Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (2015) s02e02 Episode Script

When Will Josh See How Cool I Am?

1 Previously on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend REBECCA: Greg, listen, I care about you.
Tell me tell me how you feel, if you have any feelings.
I need-I need to to take - I need to take a nap.
- Greg? Rebecca, no matter what I do I feel you with me.
Why don't you leave a few things here? I have plenty of room.
Just put it in one of my drawers.
Is that Greg's sweatshirt? I am looking for Greg.
I really need to find him.
I need to speak to your son, Greg.
Look, there he is, there he is! Hi, I'm Greg, and I'm an alcoholic.
I'm addicted to her life.
It's like I did another fist full of blow.
- What's this? - Okay, just a simple contract laying out the terms of our friendship.
It stipulates that my services as a friend exclude shenanigans.
There's just still something missing in my life.
I just and I don't know what it is.
GREG: Once I took my very first drink, I felt bulletproof.
For the first time in my life, I didn't care about anything.
About how people felt, about how I felt, about what was going on with my mom and dad.
Alcohol became my shield.
And it worked.
At least I thought it worked until 27 days ago.
Thanks for bringing the donuts this week.
You bet, man.
And thank you for sharing, dude.
Oh, thanks, Guardrail.
"Guardrail," is that because you were conceived on the open road, or Nah, my buddy Throttle gave me that name because I was so overprotective of my coke.
(chuckling): Those were the days.
- So, things going okay? - With me? Yeah, weirdly enough, I'm doing all right.
Feel my feelings, yadda yadda.
I remember how good I felt when I first got sober.
- Almost euphoric.
- Exactly.
Then I found it was just a phase.
We call it the pink cloud.
When that went away, I had to deal with some rough stuff.
Listen, thank you for the indirect, passive-aggressive warning, but I'm coming to the meetings, I'm doing great.
Hey, tell you what, how about I bring the donuts next time? Uh, okay, cool.
You know we really love our donuts here.
I'm on it.
What could possibly stop me? - (humming) - (door opening, closing) (sings indistinctly) Oh, hey, Josh! How was karate? Were you the best one there? Becks, the only person I'm trying to be better than is the person I was yesterday.
- Mm.
- And today, I kicked Yesterday Josh's ass! Yeah, you did! Oh.
Oh! (moans) Mmm, what smells so good? Oh, I made you something.
It's called noodle kugel.
It's a Jewish thing.
I figured, I don't know, I've had your people's food.
You've never had my people's food.
It's delicious.
It's my bubbe's recipe.
Oh, bubbe would've hated you.
She was really racist.
It was a different time, but still wrong.
Anyway, you hungry? Oh, I'm sorry.
I didn't know.
I had a sushi burrito after karate.
Oh, that's okay.
No worries.
See, that's what I love about you.
- You love me? - Love about you.
Love about me right, right, right, got it.
Like, I know that you're not gonna get mad at me, because I didn't eat the Jewish noodles.
We're independent.
You know, we come together when we want to, and when we don't, we stay in our own lanes.
Lanes, exactly! Exactly.
Uh, all right, so no kugel for now.
Do you want to watch a movie just like in a chilling in own lanes type of way? It's just, I-I don't know.
Feel like I haven't seen you in a forever.
You've had a thing every night this week.
(groans) I have plans.
Football at Hector's house.
And I know how you hate football.
I don't hate football.
I-I get why it's fun, it just kind of propagates the ideology of physical dominance and the economic subjugation of the working poor.
Plus the concussions.
It should be illegal, LOL.
(laughs) Um What are you doing Friday? Shoot, Friday I got a thing.
Just another guy thing.
But, Josh, that's the thing I love guy stuff.
I'm, like, such a guy.
When I was a kid, people thought I was a guy all the time.
It turned out I had a hormone imbalance.
It was a very, it was a very hard time.
But-but, yeah, I'm down to do whatever.
What are you doing Friday, broseph? Just going to a new place called The Paddle.
It's a Ping-Pong cocktaileria.
It's pretty fun.
Wait, hold on a second.
Did you say Ping-Pong? (glissando chimes) Josh, shut up.
Shut up.
Shut your stupid face.
- What ? - No, Josh, shut up! Shut up right now! You know that I was a teenage Ping-Pong champion.
I was the Junior Miss Table Tennis Champion for the Eastern Northern Seaboard County District.
Seriously? The Junior Miss Table Tennis Champion for the Eastern Northern Seaboard County District? How do I not know that already? I don't know.
Maybe we should hang out more.
Maybe we should live together.
(laughs) (both laughing) - Oh - Oh, yeah.
Yeah, it's true.
This is great.
I mean, you should come by and give us a few pointers, then.
Oh, my God, I couldn't.
I'm-I'm so rusty, but okay! Cool.
I'm just a girl in love La-la-la, lovey-dove I can't be held responsible for my actions She's an ingenue I have no underlying issues to address I'm certifiably cute and adorably obsessed They say love makes you crazy Therefore, you can't call her crazy 'Cause when you call her crazy You're just calling her in love.
Blam! (elevator bell dings, indistinct chatter) Hello, men! What's with her? I don't know, but I'll find out.
I'm her best friend.
Everyone knows that, right? Everyone knows you say it.
Same thing, right? (mouse clicking) Hey, babe.
What's up? Nothing.
Never mind.
If I told you, it would, you know, violate the no-shenanigans clause of our friend contract.
But basically, I have to learn how to be, like, a competition-level Ping-Pong player in a day.
Anyways, listen - (gasps) You're not! - I am.
(gasps) I'm applying to law school! - (screams) - (laughing) - Yes! Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! - (both laughing) BOTH: Law school! Esquire! Esquire! BOTH: Paula! Paula! Esquire! Paula! Esquire Paula.
What word do you want to chant? Just let me know.
I can't choose.
They're all awesome.
Okay, listen.
It doesn't matter.
I need a letter of recommendation.
Rebecca Nora Bunch, would you do me the honor? Yes, yes, yes.
A thousand times yes.
- Oh.
(laughs) - (squeaks) (laughs) Oh, thank you.
Thank you so much.
Okay, I need that by Friday, okay? I'll get it done today.
Oh, God, Rebecca.
Things are finally starting to happen for me.
You know? I can't believe it.
My dreams might actually come true.
You so deserve it.
- (laughing) - PAULA: Mm.
(sighs) Oh.
(sighs) When I was a little girl I felt like a princess So naive and full of hope I thought my dreams would come true But then as I grew The world was all like (giggles) Nope But this time, maybe, just maybe (birds singing) Maybe this dream won't lead to disgrace Maybe this dream is Maybe this dream won't poop on my face Like a seagull at the beach Maybe this dream won't be like my wedding The organ played "There Goes the Bride" I came back.
Maybe this dream won't be like some maggots Feasting on the rotting deer carcass of my pride Oh, oh-oh, oh, oh Maybe this dream won't be like my vibrator Breaking when I need it most Tweedle deedle Dee! Maybe this dream won't be like Ebola Eating the flesh of its host Tweedle deedle Doo! - Maybe this dream won't be like - Tweet-tweet, tweet-tweet - When I go running - Tweet, tweet, tweet And I have to take a dump So I have to rush home Plus I also have my period So I have menstrual cramps plus dump cramps And as I run frantically I pee just a little Because I've had two babies So by the time I get home My undies smell like a sewer rat Maybe this dream won't be like that Maybe this dream will finally make me feel Like I deserve A Dream.
(sighs) (phone ringing) Paula Proctor.
How may I help you? No, don't even worry about it.
It's my pleasure.
Thank you.
Rebecca told me you're applying to law school.
- Ee! - And so I took the liberty of writing you A recommendation.
Well, um, here's the thing.
Rebecca's actually doing it for me, 'cause, I mean, we're besties.
- So - Oh.
My Yeah.
Of course.
Of course.
I understand.
I mean, you and I are best friends, and she's your bestie.
Whatever that is.
But you know what? If you need a second recommendation, consider it done.
Here's the thing.
I don't.
So, um, but, like, thank you.
Well, that's cool.
That's cool.
I'll just hang on to this, and you know, maybe do another draft, another polish, as they say.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
Everything could always use a little improvement.
Just like a friendship.
(elevator bell dings) - Can I help you? - Hi.
I'm Xiao Huang, 2016 San Gabriel Valley Junior Table Tennis Champion.
Do you know where I can find REBECCA: Ooh, ooh! That's mine! That's mine! He's with me! He's with me! Hi, I'm Rebecca.
Do you need coffee before we get started? Espresso? No.
I just think if it's really meant to be, you don't need to manufacture some fake enthusiasm for Josh's hobby.
Isn't a relationship all about meeting in the middle? Okay, Dr.
Ruth, I'm paying you for Ping-Pong, not the hokey-pokey about the hanky-panky.
Oh, that's funny.
Should I tweet that? Let's just get back to Ping-Pong.
How do I hold the paddle? Do I hold it like this or like this? You hold it like this.
No, wait, I look dumb.
I need to look hot.
Can you do that? Sexy Ping-Pong.
Copy that.
There he is.
Leaving Las Vegas, but with an inspirational ending.
Kev, don't.
I get it.
You want to downplay your courage.
I understand.
I'm just so proud of you, man.
You inspired me to quit kettle chips.
That's my gateway drug.
That's not a drug.
It's a potato.
Also, you no longer have to serve alcoholic beverages.
And I've taken beer-battered shrimp off the menu.
Oh, God.
Hey, Greg.
Heard you finally figured out you're an alcoholic.
I'm happy for you.
- Thanks? - Yeah, I had an ex-boyfriend who went to rehab for his Oxy addiction.
Lot of ups and downs.
- May he rest in peace.
- He died? No, but I hope he does.
He stole a lot of 20s out of my purse.
Anyway, I'm pulling for you, buddy.
We all are.
Guys, I appreciate your support, but can we just do our jobs and not talk about this so much? I understand.
We should keep things normal.
That's what we should do.
Listen up, gang! Be normal! Greg does not want to treated differently for his alcohol addiction! So, be cool.
Be cool.
Emergency meeting called by Serrano Did you tell him about you and Rebecca? You said you were gonna.
I haven't seen him, no one has.
He hasn't been around.
I will tell him - at some point.
- Gentlemen.
What do you think Serrano wants? Uh, I don't know.
Maybe we should ask him, since he's right there.
He's waving us over? 'Sup, man? You ghosted on us.
Where you been? Yeah, what's this meeting about? Okay, guys, give him a break.
He's trying to tell us.
Greg, whatever this is, it concerns all of us.
Or right? Y-You asked us all to come here because, uh, you I mean, you're not putting any one individual on blast, right? Dude, - what? - Shh! Let him talk.
Greg, you have the floor.
Sit down, guys.
Here's the thing.
I'm sorry I've been M.
And that I lied to you.
My mom didn't have botched plastic surgery.
Though she did get her nose done recently and it looks amazing.
But the truth is, I have been dealing with some things.
Like? Like I got a DUI, spent a night in jail, turns out I'm an alcoholic.
I've been going to meetings and I'm trying to stay sober.
That's it, bingo, bango, done.
Beers? Wow.
Wow, dude, this is heavy.
I know.
It's a shock, right? Eh Or not a shock.
Yeah, no, not really.
Sort of saw that coming.
I'm shocked.
A-And upset.
Greg, I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I feel terrible.
If I did anything to contribute to this in any way - What? - I-I In I was the one with the fake ID in high school.
At every party, I would dare you to drink the whole bottle because I thought it was funny or something.
God, I don't know if I can live with myself anymore.
Weirdly, this isn't about you.
It's okay.
Don't give Josh a hard time.
My sponsor, Guardrail That's his biker name.
It's a long story.
He has a friend named Throttle.
It's a very colorful group of people.
I-I'm not supposed to say names, but I think nicknames are okay, but just don't tell any of your biker friends Just cover our bases.
But anyway, Guardrail said some people in my life would take it harder than others.
It's it's all right, Josh.
No one caused this.
It's me.
And I'm working on it.
Well, I'm proud of you.
Cheers, Greg.
Don't cheers an alcoholic, dumb-ass.
It's a light beer, idiot-ass.
White Josh is right.
I-I don't think we should be drinking around you.
No, it's okay.
I You don't have the problem, I do.
You guys can drink, I can't.
Let me show you what I mean.
Come on.
(all exclaim) (all laughing) Gather ye 'round and I'll tell you a tale Of all the great times I've had with an ale There's joy and there's glory More than you can think Yes, this is what happens to me when I drink I pee my pants, my pants I pee my pants I get up from the bar to find pee on my pants I say it's water But all it takes is a glance For people to realize I peed my pants Wow, I did not know it was that bad.
Yes, wine can be fun White, rosé and red Till I call up my boss, say I wish he was dead Chase down the regret with some gin for good luck Then steal my cousin Jim's landscaping truck Drive home, then I puke on my cat, my cat I puke on my cat I fall through the doorway and puke on my cat Poor little Bruno did not expect that I try for the toilet, but puke on my cat While some can enjoy A scotch with a steak Or one glass of wine Then they're barely awake For me it's much different What happens when I try to have one It just turns into ten And then I fly a plane A plane, I fly a plane I knock on the cockpit, shouting "I'll fly this plane" We emergency landed, the TSA came Now I'm banned from Southwest 'cause I try to fly planes Everybody! MEN: He has sex with a bush A bush, he has sex with a bush That wasn't a woman? MEN: No, it was a bush It had twigs and leaves, 'cause it was a bush That's where that scar comes from From sexing a bush But he's breaking the cycle and making a push He's quitting his drinking And saving his pants And his cat and Southwest and Jim's truck - And my car - My car, too And the bush! (cheering, applause) I didn't do anything wrong.
Yes! Again, not about you.
(sighs) Dear God, thank you for this boba.
Bless the hands that have rolled these tapioca balls.
Is that how boba is made? I'm not sure.
Don't you only say grace before a meal? Boba is a drink that you eat.
Okay, dude, listen.
I'm in a rough place.
Greg is an alcoholic.
I can't tell him about me and Rebecca.
He's in such a fragile state.
I I don't think he could handle it.
- Okay, so - Now, I know what you're gonna say "Be honest, blah, blah, blah.
" You know, "Jesus likes honesty, blah, blah, blah.
" But Jesus didn't have sex with his friend's ex.
I mean, not that I know of, anyway.
Maybe he did.
I don't know.
Josh, stop.
I think your impulse to not tell Greg is wise.
And mature.
What? No.
Thank you.
Really? Telling Greg would be selfish.
It would only alleviate your own guilt, blah, blah, blah, Which I guess is how I sound to you? Mm-hmm.
Josh, you're right.
Greg has a lot on his plate right now.
Don't add to it.
I'm right about this? Great.
Because I really didn't want to tell him.
Uh, well, uh, you are gonna have a chance to practice not telling him right now.
So there's this thing in recovery where you own up to your mistakes.
And I'm just starting to do that now, and I know I need to start with you.
Oh, Greg, you do not have to do this.
Please, just let me get this out.
I am so sorry about the French fries.
What? You know that time when we went out after seeing your friend's terrible band, and you ordered French fries and I ate all of them because I was wasted? When I think of myself doing that, I am That was so selfish of me.
And I'm sorry.
Wow, I'm really glad - you reached out about that.
- You are? No, I don't remember that at all, but I will take your French fry apology and apply it to other stuff.
That works.
Did he see me? - Mm-hmm.
- He saw me? Okay, I'm gonna walk right up to him, say a quick hello, and boom, I'm cool.
Dude, this is gonna go great for you.
Oh, hey.
Nice to see you guys.
How are you? Hey, man, we didn't get to talk much earlier.
I heard about you and Valencia that's rough.
Where are you staying? Wh Where am I staying? Where do I reside? Where do you hang your hat? Um um I have an Airbnb in Claremont.
It belongs to a celebrity.
He uses it as his weekend house.
What celebrity weekends in Claremont? Oh, I'm not supposed to tell anyone.
I mean It's Josh Hutcherson, but you didn't hear that from me.
(chuckles) Yeah, he goes there when he wants to feel down to earth, yeah.
Look, Josh, I know you're weirded out by the whole alcoholic thing.
I know it's coming from a place of friendship.
Thank you.
I I think it's kind of nice.
(loudly): I slept with Rebecca! Oh.
There it is.
I'm sorry, what? It was the night of the wedding and I'm so sorry.
You're really good at secrets, Josh.
You slept with Rebecca that night.
That makes sense.
I was being a drunk jerk and abandoned her by blacking out.
I can't blame you guys.
- I-I have to take responsibility - Okay, wait.
Before you forgive me, you should know it wasn't just the one time.
It's been, uh (muttering) - More than once.
- Yeah, um, it's been a lot of times, and I'm sort of staying with her.
And there is no celebrity Airbnb in Claremont.
I don't know famous people.
I wish I did.
I mean, I sold a karaoke machine to Michael Madsen (whispers): Stop talking.
At Aloha once It's okay, Josh.
It's cool.
I don't need to know any more information.
We're cool.
Oh, God.
I feel so much better.
(chuckles) Let's just put this behind us.
Okay? Are you sure? Yes.
What a mess.
Good job.
I'm sorry, did you just bro-hug the guy that's sleeping with your ex-girlfriend? Yeah.
Okay, but you're, like, upset about it, right? You really liked Rebecca.
You dicked me over for her.
It's, like, kind of important to me that you be upset about this, Greg.
Listen, what Rebecca and I had together was an undefined thing, followed by a nightmare wedding date.
And then I didn't call her for a month.
Dude, you're getting sober You're not turning into a robot.
It's okay to have feelings.
It's fine.
I'm okay.
I'm, uh I'm doing amazing.
I'm bringing donuts to my next meeting.
I know that doesn't sound like a big deal, but it is.
Oh, it is.
So, I, um, actually have to go to work now.
I'm working a double.
Yeah, but Take care, Heather.
Whooptie freakin' do My best friend is sleeping with my ex behind my back Who cares? I don't But I could if I wanted Hey.
- What are you doin'? - Oh, I'm just, uh, stretchin' for my private Ping-Pong lesson in the conference room with an 11-year-old child.
Of course.
'Cause that makes perfect sense.
Hey, listen, I just came in to remind you that today is Friday.
Oh, thank God.
Oh! Full House, Family Matters, Step by Step.
Okay, no, you were supposed to, um, give me that letter of recommendation by today.
Oh, oh, oh, the letter, the letter, the letter.
Okay, can I get it to you tonight? At literally, like, 2:00 a.
Can you submit it at 2:00 a.
? Yes.
Yeah, that's no problem at all.
I mean, or, you know, I could I could just use Darryl's letter, I guess.
Oh, come on, don't use Darryl's letter.
I mean, I love the guy, but, I mean, he can't even spell the word "separate.
" - No, I'll do it, I'll do it.
- Okay.
I don't know, I'm just kind of getting the feeling that maybe you don't want to write the letter.
Oh, my God, no.
You're hurting my heart.
Of course I want to write it.
Ugh! But Xiao just got here and I don't want to be rude, because he's an 11-year-old child.
But, Paula, I will write it, okay? I promise.
I always keep my promises.
(English accent): A Lannister always pays her debts.
I just started on season one.
So no spoilers.
(grunts) Okay.
Darryl, what were you doing? Ned Stark dies, by the way.
No, but he's the show.
Don't get too used to Robb either.
(gasps) No.
(groans) You know what, you're getting a lot better at this.
And do I do I look hot? Uh, yeah? Thank you, young man.
Oh, this is so great.
'Cause when Josh sees that I'm good at Ping-Pong, he's gonna know that I'm 'ol and independent and he's gonna be really impressed.
And I know exactly what he's gonna say to himself.
(rock intro plays) Whoa, yeah Okay Hey! Whoa Bros, beer, sports! When she walked into the Ping-Pong hall Casually tossing a Ping-Pong ball I could tell she's the most perfect girl Who's ever existed Dude! Oh, man, look at her pong that ping When she plays, she doesn't care if anyone's watching She does it for herself and that puts my fears to rest Bro! After each rally She chugs beer instead of water She's so aloof, it borders on cold And that's what makes me want her Ping-Pong girl She's so independent This fantasy beats out flight attendant She's playing Ping-Pong on her own terms So I'm the pursuer Pursuer Ping-Pong girl Her forehand is a jet stream And her backhand's right out of a sex dream And that's the best messy bun I've ever seen in the world My P-P-Ping-Pong girl Girl, girl Dudes sing these kinds of songs! Whoa, bro Sega, jock itch! When she serves the ball Look how she throws it She's so hot but she doesn't know it She probably just found that outfit laying around Like in the trash! Look at her skill on the Ping-Pong uh, court? Nothing's hotter than a chick who's good at sports Whoa! She scored 1,000 points I think I love her That's a lot of points! Ping-Pong shows that she has control over her body But it doesn't threaten my masculinity Like basketball or hockey Ping-Pong girl She's like Serena or Venus Just watching her swing affects my penis You know, us dudes, we love to talk about our penises Our penises Ping-Pong girl She's so indifferent It makes me want a tangible commitment She and I should give a 30-year mortgage a whirl My P-P-Ping-Pong girl Girl, girl Girl Marriage! Girl, girl Let's share a Costco card! Girl, gir (indistinct chatter) Up, one, two, three.
One, two, three.
One, two, three.
One, two, three.
(Ping-Pong ball clacking) Why are all my friends in love with this girl? SCOTT: So she's still working on the recommendation? Uh, yeah.
But I'm It's okay.
She's gonna get it to me tonight.
I mean, she's got a lot of work to do, okay? She's got a lot going on in her life.
She's busy.
I mean, I shouldn't have asked her for such a big favor.
What? I don't think it's such a big favor.
I mean, after everything you've done for her - That she didn't ask for.
- She did ask you to throw a rock through a window and Okay, okay.
Look, she's-she's young, she's confused Wow, you are really making excuses for her.
- More than you would for our kids.
- That's 'cause she's better than our kids, Scott, okay? She didn't pull a knife on Aunt June, for starters.
Paula, she owes you.
No, no, no, no.
She does not owe me, okay? She is my friend, and she is busy.
And, you know, I don't know, maybe she thinks this whole law school thing is dumb, okay? Maybe it is.
I'm old.
Maybe-maybe it's too late.
Maybe-maybe this whole thing is dumb.
It's not dumb! Your dreams are not dumb.
And I know Rebecca doesn't think that.
She's a very smart girl.
Suck my paddle, losers! All right, let Mama have some.
Okay, no, no, Daddy's gonna take that one.
All right, all right.
Goldilocks wants some porridge.
Oh O-Okay, you got it.
- All right.
- (Ping-Pong ball clacking) I thought you said she was a champion.
She did say she was rusty.
Okay, Attaboy! Attaboy, Xiao! Yeah, yeah.
I'm with him, I'm with him! - Dude, where's Greg? - Yeah.
- He should be here by now.
- He's probably on his way.
I'll get him a beer.
- Dude.
- What? I don't know the rules.
There's one rule.
JOSH: You guys told Greg to come here? Tonight? Why would you do that? Why do you care? Oh, my God.
You told him? You told me to tell him.
Tell him what? Josh and Rebecca are having sex - and basically living together.
- What?! We're not living together.
I'm just crashing at her apartment.
Okay, you tell yourself that.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Hold up.
So Greg knows that you and Rebecca are together.
Oh, no.
Greg is probably freaking out.
Is that why he's not here? He said he was gonna come here right after his meeting.
He should be here.
Yeah, where is he? Your boy never showed with the donuts.
Shut up, Hubcap.
You never put the new guy on donuts.
Yeah, I know.
I thought he could handle it.
Quick question.
Let me just clear something up.
You told Hector about you and Rebecca and not me? Why? Uh, you're a little judgy.
You're a lot judgy.
You're like Judge Reinhold.
Not a judge.
Guys, I'm really starting to worry.
He said he'd be here.
Drunk or not, Greg is prompt.
So, what do you guys think? I'm a little rusty from my Eastern Northern Seaboard County District days, but, you know, it's coming back to me.
It's like riding a bicycle.
What's wrong? Greg is supposed to be here.
He's late.
And the guys are worried he's drinking again, because well, he's an alcoholic.
I know.
I'm not supposed to tell people, but this is an emergency.
Uh, okay.
What makes you think he's drinking again? Because I told him the truth about you and me.
You did what? Josh, you-you told Greg about us? Remember, you and I decided it was wrong to have sex, - because Greg didn't know about us.
- Uh-huh.
So when I found out about the alcoholic thing, I decided I was definitely not gonna tell Greg.
And then I told Greg.
Okay, um How did he take it? Guess not great, 'cause he's disappeared.
Good job, you horny monsters.
Oh, I'm sorry.
That sound judgy? Good.
- Just, not now, Chiphunk.
- Chiphunk? She thinks you look like a giant buff chipmunk.
I'll take it.
Okay, maybe we're overreacting.
Maybe Greg's fine.
Yeah, yeah.
- He said he was fine, like, ten times.
- WHITE JOSH: Guys, guys.
You know that when Greg says he's fine, that's when he's not fine.
- You know that.
- HECTOR: Maybe they're right.
Maybe Greg is fine.
He'll just have a few and sleep it off.
One rule! Oh! That's the rule! Okay.
We should definitely find him right now.
Home Base is closed.
So if he's out there getting messed up and drinking again, he won't be there.
I could try the beer garden on East Cameron.
I'll try the gastropub on East Cameron.
- Should we carpool? - Smart.
Okay, okay.
And where should I go? - A-a-and where should I go? - WHITE JOSH: No! Not you two.
You stay away.
(sighs) Well, I can stay here in case he shows up.
- That's smart.
- Thanks.
I was a Boy Scout for years.
I've got to go find him.
I-I can't stay here.
Well, how are you gonna do that? Paula, thank you so much for helping me find Greg.
PAULA: And voilá! Wow! Intuition.
What are you doing here? Everyone's looking for you.
Not me.
I wasn't looking for you.
I just like ducks.
Look, I know you know about me and Josh.
I'm sorry you found out the way you did.
Um I wanted to tell you myself, but I didn't know where you were.
I got a single text from you and then you disappeared for a month.
I was embarrassed.
I'm sure you heard.
DUI, alcoholic, blah, blah, blah.
I heard.
I'm I'm sorry.
I really have been doing a lot better.
But then I heard about you and Chan.
And you had a drink? No, no.
I didn't.
I wanted to.
I thought about it.
I almost did.
I picked out a drink, and a glass, and ice.
And instead, I hit a wall.
(gasps) - Punched the hell out of a wall.
- Oh, my God.
- Oh, ouch.
- Yeah.
No, no.
I'm okay.
It's actually good.
At least I didn't use alcohol to block an emotion.
At the night of the wedding, you completely broke my heart, but that's no excuse for me to be sleeping with your best friend, and I'm so sorry.
I don't need an apology from you.
Rebecca, when I first met you, I said, "You're ignoring me, so you're obviously my type.
" I picked you because you weren't interested in me.
(laughs) That's funny, because by the end of the wedding, you weren't interested in me.
The funny thing is, and not "ha-ha" funny, sad funny, the reason I got a DUI was because I was driving over the next morning to tell you that I loved you.
But I blew my shot.
And that's my fault.
Life went on without me, and You and Josh You should be happy together.
You're happy, right? And he treats you well? Um Yes.
Then everything worked out fine.
You're like you're like this new enlightened person.
Not really; not yet.
Someday, I hope.
(chuckles) Hey! Rebecca.
I need a ride back to Torrance.
Hold on a second.
- Greg, this is Xiao.
- Hi.
We are wearing matching outfits Oh, no, no.
I don't I-I don't need to know.
It's fine.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Here's the letter you asked for.
I should have written it the second you asked for it, so please forgive me and my garbage self.
Oh, Rebecca.
You know that I thought for a second, maybe you thought, that me going to law school was ridiculous.
What? No.
No, no Oh, no.
I'm so sorry that you-you thought that for even a second.
Paula, you are so brave.
I had a conversation with someone recently It was Greg, it was last night, it was at a duck pond And it made me realize that changing your life is hard and you deserve support.
I-I want to be there for you.
Don't read it in front of me.
I'll get embarrassed.
Oh, my God.
This is so sweet.
Oh! Oh, the part It's true.
It's all true.
You're the greatest person I've ever met.
Oh! This is a beautiful letter, and I will, I will treasure it forever.
But I had to turn in Darryl's letter - because he gave it to me on time.
- Oh, my God.
- I'm so sorry.
- You know what? Don't be.
His letter was not terrible.
Best friends for life.
(clattering) What the hell are these? These are the most expensive donuts in the city.
Gourmet donuts from the new place on East Cameron.
(sighs) We like our usual place.
And you got one dinosaur-shaped donut? What are we supposed to do with that, fight over it? I was trying to make it up to you.
Next time, just get what you're supposed to get.
Better yet, just show up.
I think I can do that.
I hope I can.
Now, let's split this adorable dinosaur before people see it.
Oh, you get the butt.
(lasers shooting in game) So he wasn't getting drunk.
He was just sitting there on a bench with a box of donuts? Yeah.
He was fine.
He was great, actually.
He's like he's learning to process things differently.
He actually seemed like he was in a great place.
Oh, whew.
Man, I am so relieved.
That is so good.
So, uh, hey.
It-it all kind of worked out.
Hey, you said you love video games.
Do you want to get in here? Um, I'm not feeling the video games right now.
Actually, I lied to you.
I don't, I don't like video games.
Just like you lied about Ping-Pong? (laughing): What was that about? I was trying to spend time with you, Josh.
That's what the whole stupid Ping-Pong thing was about.
(sighs) You know what, Josh? You live here.
You do, and you can tell yourself whatever, but I deserve to be with someone who treats me well.
Okay, yeah.
(sighs) Oh.
Hi, ma'am.
Ma'am, excuse me.
You're on the ball.
Just no, it's right Okay, so just move your foot (laughing): this way this shouldn't be this hard; this is funny.
Okay, no.
Your skirt is just so voluminous.
It's like you're in the 18th century.
I don't even know where the ball is any Oh! Okay.
You kicked it.
Also, you're not wearing any underwear.
Have a great day.
Sir, sir.
So Oh! There's her underwear.