Cowboy Bebop (2021) s01e10 Episode Script

Supernova Symphony

1 A toast to my ascension as new head of the Syndicate.
You don't look happy, Julia.
This is what you wanted, isn't it? To be free of the Elders.
- Vicious - Don't worry.
Everything went to plan.
Just not the plan you and Mao came up with.
I don't know what you're talking about.
There is nothing in this world to believe in.
Least of all people.
Even the people who are supposed to love you.
I do love you.
I always wondered, how many times did you fuck Fearless? How many? It was him, wasn't it? You found out Fearless is alive.
That's why you betrayed me.
Isn't it? It wasn't Fearless.
It was you! All of this time, I convinced myself you couldn't have known.
Because what kind of a man stays with a woman who's slept with his best friend? Oh, but of course you knew.
And you stayed.
Because you are no man at all.
I am gonna hurt you, Julia.
In ways that haven't been invented yet.
Until you beg me to kill you, and then I'm gonna hurt you some more.
Though you won't be alone.
You'll have Fearless' head to keep you company.
I think it's time to blow this scene Get everybody and the stuff together Okay, three, two, one, let's jam! Spike! Spike! Spike! Where the hell are you? - Any sign of him on your end? - I've got jack.
And for the record, this place is creepy as shit.
He's here somewhere, God damn it.
Keep looking for him.
Spike! Yeah! Oh, shit.
Faye, I got something.
There was a ship here.
Someone took Spike.
Whoever it was, we need to find the bastards.
Come on.
Let's get outta here.
- Rough night? - About the usual these days.
How did I get here? - Gren brought you in.
- With pleasure.
How did you find me? Lin and Shin still come in from time to time.
I bugged Lin.
A few weeks back.
He always was the stupider of the two.
I thought you had rules about getting involved.
I do.
But you'd be dead otherwise.
And I couldn't let that happen.
Again? Truth is, I've been involved since the night they tried to kill you.
And this This is not from getting old.
You can do it, all right? Go me! Go me! Go me! Yay! Yes! - Jet.
I think I found something.
- I found something.
You first.
The ship that took Spike.
A friend at Astral Gate Security, he matched the time stamp and vessel registration.
It just landed in Tharsis two hours ago, next to a nightclub called "Ana's.
" What've you got? I think I might know where I grew up.
Can it keep? Because I need you on this.
Spike needs you on this.
Once we get him back, we can help you track your shit down.
All of it.
We'll figure it out.
Let's go get Spike.
- Bebop clearing hyperspace.
- Deal.
Arriving gateway Bebop cleared.
They were coming after me.
You can't blame yourself.
I signed your death warrant that night.
Yours and Julia's.
You said Vicious put a sword through your leg.
The best of us would have broken.
I'm gonna find him.
And I'm gonna kill him.
You putting that miserable piece of shit in the ground for good I'll second that motion.
Find Julia first.
She still loves you.
Does she know? That you're alive? She figured it out.
And knowing is gonna get her killed.
I'll make sure she's safe.
It's a long overdue promise I need to make good on.
Then you're gonna need this.
- Don't move! - Put the gun down.
I said drop it.
Now! Same goes for you, lovelies.
Hey, hey, hey.
Nobody needs to be pointing any weapons right now.
Okay? Hey.
They're with me.
So are they.
Faye, come on.
Faye? Come on, put the weapon down.
What the hell? We thought you were dead.
Yeah, I get that a lot.
Jet, come on.
Hey, listen, I Hurt hurting me.
I'm sorry.
Thought I'd lost you, partner.
Glad to see you're still kicking.
Hey, whatever happened to that unkillable super assassin? Um Yeah, I killed him.
Give me a minute.
It's Kimmie.
Hey, bean.
I can't talk right now, but Is this an open bar, by chance? Oh, you're a fun one, aren't you? The fucking funnest.
Jet? Jet? Who the fuck are you? Jet! Oh, I thought we'd moved beyond this.
- They took her.
- Who? Kimmie! Goddamn Syndicate kidnapped her from Europa.
Took her right out of school.
They want to exchange her for him.
Except they didn't call him Spike.
They called you Fearless.
Who are you? And why does the Syndicate want to use my daughter to get to you, huh? The man who took Kimmie His name is Vicious.
He was my partner.
Back when I killed people for the Syndicate.
- What? - You son of a You're a goddamn hit man? All this shit about ex-military? - I never said that.
- You never You let me believe it.
God damn.
You're a Syndicate hit man.
They've been trying to kill me ever since they found out I'm still alive.
I'm gonna save them the trouble and kill you myself.
You could.
You'd be right to.
But you need me.
To barter for Kimmie's life.
You don't hand me over to Vicious, he's gonna kill her.
Let's get this over with.
Spike, if you should find your way out of this I wouldn't count on it.
Julia needs you.
Time to clear out.
- Let's go.
- It's not safe anymore.
I'll survive.
I always do.
You try and run, it's gonna be bad for you.
I'm done running.
He told you the fish factory for the exchange, right? Yeah.
- I know that place.
- I'll bet you do.
Listen, we can get around the guards, if we can manage Jet! What are you doing? There's a better way! You can't turn him in.
Don't kid yourself.
This is happening.
You know we can get her back if we work together.
You think I'm gonna risk my daughter's life on the word of Spike Spiegel, or Fearless, or whatever the hell his name is? - You can't.
- I will.
I won't.
You know, he might be a dick, but he risked his life for mine.
Risked his life for yours.
Many times over, I'm sure of it.
He knew the rules.
No lies.
He could have come clean with me.
He could have walked away from me.
He could have done a million things he didn't.
What did he do? He put my daughter's life in a killer's hands.
By my math, the slate is clean.
It's his life for Kimmie's.
That's the play.
Well, that fucked-up math doesn't add up.
I won't carry that weight.
You know he's not gonna let you live after this, right? You're the only one who knows why Vicious really tried to kill Fearless.
Did you ever love Vicious? I thought I did.
And then I realized I didn't know what love was.
Until it was too late.
Until Fearless.
Then you should be with him.
Evening, Officer.
It's going to be okay, honey.
I'm here.
Everything's gonna be okay.
Do you have him? He's in the trunk.
He didn't exactly come willingly.
Look, if he's not there, you've got enough guys here to show me the error of my ways.
Spike! Now! No.
See you soon, Spike.
Find him.
Oh, good, you're up.
I was getting worried you were gonna sleep through my execution.
I wouldn't want to miss that.
How long have I been out? A couple of hours.
Where are we? Ninth ring of Hell.
Thank you.
For what? Prolonging your lousy life a few more miserable minutes? For changing your mind on me.
For giving me a chance to make right on my wrongs.
Yeah, didn't work out so good.
For either of us.
We've seen worse.
Have we? When angels are forced out of Heaven, they become devils.
You agree, don't you? Spike? Where's Kimmie? If you hurt her, I swear before God Hurt her? I would never hurt a kid.
No kids.
Isn't that right? And everyone fancied you the angel.
Only when standing at your side.
I'm the Devil? Stop me when I'm wrong.
Spike is a liar.
A betrayer.
He cares only about himself and death follows him wherever he goes.
Sound like an angel to you? I just want my daughter.
I gave you a space in my family's crypt.
Did you know that? I used to come down here after you betrayed me to mourn what I'd lost.
To mourn you.
But I found I had no tears to weep.
Bring the girl.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Oh, how delightful.
You actually think I'm letting her go? See, Spike and I are both devils.
The difference is, I'm honest about it.
- You said you wouldn't hurt her.
- I won't.
- I'll kill her.
- God damn, you piece of shit! Ever since I learned you're alive, all I could think about was putting you in that empty hole.
You should have just died that night.
Or you should have killed yourself for what you did! Look at me! You were supposed to be my brother.
You were supposed to love me! I was supposed to end you.
I will not make that mistake again.
Kimmie! I've got you, bean.
I've got you.
- I'm scared.
- I know, baby.
I know.
This is where you die for the last time.
But you're gonna watch your partner and his brat die first.
Look at me.
Look at me.
It's gonna be okay.
Dad, I wanna go home.
Okay, it's gonna be okay.
It's gonna be okay.
It's okay, baby.
It's gonna be okay, baby.
Okay? Welcome to the ouch, motherfuckers! Fuck.
Come on.
I'll be all right.
I got her.
I got you.
I got you.
Let's go.
- Here you go, sweetheart.
- Come on, kiddo.
Thought you didn't like the math.
You're both idiots.
But I couldn't get good on you knuckledusters dying a dipshit death.
- Come on.
- Come on.
Come on.
I'm not finished here.
- What? Are you stupid? - Let him go.
Get them outta here.
Shoot them before they shoot you, huh? I'll see you around, Valentine.
Did you come back to beg for their lives? Mercy's for the weak! Remember? You should see yourself.
Do you have any idea what you look like right at this moment, Spike? What? A ravenous beast.
The same blood runs through both of us.
The blood of a beast who wanders, hunting for the blood of others.
I've bled all that kind of blood away.
Then why are you still alive? Julia.
It's true.
Are you okay? I am now.
I've dreamt of you.
Have you? Endlessly.
Then why didn't you come for me? All these years, you you knew where I was.
Yet you let me languish with him.
Why? Because I told him you chose me.
And you believed him? I shouldn't have.
I'm sorry.
But now we can make it right.
We can be free of all of this.
Of him.
The Syndicate, we can Why would I want to be free of it? Right at the moment when I've captured the throne.
With the Elders dead and the Capos gone, all that's in the way of controlling the Syndicate is him.
Finish the jackal.
Carry his head on a pike to the temple.
And the rule will be ours.
That life, I told you I don't want it anymore.
What about what I want? - Julia - I'm done being scared.
This isn't you.
You made me who I am.
No, Julia Leaving me with him to fend for myself.
To live in endless terror, wondering if today's the day he tires of me and tosses me from the window.
You made me.
I loved you.
I never stopped loving you.
That may be.
But it's clear now.
You are nothing more than a dream I needed to wake up from.
Kimmie! - Mommy! - Oh, baby! Daddy! I want to go home.
Come here.
I'm all packed up.
I'm headed out.
I know you're going through a lot of shit right now, but I have a chance to find out who I am.
You should do that.
You need to do that.
What? Hello, Vicious.
You're dead.
I'm head of the Syndicate.
My people will Will what? You're an Elder now.
And no one is allowed to see the Elders.
As your wife, I'll be speaking on your behalf.
So really I don't think we need you at all.
Julia Julia.
We'll try again tomorrow.
No! I knew you'd survive.
It's what cockroaches do.
The only reason you're still alive is you helped save Kimmie.
Your buddy, Vicious, was right.
Death follows you wherever you go.
It's in your bones, Spike.
If I ever see you again, I will kill you.
Spike! Spike Spiegel! No Spike Spiegel.
Not anymore.
Yes, you are.
You're Spike, cowboy, bounty hunter for hire! Wake up! I have a job for you! A bounty! What? Bad man, big reward! We have to find the Butterfly Man.
Ooh! Danger, danger! Too loud.
We have to find Volaju Volaju Volaju before he does spooky, bad things.
Shut up.
Spike? Spike.
Hello? Wake up! Spike!
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