Cowboy Bebop (1998) s01e13 Episode Script

Jupiter Jazz Part 2

1 I think it's time to blow this scene Get everybody and the stuff together OK, 3-2-1, let's jam - I'm gonna go look.
- You're not! I'm gonna go look for my woman.
You can go look for the other one.
Are you seeing Julia behind my back? I feel like I'm in a confession booth.
You're not a preacher by any chance, are you? If there's anyone who needs pity here, it's you.
We still haven't settled the score from last time.
Make your move.
Step aside, Lin! Lin I was in the same squadron as Vicious on Titan.
You said that you didn't need comrades.
But I'm attracted to that word.
To the point of tears.
You see, that's what we were at Titan.
We were all comrades.
What's that song? "Julia.
" Nice melody.
You mind if I play that tune on my sax when I get back home? When I came home from the war, they put me in prison.
They thought I was a spy.
I heard it was Vicious that testified against me.
I started to go crazy.
So they gave me some new drug they were testing on prisoners.
It was highly addictive.
And the side effects, well My hormones went out of balance, and this is what happened.
Since I came here, there's been one other person who knew about Vicious.
You're only the second one.
And the second one I've told about this.
Why are you going to see Vicious? Didn't you say he framed you? - I want to find out if he did.
- He'll murder you.
- Death does not frighten me.
- You're lying.
Either way, I don't have long to live.
Why did you bring me here? Maybe I wanted to be with someone, I don't know.
You just help someone selfishly, and you take them home And then you go off to die.
Are you sure it was this woman? Oh yeah.
It's been six months since I saw a woman in the flesh.
And two years since I saw a girl that good-looking.
Trust me, I wouldn't make a mistake about that.
Man, I sure wouldn't wanna live around here.
She sat over there, talking to Gren.
Julia used to sit in that same seat.
Julia? About two years ago, she wandered in outta the blue.
Month later, she disappeared.
Yeah? What kinda girl was she? She was a real woman.
I'm the only one who can keep you alive.
And I'm the only one who can kill you.
I'm just watching a dream that I never wake up from.
It's like I'm watching a dream.
Be careful when you're with that woman.
Women are all liars.
You should know that.
When this is over, I'm getting out of it.
All of it.
When I do, will you come with me? Are you going to betray me? No, please They're gonna kill you! Oh, you're finally up.
You've been sleeping for three days.
Your eyes are different colors.
My left eye sees the past.
And? What about your right eye? I'm not dead.
How about that.
Which way is west? Thanks a bunch, pal.
Tranquilizer guns.
They're mocking me.
Excuse me, I'm looking for a blue building.
It's called the Orlando Apartments.
Do you know where it is? Eh I don't know nothing.
Ask somebody else.
Hey, come on.
Forget it.
I don't want anything to do with foreigners ever again.
I'm just asking for directions.
I'm gonna go find an honest job somewhere.
What's up with him? Blue apartment building Hey! Hey, wake up! It's you.
What the hell is this all about? Oh, I get it.
He's one of those kinda guys, huh? What are you talking about? You mean Gren? He's not like anyone else.
Gren again.
Mangan with double reverse dragon Great he's using an ancient code.
Julia was here.
Right in this town.
- Yo.
- What.
- Got anything? - No.
- I got a lead.
- Catch him yourself.
This guy's from the group you're after.
Code name Julia.
His name's Gren.
Escaped from a military prison.
He has a very hefty bounty on his head.
If you catch him, I'll let you back on.
Hello? I'm standing above you.
Come to the roof of the building that's closest to the sky.
I'll send a woman over.
Up to you.
Although, I was looking forward to seeing you personally.
You messed up the Bebop, but left the other ships intact.
Swordfish and Hammerhead are fully mobile.
Was that like a hint for us to come and find you? You're joking, right? Were you just testing us or what? Why'd you come after me? I want my money back.
- The ship's safe - Yeah? It only had 20,000 in it, you know.
Is that right? Dummy.
So who is this Julia? I don't know.
She's got some kinda hold on Spike.
That's all I can tell you.
Where's my souvenir? Is it here? Is it here yet? It's reading X-plus.
It's real.
Give it to her.
This is the Titan opal you requested.
Tell Gren that I send my regards.
You saved me from that scorpion, and yet you lied and sold me down the river.
It's you.
It's been a long time.
What do you want? When you gave me that music box, you didn't think I'd ever break it open and look inside.
Why would I? So you found the solar transmitter.
Julia found it.
The moment she heard it was a gift from you, she told me to open it up and look.
And? What about it? Are you trying to kill me again? Is that it? We fought that bloody war together.
We were comrades.
We risked everything, shoulder to shoulder, on that battleground of death.
I looked up to you.
I believed in you.
There was nothing to believe in.
There's no need to believe.
Vicious, look out! There is nothing in this world to believe in.
Vicious! Lin died protecting you! His soul is lost! He wasn't protecting me! Don't you get it? He was protecting the Order! You're in the way! Hey, come on! Hey! Gren, tell me where Julia is! I've gotta find her! Julia's gone.
How did you know her? What happened? I need to know.
You've got an internal injury.
I don't know if an ambulance will even come out to this place.
Put it away.
Can you lift me up there onto the ship again? I want to go to Titan.
You can't make it there in this condition, it would take too long.
I'm not gonna make it anyway.
Dying on my way there would be a good way to go.
I wanna go back one last time.
If I can't do that then at least help me on my way.
Can you help me take off? I get it now.
You're the one, aren't you? You're Spike.
Julia was always talking about you.
Your eyes are different colors.
I remember her saying that.
Said you'd get a strange feeling, if you'd keep looking straight into his eyes.
Where'd you meet her? Where was she? Right on the corner bar stool.
She'd slip in when I wasn't looking.
She'd ask me to play the same song every time she came in.
Strange, lilting tune.
And then she would smile.
Oh, what a smile.
So sad.
So beautiful.
- What are you bringing in? - Nothing.
Hurry up and get inside.
We're taking off.
- Julia - What'd you say? Hm? Oh, nothing.
Just thinking about someone.
Where'd you guys go, anyway? Someplace very good.
How come Edward got left out? Oh I'll tell you about it someday.
Nah, it's all right.
Oh, Ed anything but blue.
A star just fell from the sky.
That is not an ordinary star, my son.
That star is the tear of a warrior.
What warrior is it? A lost soul who has finished his battle somewhere on this planet.
A pitiful soul who could not find his way to the lofty realm where the Great Spirit awaits us all.
What is going on in this world? Though you're alive, darkness looms only inches away.
A world where any move you make could be a dangerous mistake.
So we will step away from the mainstream and live like vagabonds and common dropouts.
A psychedelic rhapsody for someone just like you.
Next episode: "Bohemian Rhapsody.
" Don't you wanna hang out and waste your life with us?