Creature (2023) s01e08 Episode Script

İnsanla Davam Bitti

It's hard, isn't it?
I can speak.
I have a voice
and words to fully express myself.
I have feet that can find their way.
I can walk.
I have eyes that see when they look.
I can read.
It's me! The one you resurrected!
For quite a while
I've looked like this, Ziya.
I forgot to ask about your wellbeing.
How are you?
Are you okay, Ziya?
I'm sorry, what was that?
Tough, isn't it,
not to be able to express yourself?
- Asiye!
- Oh.
Like twigs in spring.
Slender was her neck.
She was fragile like a bird.
And then she looked into my eyes.
It was almost like a silent plea.
- Just like
- No!
a swallow caught
in the middle of a hurricane.
Her arms dropped into my arms like wings.
She's dead.
But I had her coffin ready.
You know that dowry chest outside?
Carrying death everywhere I went,
like a burden.
I carried my own dead corpse.
And I was also responsible
for other people to die.
Is there no praise for me?
Oh, you don't have your hands.
Well, then,
nod if you liked my progress?
Do you like me now, Ziya?
Hm? Do you like me?
Do you like
what you have created in me, Ziya?
Do you not like it?!
İhsan, Professor İhsan,
I'll do anything, I promise.
Anything you want.
Just spare Asiye's life, please.
Asiye, I'm here. Look. Look, I'm here.
Look, look into my eyes, look.
Don't be afraid. Don't be afraid.
Asiye, I'm here. I'm here, love.
Don't be afraid, Asiye.
Don't be afraid.
Don't be afraid, Asiye.
When it's
your loved one's life on the line
- you care about them more than yourself.
- Don't be afraid.
Even you, Ziya.
Even you.
To be honest,
I never thought you'd do this.
Good for you.
It's all about
It's all about
loving someone.
That is why I'm here tonight.
This is not about me.
Professor İhsan, I'm begging you, kill me.
That's okay with me.
But, don't hurt Asiye, I beg you.
You can kill me
after my Asiye walks out that door.
Asiye, don't be afraid. I know him.
You will be okay.
How so?
You know me how, exactly?
And how when I don't even know
who it is that I am yet!
So how could you?!
Oh, my God.
You and your arrogance.
Anyway, unless you do as I say,
I'm going to kill you both.
We are going to rebuild the machine,
or you will be digging
your graves for both of you.
Mrs. Bride, if he does what I ask of him,
you'll see him again.
You can reunite.
If you tell anyone,
or send anyone after us,
I'll kill him there and then.
Do you understand what I mean?
Do you?
Good then.
Say goodbye to her.
Hurry. Hurry!
Asiye. Asiye, don't be afraid.
I'll be back.
I'll be back once I've fixed everything.
I'll tell you everything.
what have you done?
And who is that friend of yours?
I'll tell you.
Asiye, wait until morning. Okay?
Don't go out. Don't leave the house.
If anyone asks
tell them I got lost.
Tell them that they recruited me,
that they took me away.
continues sharpening knife.
No, damn it!
They won't believe it! They won't believe
her, even if she does what you say!
Ziya, hush!
You, what?
Just bring him back to us,
safe and sound,
I was going to say.
Or myself
and his father
we'll all be ruined.
That's enough. After you.
After you!
Hey, Mister!
You can't take him away like this.
Have mercy, please.
It's very cold outside.
You took the words right out of my mouth.
And I agree with you.
It's very cold.
What is it, Ziya?
I'm okay, Captain.
It's so cold.
It's as if some breeze
blew through the tent.
I'm okay, Captain, really.
Cover your face
until we leave the premises.
Where are we off to?
To our destiny.
What did you tell me?
"I am your book now."
Now turn to page one, Professor Ziya.
Is he one of the bad guys, my friend?
Are you gonna kill him?
If he deserves it, Cafer.
The constables
were asking who did it.
They said the man had scars.
Aren't you gonna tell me?
First of all, we need to stuff ourselves.
You can't climb a mountain
on an empty stomach.
Mister! Stop!
Come, dear, come on.
Who were they?
Those people you killed.
See? I brought you back to life.
But in the end, you're the one
with blood on your hands.
You killed.
I gave life.
Or you created a monster.
Will it cease bothering you
after you justify what you did?
Or to keep on living
with a clear conscience,
will you prefer to hide behind a lie?
Lies are cozy.
Lies are warm, Mr. Ziya.
Not knowing the truth is peaceful.
And that is why lies are the foundation
adored by humans throughout the universe.
This is not about vengeance.
Although, we'll settle a score.
You're going to finish what you started.
Get moving.
Oh! Asiye, dear?
Is Muzaffer home?
- What happened?
- Papa!
- Papa!
- Asiye?
At first I fell down
into pitch black darkness.
Contrasting with the darkness you see
when you close your eyes.
I didn't have a body,
but I didn't cease to exist.
A conscious mind that is aware
of everything in time.
Not simply what was in front of me,
But a mind that is aware
of what will happen after me.
There will be great wars in the future.
People will die of epidemic diseases.
They will construct magnificent
structures on Earth,
and those skyscraping structures
will collapse and fall.
With masks like pigs' noses, that will
rain down bombs from the sky on people.
And I watched all that
with no bewilderment.
There were millions like me, actually.
We were passing through purgatory.
And I was praying my path
would lead me to Heaven.
Then, there, as I looked back down,
I saw all of them.
Each of Esma's assassins.
- I don't know who Esma is, okay
- Those who kill to win God's favor,
those are the ones that suffer from
the most intense burning in hell, you see?
It wasn't their bodies
that burned, but their souls.
Wrath, agony of the soul
is by far the most severe suffering.
İhsan, İhsan, can you even hear yourself?
Then, I heard your voice.
Enough of that! Enough of that!
You lost your mind, you don't even know
what you're talking about!
I said I heard your voice, boy.
That moment,
I realized I was being reborn.
I was given a second test.
By the Maker.
A test that no one else was worthy of.
And this time,
I wouldn't make any mistakes.
Aaaah, humans!
Wheresoever we've existed,
There's no way we'll ever be free of sin!
We both did it! Think about it!
The machine!
Who built the machine? Tell me!
Who went after the book?!
Was I alone, and you weren't there?!
I'd told you!
It's no humans no matter what!
I said we couldn't!
But you conned İhsan.
Because Satan was an angel,
too, in the beginning.
İhsan. Professor, please.
Just listen to me.
Whatever you've gone through
has been on Earth.
I mean, it can all be explained
with reason,
science, consciousness,
it can all be explained.
You had just died.
And your heart stopped.
Then the lightning happened,
and it restarted it.
But in-between,
you had a dream. That's it.
Nothing else, that other side,
that other world,
It was all in your head!
You m made it up,
and now you think the dream is real.
I had a dream, didn't I?
It was all in my head?
That's great.
Whether it was a dream,
or something my mind made up,
that's the reality of humanity as a whole.
And so now,
you and I
will start pursuing that reality.
That reality where you created me,
just before you abandoned me,
well, then, this is what we are pursuing.
Because I was afraid.
Scared of you, İhsan.
You weren't.
You fulfilled your want to explore,
your arrogance, and your hunger
for becoming the Maker.
Similar to the forces
that govern the universe.
Instead of protecting,
looking after, or re-educating,
you chose to leave
after you consumed everything.
When there are hundreds
of thousands of new areas to discover,
you resented bringing life
to a barren land like myself.
The recollections
crept into my consciousness
like little breadcrumbs.
I saw my own life.
All alone,
with no one, by myself.
Like I never lived.
Maybe that's why I've been bestowed
with a second test.
A new life.
He said, "Go ahead, İhsan, start over."
He said, "Go ahead, İhsan, start over."
Maybe İhsan was insane!
I didn't realize it, I was none the wiser.
I thought it was all because
he had a supreme mind, but
Forget about the madness
or possession.
What are we going to do, Muzaffer?
He has kidnapped our boy!
- Maybe you should report it to the
- I said we couldn't, Nana.
I told you about it.
If we do that, he's going to kill Ziya.
So we doing nothing?
Even if we reported him,
where would they begin to look?
He didn't mention anything.
I have no idea where they are.
Asiye, sweetheart, can't you try
to figure out a hint from his words?
Yes. Maybe even the smallest clue.
I think they were talking about a machine.
A machine? Could it be that automobile
they talk about nowadays?
Mother, for Heaven's sake,
shut up, I'm begging you.
Asiye, sweetheart, stay calm.
Try to recall, go ahead.
In Istanbul, you know how
they told us he burned to death?
So when Ziya said İhsan,
I thought I saw a ghost.
But then, eventually
I think Ziya did something wrong, Papa.
İhsan was burned in that house.
I only caught some whispering.
He was talking
about rebuilding the machine.
Then, in order to become human,
a theater company came my way.
Can you imagine a better
and a more proper place than that?
There, I saw lies and compassion together.
I saw how
human beings hated the ones
who were different from them.
I saw that the conscience of the crowds
was completely meaningless.
The fools who pretend to be strong,
because they belonged to a crowd,
were watching the outcasts
and looking down on them.
When people don't trust their strength,
they go looking for a crowd to hide among.
Then they try to take revenge
on their weaknesses.
I kept it to myself
that I knew him on purpose.
I was worried he'd assume we'd reported
him if he ever saw someone pursuing them.
Yes, here. This is his address here.
I implicitly mentioned you to him.
I said you'd be devastated.
I don't know, there was something in
his face, like mercy. That's my only hope.
My only solace.
İhsan, stop.
İhsan, stop. İhsan, stop.
I haven't slept since yesterday morning.
Uh I can't climb this mountain, İhsan.
Don't worry, I can carry you.
All right.
Let's get some rest.
Besides, I still have
to tell you about Esma.
The greatest gift
this life's bestowed upon me.
It's her we're here for.
For Esma.
To be absolved of all our sins.
For love.
If Ziya does what he's asking
of him and doesn't try to resist
he said he'd release him.
He told us we'd reunite.
They couldn't have.
That book
That's why I can't go back there.
Hell, the people there,
they had actually never experienced
love even once in their lifetime,
and that was their offense.
Their sin.
Those who weren't touched
by the fire of love
were bound to burn
in the fires on the other side.
I know that now.
I understand that being without love
is the biggest sin of all.
Love is different.
You know that.
You understand me.
Esma was love's actual name.
Esma was my paradise.
Her kiss was the signet of my life.
And that baby
Those little, tiny feet
which were kicking my stomach.
The way he breathes.
The way he grabs my finger
I can't give up on that, Ziya.
I know what you're going to say.
Cut your own throat right here,
and reclaim your Esma,
and find your paradise, right?
İhsan, what're you talking about?
İhsan, I I'm not a bad person,
I'm not evil.
I wasn't going to say that.
She wouldn't want that.
She'd want me to live.
I know that for sure.
Love is giving life, I know that now.
let's assume everything
goes according to your plan.
Let's say we get Esma down from that ice,
let's say I remember
everything in that book.
How do we even build the machine?
Esma is a dead body in ice.
How do we bring her down from there?
I considered everything.
I know men who can help us bring her down.
They're up there.
Up there!
She's completely exhausted.
Oh, my pretty girl.
Do something, Muzaffer!
The most important thing
is believing in a dream
and doing everything in your power
to make it possible.
The entire world, the universe,
could tell you you can't do it.
However, just one believer,
one soul, is enough to change everything.
Hüsnü, we're going to the station.
We'll take the boat
to Istanbul, first thing.
Ziya. Ziya. Ziya. It's okay.
Shhh. It's okay, kid.
The rest of it is blurry.
Captain Ömer,
those in the back are getting restless!
Why is that?
They feel like someone,
or something is following us.
When I woke up, Asiye was there with me.
I've never done anything bad to anybody.
And I've never hurt anybody, either.
I kept my life simple.
Turns out my grandmother
had told me a terrifying story.
But it wasn't like that.
When I woke up,
I realized I was telling you
the whole truth, gentlemen.
Not while living it,
but while telling you about it.
I healed myself in my own story,
if you know what I mean.
The merit is yours.
And if there are any sins, I accept them.
You passed out.
And the first thing you said was,
"He's not deranged."
What exactly do you believe now, Ziya?
I'm not sure.
To be honest, I don't want to know
anything at all, Captain Ömer.
Called everyone who thought
things would be okay as insane.
According to us, the smart ones,
the world can not run
just on those innocent wishes.
It couldn't be, it was ridiculous.
But maybe they were right.
Maybe it was that easy.
We kept looking to derive meaning
but it wasn't true.
Maybe we were wrong.
I'm not sure anymore.
I don't know anything anymore.
All I'm sure of
is that I owe him.
I'll pay the price for it.
I have to.
This is a sad story.
But a valuable one to share.
If you'd allow me, Ziya,
I'd like to put down
everything you said in my book.
Believing myths,
and legends of all types
is exactly what we specialize in.
Please, come in. Have a seat.
Thank God it was all worth it.
This This is Ottoman!
Of course it is. What else do you
think it could be on top of this mountain?
Calm down, maybe it's empty!
Come on, let's open it!
Open it, go ahead!
I'm okay, İhsan.
Thank you.
It's real!
Selo, who's on guard?
Stay away!
Everyone will get a fair share, okay?
It's real.
I was sure of it.
Give all your men their share. This is it.
This is all there is. Don't go there.
The ones who came before you
fed the wolves,
if you get what I mean.
There's nothing but death up there.
Now you know the story.
Captain, will you help us?
What do you think we'll find here,
Muzaffer? It's just a burned house.
We should ask for help.
Papa, there's nothing here.
The treasure will be shared
as we talked and agreed upon!
The biggest portion
will go to Captain Ömer!
He didn't find this!
The demon did!
Why would Ömer get more?
What's going on?
Is it an earthquake?
Put the weapons down!
Put the weapons down!
Put the weapons down!
Hey. Ziya.
Wake up.
Shh. Shh. Shh.
Come on, Ziya, wake up.
Ziya, wake up, wake up.
Ziya, wake up!
Wake up.
Wake up!
He was cold.
Is he warm now?
He is.
He looks so little.
Just like a baby.
God forgive him, please.
Everywhere I've been,
I took death with me.
It's all over.
İhsan, my condolences.
We need to set off before nightfall.
Come on, brother, get up.
You must be strong.
You should go.
No, İhsan, we can't leave you up here.
The treasure
Don't forget
Nana Seher and the baby's fair shares.
You know it from Ziya's story, Captain.
The house in the village on the slopes.
- You'll find it, won't you?
- I will.
I will, but
don't you want to reunite with that baby?
No, I don't.
I don't, um
Everything I laid my hands on
just died.
I'm scared.
I don't want to. I want nothing.
You You should go now.
No way.
Come with us.
No one's gonna hurt you.
I promise.
I'll build a house for you. In the forest.
No one can see you.
You can live on your own.
Besides, Ziya
He should be returned to his
Captain, we can't.
We'll get into trouble.
No, İhsan.
This is unacceptable.
Surely, we'll figure something out.
It's over.
This is the end of the road.
Don't you get it?
We are stuck in this place now.
So this is it.
I want nothing to do with mankind.
Captain, I wrote this letter
while you were asleep.
If anything happens to me,
give it to Asiye.
Tell her she should forget me.
She should move on.
She should be happy. I only have one wish.
Asiye should release me from her heart.
But first, that heart must forgive me.
I want her blessing.
She was the only good story in my life.
Who brought this?!
The moral of the story
for those who read it,
could naturally be
that science could bring
catastrophic consequences on humanity.
If you ask me, as the last person
who's telling you this story,
I'd say no.
Because humans do not fall prey
to science, but to their arrogance.
Humans will never cease searching,
and they shouldn't.
Because only then,
what you call hope will cease to be.
And what is a human without hope?
Obviously, the universe won't
tell us all its secrets at once.
We'll lose some along the way.
Just like those poor souls
we left up there.
What can you do?
This is the way of the world
that gives us nothing for free.
I am Captain Ömer,
and God is my witness
that the story I told you is true.
You don't believe me and want proof,
then you should put your backs into it,
and start searching.
You will have to climb that peak, too.
Who knows? Maybe you will see them.
Somewhere out there,
I guess they've become a monument
like they've always wanted to be.
Who knows? Maybe one of them
has his hand open like he's praying.
Maybe his eyes are open,
like he's in awe of becoming aware
of the secret of the universe.
And maybe his last look is fixed upon you,
telling you to remember them,
and to tell their story.
Perhaps his lips are agape.
Begging, begging for mercy.
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