Cow and Chicken (1997) s02e01 Episode Script

Fluffy the Anaconda

Mama had a chicken. ♪
Mama had a cow. ♪
Dad wad proud, he didn't care how. ♪
Cow! ♪
Chicken! ♪
Cow and Chicken! ♪
Mom and Dad said
I could pick out a pet of my very own!
I'll thrilled for youse.
Come on, kids!
I'm not decent!
So, you'd like to see
some of my creatures, hmm?
Oh, yes! Please?
All our animals
are given special love and care.
How about some fish?
Or, perhaps, a "Sail Kitten", or two.
Beavers are on sale today!
'Cause they're used. Only once, though.
I have something
I know you're going to love.
The Bucket O'Mammals!
Hey, you? I'm Cow!
Which one of you wants to belong to me?
Hey, check this out!
Yes. Our piranha fish.
Hey, panty waist!
We have all sorts of vermin.
Now, I have something very special
to show you.
Oh yeah? What's that?
Hey, Cow! I found your new pet.
"Anaconda. Twelve feet long.
Nocturnal. Feeds on"
"Feeds on" what, Big Brother?
You got it.
A talking snake!
Cow, get me out of here!
Right away, Mr. Snake!
Oh, I'd love to have a talking snake
for a pet!
Mom? Dad?
I think I have found the pet of my dreams!
You want a snake for a pet?
Oh, yes! It's a talking snake!
And it sounds just like Chicken!
You know, that snake does sound
just like Chicken.
Oh, you are going to be my best-est friend.
And I'm going to call you Fluffy!
Look, Mom and Dad!
Fluffy loves her already.
We'll take the snake!
An excellent choice.
Paper or plastic?
Oh, no! Fluffy's got a lump!
Yes! Not to worry.
Oh, Chicken!
I want you to meet
my new pet snake, Fluffy!
I've already had the pleasure.
Come on, Fluffy, say something.
Say, "My name is Fluffy."
I'm six. How old are you, Fluffy?
What's your favorite TV show, Fluffy?
Fluffy doesn't love me anymore!
He won't even talk to me!
Oh, say you love me, Fluffy!
What's happening there, Fluffy?
Hey, Cow! Come back!
Don't leave me in here!
Fluffy, Fluffy, Fluffy, Fluffy!
Oh, I want to hear all about what you did
when I was in the other room crying!
Help! It's an octopus!
Oh, get it off me! Get it off me!
Chicken, you scared poor little Fluffy!
Just shut your pie hole
and get this goo off of me, would youse?
Not like that!
Goodnight, Fluffy.
Good night, Chicken.
Goodnight, Cow.
Say goodnight to Fluffy, Chicken.
Goodnight, Fluffy Chicken.
Why, it's just one of my stinky socks.
It's just Crabs, the Warthog Doll.
I ain't gonna let no stupid
old slimy old snake eat me!
Oh, no! Oh, Fluffy's in trouble!
I'll save you, Fluffy!
Oh, there there, Fluffy. It's all right now.
Cow, honey? Are you okay?
Oh, Fluffy had a nightmare.
He thought a monster
was trying to eat him.
Come on, Fluffy. Let's go back to bed.
Who could that be at this time of night?
Been out on a date, son?
Mom and Dad?
Oh, please help me!
This is the worst place I have ever been!
Well, would you listen to that, Momma?
Fluffy can sound like Chicken and Cow!
Then, what in the heck do
we need kids for?
Oh, Momma!
I'm startin' to think about
puttin' myself up for adoption.
Oh, no!
It's been a busy busy day.
Hey, buddy?
I think this here snake is defected.
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