
If you want to speed along the process, there are certain things you can do to trigger memories.
What do you mean? Well, first off, don't lock yourself in that flat.
Get out.
Explore your world.
You'd be surprised how much comes back.
I'm sorry I was so frustrated yesterday.
Apparently it's par for the course.
So good luck with that.
This is nice, isn't it? Just walking.
Yeah, I miss this.
I got a phone call from a guy who said he's my brother today.
Oh, well, that would be good old Eric.
What did he want? It was really odd.
He just made these lame excuses for why he and my mum weren't here when I was ill.
That sounds about right.
(BRITISH ACCENT) "Well, you do know Mother.
"Just last week, she asked for eggshell on her walls.
Not paint.
Actual eggshell.
" That's exactly what he sounded like.
(DOG BARKING IN DISTANCE) (SIGHS) I think I'm gonna take a shower.
Kindred spirits.
(TAKES DEEP BREATH) Do you remember being read in? Never forget it.
All my adult life, I've knelt on that mat and prayed towards Mecca.
And wherever I was, I set aside everything.
Just me and God.
And now I can't stop thinking that there are two worlds.
Two Meccas.
And y-you get used to it.
- Do you? - (LAUGHS): Yeah.
(CLEARS THROAT) So, I sent a team out to Sacrow on that Claude Lambert lead.
- Thank you.
- Wonderful.
Okay, well, let me know when you hear back.
Management says (LAUGHS) Do you get used to that, too? Taking orders from a camera? - Not yet, no.
- (CHUCKLES) Well, they say that you're the one who exposed Aldrich as Shadow.
Caught him at the hospital trying to murder our agent, Emily Silk.
Um yeah.
Well, so what's your secret? - There's no secret.
- Mr.
I'm just trying to get a lay of the land around here.
I know spy games, but this, I mean between Management, these computers O-Oh, these you do get used to, sort of.
The source who was your breakthrough on Shadow, was it the same source who turned you to Edgar? Look, I'm not asking who I know better than that But is there other intelligence this source might provide, or files I can read? Not really.
Well, whatever you do have, I'd really love to see it.
Sure, I mean, of course.
(DOOR OPENS) (DOOR CLOSES) Okay, so, I went after Lambert, like you said.
I found a nice dead-end lead to keep her quiet, but now she wants to know my fucking source.
Okay, so what do you want from me? - You work in Accounting.
- Yeah, so? So you can manufacture a backlog of payments for a source that I've been paying for information on Shadow and Edgar Brandt.
You want me to protect your wife? - Well, that is our deal, yeah.
- Yeah, well, somebody was lurking outside of my home last night.
Seems like your wife might have forgotten our little deal.
No, I told her t-to stay away.
Well, take control of the situation, okay? Then I'll handle your accounting thing.
No, you have to help me now.
Look, if I (SIGHS) All you need to do is just put the money in an account and I'll make it disappear, so it looks like someone spent it.
This is the last fucking time we meet here.
Emily? Emily?! (SIGHS) Are you all right? It's just not who I am.
- I mean - What? Did you even like me? Before? Well, of course I did.
But you didn't know me.
At work.
You-you said that you've been promoted to that department.
- To Strategy.
- Yeah.
That was my department.
I remember.
And if you work there now, it means you know what I did for a living, and you know that I kept it from you.
And yet, you-you haven't mentioned it.
The timing was never right.
I lied to you.
It's We can deal with that when when you're ready.
I'm just getting this feeling that I don't I don't really like who I was before.
Maybe I shouldn't even be telling you.
Do you remember our first date? That-that restaurant? Was it Chinese? Yes.
It was, uh the only Chinese place in town back then, at least that I knew of and I really wanted to impress you.
But it was bad, and I was embarrassed.
But you just put on a brave face and then you started just laughing at the whole thing, and you made me laugh, and we spent hours just talking.
When you left to go to the ladies' room, I told the waiter, "I'm gonna marry her.
" That's who you are.
You turn bad things good.
I don't remember her.
I don't know that woman.
Well, forget about her then.
And him.
Let's, uh Let's start all over.
There's a new Chinese place right down the street.
Should we try it? Maybe it's terrible.
Quayle? What's wrong? We're needed downstairs.
There's been an incident.
(SHOUTING CONTINUES) But why do you think he would do this to himself? He was coerced.
Someone probably made him believe this was an easier way out.
So, can we do something about this banging, please? (BANGING CONTINUES) They're scared.
Indigo still has people inside.
(SHOUTING CONTINUES) (SILVERWARE CLINKING) What's wrong? (QUAYLE PANTS) Peter, what's wrong? (QUAYLE PANTS) Edgar Brandt is dead.
It was taken care of.
(PANTING) How many people do you still have on the inside? You're safe.
That's what matters.
This is not gonna end well.
Yes, it will.
But you have to start believing it.
- Believe in what? - We have a plan.
We have our daughter.
(QUAYLE PANTS) If this is to continue, I need some kind of truth.
What? Have they been in contact? Since the attack, have your people been in touch in any way? No.
I've heard from no one.
(BOTH PANTING) (BELT BUCKLE CLINKING) Stop! (QUAYLE SIGHS) That won't work on me anymore.
Deputy Director of Strategy.
Son-in-law to Roland Fancher.
Husband to Clare Fancher.
The operative also known as Shadow.
I can't do it anymore.
I've been party to this dishonesty for too long.
At first, it was unwitting.
I fell in love with the Clare from our world, but I married the Clare from theirs.
But then I was knowing.
Not only did I discover the lie.
I made moves to preserve it.
To preserve my marriage, fake as it is.
Preserve my status, undeserved as it may be.
And most importantly, to preserve my daughter.
I should have been caught by now.
Someone should have figured me out.
(MAN SPEAKS GERMAN) But I'm lucky.
Been lucky my entire life.
But I don't want to count on that anymore.
I have to take matters into my own hands.
And I ask you to protect my daughter.
She may be born of two worlds, but she belongs to ours.
So this is my insurance.
Should anything happen to me, I offer you this full confession.
- I've got a visitor.
Come to see how I'm doing.
This is Clare.
She's married to Peter Quayle from the office.
We've never properly met.
Emily was just telling me about her reading assignments.
Kids' exercises.
Well, I should get going.
I'll walk you to your car.
- Thanks for tea.
- Thanks you for coming.
(DOOR SQUEAKS OPEN) CLARE: Too bad about her memory.
But I suppose it's good for both of us.
If anything happens to her Howard, that woman's death doesn't serve either of us.
Not with that truce you made with my husband.
What was it? She lives, I live.
Look, we have more in common than you think, don't we? We can even be friends.
(PRIME CHUCKLES) Good night.
So glad to finally meet you.
TEMPLE: This security breach won't slow us down.
We'll be looking closer now, turning every stone.
I've begun a detailed profile of Strategy, as well.
Management trusts you will come to them the moment you have something.
Of course.
Thank you.
(VOICES SPEAKING GERMAN) (WHIRRING) Your wife has come out of her coma.
Management is finding you very difficult to trust.
There's a mission I need your help with.
The one who ordered the attack.
It's a chance to take the fight directly to Indigo.
Your wife is valuable intelligence.
You aren't the first to ask me to spy on her.
Are you sure that this is what you want.
- What's going on? - This leaves to the fourth floor.
They asked for you directly.