Cowboy Bebop (1998) s01e04 Episode Script

Gateway Shuffle

1 I think it's time to blow this scene Get everybody and the stuff together OK, 3-2-1, let's jam A ship! Hi! I just picked up your signal and, well, I have a slight problem.
I'm kind of out of fuel at the moment.
So if you could just take me to Ganymede, I'd really appreciate it.
Dammit! Why is everyone in such a hurry all the time? Don't they know it's unhealthy? Huh? The house specialty is sea rat.
Used to be a staple food.
Harvested in the Ganymede sea.
After the gates stabilized, food wasn't scarce anymore, and people stopped eating it.
So they ran some fancy ad campaigns and claimed it was a delicacy.
And? Is it tasty? It's totally disgusting.
People eat it anyway for status.
It's "in" now.
Well, in that case, I guess I'm "out.
" Lobster miso stew, please.
Order accepted.
Well, I wanted to order the most expensive thing on the menu.
Because you think when we bag this guy, we're gonna be rich? So Gatt was a spy, huh? But Mom, there's nothing to worry about now.
We blew his ship to pieces.
It doesn't matter.
One lost ampule doesn't mean much.
We'll continue as we initially planned, but when things go wrong, someone must take responsibility, right? M-Momma You, Harrison? I didn't! Mother Hey, waiter! Where's my sea rat saute? Come on, come on, do that morphin' for my endorphin.
Yeah, it's Morgan.
It's a clean match.
Should we just grab him and forget about breakfast? Oh? Young man, are you aware that the Ganymede sea rat is a very intelligent and kind animal, hmm? - What's that? - That woman who is she? Well, I didn't know the circus was in town.
Wha-- - Yeesh.
- I know I've seen that woman before.
We, the Space Warriors, are eco-soldiers who work night and day to preserve the environment and protect endangered species all over the universe.
Thank you for your cooperation.
I remember! That woman has a 25 million bounty! Mom, hurry! Stop right there.
Game over.
- Mom! - Take it easy.
You don't want to see your dear mother hurt now.
- You'd better let her go! - How's our boy Morgan? He's all full of holes.
Thanks to you, we lost our reward.
Fortunately, you're worth a lot more.
25 million'll buy a lotta lobster stew.
- Why-- - If you hurt her, we're gonna-- Hold your fire.
These men are professional bounty hunters.
- There's nothing we can do for now.
- Mom! Take care of the base while I'm away.
- I'll be back in no time.
- Better hit the road, rat boys.
I don't think you wanna be here when the police show up.
Hang in there, Mom! Oh, Harrison, you'll get your punishment later when I return.
- Mother! Mom! - Let's go! It's Harrison's lucky day.
Momma won't be back for a while.
Hey, you! Are you alive? Take this to the ISSP But don't don't open the case Oh no! Hey, wait a minute! What am I supposed to do with this thing? Universal Environmental Protection Society? More like environmental terrorists.
They're called the Space Warriors.
Used to be a good group of dedicated people working to preserve the environment and protect endangered species.
They did great work all around the asteroids.
But a few years ago, a new leader took over the group.
Everything changed.
Most of the members dropped out.
Those who are left are more violent than the local crime syndicates.
They have a special thing for the Ganymede sea rats.
And guess who's in charge of these psycho terrorists? Twinkle Maria Murdock.
Please do not associate us with common terrorists.
We are warriors of peace, fighting a noble battle for the law of nature.
Yeah, yeah We saw how peaceful you are.
Now how do we pick up that reward? The Ganymede police.
But the government just blocked it.
- What? - I'm trying to track it.
Looks like the government canceled their offer as of yesterday.
Why'd they do that? When you're told not to open something, well, who can resist? Now, I didn't really open this thing, you know.
It just opened up by itself.
Ah-ha We followed your instructions.
The bounty's been canceled.
We also have a bill that will protect the sea rats from harvesting.
The sea rats on Ganymede will be safe.
Mom? Well, whoever's got her hasn't contacted us yet, but we're trying to track them down.
If we catch them, I promise you, we'll, uh If Mom isn't back here soon, and I mean soon, we'll set the plan in motion immediately.
Wait! We're trying to do everything you ask for! We're carrying out your wish-- Whatever it is, you can't eat it, and I'm starving.
Look at this, there's no record of that terrorist attack we saw.
Man What is going on? I told you, you were wasting your time.
You must feel very foolish.
Might as well let me go.
You've lost.
Not quite.
There's something behind all this.
Hi! I just picked up your signal and, well, I have a slight problem.
I'm kind of out of fuel at the moment.
I don't believe it.
If you could just take me to Ganymede, I'd be very appreciative.
Please? Or if you could just loan me a spare fuel rod, I'd pay you back, of course.
Are you listening?! I know you're there! Say something! Ow That's what you did? You took all the money you stole from us, and you lost it gambling in a casino? You know what they say, cowboy.
"Easy come, easy go.
" They also say "there's no honor among thieves.
" - Got anything, Jet? - Nah.
I have an old friend on Ganymede.
I'm trying to reach him.
Ah, man, there's nothing even worth salvaging.
Huh? What's this? No, we still don't know where the virus is.
Yes, M-Mr.
We'll do our best.
- Hey, Chief.
- What.
It's about the men who kidnapped Twinkle Murdock.
Did you find them yet?! And you're sure this guy told you to take this to the ISSP? Yes, and I'm sure that thing's worth a lot.
So what say we call it even, and you cut me loose? Right, Faye.
Like I'm gonna take your word for this.
What? What's this whole thing about, Bob? It's no big thing, Jet.
They decided to cancel the bounty offer.
You better let her go, or they'll book you for kidnapping.
No, Bob You know, when we worked in the same department, a lot of those illegal eye drops we picked up seemed to disappear.
Wait a minute.
What are you saying, Jet? If you wanna work until retirement age, kind of a bad idea to turn against me now, buddy.
All right.
I get your message, Jet.
So what do you wanna know? Hey, don't break the thing! They call it negotiations, but they're threatening to unleash a new virus.
In effect, all 8 million people on Ganymede are their hostages.
How'd they pull it off? They shanghaied a bio-engineer.
Retrovirus specialist.
Forced him to design a virus to their specs called "Monkey Business.
" Seems humans and monkeys have only a 2% difference in their DNA structure.
This virus is tweaked to act just on the 2%.
So it won't have an effect on any other animals or plants.
It'll leave the rest of the ecosystem intact.
- Huh? - That's right, it's uniquely selective.
You see, it only seeks out human beings.
You don't give up, do you.
ISSP had a mole inside their group, but we lost contact with him.
May be dead.
So we had no other option.
So you're gonna cave in even though we got the leader of the whole group here? We're holding the trump card right here in our hands! Orders from the top! There's nothing that we can do! We're letting her go.
Us or them.
Which one? Which one of us truly deserves punishment from heaven? Soon, the hour of judgment will arrive.
Yes very soon.
The release procedure is complete.
We'll continue to track her using our covert agents.
- And the satellite? - It'll be operational in about an hour.
Get the tech team ready, but don't take action till we know the location of the virus.
Sir, a communication from Twinkle Murdock.
Long time no see, eh, Minister? Now about all those promises you made Well, yes, we've passed a bill to limit the harvesting of the sea rats, so their population will be maintained securely.
But I didn't say "limit," I said "prohibit.
" Well, then I'll bring it back up in the parliament, to look at it in a positive light.
I think you need a demonstration of what's in store for you.
Wait! We can discuss this! Momma, please, not this! Momma, please, no! Alpha 1-0-5 to team leader.
Target has entered the wasteland sector.
Continue pursuit.
Huh? Is that all they were planning? Ah, damn.
All that work and no reward.
Jet, can you hear me? Tune in to frequency 7-2, now! They're doing a live broadcast from their own satellite.
This is no longer about sea rats on Ganymede.
Humans, with their consumer culture, have escaped from the vast system that we call nature, and are committing crimes that cannot be amended.
Those who are unaware of this are what you might call glitches in the natural system, or to put it simply, bugs.
They weren't there! That ship was a decoy! Where are they broadcasting from? They're not very far There, I got it! They're in hyperspace! Our retrovirus, Monkey Business, takes these retrohumans and returns them to their proper place in nature.
Now do you understand? Huh? Au revoir.
Good news, Jet, the Ganymede government just renewed the ransom on Twinkle and her group.
- Oh yeah? - This is it! We're close enough to get to them, and there's no one to interfere.
I'm afraid that just catching them won't be good enough.
If those missiles hit Ganymede, there'll be no one left to pay your bounty except monkeys.
So no one's gonna bitch if we get rid of that monkey missile now, right? Yeah, but there's not much time.
They're at one of the gate exits.
I know all about it.
What about the defense system? 4 minutes, 30 seconds to impact! The system won't be ready! Hurry, this is an emergency! Get the president on the line! They're right up ahead.
Ah, shit! It split! Jet, I got two! Lock on the other one! What? There are no weapons online! That missile will hit Ganymede before I have a chance to recharge! Hey there, having a little trouble? I can bail you out for 80%.
- You're insane! - OK.
Bye-bye now.
All right, 40%! That's my last offer! - OK, I get the 60.
- Deal! Just do it! Shit, there's no time left! Come on.
What is this?! It's multiple warheads, and this is not the military! I'll make monkeys of you all! Jet, listen, the top brass are gonna close up the stargate! What?! They're going to enclose the whole thing in hyperspace, missiles and all! - This is no joke! - Spike! I hear you! Go, Spike! What's that?! Didn't you pay attention in your high school physics class? Matter that gets enclosed in hyperspace can be viewed normally by the naked eye.
But of course, it can never interact with the matter on this plane of reality.
Mom, the gate's closed! What are we gonna do, Momma? Stop! Stop! Yeah, yeah, all that work and no reward.
For tough guys, you sure complain a lot.
Now, don't take it so hard, boys.
We'll make some big bucks on the next one.
Well, think I'll go take a shower now.
Next time? We'll make money? Jet, is she saying what I think she's saying, 'cause if she is I don't know, and I have no opinion.
Man she's taking a shower in our shower.
That's not OK, right? Don't know, and have no opinion.
Fine, I'll go tell her myself.
Wait, Spike! Bad move, Spike-O.
Aishiteta to nageku ni wa Amari ni mo toki wa sugite shimatta Mada kokoro no hokorobi o Iyasenu mama kaze ga fuiteru Kawaita hitomi de dareka naite kure The real folk blues Hontou no kanashimi ga shiritai dake Doro no kawa ni tsukatta Jinsei mo waruku wa nai Ichido kiri de owarunara The music box is broken.
Or is it? It starts to play, and a haunting tune fills the air.
I awake suddenly from my dream.
There is no music box, and yet there it is.
A tiny one nestled in my hand.
And I awake from my dream again, as if I were peeling an onion.
It's a dream no matter how far I go.
I can never reach reality.
Trapped in an endless nightmare.
Next episode: "Ballad for Fallen Angels.