Cow and Chicken (1997) s02e25 Episode Script

Bad Chicken

Mama had a chicken. ♪
Mama had a cow. ♪
Dad was proud, he didn't care how. ♪
Cow! ♪
Chicken! ♪
Cow and Chicken! ♪
Shut up!
Or I'm gonna stand on my head
until you losers shut your pie holes!
Great. The blood's all rushed to my head.
Thanks loads, kids.
All right! Pop quiz time!
I need you
to make forty-five copies of this test.
Take this to the copy room!
Cow, you'd better go with your Big Brother
and protect him from that Fairy Guy
in the copy room.
Copy Fairy?
You all just watch your waddle.
I believe in the Copy Fairy.
Some guys says it's your parents,
but I know he's real.
Yeah. Copy Fairy my buttocks.
Hey, Cow, watch this!
Oh, the Copy Fairy
is not going to like this, Big Brother.
Zip your pork trap.
I do no believe in no Copy Fairy.
I do not think you should do that,
The Copy Fairy will get us!
Come on, Cow! It's fun!
Come on! Do your udders!
All righty!
This is cool!
Oh, yeah!
Oh, no! It is broken!
We're meat!
You got the test?
Let's go to the copy shop across town
and make some copies,
or Teacher will rip our lungs out!
Hello! It's me!
Should you be scared?
Oh, yes! Very.
Why, you say?
'Cause I'm the Copy Fairy!
Oh, a paper Chicken!
Oh, I'm going to grant you life.
That's just the kind of guy I am!
Hello, Little Copy. You can all me Mom.
Well, Mom's gotta go.
Got other copy rooms to hit.
Take care, Little Copy.
Oh, no!
Got my eye stuck to one of them
"No Copy Fairy Strips!"
I hate those things.
I do not care
what that pantless fairy says.
I am a real man.
I thought I told you
and your six-hundred pound slab-o-sister
to make some copies!
Shut your chew hole, grandma!
Two words: Beak washed out with soap.
Okay, three words!
I got three words for yous: Bye!
How'd I get a paper cut?
Hey, Chicken? It's recess!
Want to go bee flying?
Hey, Chicken?
You want to go bee flying?
Hi, Chicken.
Hey, Mr. Minimum Wage.
You missed a spot!
Can you be helped?
I need forty-five copies of this here test.
Right away, Mr. Chicken.
Oh, we are late. Our hiney's are toast!
Oh, we are going to be in trouble.
Trouble, trouble, trouble fairy princess. ♪
You don't know the half of it!
Who is that ugly guy?
Oh, no! Two Chickens!
How will I know which is which?
I am taking over your life, pal!
Oh yeah?
Try takin' over my life
without a beak, chump!
Oh, yeah!
Oh, paper cut!
I'm like almost bleedin' here!
Here Chicken!
Come on, Cow! Hurry up!
Here it is, Big Brother!
The Liquid White Away.
Catch, Big Brother!
Oh! My eyes!
I can't see!
I'm visually challenged paper!
It's a miracle. I can see.
Flem has been here!
I hope that Fairy didn't get him.
There's gotta be somethin' in here
we can use to fight that bad copy of me.
Your waddle's mine, Chicken!
Hey, wait a second.
What are you gonna do with that?
The shoes is on the other hand now.
Oh, the paper shredder!
Look out, Big Brother!
Once I get yous out of the way,
nobody will be able to tell that I is not yous.
And I'm gonna sleep in your bed
and tease your large sister.
Shred! Shred!
Three words. Goodbye.
Hey, Cow. You saved me.
Ah, geez!
You know,
I still do not believe in no Copy Fairy.
Ladies? Got my eye stuck to
an old Copy Fairy Strip!
What's not to believe?
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